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 Green Green

Green Green

Concise Guide (Version 1.0 - Incomplete Struggle)

Current Update: Wednesday, 22 May 2002
Previous Update: Friday, 17 May 2002
Created: Thursday, 11 April 2002

By Don "Gamera" Chan (

1.   Acknowledgements
2.   Nutrition Information
2.1  1st Impression
2.2  2nd Impression
3.   Solution
3.1  Iino Chigusa
3.2  Minami Sanae
3.3  Kutsuki Wakaba
4.   Links

Disclaimer: I send the newest version of this file
to only six Websites:
     - http://DLH.Net/
     If you downloaded or read this file at other
Websites, the SysOps of the other Websites probably
leeched it from one of the above Websites.

     Dementi: J'ai envoye la plus recente version de ce
fichier a seulement six sites webs.
     - http://DLH.Net/
     Si vous avez telecharge ou lu ce fichier a partir
d'autres sites, les responsables de ces sites l'auront
probablement pompe a partir de l'un des sites ci-dessus.

"Setsunasa!" (*1)


     Thanks to these sierra hotel persons/organisations:
     - Game Ouji, for lending me the December 2001 issue
of Dengeki Hime, which has two pages of Green Green
charts for the heroines' hard and soft events.
     - Jean-Luc Barbera of France, for the French
translation of the Disclaimer, and the English
translation of the NOIR foreword. (After all, English
and French are the two official languages up here in
Canada, the True North Strong and Free.)

     No thanks to these lima delta persons/organisations:
     - M27Power.Com, for computer virus.

     In memory of:
     - The victims of the terrorist attacks in the USA in
the morning on 11 September 2001. God bless America.

     "Le noir, ce mot designe depuis une epoque lointaine le
nom du destin.
     "Les deux vierges regnent sur la mort.
     "Les mains noires protegent la paix des nouveaux-nes."
     - NOIR (TV: 2001)


     Title:    Green Green
     Genre:    Renai adventure novel
     Rating:   Adult Only (Keep out of sight of children
               and parents)
     Players:  1
     OS:       Windows 98/Me/2000 (Japanese version)
     Maker:    Groover
     On Sale:  Friday, 5 October 2001 (CD); Friday, 22 March
               2002 (DVD)
     JAN Code: 45-60109-980017 (CD)


     Green Green for Windows, by Groover, came out on
2001.10.05. Groover is probably related to FrontWing, the
maker of Canary (Kanaria) -Kono omoi wo uta ni nosete- and
Hooligan. Green Green and Canary have the same chara
designer, Katakura Shinji.
     The CD version of Green Green is on two CDs. I don't
have the DVD version, and don't know the difference between
the CD and DVD versions.
     The game allows the player to choose one of two install
sizes: 798 MB without movie files, or 997 MB with movie
     In the game, the player can config the appearance of
the message window frame. Also, the player can customise the
colours and fonts of each chara's text, and switch on/off
BGM, sound effects, female chara's voices (?_?), and male
chara's voices.
     The game has 100 save game slots (!). When the player
saves a game, the player can write a short comment (up to 60
words), and choose one of six icons for the save game slot.
The six icons represent the protagonist (a green leaf) and
the five heroines who have endings.
     The player can't change the male protagonist's name.
     Anyway. The story of the game...


     The male protagonist is Takazaki Yuusuke, a student at
the Kanenone Gakuen. ("Kane no ne" means "Sound of bell".)
The Kanenone Gakuen is originally a boys school in a forest
in the countryside, id est, practically in the middle of
nowhere. (Normally, this is a common situation in yaoi games
and manga, such as 1999 Nen no Natsuyasumi.)
     This summer, the school experimentally accepts girls as
     The five heroines who have endings are:

     Chitose Midori
     Iino Chigusa (CV: Suzuki Mariko)
     Kutsuki Futaba
     Kutsuki Wakaba (CV: Mannaka Yukiko)
     Minami Sanae (CV: Suzuki Saori)

     According to the player's choices at the
multiple-choice nodes, each heroine's Ecchi event reportedly
has two variants: hard and soft.
     Based on the heroines' seiyuu, I'll aim for Chigusa,
Sanae, and Wakaba's endings. (^_-) I know who are the other
two heroines' seiyuu, but their priority is low to me.
     On Disc 1, in the MOVIE directory are seven MPEG files:
the OP animation, a common ED animation, and an ED animation
for each of the five heroines. All ED animations have telop
(staff lists). The common ED animation uses the OP song.
IIRC, each heroine's ED animation uses a different ED song.

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