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 Gabriel Knight 1

Gabriel Knight 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo
== Day One

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: Every morning read the paper by the coffee pot for hints on things to
do every day. On the table you can find a magnifying glass and tweezers. On
the top left shelf of the bookshelves on the back wall you can find a book
by "Heinz Ritter". On the right top shelf of the bookshelves there is a
book on Snakes. Read both books. On the book shelf under the window you can
find a German/English dictionary. Open the cash register and get a gift
certificate. Use the "Question" icon on Grace, and ask her for messages.
This will put the Police Station and Grandma Knight's place on your map.
Later in the day, you will need to ask Grace to do some research on Malia
Gedde. (This triggers the end of the day.)

Problem: Grandma Knight's house.

Hint: Use the "Question" icon on Grandma Knight, and ask about "Family" and
"Family Members". This will put the cemetery on the French Quarters Map. Go
to the attic and take the sketch book. Put the "operate" icon on the clock.
You will see a close-up of the clock. Move the hands to 3:00 with the move
icon. Move the outer circle until the dragon is at the top of the clock.
Use "Operate" on the windup key. This will open the bottom drawer of the
clock. Take the photo and letter. Open your inventory to look at the photo
and read the letter. Reading the letter adds "Heinz Ritter" in Grandma's
topic and adds "shattenjager" to Global topics. Go ask Grandma about Heinz

Problem: Police Station

Hint: Ask the desk sergeant about Mosely. He will give you an envelope from
Mosely. Go into inventory and open the envelope to reveal a murder photo
and Mosely's graduation picture.

Problem: Mosely's Office

Hint: Ask Mosely about the patterns at the crime scene, this will put
"Other Patterns" in the topic menu. He will tell you about six other
partial patterns. Ask about them. This will let you know that Officer
Franks has the "case file". Go talk to Officer Franks and have her pull the
case file for you.

Problem: How can I get a copy of the Crime Scene file?

Hint: Request another photo of Mosely with you for your book. Officer
Franks will come in to take the photo. At this point use the dialogue
choice to leave the room, (Hold on a sec while I go check my hair.) Once
you leave, take the file out of the in box at officer Franks desk, and make
a photo copy. (This puts veve copy in your inventory.) Then go back in for
your picture with Mosely. If you steal the file, officer Franks will no
longer talk with you.

Problem: Jackson Square

Hint: Go to the North West room of Jackson Square, and walk close to the
mime. You will notice he follows whoever walks closely to him. Get the mime
to follow you by walking up to him. It is somewhat difficult to make him
follow you. Every time someone walks close enough he will follow them, so
avoid other people if you can. Once you get him to follow you, go to the
motorcycle cop. The mime will make fun of the cop and the cop will chase
him out of the picture. When the cop is gone, use the "operate" icon on his
motorcycle radio. This will give you the "Crime Scene" on your greater New
Orleans Map.

Problem: Lake Pontchartrain

Hint: Look at the veve marks on the ground. This will add "Patterns" to
Mosely's topic. Use the magnifying glass on the marks in the grass. The
grass is on the right side corner by the tree. This will give you a
close-up of a snake scale. Use the tweezers on the snake scale. This adds
"snakes" to the topic menu. Use the sketch book on the pattern that
surrounded the body. This puts "lake pattern" in inventory. Take some clay
by the waters edge.

Problem: Dixieland Drug Store

Hint: Look at the sign. This adds "St. John's Eve" to the topic menu. Use
the murder photo on Willy, "the store owner," or ask about Voodoo Murders.
This adds "Cabrit Sans Cor" to the topic menu.

== Day Two

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: At the beginning of the day read your newspaper. At the end of the
day, if you were able to observe Madam Cazaunoux at the Dixieland Drug
Store, use the "Question" icon on Grace, and request research on Madam

Problem: Police Station

Hint: Use the "Question" icon on the desk sergeant and ask about Mosely.
When he lets you go in to see Mosely, change the temperature controls to 75
or hotter with the operate icon.

Problem: Mosely's Office.

Hint: When you see Mosely use the "Question" icon on him and request some
coffee. Mosely will have his jacket off because it is so hot. When Mosely
leaves, take his badge from his jacket that is on the chair.

Problem: Jackson Square

Hint: At the North East section of Jackson Square watch the artist lose his
picture. Give your "gift certificate" that you found in your cash register
to the hot dog vendor. This will give you a hot dog in your inventory. Give
the hot dog to the young boy dancing. Use the talk icon on the boy and
select from the dialog choices a request for the drawing. The boy will
retrieve the the drawing for you. Return the drawing to the artist. Give
the artist the six patterns that you received from Mosely. Use the lake
pattern on the artist. The artist will then try to reconstruct the total
picture for you.

Problem: Gedde's Mansion

Hint: Use the "Operate" icon on the door knocker. Use the "Question" icon
on Malia Gedde. Ask her about voodoo two times, ask her about "Lake
Pontchartrian" then flirt with her. You will need to flirt with her until
she has you kicked out of the house. You must get kicked out of the house
to end the day.

Problem: Voodoo Museum

Hint: At the Voodoo Museum, ask Dr. John about voodoo. This adds
"historical/modern voodoo" to the topic menu. Ask him about modern voodoo
until the messages repeat. This adds "Moonbeam's" to the French Quarter
Map. Ask about historical voodoo until he tells you about Marie Laveau.
This adds "Marie Laveau" to the topic menu. Ask about Marie Laveau. This
adds " St. Louis Cemetery" to the topic menu.

Problem: St. Louis Cemetery

Hint: Ask the watchman at the cemetery about "Marie Laveau, until the
messages repeat. This adds "Other voodoo marked tombs" to the topic menu.
Ask the watchman about other voodoo tombs. Look at the Laveau tomb wall.
Use the sketch book on the crosses on the tomb. This adds "voodoo code 1"
to inventory. You must visit the Gedde tomb and have a confrontation with
Malia Gedde.

Problem: Moonbeam's House

Hint: Ask Moonbeam about "voodoo, and St. John's Eve". This adds "animal
masks" and "Grimwald", to the topic menu. Ask Moonbeam about Grimwald, and
select the demonstration request. Moonbeam will demonstrate her dancing
with her snake "Grimwald". While she is dancing, go to Grimwald's cage and
take the snake skin. Take the coded voodoo message from your inventory and
Moonbeam will translate the codes for you. Compare the snake scales in
inventory by using the magnifying glass.

Problem: Dixieland Drug Store

Hint: At the Dixieland Drug Shop watch Madame Cazaunoux. This adds
"Cazaunoux", to the topic menu. Ask Willy about "animal masks", then ask
about "Willy Jr.". Willy will tell you how much he wants for the Crocodile
mask, ($100).

== Day Three

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: Ask Grace for messages, and Ritter's phone number. Read the
newspaper. This adds "Tulane U" to the Greater New Orleans map. A
neighboring shop owner will come in to ask about buying your painting. Sell
the painting to him for $100. If you have the sketch from the artist,
return later in the day and use the "Question" icon on Grace. Ask her to do
some research on the "pattern".

Problem: Gabriel's Studio Room early on day 3

Hint: Get the Hair Gel out of the medicine cabinet. Use the "Operate" icon
on the phone. Use the phone to call Cazaunoux's house, at 555-1280. At the
end of your conversation with the lady, you will hear the dog barking and
she will call her dog by name. Call the vet at 555-6170 from the phone book
page. Tell the assistant about dog dancing lessons. If you have Cazaunoux's
address, you will now have "Madam Cazaunoux's House" on the French Quarter
Map. Later in the day ask Grace two times for your messages. She will give
you Ritter's phone number Call Ritter in Germany at 49-09-324-3333.

Problem: Dixieland Drug Store

Hint: At the Dixieland Drug Store buy the Crocodile Mask for $100. Read the
sign to add "Gambling Oil" to your inventory.

Problem: Jackson Square

Hint: Go to the Northeast corner of Jackson Square and get the
reconstructed veve from the artist. Go to the Northwest portion of the park
and watch the Fortune Teller. She will start to dance. As she is dancing,
touch her. She will drop her veil. Take the veil and use the magnifying
glass on the veil. Take the scale with the tweezers. Give the veil back to
the Fortune Teller and she will read Gabe's fortune. Compare the snake
scales in your inventory later.

Problem: Mosely's office

Hint: Watch the interview between Mosely and Crash.

Problem: Tulane University

Hint: Watch the lecture. This will put "Animal Masks" in the topic menu. In
Hart's office, ask him about "Cabrit Sans Cor". Show him the murder photo.
This will add "Black Voodoo" to the topic menu. Ask Hart about Black Voodoo
and St. John's Eve. Show Hart the pattern sketch that the artist made for
you. He will make a copy of it to aid you in your research.

Problem: St. Louis Cathedral

Hint: Enter the priest's Ready Room. Take the priest's collar and the
priest's shirt.

Problem: How do I get in to talk with Madam Cazaunoux?

Hint: Use the hair gel, priest's collar and shirt. Madam Cazaunoux's will
let you in and will talk with you. You can find the Hair Gel in your
medicine cabinet. The priest's collar and shirt can be found at the church.

Problem: Madam Cazaunoux's house

Hint: Ask Madam Cazaunoux about "Cabrit Sans Cor". She will not talk about
it unless you already know what Cabrit Sans Cor stands for. Dr. Hart can
explain it to you. Select "Goat without horns" from the topic menu. This
adds "human sacrifice" to the menu. Ask her about human sacrifice. This
adds "real voodoo queens" to the menu. Ask her about real voodoo queens.
This adds "secret voodoo hounfour" to the global menu. Ask about the secret
voodoo hounfour and she will show you a snake bracelet. You will need to
use the lake clay on the bracelet to form a mold. Choose "take bracelet"
and "bless bracelet" from the dialogue choices.

Problem: Napoleon House

Hint: Ask the Bartender about "voodoo" and about "Bar Patrons" (twice). Ask
about "Sam and Voodoo". Talk to Sam. He won't talk to you unless you put
"Gris Gris" Gambling Oil on him. Answer him with the correct dialog
responses. 1. Ever wonder why Markus wins every time? 2. This is powerful
Voodoo Oil. 3. This Voodoo Oil could make a nun get lucky. Sam will win the
chess game and will tell you that he will help you any time you need a
favor. If you have the snake bracelet mold, give it to Sam and he will make
a copy of the bracelet for you.

== Day Four

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: Read the newspaper. Get the veve clippings from Grace. When you
return later in the day ask for research on "Rada Drums".

Problem: Napoleon House

Hint: Get your new snake bracelet from Sam.

Problem: Jackson Square

Hint: Go to the "Overlook" on the French Quarter map. Click the "Operate"
icon on the binoculars and watch Jackson Square. Observe the drummer and
another man speaking to him. Go to Jackson Square and follow the man into
the Cathedral.

Problem: Cathedral

Hint: Use the snake bracelet on Crash to make him talk. Ask Crash about the
Drummer. This adds "Rada Drums" to the topic menu. Ask Crash about "Voodoo
Hounfour". After Crash dies, look at him to get a close up. Use the "Open"
icon on Crash's shirt. This will reveal a snake tattoo. Use the sketchbook
on Crash's tattoo. This adds "tattoo tracing" to your inventory.

Problem: Gabe's Studio

Hint: Call Wolfgang.

==Day Five

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: Read the newspaper. Ask Grace to do "Research" on Rada Drums. Get the
Veve clippings, Gunter's Journal and letter from Grace. Read the letter and
journal from Gunter Wolfgang.

Problem: Voodoo Museum

Hint: When you are attacked by the snake at the museum, turn on the
electrical switch by the door. The snake hates the sound of the fan and
will leave. You must turn the switch on immediately or you will die.

Problem: St. George's Book Shop after visiting the Museum

Hint: After you visit the museum, Grace will find a scale on your clothing.
She will deposit it in an ash tray on her desk. Take it with the tweezers.
Compare all of the snake scales. Two of the scales will look the same.

Problem: Tulane University

Hint: View the close-up of Hart. Take Hart's notes on his desk.

Problem: St. Louis Cemetery

Hint: Use your sketchbook on the new voodoo code that you copied from the
cemetery tomb wall. Use the voodoo message on the translated voodoo codes
that Moonbeam translated for you. There are a couple of letters that
Moonbeam did not recognize but if you read the message you can tell what
they are. Letters L, I, Y, U and M. Use the brick on the wall to leave your
own message on the wall. Leave the message: "DJ bring sekey madoule" in

Problem: Mosely's Office

Hint: Use the "Question" icon on Mosely and ask him about reopening the
case. To convince him, show him the reconstructed Veve, Hart's notes and
the newspaper article. Show him the 2 different snake scales. All of this
new evidence will cause Mosely to reopen the case.

==Day 6

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: Read your morning paper. Talk to Grace. Notice that someone has left
you an envelope at your door. Take the envelope and read the note inside.
This will give you a letter and key in your inventory. Use the tattoo
tracing on Grace. Tell Grace you are going to a party. Ask her if she is
jealous. She will then put the tattoo on you.

Problem: Jackson Square

Hint: Talk to the Beignet Vendor. Tell him to return to the police station
as part of his route. Use the Rada Drum book on the Drummer. This will
allow you to interpret and send drum messages. The first page of symbols
are used for the main part of the message. Choose "Call Conclave". Turn the
page to the available times. Choose "Tonight". The third page tells where.
Choose "Swamp". Once you have assembled your message, use the icon bar to
select exit. If you make a mistake you can go to the icon bar to erase it
and try again. The entire message should be: Call Conclave - Tonight -
Swamp. This will put Bayou St. John on your Greater New Orleans map.

Problem: How do I enter Mosely's office if he is not there?

Hint: Watch the desk sergeant and wait for him to fall asleep. You may then
enter Mosely's office.

Problem: Mosely's office

Hint: Use the "open" icon on his desk drawer and look in the drawer. Take
the tracking device.

Problem: Voodoo Museum

Hint: Go to the Voodoo Museum and place the tracking device in the "Sekey
Madoul", the little ritual coffin.

==Day Seven

Problem: Gabriel's Studio

Hint: Read the daily newspaper. Take the flashlight from the dresser. Use
the "Operate" icon on the phone to call Ritter. Ask about "Tetelo". This
adds "Talisman" to your topic choices. Ask about "Talisman". This adds
"Tetelo's Remains" to the topic menu. Ask about "Tetelo's Remains". This
adds "Africa Homeland" to the topic menu. Ask about "Africa Homeland".
Later in the day, when you've decided to visit Germany, use the "Operate"
icon on the phone and dial the travel agent's number. The number is on the
phone page in your inventory. The number is 585-1130. Select Germany as
your destination. Use Mosely's credit card to pay for your tickets. This
puts "New Orleans International Airport" on the Greater New Orleans Map.

Problem: St. Louis Cemetery

Hint: Use the "Operate" icon on the button under the plate on the Gedde
tomb. Inside the tomb, select the flashlight from your inventory. Double
click on the flashlight to turn it on. Use the "Open" icon on the Veve
Pattern drawer. You will be knocked out. Once you wake up, open the drawer.
You will get a close-up of the drawer and see a wallet. Take the wallet.
Open your inventory and use the "Open" icon on the wallet. This will put
the "Credit Card", in your inventory. Use the "Operate" icon on the button
on the wall to open the door of the tomb.

Problem: Wolfgang's Bedroom

Hint: Use the "Look" icon on the Lintels on top of the carved doors, just
below the Lion's heads. This will add "Portal Poem" to the topic menu.

Problem: Great Hall and Chapel

Hint: Use the "Question" icon on Gerde and ask about the "Portal Poem". She
will translate the poem to English. After visiting the Chapel, ask her
about the "Chapel Panels". This will add "Initiation Ceremony" to the topic
menu. Ask Gerde about the Ceremony.

Problem: How do I perform the Initiation Ceremony?

Hint: In Wolfgang's Bedroom use the "Operate" icon on the windows to open
them. Use the "Operate" icon on the snow to wash your hands. Pickup the
"scissors" and use them on Gabriel. Take the "chamber pot". Use the "Open"
icon on the Scroll Case and take the "scroll". Read the scroll. Go to the
Great Hall and take the large "knife" hanging on the stair case wall. Take
the "salt" on the floor. Enter the Chapel and put the chamber pot on the
alter. Put salt in the chamber pot. Use the knife on Gabriel. Use the
"Operate" icon on the altar. With Gabriel kneeling in front of the altar,
use the scroll on Gabriel. Once you have completed the Initiation Ceremony
the day will end.

==Day Eight

Problem: Wolfgang's Bedroom

Hint: When you wake up on day 8 you will see a key sitting on the chest by
the bed. Take this key and open the carved doors. This will lead into a
secret library.

Problem: The Secret Library

Hint: Look at the center bookcase on the back wall. Take the "People's
Republic" book. Use the "Look" icon on the far right bookcase to find "The
Primal Ones" book. Look at the left wall bookcase for the "Ancient Roots of
Africa" book. Look at the far left bookcase for the "Sun Worshippers" book.
Look at the lower far right bookcase for the "Ancient Digs of Africa" book.
Once you have located and looked at all five books, the "Snake Mound Book"
will appear in your inventory.

Problem: How do I travel to Africa?

Hint: Use the "Snake Mound Book" on Gerde. Select "Use Mosely's Credit
Card" in the dialogue so Gerde will place some calls for you. This will put
"Africa" on the Global map. You will then proceed to Africa.

==Day Nine

Problem: Outer Snake Mound Rooms

Hint: The cave room are connected in a circle like a clock. The rooms are
numbered 1 - 12. Find the "Snake Rod" in the third room to the left from
the entrance. The entrance is room 6. Use the "Pick Up" icon on the "Snake
Tiles" in each of the 12 rooms. There are a total of 12 tiles. You cannot
take tiles 7 and 12. The room with the face carved into the wall is room
number 7. Each tile has a number of snakes corresponding to the number of
each room. Match each tile with the correct tile spot. Once you have the
tiles in place, go to room number 3. Be sure to save your game. Use the
Snake Rod on the Snake Tile. This wakes the dead guards. You must run
"clock wise" to room number 7 without getting caught. In room number 6 you
will be confronted by several guards. The only way past them is to use the
"Operate" icon on the vine hanging down in the middle. Gabe will swing out
and knock over one of the guards. In room 7, Wolfgang will appear. He will
hold off the guards while you use the "Snake Rod" on tile number 7. This
will operate the secret passage to the "Inner Snake Mound Room".

Problem: Inner Snake Mound Room

Hint: Look at the carvings around the bottom of the Snake Table. Look at
the indentations at the top of the table. Use the "Pick Up" icon on the
"iron bars" on the wall behind the table. Take both bars. Use the "Operate"
or "Move" icon on the bars to put them on the Snake Table. Go to the west
side of the room and use your "Knife" on the dead guard. Take his heart.
You will not be able to preven Uncle Wolfgang being killed. Take the
"Talisman" from inside the Snake Table.

==Day Ten (Final Day)

Problem: St. George's Book Shop

Hint: Take the newspaper. Take the note on Grace's desk. Read the note. You
will find that Grace has been kidnapped.

Problem: Gabriel's Studio

Hint: Ask about "Making a Plan". Ask about "Mosely's Investigations". Ask
about "Grace". Ask about the "Secret Voodoo Hounfour". Return to the book

Problem: How do I enter the "Secret Voodoo Hounfour"?

Hint: Go to St. Louis Cathedral and enter the far right confessional. Use
the "Snake Rod" on the "Knothole" on the back wall. Place the "Snake Rod"
under the bench, and place the "Signal Device" under the bench. Enter the
Elevator Ante Chamber.

Problem: Supply Room #7

Hint: The Secret Hounfour is built in the shape of a clock. The Ceremonial
Room is in the center. Each of the rooms have a number over the door. Go to
door #7. Use the "Pick Up" icon on the "Mask and Robes" two times. You
should then have two sets of robes and masks.

Problem: Cartel Business Room #4

Hint: Use the "Look" icon on the desk. Take the "Record Book". Read the
book. Note the codes.

Problem: Dr. John's Room #2

Hint: Watch Dr. John praying to his gods. Notice the key hanging from the
far wall. Do not enter the room. Go to the Ceremonial room. Use the
"Operate" icon on the drums. Construct a message to call Dr. John. Select
"Summon". Select the "next book". Select "Brother Eagle" from this book.
Select "Exit" from the icon bar. Dr. John will leave his room. Go the
hallway. Do not exit towards Room #2. You have about 10 seconds to go to
Dr. John's room, get the key and return to the hallway before Dr. John

Problem: Money Room #1

Hint: You need Dr. John's Key Card to enter this room. Once inside, use the
"Pick Up" icon on the "Stacks of Money" until you can carry no more.

Problem: Disposal Room #11

Hint: Use the key from Dr. John's room to enter. Once you are in the room
just look around.

Problem: Guest Room #8

Hint: Use the "Key" from Dr. John's room to open room #8, here you will
find Grace. Use the "Talisman on Grace to revive her. Use the Mask and
Robes on Mosely, then on yourself.

Problem: The Final Confrontation

Hint: When Tetelo comes to sacrifice Grace, use the Talisman on Tetelo.
Toss the the Talisman to Mosely. Once Tetelo grabs Gabriel, use the "Pick
Up" icon on the "Stone Idol". The stone idol will appear under the
ceremonial table. At this point you have two options to end the game.
First, betray Malia and use the knife on her. Then you can either do
nothing, or use the "Pick Up" icon on Malia while she is hanging in the
pit. Either choice will lead you to The End.


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