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 Goblins 2

Goblins 2

Part 1 - Village, Fountain, Wizard, Giant
The Village - Part I.

Speak to the  Notable. He's the one sitting  on the porch. Talk to  the two old
men with both Fingus and Winkle. You  need to get their bottle. Have Winkle try
to steal the sausage while he is standing  on the ground. While the two old men
laugh, Fingus can take the bottle. Go to the Fountain.

The Fountain - Part I.

Use Fingus to  turn on the fountain. Use  Winkle to place the bottle  under the
jet of water. Use the full bottle of water on the Toad with Winkle. Pick up the
stone that was under the frog. Knock on the Wizard's door and talk to him. Have
Fingus use  the stone on the  mechanism. Make Fingus pull  down the ladder rung
and have Winkle climb the ladder to the roof. Have Winkle enter the chimney and
enter the Wizard's house.

The Wizard's House.

Talk to  the Wizard with  Winkle and  Fingus.  Have Winkle step  on the tiger's
tail. Take  the matches in  the tiger's mouth  with Fingus. Use  the matches to
light the fire under  the kettle. Pour water in the kettle.  The poster will be
partly steamed off the wall. Blow the fire out by touching the kettle. Take the
spring key. Have Fingus use the key  on the cuckoo-clock. When the cuckoo comes
out with the big key, use Winkle to  throw a stone and knock the key down. Take
the big key and leave.

The Fountain - Part II.

Open the door of the cellar with the key. Take the wine and go to the village.

The Village - Part II.

Use the bottle of water to water the  flowers. Make Fingus give a flower to the
Notable. Place  Winkle on the platform  and have Fingus press  the switch. When
Winkle is thrown  onto the roof have him  steal the sausage. You can  now visit
the giant!

The Giant.

Use the sausage  on the pot hole with  Fingus. Take advantage of the  moment to
let Winkle pass by  the dog. Open up the burrow with  Winkle and go through the
hole in the tree. Have Winkle tickle the chicken and use Fingus to hit him with
the sausage. Take the chicken's egg with  Fingus and light the wood with Fingus
or Winkle.  Place the egg on  the fire with Fingus.  As you are talking  to the
awakened giant, give  him the wine and sausage. Winkle  and Fingus can now exit
at the top.

Part 2 - Trench, Tom, Kael, Vivalzart, Musicians
The Trench.

Enter the  small tower with Fingus.  After picking up the  bomb with Fingus and
lighting the  fuse with Winkle, the  guard will explode. Enter  the small tower
with Winkle. Pick up  the bomb with Fingus and light the  fuse with Winkle, the
carpet will drop and  a hand will catch the carpet. Enter  the small tower with
Fingus, pick up the bomb with Winkle and  transfer it to Fingus so he can light
the fuse. The hand  will drop the carpet. Walk on the  carpet. Go talk to Soka.
He will advise you to look for "the sand of time" to cross the trench.

Tom - The Master Clock Maker.

Use the stone on  the ball. When the ball drops, the  little boy catches it and
goes to the window of a house. Make Winkle enter the door of the house with the
boy  in it.  The little  boy will  disappear and  reappear through  the door on
bottom right.  During the little  boy's brief reappearance,  Fingus must go  in
through the door on the top right in order to come out behind the boy and catch
him  by the  collar. Recover  the ball  and have  Fingus give  the ball  to the
basketball player, who throws it into the  basket. Make Winkle jump up into the
basket and  hit the ball  with his head,  bouncing it into  the mayor's window.
When the  mayor comes out  to talk to  him, go to  Tom, the master  clock maker
whose house is at the top. Speak to Tom to obtain the hourglass. He will demand
a melody. You will get the melody later on in the game and come back.


Have Winkle use the  bottle on the nymph to wake her up.  Give the tree a drink
with Winkle and climb onto the tree's  hand. Place Fingus on the rock under the
branch. Use Winkle to knock down a flower by shaking the branch and have Fingus
ready to catch it.  Use the flower on the stone under  which the bees live. Use
Fingus on the stone. When a bee flies out, Fingus will get honey. Put Fingus on
the big rock to  the left of the stone and use Winkle  on the stone to make the
bee come out. Put Fingus on the bee's  back. When the bee takes Fingus near the
nymph,  have him  give the  honey to  the nymph.  The nymph  will point out the
correct  mushroom. Pick  the mushroom  and use  Winkle to  knock on Vivalzart's
door. Show him the mushroom with Winkle and enter his house.

Vivalzart's House.

Put the mushroom into the machine with Winkle and activate it with Fingus. When
the machine starts, the liquid is blocked  by the clothes pin. Take a worm from
the jar  with Winkle. Place  Fingus on  the  left trap door  under the vulture.
Activate the shelf button with Winkle. This tosses Fingus to the vulture. While
Fingus is hanging, throw the worm to  the vulture with Winkle. Fingus will drop
with a  piece of meat.  Give the meat  to the piranha  who spits out  the bone.
Place a goblin on  the trash can. Take the bone and  give it to Vivalzart. When
he throws it into  the trash can, a goblin will bounce  onto the shelf. Get the
Kind Elixir and the clothes pin blocking  the pipe. The liquid will go into the
container. Use the bottle and give each  goblin a few drops to drink. Watch the
gobliins disappear into a dream.

The Musicians.

Put a hand  on the headlight with Winkle to  recover the drumstick. Make Winkle
put the drumstick  on the stocking cap to  create a net. When you  activate the
spring with Fingus,  a bicycle pump appears for a  short time near the drummer.
During  this brief  period, put  Winkle's  hand  on the  headlight and  put the
bicycle pump in  inventory. Place a gobliin on the  spring. Activate the spring
with the other  goblin. The gobliins will jump  in turn and a door  on the left
will open. Go through the door.

Part 3 - Water Hose, Hourglass, Gromelom, Amidal, The Well
Water Hose.

In the musician room,  at the top, the way is blocked by  a water hose. Use the
clothes pin on  the base of the hose  with one of the gobliins.  Go through the
bottom right hole and  speak to the guitarist. He plays and  a note dies out at
the top right. Capture the note with  the net. Have Winkle use the bicycle pump
to pump up the saxophone player. Use Fingus to catch the mosquito coming out of
the sax  with the net.  With Fingus, use  the bicycle pump  to pump up  the sax
player. Use Winkle  to catch the note coming  out of the sax with  the net. Use
the mosquito on the headlight with Winkle to make the drummer play. When Fingus
catches the last note  with the net, you'll have the melody.  Use the melody on
the bottom left door. It will enter the  clock. Go see Tom and he will give you
the hourglass.

What do I do with the Hourglass once I have it?

Use the hourglass on the trench in the trench room. Go through the opening.


Get the mayonnaise and  put it near Gromelon. Put Fingus on  the shelf and make
him jump on the mayonnaise. While Gromelon  is drenched, pick up the sword with
Winkle and activate him on Rustik. When Stalopicus' mouth is open, take the gum
with Fingus.  Use the gum  on the cupboard  lock to take  an imprint. Take  the
mayonnaise before leaving.

What do I do with the imprint?

Give the  dwarf blacksmith the  imprint, then the  sword. He will  ask for help
with the bellows. Use  the stool with Winkle on Otto to  make him grimace. When
he shakes his lance, hang Fingus on it. Fingus can then jump on the bellows and
the dwarf  blacksmith can forge the  key. Take the key  from the blacksmith and
use the  mayonnaise on Focus  with Winkle. While  the meat is  lowered, use the
stool with Fingus to take a piece. Take the anvil before leaving.


Make Fingus use the  meat on Amidal to get his false teeth.  Use the key on the
cupboard. Each gobliin will take a diving suit.

The Well.

Enter the well  with Winkle. He will press  a button which reveals a  door into
the monster. Lift the hatchet with Winkle  to reveal a switch. Press the switch
with Fingus before the hatchet drops  back. The monster's door will open. Enter
the  well  with  Fingus.  When  the  monster  starts  to  speak, go through the
monster's door  with Winkle. The  combination of the  monster's jaw moving  and
Winkle's voice will stun Schwarzy.

Part 4 - Schwarzy, Ship Wreck, Big Shell, Store Room, Glove

While Schwarzy is stunned, use the stool  on the hoist with Fingus to hitch him
to the  hoist. Use the false  teeth with Winkle to  scare Schwarzy, who'll hang
for a moment. Throw  the anvil at Schwarzy before he comes  up. He will go down
farther to lift the  cover off the well. Each goblin will  use a diving suit to
go down into the well.

The Ship Wreck.

Go on the lower deck and through the  door with Winkle to move the skull. Light
the lamp  with Fingus and  a lamp fish  will arrive. Catch  the lamp fish  with
Winkle placed on top of the mast. Use  the lamp fish on the three question mark
zone and a chest will appear.

The Sea Horse.

Use the stool on  the sea horse. From now on, use the  sea horse directly to go
up. Send Fingus through the hole on  the right. Activate the shell with Winkle,
who throws it up, and catch it with Fingus. Send Winkle through the hole on the
right. Activate the cavity with Fingus and a gloved hand will emerge. While the
hand  is stopped,  drop the  shell on  it with  Winkle. Pick  up the shell with
Winkle. He can now take the glove with the starfish inside.

The Big Shell.

Place Fingus on the  big shell. Light the lamp with Winkle.  When the moray eel
appears, activate the rudder. This will throw  Fingus by the big shell near the
statue. Use  the starfish on  the chest with  Winkle. While the  chest is open,
activate the statue with  Fingus to get the sword. Use the  sword on the skull.
Pick up the diamond.

The Glove, The Blob.

Use the glove on  the blob to neutralize it. Grasp the  bottle with Fingus. The
bottle  contains a  parchment with  an "SOS"  message from  the Prince Buffoon.
Grasp  the bottle  with Winkle.  It contains  a pearl.  Give the  pearl to  the
mermaid and  give her the diamond.  The Mermaid will open  part of the passage.
Use the  parchment on the  octopus with Fingus.  the octopus will  open another
part of the passage. Recover the glove  on the blob and the stool. Exit through
the passage.

The Storeroom.

Activate the swordfish with Fingus and take  the salt. Lift the large pot cover
with  Fingus. While  he's holding  it, pour  the salt  on the  little guy  with
Winkle. Take the file in the small pot with Winkle. While Fingus is holding the
rope on the right, activate Winkle on the  left rope to pull Fingus up onto the
shelf. Free Colibrius  from the chain by having Fingus  use the file. Colibrius
will fly off with his cage. Take one of the thumbtacks on the wall.


Salt the  dish of meatballs with  Winkle. When Oumkapok's hand  grabs the cook,
place the thumb tack on the case with Fingus. The cook, in pain, will throw the
meatball  up in  the air.  Use the  Kind Elixir  on the  meatball with  Winkle.
Oumkapok is now neutralized and you can go to the Throne.

Part 5 - Throne Room, Armor, Knife, Tree
The Throne Room.

To get to the cornice, use the stool with Winkle and climb using his hands with
Fingus. Press the  switch with Fingus and make Winkle  go through the door that
opens in the bottom right eye. Winkle will  join Fingus at the top. To take the
crown,  walk Winkle  into the  ear  and  activate the  tongue immediately  with
Fingus. Make a cockroach come out, by sending Fingus into the ear. Activate the
tongue immediately with Winkle.

The Cockroach.

To catch the cockroach, use Winkle  on the left orifice. Immediately use Fingus
on the right hole with the glove. Put  the cockroach in front of the right hole
and pour Kind  Elixir on it. Glotziok will eat  it and become neutralized. Make
another  cockroach come  out by  using Winkle  again on  the left  orifice. Use
Fingus  on the  right hole  with the  glove to  get it.  Pick up the pepper and
return to the left side of the room. Exit out the door on the left.

The Armor Room.

The cockroach must be disguised as a ladybug and coated with the Kind Elixir in
order for Amoniak  to eat it. Take the  helmet feather and dip it  in the paint
pot. Put the cockroach in front of the hole through which the painter feeds the
king. Paint the  cockroach red and pour pepper  on it. Pour the Kind  Elixir on
the bug. Speak to  the king in the armor. To do this,  click on the stone to go
up, then click on the helmet. Give the king back his crown by putting it on the
helmet to return him to normal size.

When can I rescue the Buffoon?

When Amoniak has  disappeared and Glotziok and Oumkapok  have silly smiles. You
can rescue the Buffoon.

The Armor Room - Part II.

Take the Buffoon to  the shrinking machine. Put the gobliins under  it one at a
time. The  Buffoon will start  the machine and  shrink them both.  The gobliins
will then jump out of the scientist's window.

The Knife.

Click Fingus on the handle. Just before  lifting it, click Winkle on the point.
They will move the knife. Repeat this  operation to move the knife again. Click
Fingus on the bookmark. Use it on the candle with Fingus. Pick up the match and
use it with  Winkle on the eye. Click  the Buffoon on the eye.  He will kick it
and break  the glasses. Pick  up the shard  of glass and  use it on  the ray of
light with  Fingus. Pick up  the lump of  wax and use  it on the  seal. Use the
imprint on the keyhole. Pick up the seed and use it on the map village. A plant
will grow. Put the Buffoon and the two gobliins on the plant.

How do I get the Buffoon out of the Tree.

The  Buffoon is  hungry and  won't come  down until  he is  fed. You can obtain
apples for  the Buffoon from  Kael, the  tree.  You need to  obtain a container
first though. Go through the hole with  Winkle to get to the Buffoon. He reacts
violently and a bean drops. Click on the stone and a mole appears. Use the bean
on the mole with Winkle. While they  struggle, take the mole's cap with Fingus.
Use the match on  the apples with Winkle. While the apple  is bouncing, use the
cap on it with Fingus. Use the apple on  the hole with Winkle to give it to the
Buffoon. He  comes down and rushes  to the mushrooms. In  turn, the two goblins
eat the mushrooms.

Part 6 - Toys, Safety Pin, Mountain
The Toy Room.

Use Fingus on the bowling pins. As  the bowling ball arrives, put Winkle on the
right star so he can jump on the ball and intercept it. Put the bowling ball on
the lid with Winkle and place him on the lid too. Activate the bottom flagstone
with  Fingus. The  safety pin  drops and  lands on  the umbrella. Catch another
bowling ball. Put it on the lid. This time, place Winkle on the catapult at the
bottom  left. Activate  the bottom  flagstone with  Fingus. Use  Winkle on  the
feeler and  make him jump  on the bubble.  The bubble will  float down with him
onto the  lid. Activate the  bottom flagstone with  Fingus. When the  bubble is
blown towards the umbrella Winkle can take the safety pin.

What do I do with the safety pin?

Catch another bowling ball.  Put the bowling ball on the lid  and put Winkle on
the catapult. Activate the bottom flagstone  with Fingus. Make Winkle go up and
activate  the  top  flagstone  after  placing  Fingus  on  the flagstone at the
rainbow's end. If necessary, Fingus can be  returned to the bowling pin side of
the room by  using the catapult. Put him  on the catapult and have  Winkle jump
from the star on the left onto the catapult. Activate the switch with Winkle to
make the  Buffoon fall. In  the short  time  he's in the  bubble makers circle,
quickly use Fingus on the feeler to  enclose him in a bubble. Make Winkle burst
the bubble with the pin to free the Buffoon.

The Buffoon in the Tree - Part II.

Place the Buffoon on the catapult. Press the button with a goblin. Once the key
comes out of the statue's eye, activate  the catapult with the other goblin. As
the Buffoon is catapulted up, he will grab the key and be taken away by a bird.
Exit at the rear of the scene.

The Mountain.

Have one goblin lift the stone. Situate the other goblin on the upper platform.
The  goblin should  take the  stone and  put it  on the  2nd level.  Repeat the
operation to put the stone on the 3rd  level. Place a goblin on the lion. Throw
the stone from level  3 with the other goblin. When the  first goblin is on the
giant's right shoulder make him act on the red head, which falls off. Come down
and take  the stone to level  2. Place Winkle on  the lion and throw  the stone
from level 2  with Fingus. Winkle will be placed  on the giant's left shoulder.
Go through  the shoulder hole  and bring  him  near the fallen  red head. Place
Fingus on the lion  and activate the head with Winkle. Fingus  will land on the
levitating rock.

The Levitating Rock.

As Fingus lands on the levitating rock, move him to the rock's "!!!" zone. When
he starts jumping, the rock will descend. When the rock gets to Winkle's level,
make him jump on it. The rock will  rise. Use Winkle on the small rock near the
bird  cage. Quickly  make Fingus  walk on  him. Use  the file  on the cage with
Fingus and get back the key.

How do I open the gate in the Tree scene?

Use a key on the door.

Part 7 - Lab, Toothpick, Doom and Gloom, Sponge
The Lab.

Use water  on the Buffoon.  An evil creature  will take him  to the Kingdom  of
Gloom  and  Doom.  Have  Winkle  take  the  pencil  and  use  it 3 times on the
blackboard.  Take the  sponge which  the furious  magician throws  at him. Have
Fingus use the  pencil on the magician's portrait. While  he's being hit by the
boomerang, jump on the armchair with Winkle  to catch it in flight. Make Winkle
use the mug on the magician who will bang on the table. He'll knock a toothpick
to the  other side of  the room.  While  the toothpick is  still bouncing, make
Fingus throw the boomerang.

What do I do with the Toothpick?

Have Winkle use  the toothpick on the skeleton  to open the rib cage.  A bottle
will smash on the ground leaving a  puddle. Use the sponge on the puddle. While
Winkle acts on the  pipe, use the wet sponge on the  smoke with Fingus. The way
to the Kingdom of Gloom and Doom opens. Send the gobliins through.

The Kingdom of Doom and Gloom.

Place Fingus  on the bottom  right eye, and  Winkle on the  left edge (with the
"!!!" marks)  of the top  right platform. Winkle  will jump and  Fingus will be
thrown. Pick  up the mouse  and use it  on the mud.  Jump on the  crocodile. As
Amoniak reaches to catch the goblin, use the boomerang with the other goblin on
the teeth.  This will cause  the Buffoon to  fall. Before the  little demon can
send the Buffoon back  to Amoniak, make a goblin jump from  the left edge (with
the "!!!" marks)  of the top right platform.  The eye will pop out  and hit the
little demon.

The Buffoon and the Sponge.

Put the sponge on  the rock. Place the Buffoon on the  eye and make Winkle jump
from  the left  edge (with  the "!!!"  marks) of  the top  right platform. This
throws the Buffoon onto the sponge which wets the rock. As the water flows, use
the pencil with Fingus  on the rock. He draws a magic  door which lasts a short
time. Make  Winkle turn the  handle. The three  heroes go out  the door and you
have won the game!


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