Geoffreys Quest Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Geoffreys Quest

Geoffreys Quest

-Click on the pile of dirt. 
-You get a pair of gloves.
-Click the water. 
-You now get a shovel.
-Use the shovel on a rock near the skull, the little one thatís 
 under a bigger rock. 
-You discover a hole.
-Click on the hole, you get a key.
-Use the key on the chest. 
-You find a ladder.
-click it.
-Click on the ground near the skull, at the left site. 
-If it doesnít work, try clicking around there. 
-You should now have the ladder set there.
-Click on the bone near the water.
-Click on the ladder. 
-The bone should now appear as another step.
-Click the ladder again. 
-Youíll go to a little house.
-Click the rake.
-Click the leaves at the right side of the path. 
-Theyíll discover something, take it. 
-Iíts a candel.
-At the window, there is the candle you need for the support you 
 just picked. 
-Click it.
-Take the little rock at the left side of the path.
-A bird will pass. 
-Click at it to make it remain still.
-Click again to throw the rock at it. 
-It will fall to the floor and leave something next to it.
-Take it, youíll light the candle.
-Click the right side from the house to go to another screen.
-There is a little yellow thing lying in the grass, at the right side. 
-Pick it.
-Use the key at the right side from the cabinet. 
-Get the lamp.
-Click at the hole from the gutter. 
-Youíll get a knife.
-Click on the left side from the cabinet. 
-You open it, and get another key.
-Use the key on the garbage can. 
-Thereís a srewdriver inside, looking like a hotdog. 
-Get it.
-Use the screwdriver on one of the screws from the vent. 
-Get in the vent.
-Take the cane next to the bookcase.
-Click the blue vase on top of the drawers to make it fall. 
-Pick up the lighter out of it.
-Use the lighter on the weird yellow thing on the table. 
-You get a key.
-Use the key on the cabinet from the bookcase. 
-You get to see a paper. 
-Click on it to get a code.
-Click on the combination lock from the drawer, which is next to the 
 vent, where you got the lighter from. 
-It opens.
-Close it again, and click on the drawers from the table. 
-Get the scissors.
-Write the code down you get to see when you click and donít release the  
 mouse on the paper in the third drawer from the table. 
-Itís K23JJ9G.Á
-Use the scissors on the painting cord thatís on the wall. 
-A book in the bookcase falls down and shows a key, and the painting 
 falls to show a safe.
-Take the key to open the safe. 
-Take the meat thatís inside.
-Insert the meat in the hole from the bookcase. 
-Click the meat when itís there. 
-Youíll find the prison door.
-Click on the thickest bar from the prison door window. 
-Youíll get closer and see a key. 
-Take it.
-Use the key on the little electric box next to the door.
-Click on the right inside the box with wires, and get a pin.
-Use the pin to open the middle drawer from the table. 
-Youíll find some gloves. 
-Click on them.
-Get the little stick on the table, a pen.
-Insert the pen in the outlet. 
-The prison lock will fall off. 
-Click the door to get inside.
-Youíll get a message. Click on the weird keypanel next to the second 
 prison door. 
-Youíll get three options.
-Choose the last option.

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