The Great Archeological Race Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Great Archeological Race

The Great Archeological Race

simple, straightforward & nice game. try typing coke, pot, etc....
do ur own inventory management ie. put items into suitcase or bucket.
just do "put all in suitcase. put all in bucket" whenever u see
"u have got ur hands full."


ur office
  x desk. answer phone. open drawer. get report. x report. n,e,e

curator's office
  give report. w,s

  open cabinet. get bottle. n,w,w,s

  open fridge. get plastic container containing a salad. x vase.
  get flower. n,n,d. give flower to marie. kiss marie.
  w. get in car. wait/look until u reach the airport.


  n, get suitcase. open suitcase. It conatins an electric blanket. u.
  a fanatic will give u a brochure. read it.
  show ticket to get past security. go north all the way.
  get the matchbook in the ashtray. s, e, give ticket, e.


  x paper. e,n,ne

  get shovel. sw,s,e.

  e,e,e,se,e,se,e,s. Cross. look under canvas tarp. search corpse.
  x corpse. there's a cobra in the forest. n,e.

  e,n,e. dig dirt wall with shovel. x boulder. x indentations.
  ne,ne,n. search pile for mold. n. dig sand with shovel. open manhole.
  don't go down yet. somewhere down there is a room with poison gas. n.

  n,nw,e,e,nw,w,n,n,se,n,nw,sw,s,sw. Tomb. open coffin. get skeleton & crown.
  reverse direction to get out & back to main cave.

  nw,n,n,n,n. put blanket on the cube on the pedestal. turn it on.
  when cube melts, get pedestal & gold bar. s,s,s.
  everything drops into the crevice. s. x stump.
  u'll need a hose from the rubber factory to climb down.

Rubber Factory, Machine Room
  x machine. x screen. u need rubber & a program disk. e.

  get catalog & box of diskettes. ask jose about mail. w,s.

Store Room
  open crate. get rubber bands. n.

Machine Room
  x catalog. x disks. put the black disk in machine slot.
  put rubber bands in compartment. x screen. not enough rubber. n,w,s.

  get bucket of latex. n,e,s.

Machine Room
  put latex in compartment. there is a hidden orange button.
  just type push button. get the hose. goto stump at cave.

  tie hose to stump. d. retrieve all items by going everywhere.
  there is a temple here somewhere (se,e).

  get idol & candle. idol is traingular. u. get hose. se.

  put idol in triangular boulder indentation. n,u,u.

Mountain Top
  smell. remember the brochure. pray. get medallion. d,d,s.

  put medallion in hexagonal indentation. 1 more to go.
  time to get the gas mask. goto rubber factory machine room.

  put hose in compartment. put blue disk in slot. push button. get mask.

  the stolen mailbag is in this tree house. Save game here!!!!
  u. open trunk. get mailbag. d. keep hitting the thief with shovel.
  if u die, just restore & retry untill it works out. the thief drops
  a ruby. get it. return mail to jose. he will give u an antique watch.
  go to manhole in Cave.

  get match in matchbook. light match. light candle. wear mask. d.
  n,n. search student. n. take off mask. read thesis.
  pour ClogGone in cesspool. d. get coin. It is octagonal. u. wear mask.
  return to boulder. remember to remove mask once u get out of the hole.
  put coin in octagonal indentation. s.

                 ******** DONE ********

actually to solve the game, u only need to open the boulder.
so things u really need are :
  report, match, shovel, latex, rubber bands, black & blue disks, hose,
  mask, candle, idol, medallion, coin.

Unanswered :
what's the skeleton for ?
why are the initials JF on the painting in the curator's office ?
what can i do with the hoagie on the curator's table ?
what can i do with the cobra ?


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