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 Grand Theft Auto IV - Achievements Guide

Grand Theft Auto IV - Achievements Guide

---------------- \            Grand Theft Auto IV            / ----------------

---------------- \ Games for Windows LIVE Achievements Guide / ----------------

---------------- \                Version 3.10               / ----------------

---------------- \         Last updated - 01/02/2010         / ----------------

---------------- \     By Hydro_PT (    / ----------------

---------------- \  Copyright (C) 2009 - 2010 Mário Peixoto  / ----------------

---------------- \            All rights reserved.           / ----------------


|                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |

1. Copyright notice

2. Introduction

   2.1. Guide's structure

   2.2. Notes

3. Guide version history

4. About the game

5. Achievements guide:

   5.1. Storyline achievements

   5.2. Secondary missions achievements

   5.3. Characters achievements

   5.4. Mini-games achievements

   5.5. Gameplay achievements

   5.6. Multiplayer achievements

        5.6.1. Deal Breaker

        5.6.2. Hangman's N.O.O.S.E.

        5.6.3. Bomb da Base II

6. Conclusion

7. Contact details

8. Credits

9. Trademarks notice


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The only sites that are allowed to have this guide are the following:


If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please email
me to ask for permission. See section 7. to know how to contact me.


I decided to write this guide because it might be useful for players that are
trying to get some or all the achievements in the Microsoft Windows version of
Grand Theft Auto IV. Remember that you must be connected to Games for Windows
LIVE while playing, otherwise you won't get any achievement.

Pretty much everything on this guide comes from my personal experience, as I
try to unlock all achievements before writing the guide. However, I base myself
on some sources to be sure that what is written here is as correct as possible.
Everyone that helps me (directly or indirectly) is properly credited.

I also try to make a good structure for the guide, so that way you can quickly
find what you need. Nonetheless, the section below will help you understand
how I structured my guide, in case you have any trouble.

Having said that, I hope you find this guide useful. Thank you for reading.



The structure of the guide is pretty simple, because all achievements are
organized in alphabetic order, except the ones that are related to the story
(5.1). I prefer to keep those in a chronologic order. The final achievement,
"Fly the Co-op", is the last one due to being very detailed (walkthrough).

The achievement name comes first (A), then its official description, according
to Games for Windows LIVE (B). Following that, its Gamerscore (C), and finally,
I explain how to unlock it (D).

Here's an example below:

(A)One Man Army - B)Survive 5 minutes on a 6-star wanted level. (C)[20]

(D)Explanation on how to get this achievement goes here.

You can refer to the following page to see the image of each achievement once
it is unlocked:


I have divided all 50 achievements into 6 categories. They are the following:

- Storyline: you get these achievements by completing the main missions.

- Secondary missions: you get these achievements by completing side missions.

- Characters: you get these achievements by improving your relationship with
  the various characters you meet during the storyline.

- Mini-games: you get these achievements by beating certain records while
  playing the mini-games.

- Gameplay: you get these achievements by doing certain things related to
  gameplay in general.

- Multiplayer: you get these achievements by doing certain things online.

2.2 NOTES ~~

Be aware that some cheats disable certain achievements. The game will warn you
each time you introduce a cheat that blocks an achievement. To prevent this
from happening, DO NOT save your game after you cheat. If you save, the
achievement will be permanently blocked on that savegame, so you will need to
start a new game to unlock it. Check the link below to see which cheats block


There are 2 spoilers in this guide, but they are clearly identified, so don't
worry, you will know where they are and you can easily avoid them. I didn't
want to write any spoiler, but in this case it is really necessary.


Version 1.00 - 01/02/2009
Guide fully written. All achievements are covered.

Version 1.01 - 03/02/2009
Added the Gamerscore for each achievement.

Version 1.10 - 09/02/2009
Added detailed information relative to the online co-op missions.

Version 1.11 - 15/02/2009
Fixed minor grammar/spelling mistakes throughout the entire guide.

Version 1.12 - 24/02/2009
Added images for the achievements "Chain Reaction" & "One Hundred and Eighty".

Version 1.13 - 03/03/2009
Added links for the video walkthroughs relative to the online co-op missions.

Version 1.14 - 10/03/2009
Added various helpful links (missions walkthroughs, maps, 100% checklist, etc).

Version 1.15 - 27/04/2009
Fixed the information relative to the achievements "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic"
and "Finish Him".

Version 2.00 - 02/06/2009
Almost all texts for each achievement were rewritten. Fixed minor mistakes
and incorrect/incomplete information. Fixed the information relative to the
achievements "No More Strangers" and "Liberty City (5)".

Version 2.10 - 22/06/2009
Guide fully revised to meet GameFAQs standards (standard ASCII text,
79 characters per line, etc). Fixed minor mistakes.

Version 2.20 - 28/07/2009
Added more information relative to the achievement "Walk Free". Fixed minor
spelling mistakes. Added helpful images for the achievement "Fly the Co-op".

Version 2.30 - 21/08/2009
Added more information relative to the achievement "One Man Army".
Fixed minor spelling mistakes. Revised the "credits" section.

Version 3.00 - 23/08/2009
Guide's structure totally revised for better reading/searching.
Added "table of contents".

Version 3.01 - 11/09/2009
Fixed the information relative to the achievement "Liberty City (5)".

Version 3.10 - 01/02/2010
Reorganization of the guide's structure. Fixed minor mistakes.


- Title: Grand Theft Auto IV

- Platform: Microsoft Windows

- Release dates: 02 December 2008 (North America) & 03 December 2008 (Europe)

- Developers: Rockstar North & Rockstar Toronto

- Publisher: Rockstar Games

- Website:

- Number of achievements: 50

- Total Gamerscore possible: 1000 points

5. ACHIEVEMENTS GUIDE [50] = 1000 (G) /

5.1. STORYLINE ACHIEVEMENTS [8] = 135 (G) ~~

There isn’t much to explain here. You get these achievements by completing
certain missions in the game. Refer to the following page if you need help
completing a certain mission.


Off the Boat –---------- Complete the first mission. [5]

Fed the Fish –---------- Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad". [5]

Lowest Point –---------- Complete the mission "Roman's Sorrow". [5]

Impossible Trinity –---- Complete the mission "Museum Piece". [10]

Gracefully Taken –------ Complete the mission "I'll Take Her". [10]

That Special Someone –-- Complete the mission "That Special Someone". [10]

You Won! –-------------- Complete the final mission. [60]

Liberty City Minute – Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours. [30]

Although this achievement is not obtainable by doing a certain mission, it
belongs to this category nonetheless. To get this one you only need to finish
all the main storyline missions in less than 30 hours of gameplay. Avoid dating
your friends and doing side missions and you should be fine. Use a cab if you
need to travel a long distance. You can check your current playing time on the
game statistics.


To get these achievements you must complete the secondary missions that the
game has to offer. These go from doing jobs for friends, racing, catching
criminals, working as a hitman, etc.

Assassin's Greed – Complete all 9 assassin missions. [20]

To get this achievement you just need to complete all 9 missions for the
"Fixer" contact on the phone. They are easy and he always provides a weapon and
body armour each time you start one. You will get access to this contact after
you have completed the mission "Truck Hustle" for Phill Bell. If you need help
completing them, just check the link below. The missions are given randomly, so
the first one on that page may not be your first one ingame.


Cleaned the Mean Streets – Capture 20 criminals via the police computer. [20]

To get this achievement you need to enter a police car, use the computer, go to
"current crimes" and activate one of the 3 missions there. Basically these are
the Vigilante missions from previous GTA games. Capture (kill) 20 criminals,
randomly, and you get the achievement. You don't need to do them all in a row.
To see how many you already captured, check the ingame statistics.

Courier Service – Complete all 10 package delivery jobs. [10]

After you meet Little Jacob you will be able to do some work for him. Select
the "Job" option on the phone and he will place a car near his café with a drug
package inside. Just enter in the car to grab the package and then go to the
desired place. Be careful that these missions have either a timer or a gang
waiting for you. Jacob gives you a car every time you go get a package, but you
don’t need to use it. If you want you can bring your own vehicle, enter Jacob's
car, retrieve the package and then get back to your vehicle. Do all 10
deliveries and you get the achievement.

Genetically Superior – Come first in 20 singleplayer street races. [25]

After you meet Brucie and you do the "N.1" mission, you can do races for him.
Select the "Race" option on the phone and he will hit you up with one. There
are 9 in total, 3 in each island (Broker/Dukes/Bohan, Algonquin and Alderney).
The races are easy, you just need to finish in 1st place, so drive safely.
Don’t kill the other drivers or the race will be over. To get the achievement
you must win 20 races, so you will need to repeat some of them in order to get
it. Be aware that you must finish all 9 races to get the opportunity to repeat
them. If Brucie tells you that there are no races going on, move to another
island, because this means that you have already completed all 3 races on that
island. Once you’ve won them all for the first time, Brucie will text you a
message, saying that you can repeat whichever race you want. To see how many
you already won, check the ingame statistics.

Manhunt – Complete the Most Wanted side missions via the police computer. [15]

Just like the Vigilante missions, these need a police car computer to be
activated. Enter one, use the computer, go to the "Most Wanted" option and
select one of the criminals there. There are 10 Most Wanted guys for each
island (Broker/Dukes/Bohan, Algonquin and Alderney). Be sure to have ammo and 
body armour when doing them. Usually the criminals are not alone, they can be
with their gang, inside a car or a building. You don't need to do them all in
a row. The dead criminals will appear on the list as deceased, so you know
which ones you have already dealt with. You need to be on the right island to
complete these missions. For example, if you're in Alderney, only the Alderney
Most Wanted criminals will appear. Kill them all and the achievement is yours.

Order Fulfilled – Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders for Brucie. [10]

After you meet Brucie you will be able to find certain cars for him. He will
use the ingame Internet to send you an email for each car he wants, so just
reply positively to initiate the mission. These tasks are pretty easy, because
the game will give you the exact location of the wanted vehicle, so you just
need to go there, steal it and bring it to Brucie's lockup. Try not to damage
the cars, you will get more money if they are in good condition (you can always
use the Pay 'n Spray to fix them). Once all 10 cars are delivered, the
achievement will unlock.

You Got The Message – Deliver all 30 cars for Brucie's friend Stevie. [20]

Brucie will later on (after the mission "Smackdown") introduce you to a friend
of him, Stevie. Stevie wants 30 special cars to be delivered to his garage, so
Niko steps up for the job. These missions are harder than Brucie’s ones because
you only get a text message showing a picture of the car he wants, but you are
not given the exact location, just an area to search on. Go to that area and
search for the car, then bring it back to Stevie’s garage in Bohan. Try not to
damage the cars, he pays really well if they are in good condition. Once you
have delivered the car he wants, wait 6 ingame hours so he can text you the
next one. After you deliver the 30th vehicle, you get the achievement.

If you don’t want to bother searching for the cars, use the link below to see
where they are. Select "Stevie’s Car Thefts" and search for the current car
that you need.



During the game you will meet some characters and eventually some of them will
become your friends. You can go out with them doing various activities, like
drinking, bowling, eating, going to a strip club, etc. When they like you
enough they will offer you special services. These achievements are earned by
unlocking those special services. If you need help unlocking their services,
take a look at the following page:


Dial B for Bomb – Unlock Packie’s special ability of phoning for a bomb. [10]

Go out and do activities with Packie until he likes you enough (above 75%).
Once he calls you offering the "Bomb" service, you get the achievement.

Driving Mr. Bellic – Unlock Roman’s special ability of getting a taxi from him.

Go out and do activities with Roman until he likes you enough (above 60%).
Once he calls you offering the "Taxi" service, you get the achievement.

Retail Therapy – Unlock the special ability of buying guns from Jacob. [10]

Go out and do activities with Jacob until he likes you enough (above 75%).
Once he calls you offering the "Guns" service, you get the achievement.

That's How We Roll! – Unlock Brucie’s Helicopter special ability. [10]

Go out and do activities with Brucie until he likes you enough (above 75%).
Once he calls you offering the "Helicopter" service, you get the achievement.

***************************** 1st SPOILER BELOW! ******************************

The following achievement needs to be explained with a bit more detail, and it
contains a major spoiler in the game history. If you don't want to spoil your
fun, don't read this one. Even if you are interested in this achievement, come
here only at the beginning of the mission "The Holland Play" for Playboy X and
before the last mission (when you decide the final - there are two finales).

Liberty City (5) – All friends that you left alive like you more than 90%. [20]

You can have a total of 5 friends during the entire game. They are: Brucie,
Packie, Little Jacob, Roman and Dwayne. The first 3 you don’t have a choice,
they will become your friends during the main storyline missions, even if you
don't like them. However, you have to make two decisions during the story.

The decisions are:

- Killing Playboy X or Dwayne. If you choose to kill Dwayne, you don't need to
make him like you more than 90%. However, if you leave him alive, you must make
him like you more than 90%.

- Letting Roman alive or dead. Depending on the final that you choose, Roman
will either live or be killed. If he dies, you don't need to make him like you
more than 90%, but if you leave him alive, you must also raise his friendship
to 90% to unlock this achievement.

***************************** 1st SPOILER ABOVE! ******************************

5.4. MINI-GAMES ACHIEVEMENTS [4] = 45 (G) ~~

GTA IV has some minigames that you can play against a friend or a random NPC.
These achievements are earned when you beat certain records on those games.

Gobble Gobble – Score 3 strikes in a row in a 10-pin bowling game. [10]

Go to a bowling place with a friend and start a game. Choose the first lane and
then take two full steps to the left. Give your mouse a good speed forward, but
keep it straight. It is vital to keep the ball going straight, or else you are
going to miss. You need to do a strike 3 times in a row using this technique.
It may take a bit of practice, but it isn’t really hard. You don't need to win
the game, nor it is necessary to be a full game (it can be a half-game).

King of QUB3D – Beat the highest score in QUB3D. [15]

Rockstar managed to create a minigame much similar to Tetris, called the QUB3D.
To get this achievement you must beat the highest score, which is 10950 points.
Watch the tutorial to see how the game works, because it's not equal to Tetris.
You may need a few tries to get it done, but it isn’t really hard. Once you
reach 11000 points you can either lose the game or keep playing, your choice.
You can find the QUB3D machine on the Strip Club in Bohan, the Modo shop in
Algonquin and behind the stage inside the Perestroika Club in Broker. You can’t
play this game while dating someone or doing a mission.

One Hundred and Eighty – Score 180 points with 3 darts. [10]

To get this one, go to the darts place in Dukes and start playing. Aim for the
triple 20 mark and hit it 3 times in a row, scoring 180 points. You don’t need
to win the game, just score 180 points with 3 darts. If you don’t know where
the triple 20 mark is, check the link below. You must hit the "triple ring"
area that is under the 20 mark (little red rectangle).


Pool Shark – Beat a friend at pool. [10]

Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Just play a game of pool against a friend and
win. If you don't know how to play pool, now it would be a good time to learn.

5.5. GAMEPLAY ACHIEVEMENTS [16] = 500 (G) ~~

You can get these achievements by doing certain things related to the gameplay,
like doing stunt jumps, exploding vehicles, beating up pedestrians, etc.

Chain Reaction – Blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. [20]

This is a good one to start with. Go to Autoeroticar in Alderney (if you don’t
know where it is, check the link I provide). There will be around 10 vehicles
in there, just make sure they are all close to each other (park them inside).
Be sure there are at least 10, and once they’re all parked, throw some grenades
to the middle of them. Once the grenades explode, use the RPG and fire one or
two RPGs*. It should be enough to blow all the cars in less than 10 seconds.


*NOTE: If you use any cheat (like the cheat to get the RPG), this won't work.

Dare Devil – Complete all 50 unique stunt jumps. [30]

As usual Rockstar has put on this game some unique stunt jumps. You get this
achievement by doing all 50. Choose a fast car (or a bike, if you want) and go
for it. If you want to know the exact location of each one, use the great map
provided by Select the "Stunt Jumps" option and good stunting.


Endangered Species – Kill all 200 pigeons (flying rats). [50]

The hidden packages from previous GTA games also appear in GTA IV, and are now
these pigeons around Liberty City. Luckily they're standing still all the time,
even when it is raining. They make their particular noise when you are near
them and they also have an orange glow around them. Be aware that it is a very
"time consuming" task finding all those 200 little things. I recommend doing
20, then saving the game, do more 20, save the game, and so on. This way you
will prevent the entrance on the "199 Pigeons Club", which is very annoying.
Because if you miss a single one, you will need to check all 200 locations
again to find it. Not a good thing to do. So, be absolutely sure which ones you
killed already.

Again, check the link below to know where they are. Select the "Pigeons" option
and good hunting. Once you have killed them all, the achievement will unlock.


Finish Him – Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes. [15]

To get this achievement I recommend going to the Helitours site. There are
plenty of pedestrians in there and the police takes some time to get to you.
What you need to do is start a fight with someone and then, when that person is
going to hit you with a punch, press the key you use to dodge them (space key
is the default one) and then use the attack key (LMB is default). If timed
correctly, Niko will avoid the punch and then perform a counter that will knock
the enemy off. You need to perform 10 counters like that in 4 minutes. If you
need health* in the middle of the process, just buy a hot dog from the entrance
of the Helitours site. For a better description of this fighting technique,
check the link below. It was recorded on the Xbox 360 but the process is the
same, just the keys are different.


*NOTE: If you die or get busted, keep fighting, the timer won't be reseted.

Full Exploration – Unlock all the islands. [20]

Nothing much to say here. During the main storyline missions you will
automatically unlock all the islands. Once Alderney is unlocked, this
achievement is yours.

Half Million – Reach a balance of $500.000. [55]

A pretty self-explanatory achievement. There are two missions in the game that
alone give you $500.000 ($250.000 each). Just don’t spend much money buying
guns or paying visits to the hospital and you should get this one easily.

It'll Cost Ya – Complete a taxi ride from one island to another without 
                skipping. [5]

This is one of the easiest achievements to get. Just enter in a taxi at the
start of a bridge in Broker, for example, and set the waypoint in the end of
the same bridge in Algonquin. Don’t skip the trip and you get the achievement.

Key to the City – Achieve 100% in the "Game Progress" statistic. [100]

Nothing special to say here. There is a lot of stuff you need to do in order to
achieve 100% completion. If you need help finding what it takes to do it, check
the link below. To see your current progress go to the ingame statistics.


No More Strangers – Meet all random characters. [5]

There are on the game some characters on the streets that you can interact with
(do missions). These appear on the map with a blue human-like icon when you are
close to them. Meet all of them once and you get this achievement. The random
characters are not always on their places, so if you are looking for one and
he/she doesn't appear, wait some ingame hours and check again. Be aware that
some characters are only available after you do a certain mission. Check the
links I provide below if you need help finding the random characters.

- (select "Random Characters")


***************************** 2nd SPOILER BELOW! ******************************

There is a total of 14 random characters, but during the main missions you can
kill 3 of them. If you kill them, you won't need to find them. However, if you
leave them alive you must find them to get this achievement. The ones that can
be killed are Ivan ("Ivan the Not so Terrible"), Clarence ("Holland Nights")
and Cherise ("Ruff Rider").

***************************** 2nd SPOILER BELOW! ******************************

One Man Army – Survive 5 minutes on a 6-star wanted level. [40]

There are two methods to get this achievement: the hard one and the easy one.

1st method (the hard way) - Start by creating a lot of trouble with the police
until you have a 6-star wanted level. Be ready to fight them all and don’t die,
you must survive 5 minutes on 6-star. Annihilators will pursue you, along with
FIB and SWAT agents. You better have a good amount of ammo and weapons, and
also use body armour to help. Once 5 minutes have passed, the achievement is
yours (you don't need to evade the cops). A good spot for this is the Schottler
Medical Center in Broker. Start shooting the peds inside and then, when you get
a 3-star wanted level, take cover behind the walls and keep shooting the cops
that come through the doors. You will eventually reach a 6-star wanted level,
so just hang in there for 5 minutes. There is health on the hospital if you
need, and the dead cops will drop their weapons, so if you need ammo, just pick
them up.

2nd method - If you don't have enough skill to survive a 6-star wanted level
for 5 minutes, just start a new game, cross one of the blocked bridges and then
go through the subway. The cops don't catch you there, so just stand within
their range (marked on the map with a flashing circle) and wait 5 minutes to
get the achievement. You don't need to evade the cops.

Rolled Over – Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash. [30]

To get this one I recommend going to the airport. Pick up a fast car, use the
runways to give you enough speed and then use the yellow ramps to send the car
into the air. For example, use one of the runways and then place only two
wheels on the side of the ramp, so that way your car comes out doing a barrel
roll. Leave the gas and turn in the direction you want the car to roll. If you
are going fast enough, you can do 5 rolls easily. I recommend a fast car like
the Infernus or the Comet for this one.

Check the link below if you want to have a better idea of how you must place
the car. As you can see, I only place two wheels (on this case the left wheels)
so when I jump, the car will automatically do a barrel roll.


Sightseer – Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City. [5]

An easy achievement to get, but that takes some time. Once you have unlocked
Algonquin you can go to the Helitours site to take some trips. Approach one of
the choppers there and enter as a passenger to trigger the trip. There are 5
different trips, one on each heliport (there are 6 heliports, but one of them
is always empty). You must complete the entire trip, don't skip it. If you skip
the trip you won’t get the achievement. Don’t worry, although they take some
time, Niko and the pilot are always talking with each other and you can enjoy
the sights. Rockstar created a beautiful city, so these trips are interesting.

Under the Radar – Use a helicopter to fly under all the main bridges in the
                  game that cross water. [40]

One of the easiest achievements you can get. Get hold of a chopper and then fly
under the main bridges in the game that cross water. Once you fly under one,
the game will tell you how many you still have left and it will even mark them
on the map for some seconds. Some bridges are a piece of cake, since they are
big and have a lot of space under them, but some are more tricky. Just fly
slowly and you will do it. There are 14 bridges.

Walk Free – Lose a 4-star wanted level by outrunning the cops. [50]

To get this achievement you must start a conflict with the police until you
reach a 4-star wanted level. Then escape the cops, but don’t go to any Pay 'n
Spray or a safehouse. You must lose the cops by running away from them until
the stars go away. The best way to do this is having a fast car and then
travel quickly between streets and alleyways, avoiding all the cop cars that
spawn. Pay attention to the map, because it indicates where the cops are coming

Another method is to enter the airport with a fast bike. This will instantly
give you a 4-star wanted level. To escape, just start on one end of a runway
(there are two to choose from) and quickly drive to the end of the other
runway, in the opposite direction. The two runways combined are enough to
escape the cop's zone really fast. Then just leave the airport and keep a low
profile until the stars go away.

Warm Coffee – Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house. [5]

If you remember Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you probably also remember the
"Hot Coffee" controversy that it caused. Rockstar had to pay a good amount of
money because of legal complications, but now they seem to make fun of that.
You get this achievement when Michelle* (a girl who you meet right at the
beginning of the game) accepts Niko to go inside her flat to "have coffee".
Enjoy the cut-scene (no sex displayed, just an outside view of her house) and
you get the achievement.

*NOTE: You can get this achievement by dating other girls, but Michelle is the
first one you meet and she invites Niko for a coffee right on the second date.

Wheelie Rider – Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike. [30]

A pretty self-explanatory achievement. Get a bike (I recommend the PCJ 600) and
search on the map for a street without climbs or descents that goes straight.
Start driving and then do a wheelie that lasts longer than 500 feet. If you
don't know how to do wheelies, just press the key you mapped for the function
"lean back". This will make Niko pull the front wheel, starting a wheelie. Just
hold on that key and then play with the gas, trying to keep the front wheel
above the ground. Be careful not to accelerate too much or you will fall. The
airport is good for this achievement, since the runways are long.


We have now reached the last category of this guide. These achievements are
only obtained by doing certain things online. Be aware that only ranked matches
count for these. To know if a game is ranked or not, when in the lobby look for
the match mode in the upper left corner of the screen. If you see a medal on
its side, it is ranked. If not, then it is a player match and it won’t count
for the achievements or to level up.

Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic – Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and
                           "Cops 'n Crooks" as both sides. [30]

We start with the most difficult achievement in the whole game. To get this one
you must win all the game modes in ranked matches once. It is a good idea to
keep an eye on the leaderboards, because sometimes you can win a race, for
example, but the leaderboards won’t update it. Create a checklist or something
to help you keep tracking of what you actually won so far.

I've divided things into 4 categories to help:


- Deathmatch
- Mafyia Work
- Car Jack City


- Team Deathmatch
- Team Mafyia Work
- Team Car Jack City
- Turf War
- Cops 'n Crooks - win, on the same round, as a cop and as a crook, in either
"all for one" or "one for all" modes - a lot of guides indicate that you must
win on both modes, but that is not true, you just need to win in one of them.


- Deal Breaker
- Hangman's N.O.O.S.E.
- Bomb da Base II


- Race (56)
- GTA Race (56)

In total there are 112* races that you must win to get this achievement.

*NOTE: There are 2 extra road races in the PC version, that have different
names. Ingame they are called "Bohan Job" and "Riverside Drive", but in the
leaderboards at Rockstar Games Social Club they appear as "Dangerous Straits"
and "Get Wrecked". They're present in Race and GTA Race, so that makes a total
of 4 extra races. Since the PC version is a port of the Xbox 360 version, you
can still get the "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" achievement by doing only 54 races
on each mode (Race and GTA Race).

Cut Your Teeth – Earn a rank promotion in multiplayer. [5]

We go from the hardest achievement to probably one of the easiest. Once you get
into the online mode, your rank will obviously be a nice 0 (zero). You only
need $1000 to level up, so any ranked match that you win will probably give you
enough money to level up and get the achievement.

Join the Midnight Club – Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your
                         vehicle too much and with damage enabled. [10]

You can get this achievement by winning a race without damaging your vehicle.
I don’t know how the "damage meter" works, but if you don’t crash you should
get it. A few scratches are ok, but something more serious than that and you
won't get it. Just be sure that damage is enabled, and that you finish in 1st.

Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie – Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer
                             match. [10]

Pretty self-explanatory. But you might be wondering "how am I going to kill a
Rockstar developer online?" Don’t worry because this is called a "viral
achievement". You just need to kill someone that has this achievement to get it
too. Right now almost every player online will have it, so just keep playing
(and killing other players) to get it. Don't be amazed if you get it the first
time you kill someone online. It is a pretty widespread achievement.

Take It for the Team – Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer
                       team games. [10]

To get this one You just need to win all the team matches available. They're:

- Team Deathmatch
- Team Mafyia Work
- Team Car Jack City
- Turf War
- Cops 'n Crooks

Just win a team match and move down the list. Once you’ve won them all you get
the achievement. You don't need to do everything on the same game session, nor
you need to be the best player on your team. You just need to be on the winning

Team Player – Kill 5 players who are not in your team in any ranked multiplayer
              team match. [10]

A self-explanatory achievement. A team deatchmatch is the best to get this one.
You will be able to kill 5 enemies quickly before the match is over, so getting
this achievement is a piece of cake.

Top of the Food Chain – Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer
                        deathmatch. [10]

This one is a bit harder. The best way to do it is entering a deathmatch that
has only pistols available. If you can’t find one like this, be prepared for
some deaths until you get the achievement. Pistols are not the best weapon for
deathmatches, especially when all the players are using AKs, RPGs or SMGs to
kill you. Just keep trying to kill them with a pistol (either the normal pistol
or the Desert Eagle) enough times. You can kill whoever you wish, you do not
need to kill 20 different players, just perform 20 kills with a pistol in the
same match.

Top the Midnight Club – Be first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer
                        races. [20]

Pretty self-explanatory. Win 20 different ranked standard races (not GTA races)
and the achievement is yours. Free Races and Cannonball Runs don't count for
this one, so just stick to the road races (22), boat races (4) and helicopter
races (10). You can use all the time you want, you don’t need to win all these
races in the same game session. Once you win your 20th different race, the
achievement is yours.

Wanted – Achieve the highest rank in multiplayer. [20]

This is one of the achievements that are really easy to get, the only problem
is that it takes a lot of time. Not everyone has enough patience to get it, but
if you are interested, keep reading.

You already know that you can level up on the game by gaining money, and you
can gain money on almost every kind of ranked match (except Free Mode). To get
to the top, which is rank 10, you will need to get the amount of $5 million
(5000000). The quickest way to level up is to play the co-op missions, as each
one gives you $4500 just for winning (hard difficulty). Since you get $100 for
each enemy you kill, you can easily reach the amount of $7000 or more on each
mission. Just play a lot and be sure to pick up all the money you can.

Fly the Co-op – Beat Rockstar's time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker",
                "Hangman's N.O.O.S.E." and "Bomb da Base II". [15]

We now reach the very end of this guide. This is the achievement that most
people want, or at least it seems so. There are 3 co-op missions that Rockstar
prepared for us, and they have also set a record for each that you must beat in
order to get this achievement. I'm an experienced co-op player, with good time
records on each mission, so if you want, I can help you get this one. Just add
me on Games for Windows LIVE and send me a message. My ID is: HydroPT

First of all, and this applies to all the co-op missions, play with people that
you already know. It's really hard to beat the records if you keep playing with
randoms. You should create a team, so to speak. Start doing these missions as
Player Matches, so that way you can invite whoever you want and block all the
other players from entering without being invited. This way you can practice
all the missions without problems with your team mates. You cannot invite your
friends in Ranked Matches, that's why I say to play in Player Matches first.

There are various strategies online, but I will only post here the ones I used.
Be aware that nothing that you read or see or listen will help you get this
achievement if you don't practice. You need to play these missions with your
team to actually know how to do it. Having an organized team, where everyone
knows exactly what to do, is vital. Also it would be a good idea to set the
settings properly. Most players don't even notice them, but I would suggest
something like this:

- Difficulty set to HARD -> less lives but more money;
- Friendly fire set to OFF -> you don't want to accidentally kill a team mate;
- Cars set to PARKED -> traffic will only slow you down, you don't need that;
- Peds set to OFF -> same as above;
- Weather set to CLEAR -> it allows you to properly see the enemies;
- Time of day set to MIDDAY -> same as above;

These settings are the most indicated for a successful mission.

5.6.1. Deal Breaker - 7 minutes and 4 seconds:

For this one I recommend 2 players. Some guides recommend 3, but I find it
easier and quicker to do with only 2.

You will spawn on Pegorino’s house, Alderney. There are two Shafter cars inside
the garage and sometimes a Cognoscenti outside. One of the players must drive
one of the cars to the location marked on the map. This player must enter the
highway near the hospital. Don't follow the GPS route, it will take more time.
Once you get on the highway, as you approach the location, there will be a
corner with a jump. Go at full speed and jump. You'll end almost in front of
the place where you need to go. Check the following image to see the route:


While that, the other player must drive the other car to a mansion near
Pegorino's house. Usually there’s a chopper there (if it isn’t you must restart
the mission because you need that chopper to beat the record). This player must
quickly fly to the location marked on the map. If timed correctly, both players
will arrive at the same time. Check the following image to see where the
chopper is:


Once there you will have a 7 floor structure full of gang members. The player
with the chopper must land on top and quickly kill the 4 enemies there
(don't crash the chopper, you will need it later). While the chopper player
works his way down, the car player works his way up. Make sure that you kill
every enemy on each floor and that you collect their money. It is very
important that you leave no one alive and no money when you clean each floor,
otherwise the other part of the mission won’t be triggered. The money is marked
on the map with a green icon, and only one gang member drops money per floor.
If you're really good you can clear the building before the 3:30 mark. 

Once all the enemies are dead, the mission will trigger another sequence:
some enemies are going away from the location, either by road or by sea, using
a boat. This is where I explain why you only want 2 players for this one.

- If there are 2 players, only 1 group of enemies will go away, making them
easier and quicker to catch.

- If there are 3 players, 2 groups of enemies will try to escape.

- If there are 4 players, 3 groups of enemies will try to escape.

So, assuming that you are playing with another mate, once all of the enemies
are dead, you will see some escaping. If they are on the boat just let them be
close enough to the coast and kill them. Aim for the driver first, and don’t
miss. If they are going by road just get one car or a bike from the entrance
(the bike is better) and go after them. Only one player must do this, though.
The other player must quickly return to the top and get the chopper back.
Follow your mate and once he’s done with the enemies let him enter the chopper
and quickly fly back to Pegorino’s house. If done correctly you should get
there under 7:04 minutes. Enter the garage to finish the mission.

5.6.2. Hangman's N.O.O.S.E. - 2 minutes and 32 seconds:

This mission starts on the airport. I recommend 3 players for this one,
although 2 is a good number too. Just don’t do it with 4.

You'll start outside Petrovic's jet, with a bunch of NOOSE officers shooting at
you. They will keep spawning, so you must be careful and keep killing them.
Petrovic won't get out until you kill at least 15 of them. While you do this,
one player must grab one of the SWAT vans parked there. Bring the van to
Petrovic's jet and when he gets out, call your friends back. All must get into
the truck. The driver must drive to the heliports at the end of the airport.
Park the van, enter the chopper and fly to the spot marked on the map. Don't do
a nice landing, just crash land right on the mark to end the mission. If done
correctly, you can do it under 2:32.

Why you only want 2 or 3 players? Simply because both the van and the chopper
can only transport 4 people, so if you're 4 players, one of them must use a
second van and chopper, something that can slow you down. If you're 3 or 2
players, there is no problem at all. Don't forget that Petrovic also counts.

*NOTE: Petrovic is pretty dumb, so don't be surprised if he dies or walks
around in a loop sometimes. He can fail to enter the chopper and be killed,
or he can disappear after getting out of the van, etc. Just keep trying.

5.6.3. Bomb da Base II - 5 minutes and 34 seconds:

I suggest a team of 4 players for this one. You will start on Algonquin with
2 Rebla cars near you. Two players should enter on each car, then drive to a
van full of explosives (this van will be marked on the map and it can spawn in
3 different locations). To beat the record you need the nearest location, which
will be at the beginning of a bridge, near where you start. It's possible
to beat the record even if the van spawns at the farthest location, but you'll
need a very good team to do so.

This van will have two Jeeps near it, each with 2 armed guys inside that will
shoot you. Kill them quickly and then kill the guys that will appear on the
back of the truck. While the back doors are open, hit the small windows inside,
so that you can kill both the driver and the passenger. This allows the truck
to stop, so you can quickly steal it. Only one player must enter the truck to
drive it. Go to the location. A cut-scene will trigger and now it is time to
fly. Be sure that only one player tries to be the pilot... you don’t want
4 players going in circles around the chopper trying to enter. Once everyone is
in, quickly fly trough the buildings to the Platypus boat, in Broker. Fly as
lower as you can between the buildings. Don't take the chopper too high, that
will only slow you.

Land on the back of the ship, then all but the pilot must get out.
Start shooting all the enemies. Be careful because there are lots of them
inside the boat. Once you are in you will have a stair going up and one going
down. All the three players that left the chopper must go down. While that the
player on the chopper will use it to land on top of the ship. Once there kill
the enemies and plant the first bomb (the spot is marked with a yellow marker).
The players that are going down must also kill the enemies and plant the other
bomb. After both bombs are planted, get out of the ship, either jumping to the
sea or jumping to the docks. If done correctly you will do this in less
than 5:34.

And that's it. I recommend watching these videos, even though the strategy used
on each one is a bit different from the ones I just wrote. The videos were
recorded on the Xbox 360, but the missions are exactly equal on the PC version,
so no worries.

- Deal Breaker -

- Hangman's N.O.O.S.E. -

- Bomb da Base II -


This is the end of the guide. I hope you had enjoyed reading it and I hope it
will help you get some achievements. It was a pleasure to write it. Check the
section below in case you need to contact me.

Thank you for reading.


Feel free to contact me ( in any of the situations below:

- If you see any fault of any kind (incorrect or incomplete information,
  spelling/grammar mistakes or other), please let me now so I can fix it.

- If you want to contribute with useful information to improve the guide, don't
  hesitate in doing so. Full credit will be given to you if your contribution
  is accepted (don't forget to include a real name or alias so I can properly
  credit you). I will inform you if your contribution is accepted or not.

- If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please ask
  me for permission first. See this as a simple precaution. I just want to keep
  track of who actually has permission to host my work, just in case someone
  forgets to credit me (intentionally or unintentionally).

- Last but not least, if you have any doubts about a certain achievement, you
  can also contact me. I promise to answer as soon as possible.

I only accept emails written in English or Portuguese. All emails that are not
written in one of these two languages WILL NOT be answered. Also do not forget
to write a proper subject. Thank you.



- members and staff for all the pages with important information (map,
  achievements, story walkthroughs, etc.)

- 007craft for the tutorial videos on YouTube.

- Street Mix and Captain_Obvis456 for the info relative to the achievement
  "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic".

- something_else for the tips relative to the achievement "Chain Reaction".

- Spuds725 for the tips relative to the achievement "Finish Him".

- Christopher for the tips relative to the achievement "Walk Free".

- Patrick Lynch for the tips relative to the achievement "One Man Army".

- Dan Spevack for the tips relative to the achievement "Liberty City (5)".

- VBProject and LB95DK for helping me getting the achievement "Fly the Co-op".

- Roland1905, ciZco85 and alex13is for being a great team.

## If I forgot someone, please forgive me and contact me to add you. ##


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

******************************* END OF DOCUMENT *******************************

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