Goblins Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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Submitted by: DJ Simo

This is not "hints" for Goblins... It's a blunt walkthru for all
22 levels.

The way I've organized this is with the level number, the passcode to 
load up that particular level, the instructions to get you through it, 
and underneath a line are things you can try that are REALLY funny, if 
you either have health to spare, or a cheat TSR running.

Abbriviations: Tech (cap)   = Technicial, can pick up, use objects
Mag  (beard) = Magician, spell caster
Ath  (horns) = Athlete, climbs, punches

1) (none)
Punch right column
Pick up horn
Use horn
Spell stick
Get pickaxe
Spell door
Spell fence
Use stick

Spell far right apple
Punch far right apple
Get fallen apple
Use fallen apple in crevice
Spell 2nd from left apple
Punch 2nd from left apple
Get fallen apple
Use fallen apple in crevice
Get pickaxe
Use pickaxe on diamond
Get diamond
Use wrong apple in crevice
Punch un-spelled apple
Use pickaxe on any apple
Punch far left apple
Punch diamond

Use diamond on door

Spell left plant
Climb left plant
Get left yellow pot
Use pot on right plant
Punch large book
Get diamond
Use diamond on wiz via book
Get/use right yellow pot
Punch wizard (nice one!)

Spell sprig on ground in
front of raised giant wrist
Climb wrist
Punch eye
Put tech on tongue
Spell coffin antenna
 Put mag on tongue
Punch eye, wait till safe
Punch eye
Get mushroom, wait till
creature's gone
Spell coffin
Punch troll
Use mask with troll
Spell mask

Climb longest strand
Pull right short strand
Get pistol
Use pistol under right spider
Use pistol under left spider
Get pillow
Drop pillow under middle spider
Spell middle spider
Move pillow out of the way
Get spider bottle
Punch middle spider
Use red bottle
Use gun elsewhere
Pull right short strand twice
Pull left short strand

Spell seed bag
Get seed bag
Move Ath to scarecrow
Use seeds on garden
 Punch scarecrow to scare
birds BEFORE seeds are eaten
Spell right cloud
Get plant (keep trying)
Use belongings on wizard
Get seed bad w/o casting spell
Spell left cloud
Spell scarecrow

Spell skeleton
Spell bone
Get flute
Use flute on snake
Climb snake
Put Mag on board to right
of short ladder (far right)
Punch rock outcropping above
right side of pit
Put Tech on bored to right
of short ladder (far right)
Punch rock outcropping above
right side of pit
Spell/punch snake
Spell/punch hole in wall
Spell/punch/use vase
Use bone
Climb ladder out of pit
Push red button, manuver Tech

Get meat
Give meat to dogthing

Use meat on lower-left hole
Spell small, leafed branch
Get windsock
Put Tech on end of extended branch
Put Ath on large rock
Pull bottom of extended branch
Put Mag on end of extended branch
Pull bottom of extended branch
Spell cork
Get cork
Use cork in upper-right hole
Get windsock
Put tech next to top-center hole
Punch lower-right hole, scare bird

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