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Included how teaching style influences studiousness
Corrected stressed out effect
Added note on the Golden week (first week of May)

Written by Mstr, 9. August, 2000 -
Copyright 2000 by Mstr                                                   
You may not change the contents of this FAQ. You must ask permission 
before using this FAQ on your web page. This FAQ or parts of it may not 
be sold or otherwise used for profit.

1- Gameplay
2- Stats
3- Weekend activities
4- How to win the game

A quick note: there is another walkthrough/hint page on the net. Sadly,
I forgot the url, so you'll have to find it on your own. It goes into
more detail and has some nice tables, but in my opinion doesn't always
give the right answers (at least my observations were not the same).
For instance, it doesn't mention how your attitude when talking to the
girls over the weekend influences their stat increase/decrease.
Nevertheless, if you like the game, be sure to check it out as well,
especially if you don't find the answer you were looking for in this


First, let me tell you a little about the game (though if you are reading
this you most likely know what it is about). You are a new teacher, who
is assigned a class of 5 girls one year from graduation. Your goal should
be to get them all excepted in a top univerity by the end of the year.
This is not an easy task, but it is possible. The game itself is a life-
sim, comparable to Tokimeki memorial or the Princess maker games. It's
not quite as complicated, so you can figure it out quite easily. Winning
the game is quite another matter though.

You teach the girls in 3 subjects: English, History and Math. At the
start of each week od class you can choose the subject you will focus on,
change the seating arrangement, change the teaching style and (depending
on the teaching style) choose the focus student. This can influence how
much the girls learn in the extreme, so be sure to do a good job. Over
the weekend you can change the weekend plans for one girl and decide how
you will be spending your weekend. If a girl spends her weekend in the
same place as you, you will be able to influence her further when you
meet her at the end of the day. Also, if you spend the weekend in school,
you can have a talk with one of the girls before starting the week, in
which you can further influence her stats. If you spend the weekend out
of school, you can take one of the girls to dinner or check up on the
girls, to see if they are doing something improper.

I won't be going into details, as the controls are easy, and you should
get the hang of them quickly.

Depending on their stats, the girls will get various status effects.
These are bad, and can be cured by lowering the corresponding stat, or
counseling the girl. Counseling removes all effects except exhaustion
and sickness. Exhaustion can only be removed by resting, taking a day
off, or treating the girl to dinner. Sickness cannot be removed; the
girl will get healthy on her own after a while.

When meeting the girls over the weekend you can choose you answers.
Depending on what you tell them, their stats will change to a degree.


The girls all have various stats, which influence how they behave in and
outside of class. Having low or very high stats is bad, as they can cause
many status effects... bad ones. First, lets look at the stats:

STAMINA: Basicly, this is the energy the girl has. The maximum stamina is
         based on the strength stat (max stamina = strength). Every 
         activity decreases stamina more or less. The stamina is maxed by
         taking a day off (only you can tell a girl to take a day off),
         resting, or taking the girl out to dinner. Low stamina (below 20
         or so) can cause a girl to become exhausted, decreasing her speed
         of learning. If you let it drop too low (below 10 or so), the
         girl can become sick, missing class for a few days. She will
         return with full stamina.

STRENGTH: Strength determines the max stamina for a girl. The higher the
          better, as the girl will require rest less often. Strength is
          increased by gymnastics, or (rarely) by aerobics. There seem to
          be no status effects directly related to high or low strength.

FRIEND-  : I combined these two stats as they are related; increasing one
SHIP AND : will usually lower the other and vice versa. There are no 
RESPECT  : activities that lower or decrease these directly, rather they
           are influenced by your stance towards the girls when you meet
           them at an activity. Taking a strict attitude will increase
           respect, while lowering friendship a little, taking a relaxed
           attitude does the opposite. Also, gifts, dinners and teaching
           style influence these stats, but the real trick in increasing
           these two stats is in talking to the girls often when you
           meet them outside of school. Low frienship or respect will
           cause the girl to loose her trust in you, and she might run
           away. This is really bad, so keep these stats high. However,
           this is not so easy as random special events will continualy
           decrease both stats (Myna is a pain here). If both stats are
           very high the girl can become in love with you. This does not
           show as a status change, but you should notice a difference in
           the girls expression and she will study more in class, so this
           is actually a good thing. It is rare though, so don't hope on
           it happening often.

ELEGANCE: Elegance is increased by Flower arranging and Church. Having
          low elegance is not really a problem, a high one is however.
          High elegance can cause a girl to become stuck up, and she
          will learn nothing in class. Rather, her stats will decrease.
          The only help to this is counseling or decreasing elegance.

CHARM: Charm is increased by Aerobics, rarely by other activities. Charm
       influences the relationships between girls. High charm will cause
       the other girls to like her more, meaning other girls will learn
       more if you focus on her when studying. High charm makes it more
       likely the girl will date over the weekend, which is REAL bad, so
       do not let it get too high, but unless it is in the 90's, don't
       bother lowering it.

STUDIOUSNESS: determines how likely the girl is to study during weekends
              or holydays, as well as how much she will learn in class
              each week. This is a bit of a two-edged sword, as you need
              very high studiousness to get the girls to study, but if
              it gets too high the girls will get stressed out and won't
              learn anything in class. She still learns from activities
              though. This is the most important stat, so keep it high
              (over 80, above 85 is best for free study). Teaching style
              can also raise or lower this stat. Lenient teaching style
              will increase studiousness by 2-5 points per week, strict
              style tends to lower it by a few points, and free study
              does nothing - it depends on what activities the girl takes.

ENGLISH : This shows how many points the girl has in a subject. To get in
HISTORY : a top univerity you will need to get a total score of about 1500
MATH    : points combined. Also, the number of points influences the grade
          the girl will be getting, but this is not really that important.
          Try to keep the numbers balanced though (all 3 stats around 500
          by the end of the year).

There are some other status changes that seem to be more or less random.
They are:

Moodyness: the girl will learn slower. After a few days like this, it will
change to...
Fight: when the girl is fighting with another girl, she will learn nothing
and her stats will drop (like stuck up)
In Love: when a girl is in love she will study less, sort of like moodyness
Heartbroken: usually follows In Love, but can happen before a girl falls
in love. The girl will learn nothing, and may run away.

The girl can also become unhappy if she is not learning anything in class.
This will cause studiousness to drop, and she will learn slower later on
because of it. To prevent this form happening, be sure that no girl has
+0 points when assigning classes at the start of the week. Also, if the
girl cuts school all 5 days in a week, she will get unhappy, but there is
not much you can do about that except raising her studiousness so she'll
stop cutting class. Sari can be a pain here since she cuts school often.


During the weekend, each girl will pick something to do over the weekend.
Since some activities can be very bad for the stats, here are the basic
meanings of them. Note that for most activities, a lot depends on how you
speak with a girl if you meet her at the activity, so this will be only
a basic overwiev, not an exact table.

Before starting the weekend, you can change the schedule for one girl and
set how you want to spend your weekend. Generaly, you will want to meet
as many of the girls as possible over the weekend, since that will let
you control their stats the most. Also, this gives you the chance to let
the girls do stuff they would not be doing ordinarily (like taking a day

This means the girl will study over the weekend. There are 3 different
classes, just like in school; english, history and math. The girls don't
pick this themselves, unless you warn them about their studiousness.
Each lesson will raise the coresponding stat for 9 points, and their
studiousness depending on how you talk to them. This is the best way
to raise studiousness.

Also, the girls might decide to brush up on their studies on their own,
by going to the library, A.V. lab, or Comp Lab. This will raise the
coresponding stat by 18 points, but will raise studiousness to a much
lesser degree. You cannot choose these when making the schedule for a
girl. (note: if you see one of these with anyone except Misa, DON'T
change it. It is just about the best thing you could wish for.)

This means the girls will brush up on their other stats. These are ok,
as they usually don't lower any vital stats seriously. You can also
choose Gym, Aerobics or Flower Arranging when setting a girls schedule.
Gym will raise strength by about 2 points. It makes no difference how
you talk to the girl when you meet her.
Flower arranging will raise elegance. Since this is usually not a good
thing be carefull how you talk to the girl should you meet her. Talking
strictly will cause elegance to raise up to 9 points! Talking friendly
however raises it only a point or 2 (or is it the other way around? I'm
not 100% on this one).
Aerobics raises charm mostly. As far as conversation goes, do the 
opposite than with flower aranging to raise or lower stats.
There are two other activities here, namely piano lessons and cooking
lessons. You can't choose them, but you don't need to, since they seem
to raise or lower elegance and charm, but that is no sure thing. Also
it seems to make no difference how you talk if you meet a girl.

These are activities outside of school. You want the girls to have as
few of these as possible, since they will lower most stats. The only
good activity is Rest, since it refills stamina.
Among the less harmful are Church and Movies. These will actually raise
a few stats, so you don't have to panic. As for the other, remove them
if you can.
Karaoke, Disco, Party and Cruising are very bad. They decrease stamina
and all other stats like crazy. Dating is also bad, but, you can't
really influence that as it shows up only after you start the weekend.
If you see two of these in a row, be sure to change the schedule.
You can lower the loss of points by talking correctly should you meet
the girls (usually strict), but it is rarely worth it.

The only activity you can choose here is to take a day off. It is the
same as rest, but without the drop in stats. The girls NEVER choose
this on their own.


Here is a quick list of all the things that the girls can do over the
weekend, starting with the ones you can choose:

History, English, Math
Aerobics, Flower Arranging, Gymnastics
Day off (only if you choose it)
Library, A.V. Lab, Comp Lab
Church, Cooking, Piano
Rest, Movies, Karaoke, Disco, Party, Cruising
Date (happens after setting the schedule sometimes)


There are some other things that influence stats; gifts, dinners and
speaking with a girl before the start of a week. Gifts will raise
friendship and, depending on the gift, charm, elegance or respect.
Gifts cost money though, so don't overdo it. Buying a girl dinner also
costs money, and will change her stats depending on where you take her.
Dinners lower studiousness, but refill stamina completly and raise
some stats depending on how expensive the meal is. You can only buy a
girl dinner if you don't spend your weekend in school, but it is not
worth it (in my opinion). Also, don't buy a girl too many dinners or
you just might end up marrying her (this is considered a bad ending).
If you stay in school during the weekend you can talk to a girl before
the classes start. If you praise a stat, that stat will drop a bit.
This is useful if you are worried that the stat is too high and want
to prevent a status change (this is very useful to lower elegance).
A severe warning will raise respect and lower friendship a little.
The next weekend, the girl will spend both days raising that stat.
Only warning her a little seems to have no effect. You can also counsel
a girl if she has a status effect. This will make the effect go away,
and if it was stat related it will lower that stat to 70 points (for
instance, counseling a stuck up girl will reduce her elegance to 70)



Well, there are many endings, but your goal is to get all the girls in
a top university. To do that, all of them will need a combined 1500
points in english, history and math.

First, a few basic tips. Try not to have any stats colored red, except
for stamina. Your first goal should be to raise the studiousness of all
girls to around 60-70 points. At this level they won't cut class so
much and will learn more in school. Only then raise the other stats,
while raising the studiousness to over 80. Start with lenient teaching
style, and as the girls' studiousness increases, try strict, later
free study. Be careful, strict study drains a lot of stamina. Make sure
that all girls learn at least a little every week. If you don't teach
them anything, they will get upset.

Not enough? Well, here is a bit more detailed explanation. First, get
familiar with the girls. Here are a few tips.
Misa: Misa is quite smart and likes to study. She doesn't have many
      friends in class though. Don't make the mistake of ignoring her
      in the begining, as her studiousness can drop quickly. You will
      need her to work on her charm and strength. Also, don't put her
      in the back row unless she is your focus. She doesn't like to
      sit there and will learn nothing most of the time.
Sari: Sari is a though one. She starts with very low important stats,
      so you will have attend to her a lot during the first weeks.
      Make sure you talk to her often in the begining, alternating
      between strict and laid back responses. A music box won't hurt
      either. Also, you will need to raise her studiousness fast, or
      she'll be cutting school a lot. Once you raise the stats you
      won't have many problems with her.
Cindy: Cindy's main problem is her studiousness. Raise it fast. She's
       not really that difficult to manage, so you should be ok.
Rica: Since Rica is not in any imediate danger stat-wise, you might
      make the mistake of forgetting about her. Don't. You will need
      to spend a lot of time tutoring her, especialy later in the
      game, as she doesn't seem to like learning no matter what.
Myna: Personaly, I find Myna extremely annoying for 2 reasons. No.1,
      she has extremely low strength, which means she will have to
      rest often. She's an idiot though, and won't rest on her own,
      so you'll have to waste many schedules on her. No. 2. She's
      incredibly talented for getting into trouble, which means her
      friendliness and respect will go down the toilet in the second
      part of the game. Annoying as hell, but at least she has high

You should start by teaching leniently. In the begining, this is the
best method, as all of the girls will learn something. Once they are
studying harder, try to switch to strict once in a while. When they
are around 80, you can alternate between strict and free study. Make
sure you raise their studiousness before the vacation, as this is the
only way to make them study at all. Try to spend every weekend at
school, and talk to as many girls as possible, to raise friendship and
respect. Also, before classes, talk to a problem girl and severely 
warn her so she will raise her stats. If a girl has status problems,
talk to her instead. If more than one has status problems, talk to the
one in danger of running away or the one with higher stats. During the
weekend you can manipulate girls into lowering their stats by choosing
the correct activities and talking to them. Try not to change a girls'
schedule when she is going to one of the labs or the library, as it is
the best thing that could happen. Be sure to change the schedule if a
girl has two bad activities over the weekend. This is more or less it.
Don't worry about the tests, but try each one once. Also, the sport
meet and the cultural fests are not important, so don't worry about
them. Over the hollydays, you'll meet the girls each weekend. Can't
help you with the answers there, there are too many. Just do your best
and you should be fine. Before the hollydays, make sure the girls'
studiousness is at least 80. You can't influence what they do during
the hollydays, so a high studiousness will help you since the girls
will do at least a little schoolwork. 

The sports meet and festivals aren't important, but if you want to
get the most increase, do the following: for festivals, always choose
the girl who is friendly with all the other girls as leader (usually
Myna or Cindy). Also, in the week before the festival, teach them
strictly, since they won't be cutting class. If they do, you will
not be prepared enough. For the sport events... you can't really do
much there, except choosing the right girl. You will need two girls
with high stamina if you want to win, but it is very hard to do.
Since Cindy has high strength, she seems like the perfect choice,
but in my games she tends to get beaten rather quickly. Misa, Sari
and Rica are my favorites, since they tend to win most of their
fights even against tougher opponents. Also, put your team in spot
A or B, since that means they will have to fight one fight less.

Also, on the first week of May, teach strictly, no mater what. You
only get two days because of hollydays, so if any of the girls cuts
class both days (which can happen a lot), she'll be angry with you
for not teaching her anything.


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