GTA 4 Vice City - Strategy Guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 GTA 4 Vice City - Strategy Guide

GTA 4 Vice City - Strategy Guide

Submitted by: Faizan Jahangir

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

This GTA: VC Strategy Guide was made to help the people that 
think that the game is hard or want to complete the game 100%.
Most of you that read other guides are most likely to be used 
to the legal stuff. So here it is…
This document is copywrited material of Faizan Jahangir and 
may not be used
without expressed written consent of Faizan Jahangir. 
No part of this guide can be used without proper quoting 
and/or recognition. Any person(s) found violating this 
copywrite are punishable by law and will be to the 
fullest extent.
BULL I wrote this guide to help people. So if you need 
to copy, copy as much as you need to. This is my first guide 
I wrote so if it isn’t very good sorry .Now that we got that 
BS out of the way.

To reach 100% completion of the game you must for fill 
these requirements
•	All Main Story Missions
•	All Extra Missions
•	All Odd Jobs
•	All Rampages
•	All Unique Jumps
•	Collect 100 Hidden Packages
•	Purchase All Properties
•	Rob All Stores
Know on to the guide.


1. Vice City
1.2 Basics
Asset Properties / Save Houses
Robbing Shops
Clothing Stores
Wanted Level Breakdown
1.3 Weapons
1.4 Vehicles

2. Main Story
2.2 The Lawyer
2.3 The Colonel
2.4 Coke Baron
2.5 Colonel –continued
2.6 Coke Baron -continued
2.7 Tommy Vercetti
2.8 Final Missions

3. Assets & Extras
3.2 Avery Carrington
3.3 Rock Band
3.4 Bikers
3.5 Rock Band –continued
3.6 Assassinations
3.7 Porn Empire
3.8 Cubans
3.9 Haitians
3.10 Cubans –continued
3.11 Boatyard
3.12 Kaufman Cab
3.13 The Malibu
3.14 Pill Cassidy
3.15 Print Works

4. Odd Jobs
4.2 Cherry Popper Ice Cream
4.3 Street Races & Stolen Cars
4.4 RC Missions
4.5 Arena Missions
4.6 Cone Crazy
4.7 Pizza Delivery
4.8 Taxi Driver
4.9 Paramedic
4.10 Vigilante
4.11 Fire Truck
4.12 PCJ Playground
4.13 Chopper
4.14 Shooting Range

5. Bonus Stuff
5.2 Rampages
5.3 Unique Jumps
5.4 Hidden Packages
5.5 Codes

This where our little guide officially begins

1. Vice City

1.2 Basics

Controls – They are perddy much like GTA3 but a few changes
Setup 1 (default) in car
L1 – Change Radio Stations
L2 – Look Left (+Uzi and Circle – Drive-by)
R1 – Hand Brake
R2 Look Right (+ Uzi and Circle – Drive-by)
L2 + R2 – Look Behind
D-pad – Vehicle Control
Left Joy-pad – Vehicle Control / lean forward or backward on bikes
L3 (under left joy-pad) Horn, Sirens, or Hydraulics
Select – Camera Modes
Start – Pause Menu
Right Joy-pad – Turret Controls (Rhino)
R3 (under right joy-pad) – Begin Sub-Mission
Triangle – Enter / Exit Vehicle / Bail out when speeding
Circle – Fire
X – Accelerate
Square – Brake or Reverse

Setup 2 (default) on foot
L1 – Look Forward
L2 – Cycle Weapon Left
R1 – Target 
R2 – Cycle Weapon Right
D-pad – Movement
Left Joy-pad – Movement
L3 (under left joy-pad)- Crouch
Select – Camera Modes
Start – Pause Menu
Right Joy-Pad – 1st Person Camera
R3 (under right joy-pad) – Look Behind
Triangle – Enter Vehicles
Cycle – Attack
X – Run
Square – Jump

Helicopter Controls
Left Joy-Pad – Forward / Backward Movement
X – Gas
Square – Decrease Altitude
Triangle – Bail Out
R2 – Tail Movement Right (Left Turn)
L2 – Tail Movement Left (Right Turn)

Save Houses / Asset Properties
You can buy houses instead of having a crappie hole in the wall hideout.
Here are the Save houses / Properties you can buy…
Asset Properties
Location – Vice point
Money needed - $10,000
Missions unlocked – Checkpoint Charlie
$ Earned - $2000 per day after mission
Number of garages – N/A
Other – Free boats
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Location – Little Haiti
Money Needed - $20,000
Missions unlocked – Drug Distribution
$ Earned - $3,000 per day after mission
Number of garages – N/A
Other – play the mission again to earn money from each transaction
Kaufman Cabs
Location – Little Haiti
Money Needed - $40,000
Missions unlocked – 3 cab missions
$ Earned - $5,000 per day and after the missions the Zebra cab 
will be inside the building 
Number of garages – N/A
Other – N/A
Car Showroom – Sunshine Autos
Location – Little Havana
Money Needed – $50,000
Missions unlocked – Vice City Racer Missions
$ Earned – $1,500 a day per import / export board complete ($6000 max)
Number of garages – 4 garages, 2 cars each
Other – free Pay ‘n’ Spray, save house
Print Works
Location – Little Haiti
Money Needed - $70,000
Missions unlocked – 2 Missions
$ Earned - $8,000 a day after missions
Number of garages – N/A
Other – missions must be completed to gain access to Final Missions
Film Studio
Location – Prawn Island
Money Needed - $60,000
Missions unlocked – sorry I don’t know how many this unlocks
$ Earned -  $7,000 a day after missions
Number of garages – N/A
Other – N/A
The Malibu
Location – Vice point
Money Needed - $100,000!!!!!!!!!!!
Missions unlocked – 4 missions
$ Earned - $10,000 a day after missions
Number of garages – N/A
Other – missions must be completed to gain access to Final Missions
Pole Position
Location – Washington Beach
Money Needed - $30,000, $600 on dancer in first room of the open hall
Missions unlocked – N/A
$ Earned - $4,000 a day
Number of garages – N/A
Other – don’t forget to check out the lat room in the open 
hallway as well!!!
Save Houses
Elswanko Casa
Location – Vice Point, south of North Point Mall and east of 
Leaf Links north island
Money Needed - $8,000
Number of garages – 1
Links View Apartments
Location – east of Leaf Links Island and west of Vice Point 
Police Station
Money Needed - $6,000
Number of garages – 1
Ocean Heights
Location – Ocean Beach, southern most block
Money Needed - $7,000
Number of garages – 1
Hyman Condo
Location – block east of Hyman Memorial Stadium (Mainland)
Money Needed - $14,000
Number of garages – 3 garages and 1 helipad
1102 Washington Street
Location – Washington Beach, across from Ken Rosenberg’s office
Money Needed - $3,000
Number of garages – N/A
3321 Vice Point
Location – Vice Point, shoreline north of North Point Mall
 Money Needed - $2,500
Number of garages – N/A
Skumole Shack
Location – Downtown, on a rooftop down the street and around 
the corner north of the Biker Bar
Money Needed - $1,000, the closest you’ll get to the crappie 
hole in the wall hideout in GtA3
Number of garages – N/A

Robbing Shops
You can rob shops for a little cash. When robbing a shop 
aim at the casher but don’t shot them yet. Instead wait 
for three piles of cash to build up. Then end the cashers 
life before he / she can sound the alarm but most likely 
there are already cops on the way. So book it out of there. 
Also robbing shops adds to your 100% completion of the game. 
There are 15 shops you can rob. So here are the shops and 
1. Corner Store – Vice Point, one block north of the Shady Points Hospital
2. Dispensary + (pharmacy) – Vice Point, one block west of the Corner Store
3. Jewelry Store – Vice Point, just east of bridge to Leaf Links Country Club
4. Gash – North Point Mall
5. Music Store – North Point Mall
6. Jewelry Store – North Point Mall
7. Hardware Store – North Point Mall
8. Bunch of Tools (Hardware) – Washington Beach, on peninsula west of 
Washington Beach Police Department
9. Ryton Aide Pharmacy – Little Haiti, next to Pay ‘n’ Spray
10. Pharmacy – Downtown, on the street between Love Fist’s Studio and 
Rock City
11. Jewelry Store – Downtown, on the street between Love Fist’s 
Studio and Rock City
12. Deli – Little Havana, one street north of Ryton Aide
13. Doughnut – Little Havana, on the corner south of Cherry Popper
14. Laundromat – Little Havana, west of the Print Works
15. Screw This (Hardware) – Little Havana, between Umberto’s and 
Sunshine Autos

Clothing Stores
In GTA3 you had to put a code in to change outfits and it was 
randomized so you could I=sit for an hour changing cloths and 
not get what you want. In Vice City you can chose from 10 
different sets of cloths anytime after you unlock them. 
Here is the name of the outfit, location you can get them, 
and what mission you must complete to unlock them.
Unlocked after -  “An Old Friend” (Rosenberg mission)
Delivered to – each save house after buying it
Unlocked after -  “The Party” (Rosenberg mission)
Delivered to – Rafael’s
Unlocked after -  “Riot” (Rosenberg mission)
Delivered to – Tooled Up in North Point Mall
Country Club
Unlocked after -  “Four Iron” (Avery Carrington mission)
Delivered to – Gulf Club
Unlocked after -  “Two Bit Hit” (Avery Carrington mission)
Delivered to – Little Havana Streetwear
Unlocked after -  “Cop Land” (Protection Ring mission)
Delivered to – Washington Beach Police Station
Bank Job
Unlocked after -  “The Job” (Malibu mission)
Delivered to – Malibu Club in Vice Point
Unlocked after -  “Treacherous Swine” (Colonel mission)
Delivered to – Gash in North Point Mall
Mr. Vercetti
Unlocked after - buying Pole Position 
Delivered to – Collar & Cuffs
Unlocked after -  “Supply and Demand” (Diaz mission)
Delivered to – Jocksport in Downtown 

Wanted Level Breakdown
Like in GTA3 police chase you down and bust you / kill you. 
Unlike GTA3 your not the only one there after, now the cops 
will go after other carjackers and break up gang fights. 
Again you have a 6 star limit.
1 star- cop cars will slowly fallow you. They have colt 
45s and nightsticks
2 stars – two cursers in hot pursuit, they may shoot first 
ask questions later
3 stars – now they have Uzi 9mms and cheetahs, they also 
lay spike strips
4 stars – swat teams in enforcers and swat troops roping 
out of choppers
5 stars – all of the above + FBI packing mp5s and colt 45s
6 stars – army is after you now carrying mp5s, grenades, 
and colt 45s,


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