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 Gods and Generals FAQ/Walkthrough

Gods and Generals FAQ/Walkthrough

December 20, 2004
by Alan Chan (

The Usual:
This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. That
being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) don't
make any changes to it, and b) don't charge money for it. You don't even have to
get my permission to post it (as long as it remains unaltered), but it would 
be nice if you emailed me and let me know (

Because no one's written one yet, and the official site no longer exists. 
Sure, not many people actually own this game, and most of them have 
either beaten it or forgotten about it by now, but it didn't take me
long to write this FAQ and hopefully there's one or two people out there it 
might help.

There were a few mission objectives I couldn't figure out how to complete. 
Being a perfectionist, I'd really appreciate it if anybody who's figured them 
out would email me ( and let me know. Thanks.
They are:
Creek Bed Skirmish
   - Avoid early detection
Supper Time Surprise
   - Prevent soldiers from fleeing, arming, and resisting
   - Check camp for stragglers
Camp Clearing
   - Clear camp of stragglers

*Version History:                                   * 
*                                                   *
*June 20, 2004: Initial Release                     *
*                                                   *
*Dec 20, 2004: William Russell's Field Chest located*
*              (thanks to Gabriel Casey)            *

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at
- Weapons
   - 1851 Colt Revolver
   - Infantry Officer's Combat Sword
   - Musket
   - Scoped Musket
   - Bowie Knives
   - Ketchum Grenades
- Skills
   - Stealth
   - Stamina
   - Marksmanship
   - Carrying
   - Armor
   - Proficiency 
- Missions
         - Bull Run Recon
         - Rebel Yell
         - Jackson's Stand
         - Fredericksburg
         - Silent Approach
         - Creek Bed Skirmish
         - Supper Time Surprise
         - Camp Clearing
         - The Wilderness


1851 Colt Revolver:
Ammo Type: 
Starting Ammo Capacity: 18
Maximum Ammo Capacity: 72

The Colt Revolver is your default weapon, and will be the weapon you 
use most often throughout the game (due to all the other weapons' low 
ammo capacity). The revolver has a slower rate of fire than other 
First-Person-Shooter pistols, and you'll have to wait a second between 
each shot. The revolver also doesn't fire instantly, there's a split 
second delay between when you press the fire button and when the gun 
actually fires. You'll have to keep that in mind when tracking a moving 
target. The revolver also takes a long time to reload, so it's best to 
find a good place to take cover behind before engaging in any extended 
gun battles. The revolver has somewhat decent accuracy but the 
projectiles do tend to stray with distance, so you won't be able to 
snipe enemies that are too far away with it (you generally won't be able 
to hit enemies if they're smaller than the crosshair itself). If you do 
end up facing far-off enemies and don't have any musket ammo, you can 
try to aim at an enemy and fire several shots, some of your bullets 
will miss but a couple might land.

Infantry Officer's Combat Sword:
Ammo Type: N/A 
Starting Ammo Capacity: N/A 
Maximum Ammo Capacity: N/A

You won't use this decorative saber much in combat. It's a pretty lousy 
weapon, and if you run out of ammo for everything else you're much 
better off retreating than trying to make a stand with the sword. The 
sword barely does any damage, and it takes more than a dozen hits to 
kill an enemy soldier. Plus, while you're whacking at them with the 
sword, the enemy has plenty of opportunity to shoot or stab you, and 
stabs from a musket bayonet do as much damage as the musket bullets 
themselves (i.e. it only takes a few hits to kill you). The only 
possible way you could use the sword and survive is to duel enemy 
infantry officers with it, since their own swords are also pretty 
harmless (one hit only takes 2 or 3 points off your armor). The only 
good thing about the sword is that you can just hold the fire button 
down to swing it around, you don't need to keep pressing the fire 
button for each swing. 

NOTE: One annoying thing about the game is that, when you run out of 
ammo for the muskets, bowie knives, or grenades, you'll automatically 
switch to the sword rather than the pistol if you have a sword in your 
inventory. This forces you to manually switch to the pistol if you've 
just shot someone with a musket and need to finish him off with the 

Ammo Type: 
Starting Ammo Capacity: 1
Maximum Ammo Capacity: 4

The musket is more accurate than the pistol at long range, but it still 
becomes inaccurate as range increases. You'll still generally be able 
to hit enemies even if they're only the size of the crosshair. One body 
shot from the musket usually kills, but not always (especially in the 
later levels). The big problem with the musket is that you're only able 
to carry one at a time, and need to get another off the body of a dead 
soldier once you've used up your one shot. If you raise your Carrying 
skill to 4th or 5th level, however, you'll be able to carry a couple 
more musket shots. If you can carry multiple musket shots, you don't 
even have to reload the musket, and can fire it one shot after another 
like the pistol (historically inaccurate, but useful). 
Scoped Musket: 
Ammo Type:  
Starting Ammo Capacity: 1 
Maximum Ammo Capacity: 4

A musket with a sniper scope attached to it, allowing you to zoom in 
and snipe distant targets. This can be very useful, and the scope can 
actually zoom pretty far. Unfortunately, like the pistol and musket, it 
still suffers from some inaccuracy as range increases. Generally, if 
the enemy's head is smaller than a penny in the scope, you aren't 
guaranteed a clean hit. Try to aim for the neck rather than the center 
of the head to improve your chances of scoring a fatal shot. Like the 
musket, you can only carry one at a time (unless you have 4th or 5th 
level Carrying skill), but in later levels many enemies will carry one 
and thus it will be easy to replenish. 
Bowie Knives:
Ammo Type:  
Starting Ammo Capacity: 2 
Maximum Ammo Capacity: 8

These throwing knives are best used for silent takedowns. If you hit an 
unaware enemy in the back with one, it's usually an instant kill. 
Additionally, since gunfire alerts nearby enemies to your presence, 
bowie knives can be used to kill enemies one by one rather than have 
all of them charge at you at once. Unfortunately, bowie knives aren't 
as useful for fighting enemies that are aware of you, because enemies 
that are facing you have a good chance of deflecting the bowie knife 
and sending it flying off harmlessly in another direction. You can't 
carry many bowie knives at one time, but they're reusable since you can 
retrieve them off the bodies of enemies you kill with them. However, if 
a bowie knife is deflected or misses, it will only remain in the ground 
for a few seconds before disappearing. So try not to miss with them if 
you want to keep them.

Ketchum Grenades:
Ammo Type: 
Starting Ammo Capacity: 5 
Maximum Ammo Capacity: 20

Grenades have a limited range, but make a decent bang. One good hit is 
enough to kill an enemy. Grenades are the only weapon that can be used 
to kill multiple enemies at once. However the splash damage radius is 
only a few feet, so the enemies need to be pretty close to each other 
to kill them all. Unfortunately, their limited range makes them a bit 
difficult to use in combat, since by the time you're close enough to 
use them, the enemy will be close enough to have a pretty good shot at 
you. You can increase their range by arching them upwards, but it takes 
practice to throw them accurately this way. Grenades are necessary to 
accomplish certain mission objectives (such as destroying cannons), and 
at first you'll only be given about as many as you need to do the job, 
so in the first few levels you should save them for accomplishing 
objectives rather than using them up for killing enemies. In the later 
levels grenades become more plentiful, however, so you can start using 
them as weapons. 

NOTE: When you throw a grenade, be sure to tap the fire button instead 
of holding it down. There's a bug in the game where if you hold the 
fire button down, you'll only throw 1 grenade BUT will use up all the 
grenades you're holding all at once. 


You'll get skill points for accomplishing mission objectives, which you 
can use to improve your skills. It costs 1000 points to raise a skill 
to level 2, 2000 points to raise it to level 3, 3000 points to raise it 
to level 4, and 4000 points to raise it to level 5. Therefore, it takes 
a total of 6000 points to raise a skill to level 4, and a grand total 
of 10,000 points to raise a skill to the maximum of level 5.

Accomplishing all the game objectives I could (which was all but 5 of 
them), I managed to raise a total of 16,700 skill points. This means 
you can only raise one skill up to level 5, and if you do you'll only 
have enough skill points left to raise just one other skill to level 3. 
Alternatively, you can raise one skill to level 4 and two skills to 
level 3. Or, you can raise four skills to level 3. Bear in mind that 
the benefits of a skill increase exponentially (level 2 Marksmanship 
only increases your aim to 125%, but level 4 increases it to 400% and 
level 5 increases it to 1000%), so you'll see more benefits to raising 
one or two skills very high, rather than distributing your points 
equally among them. 

Personally, I focused on raising my Marksmanship and Armor. 
Concentrating on these two skills will make the game much easier than 
concentrating on any of the other skills. 

If you want to carry more than one musket shot at a time, you can try 
saving up 6000 or 10,000 points and raising Carrying to level 4 or 5, 
but personally I don't think its worth it.

Here are the six different skills you can put points into:

STEALTH: This affects how easy it is for enemies to detect you, and how 
far away you have to run before they lose sight of you. Personally, I 
found this skill to be basically worthless, because the game's A.I. is 
pretty dull and it's already pretty easy to sneak up on enemies or 
escape from them without any points in Stealth.
STAMINA: This affects how much health you have, as well as how quickly 
you lose it. If you want to increase your durability, you're actually 
better off improving your Armor skill instead. Armor is much better at 
absorbing damage than Health (without Armor you can only survive about 
2 shots before dying), your Armor meter comes before your health meter 
when you take damage anyway, and armor refills are almost as common as 
health refills.

MARKSMANSHIP: The higher your marksmanship, the more accurate your 
shots. A reasonably useful skill, although you won't notice any 
dramatic change until you raise it to the 3rd or 4th level. 

CARRYING: Basically, carrying determines how much ammo you can carry 
for your weapons (it also affects how quickly you can walk while 
carrying a body, but you're never required to drag bodies around in the 
game). It has the biggest effect on your pistol, moderate effect on 
grenades, and minor effect on bowie knives. You have to raise this 
skill all the way up to the 4th level before it begins to have any 
effect on muskets (4th level allows you to carry 2 musket shots instead 
of just one, and 5th level allows you to carry 4 musket shots). It's a 
useful enough skill, but it's extremely expensive to raise it to the 
point where it begins to positively effect on your game. 
ARMOR: Armor increases your armor bar. Very useful. Each level of this 
skill allows you to survive an additional shot or two. It doesn't sound 
like a lot, but it can make all the difference during some of the 
game's tougher sections. 
WEAPONS: This skill increases the damage you do with your weapons, as 
well as how quickly you can reload them. Like stealth, I've never found 
any real use for it. Your weapons already are pretty powerful (most 
kill with just one or two shots), and the only weapon you actually need 
to reload is the pistol. You'd be better off spending your points on 
other skills. 


Bull Run Recon:

Mission Objectives:

- Take out the scouts along the railroad

You begin the mission in front of the railroad line. Two Union scouts 
patrol up and down this line, one should be to your left and one should 
be to your right when the mission begins. The scouts start out moving 
away from you, which gives you a good opportunity to run up behind one 
of them and kill him with a surprise pistol shot to the back of the 
head. Unfortunately, this will attract the attention of all the enemies 
in the nearby area, forcing you into a battle against several riflemen 
in open ground where they will have the advantage. Also, there are no 
armor refills in this level, so minimizing the damage you take will 
help you to make it through alive.

Alternatively, you can do as the game intends and take out the two 
scouts silently. To the right (East) of your starting position should 
be several log piles, behind one of them should be an ammo box 
containing bowie knives. Killing a scout with a thrown knife to the 
back is a silent takedown and won't attract the attention of everyone 

In either case, killing both scouts will earn your the mission 

If you took the silent approach, several enemies will be patrolling the 
field to the Northeast of the railroad. To avoid them, make your way 
around the very edge of the map, moving right (East) then forward 
(North) as you make your way towards the house, where you can make your 
stand against the enemies in the field by using the walls as cover. If 
you took the messy approach and survived, most of the aforementioned 
enemies will be dead, but a couple will still be camped on top of the 
front and back hills. You'll still need to make your way to the house, 
as inside you'll find a couple rifles that will make seizing the hills 
much easier. 

- Defeat the Union Captain and retrieve his orders

The house is guarded by a sniper firing from a hole in the top floor, 
and the Union captain firing from a window in the bottom floor. Try to 
use cover to get close enough to kill the sniper, than make your way 
around to the door of the house to ambush the captain. The captain's 
tougher than the average soldier and will require three pistol shots to 
the head to kill. Be sure to search his body to find the orders and 
accomplish the objective. If you wait too long, his body will vanish 
and the objective can't be finished. 

The captain's carrying a musket, and in the corner of the ground floor 
of the house you should find a scoped musket that allows you to kill at 
a distance. The top floor of the house isn't accessible yet, first you 
need to go back outside and take the two hills. If the enemies in the 
field aren't dead yet, the gunfire from your fight with the sniper and 
the captain should attract them to the house. Kill them with your 
pistol when they get close enough. There's an ammo box with pistol ammo 
inside the house if you run out. 

- Move to the hill to survey the enemy's forces
The front hill should contain a single cannon as well as a Union 
sniper. Use your scoped musket to snipe him from a distance (you know 
you're in the proper range when his head is about the size of your 
thumb in the scope). For best results, aim at his neck rather than the 
middle of his head, this compensates for the innate inaccuracy of the 
musket. Run up to the top of the hill when the coast is clear. You'll 
accomplish the objective when you reach the top, and will be able to 
snatch another scoped musket off the sniper's dead body. 

- Get a better view of the enemy's forces

Now it's time to take the back hill. This hill is much more heavily 
populated, containing a total of 5 cannons, two riflemen, and an 
infantry officer with a sword. The two riflemen are your main targets, 
the officer is almost harmless since he won't move and can't hurt you 
unless you're standing right next to him. Approach the hill from the 
left or right, sniping one of the riflemen with your scoped musket. 
Then charge up the hill, keeping one of the cannons between you and the 
other rifleman to prevent him from shooting you. When you get close 
enough, take him and the officer out with your pistol. Once you get to 
the top of the hill, you'll accomplish the mission objective. Be sure 
to grab the infantry officer's sword off of his corpse. If you wait too 
long, his body will disappear and you'll be screwed.

- Gather additional surveillance

Go back to the house, and chop the hanging rope with the sword. This 
will cause a wooden stairway to drop down from the ceiling, allowing 
you access to the top floor. On the top floor, you'll find two boxes of 
Ketchum grenades (8 grenades in total) as well as a small pile of 
scoped muskets. You'll also be rewarded the mission objective. 

- Stop advancing troops along the railroad

Approach the hole in the top floor's wall, and a cutscene will play of 
several Union troops marching down the railroad line. Press the 
spacebar to end the cutscene, or else it will continue playing forever. 
Use the scoped muskets to snipe the Union troops from the house's top 
floor. The distance is extreme, so expect to miss quite a bit. Don't 
worry if they run away down the railroad line, they can't escape. Once 
they reach the edge of the map they'll just turn around and come back. 
You don't have to kill all of them, just several of them to achieve the 
mission objective. If you run out of scoped muskets, you can run up to 
them and engage them with your pistol (be sure to use cover to avoid 
getting shot). 

Although most will run up and down the rail-line, some will run into 
the field in an attempt to find you. Be sure to look in the field if 
you can't find any soldiers running near the railroad.

- Destroy the Union ammunition stockpile
When you're done with the top floor, go back to the staircase. Chuck a 
grenade at one of the ammunition boxes, then run like hell down the 
stairs. The top floor of the house will explode and catch fire, and 
you'll accomplish the objective. You can still go back upstairs to get 
more grenades, but don't approach the flames or you'll take damage.

- Destroy all Union cannons in the area

There are a total of six cannons in the level, one on top of the front 
kill and five on top of the back hill. You can usually destroy the 
cannons with one grenade, but sometimes it takes two grenades. The 
problem is you'll only have 7 grenades to do the job (since you used 
one up to blow the house). Save before you start destroying the 
cannons, and reload if you run out of grenades before running out of 
cannons. Since you can only carry 5 grenades at a time, you'll need to 
go back to the house and get more halfway through the job.  

Once you've accomplished all the objectives, return to the spot where 
you started the level to end the level. 


Rebel Yell:
Mission Objectives:

- Fall in line, charge, and fight the Union line

The mission begins with you in the middle of a full scale battle, as 
you and several other Confederate troops rush ahead to face a line of 
several Union riflemen in the middle of an open field under heavy 
artillery fire. Don't worry about the cannonball explosions, they're 
harmless to you. Unfortunately, the Union riflemen can do serious 
damage to you, and since you're in the middle of an open field there's 
nowhere to take cover. To make matters worse, every time a Union 
soldier dies, one will immedietely spawn at one of two spawn points on 
the left and right sides of the battlefield. Additionally, the Union 
troops will concentrate their attacks on you and mostly ignore your 
Confederate allies. This is one of the toughest moments in the game.

The battlefield is littered with ammo boxes containing pistol ammo, and 
in the center near the Union line is a single plate of armor. There's 
also a health kit on the left side of the battlefield and an armor 
plate and health kit on the right side, but they're right next to the 
enemy spawn points and thus extremely dangerous to go after. 

Two tactics here will increase your odds of survive. First, always keep 
moving, it will be harder for the Union soldiers to hit a moving 
target. Secondly, stay in the middle of the group of Confederate 
soldiers, using them as human shields. The Union soldiers will tend to 
aim for you, but your Confederate buddies can end up taking shots meant 
for you if you keep them between you and the Union troops. Be sure to 
kill any Union soldiers that get near you, as they will have the 
easiest time hitting you. 

You'll only be able to progress forward after killing a certain number 
of Union troops. You must make the kills, deaths caused by your allies 
won't count. If you try to run past the battlefield before being 
ordered to, you'll immediately fail the mission.

Once you've killed enough Union soldiers (the entire starting lineup as 
well as 3 or 4 of the troops that respawn at the sides) you'll receive 
orders to move forward and take out the cannon battery. This is the cue 
that tells you its safe to leave the battlefield (I suggest you save as 
soon as this happens, or else you'll have to do it all over again if 
you get killed advancing across the battlefield). Run forward to the 
cannon battery ahead, zig-zagging to avoid the many pot-shots the Union 
troops will take at your retreating backside. Try to make your way to 
the right-most (Eastern) part of the cannon battery, there's a pile of 
scoped muskets there with an armor plate and health kit next to it 
(which you'll probably be needing). 

- Take out the nearby cannon battery

For now, ignore the rear cannon battery at the very Northern part of 
the map. It's no threat to you. Your task is to take out the nearby 
cannon battery in the middle of the map. There's no need for you to 
destroy the actual cannons, all you need to do is kill all the Union 
soldiers manning the cannons. Make your way from the right (East) end 
of the cannon battery to the left (West) end, killing the soldiers as 
you go (I recommend the pistol or regular musket. You can use one or 
two of the scoped muskets, but you MUST save the majority of them 
because you'll need them for the next objectives). Duck behind the 
cannons as you advance to reduce your risk of getting shot. Kill the 
sword-wielding officers last, they're immobile and no threat to you. 
There's a health kit and armor plate behind a pair of ammo wagons on 
the left (Western) side of the cannon battery if you get injured. 

- Destroy the cannon ammo

A box containing Ketchum grenades can be found just in front of the 
right-most (Eastern) cannon in the battery. Use these grenades to blow 
up the pile of cannonballs that are sitting right next to each cannon. 
One grenade per pile should do the trick.  

- Take out the rear cannons

If you approach the rear cannons, you'll automatically be killed by an 
explosion about half-way across the field that separates the two cannon 
batteries. Instead, you need to snipe the large powderkegs that are 
conveniently located right next to the cannons. The best vantage-point 
to do this is near the pile of scoped muskets. The powderkegs are near 
enough so that you can actually snipe several of them with your pistol, 
conserving the scoped muskets. However, a couple of the kegs in the 
Northwest corner of the map are too far away and need to be sniped 
using the scoped muskets. Once you blow up all the kegs, you'll 
accomplish this mission objective.

While you're doing all this, be sure not to stand right NEXT to the 
scoped musket pile. Occasionally a cannonball will land right on top of 
the pile, which will kill you if you're standing there. 

- Pick off the troops advancing from the rear

Look to the South, back to the battlefield where you originally started 
the level. Your Confederate buddies will have been overwhelmed by the 
constantly respawning Union troops by now, and the battlefield should 
be crawling with Union soldiers. Don't worry, you don't need to go back 
there or kill any of them. I'm just mentioning them because on my first 
play-through I mistakenly thought that they were the rear-guard I was 
supposed to kill. They're not. The Union Captain isn't with them 
At the very Northern point of the map, behind the middle cannons in the 
rear cannon battery, you should see a cluster of several Union soldiers 
just standing around. This is the rear-guard, and you need to kill 
them. Use the scoped muskets. It's ok to move forward a little bit to 
make hitting them easier, just be sure not to get too close to the rear 
cannons or else you'll be blown up. Due to the range, they can be 
difficult to hit, but if you've been conserving scoped muskets you 
should have enough to get the job done. 

Just like when you were sniping the powderkegs, be sure not to stand 
right next to the scoped musket pile unless you want to be blown up by 
the occasional cannonball.

- Retreat, defeat the Union Captain and retrieve his orders

Once all of the rear-guard troops have been killed, look to the left-
most end of the near cannon battery (to the West) and you should see a 
lone Union soldier standing out in the open. This is the Union captain, 
and he only appears after the other objectives have been accomplished. 
He's a bit tougher than a regular soldier, two sniper shots to the head 
should work if you still have scoped muskets left, otherwise you'll 
have to engage him with your pistol. He'll drop a letter next to his 
body when killed, you need to pick this up.

Past the Union Captain should be an open field free of enemy soldiers. 
Look to the Southwest corner of the map, and you should see a path 
between two big trees. This is the exit from the level. 


Jackson's Stand:

Mission Objectives:

- Repulse Union attack

The mission starts with you and 2 lines of Confederate riflemen behind 
a wooden barricade, and Union soldiers will emerge from the woods in 
front of you and attack. Conveniently, you're standing on a health kit, 
a large box of pistol ammo, and a big pile of armor plates, allowing 
you to easily refill your ammo and armor as the fight goes on. 
Unfortunately, the Confederate soldiers behind you don't seem to 
appreciate the concept of friendly fire, and will often shoot you in 
the back of the head if you stay in formation. You need to back up a 
little so that you're behind the Confederate troops, but if you back up 
too much you'll automatically fail the mission because you didn't stay 
in the line. Try to back up such that you're standing on top of the 
ammo box, this should get you mostly out of your allies' line of fire 
while still being within the acceptable zone of movement. To further 
reduce getting shot by your own guys, stay crouched. From this 
position, use your pistol to kill the Union troops as they appear, 
being sure to reload and refill your armor as needed. At first the 
Union soldiers will only attack in ones and twos, but they'll show up 
in larger groups as the battle progresses. Your allies should do most 
of the work for you, and you should concentrate on killing the Union 
troops that try to attack you personally. Unlike the Bull Run battle, 
it doesn't matter how many troops you personally kill, the mission 
objective will be completed after a certain number have died.

After a couple of minutes of fighting, you'll be order to retreat 
backwards into the woods. Do so IMMEDIETELY, stopping only to quickly 
grab armor and ammo if you need any. As soon as the order is given, a 
very large force of Union troops will emerge in front of you, and the 
Union will begin bombarding the Confederate line with cannon fire. This 
will kill you quickly if you try to stick around and help your 
Confederate allies. Don't worry, they'll usually be able to kill off 
the Union force without you. South of the Confederate line should be a 
health kit and a box of pistol ammo, consider this your starting point 
and use it to orient yourself. 

- Retreat and help groups pinned down in the woods
- Retreat and help groups pinned down in the woods
- Retreat and help groups pinned down in the woods
- Retreat and help groups pinned down in the woods
There are four groups of Confederate soldiers within the woods, each of 
these groups will be attacked by a few Union soldiers when you approach 
them. Kill all the Union soldiers attacking a Confederate group to 
achieve the mission objective for that group. The groups are located 
approximately in the very Northwest, Northeast, Eastern, and Southwest 
parts of the woods. Ammo, health, and armor can be found scattered in 
the woods, usually near a Confederate group. 

- Defeat the Union Captain and retrieve his orders
The Union captain is hidden in a cluster of trees near the center of 
the map. He should be visible through the trees near a box of pistol 
ammo in the middle of the map, Northeast of the Southwestern 
Confederate group. Search carefully nearby and you should be able to 
find an opening in the trees that will allow you to get near him. Shoot 
him 3 times in the head with your pistol to kill him, and pick up the 
letter he drops. 

- Retreat to the Confederate stronghold
The Confederate stronghold is in a clearing in the Southeastern corner 
of the map, and consists of several Confederate soldiers behind a stone 
barricade, and a Confederate cannon crew behind them. You need to 
approach the stronghold from the barricade end, and not the cannon end. 
If you approach the cannon end you'll fail the mission because you 
won't be able to reach the barricade before the battle begins, and the 
game will accuse you of breaking formation.

Anyway, to trigger the mission objective, you need to run between the 
two trees that are just in front of the empty stone barricade (the one 
that's several yards in front of the stone barricade the soldiers are 
standing behind). If you run around the trees instead of between them, 
the mission objective won't be accomplished. As soon as you approach 
the 2nd barricade the big fight will start. Take your position behind 
the barricade alongside the other Confederate troops. 

- Hold back the Union attack for supporting cannons
This fight is similar to the one at the beginning of the level. You'll 
be standing in the center of 2 lines of Confederate riflemen. Nearby 
you'll find two boxes of pistol ammo, two health kits, several steel 
armor plates, and a pile of muskets. Union soldiers will emerge from 
the woods in front of you and attack your formation. Use the muskets 
and your pistol to kill them. As before, back up a little so that 
you're not standing directly in front of your Confederate allies (so 
they won't shoot you in the back). If the Union troops seem to be stuck 
in the woods outside shooting range, move forward until you're right up 
against the barricade. This should cause them to move towards you.

After several Union troops have been killed, you'll accomplish the 
objective. The Confederate cannons will begin bombarding the advancing 
Union soldiers, and if you're lucky you might see a few get blown into 
the sky. After a few more Union troops die, the Union will begin to 
attack en-mass, and you'll receive orders to charge the Union line. 

- Fallback, then press final attack

As soon as the orders are given, your Confederate allies will all 
charge over the barricade at the Union soldiers. Additionally, further 
Confederate reinforcements will begin to appear from behind you. 
Instead of following your allies, you're better off staying behind the 
barricade where the health, armor, and ammo pickups are within easy 
reach. At this point in the fight there are two dangers to you: 1) the 
Union troops will charge you in force, and a few may make it over the 
barricade and get into position to shoot you at point-blank range, and 
2) the Confederate reinforcements coming up behind you will tend to 
shoot you in the back. To survive, be sure to quickly kill any Union 
troops that get near you with headshots, and move of to the side a 
little to the right to get out of the way of the Confederate line of 

After most of the Union troops have died, you'll accomplish the mission 
objective. You can either stick around and help finish off the 
remaining Union troops, or you can exit the level by turning around and 
running up the slope just behind the Confederate cannon battery. 

NOTE: Your health, armor, ammo, and inventory will carry over into the 
next mission, even though you'll be playing a different character. Try 
to exit the level with full health, ammo, armor, and a musket and bowie 
knives. This is the only time in the game this happens. 



Mission Objectives:

- Get to the shore

You begin the level in the river, accompanied by a squad of 5 Union 
troops. The river ahead of you splits into two canyons. The canyon on 
the left contains a single Confederate soldier, and a box of pistol 
ammo on the left bank. The canyon on the right contains a box of 5 
grenades near a smashed rowboat. Both canyons join at the beach that 
leads up to the Confederate barricade. The left canyon also contains a 
generous share of armor plates sitting on the left bank, near the 
various crashed rowboats. 
I recommend ignoring the right canyon, as you really don't need the 
grenades. Run down the left canyon, taking out the two Confederate 
snipers above you on the hills to the left with your pistol. A third 
Confederate sniper is on the left hill just above the pistol ammo box, 
and the slope near the box is actually low enough for you to run up the 
hill and shoot the sniper. When you kill the Confederate soldier who's 
actually in the river with you, be sure to scoop up his scoped musket.

To accomplish the "get to the shore" objective, you need to run up the 
shore in front of the Confederate barricade. 

- Secure the river bank
To achieve this objective, you need to kill all the Confederate snipers 
who are stationed behind the stone barricade. 

To defeat the Confederate snipers camping behind the barricade, use the 
wrecked rowboat on the shore's slope as cover. Lean from around it, and 
shoot the snipers in the head with your pistol. If you're still taking 
fire even though you're behind the rowboat, check the left hill to see 
if any snipers are firing at you from there.

Alternatively, you can rush the barricade and pelt the soldiers behind 
it with grenades from the right river canyon. This is usually less 
successful, however, since you'll be exposing yourself to much more 
enemy fire. 

Once you reach the shore, you can pretty much forget about your Union 
buddies. They almost never follow you up, and tend to stay in the river 
for the rest of the mission.

- Retrieve the grenades

Behind the Confederate barricade is an ammo box containing 5 grenades. 
You need to pick up ALL 5 grenades from this specific box to accomplish 
the mission objective. If you're holding grenades from another ammo 
box, you'll need to throw some away so that you can pick up all 5 
grenades from this box. 
- Move up the hill

You'll face heavy sniper opposition once you reach the barricade. On 
the left side of the map is a line of boulders running from South to 
North, and stationed along it at regular intervals are Confederate 
snipers. Several Confederate snipers are also stationed along the hill 
itself and will attack you as you attempt to climb it. 

Take the scoped muskets off the bodies of the Confederate soldiers who 
were behind the barricade, and use them to pick off the snipers to your 
left near the boulder line. You need to act quickly here, because a) 
there isn't any good cover, so you'll be exposed, and b) you need to 
use the muskets before the bodies carrying them disappear. There are a 
few armor plates behind the barricade if you take any damage while 
doing this.

Once you use up all the dead soldiers' scoped muskets, run over to the 
boulder line and start using scoped muskets off the bodies of the 
soldiers you just killed. Take out as many snipers as you can, both 
further up the boulder line as well as up the central hill path. Once 
you've cleared as much of the area as possible, go back to the 
barricade and run up the hill. Armor and health pick-ups can be found 
behind the various boulders as you make your way up the hill. Once you 
get far enough up the hill, you'll accomplish the objective.

- Overrun Confederate perimeter positions

At the top of the hill are two piles of scoped muskets, each one behind 
a large boulder (these boulders also contain one armor plate and one 
health kit each). Take cover behind these boulders, and use the scoped 
muskets to take out the Confederate perimeter snipers. These are not 
the snipers in the balconies of the town houses, but rather the snipers 
behind the two barricades just in front of the top of the hill (one in 
front of the cannon battery, and one in front of a large stone house 
that serves as the Confederate garrison). Use the scoped muskets in 
front of the left boulder to take out the barricade snipers in front of 
the cannon battery, and the scoped muskets in front of the right 
boulder to take out the barricade snipers in front of the garrison. 
Only when all the perimeter snipers are dead will you accomplish the 
objective. Be sure to kill them all, to reduce the chances you'll get 
shot once you move onto killing the balcony snipers.

NOTE: If you're getting shot even after taking cover behind the 
boulders, check the left side of the map (the boulder line) to see if 
there are any remaining snipers there shooting at you.

Now comes the really hard part. Once all the perimeter snipers have 
been dealt with, you'll still have to deal with all the rear snipers on 
the town balconies. They're at such a range that your scoped musket 
shots won't always hit them, but you can improve the odds by running 
partially up the hill to get closer. Don't run all the way up the hill, 
or else they'll all begin shooting you and you'll die quickly. Stop 
near the top, and take your shot. Aim at the neck to improve your odds 
of scoring a hit. 

Unfortunately, after killing the perimeter snipers you'll only have at 
most about 5 or 6 scoped muskets left, and there are more than a dozen 
rear snipers in the balconies. Since you don't have enough muskets to 
kill them all, you should concentrate on thinning their ranks. If there 
are two snipers next to each other on the same balcony, kill one of 
them. When you're done, the remaining snipers should be as far apart 
from each other as possible. This will make the remaining combat 

Once you're down to just one scoped musket, pick it up and retreat back 
down the hill. Keep running until the snipers no longer shoot at you, 
and be sure to move quickly to avoid getting hit. When you're in the 
clear, make your way to the very leftmost (Western) edge of the map, 
past the boulder line (go back to the river and pick up more pistol 
ammo if you need it). 

Here's what you need to do. Once you've reach the Northwestern corner 
of the map, approach the town from the very left side and move down it 
from left (West) to right (East). As you go down, use the buildings and 
trees as cover and kill the remaining building snipers with your 
pistol. This is very tough, since they'll have the advantage due to 
their higher positions and superior weapons, but you can manage it. If 
you run low on armor or ammo, you can either retreat back down the hill 
to restock, or if you're feeling daring you can run to the cannon 
batteries. There are two armor plates and a box of pistol ammo just 
behind the cannons. The Infantry Officers barely do any damage and you 
can run right past them, but you'll also be in the line of fire of 
several of the snipers. 

- Destroy Confederate cannons

Once all the building snipers have finally been taken care of, you can 
turn your attention to the 5 Infantry officers manning the cannons. As 
usual, they won't move and can't hit you with their swords unless you 
walk right up to them. Drop them with 2 headshots each, picking up more 
ammo from the ammo box next to the cannons if you run low. Once all of 
the officers are dead, you can begin blowing up the 5 cannons with 
grenades. It takes 2 or 3 grenades per cannons to do the job. If you 
need more grenades, you can find some in a box next to the garrison 
building, just left of the door. If you still need more grenades, 
there's a box of them behind a rock immediately to the left (west) of 
the left-most scoped-musket-pile rock. 

- Defeat the last Confederate garrison

The garrison building is divided into four rooms, the entry room 
contains a box of pistol ammo and a steel armor plate, and the other 
three rooms contain one Union soldier each. Kill all three Union 
soldiers to accomplish the objective. BE SURE to do a complete search 
of each soldier's body, because one of them is carrying a key you will 
need (it's the soldier in the Northeastern room). This is important, 
the first time I played the level I didn't search the bodies, which 
eventually disappeared, making it impossible for me to accomplish the 
final objective.

- Pillage the Confederate Treasury

In the Southeastern room of the garrison building (right of the 
entryway) is a steel door that only opens if you're carrying the key. 
Inside is a small closet containing a grey box, this is the Confederate 
treasury. Pick up the box to accomplish the final objective.

When you're done with all your objectives, go to the Northeastern 
corner of the map (the right-most part of the town) to finish the 


Silent Approach:

Mission Objectives:

- Find the knives

As soon as you start the level (solo, without backup), you should see 
about four trees in front of you to the West. Behind one of the trees 
is an ammo box containing 2 bowie knives. Pick up the knives to 
accomplish the objective. 

NOTE: There are NO health, armor or ammo pickups in this level, so all 
you'll have is what you start out with. There aren't many enemy 
soldiers patrolling this level (less than ten), but they'll all come 
running towards you if they hear gunfire. Because of this, it's best to 
try to silently kill as many as you can one by one before starting a 
big fight with the rest. Once the shooting does start, use some trees 
or rocks as cover. Every enemy in this level carries some pistol ammo 
with them if you do a complete search of their bodies, and you can use 
the muskets and scoped muskets you pick up from defeated enemies to 
kill the rest of them.  

- Disrupt Union communication scout

There are 3 Union signaling towers in this level. They're easy to spot, 
being large wooden boxes perched on top of trees and emitting a bright 
signaling light. Each signaling tower is manned by a Union scout who 
stands on top of it. Killing the scouts at all 3 of the towers will 
accomplish the objective. Try to maneuver behind the scouts and take 
them out with a thrown bowie knife to the back. When killed, the scouts 
will drop to the ground and you'll be able to retrieve the knife from 
their corpse. The towers are located near the Northwest, Northeast, and 
Southern tips of the map. Be sure to do a complete search of the bodies 
of all of the scouts, because...

- Find and retrieve Morse code message

Be sure to do a complete search of each communication scout's body 
after you kill them, because one of them is carrying a Morse code 
message. From my experience, it's always the scout in the Northwest 
signaling tower.

- identify location of artillery batteries

There are three hidden cannons in this level. One's behind a large 
boulder near the Northern tip of the map (within sight of where you 
start the level, just forward and to the left). One's behind a pile of 
logs and next to a wagon in the Southeastern part of the map. One's 
behind a pile of boulders along the Western part of the map. When you 
get close enough to each cannon, you'll receive a message that you've 
found a hidden artillery battery. When you've found all three cannons, 
you'll be able to talk to the telegrapher. You won't accomplish this 
objective until you actually find and talk to the telegrapher. 

- Get the gunner's fuses

Near the Southern tip of the map is a wooden barricade flanked by a 
pair of cannons, and (if you haven't alerted them) guarded by three 
Union riflemen. Sitting next to this barricade is a small paper 
package, these are the gunner's fuses (check the Historical Background 
menu to see what they look like). Pick up the package to accomplish 
this mission. You'll have to get in a shootout with the three guards to 
get the package, there's no way to kill one of them silently without 
alerting the other two.

- Find the telegrapher and send back intelligence data

Behind the signaling tower at the Southern tip of the map, there's a 
suspicious-looking ring of bushes. Behind these bushes is the 
Confederate telegrapher. Go behind the bushes after you've located the 
cannon batteries, and you accomplish both this objective and the 
objective that tells you to identify the location of the artillery 
NOTE: The Confederate telegrapher is unarmed, and if anywhere in the 
level the enemy soldiers are alerted to your presence by gunfire, 
they'll usually find him and kill him. This is OK, you'll still 
accomplish the mission objectives by going behind the bushes, even if 
the telegrapher himself is dead.

In the Southwestern corner of the map are a bunch of brown poles (I 
think they're supposed to be dead trees) and a Confederate scout. This 
is the exit to the level. Go here when you've finished with you mission 
objectives. This Confederate scout is NOT the telegrapher, so don't try 
to give the intelligence to him or else you'll finish the level 
prematurely without accomplishing the two telegrapher objectives. 


Creek Bed Skirmish:

Mission Objectives:
- Avoid early detection (???)

NOTE: I have absolutely no idea how to achieve this objective. The game 
tells you to kill the 3 soldiers in the creek silently and make it to 
enemy camp without alerting the snipers, but this just doesn't seem 
possible. Even if I killed the scouts in the creek using only the 
knives and sword, and even if I hid the bodies like the hint screen 
told me to, I always got spotted by the first sniper before I could 
make it to the enemy camp. 
Anyway, you'll begin the level solo in the Western end of a dried-out 
creek bed. The creek zig-zags Eastward, and you'll follow it all the 
way to the end of the level. Stick to the bed and don't take the paths 
that run up into the hills, or else you'll end up in the line of fire 
of the two Union snipers. 

When the level begins, you'll notice the creek path in front of you to 
the left and a bunch of brown boulders in front of you to the right. 
First, look behind the boulders to find an ammo box with some bowie 
knives inside. Then, take the creek path on the left. You eventually 
come up behind a Union rifleman with his back to you. Take him out by 
either throwing a bowie knife at his back or whacking him in the head 
with your sword (one hit from either will kill him). Continue following 
the creek, and you'll soon receive orders to fight the Union soldier. 
- Defeat the Union soldier

Up ahead you'll see a Union Infantry Officer armed with a sword, with 
his back towards you. You can kill him with a single bowie knife to the 
back of the head, but if you miss and hit his body he'll only be 
slightly injured (not to mention alerted to your presence). If you run 
out of knives, you'll have to duel him with your own sword. This 
officer is slightly smarter than the ones you saw before, he's not 
immobile and can roll and sidestep left and right as he fights you. 
Still, he should be easy enough to kill. You'll accomplish the 
objective as soon as he dies, and you'll be ordered to use your knife 
and steal the Union body armor. 
NOTE: If you don't care about stealth (and I don't since I can't seem 
to accomplish the stealth objective no matter what) you can simply kill 
this guy with headshots from your pistol. He's carrying some pistol 
ammo on his body if you do a complete search. 

- Steal the Union body armor

Up ahead, the creek curves to the right. Down this path is another 
Union rifleman, again with his back towards you. Like the Infantry 
Officer, he can be killed by a single knife to the back of the head, 
but if you hit his body he'll only be somewhat injured. If he notices 
you, you'll have to finish him with your pistol, since your knives 
won't be enough to kill him and it's tough to fight a guy with a gun 
using only your sword. 

Before you reach the aforementioned Union soldier, you should see a 
pile of logs next to a fallen tree branch. The Union armor is hidden 
behind these logs, pick it up to accomplish this objective. If your 
armor is still full, you can leave it there and pick it up later after 
fighting the 2 snipers and 2 soldiers at the Union camp. 

NOTE: Once you reach the aforementioned Union soldier, you'll be within 
sight of the first Union sniper, who's camped out in a tree. 

- Take out the Union soldiers
- Quickly take out the Union snipers and charge into the camp

Up ahead is the Union camp. There are two paths you can take, the left 
path goes through the creek bed and the right path goes through the 
hills. If you take the left path, you'll be in the line of fire of the 
Union snipers in the trees, but will be able to sneak up on the 2 
soldiers in the camp from behind and take them by surprise. If you take 
the right path the hills will obscure you from the snipers' line of 
sight, but when you emerge you'll be in front of the 2 soldiers, and 
they'll spot you and begin shooting. 

Here's what I usually do. As soon as you kill the Union soldier that's 
near the armor, run up the hill to the left, using the hill and the 
tree to stay out of the sniper's line of fire. When you near the top of 
the hill, you should be close enough to the first sniper to kill him 
with your pistol. Run forward a little until the second sniper is 
within view. He should be close enough for you to kill him with a shot 
from the musket you picked off the dead Union soldiers in the creek. 
After killing the 2 snipers, the 2 soldiers in the camp should still be 
unaware of your presence. Come up behind them, and kill them with your 
pistol while using the tree directly behind them as cover. These two 
soldiers are pretty tough and take 3 headshots from the pistol to kill. 
Fortunately, they're also pretty dumb, and you can shoot at one and the 
other will be blissfully unaware until you shoot him too. 

Past the Union camp is a slope that leads to the edge of the map. On 
the slope, directly behind the Union camp, should be a fallen log. The 
exit to the level is just above the left side of the fallen log, run 
around there and you should eventually find it.  


Supper Time Surprise:

Mission Objectives:

- Stop the soldiers from fleeing, arming and resisting (???)

NOTE: I can't seem to achieve this objective either. Even if I kill all 
of the Union soldiers and prevent any of them from getting to the 
weapons cache, this objective remains incomplete.

As the level begins you'll see the Union camp in front of you, and a 
small squad of Confederate troops behind you. About a dozen unarmed 
Union soldiers are sitting in front of a big stone chimney. When they 
see you, they'll all run off and try to get to a weapons cache ahead of 
you on the far left (North) side of the camp. If they reach this cache, 
they'll arm themselves with rifles and come after you. Additionally, a 
small squad of Union soldiers is already armed, behind a wood barricade 
just past the chimney, and will attack you as soon as the commotion 
starts. There are two things you can do here. First, you use the 
chimney as cover and pick off the Union soldiers with your pistol as 
they come to attack you (there's a box of pistol ammo conveniently 
situated there). 

Secondly, you can run to the weapons cache yourself, sticking to the 
far left side of the map to avoid the Union riflemen. Shoot any unarmed 
Union soldiers ahead of you. Once you reach the cache, all the unarmed 
Union soldiers should try to approach it from the South. Just stand 
between them and the weapons cache and point your pistol directly at 
them, and they'll cower in fear instead of running forward. Use this 
opportunity to pick them off with headshots from your pistol. While 
you're doing this, your Confederate allies should be engaging the Union 
riflemen line. As soon as you're done mowing down the unarmed soldiers, 
go and help your teammates finish off the Union line. A couple unarmed 
Union soldiers will still be hanging around, but they won't move at all 
and will simply cower in one spot until you shoot them. 

- Take out the firing lines

You'll be rewarded with this objective as soon as all 5 Union soldiers 
in the forward line are dead. In the unlikely event you've lost health, 
there's a health kit on the right (South) side of the camp among the 
ammunition crates that form the forward barricade. There's also pistol 
ammo in a box on the left (North) side of the barricade. Slightly 
forward (East) of the weapons cache is a large stack of ammunition 
supplies, among which you can find an ammo box containing a single 
Ketchum grenade.

You now need to engage the Union riflemen inside the camp itself. Use 
the tents for cover and pick them off with your pistol and the muskets 
you get off their dead bodies. Take out all the Union soldiers in the 
first couple of tent rows first, don't advance forward until you're 
ready for the next objective.

If you need armor, there's an armor plate behind a pile of boxes in the 
center of the camp's tent rows. 

- Stop the wagons from escaping

As soon as you move past the second row of tents, off in the distance 
you'll see a horse-drawn wagon running from the left (North) side of 
the map to the right (South) side. If it manages to go all the way to 
the right side of the map and escape, you'll fail the objective (you 
won't lose the game, but you won't be rewarded with the objective). To 
stop the wagons, simply run forward (East) quickly. Before you reach 
the last row of tents, you'll be told the wagons have been stopped and 
be rewarded with the objective. Be sure to retreat a little as soon as 
you complete the objective, or else you'll attract the attention of a 
large group of Union soldiers standing just ahead. 

- Secure the supply lines

Forward (East) past the tents is an open area with some tables and a 
couple of wagons. Standing in the middle of this open area is a group 
of several Union riflemen armed with scoped muskets. Using the tents as 
cover, lean out and shoot these guys with muskets and your pistol. Once 
all of the Union soldiers in this group are dead, you'll complete the 

The two stationary wagons at the far end of the camp contain supplies 
if you need any, the left wagon has an armor plate in the driver seat 
and some pistol ammo and bowie knives in the back. The right wagon has 
a health kit in the back. 

- Check camp for stragglers (???) 
Again, I have no idea how to accomplish this mission objective. After 
you kill the group of Union soldiers guarding the supply lines, several 
more Union soldiers will respawn back at the camp. There are a couple 
among the tents in the Northwest corner of the camp, a couple near the 
weapons cache, and a couple in the middle of the camp. I killed them 
all, but still couldn't receive this objective.  

Anyway, when you're done with the level approach the Southeast corner 
of the map (the far right end where all the wagons were running to) to 
end the level. 


Camp Clearing:

Mission Objectives:

You begin the level on a narrow dirt road that runs along the left 
(North) side of the camp, accompanied by a squad of Confederate 
riflemen. Ahead of you on the road you should see a line of four Union 
riflemen armed with muskets. To your right (South) in front of you is a 
small group of tents within which you can find a health kit, armor 
plate, and box of pistol ammo. Take cover within the tents and take out 
the Union soldiers from their. Your men will assist with the first 
line, but don't be too reliant on them because they sometimes stay 
where they are instead of following you into the first clearing. 
Anyway, follow the dirt road past the line of trees to reach the first 

- Take out Union communications

On the right (South) side of the first clearing is a very large tent 
guarded by a few Union soldiers. Inside the tent, besides some ammo and 
a health kit, you should see two wooden boxes that give off an 
extremely, painfully bright glow. These are the Union communications 
devices. Smash them both (any weapon works) to accomplish the objective 
(oddly enough, the painfully bright glow remains even after you destroy 
the equipment). 

- Secure intelligence papers

On the left (North) side of the first clearing are a group of four long 
tents, two of which are big enough to enter. On a table in the South-
eastern tent is a plate of armor and a note. Pick up the note to 
accomplish the objective. This tent also contains a couple Union 
soldiers, and more soldiers will spawn nearby and attack you as soon as 
you pick up the note, so prepare for a fight. 
You can also find some grenades in a box under the table if you need 

- Stop soldiers from fleeing, arming and resisting

Continue following the dirt road on the left (North) past the row of 
trees that separate the first clearing from the second clearing. In the 
second clearing, in the distance ahead of you on the dirt road, you 
should see a Union rifleman kneeling in the middle of the road. Snipe 
this guy to achieve the objective.
- Find and free Confederate P.O.W.'s

In the far right (Southeast) corner of the second clearing is a series 
of tents, the furthest of which is large enough to enter. This tent is 
guarded by a few Union troops, and inside are three unarmed Confederate 
soldiers sitting around in chairs. Kill all the Union troops and the 
Confederates will run for it, and you'll accomplish the objective. 

- Dismantle cannon armory

At the eastern end of the second clearing is the cannon battery, 
guarded by several Union snipers. To complete the objective, destroy 
the cannons with grenades until you receive a message telling you that 
you're done. You don't need to destroy all the cannons, just enough to 
trigger the success message. Be careful, though, because the cannon 
area is being bombarded by cannon blasts from your own side, and you 
may take damage if you get caught by a stray explosion. Grenades to 
destroy the cannons can be found in the ammunition stockpiles (large 
wooden barricades) that are at the center of each of the two clearings. 
- Clear camp area of all stragglers (???)

Again, I can't figure out how to accomplish this final objective. I 
killed everyone I could find, and still wasn't rewarded. Anyway, even 
without accomplishing this objective, you can still finish the level. 
The exit is the big opening at the end of the left dirt road, in the 
Northeastern corner of the map. 


The Wilderness:

Mission Objectives:
- Eliminate Union firing lines

The Wilderness is a winding path through the forest that curves and 
zig-zags. The path is relatively narrow and straightforward.

You begin the mission accompanied by a squad of 5 Confederate riflemen. 
Just ahead of you is the first Union firing line, consisting of 5 Union 
troops armed with muskets. Also ahead of you is a crashed wagon which 
you can take cover behind, and near which you can find a health kit, an 
armor plate, and a box of pistol ammo.
As you engage the first Union firing line, a few of them may run off 
and attempt to hide in the woods to the left of the road. This area is 
a small clearing inside the woods, and the surviving Union soldiers 
will attempt to hide in the darkness near the back. Hunt them down and 
kill them. Be sure you kill all 5 Union soldiers. Don't rely on your 
Confederate allies, even though they chase the fleeing Union troops 
into the woods, they often fail to find them in the dark. 

Past the first Union firing line is a cart filled with ammo crates, 
behind which you'll find a box of ammo. Also past the first Union 
firing line is another section of road, at the end of which you'll find 
the second Union firing line (armed with scoped muskets), as well as 
another smashed wagon with health, armor, and ammo next to it. 

A few members of the second Union firing line will probably approach 
you during the fight with the first firing line to see what all the 
commotion is all about. They'll retreat back to the second firing line 
as soon as you start shooting them. Kill them all. The members of the 
second firing line don't seem to try and hide, but you should make sure 
you kill all 5 of them anyway.

Past the second firing line is a short section of road, to the left of 
which is a stone barricade and a small grass field. Do NOT go straight 
down the road, instead go around it through the grass field. If you 
were to go straight down the road, you'd be blown up by a cannonball 

Anyway, continue following the road, and you should eventually see a 
long stone wall to your right with some pistol ammo next to it. At the 
end of the stone wall is the third and final Union firing line. As 
usual, there are 5 of them, and like the second firing line they're 
armed with scoped muskets. Most will charge right at you, but some may 
somehow manage to get into a sniping perch in the branches of the 
nearby trees. If you see a Union soldier suddenly vanish from the road, 
look up at the tree he was standing next to. They can be hard to see in 
the dark, but your crosshair should give them away. Once you kill all 5 
soldiers, you'll achieve the objective (you won't receive a message, 
but a chime will play and it will be marked on your mission menu). If 
you aren't given the objective, it means you didn't kill all 15 Union 
firing line soldiers.

Just before you reach the third Union firing line, there's a clearing 
to the left of the road with some health and armor behind a tree if you 
need it.

Moving past the third Union firing line, look to your left off the 
road. You should see a clearing through the woods that turns into a 
hill sloping upwards. Make a note of this location, you'll be coming 
back later. For now, continue down the main road. 

- Repluse the ambush (yes, that's how they spelled it) 
Past the 3rd and final Union firing line, keep following the winding 
road and you should eventually see a pair of Union riflemen off in the 
distance, next to a cart filled with ammo crates. If you look closely, 
you should see that the trees to the right of the cart are extremely 
thin (like the bars of a grate), and behind them a large ground of 
Union troops is clearly visible. These guys will open fire on you as 
soon as you step into their line of sight. To deal with them, use one 
of the real trees as cover, and lean out and shoot them through the 
gaps in the ambush grate. Once you've killed several of them, you'll 
accomplish the objective. Go ahead and kill the rest of the so they 
won't shoot you when you walk past. 

Next to the ammo cart is a box containing a single Ketchum grenade. I 
have absolutely no idea what it's for, but it's there. 

Anyway, if you want, you can continue following the road. It terminates 
at the base of a slope that leads upward to a wall of trees that form 
the edge of the map. Continue going forward and you'll end the level 
and beat the game. However, there's one more task that you can perform, 
if you want to get some real closure in the game. Turn around and head 
back to the spot I told you about earlier, the clearing ahead and to 
the left of where you fought the 3rd Union firing line. 

- Find and capture the Union hiding place

The clearing is an upward sloping hill, at the top of which is a 
cleverly concealed cabin not visible from the main road. This house is 
guarded by several Union troops, and is the site of the final fight. 
Massacre the Union troops guarding the house however you see fit, 
finishing off the final trooper in the cabin's entryway to accomplish 
the objective. Then enter the cabin for the climactic endgame.

- Help your friend William Russell

In the back room of the cabin, you'll find a health kit, an armor 
plate, an ammo box containing many bowie knives, two doors that 
apparently cannot be opened, and a dead Union officer facedown on the 
floor. "It's William!" the game will exclaim, telling you the fate of 
the poor schmo who you played way back in Fredericksburg and whose 
friendly letters you've been receiving throughout the entire game. 
Search his body to find one last letter and get a clue as to the nature
of your final objective. 

As soon as you read the letter, a count-down will start on the screen, 
giving you 2 minutes to accomplish your final task, to locate William 
Russell's field chest and deliver it to his widow and their newborn 

Unfortunately, I was never able to locate old Will's field chest, which
made finishing this objective, the game's climactic task, a complete 

However, Gabriel Casey writes that:

  I noticed on your faq that you said you couldnt find williams chest.
  All you have to do is go in the direction that the ambush was and stay
  on that road. Right up towards the exit to the left right off the road
  there will be a chest that looks just like one of the ammo boxes, but
  its williams chest. Hope this helps.

And indeed, the field chest is where he says it is. Past the ambush and
before the exit, the dirt road makes a little S shaped curve. The field
chest is a small metal box lying on the ground at the very tip of the 
bump in the curve. It's on the left of the road, at the point where the
grass meets the bare dirt road. 

By startling coincidence, the field chest also seems to double as 
General Howard's treasury as well as General Howard's intelligence 
officer (or at least that's what the game tells you. Must be one heck
of a field chest.) 

Anyway, pick the chest up to accomplish the game's final objective.
You won't get anything special other than the warm fuzzy feeling 
obsessive-complusives like me get from finishing everything there
is to finish, but hey that's better than nothing.  

NOTE: You actually don't have to wait until after finding William's 
body to pick up the field chest. In fact, you can do it at any point
in the mission. The countdown also doesn't seem to do anything
either, as the chest will still be there even after time runs out.

In any case, head to the end of the dirth road once all your objectives
have been accomplished to end the game. Enjoy the ending. Well,
actually, there is no ending. Nothing. Nada. Even Medal of Honor: 
Allied Assault had a five second cutscene of stuff blowing up. Oh well.
At least you've beaten the game.

NOTE: Beating the game lets you play any mission from the beginning.
However, you'll start with 0 skill points and no skills. So if you want
to keep those hard-earned skill points and helpful skills you pick up as
you play the game, I suggest you save at the beginning of each level on
your first play-through, and load from those. 
Copyright 2004 Alan Chan

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