Going to Sleep Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Going to Sleep

Going to Sleep


1. zoom on sofa, click between 1st and 2nd cushions - take NET.
2. go to room with blue mattress. zoom on mattress - take PHONE.
3. zoom on table - click under table and take BOX. return, click 
   on bottom of the lamp, click on colorful cubes.
4. now this is the tricky part: the cubes are infact 3D numbers. 
   tilt your head to the left and look at the cube sideways. USE 
   YOUR IMAGINATION; it's hard but doable.
5. use the numbers on the phone. you've got a birthday present at 
   the door!
7. in same room catch 5 spiders usind the net and the ctrl button. 
   make sure the box is closed.
8. go to hallway (the uppermost room) and take the present. it's a 
9. zoom on stairs. that girl who likes lost comes. open box with 
   spiders infront of her (press box in inventory then press "detail"
   under the inventory ber). take KEY.
10. go to basement (the door opposit to fridge).
11. this is the part where it's not a exactly room escape game and it's
    more like RPG games. you'll have to do on your own. at first move 
    around the left of the screen where the spiders are weaker. you'll 
    go up in levels and strength. your mission is double - you have to 
    go back with at least one slice of spider meat and with peper sauce.

- for meat: kill spiders. eventually you'll get a steak.
- for sauce: when you're strong enough find your way through the maze untill 
  you find a red cross on the floor (it's around the bottom left part of the 
  maze). zoom on cross. fight mouse/fox and get PEPER SAUCE.

- to regain strength you can eat a piece of meat or either go up to sleep 
  (zoom on white mattress).
- don't worry if you die, you loose a bit of exp points but you wake up 
  upstairs with all your things.
- when you're strong - you can go up, zoom on cupboards arounb sink and 
  open the 2nd from the right door and take THE CURSED CANDLE. you will 
  be able to see more in the basement. i was able to take it when i was on 
  level 7.
12. go back up (zoom on stairs at left upper corner).
13. go to kitchen. zoom on cupboard around sink. click to look up (next to 
    the back button). open cupboard and take COOKING PAN.
14. zoom on fridge. open fridge door and take bowl. open freezer door and 
    note the iced keys.
15. zoom on stove. put on stove the pan, on it a piece of steak and on it 
    the sauce. turn on the fire. stop it the moment it turns dark. it might
    take a cupple of tries.
16. zoom on stairs. another girl comes and says she's hungry. give her the 
    cooked steak. take TOILET PAPER.
17. go to door next to t.v. and zoom. knock on the door. give the guy the 
    toileet paper. knock again and give him bowl - he'll return it with water.
18. go to kitchen. zoom on microwave (you'll have to be below the stove). 
    put bowl inside.
19. now you'll have to move fast: wait until there are bubbles in bowl and 
    immediately take it out. go fast to fridge and zoom. open freezer door 
    and pour VERY FAST the water on keys. take KEYS. if the bubbles dissapears
    you have to re-heat the water.
20. zoom on stairs and use keys on first door.

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