Geek Quest Volume 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Geek Quest Volume 3

Geek Quest Volume 3


First things first: Hacking the Network:
-From the start, go left and enter the computer room. Susan will 
 radio you and tell you to jack into the network
-Follow the purple cable until you find the generator. Push the 
 small red button to start it, then go back to the last intersection.
 Flip the switch to send power to the computer room, then go to the 
 computer room and turn on the mainframes.
-Click on the virtual reality machine until you log on.
-Open the access panel. Swap lines 10 & 11, and 8 & 9, then run the 

Enter the Matrix. Exploring Cyberspace:
-Firsh check out the financial logs. There is nothing for you to do 
 here, but a clue that may help you unravel the plot.
-Now check out the dorm network. You may have noticed that the fuzzy 
 creatures in the maze are called "Grues". Hmmm... "Grues Lullbye"? 
 Better download it. You will get a hard copy of the file when you exit
-Now start exploring the archives. You could find the exit by brute-force,
 writing down the directory paths, or noticing the one hidden clue. Notice 
 how the floating sign for the System Administrator is white, and each 
 white door leads to a directory with one and only one white door. Yes, 
 it's that subtle. Then, when another sign appears that is green, take 
 the green door instead.
-The System Administrator will "greet" you. Ask him about everything, and 
 remember his directions to the chat archives.
-In the second confusing series of door, choose the right door three times 
 in a row, and then the middle one.
-You meet up with Susan. Listen to what she and Sam Ward have to say, then 
 defeat the Ninja. Follow the songs (turn on sound if you haven't already) 
 and hit the circles on the beat.
-After Derek saves you, log out. You now have a map, a print-out of the 
 lullabye, the CS vault lock finished, and the gates in the labryinth opened. 
 Not a bad haul!

Engineering: Grues in Cages, and a suit worth getting:
-Go to the engineering loop (see your new map, it's where the generator was).
 If you come around the south side of the loop, you can access a control panel
 for 5 cages which you will use to trap the Grues. User the green button to 
 control which wheels you turn, the red to turn them, and the blue to drop 
 the cages. Set the two cages on wheel #2 at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions. 
 The wheel #1 and wheel #4 cages to the 3 o'clock positions, and the wheel #5 
 cage to the 6 'oclock position. Now wait until all 5 grues are standing in 
 the shadow of a cage and drop them.
-Go to the Engineering Switch and remove the rock. Harvie the Hamster will 
 give you a hand. Open the glass shield and flip the switch.
-Pull out your map and figure out how to route power to the engineering hallway.
 Head back south and switch the power to go through the wall (to box #1, as 
 shown on the map) instead of to the computer room. As long as you're here, 
 check out the file room.
-Head north to box #1 and enter the symbol shown on the map to send power to 
 the engineering hallway.
-Head south. The hallway lights should be on. Look at the case for the bionic 
-Look at the keypad and enter in the number of sides each shape has. 
 The code is 5-1-3-4.

Math: Balance the Bridge of Doom:
-By taking blocks from the pile and dropping them off in the receptacles on the 
 left, put exactly 3 blocks each in receptacles I and II. Carrying 1 block, walk 
 out two segments and drop off the block in receptacle IV. Repeat, so there are 2 
 blocks in receptacle IV. Now go back and fill receptacle I with blocks (up to 4), 
 pick up 2 blocks, walk out 1 segment, and drop both blocks off in receptacle III. 
 Now go back, unload 2 blocks from receptacle I, and place those 2 in receptacle II.
 There should now be 2 blocks supporting each segment.
-Walk across the Bridge of Doom and flip the Math Switch.

Biology: Establishing Order:
-Go to the Southeast corner of the labyrinth and walk through the hole in the brick 
 wall. Play a lullabye on the piano to put the Grues to sleep. There is an explanation
 of which key is which (might need to write this down) if you don't know your piano 
-Go back and travel North, and take the other entrance into the brick Biology 
 cooridors. When you reach the Grues nest, look at the safe on the wall.
-The code is the order of animals from greatest to least. According to the Liger poem
 found in the file room, the Liger would be the top animal if not for the velociraptor.
 So velociraptor goes first. You may have noted that the velociraptor in the pen has a 
 battle axe, which is part of the velociraptor symbol on the lock. Next is then the 
 liger, and its button is the striped pattern. Next is the Grue, because we are told 
 that humans and hamsters must avoid Grues, and that they pose a serious threat, and 
 the symbol is the Grue silver fork. Next is humans, since one of the math majors 
 proved that humans are superior to hamsters, and last is the hamster, indicated by 
 the hamster wheel symbol seen near the engineering switch. Open the safe and flip 
 the Biology switch.
-Before leaving this quadrant of the map, head north and read the chemistry lab 
 manual (red book).

Physics: Wait, this stuff was made fifty years ago?:
-Go to the nortwest corner of the map and open the power box. Refer to the map (on 
 your radio subscreen) and enter the second pictoral code, sending power to box #2.
-Go east and look at box #2. It should now have power (if not, recheck the combination
 you used on box #1). Turn on all the lights on the outer edge, making a square. This 
 is the last pattern shown on your map. The physics wing now has power.
-When you see the three Grues deep in conversation, look at the controls in the 
 foreground. Move the ceiling device directly above the Grues, press the red button 
 to prep it, and then fire up the shields with the blue button. The Grues are not 
-Head into the physics room. Note that ducks seem to wander about freely. Head to the 
 back and flip the physics switch.
-You didn't think it would really be that easy, did you? To attack the ninja, aim at 
 the ducks, suck them into the Inducktor, and then shoot them back at him. Make sure 
 to dodge behind the metal table when he attacks (press spacebar). At first, he will 
 use the proton pack, which fires extremely quickly, but gives off a warning "charging"
 sound before use. Next, the Ninja will create phony images of himself. The fake ones 
 are a slightly bluish tint. Hit the real one, and duck when he throws a ninja star. 
 Finally, the Ninja will pull out a light sabre. Wait until the moment he puts it away 
 and attack immediately. Repeat until his health is drained.

Chemistry: Lab Monkey:
-Enter the Chemlab from the back door (Physics entrance). Look at the bench.
-If you read the red book on the other side of the room, then the ingrediants will 
 appear in the correct order. Now, all the labels are missing, but we can figure this 
 out. The first ingredient is the canister that matches the torn label on the lab bench.
 The second is the one with the warning "noxious and corrosive". The third is the 
 diamond label (the missing label is found on a blue notebook in the north hall). 
 The last is the canister marked "F.W. 73" on what remains of its label. (By the way, 
 this synthesis would actually produce the insect repellent DEET).
-Now that the Grues have left, head to the main lab door. It can not be opened, but 
 Bingo the Monkey can hit the switch for you. Count the tiles he would have to walk 
 in each direction to reach the switch.
-Remember the instructions on the Math wall for commanding animals? We're going to 
 put this into practice. Enter in a full series of commands on the keypad, and then 
 press the center button to watch Bingo get to work. The shapes correspond to the 
 same numbers as the bionic suit lock.
-The correct combination is forward-circle-right-forward-angle-left-forward-square-

The Core: It all comes down to this:
-Open the vault door. Once in, follow Susan's instructions and push the red button.
-During the cutscene, do not listen to the treacherous Dean or the slacker Alan 
 Kreitman. Who's never steered you wrong? That's right... Susan. When she suggests 
 destroying the switch to prevent "the machine" from ever being used, choose this 
-Travel through the steam tunnels, following Susan's frantic directions. If you go 
 the wrong way and are blocked off by a velociraptor, just turn around and go the 
 other way.
-Congrats! You beat the game!

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