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 Grim Fandango FAQ/Walkthrough

Grim Fandango FAQ/Walkthrough

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  ##    #######   ##  ####   ##  ###  #######   ##  ####   ###  ##    ### ###
 ####  ###   ### ####  #### #######  ###   ### ####  ####   ######     #####  


** 1. - FAQ Information                                                      **

Game:                                          Grim Fandango        
Platform:                                      DOS/Windows (PC) 
Genre:                                         3-D Adventure 
Author:                                        TimmyTheRabidTurtle
Last Updated:                                  Sunday, 18th of January 2004
Date Created:                                  Friday, 11th April 2003 
Current Version:                               Version 1.11
FAQ Size (.txt format):                        87kb
Guide Type:                                    FAQ/Walkthrough

** 2. - Table of Contents                                                    **

                         1. - FAQ Information
                         2. - Table of Contents
                         3. - Version History
                         4. - Introduction
                         5. - Characters and Areas
                         6. - Walkthrough 
                         7. - Frequently Asked Questions
                         8. - Items List
                         9. - Cut-Scenes
                        10. - Credits 
                        11. - Copyright Information

** 3. - Version History                                                      **

Version 1.11 – Changed the Items List to be close to the ones in my other
               adventure games FAQs.

Version 1.03 - Yup.

Version 1.02 - Changed the section dividers.

Version 1.00 - Added the Items List.
             - Edited the ASCII Art slightly.

Version 0.91 - Updated the cut-scene parts in the walkthrough.
             - Added the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Version 0.79 - Added the Cut-Scenes Section.

Version 0.71 - Added ASCII Art
             - Added FAQ Information
             - Added Table of Contents 
             - Added Version History
             - Added the Characters & Areas
             - Added the Walkthrough
             - Added the Credits
             - Added the Copyright Information

** 4. - Introduction                                                         **

Grim Fandango is another of the great LucasArts adventure games in a long line 
of greatness. Some of these great games include Sam & Max Hit the Road, The 
Monkey Island Series, Day of the Tentacle, The Dig and Full Throttle. As you 
will see as you play the game, Manny Calavera is a Travel Agent for the 
Department of Death. The Department of Death is a company, which sets dead 
souls on the four-year long trek to the Ninth Underworld, where they will have 
eternal rest. The game was based on Aztec and Mayan art and Mexican folklore.
      According to Aztec beliefs, the land of the dead was where a dead 
person's soul had to journey from in order to reach the Ninth Underworld, land 
of eternal rest. The dead were often buried with money, clothes and the like in 
order to help them on their journey to their final home. Mexican folklore added 
the Day of the Dead festival to these beliefs, in which in was said that the 
dead came back to the Land of the Living to greet their loved ones. Often, 
skeleton paper mache dolls were made called calaveras. The Grim Fandango 
character's physical appearances were based on this likeness. 

** 5. - Characters and Areas                                                 **

---Manuel Calavera:
Manuel (Manny, for short) Calavera is the main character of the Grim Fandango 
game and story. He works for the Department of Death as a travel agent, 
securing the best possible package of travels of souls travelling from Life to 
Eternal Rest. He must stay in the Land of the Dead, as in his Life he had not 
been perfect in his life with the living, and must work off his imperfect past. 
Manny has quite a Spanish accent, and Grim Fandango is his adventure of 
eventual love.

---Mercedes Colomar:
Mercedes Colomar was one of Manny's few prefect-enough clients. Sadly, she was 
supposed to be one of Domino's clients, though Manny 'stole' her business. She 
has lived a good life, being generous and kind. She seems to always be in high 
spirits, and had to walk to the Ninth Underworld, when someone in the 
Department of Death messed with Manny's computer. Manny has to follow her to 
save his job.

Glottis is a demon. Luckily, Glottis has a good heart for a demon, as not all 
demons are bad. Glottis has been sent from the Land of the Dead to serve here 
with his soul purpose to help anyone who needs it. He worked in the Department 
of Death as a mechanic, though he was soon fired, along with Manny. His main 
interest lies in cars, though he does like the odd bit of cat racing here and 

---Domino Hurley:
Domino is Manny Calavera's competition as a travel agent in the Department of 
Death. He seems to get all the good clients, as he is secretly in a league with 
Don Copal and Lemans. Domino has been given all the advantages in the Land of 
the Dead, though he also wants to live there for a long time.

---Don Copal:
Don Copal is/was Manny's boss in the Department of Death before Manny was 
fired, though he often runs a bit of a temper. His favourite pastimes include 
shouting, yelling, screaming, and throwing tantrums. Copal was smart enough to 
make a system, which answered any intercom messages for him. Hector Lemans 
sprouted copal.

---Hector Lemans:
Hector Lemans, the master behind the conspiracy unfolding in Grim Fandango, is 
an odd creature. Large and eccentric, he counts Don Copal and Domino in his 
list of employees. 

---Salvador Limones:
Salvador was the founding member of the LSA, the Lost Souls Alliance. In the 
group, for the moment, are Manny, Eva and himself. He also hates the DOD, and 
can also smell the corruption working inside it. He died when Olivia captured 
him and stole his head. He bit a suicide tooth, sprouting both Olivia and 

Eva is the secretary for Don Copal in the Department of Death. She admires and 
feels sorry for Manny, though she wants to keep her job, and doesn't act on it. 
She is also a member of the Lost Souls Alliance.  


---El Marrow: 
El Marrow is the home of the Department of Death headquarters. A lively town, 
El Marrow is the first stop of weary souls on their journey to the Ninth 
Underworld. Manny's job is here. Also, the Lost Souls Alliance is based here, 
along with the leader, Salvador. 

---The Petrified Forest:
The Petrified Forest is the first REAL obstacle that souls will face. Chock 
full of dead monsters, it is now bypassed often. It is recommended to only 
enter the forest if you have an experienced guide with you.

Rubacava is the second large town on the four-year journey. A town of amazing 
nightlife, Manny once owned a casino here, though when he left, it was 
eventually taken over by Hector Lemans. 

---Puerto Zapata:
Puerto Zapata is a port upon the journey to the Ninth Underworld. The journey 
from Rubacava to Zapata takes a year; along the way is a pearl, famous for its 
unceasing glow. 

** 6. - Walkthrough                                                          **

**                           *** Year    One ***                             **

[Cut-Scene - 1: Celso Flores sits in Manny's office, waiting. Manny, dressed as 
a grim reaper enters, apologising for keeping the man waiting. He offers Celso 
different packages of travelling to the Ninth Underworld, but Celso's life has 
not been great, so he cannot afford any of them. Manny sells him a walking 
stick from the Excelsior line and wishes him a good trick.]

You will start in the town of El Marrow, in your office as Manny Calavera. Open 
the message tube in front of you and read the work order. It says that Manny 
must go to the Poisoning to pick up some new clients. Pick up the deck of cards 
on your other desk, then leave. Use the deck of cards in the hole punch on 
Eva's desk. Enter the lift to the left of the normal one. Go to the corner to 
the little shack and talk to Glottis. Ask him to be your driver, and when the 
time comes say "You're not too big -- The cars are too small." He will then 
agree to be your driver, but as longs as he can modify your car, which is the 
Bone Wagon. He will give you a work order. Go to the ground floor of the 
     Walk around to the alley beside the building. Climb up the rope made of 
clothes/handkerchiefs and enter the window once at the top. Look at the 
computer in the corner and change the automatic response to "Aw cripes, Eva! 
Just sign it yourself, will ya? I'm busy!" Exit the office and return to ground 
level. Go to the tents near the carnival. Pick up some bread from the leftmost 
of the two tents and talk to the clown near the other one. Get him to make you 
two dead worm balloon animals, and one cat animal. Return to the building and 
give the work order to Eva. 

[Cut-Scene - 2: Eva signs the work order and Glottis is seen making adjustments 
to the Manny's car. Manny is driven to the Land of the Living to pick up a new 
client. He meets Domino along the way.]

Once you regain control of Manny, you will be in the Land of the Living. Use 
your scythe on the package in front of you. 

[Cut-Scene - 3: Glottis, Manny and Bruno arrive in the Department of Death, and 
Glottis asks if he can change the car a bit. Manny airily agrees. Bruno doesn't 
qualify for anything better than being packed in a coffin with foam for four 
years. Don Copal enters soon and tells Manny that he must make a Premium Sale 
before the next Sales Report or else he's fired.] 

Once you regain control, head to the lobby. Go to the packing storeroom. Use 
one of the balloons with the red tube, and the other with the blue. Return to 
your office and put both balloons in the messaging server. The server will get 
messed up when the two chemicals combine, clogging up the machine with foam. Go 
to the lobby and enter the opposite room to the one with the packing material 
tubes in them. Pick up the fire extinguisher and talk to the red demon guy. 
When you're done talking to him, use the lock switch (small grey wheel). Leave.
      Re-enter after the demon has left and open the door. Use the holed card 
with the contraption. 

[Cut-Scene 4 - Manny is shown in the elevator of the DoD, and Glottis unveils 
his upgraded DOD car. They drive back to the Land of the Living and nearly ram 
Domino off the road along the way. Mercedes Colomar is introduced, and 
discovers that she did not make it and has died.]

[Cut-Scene - 5 Manny is berated for what has been done to the company car and 
for what he has done to Meche. Manny gets locked up in a jail-like area.]

Knock on the door. While talking to the guy who answers, speak bitter about the 
Department of Death. Once you have done enough, he will let you out.

[Cut-Scene - 6: Salvador Limones speaks to the hidden camera outside the DOD 
and introduces Manny to the Lost Souls' Alliance. Eva is inside, and Salvador 
tells how he used to be a reaper like Manny was, but he uncovered conspiracies 
in the system and decided to form the LSA to unveil them.]

Talk to Salvador when you regain control, talk to Salvador and leave when he 
lets you. Climb up the rope of ties when you are outside again. Walk past Don's 
window, which is around the corner, and enter. Open the drawer and pick up the 
coral inside. Walk past the desk and hit the punching bag thrice and pick up 
the mouthpiece when it falls on the ground. Leave. Go to the rope of ties. Pick 
up the loose end and put the coral on it. Use the rope with the ladder. Walk 
around the corner and up the next ladder.
     Walk to the vent. Use the cat balloon on it, and after, use some bread on 
it. Wait for some birds to come over, and soon after, they will all leave. Pick 
up some eggs from the other air vent. Return to the ground. Enter the large 
door near the tie-rope. Go to Glottis's office. Use the mouthpiece with the 
auto-body repair liquid. Use the mouthpiece without facing anything. Return 
outside and use the blue eye. Give the eggs to Salvador, and use the mouthpiece 
with Eva. 

[Cut-Scene - 7: You will be shown a pathway underground by Salvador Limones. 
Upon exiting, you will find yourself at the edge of the Petrified Forest.] 

Walk towards the screen. You will find Glottis. He has been fired too. In his 
rage, he tears out his own heart and throws it into the woods. He then falls 

[Cut-Scene 8: Some flying insects crowd around Glottis' heart.]

Follow the heart into the woods and walk to the web. Pick up a bone from the 
nearby pile and put the bone in the web. Use your scythe with the web. Return 
to where Glottis is. Pick up his heart and put it back in him. 

[Cut-Scene - 9: Domino talks to an important-looking stranger. Domino says he 
will go find Meche, but the man does not believe him. He eventually sprouts Don 
Copal, as he was the leader of the operation. The man sends Domino to get Manny 
from his imprisonment to be sprouted also] 

*NOTE*: Being sprouted is the act of killing someone in the Land of the Dead. 
It involves shooting someone, with plants sprouting from the bullets.

Glottis will ask you to take a spin in the car. Do so. Drive to the right and 
stop at the factory-like place. This next part is pretty tough, but it has to 
be done. You will notice if you drive over the pipes with the wheelbarrow, one 
of them will stop. You have to mess around in such a way that the magnets on 
each side of the tree clink simultaneously. Once they have, flick the switch. 
When Glottis climbs onto the tree, turn it back on again. Glottis will be able 
to modify the car to drive over the rocky path.

[Cut-Scene 10: Glottis adds the acquired stilts to the Bone Wagon, claiming 
they will now soar like "Eagles... on pogo sticks!".]

Return to the previous screen and pick up the road sign. Bring it to the top 
left side of the screen. Plant it in various places. There is certain place 
where it must be planted. It will spin around and point in the direction of 
where it's supposed to go. The correct position is roughly in the middle of the 
screen. Once you've got it in the right place, it will point downwards, and a 
trapdoor will spring up. Go inside. Look at the sign in the foreground. Pick up 
the key. Open the lock, and Glottis will drive over the dam and through the 

[Cut-Scene 11: Manny and Glottis arrive outside Rubacava. Manny enters the town 
to try discovering if Meche has come through Rubacava yet.]

Walk up the stairs and walk in to the fog on the right. 

[Cut-Scene 12: Manny will loose his footing in the fog and fall over the cliff 
and into the water. The sea captain will find him and dump him back in town.]

He will go down to talk with Glottis about his car. Enter the restaurant up the 
stairs. Talk with Celso until you get a picture of his wife. Give the picture 
to the sea captain at the bottom of town and he will give you a logbook, 
explaining that Celso's wife has left Rubacava without him. Bring the logbook 
to Celso and he will run off after her, trying to catch up.

[Cut-Scene - 13: Manny starts mopping the floor of the restaurant and the "One 
Year Later" sign flashes, and we find Manny, a year older now owns a casino and 
is out on the balcony smoking.]

**                            *** Year  Two ***                              **

From the balcony, head back inside. Pick up the letter on the table from 
Salvador on the table and read it. Use your desk, and pick a winner for the 
roulette tables below. Return downstairs to where Glottis is playing the piano. 
Before you can leave the hall, however, Lupe will speak to you. Tell her to get 
back to work and then enter the area with Glottis inside. Pick up the golden 
liquor on the bar. Head down to the ledge overlooking the docks, which lies 
down the steps. 

[Cut Scene - 14: Meche appears to be on the ledge, telling how she has been 
alone for the past year, eventually getting mad at Manny. When 'she' turns 
around, it is really just a bird. Manny goes to the set of binoculars that the 
bird was sitting and looks through it, following the bird. Meche is seen 
boarding a ship with Domino. Manny runs to the docks to try catch up and board 
the ship, but when he grasps onto the rails, Meche looks out and knocks him off 
the ship with a bottle of champagne.]

Talk to the man standing behind you, Captain Velasco. Ask about how you will 
get to Puerto Zampata to catch up to Meche. He will say that the Limbo is the 
only ship that travels there regularly, but it is a cargo ship. Glottis could 
be used in the engine room, and there is a position for someone like Manny, 
though Naranja has already taken it. Return to Calavera's Café and talk to 
Chowchilla Charlie. Ask about printing up fake union cards, and return to where 
Glottis is. Give him the VIP Pass you received and head to the Cat Track (Top 
level of town, go straight, take no turns and go down the stairs at the end of 
the path). Before entering, however, go up the section of stairs on the left. 
Talk to Carla. Drink your golden flake liquor and walk through the metal 
detector, making sure to do it before Manny belches up the flakes. You will 
have to go into the back after Carla can't find what is setting the alarm off. 
      Once inside, Carla will start talking about her youth. Say "Hey, Carla. 
That's an awfully nice metal detector you have", and then confess about only 
wanting to ask about that. She will toss it out the window. Go to the cat 
litter room and pick up the can opener. Take out your scythe and walk along the 
beam on the litter box while using your scythe. Pick up the metal detector when 
you get it. Return to the middle level and enter the door in the right. Go to 
the kitchen upon entering the VIP Lounge. Pick up the Turkey Baster in the 
corner. Open the doors of the cupboard and the waiter will come in. Close the 
doors on him when he goes inside the cupboard, and lock it with your scythe. 
Glottis will soon come in, looking for more wine. He will drink from the keg. 
When you return inside, climb the ladder and cut a hole in the top of the keg 
with the can opener. Get inside. Glottis will come inside and will free the 
waiter. The keg being empty, the Lounge will need a new one from the cellar. 
      You will awaken in the cellar. Get on the forklift and drive into the 
elevator. Position it so that it faces the door. Press the elevator button for 
it to move, and quickly get on the forklift. Press the directional buttons 
going towards the door, and the hidden level will catch the forks in it. Get 
off the forklift and use the level on the other side of the forklift. Run down 
the long passage and pick up the suitcase.
      Manny will open the suitcase, only to find hundreds of golden Number Nine 
tickets. He will take the suitcase down to Charlie, but Charlie will be packing 
a sproutella gun. He will give you your union card, however.

Next, you'll have to eliminate Naranja from boarding the Limbo in the morning, 
so we'll get to work on that. Go to the Blue Casket and go to the back. Talk to 
Lola and then Olivia, who will be with Nick, cheating on Max, her boyfriend. 
Enter the kitchen and use the turkey baster on the sink of dirty hookah water. 
Exit the kitchen and go to the table on the bottom right of the screen. Show 
them Salvador's letter and pick up the book when they're done talking. Go to 
Toto's Tattoo palace, which is at the end of the tracks near the entrance to 
the Cat Track. Naranja will be inside getting a tattoo done. Walk behind the 
chair and to where the bed is. Open the refrigerator and then open the lettuce 
crisper. Quickly run around to the front and wait for Naranja to look away so 
you can use the turkey baster on Naranja's bottle of alcohol. He will get 
knocked out. 
      Toto will call Velasco and tell him about Naranja, making sure to sober 
him up. Look at the sleeping body of Naranja and look at it. Pick up the dog 
tag, which he is wearing. Go to the morgue (Top level of town, first building 
you come to. Talk to Membrillo for a while and, when you're done, toss 
Naranja's tag onto the rightmost body. Give Membrillo the metal detector and 
wait for him to find out that it is Naranja that has been sprouted. 

Next, you'll need to find Glottis some Sea Bee Tools to work in the Limbo. Go 
to where the unemployed Sea Bees are and show them the book you got off 
Salvador's admirers. 

[Cut-Scene - 15: Terry starts a speech, inciting a strike for the Sea Bees. 
Chief Bogen arrests him.]

Go to the VIP Lounge and talk to Nick Virago. Ask him to be your lawyer until 
the option of telling Maximino about Nick and Olivia comes up. Choose it and 
then stop talking to him. Pick up the cigarette case, which Nick leaves on the 
table. Take it to Carla, who is in the small building above the Cat Track. Show 
it to her and say you found it under her desk. She will think it's a bomb and 
detonate it. A key appears from it. Go to the lighthouse, past the ensemble of 
Sea Bees. Use the key to open the lighthouse door.

[Cut-Scene - 16: Lola is found, sprouted, by Manny. She says how she fell for 
the wrong guys, and asked Manny to warn Olivia about Nick. She tells him to 
find the photo of Olivia and Nick.]

Go to Manny's café and show the tongue you got from Lola to Lupe. She will give 
you a jacket. Look at it without looking at anything else. You will get some 
paper from it. Take it to Toto. He will give you a photograph of a race. Take 
it to the Cat Track. Open up the betting stub printer. Print out a ticket for 
Week, 2 Tuesday, Race 6. Give the ticket to the Photo Finish Window guy and you 
will get the photo of Nick and Olivia. Go to Nick and show it to him and he 
will be your lawyer. 
       If you go to the police station, you will see one of the Sea Bees is in 
jail. Go to the Cat Track and talk to Nick about getting the Sea Bee out of the 
slammer. When it's done, go to Calavera's Café and go to Manny's office. Use 
the roulette system. When the rightmost wheel comes up, press enter to use the 

[Cut-Scene - 17: Chief Bogen will get mad that he didn't win and will raid and 
close down Manny's casino. Glottis will be tossed out from the Cat Track, and 
Manny tells him about his new job. Valesco then lets Manny and Glottis board, 
letting Glottis do what he likes to the engine. Here, the turn of the year 

**                            *** Year  Three ***                            **

[Cut-Scene - 17 (Part 2): One year on, Manny is the captain of the Limbo. They 
are just arriving at Puerto Zapato. Manny agrees to let custom officials on 
board, but just after he orders them to board, a message from Salvador Limones 
arrives, telling him that the custom officials are assassins.] 

You will soon take command of Manny again. Go back indoors. Soon enough you 
will see one of your crew having been sprouted. Continue on and go down the 
ladder. Soon enough, more "custom officials" will come along. Glottis will pull 
you into the engine room just in time. You'll be safe in there for the time. 

Thanks to CJayC's guide for showing me how to do this part during my first 

Raise the starboard anchor. Go to the controls and press the right directional 
button. Lower the starboard anchor and raise it again. If you look out the 
window, the two anchors should be joined together. If not, E-Mail me and tell 
me I've done the part wrong ^_^. Anyway, if it DID work, use your scythe with 
the anchors. Next, raise the port anchor... You can imagine what's going to 
happen... Reverse the ship...

[Cut-Scene - 18: The anchors cleave a hole all the way around the ship. Glottis 
and Manny hang on, but soon enough the ship sinks. Manny and Glottis are 
dragged down (willingly) with the ship.]

Glottis will have trouble breathing, but will soon cop on that he can live for 
a little while without oxygen. Wait for Chapito to come nearby, and say, "Well, 
I don't want to break your stride," to him when you speak to him. Grab his 
torch, and drag it near Glottis. He will pick it up, and eventually you will 
find your way to the Pearl. 
       There will be an octopus there. He will scoop up some nearby people and 
take them inside his submarine. You cannot go near it, as it is looking at 
Manny, Glottis and Chapito. Run along the edge of the shelf to where the rock 
is. Run by the rock and Chapito will get stuck to some sea-creatures. 

[Cut-Scene - 19: Manny and Glottis will run off, leaving Chapito alone. He gets 
taken into the submarine by the octopus, while Manny and Glottis hitch a ride 
on the back of it. You will soon arrive at the Edge of the World.]

Enter the building through the door ahead. Run along the path to the right and 
enter the room. Enter the next room and you will find Meche. 

[Cut-Scene - 20: Meche is inside the office, and Manny will talk to her for a 
while, eventually slapping Manny for suggesting she is with Domino. Domino will 
soon come in, and talk to Manny, explaining the plot a bit more. Glottis will 
then come in and Dom will have him be sucked through a pipe and thrown off the 
edge of the world, into almost certain death.]

When you regain control of Manny, he will be in an office with some kids with 
wings. Angelitos, they are. Talk to the Angelitos for a little while until the 
boy chucks a tiny hammer at you. Then tell them to get back to work. Pick up 
the hammer and enter Meche's office. You see the cigarette ashtray. You will 
notice that Meche will ash her cigarette every so often. Time it so that Manny 
ashes his cigarette at the same time she does. When you get it right, [Cut-
Scene - 21: Meche will take off her stockings, as they have been burned.] Go to 
the bin and pick up the stockings. Enter Domino's office and talk to him for a 
while to explain some more of the plot. Return outside. Walk to the left and 
off screen. Talk to Chapito for a while and then give him the little hammer. He 
gives you his Bust-All chisel. Give him Meche's stockings and he will give you 
a gun. Return to where Meche is and give her the gun. 

[Cut-Scene - 22: Meche will take a sproutella bullet out of her hat and will 
point the sproutella gun at Manny. She brings Manny into Dom's office and 
threatens to shoot Manny if Domino doesn't let the children go. He refuses, and 
then tells her that Manny doesn't work for him. She threatens to shoot Domino, 
but he grabs her and puts her in "The Cooler".]

Leave the office and head down the hall until you get to a safe-like door. Use 
the Bust-All with the door. A circuit will explode and some gold-coloured 
tumblers will appear.
      This part is pretty tricky, so be careful. You notice when you turn the 
wheel, the tumblers move. You start with the bottom one, and when each tumbler 
turns a full revolution, the next one above it starts spinning also. Turn the 
wheel to the left, get it so that all tumblers are moving and then get the 
topmost one to have the flat side facing away from the wheel and towards the 
lock. Now, turn the wheel to the right and get the third tumbler (from the 
bottom) in line with the fourth tumbler. Turn the wheel to left again and line 
of the second tumbler, and finally the first. When this is done, use your 
scythe with the tumblers. Then, pull the lever and the door should open. Go 
       Close the door and use your scythe with the plate behind the door. The 
secret room will open, freeing Meche. Although, Manny has closed the door and 
therefore neither can escape through it. Enter the secret room and look in the 
cases to reveal Double-N tickets. Once the sequence is complete return to the 
main room. You see the axe next to the knight? Drag it into the secret room and 
drop it on the white tile that looks a bit out of place next to the others. A 
hole will open up. Drop through it, though you cannot take the cases.

Meche, the two Angelitos and yourself will land on the grass outside the 
factory. You will need a boat to escape from the island, which Manny then goes 
to work on. Come into the foreground and onto the next screen. Go up the one of 
he paths on either side of the grinder-things. Climb up the ladder and you will 
find yourself in a crane. Lower the crane's claw and go to where the claw is on 
the beach. Use the Bust-All on the chain and you will destroy half of the 
crane. Raise the crane again, drop it, and then raise it again to destroy the 
     Go to the left side of the rock, lower the crane and get off it. Climb 
down the conveyer belt and get off at the bottom. Switch the lever so that the 
chain is sucked down the conveyor belt. Run down the conveyor belt and onto the 
next screen. Climb down the rod and you will find yourself next to a boat. 
Climb onto the boat and you will find Glottis, alive. He will be working on the 
boat. Return to the screen with the conveyer belt and the lever. Flick the 
level twice so that it gets caught up in the side. Return to the crane and lift 
the boat out of the water. 

[Cut-Scene - 23: Glottis will come out of the water, the SS Lamacha behind 

Meche and the Angelitos will get on the boat and start sailing away. 

[Cut-Scene - 24: Domino will see the smoke coming from Manny's boat and will 
then get mad. In the midst of interrupting an almost-romantic scene between 
Manny and Mercedes, Domino and his octopus will follow the boat on his sub. 
Manny goes to challenge Domino.]

 Take out your scythe. Since you can't beat Domino by attacking him, use the 
scythe on the octopus' eye. 

[Cut-Scene - 25: Dom knocks Manny to the ground and taunts him at how he's 
better than him. Soon enough he gets caught up in Glottis's grinder-things, 
signally his demise.] 

**                            *** Year  Four ***                             **

[Cut-Scene - 25: One year on, Manny, Glottis, Meche and some others are hiking 
towards the end of the journey, coming to the land of eternal rest. Glottis 
will soon moan and fall off the edge of the stone stair.] 

Go find him down the stairs and straight ahead, inside the demon workshop. He 
is sick after not driving for months. Talk to him, and soon enough he will draw 
blueprints on the wall for his final work - a rocket car. He mentions you need 
the right fuel for it to work before becoming unconscious. Leave and go down 
the long stairway. Open the coffin that lies upon the ground. Inside will be 
Bruno, one of Manny's clients, if you remember correctly. He will throw a mug 
at you. Return to Glottis and enter the kitchen below where he lies. Place the 
mug on one of the rungs of the mug holder. Take a rag from the drawer and 
return to the main room. Use the rag with the oil container. Return inside and 
put the rag in the toaster. You have your new fuel.

[Cut-Scene - 27: The demons will create the rocket-car for Glottis, and strap 
him on top, while Meche and Manny stay in the gondola below. During the 
journey, Glottis awakes and becomes scared. He knocks over the gondola. 
Luckily, you guys were just arriving at Rubacava]

Meche, Glottis and yourself then arrive in Rubacava, soon finding that the hot 
rod is booby trapped and rigged with explosives. Go to the docks to where the 
port is, and you will find the Sea Captain there. He will leave once you 
mention the Lamacha. Pick up the bottle of the Lumbago he was working on and 
take it to the Blue Casket. Go to the kitchen and fill the bottle up from the 
keg. Take it to Glottis. Just after you leave the kitchen, however, Olivia will 
see you and request to come to El Marrow. Go to the docks, and have Glottis 
drink the liquid in the bottle. When he returns from the Blue Casket, go to 
Toto's Tattoo place. Open the cabinet on the wall and take out the liquid 
nitrogen. Go to the car and talk to Glottis. When he pukes all over the place, 
use the liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Run across the ice and disarm the 

[Cut-Scene: Glottis, Olivia, Meche and Glottis race back to El Marrow.]

After parking the Bone Wagon on the edge of town, members of the LSA surround 
the company and are taken to the LSA hideout. Salvador Limones enters the room 
and welcomes Manny. He will show you the monitor on which is showing the LSA's 
spies in Hector's lab. Pick up the hand on the sprouted soldier's body. Pick up 
the photo from the litterbin. Give the note you received back at the gate of 
the Ninth Underworld to the bird. Show him the photo you got from the trash and 
it will fly off to Hector's florist. 

[Cut-Scene - 28: A larger bird will swallow the pigeon when it lands on the 
still. The florist will come over and look at the note stuck upon the bird. He 
will go partially insane and will run off.]

Go to the sewer system and take the remote off Glottis. Climb up the ladder to 
the left, and then up the next ladder further down the screen. Pick up the 
coffee pot and give the two actors coffee. Climb up the ladder next to them. 
Pour coffee on them from the platform and they will run off. Climb back down 
and put the coffee pot back. Return up the ladder. Put the skeleton hand in the 
grinder and then pick it up. Return down the ladder and enter the room with the 
make-up artists inside. You will now have a disguise. Return to where Glottis 
and the Bone Wagon are.
        Leave and go to Hector's casino. Talk to the guy in the trench coat 
twice. Talk to the girl next to Charlie a couple times until she realises it is 
you, Manny. Throw the sheet on Charlie and then talk to the guy in the coat 
about breaking the other machine. Charlie will go to the bathroom and change. 
Enter the bathroom and you will get a change of clothes. Return to where the 
Bone Wagon is.
       Walk behind the Bone Wagon and go to the pipe on the right side. Grind 
some of the arm in the pipe until Manny will use it to help him go through it. 
When the crocodile appears, drive the Bone Wagon forward as far as you can. 
Take out the remote control and put the Bone Wagon on its legs. Jump off the 
Bone Wagon to the ledge nearby and try to climb down the ladder. Quickly climb 
back up when the crocodile spins around. Use the remote control to drop the 
Bone Wagon on its tail. Climb down the ladder and go to Bowlsley's shop. Enter 
and use your scythe with the ball-thing above the door. Leave and come back in. 
Talk to Bowlsly and ask him for a gun and some bullets. Pick up the bullets and 
be on your way (To the casino).

Go to the red demon guarding the elevator. Talk to him and ask him to use the 
elevator. When he tells you that you must answer a number-based question, 
select the last number to be displayed on the electronic board behind him. He 
will let you use the elevator and you will arrive on Hector's floor. Celso 
Flores and his wife will be there, deciding whether or not to purchase Double N 
Tickets from Hector LeMans. Talk to them until they agree to buy them and they 
will go inside Hector's office to buy the tickets. Hector tells Manny to wait 

[Cut-Scene - 29: Hector LeMans takes Manny to the Department of Dead and to his 
own office. Manny points a gun at Hector when he is shown the Double N tickets. 
A bird flies through the window in the office, and Manny shoots wildly at it. 
Hector uses this momentary lack of concentrating and escapes via the sign on 
the top of the building. He falls off the roof, though.]

When he has escaped over the roof and messed up the motor of the sign, climb up 
to the roof yourself. Get on the ledge and use the hand-grinding implement on 
the crack in the stole gargoyle. Use the sproutella pellet with the bone flakes 
and pick up the case of Double N tickets.

[Cut-Scene - 30: Manny sends Meche back to the gate of the Underworld with the 
case of Double N tickets. A bird along the way attacks her and Olivia picks 
Manny up in Salvador's car. Along the way Manny asks why there was no cover, 
and Olivia shows Manny Salvador's head.]

You will arrive at a greenhouse. Walk up to the greenhouse and you will find 
Hector inside.

[Cut-Scene - 31: Hector LeMans talks to Manny for a little while, eventually 
shooting him with slow-acting sproutella. Manny runs off, in terrible pain, 
eventually collapsing on the meadows.] 

Use the liquid nitrogen with the sprout and you will be saved while Manny 
thanks Toto in Spanish. Return to the car and look in the back seat. Talk to 
Salvador, and soon enough Olivia will grab you from behind. Salvador will bite 
a suicide tooth, sprouting himself and Olivia. Open the case of tickets on the 
ground and take your scythe. Salvador's Number Nine ticket will be attracted to 
him. Pick it up and run around the side of the greenhouse to the back. Hold out 
Salvador's ticket and walk around the area. After a while, the ticket should 
fall out of Manny's hand and onto a body. Pick up the key off Salvador's body.
       Return to the car and open the trunk to get a sproutella gun and 
bullets. Go to the water pump nearby and shoot it with the sproutella gun.

[Cut-Scene - 32: Manny and Meche appear on the Number Nine train, handing over 
all the tickets to the gate warden. Glottis will have to stay in the Land of 
the Dead as a demon. Manny and Meche then ride the Number Nine train to the 
Ninth Underworld, the Land of Eternal Rest together.]

Congratulations, you have completed the game, Grim Fandango!

** 7. - Frequently Asked Questions                                           **

**                           *** Year    One ***                             **

Q: How do I get to the Poisoning?
Take a car. Glottis can be your driver.

Q: How do I get Don Copal to sign the work order for Glottis?
Go outside and to the alleyway and climb up the rope of clothes. Enter the 
window to Don's office at the top. Use his computer and change the automatic 
response to "Cripes Eva, just sign it yourself. I'm busy!" or something to that 
effect. Return inside and ask Eva to get Don to sign the form.

Q: How do I get a better client?
Take the packet of cards from your office and bring them to Eva's desk to get 
them punched. Go out side to the clown and ask him to make you two dead worms. 
Go to the packing room and put one deflated balloon on the left tube and put 
the other balloon on the other. Go up to your office and put the two balloons 
in the message tube. When the red demon appears to fix the tube-switching 
machine, go inside the tube-switching room and turn the little circular-knob on 
the door. When the demon leaves the room, the door won't close properly. When 
the demon leaves, go back inside the room. Use one of the punched cards in the 
tube-area thing. Look at the message that gets stopped. 

Q: How do I get back Glottis's heart?
Go into the woods to where Glottis's heart is. Put one of the bones from the 
pile in the spider's web and use your scythe with the web. Go back to where 
Glottis is and put the heart back him. 

Q: What do I do at the factory-like place?
See the wheelbarrow? Use it. You will notice that when you stop on a pipe, the 
corresponding marrow sucker will stop moving. You must time your getting off 
the pipe to be exact on each pipe. Make it so that both the marrow-suckers will 
make the 'clank' noise at the same time on each side. 

Q: How do I get a job at the restaurant?
Enter the restaurant up the stairs. Talk with Celso until you get a picture of 
his wife. Give the picture to the sea captain at the bottom of town and he will 
give you the logbook, explaining that Celso's wife has left Rubacava without 
him. Bring the logbook to Celso and he will run off after his wife, trying to 
catch up.

**                            *** Year  Two ***                              **

Q: Why did Meche knock Manny off the ship?
You'll find out later in the game.

Q: How do I get to Puerto Zapata to catch up with Meche?
You must board the ship, the Limbo.

Q: How do I board the Limbo?
It's not a passenger ship, so you must get a job on it. Glottis can work in the 
engine room, and there's a position for somebody like Manny, though the guy to 
fill it has not yet shown up.

Q: How do I join the union?
You don't need to join you just need a union card. Chowchilla Charlie can print 
them up if you want to buy one from him.

Q: How do I get Charlie's suitcase?
Make sure you have the can opener. Go to the VIP Lounge and enter the kitchen. 
Open the pantry doors and wait for the waiter to go inside. Close the doors and 
lock them with the scythe. When Glottis drinks the wine from the keg, climb up 
the ladder and cut a hole in the top. Climb inside. You will soon awake in the 
cellar. Get in the forklift and drive into the elevator. Turn the forklift so 
that the two forks could go through the two holes in the elevator door. Press 
the button for the elevator to go up and it should get stuck at the hidden 
level. Flick the lever on the other side of the forklift. Go down the corridor 
to get the suitcase.

Q: How do I get Carla's metal detector?
Make sure you have the golden liquor from Manny's bar. Go to Carla's room and 
drink the liquor, quickly passing through the metal detector. You will be asked 
to step in the back. When she is in the middle of talking, complement her on 
her nice metal detector. She will throw it out the window. Go down to that area 
and use your scythe with the pool of kitty litter.

Q: How do I get Naranja to NOT be available to work on the Limbo?
Go to the kitchen of the kitchen of the VIP Lounge and take the baster. Go to 
the Blue Casket's kitchen and fill the baster up with hookah water. Go to 
Toto's tattoo palace. Go to the back, open the fridge and open the lettuce 
crisper. Quickly go to where Naranja's bottle is, and when he gets distracted 
put the hookah water in it. He will be knocked out. When he is on the bed in 
the back, look at his body and take his dog tag. Go to the morgue and put the 
dog tag on the right body. Give Membrillo the metal detector.

Q: Where do I get tools for Glottis?
Give the letter from Salvador to the posse in the Blue Casket. Take the book 
and give it to the sea bees. 

Q: I've done everything and yet the year won't change? Why not?
You haven't done everything.

Q: Yes I have.
No you haven't.

**                            *** Year  Three ***                            **

Q: OMG help0r0z!1!!11! |>30|>13 r 411<|<1NG my 5|-|1|>!1!!!

Q: How do I escape from the assassins after being locked in the control room?
Raise the starboard anchor. Go to the controls and press the right directional 
button. Lower the starboard anchor and raise it again. If you look out the 
window, the two anchors should be joined together. Use your scythe with the 
anchors. Next, raise the port anchor... RIP! Reverse the ship...

Q: How do I leave the circle of light near the ship?
Wait for Chapito to walk by. When he does, grab his lantern and drag him to 

Q: What do I do at the pearl with the octopus nearby?
Walk along the rim of the shelf and walk around the rock. Chapito will get 
stuck among the sea-creatures. Manny and Glottis will hitch a lift.

Q: Twat! He killed Glottis!
...And what do we do to people who kill out demon-friends?

Q: Preform various sexual favours for him?
That too.

Q: Where do I get a gun?
Take the little hammer from the boy angelito. Give it to Chapito and you should 
get a gun.

Q: How do I get Meche out of the "Cooler"?
Make sure you have the Bust-All chisel. Use the bust-all on the covering of the 
cell door. Use the wheel to turn the tumblers, the flat side facing the right 
side of the door. Use the scythe with the tumblers and pull the lever. Close 
the door and use your scythe with the gold plate behind. Drag the axe over and 
drop it on the tile that's a little out of place. Climb through the hole.

Q: Where do I get a boat?
There's one hanging off the edge of the world. How about that one?

Q: No, not that one. I want something in a light-blue colour.

Q: Fine. I'll settle. How do I get it?
Lower the crane on the beach and use the bust-all with the claw. Go back to the 
crane, raise the crane, lower it and then raise it again. Go to the left side 
of the rock, lower the crane and get off it. Climb down the conveyer belt and 
get off at the bottom. Switch the lever so that the chain is sucked down the 
conveyor belt. Run down the conveyor belt and onto the next screen. Climb down 
the rod and you will find yourself next to a boat. Climb onto the boat and you 
will find Glottis, alive. He will be working on the boat. Return to the screen 
with the conveyer belt and the lever. Flick the level twice so that it gets 
caught up in the side. Return to the crane and raise the chain to lift the boat 
out of the water.

**                            *** Year  Four ***                             **

Q: Where do I get the fuel for Glottis's new car?
Go to the bottom of the stairs and open the coffin. Pick up the cup and return 
to the demon's lab. Put the cup on the mug-rack. Pick up a rag from the drawer. 
Return outside the kitchen and put the rag in the oil container. Put the rag in 
the toaster >_<.

Q: How do I get the car out of the place where it's parked?
Go to the docks and make the captain leave. Take the bottle he was working on. 
Go to the Blue Casket and fill up the bottle from the keg. Return to where 
Meche and Glottis are. Give Glottis the bottle. When he returns, talk to him to 
make him puke. Go to Toto's and take the liquid nitrogen from the cabinet. Use 
the nitrogen on the puke and run over to disarm the bombs.

Q: Where do I get a disguise?
Go to the ladder in the sewer system and then climb up the next one. Pick up 
the coffee dispenser and climb up the ladder next to the actors. Pour coffee on 
them from up there and return downstairs to put the coffee back. Enter the 
costume area. Go to the casino and talk to the guy in the trench coat near the 
slot machines twice. Talk to Meche twice. Throw the sheet on Charlie and then 
talk to the LSA member again. Go into the bathroom to get a change of clothes.

Q: Why am I in the florists?
To get a gun. Use your scythe on the rubber ball thing near the door. Leave and 
return. Ask for a gun and you'll get one.

Q: How do I get up the elevator?
Talk to the demon guarding it. He will ask you a question with a number answer. 
Answer the last number to appear on the scoreboard behind you.

Q: How do I persuade Celso to buy the Double N tickets? 
Tell him about your problems and then tell him about your crappy vacation.

Q: How do I get to Bowlsley's Florists?
Go to the LSA's headquarters. Take the un-sprouted arm from the ground. Return 
to the actor's area. Climb up the ladder and put the arm in the grinder. Pick 
up the hand-grinder and go to where Glottis is. Make sure you have the remote 
control for the Bone Wagon's stilt system. Walk past the Bone Wagon and enter 
the little pipe on your right. Grind some arm in there and you should be 
allowed enter it. When the crocodile appears, push it towards the screen. Press 
the remote control button and jump onto the ledge next to you. Try to climb 
down the ladder, and quickly climb back up when the crocodile turns around. 
Press the button on the remote again and then climb down the ladder. 

Q: How do I get across the roof to the case of Double N tickets?
Jump on the ledge. Use the arm grinder thing on the crack in the stone 
gargoyle. Use the sproutella bullet with the bone flakes. Climb up the ladder 
when the sign breaks.

Q: How do I stop myself from being sprouted?
Use the liquid nitrogen on the incomplete sprouting.

Q: How do I get the keys for Salvador's trunk?
Open the case on the ground. Pick up your scythe. Pick up Salvador's ticket. Go 
behind the greenhouse to the meadows and walk around with the ticket out until 
it gets attracted to Limones' body. Use your scythe with the area.

Q: How do I FINALLY kill Hector LeMans?
Go to the water purifier near the greenhouse. Shoot the water container.

**                   *** Miscellaneous  Questions ***                         *

Q: Are there any games like Grim Fandango?
Escape From Monkey Island would probably be the next-closest, though you'd need 
to play the first three first, The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: 
LeChuck's Revenge and The Curse of Monkey Island to understand the storyline 
involved. Try Maniac Mansion, Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max 
Hit the Road, and Full Throttle.

Q: What is this 'sprouting' thing that I keep hearing about in this game?
Being sprouted is "death within death", as Membrillo puts it. If you shoot 
another soul with a sproutella gun, plants will bloom in the enemy's bones, 
killing him/her. In the Land of the Dead, a flower is a sign of death.

Q: What specs are needed to play Grim Fandango?
Computer: 100% Windows 95/98 Direct X compatible computer required.
CPU: Pentium 133 or faster required.
CD-ROM Drive: 4-Speed or higher recommended
Graphics Card: 2mb PCI Graphics Card required
3D Acceleration: Supported. 4MB PCI or AGP accelerator required for Direct3D.
Memory: 16MB RAM required.
Sound Card: 100% Windows 95/98 compatible 16-bit sound card required.
Input Device: 100% Windows 95/98 compatible keyboard required. 
Direct X: Microsoft DirectX 6.0 or higher. DirectX 6.0 is on the game CD.

Q: Can joysticks or gamepads be used to play Grim Fandango?

Q: Where did the idea of Grim Fandango come from?
[Taken from the 'Introduction']

According to Aztec beliefs, the land of the dead was where a dead person's soul 
had to journey from in order to reach the Ninth Underworld, the Land of Eternal 
Rest. The dead were often buried with money, clothes and the like in order to 
help them on their journey to their final home. Mexican folklore added the Day 
of the Dead festival to these beliefs, in which in was said that the dead came 
back to the Land of the Living to greet their loved ones. Often, skeleton paper 
mache dolls were made called calaveras in the shape of past loved ones. The 
Grim Fandango character's physical appearances were based on this likeness. 
The Department of Death is a company, which sets dead souls on the four-year 
long trek to the Ninth Underworld, where they will have eternal rest. The game 
was based on Aztec and Mayan art and Mexican folklore.

** 8. - Items List                                                           **

**                         ***    Year   One    ***                          **
|                       |                                                     | 
|         Item          |   Description (What Manny says about it)            |
|                       |                                                     |
| Scythe                | "My Scythe -- I like to keep it next to where my    |
|                       |  heart used to be."                                 |
| Work Order            | "Looks like some kind of special work order..."     |
| Deck of Cards         | "This deck of cards looks very frayed around the    |
|                       |  edges. Then again, so am I, and I've got fewer     |
|                       |  suits."                                            |
| Deflated Balloon      | "It's a deflated balloon."                          |
| Bread                 | "The Bread of the Dead."                            |
| Unsigned Work Order   | "I've gotta get this work order signed."            |
| Card with Holes       | "This card is full of holes."                       |
| Light Balloon         | "This balloon is filled with a light chemical."     |
| Dark Balloon          | "This balloon is filled with a dark chemical."      |
| Balloon Dingo         | "It's just a regular old balloon dog, I don't see   |
|                       |  what's so "dingo" about it."                       |
| Balloon Cat           | "It's a squeaky little kitty."                      |
| Balloon Robert Frost  | "This doesn't look anything like Robert Frost!"     |
| Unsigned Work Order   | "I've got to get this work order signed."           |
| Fire Extinguisher     | "WARNING: Fire system, Do Not Touch."               |
| Mouthpiece            | "It's Domino's mouthpiece. Why am I carrying this   |
|                       |  around?"                                           |
| Glowing Coral         | ""Congratulations, Domino, on your new job!         |
|                       |   -- Hector""                                       |
| Pigeon Eggs           | "These babies are going to war!"                    |
| Moulded Mouthpiece    | "It's got a perfect plaster cast of my teeth in it."|
| Hollow Bone           | "Ewwwww. Something has sucked the marrow out."      |
| Old Key               | "It's the key to the gates of Hell, I seem to       |
|                       |  recall."                                           |
| Photo                 | "It's Celso's wife--Actually I don't think skin     |
|                       |  would help."                                       |
| Log Book              | "Valesco's log book says Celso's wife took a bunk   |
|                       |  with a hunk."                                      |

**                         ***    Year   Two    ***                          **
|                       |                                                     | 
|         Item          |   Description (What Manny says about it)            |
|                       |                                                     |
| Maillo de Oro         | "Ah, "Marillo de Oro"--a very fine liquor filled    |
|                       |  with solid gold flakes."                           |
| Ticket Printer        | "Me and this ticket printer, we're gonna make a     |
|                       |  mint."                                             |
| VIP Pass              | "It's the V.I.P. Passto the High Rollers' Lounge    |
|                       |  that Chowchilla Charlie gave me. Oooh, better not  |
|                       |  show this to Glottis."                             |
| Book                  | ""Labour Organisation and Revolt... Made Easy!      |
|                       |  Chapter One: The workers shall control the means   |
|                       |  of production." Oooh, better not show this to      |
|                       |  Glottis."                                          |
| Can Opener            | "It says "Revolutionary New Design Leaves Can-Edges |
|                       |  Safe and Smooth for Kitty."                        |
| Turkey Baster         | "Looks like a turkey baster."                       |
| Cigarette Case        | "It's Virago's cigarette case."                     |
| Silver Key            | "What was Nick doing with this key?"                |
| Metal Detector        | "Next beach I see, I'm finding me a watch."         |
| Full Baster           | "It's a turkey baster filled with dirty hookah      |
|                       |  water."                                            |
| Betting Stub          | "It's a betting stub for, let's see... [Day] [Week] |
|                       |  [Race]."                                           |
| Identification        | "'Seaman Anselmo Naranja. Ensign, Third Class'."    |
| Union Card            | "I'm a union man, now."                             |
| System Card           | "There's a picture of a tongue on it and it says,   |
|                       |  "#22--Lengua.""                                    |
| Paper                 | "All that this paper says is "No. 36 - The Rusty    |
|                       |  Anchor." What is THAT supposed to mean?"           |
| Finish Photo          | "Looks like these cats are scruff and scruff."      |
| Lola's Photo          | "It's Lola's last work, a juicy photo of Nick and   |
|                       |  Olivia kissing."                                   |

**                         ***    Year   Three    ***                        **

|                       |                                                     | 
|         Item          |   Description (What Manny says about it)            |
|                       |                                                     |
| Tiny Hammer           | "This is the tinniest hammer I've ever seen."       |
| Burnt Stockings       | "You know, a little clear nail polish would fix     |
|                       |  these right up."                                   |
| Unloaded Gun          | "Ah, my first sproutella gun!"                      |
| Bust-All Chisel       | "It's a "Bust-All!""                                |

**                         ***    Year   Four    ***                         **

|                       |                                                     | 
|         Item          |   Description (What Manny says about it)            |
|                       |                                                     |
| Crusty Mug            | "It's the mug I gave Bruno, and it's full of that   |
|                       |  foam I packed him in."                             |
| Note                  | ""I know what you're up to... I've been watching.   |
|                       |  Stay there. I'm coming to sprout you myself! Yours |
|                       |  truly, Hector LeMans" Híjole!"                     |
| Clean Rag             | "It's a lovely rag."                                |
| Oily Rag              | "It's an oily rag that I made all by myself."       |
| Lumbago in Bottle     | "You'd think after two years he'd have the little   |
|                       |  S.S. Lumbago's lifeboats on, at least."            |
| Full Bottle           | "That's what the Lumbago diorama needed--fake ocean |
|                       |  water."                                            |
| Nitrogen              | ""Liquid Nitrogen -- Not to be used on bone.""      |
| Arm                   | "I wonder how that soldier's getting along without  |
|                       |  this arm?"                                         |
| Photo                 | "I bet the agent in this photo is the poor guy      |
|                       |  Hector just shot."                                 |
| Bone Wagon's Remote   | "This remote control works the Bone Wagon's         |
|                       |  suspension."                                       |
| Grinder with Arm      | "It's a bone-chipper now!"                          |
| Sproutella Gun        | "Hmmm, this gun might actually look better with a   |
|                       |  little baby's breath."                             |
| Sproutella Bullet     | "Bowlsley was right, this is the good stuff!"       |
| Salvador's Ticket     | "It's not doing anything now."                      |
| Key for Sal's Trunk   | "This must be the key to Salvador's trunk."         |
| Sproutella Gun (2)    | "My gun doesn't need reloading yet."                |

This is an entire arm which Manny got from one of Salvador's soldiers.

Balloon Cat
Retrieved from the carnival in Year One, this is the balloon cat which the 
clown made for Manny. It was used to help scare away the pigeons.

Balloon Dingo
This is another of the balloons Manny got from the clown in Year One. This one 
is useless, however.

Balloon Robert Frost
Another of the carnival balloons, this time in the likeness of poet Robert 
Frost. This was used to scare away the pigeons from the roof in Year One.

Betting Stub
This is one of the betting stubs that Manny printed from the betting stub 
printer that Chowchilla Charlie gave to Manny. 

Bone Wagon's Remote
Made by Glottis, this is the remote to the stilts that Glottis installed to the 
bone wagon. 

Random book :p. Manny uses it to rouse the drones into revolt.

This is some bread from the stall at the Day of the Dead carnival in year One. 

Burnt Stockings
These are the stockings that Meche burned on the cigarette holder, thanks to 

Bust-All Chisel
This is one of the digging/carving/cutting chisels Manny got at the coral reef. 

Can Opener
Unfortunately, this can opener only works on the large tins. It is, however, 

Card with Holes
This is one of Domino's playing cards with holes punched in it. Manny used it 
to block the server in Year One.

Cigarette Case
This is Nick (the lawyer)'s cigarette case, which he left on the table of the 
cat racing bar,

Clean Rag
This is one of the rags from Glottis's kins' workshop. 

Crusty Mug
This is the mug from the workshop of Glottis's kin.

Dark Balloon
It is filled with packing foam. Manny got it from the clown at the carnival 
down the street.

Deck of Cards
This is Domino's deck of cards which Manny stole after sneaking into his office 
from the roof. 

Deflated Balloon
Retrieved from the clown down the street, Manny filled these with packing foam 
to screw up the message server. 

Finish Photo
This is the photo of one of the cat races from the season previous. 

Fire Extinguisher
From Year One, this is the fire extinguisher Manny used to freeze the flaming 

Full Baster
The turkey baster, now full of random filth. 

Full Bottle
This is a model of the S.S. Lumbago in a bottle. The sea captain was playing 
with this  for a long while, but in Year Four, Manny took it and filled it with 
a liquid of sorts.

Glowing Coral
Stolen from Domino's office, this is a glowing piece of coral that Domino had 
in his office. Manny used it as a weight to tie to the clothing rope and thus 
get onto the roof with. 

Grinder with Arm
A bone grinder with an arm inside. Manny used it to crack the wall beneath the 
sign to stop Hector LeMans.

Hollow Bone
The beavers that are between El Marrow and Rubacava dwell on a bone bridge. 
This is one of such bones. Manny used this to make the beavers go after it.

This is the shiny dog-tag identification tag that Manny found on the sleeping 
form in the tattoo parlour. 

Key for Sal's Trunk
In the final puzzle of Year Four, you find the key for Salvador Limones's trunk 
on his body in the meadows. Inside is a Sproutella gun. 

Light Balloon
It is filled with packing foam. Manny got it from the clown at the carnival 
down the street.

Log Book
This is the final proof to Celso that his wife shared a boat with another man 
when leaving the harbour.

Lola's Photo
Lola, the photographer, took one last picture of Nick and Olivia kissing. This 
is it, and, ultimately, is the photo that got her killed.

Lumbago in Bottle
As previously mentioned, the sea captain had a model of the S.S. Lumbago in a 

Maillo de Oro
Maillo de Oro is the liquor that has golden flakes encapsulated inside it. 
Quite extravagant. 

Metal Detector
This is Carla's metal detector which she threw from a high window into a pile 
of kitten feces below.

Moulded Mouthpiece
This is the mouthpiece Manny moulded from his own teeth and gave to the Lost 
Souls Alliance in El Marrow in Year One. It is used by the LSA to infiltrate 
the DoD's security systems.

See above :). Only un-moulded.

Stolen from the tattoo parlour in Year Four, this bottle of liquid nitrogen 
saved Manny's life/death. He used it to freeze the spot where the bullet 
entered him.

Hector LeMans sent this note to Manny when he reached the gates to the Ninth 
Underworld. It reads: "I know what you're up to... I've been watching. Stay 
there. I'm coming to sprout you myself! Yours truly, Hector LeMans."

Oily Rag
A random oil-soaked rag found in Year Four while Glottis is getting fixed up.

Old Key
Found in the Forbidden Forest as Manny and Glottis were searching for Meche. It 
is the key for the gate to the Beaver's bridge o' bones.

A piece of paper telling Manny to look for number 36. 

(Year One) This is a picture of Celso Flores's wife. Manny used it to look for 

(Other). This is a picture of the LSA soldier Hector LeMans sprouted in Year 

Pigeon Eggs
These are the eggs which practically began Salvador's LSA movement. They were 
used as a method of communication.

Salvador's Ticket
Salvador Limones all along had a ticket on the Double N, but, due to the 
corruption, was not given it. Manny used it to find Salvador's body in the 
meadows near Hector's greenhouse.

Manny's scythe: the one item that he kept all through the game.

Silver Key
This is the key Manny found in the cigarette case that Nick left on the table 
of the cat-racing club. 

Sproutella Bullet
A pellet of petal-death.

Sproutella Gun
The gun Manny used to trick Meche. Also the gun Manny used to sprout Hector 

System Card
This is one of the card from Lola's coat-checking system. Manny finds a girly 
jacket with it.

Ticket Printer
Retrieved from Chowchilla Charlie, this is a contraption used to print fake 
betting stubs. 

Tiny Hammer
One of the small Angelitos threw this at Manny. 

Turkey Baster
Found in the cat-racing bar, Manny filled this with random filth water.

Union Card
This is Manny's fake union card. He needed this to get onto the boat in 
Rubacava. It was printed by Chowchilla Charlie.

Unloaded Gun
This is the gun Manny submitted to Meche at the Edge of the World (Coral Reef) 
as she would not believe that he didn't have one. 

Unsigned Work Order
This is the work order Manny had to get signed at the DoD in Year One. 

VIP Pass
This is Manny's VIP pass to Max's lounge in Year Two. Glottis used it mostly, 

Work Order
This is the work order Manny had to get signed at the DoD in Year One. This 
time it is signed though.

** 9. - Credits                                                              **

Many thanks to everyone who was involved in the creation and distribution of 
the guide. Secondly, thanks to those who contributed to the development of Grim
Fandango. I hope I have been of some assistance to you, the reader. Feel free
to distribute this guide as you please if you deem it useful.

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