Gigolo Assassin Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Gigolo Assassin

Gigolo Assassin


Your house: 
Talk to your dad by pressing talk to and clicking on your dad
after talking pick up the remote and use it on everything in the room 
that's sparkling. your dad will talk to you again click i know enough 
to get going and "use" the launchpad to start mission

-go left once and "pick up" the gold stone from the ground.
-pick up sword hilt from the dead pirate on the left.
-go forward once and use the gold stone on the gold fish.
-pick the fish up.
-go left once and talk to the fat pirate about the fish.
-use the blade with the sword hilt.
-go left and cut open the vines.
-go into the forest and pick the berries on the right.
-talk to lord simon botherer about the monkey.
-go back and go left once.
-use the vines on the Interesting-looking tree.
-use the jungle fruit on the tree trap and then go right.
-go left again and see the monkey fly of into the distance.
-get a coconut.
-go back to the forest and give the coconut to lord simon.
-go back and get another coconut.
-go back to the forest and put the crystal in the door.
-talk to the stone head on your right.

1.they will be struck down with a curse
-go into the temple.
-go to the left and pull every lever down except 1 and 5 from the left.
-talk to enis.
-go two left into kitchen.
-pick up the golden cup.
-talk to the chef and show him the coconut
-go out, go back in, talk to enis when he comes in about his shirt.
-use the coconut juice with enis.
-go back to the party room and turn right.
-go into the men's toilet.
-talk to enis.
-go back to the party room and talk to bouncer "tell him your the waiter".
-go up the elevator.
-talk to princess pussycat "flirt outrageously"-"read her her rights"-"hit 
 her with a line"
-go two left and talk to alena "secret agent man" "whats so funny"
-go back to the toilets and give the shirt back to enis.
-go back to the party room and try to invite everyone-some people will say no.
-go to the kitchen and invite the chef.
-go to the toilets and use the screwdriver on the grate.
-pick up the mask.
-go back to the chef and give it to him.
-go to the pirates and get the fish back.
-go back to princess pussycat and give the fish to the tiger.
-go back to the pirate ship and open the treasure chest.
-pick up guitar and giver it to the left pirate.

-pick up the pirates leg.
-go to the chefs room and pick up the hacksaw and the bag.
-cut all the wooden cupboards down until you find the mask.
-pick up the mask and go back to the party.
-swap the mask with the mask the chef is wearing.
-go out to the beach and scare the tiger with the mask.
-go right and pick up the kerosene and fil your bag with soot twice.
-go right twice then go back.
-use the hacksaw with the pier.
-go left then right again.
-go back to princess pussycat and tell her about what happened.
-go to the snake corridor then go back.
-pick up the fish.
-go into the toilets and use them in this order right,left,middle,middle
-go to the middle room and go through the snakes mouth.
-pick up the jewel.
-use soot bag where jewel was.
-go into the lever corridor and light the leg on fire.
-go into the toilet and get the toilet roll.
-go to the ship and put the kerosene under it put the toilet paper down and 
 light it on fire.
-get the DNA from the machine.
-go back to the party.
-put the stuff in the snakes mouth in this order: fish, jewel, DNA

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