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 Garden Inventor

Garden Inventor

Stage 1: 
This Zone is very easy. Just buy the cactus plants. Buy 2 of by
and put them at turn spots and upgrade them equally as soon as 
you get the money. On the last boss you will need to do some 
selling and re-buying. Wait until the boss passes the first two
turn spots and let your towers shoot until he passes. 
The immediately sell those towers and buy two more cactus towers
at the last two turn spots. You get full price for selling so 
upgrade the two towers you just bought to the same level and that
is enough to kill the boss.

Stage 2:
Like zone one, selling and re-buying costs nothing so don’t be 
shy about it. Its the only way to win. All you need are cactus 
plants again. Basically this zone involves buying upgrading, 
selling, and moving your cactus plants around. Do not be afraid
to upgrade and then sell, only to buy another cactus plants and
upgrading to the same level. You have to time this zone correctly
as some of the creeps don’t wait for the last wave to die off 
before spawning. But you should at least be able to move one of
your cactus to two locations on each wave. That, combined with 
the max possible upgrades, should be enough to win the level.
On the boss, sell everything and upgrade one cactus to the max 
you can, that should be enough to kill him. If he passes it, 
don’t worry. Just sell it and put it at a later location along
the path. He is easily killable.

Stage 3:
Much the same as zone two, although to start, you will want to 
put your flowers at the beginning of the path and if the creeps 
get past, sell and then put it later on in the path. Upgrade to 
the max you can each time. It only takes buying/selling two cactus
plants to actually beat the level.

Stage 4:
This level was like level 3 where I started with two cactus plants
near the start but that allowed me to kill the waves fast and push
“next wave” and get me some extra cash. With this extra cash, it 
allowed me to buy upgrades very quickly and I was able to kill 
everything near the start for nearly the entire round. Towards 
the end I had to sell some towers and buy them further down the 
map. For the boss I just used 1 tower upgraded to max and a 
upgraded water sprinkler to slow bugs down. It was easy to beat 
the 4th level and clear the first house.

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