Gazzyboy Batman Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Gazzyboy Batman Escape

Gazzyboy Batman Escape

1. You see the Wooden Pieces on Right-Side of floor. Click on the one nearest 
you [The one that is horizontally on ground, near you], to zoom. Once zoomed 
in, click on the Wooden Piece to move it, and take the Glove Piece from under.
and Zoom out!

2. Move Left! Look at the Pillar on Right-Side! If you look closely near the 
Top of the Pillar, you'll see some Black Stripes. Move your Cursor over the 
Top Black Stripe, and then move it all the way to the Right. Stop when the 
Arrow is visible, and move your Cursor a little bit to the Left, until the 
Arrow is invisible. Now, click on the Black Stripe from this point, and you'll
hopefully zoom in! Once zoomed in, look at the Top Black Stripe. Click on the 
Black Stripe's Bottom-Right side/corner to get the 2nd Glove piece [If your 
Monitor is Bright, you can barely see the Glove piece]. Once taken, zoom out!

3. Move Right Twice! Enter the Room ahead, and click on Flashlight on Bottom-
left part of Shelf in front of you, to zoom in. Look at the Button on Left-Side
of Flashlight. From that Button, move a bit left, and you'll see a Black Outline
seperating 2 parts of Flashlight. Click on that Line, to take off the Left-part 
of Flashlight. Take Glove Piece inside, and zoom out!

4. Move Left! Look at the Top-Left Joker Face. Look at the Blue Batarang below
the Top-Left Joker Face, and click to zoom in. You see the 2-Spiked head of the
Batarang in the Middle-Top. Look just a bit to the left on the Batarang (not on
the wall), and you'll kind of see a small spike. Click on that Spike to get a 
Batarang, and zoom out! Look near the Bottom-Right side of the Wall right ahead.
You'll see 4 Black Bats, and a Blue Batarang in Middle (not exactly in the middle).
From these 4 Bats, click on the Top Black Bat to zoom in. 
If you look between both his ears, and right above his head, you'll see something
gray. Click to take last piece of Glove, and zoom out!

5. Move Left! Click on the most Middle Right-Side of the screen [Just before Arrow
appears], to zoom into a secret part. Look between Middle of Screen, and Left-Side.
You'll see something shaped like a telephone/handle. Click to take Window Handle, 
and zoom out!

6. Move Left! Look at the Middle Bottom of the Wall right in front of you. You'll
see a Joker Face. Click to zoom in, and use Window Handle in middle of his Both 
Eyes (Let each side of Handle point on his Eyes). Take Laser from his Mouth, and
zoom out!

7. Move Left! Follow me, on how to put the Glove together, from LEFT to RIGHT:

Click on Glove Piece #3 in your Inventory, to pop-up a new window with only the 
Glove piece. Drag Glove piece #2 on pop-up Window. Then, drag Glove piece #1 on 
pop-up window, and at last. Drag the last remaining Glove Piece in your Inventory,
on pop-up window. Click on Glove in pop-up window!

Click on the Glove in your Inventory to use it as your Cursor. Move the Glove 
over the Laser in your Inventory, to combine them! Click on Green Box in Shelf 
[Top-Left part of Shelf], and use Laser Glove on it. Take the Grey Square, 
which appears to be a remote. Zoom out!

8. Move Right Twice! Enter Door in front of you. You see the Bat-logo on Middle-
Left side of the Wall right ahead. Use your Batarang (from this view) on that Bat-
Logo. Click on the Bat-Logo that just fell down, on Left-Side of Floor to zoom in.
Click to take it, and zoom out! Click on the Bat-Logo on Middle-Right side of Wall
in front of you, to zoom in. Use Bat-Logo in your Inventory, on Middle of the Bat-
Logo [If your Screen is bright, you'll be able to see a faded small bat-logo, use 
it there]. Once Red lights appear, click on Bat-Logo. Take 2 Batteries, and zoom 

9. Drag and release the Remote from in your Inventory, on the screen. Click on it
to turn around, and click on the 3 Lines on top, to open. Place LEFT BATTERY FIRST
(Right-side Battery in your Inventory), then the RIGHT BATTERY (Left-side Battery 
in your Inventory). Close Pop-Up window. (You're suddenly on the other side of 
room) If you're suddenly on other side of room, click on Arrow at bottom of screen,
and then Move Right 2 Times! From this View, look at the Light of the Bulb. It's 
moving back and forth. Look at the Spot where the Light is, when it is on it's most
Right-side (Help below). Click on that Spot [You can see a pattern different from 
other Floorboards, click on that], to zoom in! Once zoomed in, click on the Spot 
again, to remove it. Take Dynamite, and zoom out!

 1. Look at the Light from the Bulb, waving left & right. When the Light reaches 
 it's most Right-Side, look at the Floor where the Light is pointing. Click on that

 2. Move your Cursor on the Middle of the Light on floor, and move just like the
 Light. When the Light reaches the most Right-Side it can, quickly press Left Mouse

 3. Look at your Inventory. You'll see a text: "Walkthrough" - Move your Cursor over
 the middle of Text, and then just a bit up, so that you're inside the Game Screen. 
 Then, slowly move your Cursor up while pressing Left Mouse Button!

10. Move Left 2 Times! Click on Joker Face, on Top-Right side of Door (open door), 
to zoom in. Look near the Top-Right side of Joker Face's Head, and you'll see some
thing white sticking out. Click to take Thread, and zoom out. Move Right! You see 
a Hole near the Handle of Door. Click on that Hole to zoom in [or click on middle 
of Door]! Attach the Thread at the end of the Dynamite Thread. Zoom out only once,
and click on the Thread from this view to set off the Bomb. Drag and release the 
Remote from in your Inventory, on the laughing Joker Face in the Middle of screen.
Click on the Car Symbol, and you're out!

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