Golden Gate Killer Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Golden Gate Killer

Golden Gate Killer

* Click on the badge whenever it appears yellow to receive tips from
  the actual officers. Some tips here are needed to continue the game. * Scan
  each location´s screen  for clues. To do this, move the mouse  pointer over
  every inch of the screen. If the mouse pointer´s icon  changes, click the
  left mouse button to examine that spot more  closely.

* When interviewing/interrogating a person, be sure that you ask all
  there is to ask on the particular subject. You can do this by  continuing
  to double-click on the persons comments until they say  "that´s all I
  know", or "That´s all I have to say about that".  Also,  cross-reference
  comments from others in your notepad with each person  you speak with.

* Check your answering machine whenever the red message light is
  blinking. Much of the information given is needed to continue the  game.

* Keep an eye on your watch. Some locations may be closed if it is not
  during normal business hours.

* Re-visit locations at different times of the day and different days
  of the week.

* Check forensic/autopsy report as soon as they are available and
  review reports in the beginning of each new day for possible updates.

Local Business Hours:
Selectra Garage:             9am-6pm
Presidio race Track:         11am-6pm
Big Island Real Estate       9am-6pm

Warning: The following information is a quick route through the game
and can decrease the user´s overall enjoyment of playing  SFPD Homicide if
used improperly. These hints should be read only one or two at a time and
only if the user is in dire need of a clue.

Beginning the Game:
After meeting your partner, Inspector Manserro, click on the map at
the bottom of your screen. Click on Pier 91 to go there.

At Pier 91:
Be sure to scan the entire area for evidence. Note that there are
several objects on the body as well as strewn about the crime scene. You
will  also want to interview all of the people at the scene, especially the
coroner, he will give you his estimates for body weight, height, age and
ethnic persuasion. More exact estimates will be given to after the autopsy
reports are completed.

Select the following objects:
* The tire tracks-test for imprint
* The Concrete on the victim´s body-test for chemical
* The tire iron-test for blood
* The wash cloth in the victim´s mouth-test for fiber

Return to your office by first clicking on the map at the bottom of your
screen, then on your office on the map.

At your office:
* Click the gold badge at the bottom of your screen to receive a message
  from  Frank Falzon (the Homicide inspector in the real Body in the Bay
* Click on the computer on your desk. Select the Missing Persons database.
  Click the characteristics which the coroner described to you. Keep in mind
  that these were just estimates and are not exact measurements. The autopsy
  reports will have the most accurate measurements. When you think you have a
  match, try to identify the body at the morgue. Repeat this step until you are
  able to have someone identify the body.
* Interview the person who identifies the victim. Be sure to ask them
  all  that you can. Keep double-clicking on each comment until the person
  runs out  of responses.
* Click on the note in your notebook: Victim´s Family until Lisa had
  drug  problems comes up.
* Click on November 8th until Was at Club 11 comes up
* Click on Was at Club 11 until He arrived at 7:00 comes up
* Click on Worked at Pacific Power until Mickey Threatened victim comes up.
* Click on the close tab on you notepad and click on the map. The program  will ask
  you to insert disk 2.

The first thing to do is check out the witness at Club 11 and check out
all the evidence at the victim´s appartement ( you must do this first or you
won´t be having the lab report on time and you won´t be able to see Carlotta
Dubrow until the second week ).

You´ll first want to talk with the building super, Phil Valliente.
Ask him about victim´s family ( 2 x ), construction work ( 2 x ), 8th November
( 2 x ), and the argument ( 2 x ). Then go inside.

Try  to find evidence, such as fingerprints, that places a suspect in
Charlie´s  apartment. Also try to find evidence of a murder, such as blood
stains and  fiber that matches evidence found on pier 91.

In the living room:
* Check all the items for fingerprints.
* There is an important piece of evidence on the rug. Run the relevant test.

In the Bathroom:
* Look for similarities between items in this room and those found on pier  91.

In the Kitchen:
* Listen to all the messages on Charlie´s answering machine. * look at
  Charlie´s calendar.
* Come back to Charlie´s apartment on November 20th and look in the
  kitchen  for the mail. It will contain an important piece of evidence. In
  the Bedroom:
* Look at the documents in the drawers by the bed.

There are five serious suspects in the game. The victim´s son Earl and
daughter Lisa are two. To find the other three, first go to the City Club
and  ask Ed Beck the bartender about Charlie´s enemies. Ask Ed about all
the  comments that the victim´s son Earl made earlier.

1. To find Dave Murray
   After asking Ed Beck about Denise, ask him about Dave. You´ll find
   Dave  at the Selectra Garage. Be sure to question all persons there.

2. To find Tony Gormier
   You will first need to have asked Ed Beck about Charlie´s gambling.
   Then Harry Redmont about Charlie gambled.
   You´ll find Tony at the Presidio Race Track. Be sure to question all
   persons  there too. Ask Gormier about Charlie owed him money after questioning
   Sid Rizzo. Then check out about Toni is a bookie with his worker : Bill Kavett.

3. To find Mickey Lamar
   Go to Pacific Power on the map. Once there, click on Stuart and
   cross  reference the comment made earlier (by Earl in your notepad) Mickey
   Lamar  threatened victim until Stuart tells you where Mickey lives.

Phone Messages:
 In addition to messages from the lab you may hear from witnesses to
 whom  you have already talked. Their messages are important and will appear
 in  their notepad and in their witness statements. When you get a message
 from  Phil Valiente follow it up. It contains important information.

Gathering Evidence in Charlie´s Apartment:
 To Interrogate, Get Search Warrants, and Arrest
 To interrogate a suspect you must put sufficient evidence into that
 suspect´s folder so that Inspector Manserro gives you the go ahead. You
 copy  the information by clicking on physical, document, or witness
 statements in  you casebook until they highlight. Then you click on your
 suspect page under  Physical, Documents, or Witness and the information
 will be copied onto it.

To get enough evidence to interrogate Mickey:
* Copy into his suspect file Mickey threatened victim, from Harry, from
  Earl,  and Stuart.
* Check his DMV records. These records will appear in his Witness file
  in  your casebook under background information. Copy the information into
  his  suspect file.
* Copy Nov. 8 from Earl´s file into Mickey´s suspect file. * When you
  interrogate Mickey, ask him about his parking ticket. Keep  pressing until
  he tells you the truth.

To get enough evidence to interrogate and get search warrant against Lisa:
* Copy physical evidence linking her to charlie´s apartment as well
  as blood  stains, and other physical evidence of the murder found in the
* Authenticate documents found in the apartment, such as life
  insurance  policy, checkbook, and canceled checks (found in mail). When the
  tests come  back, copy the results into her suspect page.
* Copy into her suspect file statements from witnesses about her hating
  her  brother and father. Talk to Johno, and Denise.
* With this information you will also be able to get a search warrant
  against  Lisa. When you search her car, test her tire iron for blood. Once
  you get  information on the tire iron, interrogate her.

To get enough evidence to interrogate and get a search warrant against Earl:
* Copy physical evidence linking him to Charlie´s apartment as well as
  blood  stains, and other physical evidence of the murder found in the
* Authenticate documents fond in the apartment, such as life
  insurance  policy, and credit cards (found in mail). When tests come back
  copy results  into his suspect page.
* Copy into her suspect file statements from Matri Di from Club 11 about
  when  Earl arrived on November 8th, and the statement from Sid Rizzo.
* With this information you will also be able to get a search warrant
  against  Earl. When you search his car test and compare the concrete and
  tires. Once  you get  this information interrogate him again and get his
  alibi on the  concrete, credit cards, tires, and his gambling debts.
  Then go to Harry Redmont at Pacific Power to challenge his credit card alibi
  and to Louie Simmons at Big Island Realty to challenge the concrete alibi.

To arrest Earl:
 If you have the physical evidence linking him to Charlie´s apartment,
 the  blood evidence on the apartment rug, the comparison of pier 91 wash
 cloth and  apartment towels, the life insurance policy, the tire, credit
 card, and  concrete test comparrison results, the testimony of the Matri Di
 of Club 11,  Testimony of Harry on credit cards, Louie on concrete alibi.

To get enough evidence to interrogate Dave:
* Copy into his suspect file statements from witnesses about his being
  jealous, confronting Sally, or threatening Charlie.
* Copy fingerprint tests linking him to Charlie´s apartment as well as
  blood  stains, and other physical evidence of the murder found in the
* Look up his police record. Then Copy his record from his file
  which is  under background information in his witness file onto his suspect

To get enough evidence to get a search warrant against Dave:
* Ask Dave when interrogating him about  his fingerprints Charlie´s  apartment. Copy
  his response into hi suspect file.
* When you search his car, test his tires and compare the results to
  previous  evidence.

To arrest Dave (but you can´t get him to court):
 If you the physical evidence linking him to Charlie´s apartment, his
 admission of being there, his arrest record, and testimony from Harry and
 Sally about his threats, you have enough evidence to arrest him.

How to win the game by arresting Earl:
- MEANS: The blood stain on rug
         The towel analysis that match the cloth in the victim´s mouth
- MOTIVES: The insurance policy
           Earl admit his gambling debts ( Earl Rice )
           Father and son owed Tony money ( Sid Rizzo )
- OPPORTUNITIES: The cancelled checks ( from the mail )
                 Earl arrived at 9.30 PM ( Carlotta Dubrow )
                 Concrete fragments that match the concrete on the victim
                 Earl´s tire match
                 The note in the book ( from the bedroom )
                 Fingerprints on the telephone

Things that can be analyzed :
- From the appartement living room :
       Ashtray  ---  Fingerprints
       Beer bottle --- Fingerprints
       Fingerprints on the right wall  ---  Fingerprints, chemical
       Lamp  -- Fingerprints
       Bottle of Henessy  --- Fingerprints
       Telephone  --- Fingerprints
       Stereo  ---  Fingerprints

- Appartement Bedroom:
       Inside the drawer --> Insurance policy  --- handwriting
                             Checkbook  ---  handwriting
                             Bill/Receipt  --- handwriting
       On the dresser  --> Note in the book --- handwriting
                           Inside jewelry book --- all for fingerprints
       On the bed  --> Betting slip  ---  handwriting

- Appartement´s kitchen :
       Calendar  ---  handwriting
       Answering machine  --- listen
       Mails  -->  Cancelled checks  --- handwriting
                   Credit card  --- handwriting Pizza
- Appartement´s bathroom :
       Towel  --- Fiber
       Brush  --- Fingerprints
       In the medicine cabinet -->  Pills --- fingerprints, chemical
                                    Cough medicine  --- fingerprints
- Pier 91 :
       Chunk of conrete  --- chemical
       Rag cloth  --- chemical
       Rope  --- fiber
       Wash cloth  --- fiber
       Tire iron  --- blood
       Tire tread  --- imprint
       Shirt and pants  --- fiber

- Earl´s car :
       Tire  --- imprint
       Concrete fragments  ---  chemical
       Golf club
       Garage remote  -- fingerprints
       Cup and journal

- Dave´s car:
       Dave´s tire  ---  imprints
       All things in trunk are no use at all
       All things in the car are no use at all

- Lisa´s car
       Tire iron  --- blood
       Tires  --- imprints
       The others are no use

P.S : Try to check out the evidences in the cars before the first day ( or on
      the beginning of the first day, especially Earl´s car ) in the second
      week, or it´ll be too late. And check the mail at the end of day five.

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