Eye of the Beholder III - Assault on Myth-Drannor Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Eye of the Beholder III - Assault on Myth-Drannor

Eye of the Beholder III - Assault on Myth-Drannor

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Version 1.0 - By Tricky

| Index:                                                                    |
 Introduction to this FAQ ........................................ IDXA0000
 Playing this game in modern times ............................... IDXA0001
 The rules of AD&D, 2nd Edition in a Nutshell .................... IDXB0000
 NPC Characters .................................................. IDXB0001
 Mage Spells ..................................................... IDXB0002
 Walkthrough ..................................................... IDXC0000
 Graveyard ....................................................... IDXCA000
 Mausoleum ....................................................... IDXCB000
    Level 1 - FOUR BONES DOWN WILL SHOW THE WAY .................. IDXCB001
    Level 2 - The realm of shadows ............................... IDXCB002
 Graveyard II .................................................... IDXCA100
 Forest Maze ..................................................... IDXCC000
 Myth Drannor .................................................... IDXCD000
 Mage's Guild Tower .............................................. IDXCE000
    Level 1 - Entrance Level ..................................... IDXCE001
    Level 2 - The Armor Maze ..................................... IDXCE002
    Level 3 - The Stone Giant's lair ............................. IDXCE003
    Level 4 - The underwater maze ................................ IDXCE004
    Level 5 - Lair of Acwellan ................................... IDXCE005
 The Temple Of Lathander ......................................... IDXCF000
    Level 1 - Blob's Base ........................................ IDXCF001
    Level 2 - Skullsnakes and green things........................ IDXCF002
    Level 3 - Cursed floor ....................................... IDXCF003
    Level 4 - Dark God's Lair .................................... IDXCF004
 Questions & Answers ............................................. IDXD0000
 Copyrights and permissions ...................................... IDXH0001
 Contacting me ................................................... IDXH0002
| Introduction to this FAQ:                                      | IDXA0000 |
Welcome to my EOB3 walkthrough.

What you need to know when you wanna find things in this FAQ.
EOB3 starts in a gravayard, and has some buildings and a forest.
I'll divide my FAQ in a same manner the game is divided. And with the CTRL-F
codes it's easier to find (APPLE-F in MACOS)

Normally I give you my levels in FAQs in RPG based FAQs. This time I will not,
as you hardly need levels in this game. The advantages are too little. It is so 
that magic users can do more spells when higher in level, but you can easily
live without those. When you really need a certain level to do something I'll
tell you so.

As goes in all my FAQs, I'll not tell you about treasures you'll find, unless
there's really something noteworthy, or something you need later in the game
(cut short key items).

I'll often tell you things about north, and south and so on. For this I refer
to the compass that is on your screen. Watch that compass well, because there
are certain spots in which you mysteriously change direction. I'll try to note
in in my FAQ every time that that happens.

| Playing this game in modern times                              | IDXA0001 |
It's very unlikely you'll find this game in stores these days. I do know there
are undoubtly sites where you can download it from, but I doubt that's legal, so
I'll not link you to those sites. I got my copy back from the old days, and 
always kept it. If you have any sites or adresses where this game can be 
attained without violating copyrights, please mail me, and I'll name them in
this FAQ.

Playing this game may be impossible in modern OSes,  so you'll need an emulator.
When writing this FAQ I ran the game in DosBox 0.63 (MacOS X version), so I
know it works there. I can confirm it works for the Windows version of DosBox
as well.

There are other emulators out there like Bochs. I never tried out if it works on
those. If you can confirm any other emulators that support this game, please
let me know.

If the game is slow in DosBOX then DosBOX is not the program to blame.
EOB3 itself is.
Research indicated that the engine EOB3 used (AESOP) was very slow to begin
with, but EOB3 was coded under time pressure, and they had no time to create
a faster engine due to budget pressure and time pressure.
This makes that the hardware requirements of EOB3 are insane. Even for the time
this game was written in.
Since this game has no quick gameplay (the EOB series never had) the game will
still be very playable. It can sometimes stutter a little and have long loading
times. Still EOB3 is enjoyable enough to make things up for it.

| The Rules of AD&D Second Edition in a Nutshell                 | IDXB0000 |
Large books have been written about AD&D section edtion (AD&D = Advanced
Dungeons & Dragons). The rules are so large and complex that I cannot give
you all of them in this FAQ, or this FAQ would simply become too large.

On GameFAQs is a FAQ that goes more in the deep of AD&D rules, so if you want
any more details that I didn't give in this FAQ I recommend you that one.
The FAQ is written by DSimpson and is available on GameFAQs on the FAQ page of
all Eye of the Beholder games.

What is important to know.

Most of all the party. The only recommendations that I give is to have at least
one Cleric and a Mage in the party. A thief is needed since some doors can only
be opened if you got a thief in your party. If you combine such classes or have
it alone is up to you.

I mostly use: 1 Paladin, 1 Fighter/Thief, 1 Cleric and 1 mage.

Races and genders hardly matters, but know that not all races can have all 
kinds of classes.

The classes is what really matter.

In EOB not all classes AD&D has are there.

The classes EOB has are:
= Fighter
= Ranger
= Paladin
= Mage
= Cleric
= Thief
Some of these classes are combined if you pick any race but human.

Before you decide what kind of character you want, let's take their most 
important characteristics in order.

- Fighter
  Fighters are basically your source of power. Basically all they can do is 
  hit the hell out of monsters. They have overall the most HP, but have no
  magic abilities.
  When it comes to equipment Fighters can wear almost everything.
  Important stats for a fighter are: Strength, Constitution and Dexteritiy.

- Ranger
  In EOB it most of all pointless to have a ranger. Basically they have most
  abilities when it comes to nature. But EOB has very little nature.
- Paladin
  Paladins are knights. They can fight like the fighter and can do (when they
  are level 10 or higher) do a few Cleric spells. 
  Important stats for a paladin are: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom and apparanlty 
  What is important to know is that only humans can become Paladins, and that
  Paladins always need to have the Lawful Good alignment and may not be teamed
  up with characters with the Evil alignment.
- Mage
  There are many creatures in AD&D games that are vulnerable to magic (and some
  only magic). This makes the need for a mage pretty important. Mages need a 
  spellbook to cast magic spells. They can copy spells by scribing scrolls 
  (which will disappear). Read later in this section for the use of magic.
  For mages it's important to have a high intelligence.
  When it comes to equipment Mages are weak, so they can only wear robes, and
  use staffs or daggers. Anything else is simply too heavy for them.
- Cleric
  For the help of God you need a Cleric. Clerics can heal your party and are
  very important. Resting (which you need to do to recover) takes forever 
  without them, and when trained up well enough they can even revive the dead
  (unless it's an elf). Clerics can acquire new spells by levelling up, but for
  the usage of them the same basic rules apply as for mages. When it comes to
  equipment they can wear anything a fighter can except for the weapons. God is
  supposed to hate bloodshed, and therefore all weapons that can draw blood
  (like swords and knives) are forbidden for a cleric (you can void that rule
  by using a Fighter/Cleric combo). Overall Clerics use maces as weapon.
  When it comes to stats the Wisdom stat is most important to a cleric
- Thief
  When you are used to Japanese RPG games, then sorry, you cannot steal from
  enemies in this game. Still a thief is required. Many bonusses can only be
  found when you have a thief in your party (EOB3 is even impossible to beat
  without a thief). Thiefs can fight but are weaker than fighters and cannot
  wear metal armor (thiefs must be quick and metal armor is too heavy). The most
  important reason to have a thief is since they can pick locks and therefore
  open doors that would otherwise be closed to you. If you wanna find all the 
  game has to offer, then a thief cannot be missed.
After you picked your class you can select your alignment. Alignments are very
important when you play an AD&D session at a table with a Dungeon Master but
in Eye Of The Beholder they got no value at all. The only thing you oughta know
is that Paladins must always be Lawful Good, and that when you want a Paladin
you cannot allow characters with the Evil alignment in your party. For the rest
do what you like.

You may roll for stats (or modify them, which is officially cheating). I'll
hereby make an overview of those.

- Strength (STR) 
  Strength determines the rate of succes in a physical attack. It does not 
  influence the damage. That is determined by the weapon you use. The higher
  your strength the more chance of success...
- Intelligence (INT)
  Intelligence influences various things, but most of all your magic 
  capabilities. The higher your intelligence the more spells you're supposed
  to be able to cast as a mage. 
- Wisdom (WIS)
  Wisdom is important for cleric/paladin spells. There are also other things
  affected by it.
- Dexterity (DEX)
  Your defensive capabilities. If most of all affects your basic Armor Class
  (I'm told that DEX can help you in your accuracy with shooting weapons).
- Constitution (CON)
  Affects your HP. 
- Armor Class (AC)
  Determines the chance that an enemy attack fails. The lower this value the
  safer you are. Having a negative value here is even better. Normally this can
  be a value between 10 and -10. If you manage to get -10 you're pratically 
  (In 3rd edition this value must be higher, but this is 2nd edition remember!)
When it comes to spellcasting you may have seen that there are no MP in this 
game. Reason is easy, AD&D does not deal with MP. Clerics and Paladins can
"pray for spells" and magicians can "memorize spells". You have serveral levels
of spells, and in each level you have a certain number of spells you may take.
You may take the same spell twice or more. How many spells you may pick is
dependant on your experience level. After picking spells you have to rest in 
order to be able to use them, and each spell you picked can be used only once
(unless it's more times in your list) and then you got to rest to get it back.
You can change the spells you want at any time but remember you got to rest
before you can use them. Pick your spells well.

When you want to know how much spells you can use per level, use DSimpson's
FAQ for a more detailed list.

That covers the most important rules. When you think you don't know enough then
I refer to DSimpson's FAQ.

| NPC Characters                                                 | IDXB0001 |
Like its two predecessors EOB3 has serveral NPC characters who may join the 

- Isharn Hammerfell

  You'll meet Isharn when you take a rest in level 2 of the Mausoleum.
  He's a fighter and thief. I do not really find much value in him, but if you
  do, feel free to make him tag along
  Class:        Fighter/Thief
  Alignment:    Lawful Neutral
  Race:         Dwarf
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     16
  Intelligence: 10
  Wisdom:       15
  Dexterity:    15
  Constitution: 17
  Charisma:     12
  Armor Class:  9  (3 with his default armor)
  Experience:   Fi: 201981, Th: 72281
  Level:        Fi: 8, Th: 8

- Delmair Rallyhorn of Cormyr

  Delmair can't be missed, you'll always meet him in the forest maze and this
  encounter cannot be avoided. He is a weretiger. When hit by the enemy he'll
  transform into a tiger. This makes his attacks very fast and very deadly, but
  also his defensive capabilities weak in tiger form. Delmair will not transform
  when hit by magic.
  Class:        Ranger
  Alignment:    Lawful Good
  Race:         Half-Elf
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     18/52
  Intelligence: 13
  Wisdom:       15
  Dexterity:    17
  Constitution: 15
  Charisma:     13
  Armor Class   7 (0 with his default armor)
  Experience:   RA: ?
  Level:        RA: 11

- Father Jon

  Father Jon can be found in area 2 of Myth Drannor. He's a mage and cleric and
  this combo can really aid you.
  Class:        Cleric/Mage
  Alignment:    Neutral Good
  Strength:     15
  Intelligence: 16
  Wisdom:       16
  Dexterity:    16
  Constitution: 14
  Charisma:     14
  Armor Class:  5 (4 with his default bracers)
- Rex

  In Myth Drannor is a saurial named Rex. He's just an average cleric. If you
  want him is up to you.
  Class         Cleric
  Alignent:     Lawful Good
  Race:         Saurial
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     17
  Intelligence: 13
  Wisdom:       15
  Dexterity:    16
  Contitution:  12
  Charisma:     14
  Armor Class   8 (6 with his braces of protection on)
  Experience:   Cl: 225000
  Level:        Cl: 9
- Bugenius (Bug)

  You can find Bug in level 2 of the Mage Guild Tower.
  Most people think he sucks. Wouldn't say that, but can't say he's very good
  either. He's handy as an extra spellcaster, but don't expect anything great
  from him.
  Class:        Mage
  Alignment:    Neutral Good
  Race:         Sprite
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     10
  Intelligence: 18
  Wisdom:       10
  Dexterity:    17
  Constitution: 15
  Charisma:     17
  Armor Class:  7
  Hitpoints:    40/40
  Experience:   Ma: 262642
  Level:        Ma: 10
- Tabitha

  Tabitha can be found at level 1 of the Temple of Lathander.
  She's a Paladin. I don't know if she's really that useful. I at least did
  not find much use for her.
  Class:        Paladin
  Alignment:    Lawful Good
  Race:         Human
  Gender:       Female
  Strength:     18/65
  Intelligence: 15
  Wisdom:       14
  Constitution: 16
  Charisma:     18
  Armor Class:  ?
  Hitpoints:    2/92
  Experience:   Pa: 60000
  Level:        Pa: 10
| Mage spells                                                    | IDXB0002 |
Here's a list of mage spells. Spells I named "Default" should be in your list
by default. I could have made a few mistakes in that since I transferred my
Darkmoon-party to EOB3. When there's a "?" behind it I'm not sure if this is
a default spell. When the spell is marked "Darkmoon" you could have it when you
transfer your Darkmoon party, like I did.

(Spells your Darkmoon party does not have but that are in EOB3 as default
will be in your start list even if you never got the scrolls for that in your
darkmoon game)

= Default

Burning Hands
= Default

Detect Magic
= Default

Magic Missile
= Default

= Default

Shocking Grasp
= Default?

= Default?

Detect Invisibility
= Default

Improoved Identify
= Default?

= Default

Protection from Paralysis
= Found on level 1 of Mausoleum

Melf's Acid Arrow
= Default

Dispell Magic
= Default?

= Default
= Level 2 Mausoleum
= Level 4 Temple of Lathander

= Default?

Invisibility 10' Radius
= Darkmoon

Lightning Bolt
= Default?

Vampiric Touch
= Default

= Default?

Ice Storm
= Default

Improved Invisibility
= Default?

Remove Curse
= Default

Cone of Cold
= Darkmoon

Hold Monster
= Darkmoon
= Myth Drannor Area 1

Wall of Force
= Default
= Mage's guild, level 1 (sub to level 4)

= Darkmoon
= Mage's Guild, level 1
= Temple of Lathander, Level 2

Flesh to Stone
= Darkmoon
= Myth Drannor Area 1

Stone to Flesh
= Darkmoon

True Seeing
= Darkmoon

Acic Storm
= Myth Drannor, area 2

Finger of Death
= Myth Drannor, area 2

Mordenkainen's Sword
= Myth Drannor, area 2

Power Word, Stun
= Myth Drannor, area 2

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
= Mage's guild level 3

Bigby's Clenched Fist
= Mage's guild Level 3

Energy Drain
= Mage's Guild Level 3

Meteor Swarm
= Mage's Guild Level 3

Power Word, Kill
= Mage's Guild Level 3
= Mage's guild Level 4

Time Stop
= Mage's Guild Level 3
= Mage's Guild Level 4

| Walkthrough                                                    | IDXC0000 |
Well, at a tavern a stranger hires you to kill a Lich who is said to have
destroyed the city of Myth Drannor. I never understood why the heroes accept
this mission, but they do.

The stranger teleports you to a graveyard outside Myth Drannor.

| Graveyard                                                      | IDXCA000 |
Objective: Find the Mausoleum

Enemies:  Restless Spirit

The graveyard is very hard to write a FAQ on.
First thing to do is to find the Mausoleum.

After a few steps you may find some knights from Myth Drannor. It doesn't matter
what you say to them.

Then search the mausoleum. It's somewhere in the middle of this area (no 
secret passage needed to open).

Make sure you have one Cleric with the "Prayer" spell or else you are doomed!

| Mausoleum                                                      | IDXCA000 |
Objective: Seek out the spirit of captain Fflar and get the Amulet of Friendship
           from him.
Enemies:  Ghost warrior, Rotten Beast

The first level of the Mausoleum has been divided in four parts and I will go
down all parts one by one.

In all parts it's required to find a holy key and to use it to open a door
which leads to a switch (shaped like a bone) with a message about Fflar above it
and put that bone switch down (hench the hint FOUR BONES DOWN WILL SHOW THE WAY)

You may find many "Drawers". Those "Drawers" are graves and the ghost warriors
come out of those "Drawers". Make sure that whenever you find those to close 
them. It saves you a lot of trouble and gives you the chance to clean out a 

You can take on the parts in random order, but this is the order in which
I took them.

PART 1 - North-West stairs
Before you start here, make sure you have a cleric with "Prayer".

= Move north, first way east and close the drawer
  (kill everything that comes in your path)
= Go west, around the corner north the east and close the drawer.
  (That makes less monsters to come out)
= Go west
= When you hit hte wall south
= When you hit the wall one step east and then south
= Don't go up the stairs but open the door west of it.
= Enter the room (You'll be locked in. Cast prayer to get out. If you are under
  effect of a prayer spell this won't happen).
= Open the door and in the corridor go south
= The door will open and monsters will come out kill them all. (If you are lucky
  this allows you to rest. If you are unlucky not. I hate that new rest engine
  in EOB1 and EOB2 it was much better)
= Go back into the corridor
= Head all the way north
= First way west
= Open the door and jump into the pit behind it
= Go east and watch out not to be hit by fireballs
= When you hit the wall go north (2 steps)
= One step west and pull the switch down
= One step east
= Take the holy key and step in the teleporter
= Head north
= First way west
= When you hit the wall north
= Around the corner east
= First way north
= Follow the corridor and open the door with the holy key
= Kill all the monsters in the room you get into now
= Examine the south wall for a secret passage
= Here you find the switch. Put it down and part 1 has been completed
= Leave this room
= Follow the corridor
= At the end keep going south
= When you hit the wall go east
= When you hit the wall go north
= When you hit the wall east
= When you hit the wall south
= First way east
= When you hit the wall south
= Go upstairs and part 1 is now fully completed

PART 2 - North east stairs
= Go 1x north then go east
= Go through the door and continue east
= At the very end go north

= This is a speed puzzle. When you touch the plate spikes will come your way.
  One the south wall is a switch. Flip it till the spikes can hurt you.
= Open the door at the end and go north
= Follow the way east
= When you hit the wall open the secret passage south
= Flip the lever (you need thieves' tools to do this. This can only be done with
  a thief in your party).
= Open the door north
= At the first side way west, place a wall of force in the north way (so you
  cannot get surrounded by monsters), and go north and kill all monsters.
  The rotten beast drops the holy key. Make sure to pick it up.
= Go through the west door
= South are monsters you may want to remove. North is the way to take
= Around the corner west
= Open the door with the holy key
= Open the secret passage behind the door and put the switch down
= Go east
= When you hit the wall, strafe once to the right and go south
= Strafe once to the right again and go south
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Go three steps south
= Go west till you hit the wall
= South till you hit the wall
= East till you hit the wall
= One south, one east two south
= West till you hit the wall
= One north and go west till you hit the wall
= One south and go west till you hit the wall
= Go south and upstairs and this part is done

PART 3 - South-east stairs
= Monsters will come to you, so don't be to quick to venture out.
  Kill the monsters first and start moving when you see no more monsters coming
= Go east (way south has a mage scroll)

This puzzle is horrible
= Pull the swithc on the south wall (and kill the monsters that come)
= Two steps north
= Pull the west switch, two steps north
= Pull the east switch
= Pull the north switch
= Pull the east switch
= Go west (ingore the switch)
= Two steps south and pull the west switch
= Pull the east switch
= Two steps north
= Pull the west switch
= Pull the north switch
= Pull the west switch
= The passage north opens 
  Go north and follow the corridor
= When going south, keep going south till you hit the wall
= Zigzag south
= Open the door
= Go south
= Go east and you'll immediatly encounter monsters. Kill them all
  (they come from behind)
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Open the door north
= Open the secret passage north to get the holy key
= Go back to the door and take the west way
  (You'll once again immediately be attacked from behind. Kill all those 
= Go south
= Look at the second alcove to the left and close the drawer there
= Continue south till you hit the wall
= One step north and go west (Elseway you'll fall into an invisible pit)
= When you hit the wall one step north and go west
= When you hit the wall south, around the corner west
= Open the door with the holy key
= Enter the room and kill all the monsters inside
= Remove the north wall by pressing the small button on it and set the switch
  that is revealed down
= Leave this room
= Go east till you hit the wall
= North
= East till you hit the wall
= Go two steps south
= Go east till you fall into the invisible pit
= Step in the teleporter and you are back at the entrance

PART 4 - South-west stairs
= Go west
= Go through the door
= Turn south
= First way west
= An alcove north has a drawer close it
= Now go east
= At the cross-point go south
= Follow the corridor

You need to weight certain plates. Weight the wrong ones and a fireball will
come your way. When you make it across with the wrong plates pressed you'll
be teleported back.
= Put an item on plate 2, 4 and 6
= Now cross and kill the monsters that await you

= Turn north
= Open the secret passage east to get the holy key. Leave the sword be. It's
= Head north till you hit the wall
= Go south
= At the end west (open the door first) :)
= At the end north
= Open the door with the holy key at the end
= Kill the monsters inside
= Remove the southwall to reveal the switch. Put it down
= Leave this room and go south
= When you hit the wall east
= At the end north then east
= 1st way south
= Around the corner east
= At the end north
= Follow the corridor
= At the cross point go north
= First way east
= Follow the corridor and go upstairs

The east wall has now disappeared. Go through the passage that is revealed to
find two stairways.
Take the stairway on the right (South)

IDXCB002: Level 2 - The realm of shadows
NPC:      Isharn
Enemies:  Zombie, Shadow

Let's first talk about the enemies.
The zombies can lower your experience by one level with each attac they do.
Try to prevent that as it's truely annoying. The way I wrote this FAQ will 
lead you also to the rod of restoration which restores the lost levels but
preventing is better than curing.

Second in this level you can recruit Isharn. He can pop up everywhere in this
level. When you make a succesfull rest (so you need to rest to recover HP or
spells and the rest may not be rejected because of monsters) you will meet 
Isharn when you wake up. He'll pledge his loyalty to you. When you accept that
pledge he'll join the party. It's up to you to accept or not.

Level 2 also contains multiple parts, but these parts are not to be played in
random order.

As I said part 1 starts when you took the west stairs down into this level

= Go south 
= Ignore the west door just keep going south
= At the end west

= You come into a great all
= Step on the pressure plate and in the middle of the west wall a passage
= Go west into that passage
= Follow the corridor until you get by a door
= Open the west door and kill the monsters
= Open the secret passage to the west
= Pick up the Rod Fragment
= Leave this secret room and go through the north door
= Go back through the corridor till you reach the big all with the pressure
  plate again.

= Stand in the alcove north and stand on the pressure plate again (don't come
  close to the sign, and try it multiple times when it fails, but a passage
  on the right in the west wall should appear and the middle should disappear)
= Go into that passage and go north
= At the end go west
= Open the west door
= Kill the monsters inside and pick up the Rod Fragment
= Leave this room
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Go south till you hit the wall
= Go east into the main hall again

= Go to the south alcove then stand on the pressure plate. If the middle 
  passage opens do it again. If the left passage opens, we can continue
= Go into that passage
= Around the corner south
= Turn west and open the door
= Keep going west and pick up the Rod Fragment (You should have 3 of them by
= Go east
= First way north around the corner east
= Leave the hall east follow the corridor and go upstairs

You are now back in the entrance level. Take the other stairs down for the
next part

= Go north
= Go down the stairs north
= Around the corner west (Ignore the south door. That's a trap)
= At the very end go south
= First way west
= Around the corner north and open the secret passage in front of you to receive
  the Rod Orb
= Continue your way west
= At the end go south up the stairs
= Go south
= At the very end west
= Open the last door at the south side
= Go in and kill all the monsters
= Go upstairs for the next part

There's mud or sludge or whatever on the floor here. It slows down your 
movement, so if the computer takes awhile to allow you forward, it's not a bug
or a crash or the slowness of this engine. It's because of that shit on the 
floor, so it is intentional

This is also the part in which you can meet Fflar's spirit. Make sure you got
his nameplate first, elseway he'll always attack. Not that he's hard to beat,
but it'll make you unable to complete the Mausoleum. (Now you can win the game
on an alternative way).

= Go south until you hit the wall
= Strafe 1 west (right) and go one south (forward)
= One step west and another south
= Be faced south and strafe to the right (west) until you see a door
= Open the door and go forward into the corridor behind it
= Open the east door
= Strafe one step east
= Go to the switch and press it (you'll fall into a pit)
= Pick up the key and step into the teleporter
= Open the south door with the holy key and enter
= The room looks empty, but there's a secret passage to the west. Open it
= In there you'll find a drawer with a loose nameplate. It's Fflar's plate.
  Take it with you and make sure the drawer is closed when you leave this room
= Go back into the mud, sludge, whatever
= Strafe once to the right (east) and move north till you hit the wall
= Go east until you are out of the mud, sludge, whatever
= Go east and follow the corridor until you see a pit

= Face east
= Three steps forward, one backwards
= Open the door and enter the room to meet Captain Fflar

Say the next things to him
= "Talk"	
= "What guards? We don't see anyone else here!"

When you got the name plate Fflar will disappear leaving the Medaillion of
Friendship. You'll also gain a little Experience Points.

If you had to fight Flar for any reason you've basically failed this mission, 
and not you cannot try it again (unless you load a savegame), but don't panic
there's an alternative way to get this game finished.

Basically the Mausoleum has now been completed. But you can still get the
Rod Of Restoration. That rod is handy if you lost levels in the Mausoleum.

= Open the secret passage to the north
= North till you hit the wall
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Zigzag a little and go north
= First way west
= Keep going west until you come past a club (you don't need that thing though)
= Go north there until one spot before the wall
= Go west
= Follow the corridor until you see a device which looks like the EOB2 and EOB1
= Kill the monsters around it first then put all the Rod Fragments and the Rod
  Orb into it
= Then turn around and you see a sign. Read it and turn around and you'll find
  the Rod Of Restoration. Let all party members who lost levels because of 
  zombies use it to restore the levels to their former values.
= Go back into the corridor east. Follow the corridor
= When you see a secret passage ignore it, just go south from there
= Second way east
= When you hit the wall one step north, one east and continue north
= When you hit the wall east
= Go upstairs at the end

= Turn south and go upstairs to get back in level 1
= Go west to get out of the Mausoleum

You should now have the Medallion of Friendship.
If you could for any reason not obtain it, don't worry there's an alternative
item you can use finish the game.

| Graveyard II                                                   | IDXCA100 |
Objective: Find the way to the forest
Enemies:   Restless Spirit

This is pain, and will require some searching. Since the graveyard is more
a wide area it's not possible to cover a route in my FAQ. But I can say you need
an axe. If you have for any reason no axe, you can try to recruit Isharn in 
the Mausoleum, since he enters the game with an axe. You can also search the 
graveyard. There are axes lying around at some places.

Once you have an axe try to find some trees you can cut down. Doing so will
reveal new areas. Sooner or later you are bound to find the entrance to the

The entrance is to the eastside of this graveyard

| Forest Maze                                                    | IDXCC000 |
Objective: Find your way through this maze and reach Myth Drannor
NPC:       Delmair
Enemies:   Minotaur, strange invisible monster

First of all after a few steps the copy protection will pop up. 
I may not and will not give you any words that have to be entered here. 
Check your manual find find those words. 

At the copy-protection there are a few things to take in order.
If you got the Medallion from the Mausoleum then skip the part in the box
below. If you failed to that the Medallion of Friendship then take on the 
part in the box.

| = Go north and crawl through the middle way                                |
| = Follow the way and when you see two craw-ways take the middle one        |
| = Now search around to find the Everburning torch                          |
| = Search your way back until you are at the entrance part again            |

Now you got either the Torch or the Medallion. You can use them both to remove
trees to reveal secret passages. Axes won't work here. Of course this doesn't
work with all trees.

When I say remove trees then I mean you got to use the torch or the medallion
to do this.

Now good luck. I hope I got the shortest way, but this is a hard maze so be
easy on me.

= Go east
= Remove the trees at the end
= Follow the way.
= When you find craw-holes pick the middle one
= Follow the way until you meet Delmair. He wants to join your party. He's
  a weretiger and that can be handy, but it's your choice. (In the NPC section
  I've been more details about Delmair's Wegetiger ability).
= Remove the trees and you may be attacked by a small bunch of minotaurs.
= Go south and follow the path until it ends in a clearing
= The north trees (just outside the clearing) can be removed to reveal a new
  path. Go in there. (And cast Detect invisibility or else you will not
  see the monster that is there.)
= Remove the east trees when you hit the "wall" to get into a new road
= Remove the north then the east to get there
= Follow the road and kill the monster you encounter
= Keep following the road
= To the east are trees to remove. Do so!
= Keep going east
= Follow the road
= At the crosspoint go south
= At the end east
= At the crawholes pick the middle one
= And again the middle one (closed one counted as well)
= Head south
= At the end east
= Follow the road
= At the crosspoint straight on (east)
= Around the corner south
= Take the road east
= At the end north
= Around the corner east
= Claim of the treasures what you want
= Continue following the way
= At the T-Crossing south
= Now you get at the start of the crawl-hole maze.

Before you start. There are a lot of invisible monsters here, so casting
Detect Invisibility is a good idea. Second I hope I write this down correct
as this maze is a pretty frustrating one.

= When facing west from the path you came from strafe once left and move
= Pick the middle hole
= Again the middle hole
= Turn left
= Pick the middle hole
= Keep going though the middle hole until a monster attacks you from aside
= Turn to that moster (right of your) and kill it. 
  There are more of those. Kill them all and go west
= Check out the cool stuff here. Especially the ring of wizardry that allows
  extra level 5 spells. Also the gloves, equip them on your fighter for more
= Now turn north
= From the western set off holes, pick the middle one (on the north)
= Turn west
= Pick the right hole (the only open one)
= One step forward and go east
= Pick the middle hole
= Again
= Pick the left one
= Turn south
= Middle hole
= Middle hole
= Kill the monster
= Move forward
= Middle hole
= Turn west
= Middle hole
= Right hole
= Again
= Turn north
= Middle hole

And there I misclicked and couldn't continue the route since I cannot recover
what the game did. Anyway when you see a large area empty with no treasure and
no monsters you've come to the right place. Move forward and you'll meet the
spirit of an angry man you scolds you for cutting down trees

You can just say that you only wish to reach the city. He does not wanna help
you as he thinks you are not strong enough to do so. But you may read one of 
his books. Pick the right book and you'll gain a level, choose the wrong book 
and you'll lose a level. 

One of your characters have to do this, and which book is right depends on the 
class that specific character has.
All I tried was the mage who has to read "The Book of Arcane Deeds"
If you know which books the other classes must read mail me and I'll add it
to this FAQ.

= Move south until you hit the trees
= Then move east
= Around the corner north
= First way east to enter Myth Drannor

| Myth Drannor                                                   | IDXCD000 |
Objective: Seek out the Mage Guild Tower
NPC:       Father Jon, Rex
Enemies:   Area 1: Chimera, Hag
           Area 2: Troll, Wyvern
Myth Drannor is divided in two areas. You start in area 1, and can go to
area 2. For the good of this FAQ I take the two areas together.

What you must know about the enemies is that Chimeras can throw fireballs, so
you always have to be aware of that. The Wyverns are poisonous, and that
covers the enemies I suppose.

= Go north
= Check out the door west since two chimeras may come out of it.
= Don't enter the room though, just continue the way north
= At the very end go south
= First way east
= Second way north
= When you  hit the wall go east
= First way north
= When you hit the wall go east
= You'll reach the guild tower.

Okay... The main quest ends here. before you enter the tower I'll get into this
optional stuff in order to recruit Rex and Father Jon. Particulary Father Jon
can be good to recruit.

| RECRUITING REX:                                                          |
| = From the mage tower step back until you can go south. Go south from    |
|   there                                                                  |
| = You'll find some equipment. Leave it be, it's all cursed. Also kill    |
|   the hags and the chimeras who roam the place you get into              |
|   Do take the helmet of underwater breathing. Leave the rest be          |
| = Keep going south                                                       |
| = When you hit the wall one strafe one step to the right (west) and      |
|   open the door to continue south                                        |
| = Cross the room and open the south door to continue                     |
| = When there's a wall left of you (east) go west                         |
| = Go through the door and kill the Chimeras                              |
| = Among the treasure take the blessed holy symbol. It allows clerics     |
|   More spells                                                            |
| = Open the door and go south                                             |
| = Stop at the passage and turn south there                               |
| = When there's a way west, go west                                       |
| = Open the door to meet Rex                                              |
| (wanna find back the guild follow the same route backwards)              |
| RECRUITING FATHER JON:                                                   |
| From the guild same route till the step wall left of you. Go there       |
| straight on, pass the wall to the west and head east to go to area 2     |
| From the area where you met Rex go all the way east until you reach      |
| area 2                                                                   |
| = In area 2 go immediatly north                                          |
| = Open the door kill the wyverns and claim the mage scrolls here         |
| = Leave the room and head east immediatly until you meet Father Jon      |
| = Now go back to area 1                                                  |
|   (missed Rex? Want him? All the way west)                               |
| = When you enter area 1 go all the way north                             |
| = When you hit the wall, 1 step west and continue north                  |
| = When you hit the wall, go east until you reach the Mage's Guild        |

| Mage's Guild                                                   | IDXCE000 |
Objective: Seek out a guy named Acwellan

IDXCE001: Level 1 - Entrance level
Enemies:  Clay Giant, Ice Wraith

Level 1 is not a long level, but before you advance to level 2, you must make
sure to find the Ring Of Trobiant.

= Step in the middle teleporter
= Move east and go upstairs
= Go west and around the corner north
= At the next corner turn your face to the west
= Go all the way west and turn south at the very and
= Go south and take the stairs on the west up
= Go south and follow the corridor until you find a stairway (don't go
  up the stairs though)
= Go north here (wall = illusion)
= Head north until there's an alcove with two switches west of you
  (You may need to pass another illusion)
= Press both buttons and the east wall will open (revealing some monsters as 
  well. Kill those)
= Check out the room here and find the Ring Of Trobiant in on of the Niches
= Go back to the switches and go though the south illusion door
= Go forward until you reach the stairs (behind another illusion. And don't go
= Turn west here, follow the corridor and go downstairs as soon as you see those
= Go north
= First way west
= When you hit the wall south
= At the end east
= Go downstairs
= Move forward and step in the teleporter to be back at the entrance
= Go through the south teleporter
= Leave the room you get into through the east door
= In the corridor go south
= To the east is an illusion wall. Pass through it.

Now you need to take this on in a specific order. Read the signs at the 
teleporter, step into it if it's the right one, then step in the room you get
into in the teleporter with the right picture.


  = Tapestry: A seawave
  = Tapestry: Red tapestry with a sun on it
  = Tapestry: A whirlwind
  = Tapestry: Icy mountains
When you step in the last teleporter you'll get to level 2.


IDXCE002: Level 2 - The Maze
NPC:      Bug
Enemies:  Ghost Armor, Scorpion

The scorpions are interesting. They won't move and can attack at a distance.
However when you carry the Ring Of Trobiant they will move but won't attack.

Seek out all scorpions and kill them before going to the north niche when you
have to sacrifice that ring into the niche in ordoer to proceed north

In the process you will meet Bug (It's impossible to miss him). He can be handy
as an extra spellcaster, but he ain't great, So decide yourself if you wanna
recruit him.

= Once you sacrificed the Ring of Trobriand go north
= Pull the cord at the end of the corridor
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Stafe right (south) once and move forward
= When you hit he wall strafe once left (north) and move east
= First way south
= When you hit the wall strafe once tot he left (east) and keep going
  south until you hit the wall
= Around the corner west
= First way south
= Around the corner west
= Throw an item first then run to the west as quickly as you can
  (ignore the scorpions if you wanna live)
= Press the switch (unless you didn't throw an item. Then leave it alone)
= Go south then west
= When you hit the wall, south then west and then south
= First way west and follow the corridor
= You'll loose all your equipment and be attacked by armors. Kill them all
  (and you can recover your equipment)
= When you got back all your equipment go north
= Pull the cord
= Proceed north and go down the stairs

IDXCE003: Level 3 - Stone Giant's Lair
Enemies:  Stone Giant, Water snake

The Stone Giant hurts the entire party in an attack and have much HP. Watch
out for those
The water elements won't move and are easy to beat. You only find them on 
a raster.

= At the start pick up the grappling hook. You'll need it very soon.

= In the niches here are gems. Put them both in the hands of a mage and you
  can get out of here. If you don't have a mage, I'm afraid the journey ends
  here. With the gems in the hands of your mage you can pass, elseway you'll
  teleported back all the time, and then you are forever trapped.
  (Keep the gems in case you get here by accident).
= Now move all the way east (with these gems in your hand)

= At the end press the button south to remove the east wall
= Press it again to open another passage
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Go north
= At the first way west throw something at the switch east (A hammer that comes
  back after throwing is the best choice. If you don't have that, use something
  you no longer need)
= The door to the west opens go through it and go east
= When you hit the wall one south and continue east
= Second way south
= Open the door and go south, at the end east (kill the water element blocking
  your path)
= Open the most eastern door south and quickly strafe right to avoid being hit
  by a fireball
= Here are a bunch of useful mage scrolls (if you ever reach a high enough
  level to cast those).
= Leave this place (Western door (also trapped with fireball) contains stuff
  too, but less cool).
= At the north wall go west (Water element appears behind you)
= Go north
= Go east
= 1st way north
= follow the corridor and take the silver key
= Go back through the corridor and head west
= When you hit the wall, one spot right (north) then west till you hit the wall
= Go north
= Around the corner east then north
= First way east and flip the switch
= Go west, then north and immediatly east
= When you hit the wall 1 step north and continue east
= At the very end north
= First way east (open door) and get the green gem and go back to the corridor
  to go north
= Go through the door
= The west door leads to mage scrolls the east passage is the way to go
= Ignore the lock on the floor, just go north and press the switch at the end
= Go back and the north room is open. Enter it
= Take the brass key here
= Go back to the room and go back into the south corridor
= At the end west
= At the end 1 south and west
= Now you are in the corridor, Walk as fast as you can north and move quickly
  west (if you are not fast enough you'll be zapped to death)
= Kill the Stone Giants here and go south
= Pull the cord to the east
= At the end go west until you reach the rasters

    = Step on the northern raster
    = 2 steps west
    = 1 step south
    = 1 step west
    = 2 steps south
    = 1 step south (and get hurt)
    = 1 step west (and get hurt)

= Go into the west corridor and go west until you hit the wall
= Go north
= First way east
= When you hit the wall north
= Go north and get the green gem out of the alcove west and contine going north
= Go west
= Around the corner south
= First way west
= Three niches. place a green gem in the outern niches and a key will appear in
  the middle one.
= You can take the green gems if you want and go east
= First way south
= Firest way west (open the door)
= Flip both levers and go back to the corridor
= Go south and open the door at the end
= Go south
= When you hit the wall west
= When you hit the wall south
= When you hit the wall east
= Between the two doors (which should be open) is an ilussion wall north
= Take the copper key here and go south
= Go east
= when you hit the wall north
= When you hit the wall two spots west then north
= First way east until you get at the rasters back
= Stand of the first raster and follow this route

      = 1 step east
      = 1 step north (and get hurt)
      = 1 step east
      = 1 step south
      = open the door east
      = Go east through the door
= Now have a mage to learn 2 water breathings. (You'll need them. Yes twice)
= Turn south and use the Crystal key on the lock (and keep the key)
= Use the bass key on the lock (and keep the key)
= Use the silver key on the lock (and keep the key)
= Use the grappling hook to open the grate and enter the underwater part

IDXCE004: Level 4 - The underwater maze
Enemies:  Water Elemental, ???

Every move you makes hurts you unless you are either wearing a helmet of 
underwater breathing or under the effect of the Water Breathing spells.
You also cannot rest unless you are under the effect of the Water Breathing
spell. (Make sure you have two water breathings at your disposal as there
are spots that terminates your spell).

Perhaps I do not need to note it, but fire spells do not work in this area.
Pretty obvious because of all the water.

If you missed the helm of underwaterbreathing it is recommended to get it. South
of the entrance of the guild tower in the city.

= West, first way south
= First way east and use the switch and go back here (if you don't have the 
  power gloves you need the thieves tools to do so)
= Go south
= You'll be blown to the east
= Go west and open the south door
= Make your way south and get the yellow gem. Then go back through the door into
  the corridor
= Go west
= Around the corner north
= Go west when you hit the wall
= Around the corner south and keep going south until you hit the wall
= You'll be blown though the corridor.
= Continue south till you hit the wall
= Go east until you hit the wall
= The east alcove contains a shell key. Take it.
= Continue south till you hit the wall
= Turn west. Here are gloves that increase your strength. (You can wear those
  as bracers)
= Continue west and go around the corner north
= When you hit the wall one step west
= North
= When you hit the wall one step west and continue north
= Flip the lever and go north to be blown through the corridor
= Go north
= Third way west
= When you go west you'll be blown south
= Go west and examine the north wall. It contains a hidden switch (look well)
  Press it
= One step north and another switch to press (look well)
= Go north and flip the lever (you need thief's tools if you don't succeed)
= Go west
= First way south
= First way west
= Put the stone key in the niche to open the door

Okay, if you continue all spells will be dispelled (including water breathing)
And you cannot cast any spells until you're though this zone. So be 100% sure
that all party members are fully rested until you enter.

Now I recommend the next things. I hope that you don't have elves in your party
because unless your cleric is high enough in level to cast "Resurrection" it's
likely you lose them.

Have your cleric to learn "Raise Dead" and "Resurrection" as much as possible 
and have him/her to wear a helmet of underwater breathing.

Take the shortest possible way (which I'll display here), don't take any detours
because every move you make will hurt you.

Don't run away from monsters. You can fight them without losing HP. It's only
the walking that does the damage. Not the attacking.

Don't cast water breathing. The spell won't be valid until you're out of this
place. This is why I recommended TWO water breathing spells.

If you see monsters, don't chase after them. Let them come to you.
Selecting party members and using ALL ATTACK can be helpful to kill them

If any of the things told above cannot be done, then cheating is your only
* You serious, Trick?
- Yes, I am!
* Never though to hear *you* say that, Trick.
- Neither did I!

Anyway, if the upper requirements are met, that you can get through without
cheating, but it *can* and *will* cost you.

Let's go.... (Good luck)

| = If you see monsters, let them come to you and kill them. Don't move as 
|   long as you see them
| = Go north until you hit the wall
| = Go west till you hit the wall
| = Strafe once right (north) and go west until you hit the wall
| = Strafe once left (south) and go west until you hit the wall
| = Strafe left and move forward and take the copper key
| = One step east and go south
| = First way west
| = When you hit the wall go south until you hit the wall
| = Strafe once right (west)
| = Open the door and move forward. When you are past the door you can cast
| = Magic spells again

Now you're clear. Revive/Resurrect all party members. 

When all party members are revived, take a rest to recover, and be glad you 
don't have to be in the NULL-MAGIC ZONE again (If you get there you simply
took the wrong road

= Go south until you hit the wall
= East until you hit the wall
= South until you hit the wall
= East and hit the switch at the south wall
= East till you hit the wall
= North till you hit the wall
= Stafe once left and north til you hit the wall
= Zigzag east and go east
= Zigzag south and go south
= Take the blue gem from the east niche
= Go north and zigzag west at te end
= Go west and zigzag west at the end
= Go west until you hit the wall
= Go south
= First way west
= First way south
= When you hit the wall strafe one step right (west) and go to the door
= Open the door with the copper key and proceed south (if you are pushed back
  you didn't use the switch a little while back. Don't worry, you DON'T have to
  go trough the NULL-MAGIC ZONE
= Go one step west
= Two steps south
= One step east
= Cast a Wall Of Force spell (while facing east)
= One step south
= One step east
= One step south
= Put a red gem in the niche (and remove it) to open the east door
= Go east
= When you hit the wall go north
= Around the corner east
= East till you hit the wall
= One step south
= East till you reach the door
= Press the hidden switch on the south wall to open the door
= Enter the room and go north
= Put the crimson key in the niche (must have picked it up somewhere forgetting
  to note where. I will update this FAQ on that) (BTW, you can remove the key
  after that).
= Proceed east
= When you hit the wall north
= Use the grappling hook to on the ceiling to get outta here

IDXCE005: Level 5 - Acwellan's Lair
Enemies:  Stone Giant, Acwellan (Boss)

= One stpen east
= South till you hit the wall
= West till you hit the wall
= Activate the hidden switch on the south wall
= North till you hit the wall
= Strafe once east then go north
= Use the crystal key on the green lock
= One step west and one step north
= Use the copper key on the red lock
= One step north and one step east
= Use the silver key on the lock (keep the key)
= One step East and one step South
= Use the brass key on the yellow lock (keep the key) (North wall opens)
= Kill the stone giants up east
= Go east till you hit the wall
= 1 South, 1 east
= south till you hit the wall
= Open the east door

Now go around this room and find all the 8 rings of protection. Don't equipment
but take them to the weighting plates. Place there all +2 and -2 values in the
left scale and the others in the right. You'll be teleported into Acwellan's

No matter what you say to Acwellan, you'll always have to fight him.

| Boss \
| Acwellan                                                                   |
| Difficulty: Very very easy                                                 |
| Acwellan has many fake images of himself. Those are all killed easily      |
| The real Acwellan is all that matters, once he's down this fight has been  |
| won. You never can tell which one is real but the damage he and all his    |
| images do is pathetic. He can sometimes do a Magic Missile though.         |
After this fight you'll find out what is truely going on here.
(You could already tell from the beginning that you were being used).
Now you have to correct your error in the Temple of Lathander.
Acwellan will use the last of his powers to teleport you there.

You are back in Myth Drannor close to the Temple Of Lathander.
No sense writing a seperate section on that.
Move forward into the path and turn the first way east and you'll get at the

| The Temple Of Lathander                                        | IDXCF000 |
Objective: Restore the temple to find the Dark God and kill him

IDXCF001: Level 1 - Blob's Base
NPC:      Tabitha
Monsters: Shadow, Blob

The blobs eat your weapons at every attack you do. So I recommend to only use
magic. The weapons which are lost can NOT be recovered.
I did try Mordenkainen's Sword to cover this up, but no effect.
If you are extremely high in level then Bigby's Clenched first is your solution.
Otherwise, try you best spells and hope for the best.

Before taking stairs down save your game. There's a curse that could make you
trapped forever if you take the wrong stairs down. You'll be in a large empty
room forever hounted by spooky laughter. If that happens, consider the game as
over and reload a savegame.

= Go north until you arrive in a room with a (vandalized) fountain.
= Go west there
= Go to the room south
= Put a sword in the west niche
= Go back to the corridor north and go west
= Take the cup from the south niche
= Go east (the statue is worthless on this moment)
= Go north and put the cup in the south niche
= Go back to the room with the fountain
= Go east there
= Go north and put some insense in the insense burner
= Go south and put some food in the niche
= Go back to the corrdidor and go east to find a statue with a missing arm.
= Pick up that arm and repair the statue

Lathander will speak to you and offer his help in restoring his temple. From now
on all statues in the temple will heal your party fully, and Lathander may offer
more help later in this quest

= Go back to the fountain
= Go into the north corridor
= When you hit the door, leave it closed and go west
= Go down the stairway north
= in this room close all the drawers
= When you are done a holy symbol is in the center. Take it.
= Go upstairs

= Go west, first way south
= Open the west door
= Go downstairs in the room you get into

= Here are pressure plates. As soon as they are pressed a fireball will be shot
  Throw and item at all of them and make sure to dodge the fireball
  If you done it all, a holy symbol will appear in the south niche. Take it
= Go back upstairs
= Go east into the corridor
= Around the corner north
= Press the button to open a passage. Take the south key there
= Make your way east
= Take the stairs down in the east section

Here you'll find a wounded woman. This is the NPC Tabitha. She's a Paladin.
If you think you can use her you can cure her and she'll join the party. If you
don't want her, she'll close her eyes and die (sad, huh).
It's up to you if you want here.

= After Tabitha has either joined or died find the two insense burners and burn
  some insense in it
= A holy symbol will appear. Take it with you

= You may go east and go downstairs to use the firekey to obtain extra shields  
  and more bags of insense. When you are done go to the door in the middle
  corridor (in face of the fountain at the entrance)
= Open the ddoor

= Make your way to the north of the temple AND IGNORE ALL STAIRWAYS OR THE QUEST
  IS OVER!!!!
= At the top are three niches with an evil holy symbol. Remove that symbol and
  replace it by a normal one (Don't ever use the evil symbols. You'll die unless
  your cleric as the "Evil" alignment).
= Now that all the holy symbols have been replaced you can go upstairs
  There are two stairways. Pick one yourself you'll always end up in the same 
IDXCF002: Level 2 - Skullsnakes and green things
Enemies:  Skull Cobra and strange green things

= Go north (and you'll be spinned to the south) and continue north
= Take the northern door west and go downstairs
= There go west and the door will close behind you
= Take the secret passage north and flip the lever inside
= Continue west (if the door is closed it'll open) and kill the monsters
  One of them will drop a gold key. Take it.
= Go back to the stairway and go upstairs
= Go through the east door
= Go south (You'll spin north)
= Keep going south (You'll spin north again
= Four doors here. If you need the south-west one contains a healing statue.
  (And monsters)
= The south side of the block in the middle contains a secret switch. Press it.
= Go south and go as fast as you can. When you are not fast you'll be killed
= Take the door on the west
= Once thorught the door north then west
= Around the corner north
= When you hit the wall west
= When you hit the wall north
= Get the frost key from the niche
= Go south
= When you hit the wall east
= When you hit the wall south
= When you hit the wall east
= When you hit the wall one step south and then though the door east
= Take the south door

= This area can confuse you as things spin and teleport around. When you are
  under the effect of a "Bless" spell nothing of this will happen. So cast 
= Go east
= At the end north
= Around the corner east
= When you hit the wall 1 step south and keep going east
= When you hit the wall south
= Take the way east
= Use the frost key to open the door
= Follow the corridor
= Here are two healing statues. Use them if you need them
= Continue east
= Go north
= Open the door with the gold key
= Take the morninglight inside and Lathander will appear and present you with
  the sword Dhauzimmer. That sword is extremely handy against the undead 
  creatures you're gonaa meet in the next two levels.
= Now make sure your party is fully rested. Then go south and go upstairs to
  the third level

IDXCF003: Level 3 - The cursed floor
Enemies:  Banshee, Funny snake

What is important in this floor is that you cannot rest on this floor. So keep
good track of your spells. You can however go back to the previous floor if you
ever need resting.

The object of this floor is easy. You got to find 4 embers of hope and burn them
in one of the four burners that are on this level. When you did you can obtain
the Key Of Faith with is your ticket to the next (and final) floor.

= Go through either the north or west corridor (you'll end up in the same place
  so it doesn't matter)
= Use the buttons to open both doors
= Go through the north door and go north till you hi the wall
= Go west till you hit the wall
= Go north till you hit the wall
= Go west
= First way north
= First way east
= When you hit the wall one step north and continue east
= When you hit the wall one step south and continue east
= When you hit hte wall one step south and continue east until you reach the
= Use the switch beside the door to open it
= Enter the room (the door will close behind you) and get rid of the Banshees
  One of them drops a key. Take it
= Use that key to open the door and step through the door
= Go north
= When you hit the wall go west (pit is an illusion)
= Follow the corridor
= In this room are two embers of hope. Take them both with you
= Go back into the corridor
= When you are over the fake pit go east and take the way north
  (The second pit is an illusion too)
= Open the door with the button on the west wall and kill the monsters
  which will come out
= Enter the room to find a copper key
= Go back through the door, past the fake pit and head south
= Forest wau west
= When you hit the wall one step south and continue west
= When you hit the wall go south
= When you hit the wall go east
= Use your copper key to open the door at the end
= In the room is a burner. Put an Ember of Hope into it
= Leave the room and go west until you hit hte wall
= Go south and put the water cup into the niche
= Go west and put the water cup into the niche
= Go north and put the water cup into the niche
= Go east and put the water cup into the niche
= Go south
= First way west
= In the middle of the room is the feast area. When you go there HP will be
  restored and you'll be under influence of the Hero's Feast spell.
= Pick up the Ember of Hope
= Go straight south from here
= Second way east
= Ignore the stairway up and take the way south east of it
= You'll find a statue. Use it to recover your health and a copper key will 
  appear in the niche. Take it with you
= Go back.
= When you come at the T-Cross go west
= At the stairs also west
= Go south and open the door with the copper key
= Enter the room and put en Ember of Hope in the burner
= Go north into the corridor
= First way west
= First way north
= Stand in the alcove and throw an item to the switch and wait till the iceballs
  have passed
= Go south
= And go east through the door (which should now be open)
= West till you hit the wall
= 1 south then west
= First way north
= When you hit the wall east
= Around the corner north
= When you hit the wall 1 east then north
= When you hit hte wall go west
= Throw an item to the north switch
= Go into the north alcove to take the last Ember of Hope
= Go to the insense burner and burn some insense in it
= From here east till you hit the wall
= South till you hit the wall
= 1 step west then south till you hit the wall
= West
= First way south
= At the end east
= When you hit the wall 1 north then east
= Around the corner north
= When you hit the wall east till you hit the wall
= Go north until you are at the feast spot
= From here go straight west
= Second way south (open the door)
= Kill all the banshees. One of them drops a key. Take it.
= Leave the room
= Go all the way west
= Open the door with the copper key
= Enter the room and put an ember of hope into the burner
= Go back east to the feast spot
= Go east
= Third way south
= When you are though the door go west through the door
= Go north
= Follow the corridor to get the copper key
= Go back to the door
= Take the north door and go north till you hit the wall
= Go west until you reach the feast spot
= Go all the way north from here until you reach the door
= Open it with the copper key
= Put an ember into the burner

Now the curse on this place has been lifted. This also means that you are able
to rest here from now on. (You'll also gain some experience points)

= Go south until you reach the feast spot
= Go west
= 2nd way north
= When you hit the wall, one step east and continue north
= Take the key of faith from the altar, niche, whatever
= Go straight south until you hit the wall
= East till you hit the wall
= North till you hit the wall
= 1 step east and continue north
= First way west
= First way south
= When you get to a door that closes before you step back and trow an item
  through the door. (Not something that comes back)
= Now you can pass through the door
= Go west
= Throw the Key of Faith through the teleproter (and it'll change its 
= Now step into the teleporter to start the final level of the game.

IDXCF003: Level 3 - Lair of the Dark God
Enemies:  Armored Skeleton, Black Wolf, The Dark God (Boss)

= Cast "Dispell Magic" and the doors will open. You can and will be attacked
  though. Kill all monsters that come to you.
= Go through the west doors.
= The alcoves are deadly. Pass them quickly and take the key between them
= Leave the room west and go north
= Around the corner east
= 1st way north
= At the end west
= 1st way north
= 1st way east
= Among the treasure make sure you got the crystal key and the coin
  (Due to few technical errors I was experiencing during the creation of this
  FAQ the location of the coin could have failed me. Anyway, if it's not here
  it *is* somewhere on this floor).
= Go back into the corridor
= At the T-Cross south
= At the end east
= Around the corner south
= When you hit the wall west
= Around the corner south
= Open the crystal lock on the west door and take one of the doors to go west
= Make your way west here (north is a blessing bowl)
= Open the west door and go west until you hit the wall
= There's a shield on the wall. Touch it and it'll fall on the ground.
  Pick it up and put it in your inventory.
= Now you gotta be quick. Go back to the great hall and bless yourself with the
  blessing bowl. 
= Now go through the west door, go north until you hit the wall.
= One step east, continue north and follow the corridor
= Open the door with a crystal key and enter (if you are not under the effect
  of the blessing of Lathander you'll be teleported out)
= Pick up the staff of life
= Leave this room
= Go back to the great hall
= Leave it tot the east
= Go back east through the lightning room
= In the entrance room go south
= In this room is a fountain. Put the coin into it
= Take the crystal key from the niche
= Go back to the entrance room
= Make your way through the lightning room
= Go through the big room and make sure you use the blessing bowl.
= Leave the room through the west door
= Go south
= Last way east
= When you hit the wall one step south then east and open the door with the
  Crystal key
= Enter the room (if you are not under Lathander's blessing you'll be warped
= Put the staff of light into the ghost figure in the wall
= Leave the room
= Go to the big room and a door has appeared of which the middle part is missing
= Put the sun shield into the door and you can open it.
= Step into the teleporter behind it and face the Dark God

| Boss \
| The Dark God                                                               |
| Difficulty: Rather easy                                                    |
| First the Dark God sends some mosters after you. Slay them all. The Dark   |
| god himself will not move unless he's hit by something or when you come    |
| closer. If you beat the monsters you can even rest if the Dark God hasn't  |
| yet moved.                                                                 |
|                                                                            |
| The Dark God has a lot of spells he'll cast onto you. Try to avoid them    |
| all. Once he's out of spells you can kill him easily without getting hurt  |
| too much.                                                                  |
|                                                                            |
| Cheesy method:                                                             |
| If you have a few scrolls "Time Stop" left or when your mage is level 19+  |
| cast "Time Stop" and the Dark God won't move any more for awhile. This     |
| makes this fight even more easy.                                           |
When you killed the Dark God the game is over.


| Questions and answers                                          | IDXD0000 |

These are a few questions not asked to me yet, but which could be asked, so 
I answer them at forehand:

Q: Delmair was struck by the enemy, but he didn't transform into a tiger. Why?
A: He must be struck by magic. Delmair only transforms at PHYSICAL attacks

Q: HELP! I am struck against an invisible wall.
A: Oficially there's no such thing as an invisible wall. But there's a bug in
   EOB3 that can cause this. When you cast wall of force an invisible wall will
   be formed on the moment the spell expires. You can dissolve it by casting a
   new wall of force by on the same spot. This doesn't always work, but it's 
   the best bet you have.
   Therefore only cast wall of force when you know what you're doing!
Q: I can't pick locks any more?
A: No you can't. You can only open locks with keys now. The lockpicks are 
   replaced by "Thief's tools" and can be used to fix levers which are struck.
Q: Can I beat the game without a cleric?
A: No! Not because you need them for healing, but there are certain areas you
   cannot get past without using a cleric spell
Q: Why can't I cast the level 9 spells for a mage
A: Because you need to be at least level 19 for that, and without cheating it
   takes forever to reach that level. One of the great flaws in this game.
Q: Do I need "Stone to Flesh"
A: No. In EOB2 there are monsters who can petrify you. In EOB3 there aren't any.
   Paralysed makes the picture grey which works confusing, but paralysis is 
   no petrification and can thus be cured with "Remove Paralysis"

Q: Can I beat the game without a mage?
A: Only if you cheat. You need the water breathing spell from the mage to get
   past the mage's guild tower. Otherwise you'll be dead.
Q: I've heard the mausoleum is optional. Is that true?
A: Yes and no.... Officially no... But practically yes.
   The Amulet of friendship can be replaced by an everburning torch if you 
   missed the mausoleum. If you wanna follow the official flow of the story (on
   which this FAQ is written) you should do the Mausoleum.
Q: I quit playing EOB2 because the boss was to insanely hard. Is the boss here
   so freakin' hard as well?
A: The boss here is a sissy compared to Dran. So don't worry about that.

Q: Why was this game written in the time-eating AESOP?
A: I tried to find the answer to that one as well. AESOP was written as a game
   engine for quick game development. SSI must have chosen it, since it 
   contains features plain DOS could never offer and since they wanted to
   improve the engine a bit more was needed. As far as I know that turned out
   to be a mistake since the creator of AESOP already acknoledged the lack of
   speed of AESOP, but time and money pressure did not allow the release of
   EOB3 to be delayed, so creating a new faster engine would not be possible
   within this time limit and they had to take the game as it was.
   That is the story as I understand it, I could be wrong though.
Q: Is it possible to have a party with only EOB1 NPC characters?
A: Yes.... Start up a game in EOB1 make sure you got at least 4 NPC transfer 
   those to EOB2 and then you can transfer them to EOB3.
   Don't think it's useful though, but it is possible.
Q: Would Insal still leave if I transferred him from EOB2 to EOB3?
A: I think not, but actually I've never tried this.
   It's interesting though... :)
Q: Is Tabitha still recruitable when you have evil characters in your party
   since Paladins are not allowed to be in the same team as evil ones?
A: Yes, you could still make her join. I've tried it and confirmed it.
   I know it's against AD&D rules, but she still can join.
   I suppose the game makers forgot about that alignment thingy when they 
   created her.
Q: Darkmoon gives a final file to transfer to EOB3. Does EOB3 do that as well?
A: No. EOB4 was never created, and I think SSI never intended to create EOB4
   from the very start. So no final file if EOB3 is completed. Since EOB3
   appeared in times that more advanced 3D engines were coming and the 
   improved engine for Lands Of Lore, I think EOB4 wouldn't sell anyway.
   But what do I know?
Q: Why can't I find the temple of Lathander?
A: Two possible reasons
   A. You didn't finish the Mage Guild Tower or 
   B. You didn't search well enough.
Q: Can you give me the words for the copy-protection?
A: NO WAY!!!! Sorry, I'm not allowed too give those words.
   It's not like, I dislike breaking rules, but FAQs on the internet may not
   support copyright violation, for very obvious reasons. I have to take an
   official position, and can therefore not share those words. Don't mail me
   to ask, because your mail will be ignored.
Q: There are underwater parts in which magic is blocked. How can I get out of
   there alive?
A: Making sure you make it to the exit before any party members are dead.
   It's all you can do. I'd like to hang the guy who came up with that idea
   as much as you do (not litterally of course, but you get the picture).
Q: I can't rest because the game says there are monsters. But I see none!
A: A flaw of EOB3 when compared to EOB1 and EOB2. In EOB1 and EOB2 the monsters
   moved while you were resting and interupted when they were in a spot 
   conntected to yours. In EOB3 the monsters do NOT move while resting, but
   you cannot rest when the monsters are within a certain radius. If they can
   possibly come to you is not taken into account. Only that radius.
Q: Can you design maps for this game?
A: HEAVENS NO!!!! Ask somebody else to do that, but I ain't patient enough for
   that! Sorry!

| Copyrights and permissions                                   | IDXH00001 |
This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
only. It may not be sold, or used as a basis for commercial work. This FAQ
may also not be modified. Parts of it may not be copied to your own FAQs 
without my permission.

This FAQ is NOT officially authorized by Westwoord, Stratigic Simmulations Inc.
or other party that is related to Eye of the Beholder

If you want to host this FAQ, it's allowed, if you ask my permission first,
permission will be granted assuming that the FAQ stays in this form 
unmodified, that users can view it FREE OF CHARGE, and that pop-ups have been
added to the page that views this FAQ.

Sites with permission to host this FAQ:

Sites banned from hosting this FAQ:

| Contacting the author                                        | IDXH00002 |
Before contacting me, please read carefully.

If you want me to answer questions about the game itself please visit this

That is my Q&A site where I (or others) will answer all your game questions.
If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked 
before. :)

If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to 
say about the FAQ itself, like asking permission to host, got suggestions
for this FAQ, something like that please mail it to

       REJECT YOU!

If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
names, you may tip me about that part, or if you want even come up with 
a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
I know which FAQ/Game it is you're talking about. :)

And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.
So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  M: You suck in levelling up
  A: I know. I'm a real RPG player. I don't waste my time hours of levelling
     up. In my vision that's a sort of cheating. If I wanted to do that,
     I'd buy a gameshark. That works a lot faster.
     No offense to those who do believe in that.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: I took on the bosses you brant HARD on much lower levels with no problem
     at all.
  A: Good for you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 31 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: I have my reasons which I'm not going to tell. 
     That's because I want to handle this type of thing as a profesional should
     I only noted it to make sure this document would not end up there

  M: You know NOTHING about this game or RPG in general?
  A: That I know nothing about RPG in general is something you can't say.
     I spend 80% of my free time in RPG (which is quite a lot, trust me),
     and I even develop them myself for a hobby. And about this game,
     trust me when I say that all games I wrote a FAQ about have been played
     multiple times from start to finish, and after I completed the FAQ
     the game is played over and over again and again, so I can upgrade 
     the FAQ if I find something new, to make sure my FAQs offer the best
     you can get. All games I wrote FAQs about are games I'm very devoted
     to. No exceptions. If I am not sure I know the game, I won't write a
     FAQ on it.

  M: Your FAQs are the greatest!
  A: Thanks I'm honored that you speak of my work this way.

  M: Thank you for writing this great FAQ!
  A: You're welcome ;)

  M: Do you have any GameShark/GameGenie codes for game X?
  A: No. If you want cheats, you're asking the wrong person!
And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2007, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)

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