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 Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom

Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom

Walkthrough written by Grave Digger.   

Full Story:  
Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria Prelusion Software - 
Clear Water Interactive Walkthrough written by Grave Digger   

In the walkthrough it sometimes says, "exhaust all dialogues." 
This means you must use all dialogue options available until 
all that left is the standard "Bye, gotta go" parting line. 
Also most of the events in the game are not described here, 
as they are not necessary to end the game. So I insist that 
you try to talk to all other characters in the game to have 
some extra fun.   

After an impressive intro, you find yourself standing in 
your house. Open the cupboard above the blender and pick 
to the blender. Try picking up the MONSTER UNDER THE BED 
by pointing your cursor below the bed. The monster will 
turn out to be DUST BUNNIES UNDER THE BED. Pick up a 
DUST BUNNY, then take a PILLOW from the bed. Exit through 
the front door.  Once outside, walk left and go in the back 
of the house. Pick up the FLOWERS from the left of the bench. 
Get the TREE SAP from the middle of the tree, pick up the 
RESIN from the window, the SOCK from the clothesline and 
the UNDERWEAR from the washing machine. After picking up 
the UNDERWEAR you will see a CRANK attached to the washing 
machine. Take the CRANK and walk back to the front of the 
house. Use the CRANK on the crankcase and Gilbert will try 
to raise the elevator, breaking the crank in the process.  
Go inside the house and use the BISCUIT INGREDIENTS in the 
mixer, then add the RESIN, TREE SAP and HAIR GREASE from 
your inventory to create super glue. Use the BROKEN CRANK 
from your inventory on super glue to get SUPER GLUED CRANK. 
Go outside and use the SUPER GLUED CRANK on the crankcase 
to raise the elevator. Use the lever inside the elevator 
booth and watch a short animation sequence. Once you're on 
the grown, OPEN THE MAILBOX and take the MAIL. Cross the 
bridge to your right.   KING'S DISGUISE  After a long 
conversation with Princess Michelle, discover that you 
need to disguise yourself as her father, the king, in order 
to stop the execution of your grandfather. To create a 
disguise you need a robe, a bigger nose, a crown and something 
to make you look fatter. Talk to Saul and exhaust all dialogues 
to find that he wants a female sock for his sock companion. 
Walk left and talk to Barry, the generosity potion creator, 
and look at the posters around his shop. Talk to Barry and 
exhaust all the dialogues to find out that he needs a paper 
and a pen to write a contract. Walk to your left and talk to 
Tommy (the crying child). Exhaust all dialogues to discover 
that he need a super deluxe slingshot from the toy machine.  
Open the door behind Tommy to find Pete Fedurske (Crazy Pete) 
manning the cannon atop the tower. Notice the loose stone to 
the right of the cannon. Talk to Pete Fedurske and exhaust 
all dialogues to make him drop his sword. Pick up the SWORD 
and use it on the loose stone to make it drop on the toy 
machine below. Go back down and pick up the FALSE NOSE and 
the SOAP BOTTLE from the broken toy machine. Return to the 
shoemaker's area and notice the sign directing you to the 
docks. Head in that direction.  At the docks, talk to the 
Old Fisherman and exhaust all dialogues. Examine the shark's 
mouth hanging above door, then talk to the Old Fisherman again. 
This will make him fall asleep and you can then pick up his 
POCKETKNIFE. Talk to the Mysterious Looking Guy and exhaust 
all the dialogues to get his SLEEPING POWDER, then enter the 
Tavern. Inside the Tavern, talk to the Viking sitting at the 
table on the left and exhaust all dialogues to discover that 
he has the key to the Viking's Hidden Treasure Cave. Next, 
talk to the bartender and exhaust all dialogues.  Leave 
the Tavern and return to the Shoemaker's area, then take a 
left at the tower to find the prison. You will see your 
Grandfather behind bars-talk to him if you wish. To your 
left, you will see Dr. Fraud's Wagon. 
Pick up the BOOK OF POEMS lying on the wagon doorstep. 
Talk to Arver, the sickly man in the foreground, and exhaust 
all dialogues to find that he needs some of Dr. Fraud's medicine. 
Talk to Arver again to get the EMPTY BOX OF CORN FLAKES. 
Look at the EMPTY BOX OF CORN FLAKES in your inventory to 
see the picture of a crown on the back of the box. Cut it 
out with your POCKETKNIFE to obtain a CROWN for your king 
disguise.  Return to the Shoemaker's area and head to the 
left of the generosity potion stand, then head to the right 
of the Fortune Teller's Shop to enter Elton's ally. You will 
see a blind man standing near a dog, Elton's Workshop and a 
pile of junk nearby. Pick up the METAL BAR from the junk pile
 and use the Doorbell Speaking Phone Intercom near the door of 
Elton's Workshop. You will have to use it four times before 
you are able to use the door to get inside Elton's Workshop. 
Once inside, pick up the FEATHER PEN from the floor, the 
INKPOT from the desk and the BLUEPRINT lying beside the 
entrance door. Now, look at the various mysterious objects 
to find that the green object is a VACUUM CLEANER. Pick up 
the VACUUM CLEANER. Talk to Elton and exhaust all dialogues 
to find that Elton's robot needs a new fan belt in order to 
move the boxes so you may use the time machine's controls. 
Head back outside and return to the fortuneteller's area. 
Talk to the Blacksmith, Newspaper Boy and Telephone Operator. 
Use your POCKETKNIFE on the telephone cable to disable 
telephone service in Phungoria. Go out of the gate beside 
the Blacksmith's Shop to get the overhead view of the land 
of Phungoria.  Head for the FARM and try to talk to the 
little pink piggy. Now, talk to Mister Strawmusket (farmer) 
and exhaust all dialogues. Open you inventory and turn over 
the BLUEPRINT you got at Elton's to find PIG SLAUGHTER INSTRUCTIONS. 
Use the PIG SLAUGHTER INSTRUCTIONS on the pig to frighten it away. 
The farmer will run after the fleeing pig allowing you to take 
the SACK OF WHEAT near the door, the RED CLOAK from the 
scarecrow and the STRAW from the scarecrow's left hand. 
Use the SWORD from your inventory on the sheep to get his WOOL.  
Now you have everything you need to make a disguise. Open your 
inventory and use the STRAW on the PILLOW, then the STUFFED 
then CROWN on the UNFINISHED KING'S DISGUISE. Lastly, use the 
FAKE NOSE on the disguise, then sit back to watch a long 
animation sequence. Afterward, have a long conversation with 
Princess Michelle to discover that she believes the real 
mushroom thief to be the Sheriff. She asks you to head off 
to sea and catch him, saving the sacred mushroom in the 
process. This conversation triggers the next section of 
the game: Day 2.   

BALLS AND BOATS  Again, you start your day standing in your 
house. Go outside and to the back of your house. Use the 
VACUUM CLEANER on the bees to get the BEES WAX and HONEY. 
Walk right and pull the lever on the broken lift to get 
down the mountain. Head for the next screen and when you 
see the overhead view of the Phungoria, travel to BRIDGE 
near the top of the screen. Talk to the Bridge Guard and 
exhaust all dialogues to find out that he is madly in love 
with Sarah, the waitress at the Tavern. Return to the town.  
At Saul's place, dip your feather pen in the ink and use 
it on your SOCK to create a female SOCK PUPPET. Give the 
Head for the docks and enter the Tavern. Pick up the 
NAPKIN WITH THE LIPSTICK ON IT from the floor and take 
a clean NAPKIN from the table. Give the FUZZY PINK SLIPPERS 
to the sad Viking to make him join his partner at the bar. 
Now you can see the keys to the Hidden Treasure door hanging
 from the Viking's waist belt. Use the BEES WAX on the keys 
to get a KEY IMPRINT. Talk to Mister Davenport and exhaust 
all dialogues to discover that he will exchange a boat for 
a crystal ball.  Walk to the Blacksmith's area and give the 
KEY IMPRINT to Vandersteen. Exhaust all dialogues to find 
that he will exchange a key, made from the KEY IMPRINT, for 
a dog. Pick up the GLOVE lying in his shop and walk to 
Madame Zyz's place and open the door. Enter and talk to 
Madame Zyz's, exhausting all dialogues. Talk to the Genie 
of the Lamp and exhaust all the dialogues. You may try to 
pick up the feather duster and the crystal ball, but Madame 
Zyz won't let you leave with them. Exit the shop and head 
back to the docks. Use the GLOVE on the TAR in the barrel 
near the Secret Agent, then head back to the ally outside 
Elton's Workshop.  Talk to Louise (the gossip on the balcony 
above) and exhaust all dialogues to get BRAS hanging above. 
Talk to Sam, the blind man with the dog, and exhaust all 
dialogues. Open you inventory and use the GLOVE WITH TAR 
on the SACK OF WHEAT. Next, use the WOOL on SACK OF WHEAT 
WITH TAR to make a FAKE DOG. Use the FAKE DOG with the Sam's 
DOG to exchange it. Go back to Vandersteen and give him the 
DOG to get the KEY.  Open your inventory and read the BOOK 
OF POEMS. Use the FEATHER PEN on INKPOT and then use it on 
city and head again for the BRIDGE. Give the LOVE LETTER to 
the Bridge Guard and raise the gate after he leaves. Use the 
path that goes under the bridge and pickup the CANNON BALLS 
floating in the water. Enter the door and talk to Lipton, 
exhausting all dialogues to discover that he need a super-fine 
filter and a sweetener to make his special tea. Notice the 
Blacksmith's VIP card on the table. Leave this area and head 
straight for Larry's Cave Shop. Look at the three crystal 
balls and then talk to Larry, exhausting all dialogues. 
Leave Larry's Caveshop and head for the Viking's Secret 
Hideout.  Once there, talk to Eric the Brave and exhaust 
all the dialogues. Now, open your inventory and tie the 
BRAS together to create a BUNGEE CORD. Give the BUNGEE 
CORD to Eric and after a short animation sequence you will 
be able to use the KEY on the door. Gilbert will leave 
automatically when he has the gold and you will end up with 
the overhead view of Phungoria. Choose Larry's Caveshop. 
Enter the cave and use A LOT OF GOLD on Larry. A short 
animation sequence will follow showing you how Larry breaks 
all the crystal balls and gives you a CROWBAR. Leave the 
place and return to the city.  Enter Sheriffs house (now 
unlocked) and take the BOOK from the table. Next, use the 
CROWBAR on the chest and look inside to find another BOOK. 
Pick up the PAPER that falls from the book and exit the 
house. Go back to the Shoemaker's area and give the PAPER 
to Barry, the generosity potion salesman. Watch a short 
animation sequence to get GENEROSITY POTION. 
Enter Crazy Pete's tower and use the clean NAPKIN with 
ship picture on the cannon's GUN SIGHT. After the short 
animation sequence, go down and pick up the BELT from Saul's 
sewing machine.  Go to Madame Zyz's place, talk to Genie and 
exhaust all the dialogues to get a GLOW-IN- THE-DARK PAL and 
information about the crystal ball's expiration date. Leave 
and head for Elton's Workshop. Exhaust all dialogues with 
Elton and he will have his robot move the crates so he may 
demonstrate the time machine. Use the belt on the robot to 
continue the demonstration. The machine breaks, so pick up 
the spring that falls to the floor. Leave Elton's Workshop 
and give the BROKEN SPRING to the Blacksmith to discover 
that it can be replaced with a clock spring.  Head back to 
Dr. Fraud's area and talk to Arver to discover that he will 
give you his filter for some of the Dr. Fraud's medicine. 
Talk to the wagon door and exhaust all the dialogues. 
Now open your inventory and use the CANNON BALLS on the 
ALUMINIUM PIPE from the junk pile to create a 
HEAVY LOOKING DUMBBELL. Talk to the Wagon door again and 
after a short animation you will find a bottle of MIRACLE 
Give the MIRACLE MEDICINE to Arver to get his FILTER.  
Leave the city and head over to the bridge, again going 
under the bridge to talk to Lipton, exhausting all dialogues. 
Now, open your inventory and use the SLEEPING POWDER on the 
then take his VIP card when he falls asleep. "Use" the card 
and you will automatically call for the Blacksmith. Leave 
Lipton's home and head for the Blacksmith's shop. Take his 
HAMMER and head home. Use the HAMMER on the Cuckoo Clock 
on the bedside table to get a SPRING. Go outside and use 
the lever to get down the mountain.  Go to the city and 
back to Elton's Workshop. Use the SPRING on time machine 
to repair it, then use the Control Panel. Watch the animation 
and when you appear at Madame Zyz's place, then use the 
GENEROSITY POTION on her perfume bottle to obtain the 
crystal ball and feather duster. Another short animation 
will leave you back in Elton's Workshop with CRYSTAL BALL 
and FEATHER DUSTER in your inventory. Head for the docks, 
enter the Tavern give the CRYSTAL BALL from your inventory 
to Mister Davenport. Leave the tavern and you will find 
yourself sailing the high seas.   

THE STOLEN MUSHROOM  Once on the island talk to the old 
man to discover that he is Elton. Look at the raft and 
talk to him again. Exhaust all dialogues to find that he 
needs pedals, a rudder and rope to finish his raft. Look 
at the white rock and touch it to find out that it's very 
hot from the strong sun. Walk right to the next screen.  
Talk to the Pirate Captain and exhaust all dialogues to 
make them all drop their glasses. Now, pick up the PEDALS 
from the old bicycle behind the Captain. Pick up the 
SHOVEL and use it on the sand near the closed Iron Bar 
gate. After a shot animation you will find yourself 
standing in a dark cave with a small TREASURE CHEST in 
your inventory. Use the CROWBAR on the TREASURE CHEST 
to get A SMALL CHEST. Again, use the CROWBAR to get a 
TINY CHEST. Use the CROWBAR yet again to get an INSIGNIFICANT 
NOTE. You may read the NOTE for fun.  Go back to the Beach 
screen and use the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL on the white rock 
near the tent to get a FULLY CHARGED GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL. 
Hurry back to the cave, as the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL will 
only light your way for a shot time. 

Use the FULLY CHARGED GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL on the wall puzzle, 
but make haste or you will find yourself walking back to the 
beach to charge your GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAL again and again. 
The solved wall puzzle should look exactly like the picture 

Once this puzzle is solved, you will see another entrance to 
the second cave with another puzzle--but this one is easier. 
The point of this puzzle is to place exactly 4 liters of water 
on the scale to lower the hanging bridge. Pick up the 3-LITRE 
BUCKET, 5-LITRE BUCKET and the BAMBOO POLE. Look at the 
5-LITRE BUCKET to find out that it has a hole in the bottom.  
Go back outside and walk to the Pirate Chef. Pick up the SUGAR 
and APRON from the shelf. Use the STARCH from your inventory 
on the ingredients' shelf to put it in the sugar's place. 
Talk to Pirate Chef to get INCREDIBLY FIRM JELLY in your 
to fix it. Enter the cave and go back to the scale puzzle area.  

Fill the 5-LITRE BUCKET with water by using it on the pump. 
Pour the water from 5-LITRE BUCKET into 3-LITRE BUCKET to 
get 2-litres of water left in the 5-LITRE BUCKET. Empty the 
3-LITRE BUCKET. Then, pour the 2-litres of water from the 
5-LITRE BUCKET into the 3- LITRE BUCKET. Now you have 
2-litres of water in your 3-LITRE BUCKET. Fill the 5-LITRE 
BUCKET again with water and pour all that you can (which 
is 1-litre) into the 3-LITRE BUCKET, leaving you with 
exactly 4-litres of water in 5-LITRE BUCKET.  Place the 
5-LITRE BUCKET (with the 4-litres of water) onto the 
scale to lower the bridge. Walk to the next screen and 
watch a short animation sequence. After the animation 
sequence, grab the BOOK OF MAGIC and while you are trying 
to get it from the Sheriff, use the FEATHER PEN from the 
inventory on the Sheriff. Another short animation sequence 
will follow. Use the GLOVE on the MUSHROOM in the cauldron 
to pick it up.  Return to the beach area and use your BAMBOO 
POLE on the FLOTATION DEVICE WITH ROPE (within the broken 
dingy) to put it in your inventory. You will also find a 
BROKEN RUDDER. Look in the APRON pocket within your inventory 
to get the HAMMER & NAILS. Use the HAMMER & NAILS to mend the 
BROKEN RUDDER, then untie the ROPE from the FLOTATION DEVICE.  
Now use PEDALS, ROPE and MENDED RUDDER on the unfinished raft. 
Use the raft and another long animation sequence will follow.   

ESCAPE FROM THE VIKING ISLAND  After the animation you will 
find yourself in a dungeon with Arver and an Indian Chief. 
Talk to both and exhaust all dialogues. You will discover that 
the Indian Chief is almost out of tobacco and will soon need 
something more to use with his pipe.  Go up the dungeon using 
the ladder. Talk to Feminine Viking and exhaust all dialogues 
to find out that he/she needs some remedy to remove his/her 
leg hairs. Pick up the Viking helmet from the Tourist 
Information counter and then pick up the HORN that drops off 
the Viking helmet. Pick up the FIRECRACKERS. Also pick up the 
barrel to reveal the ROTTEN SALMON. Pick up the ROTTEN SALMON.  
Walk down to the screen where you see a Viking painting his 
Viking Boat. Use the HORN on the paint to get some PAINT in 
the HORN. You now hear the call for the Slave Market opening 
and after a short while you will find yourself in a dressing 
room.  Pick up the MIRROR and use it on the counter to break 
it. Pick up the BROKEN GLASS from the floor and use it with 
the POTATO in your inventory. Use the POTATO STAMP with the 
PAINT. Use TOOTHBRUSH with INKPOT to end first stage.  
After the long animation sequence you will again find 
yourself in the dressing room. Just use the APRON on the 
PILLOW in your inventory to pass the final stage and get 
to get MANIPULATED TICKET.  Now, go to the screen where you 
see two roosters with placard sitting in a boxing ring. 
Walk right pass the rooster and talk to the Viking sitting 
in a box office. Give the MANIPULATED TICKET to him and he 
will let you enter the door on the right.  Open the door and 
enter the kitchen. Try to pick up the flytrap. 
Give the ROTTEN SALMON to the Chef to get FLYTRAP. 
Try to pick the WOODEN FRAME with a roasted pig above the 
fireplace. Use the SLEEPING POWDER with the Viking's drink 
to make him sleep. 
Now try again to pick the WOODEN FRAME. 
Spill the marinade when the chef tries to look for the roasted 
pig. Pick up the WOODEN FRAME and leave the place.  Go back to 
the screen with a Viking painting his Viking boat. Pick up the 
ADVERTISEMENT from the Notice Board. Head back up and use the 
STICKY ADVERTISEMENT on Feminine Viking to remove his/her one 
leg hair. Use the FLYTRAP again to remove the hair from his/her 
second leg and get the FACE CREAM in your inventory.  
Walk right to Executioner Viking and talk to him to exhaust all 
the dialogues and try to endure his feather punishment. Say bye 
to him and use the FACE CREAM. Now talk to him again and accept 
to endure his feather punishment to get the BIG FEATHER in your 
inventory.  Walk left and pick up the iron bar to reach down the 
dungeon. Talk to Indian Chief and give him the BOTTLE OF SOAP to 
get his HEADDRESS and MATCHES. Go out and up to the roosters' 
place. Look at the roosters and try to pick up the feathers. 

Use the FIRECRACKERS on the roosters to get rid of them. Pick up 
the FEATHERS. Now use all the feathers you have in your inventory 
to get FLYING WINGS. Once this is done a long animation sequence 
will follow so sit back and enjoy it.   THE FINAL DUEL  After the 
long animation sequence you will find yourself outside a haunted 
looking house overhearing the conversation between Princess Michelle 
and the Sheriff, which is going on inside the house. After the 
conversation ends, walk right and use the CORNCOB on the chimney to 
trigger the ending animation sequence and you to watch it.  
That's it folks, you just ended another fine adventure game.


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