Get Out 2 - Poker Night Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Get Out 2 - Poker Night

Get Out 2 - Poker Night

There does not seem to be any particular pattern that the objects need to 
be collected in, other then you need certain things to get other things I 
will try to omit the useless crap by pointing it out by calling it crap 
i.e. poker chips=crap. This means do not waist your time picking it up 
it serves no purpose in getting out.

FIRST ROOM: doors, clock, cactus. Go directly to the poker table with fist 
icon click the upper most card reveals key pick it up. With fingers icon 
pick up the bottle at this point it becomes crap. Note the dark shape where 
the bottle was you will come back to this. With eyeball icon look under 
table you will see 3 pieces of gum=crap note small red spot on the arm of 
the chair to the right this turns out to be a drinking straw pick it up. 
Exit out back to the room you are done at the poker table for the moment. 
To the left you will see a cactus in a pot on the floor at the base of the 
pot is a single cactus spine, pick it up. Open your inventory and combine 
the spine and the straw. Exit back to room use the new tool you just 
created to pop the yellow balloon. A bobby pin will fall out and into the 
cactus pot, pick it up. You are done here for a moment exit room to the 
right (it is my walk through and I say go right)

ROOM 2: chest of drawers, locked door, picture of rainbow. Just to get it 
out of the way now move the picture off wall revealing a lock this is the 
focal point of the puzzle but not important right now. Key on the left pick
it up. Close that drawer note bottom drawer has slot in knob with bobby pin
pick the lock. Open drawer pick up key. Move on to next room to the right.

ROOM 3: lemon tree, double doors, 4 small pictures. Note small yellow spot 
in lemon tree you will need to look first to see that there is a key, pick 
up the key hidden there. On the right side of the doors 4 small picture 
hang on the wall with the fist icon click the bottom picture a few times 
until and a key falls out, pick it up

Note strip on wall between tree and doors this controls the blinds open them 
to reveal the patio (veranda if you are a Yankee), now with the key you found
on the poker table unlock the doors and go out. In the flower box you will 
find a leave and a flower pick them both up. Exit the patio. For some odd 
reason when you do you be back in ROOM 1.

So while you are here take the key you found in the top drawer in ROOM 2 and 
unlock and open the clock door with the fist icon click the clock face and 
the glass over the face will move, pick it up. From here go right until you 
come to ROOM 4.

ROOM 4: stereo and speakers, locked door. Note round gold object on left 
speaker. With the fist icon click the base that the round gold thing was 
sitting on it will move to the right speaker. Stereo and green book on 
stereo=crap. With key you found in bottom drawer in ROOM 2 (the one you 
picked the lock with the bobby pin) unlock and open door. Go in welcome 
to the kitchen!

KITCHEN: ok now there is a lot to do here so let us start at the top and work 
our way down. Note you can move up, object on top of this cabinet=crap you 
cannot reach it anyway. Pick up one plate and the purple box (backing soda) 
and exit down. Doors under sink=crap, oven= crap, blender= crap. Middle 
drawer has a knife in get it top drawer has a spoon get it too bottom 
drawer=crap. Open refrigerator and freezer doors. Use the knife to cut out 
an icicle and grab the red coke can. cheese and bread= crap. Ok time for 
science class first with the fist icon click the faucet and move it out 
of the way. Next

Put the coke in the sink then the baking soda (the purple box) then drop in 
the gold round object you took off the top of the speaker. This will make it 
clean. Exit left this will turn you around to see a tall narrow cabinet. Open
it and take the spray can. Tape=crap. Exit the kitchen
You will find yourself back in ROOM 2 not time to go back to the poker table 
use the knife on the dark line left by the bottle to reveal a key pick it up 
your done here and will not need to return. Exit out.

Ok now make your way back to the patio ok you have some work to do here. First 
take the spoon you found in the kitchen and dig around in the dirt of the flower
pot until you find the key. note the bracket between the dish and the flower pot
set the plate from the kitchen on it set the leaf you found from your first trip
out on the patio use the glass face from the clock in room one as a magnifying 
glass on the leaf it will turn brown pick it up. You’re almost done on the patio 
turn your attention to he satellite dish use the spray can you found in the 
kitchen (its silver paint) as soon as you do it will emit a beam of light. Last
step with the fist icon click on the dish until it is in its lowest position. 
Now you are done on the patio. Exit back inside

Go to the room with the stereo in make sure the base for round gold thing is on
the speaker to the right. Put the gold thing on the base the light beam will be
directed in another direction. Exit to the room with the lock on the wall 
(you are just about done)

Now with the eyeball icon zoom in on the lock the 4 keys the i cicle the leaf and 
the flower need to be put in the lock you can figure this out on your own it is a 
puzzle after all I am not going to all the work for you lazy little basta….but I 
digress I will say this just so you can tell if you are on the right track the 
beam of light should be in the upper right hand corner of the lock. When you have 
placed all the objects in their proper locations in the lock using the fist icon 
turn all the keys you will get a little light show and reveal the last and final 
key in the safe. Pick it up and your done CONGRATULATIONS

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