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There are some gaps in level 3 as I took the shortcut after not knowing what to
do. Currently I'm stuck on level 5.

Level 1: Intro (demo)
First you have to deactivate the force field and let Mendell walk over the
edge. Now you have two choices: towards a blue bridge and an upside down
helicopter (mower). Take the first (easy) choice. Align the sliding blocks to
make a bridge. After Mendell walks onto the last piece press the switch and

A green bridge has appeared, but you need to deactivate the laser bars. Go
towards the mower. With a bit of luck Mendell will walk towards the elevator to
the second level. You can either make Mendell jump or change the direction of
the mower which is much easier. On the second level (down) the same mower.
Returning you'll discover the laser bars are gone and Mendell will be
teleported to Level 2.

Level 2: Chessboard
Mendell will have to get past 6 rotating sliding cubes, but don't touch the
wall elements. Next Mendell will have to bridge chessboard sliding blocks.
Halfway he'll have to continue a level below Press the wall to deactivate it
and let it move Mendell down. Cross a few blocks and make Mendell jump to
return to the upper level. Another chess bridge will follow and it will return
you to the cubes.

Past the 6 cubes you will have two choices, but the brick conveyor belt (left)
isn't active. Turn right towards the chess sliding blocks with a deadly moving
pyramide. Bridge a gap like in level 1, but don't let the piramide touch you. A
double piramide bridge will follow. Next is a serie of teleporting conveyor
blocks. Pressing a block will teleport Mendell, even if he is falling in the

This is nearly impossible to do so, but it will return Mendell in the end to
the brick conveyor belt. Make a continuous bridge by clicking its pieces.
Halfway Mendell will drop a level. Continue and at the end Mendell will be
teleported to green acid waterfall. Press the levers to let Mendell cross. The
green flying object will give Mendell a green acid suit. So if Mendell is
walking towards it press the right lever.

Level 3: Air attack
There's a shortcut if you activate the huge white elevator twice and take the
proper green bridge. But follow the game and you'll meet an ufo. Destroy its
missiles by clicking on them. I've destroyed a dozen or two without any
< gap > Return and press the switch. The huge white elevator will take Mendell
to a passage with each two green bridges.

Follow the green conveyor belts a couple of levels down and meet the blue
sliding wall blocks after crossing a green bridge. Turn left and let the last
block slide you down on another green bridge. Same problem, but it doesn't
matter if you turn left or right. Left you probably see your target better.
 It's a blue floater a level or two below, which will transport Mendell
to the huge white elevator. It brings Mendell to the ufo site again.  The
white elevator will return you the 2 green bridges. Now choose the one which
will lead Mendell to the end of the level.

Level 4: Lava pool
Bridge the lava pool and let the red plate jump Mendell to a ledge Three red
plates later and Mendell walk sover an edge onto a green ledge near a lava
pool. take the right exit to a spiral stairway with red treads. When a tread is
unlit you can change the direction, when lit it can make Mendell jump. Make
Mendell jump and turn the stairway tread under him. There are 6 stairways and
the last one is the most difficult as you have to move from tread 2 to 4. At
the top press a button and everything is lowered into the lava pool.

Continue to the lava waterfall and now Mendell must go to the bottom level
using wall bridges on both walls. Some wall bridges are useless. Near the
bottom move the wall bridge to let Mendell drop and quickly again to give him a
little push so he'll land on the exit below. Continue to the green/red lever
and press it to create a red board. Now let Mendell walk towards it and move
the block up.

Now move the wall bridge and let Mendell walk onto it. To make Mendell continue
lower the first block and activate the other 2 wall bridges. On the last bridge
activate the bridge below and let Mendell walk onto the red board. Make Mendell
jump and activate the wall bridge. Let Mendell walk onto the second red board
and continue so on. There are 31 wall bridges, 6 red and 6 yellow boards.
Sometimes Mendell will jump slightly sideways: use it. On the 12th and last
board make Mendell jump for the last time and activate the above wall bridges.
This will return Mendell to the lava pool with the green ledge, which now is

Level 5: Ice water
The green conveyor belt will move Mendell over an edge at the end of a tunnel.
Click the wall to move it back and Mendell won't drop on the cold water. There
are a series of blue wall blocks towards him. Push each to let Mendell move to
the exit on the left. Continue and you'll reach a cold water pool. Mendell can
walk onto it for a second before freezing. Now make a silver dam by lifting the
segments, which can be seen slightly under the water. After 6 segments Mendell
will walk on an elevator. Press the switch and finish the second silver dam.

Now you'll reach two helicopter blades You can only change the direction of
them. Let Mendell walk on the first and move it counter clockwise. The second
one must move clockwise. You need Mendell near the centre of the first one
while the other sweeps him of the blade to the left onto a green bridge.
Continue to the end of the level

Level 6: Windmills
Take the right elevator and open the gate to continue to the insides of a
windmill. Basically it's the same puzzle as with spiral stairway except Mendell
drops on the next tread. There are 4 windmills to cross, but from the second
windmill you can choose to go upside down as well. You'll skip the rotating
bridge after the second windmill that way. The rotating bridge if a matter of
aligning the segments and making sure Mendell can't walk back. The 'upside
down' way is easier. After the fourth windmill Mendell must cross a bridge with
sliding segments. Each segment slides completely under both wall sides, so be
careful. After 6 segment you'll reach 2 more and another passage in the same
direction you came from. However after 6 more segments you'll discover it's a
dead end.

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