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              superlime's super Gunbound FAQ version .72
                        Updated on [10/04/2002]
                  The latest version can be found at:

This document is (C)opyright 2002 Scott Bradner and is protected by US Copyright
Law, and the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976.  Reproduction in whole or in
part is expressly prohibited without prior written permission.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |U|P|D|A|T|E|S| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

[10/04/2002] .72
- Dest1n suggested I change the names from "Axe" to "Hammer" on the first
  four levels.  Wooden Axe doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  :)
- Bonus bits updated to reflect the apparently not working bonuses (?)
- Pretty ASCII art.

[9/20/2002] .71
- More console commands

[9/16/2002] .70
- Added misc gameplay tips section
- Added console commands section
- Added jewel mode info
- Added turn delay info

[7/21/2002] .69
- First public release

| | | | | | | | | | | | | |I|N|T|R|O|D|U|C|T|I|O|N| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Welcome to my super Gunbound FAQ.  I really don't know all that much about this
game, mostly just stuff I've figured out via trial and error.  I'm putting this
FAQ together with two main hopes:
1) Get more english speaking people playing the game
2) Get input from other people (maybe people that actually can read korean?!) on
some of the buttons that I have no clue wtf they do are.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |W|T|F| |I|S| |I|T|?| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Gunbound is a game put out by S@ftnyx ( in the style
of such classics as Artillery (Apple IIe), the Worms series (Amiga, PC, MAc,
consoles), Dome Wars (Mac), Scorched Earth (PC), Gorilla (qBasic) and others.
The basic premise is that you have a tank, and you have to blow up the other
tanks.  You set up your angle and what velocity you are shooting at, and
have to launch your shots at the other guys.  Shot trajectory is affected by
wind, obstacles, terrain, and other stuff.

The neat part is, it's multiplayer online.  Apparently there's something like 40
or 50 thousand people playing right now.  The down side is, it's released ONLY
in Korean, and some parts are kinda confusing (especially the installation).

| | | | | | | | | |I|N|S|T|A|L|L|A|T|I|O|N| |/| |S|E|T|U|P| | | | | | | | | | |

First we have to get  the bugger installed.  I spent a few days fuxing around
with the user setup before a friend of mine finally set me on the right path.
The game installer can be downloaded from:

Installing the app is pretty straight forward..  The difficult part is getting
your account set up.  When I first ran the app it came up with a login screen
and some buttons in Korean.  None of these helped me any, though one of them
took me to a screen that *appeared* to be the user setup screen..  It had an
option for putting in your email address and what looked to be a password blank
(  However, this is *NOT* the user setup page..
I never did figure out what that one does, but I'd assume it signs you up for
the newsletter or something.

To get your account set up you need to go *HERE*:

The blanks are as follows:

User ID:
Password Verification:

I think one of the two buttons under male/female does user ID verification, but
I'm not 100% sure on that.  When you're done entering in your info, click on the
banner looking thing at the bottom that has a big red missile on it.  If you get
a box with about 4 or 5 lines of text on it then your registration went through
fine.  One or two lines and something is wrong.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |S|T|A|R|T|I|N|G|-|U|P| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

The installer will put two icons on your desktop..  One with a red tank that if
you don't have korean fonts installed says "ǹٿсE, and one with a wierdish
looking tank with two big eyes on it labelled "ӹE.  The big eyes one is
the chat client (which is kinda useful, surprisingly), and the other one is the
actual game itself.

The chat client's main window presents you with three buttons.  The first one on
the left is the most useful: the search button.  I'm still not 100% sure on how
this works, but here's what works for me about half the time.  Click the search
button and then enter the person you want to add's name into the (I) field [I'm
thinking (G) is for guild searches].  Press the (F) button.  If it finds anyone
with that name they'll show up in the table on the left.  If not, you can change
your search up above in the (I) field and hit (F) to search again.  Once you
have someone in the list to the left, double click their name (or click the top
of the two ? buttons inbetween the two tables).  This will move their name over
to the right of the two tables.  Once you have their name on the right hand
side, click the (A) button at the bottom.  Now for some reason only about half
the time does this actually add the user to my list and I'm still not sure why
that is..  I've got a half dozen people on there though, so it does work every
once and awhile.  :)

So starting up the game  presents you with a dialog box with two blanks ("I"
and "P") and three buttons.  (I) is your user Id, and (P) is your Password.
The large green button starts the game.  The silvery button to the left
cancels, and the button above the green button goes to a user information

After you log in it'll download some patches.  Don't worry, these go by a *LOT*
faster than Ragnarok Online patches.  When these are done it'll pop up some
startup screens and eventually deposit you at the "World List" (yay for random
english fragments!).  This'll show you all the different servers (aka worlds)
that are available, how full they are, and if anyone on your buddy list is
currently on any of them.  Double clicking on a World will join that world.  In
the upper right hand corner is your "Buddy List".  This just so happens to be a
list of your buddies (whoa, who'da thunk it).  Nice feature here is that buddies
are listed with their current world and game/chat room.

Once inside a World, you are presented with a list of games, your buddy list, a
chat window, and a list of people currently in the chat room.  Games listed in
red are currently being played and games listed in blue are still looking for
players or haven't started yet.  To join a game double click it.  The red button
at the bottom backs out to the World List.  The first of the two silver buttons
goes to the store (more on that later).  Dunno what the second of the two silver
does.  The blue button starts up a new game.  Options in the new game window

Game name:
Game password(4chars max):
Tag | Solo | Score | Jewel
Red button == cancel
Blue button == start game

| | | | | | | | | |G|E|T|T|I|N|G| |R|E|A|D|Y| |T|O| |P|L|A|Y| | | | | | | | | |

Once you've started a game, there are a ton of new options.  In the top left
you have your level selection.  Pretty self explanatory.  Top middle you have
your main game options which are:

Top Center: Game type (Solo, TAG, Score, Jewel)
Left Top: Number of players (2:2, 3:3, 4:4, 1:1)
Left Middle: Tank placement (alternating, random, teams on sides)
Left Bottom: Jackpot style (All, Offense only, Disabled)
Right Top: Type of sudden death (bigbomb death, disabled, double death)
Right middle: Seconds(?turns?) till sudden death (40, 56, 24)
Dunno what's on Right bottom...

The different game types add interesting twists to the gameplay.  Solo game is
the simplest.  In a solo game you get one tank to fight with, and when you die
you either get to play the jackpot if you have teammates who are still alive,
or if not the game is over.
In TAG mode you get a second tank that has half as much life.  You can switch
tanks during your turn by hitting F7.  If either of your tanks die, you're out.
Score mode is the most complex, but you get the most points from (hence
the name, Score mode).  In score mode your team gets allocated a certain number
of "lives" and when you die a life is subtracted from the team's total number
of lives.  As soon as you die you get to click to  choose where you want to
drop back into the play field.  Keep in mind that it will take you 4 turns to
drop back in.  On a positive note, it will be your turn exactly 2 turns after
you drop in.  When your team's last life is lost the game is over, reguardless
of how many tanks are left on the playing field.
Jewel mode is kinda odd.  Instead of killing other tanks, you kill wierd little
things that drop from the sky and have different point values.  The first team
to get to 100 wins.  The wierd little things repeat back things that you've
just said, as well as a slew of random comments.  Higher valued guys take more
hits to kill than lower valued guys.  If you knock a competing tank off the
field, they don't regenerate.

Number of players is pretty self explanatory.  The only slightly tricky bit is
that you *HAVE* to have equal teams.  You can't have 3:1 or 4:2.  However, you
can start the game with less than the set number of players (i.e. game set to
4:4 and you only have 2:2).

Tank placement is just how the tanks get arranged on the playing field.  Also
self explanatory.  :)

When you die and you still have teammates who are still alive in either the TAG
or Solo games, you get to play the jackpot.  It's a slot machine style thing
where you can win offensive items to throw at the surviving players, powerups
for your teammates, or GP.  It plays itself automatically, and when you make a
match you have the option to either use the item (left option) or discard it
(right option).  If you choose to use the item, you have to click on the playing
field where you want it to drop in.  Keep in mind that it will take 4 turns to
actually happen, and all the items other than the electric bolt are affected by
the wind.

Sudden death speeds up the killing process.  In bigbomb death, the amount of
turf your missiles take out is greatly increased.  In double death, you shoot a
double shot every turn.

Top right is a dual function window.  It defaults to your item choices, but if
you click the little head button it swaps over to your buddy list.  The empty
boxes below the items are your slots for picking things.  Click on an item to
choose it.  Some items take up two spaces, some only take up one.  The items are
as follows:

1st row:
1st: Double shot (shoots chosen gun twice)
2nd: 20% more powerful shot
3rd: 25% heal
2nd row:
1st: Little heal
2nd: Single shot from each gun
3rd: Reverse wind (so it blows the opposite direction)
3rd row:
1st: Chance of swapping spots with an enemy tank. (?)
2nd: Increases explosion size by 25%
3rd: Adds 25% to  (nfc what this one does either)
4th row: (hafta scroll to get there)
1st: Adds electric attack to your shot
2nd: Teleports you to where your shot lands

Right below the level selector is your options for tanks.  There's tons of
different ones, and they all have different attacks.  You pretty much just have
to play with em all and figure out which ones fit your playstyle.  If you choose
the question mark your tank gets chosen at random.

Below the tank options is the chat window again.

To the right of the tank options and the chat window are the teams.  You can
change teams by hitting the silver button at the bottom of the screen.

The red button backs out to the game selection screen.  The green button sets
your status to "ready".  If you started the game then you have to wait until
everyone else is set to ready, and then press the green button to actually start
the game.

| | | | | | | | | | | | |T|H|E| |G|A|M|E| |I|T|S|E|L|F| | | | | | | | | | | | |

In the game itself the view centers on wherever the action is.  It follows
individual shots and centers on whoever's turn it is.  You can move the view
around by moving your mouse to the edge of the screen.  In the upper left hand
corner is a button for bringing up the in game options.  Most of these don't
matter too much, mainly of use here is the volume settings.  You can also quit
the game from this window.  To the right of that is the weather display.  The
current conditions are outlined by a box, and the upcoming conditions follow.
Following that is how much GP you have earned for the current match.  The items
you chose in the game setup screen are displayed next.  The upper right hand
corner has the skip turn button.  The top middle of the actual gameplay window
has a little circular wind display.  It shows you the direction the wind is
blowing and how strong the wind is.  Keep in mind that most tank's shots *are*
affected by the wind to varying degrees.  When it is your turn, a timer shows up
in the upper right hand corner of the game window.  This is how much time you
have left for your turn.  At the bottom of the game window, there is a little
blue button that toggles between ALL and TEAM.  This sets whether messages you
type go to everyone in the game or just your teammates.  The bottom left hand
corner of the screen shows which weapon you are currently using.  To the right
of that is a greyed out button that says "PSS".  It is currently being developed
and doesn't do anything.  The small number to the right of that is an absolute
measurement of the angle at which you are currently aiming.  i.e. if your tank
is perfectly level and you are aiming straight up it will read "90" VS your tank
being at a 45 degree angle and you are still aiming straight up it will still
read "90" rather than reading "45".  To the right of that is the power meter.
This shows how strong your last shot was and is also used in gauging the
velocity of your current shot.  The bottom right hand corner is only useful if
you are plaing a TAG game, in which case it shows the tank you can tag too and
also has the button for doing so.

The game controls are pretty simple.  You move your tank left and right with the
left and right arrow keys.  You aim up and down with the up and down arrow keys.
You fire by holding down the spacebar.  The longer you hold down the spacebar,
the more velocity your shot will have.  Change guns by hitting tab.  The items
you selected are listed up at the top of the screen and can be chosen either by
clicking on the appropriate item or pressing F1 through F6.  In TAG mode, F7
swaps to your other tank.  ESC brings up the options window, and ESC again quits
out of the game.

The weather conditions can play a big role in the game.  The sun creates beams
of light through the play field that if you fire through them it adds 25% more
damage to your shot.  The whirlpool looking thing makes a tornado in the playing
field that when shot through changes the angle of your shot.

In the bottom left of the game screen there is a list of everyone currently
alive in the game and their turn delay.  I'm still figuring out how this works,
but here's a basic breakdown.  The numbers are all based on their offset from
you.  Not really sure what your number is based on..  Perhaps the offset from
zero or something.  At any rate, all actions add to your turn delay. Movement,
aim, some item usage (some items use 0 delay..  check the number underneath
them in the item choice window), and firing.  The less delay you have, the
sooner you get to go again.  Using somethign like the double shot adds in 1500
delay, whereas just firing itself uses up only 1000ish delay.  So an example
would be my opponent uses doubleshot and shoots.  He gets 2500 delay.  I just
shoot at him once, giving me 1000 delay.  by the time I go again he still has
1500 delay left and I can fire and still possibly get another turn before him.
At least that's my current understanding..  There's some whack elements that
are still unclear.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |R|A|N|K|I|N|G|S| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

There's a nice image version of this up at:
Your rank is determined by your "GP", or Game Points.

0-1099     Little yellow duck
1100       Single wooden hammer
1200       Double wooden hammer
1500       Single stone hammer
1800       Double stone hammer
2300       Single dark grey metal axe
2800       Double dark grey metal axe
3500       Single shiny metal axe
4200       Double shiny metal axe
5100       Single golden axe
6000-6900  Double golden axe

After that point, there is a different scoring method.  Rather than score
strictly by points, it scores by what percentage of players over 6900 are still
ranked higher than you.

100%       Dark grey metal fancy axe
70%        Dark grey metal fancy axe w/ pink dot
50%        Shiny metal fancy axe
30%        Shiny metal fancy axe w/ blue dot
20%        Golden fancy axe
10%        Golden fancy axe w/ pink dot
6%         Purple wand
3%         Blue wand
1%         Red glowing wand

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |S|C|O|R|I|N|G| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

There are lots of different bonuses you can get during gameplay if you know
what to try for.  You can get GP (Game Points) and G (Gold) as bonuses.  GP
increases your ranking/class.  G is for buying stuff at the store.  Here's a
list of all the different things you can get, and what kind of bonus you get
for them:

 G  | GP| What to do
600 | 5 | Kill two people in one shot
400 | 2 | Do more than 3000 damage in the game
200 | 2 | Do more than 2000 damage in the game
100 | 2 | Do more than 1000 damage in the game
100 | 2 | Kill one person
50  | 2 | Do more than 600 damage in one round
20  | 1 | Do more than 300 damage in one round
10  | 0 | Do more than 200 damage in one round
10  | 0 | Shoot through a whirlwind and do 50+ damage
15  | 0 | Shot has 2.5sec hang time, is fired at >70deg, and does 50+ damage
25  | 1 | Shot has 4sec hang time, is fired at >70deg, and does 50+ damage
200 |10 | Bonus for being on the winning team in a 4:4 game
160 | 8 | Bonus for being on the winning team in a 3:3 game
120 | 6 | Bonus for being on the winning team in a 2:2 game
80  | 4 | Bonus for being on the winning team in a 1:1 game
-100|-2 | Killing yourself
-100|-3 | Killing a teammate
-50 |-1 | Shooting a teammate

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |S|T|O|R|E| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

The store is pretty easy as long as you be SUPER UBER EXTRA CAREFUL NOT TO SELL
WHAT YOU JUST BOUGHT.  Not that I'm talking from experience or anything.

When you get to the store, you get a window in the upper left that has all
the items available for sale.  The red arrow buttons scroll left and right.  The
four blue buttons on the left hand side of the item window swap item categories:
Headgear, body wear, goggles, flags.  The first button on the right is for
trying the item on to see what it looks like on your charachter.  The second
button is for actually buying the item.

The window on the right shows what items you currently have and what you're
currently wearing.  The first of the three buttons in this window is still under
development.  The middle button is the button you DO NOT WANT TO PUSH!  There is
no "are you *SURE* you want to sell this item for 60% of it's value?!@" dialog..
You just waste half your money right off the bat.  Not that I'd have any first
hand experience with that sort of thing...  The third button wears/removes
whatever item is selected.  This can also be accomplished by double clicking on
the item in the list.

Above that is your current gold.

Just recently enabled are item bonuses.  These give you an edge on other
players.  I'm still figuring out wtf everything does, so bear with me and I'll
have that info up soon.  So far:

Hourglass: I think this subtracts time from your delay till next turn.
Heart: More life?

UPDATE: Disabled now?  I swear they were turned on for a bit...

| | | | | | | | | | | |C|O|N|S|O|L|E| |C|O|M|M|A|N|D|S| | | | | | | | | |
| | |

This is just a section of random things that I and other people have figured

Command line stuff:
  Kicks that person out of a game.  Dunno what you're supposed to do about
  Korean nicks..  Kinda a pain sometimes.

  Connects to that game number without you having to manually find it

  Private messages that person.  I believe this automatically adds the
  person to your buddy list..  I think that's how most of mine got there.

  This spews out a list of what the F-Keys do inside the game..  Not too
  helpful for most readers of this faq since it's in Korean.  :)

  Lists off the console commands.  Just found this one right after /key,
  so I think I have all the console commands now.  :)

  Ignore!  YAY!  I was wishing it had some sort of mute feature.  Now if
  there was some way to activate this without actually typing the user's
  name I'd be set.  :)  Basically this ignores all chat from a specific

  Shows a list of who is ignored.

  Unignore.  I tried this and it didn't work for me..  Might have been
  using it wrong tho.

/loudall (I may have this one wrong..  I'm updating from work again)
  Unignores everyone on your ignore list.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | |G|A|M|E|P|L|A|Y| |T|I|P|S| | | | | | | | | | | | | |

More random stuff to help you whoop on people.  :)

Haven't figured out which is exactly the key, but it's either aiming in the
range that is a darker green (the central area) of your firing arc, or just
hitting the guy square in the middle..  But one of the two makes your shots
hurt more.

Take careful note of what items have a longer or shorter delay and use that
to your advantage while fighting.  If someone just shoots at you with a
double shot, you can usually usethe 25% stronger shot and still have another
turn before they get to go again.  Then you can hit em with a double shot and
do some whooping.  :)

Sometimes it's a better idea to just shoot at an opponent's feet and drop them
into the abyss than to actually hit them.  The downside of this is that you
don't get the damage bonus points, just the kill bonus.

So far the best way I've found for getting tons of points is playing Score mode
with the wooden tank that shoots 4 shots in a line as it's 2nd gun.  The reason
being is that it's easy to get him up to the 3000 damage/game bonus which means
that even if your team doesn't win you're getting 700G (100 + 200 + 400), and
if you killed anyone in that process (usually takes 3 kills to get that high)
then you're getting that bonus too.  So 1000G even if your team doesn't win. :)

| | | | | | | |T|H|I|N|G|S| |T|H|A|T| |I| |D|O|N|'|T| |K|N|O|W| | | | | | | | |

Well, this section could be really really long, but we'll just stick to gunbound
for the time being.  :)  Current things I still need to figure out:

Two items
Three bonuses
Guild stuff
More on timing

| | | | | | | | | | | | | |T|O| |-| |D|O| |L|I|S|T| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

1) Figure out missing stuff
2) Add in tank bios
3) Pretty ascii art
4) World domination
5) Figure out wtf all the bonuses are


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