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 Gunz the Duel

Gunz the Duel

Gunz the Duel: ijji Edition Guide
By: Kyle Kercher (Kistrael)
Version: 0.9 (Updated 3/18/2007 11:25PM)

            / _________________________________________________  /
           / /              __       __     __       __       / /
          / /  ________    / /      / /    /  \     / /      / /
         / /  /_____  /   / /      / /    / /\ \   / /      / /
        / /        / /   / /      / /    / /  \ \ / /      / /
       / /________/ /   / /______/ /    / /    \ V /      / /___________
      /____________/   /__________/    /_/      \_/      /_____________/

                 T H E  D U E L - i j j i  E D I T I O N


| Revision History|

Version 0.5  -  11/06/05  -  First version of the FAQ.

Version 0.6  -  11/16/05  -  Added 'reload' and turn off/on messages to
                             controls. Added Q&A about Port map, and Debug
                             mode. Changed 'adventure' mode to 'quest' mode.
                             Added cartwheel to The Basics. Added a Glitch
                             section. Split up Gameplay Tips into sections:
                             Deathmatch Tips, Team Deathmatch Tips,
                             Map-specific Tips, Weapon-specific Tips and
                             Tactics. Added more gameplay tips. Minor

Version 0.7  -  12/06/05  -  Reorganized the FAQ to streamline it better. Added
                             Equipment section. Added Guns to the Equipment
                             Section. Added skeleton for Melee and Tossables to
                             Equipment Section. Added Gunz Update Section.

Version 0.7a -  12/07/05  -  Fixed there being two section 11s. While I was at
                             it, I renumbered the sections so it was more like
                             a formal outline.

Version 0.8  -  ??/??/06  -  Split the Map-Specific Tips section into
                             individual maps. Added more to Map-Specific Tips.
                             Added more to Weapon-Specific Tips. Finished the
                             Guns and Melee Section rough version.
Version 0.9  -  3/18/2007 -  Total FAQ overhaul. Changed FAQ (Section: IF.),
                             added ATT/DEF, RS, swapshot, etc.


I. Introduction

    IA. What is Gunz the Duel?
    IB. Why the FAQ?
    IC. Does GunZ the Duel have an official website?
    ID. Where can I download Gunz the Duel?
    IE. What are the system requirements for Gunz the Duel?
    IF. Frequently Asked Questions
    IG. Unlockables

II. Getting Started

    IIA. Creating Your Character
    IIB. The Lobby
    IIC. Intrusion
    IID. Match types
    IIE. Game Intrusion
    IIF. Experience and bounty

III. The Basics

    IIIA. Keyboard Layout
    IIIB. Basic Movement
        IIIB1. Tumble
        IIIB2. Dash
        IIIB3. Air Tumble
        IIIB4. Air Dash
        IIIB5. Guard
        IIIB6. Massive Strike
        IIIB7. Stun
        IIIB8. Safe Fall
        IIIB9. Wall Jump
        IIIB10. Wall Run (Vertical)
        IIIB11. Wall Run (Horizontal)
        IIIB12. Wall Hang
        IIIB13. Wall Flip

IV. Chat Commands

    IVA. Slash Commands
    IVB. Clan Commands
    IVC. Color Commands
    IVD. Miscellaneous

V. Playing the Game

    VA. General Gameplay Etiquette
        VA1. Game Rules
            VA1a. Rejoin Games
            VA1b. Bowing
            VA1c. Killswapping
            VA1d. Lineswapping
            VA1e. Naked Games
            VA1f. Regional Games
            VA1g. Attack and Defense
    VB. General Gameplay Tips
        VB1. Deathmatch Tips
        VB2. Team Deathmatch Tips
        VB3. Map-specific Tips
            VB3a. Arena
            VB3b. Castle
            VB3c. Dungeon
            VB3d. Factory
            VB3e. Garden
            VB3f. Island
            VB3g. Mansion
            VB3h. Port
            VB3i. Prison
            VB3j. Prison II
            VB3k. Ruin
            VB3l. Shrine
            VB3m. Stairway
            VB3n. Station
            VB3o. Town
        VB4. Weapon-specific Tip
            VB4a. Guns
            VB4b. Gun Combinations
            VB4b. Melee
            VB4c. Bullets VS Rockets
            VB4d. The Art of Grenading
        VB5. Tactics
            VB5a. Spray N' Pray
            VB5b. Stun N' Gun
            VB5c. Lunge N' Gun
            VB5d. Camping and Sniping
VI. Korean Style (K-Style)

        VIA. Movement
            VIA1. Jump-Dashing
            VIA2. Pogo
            VIA3. canceling
            VIA4. Multiple Wall Jumping
            VIA5. Multiple Wall Running
            VIA6. Propel
        VIB. Attacks
            VIB1. Void Step (VS)
            VIB2. Light Step (LS)
            VIB3. Slashshot (SS)
            VIB4. Butterfly (BF, Bfly)
            VIB5. Jump Shoot Dash (JSD)
            VIB6. Halfstep (HS)
            VIB7. Half-Half Step (HHS)
            VIB8. Flash Step (FS)
            VIB9. Swapshot
            VIB10. Reloadshot (RS)
        VIC. Instant Kills
        VID. Miscellaneous
            VID1. Quickmedding
            VID2. Superdash
            VID3. Slide Dance
            VID4. Hangjump

VII. Equipment

        VIIA. Guns
            VIIA1. Pistols
            VIIA2. Revolvers
            VIIA3. Shotguns
            VIIA4. SMGs
            VIIA5. Rifles
            VIIA6. Rocketlaunchers
            VIIA7. Machineguns
        VIIB. Melee
            VIIB1. Daggers
            VIIB2. Kodachi
            VIIB3. Swords
        VIIC. Tossables
            VIIC1. Frag Grenade
            VIIC2. Flash Grenade
            VIIC3. Smoke Grenade
            VIIC4. Medical Kit
        VIIC5. Repair Kit

VIII. Glitches

IX. Quest Mode

X. General Philosophy

    XA. On Style

XI. Contact Information

XII. Disclaimer

XIII. Credits

XIV. The Ish List

1. Introduction

  IA. What is Gunz the Duel?

Gunz the Duel (or simply 'Gunz') is a free online game made by the Korean
company, MAIET Entertainment. Gunz is third-person online battle royale where
you can use an array of firearms, swords, daggers to maim your opponents, and
also utilize an assortment of physics-defying acrobatics. Think of it like a
Matrix free-for-all, including air-dashing, wall-running, and tumbling.

  IB. Why the FAQ?

I got fed up with there being no official guide, and other FAQs seemed to be
lacking. I don't claim to be an expert with Gunz and I don't consider myself
truly pro. I do however like the game and have a large body of knowledge at
my disposal, so I would like to help other people who have come across it.

My ultimate goal with this FAQ is to bring all the information pertaining to
Gunz into one place so it's easily accessible and searchable. This guide is
easy to search. If you want to find a specific title, copy the text from the
index and use the find function.

This guide will be updated as it needs to be, hopefully, and as new information
is released.

  IC. Does Gunz the Duel have an official website?

Gunz's official website is It list the versions of
Gunz the Duel. The version we'll be discussing is Ijji's version, found at While all the version are essentially the same in game
mechanics, any questions dealing with any version but Ijji's will promptly be

  ID. Where can I download Gunz the Duel?

Gunz can be downloaded at, by clicking the "GUNZ CLIENT
DOWNLOAD" ( icon. It's
big, you can't miss it. Before you download the game, you'll have to make an
account for ijji, which will become your game account.

  IE: What are the system requirements for Gunz the Duel?

Minimal requirements:

OS: Windows 98/XP/2000
Direct X: 9.0 or higher.
CPU: Pentium III (500 Mhz)
Memory: 256mb
Graphics Card: Direct3D 9.0 Compatible (Riva TNT)
Sound Card: Direct3DSound Compatible
Mouse: Windows Compatible (Wheel Mouse recommended)

  IF. Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Wasn't this guide about International Gunz?
 A. Yes, the previous version of this guide was about iGunz. Since the collapse
 of iGunz however, everyone migrated to Ijji's version. I have since changed my
 guide to reflect this. There is no use in having a guide to International
 Gunz, which is essentially abandonware. After being in beta since '05, it's
 quite obvious that MAIET has no intention of making International a
 full-fledged final release. As of this being written, the only people who are
 playing International are people who have been IP blocked from Ijji's
 version. Regardless of whether this guide is for International or Ijji, all
 the same rules apply, however.

 Q. There are parts missing to this guide that were in the previous version,
 what happened to them?
 A. I've removed certain parts, like the story section. While I originally
 included it for the sake of completion of the backstory, MAIET has admitted
 that the story provided has nothing to do with the game itself and will most
 likely never be expanded upon.

 Q. Why do you take so damned long to update your FAQ?
 A. Because I'd rather be playing Gunz than writing about Gunz. As much as I
 love Gunz, writing a large, all-encompassing, elaborate FAQ is not quite an
 easy thing to do, especially in a game that tends to be as fast-paced and
 organic as Gunz.

 Q. At what level do I stop getting new items?
 A. You stop getting clothing at lvl 30, and new weapons at lvl 50.

 Q. How come I'm losing experience when I die?
 A. When you suicide from either falling into a pit, or typing /suicide,
 you'll lose a certain chunk of points from your experience. If you happen to
 be killed by someone who is significantly lower in levels, you will also lose
 experience when you die. If someone knocks you into a pit however, you usually
 won't lose exp, but it's not unheard of to occasionally lose experience. If
 you play in training mode, no exp will be lost or gained, so you can die all
 you want.

 A. Do not ever ask me a question like that.

 Q. I saw this person doing a thing with their sword or gun, etc?
 A. Check the techniques section.

 Q. You forgot to add so-and-so glitch.
 A. There are and have been quite a few glitches in the Gunz community that I
 personally feel shouldn't become "public" knowledge, or at least readily

 Q. What keyboard/mouse combination do you recommend for Gunz?
 A. Most people use whatever keyboard/mice that initially came with their
 computer. I own a Logitech G15 keyboard and a Razer Copperhead mouse.

 Q. My ping from others is always 999/ I can talk with others, but I cannot see
 their movements/ I keep getting agent errors!
 A. The original source of this Q/A was the now-defunct International Gunz


If you cannot communicate with another player, his ping will display as 999
(use TAB to see the status). If you see this problem but you are able to
interact with other players, then your network is fine. But if you cannot see
other players' movements, it means that there is a problem with interacting
with other players. Many people call this situation "Ping 999 problem".
Original GunZ supports players under NAT/Firewall/IP Sharing Router network,
but unfortunately it is not the case for International Edition, because doing
so requires high-end hosting servers. Currently we plan to implement the
support by official release date. Until then the users of NAT or Firewall may
have problem with playing GunZ properly. If you're behind Firewall, please
contact with your network administrator or ISP to resolve this problem.

If you're using IP sharing router, however, there is a way to resolve the
situation. GunZ supports "Port Forwarding", and you can set the feature with
your IP sharing router. Most IP sharing router support "Port Forwarding" (To
learn how to set up Port Forwarding, please refer your router manual). After
making changes, press "option" in game and check network configuration. Enter
port number from the router into the port number option box. (This tip may
come in handy in improving network performance even after the support for
NAT/Firewall/IP Sharing Router becomes available.)


* Check to see if you have a firewall enabled, this maybe the default windows
XP firewall or an external item like a router, if so check to see if this
program or hardware allows the same port as gunz wants to use to pass through.

* If you do not use a router or firewall and the problem is appearing from
using the modem directly, some company stocked modems feature built in
firewalls (like most Microsoft cable modems do), these can only be edited by
the ISP, a program they gave you or on there special website with management
tools (not many have this problem though)

* Try changing the port that gunz uses by going into the gunz menu and editing
 the number, some people have had good luck with this method for unknown
reasons, maybe your pc hates port 7700.

* If you use a router or a firewall that supports the same sort of features,
make sure ports 7700 are open as well as any other port you change to in the
gunz menu, this has helped alot of people.

* If your internet speed is slow, your max players per game is limited by quite
 a bit, some 512/128 internet users may find there fine with 8 players but lag
 to 999 for everyone if in a 16 player game.

* Some times, all you need to do is relogin into the game ** If this is your
first time getting 999 Pings.

* For more information on Networking, check this post : =1

        IG: Unlockables

 Veteran Channel

  *Ruins map
  *Assassin game mode

 Expert Channel

 * Port map
 * Dungeon map
 * Castle map
 * Berserker game mode

 Elite Channel

 * Lost Shrine map
 * Stairway

II. Getting Started

The first step in being able to play Gunz is actually being able to download
it, isn't it? Again, we're assuming we're talking about the Ijji version of
Gunz, so do not ask me about other versions.

The first thing you need to know is that Ijji's website uses extensive Java
and flash on their website, so your only choice is to use Internet Explorer, or
Firefox's IE Tab to view the website. AGAIN, INTERNET EXPLORER OR IE TAB ONLY.

  IIA. Creating Your Account

1: Go to using Internet Explorer or Firefox's IE Tab add-on.
2: Click "Sign Up now!" in orange letters, on the right side of the screen.
3: Fill out the information in the fields to get your account made.
4: Once you've had your account activated, go to
5: Click "PLAY LIVE" in the round orange button on the page.
6: Sign in to your account, this will begin installing Gunz on your computer.

From this point on, when you want to play Gunz, you must sign in on Ijji's Gunz
site and click the "PLAY LIVE" button. This activates the Gunz Launcher and
lists announcements. Press START when you want to begin running Gunz.

  IIB. Creating Your Character

The game will begin loading and when finished, will prompt you to select which
server you'll be playing on.


 * 2 CLANWAR servers
 * 2 MATCH servers
 * 5 QUEST servers

The first thing to do is to make your character, so click CREATE. Give your
character a name. You can even use alt codes and put spaces in your name using
alt+0160, or other alt characters if you want, though they tend to be
annoying and inconvenient.

 +-------+ If you use alt+0160 at the END of your name, (space)^9 will appear
 |WARNING| at the end of your name, and the text you type inside the lobby will
 +-------+ automatically be written in yellow. This may sound cool at first,
 but it ruins the way your name looks and the yellow font is annoying.

If the name you pick has invalid alt characters you get the error: nomsg-1.
After picking a name you can customize your character's gender and looks. Once
you've chosen your looks, you can also choose your class. There are six
classes available:


 * Axium Gun Knight
 * Axium Gun Priest
 * Axium Assassin
 * Travia Gun Fighter
 * Travia Doctor
 * Travia Scout

Which class you choose ultimately affects nothing; the only difference is their
default equipment. The Travia Doctor is generally held as the best class,
because you can sell the extra items for new weapons and armor right off the
bat and have extra cash to work with.

The next time you log in, you can select your character from this screen,
create a new one, or delete it. You can create as many as 4 characters per
account. If you want to create more, you can always open a new account.

Your character's life is determined by how much HP (Hit Points) they have. Once
 you run out of HP, you are dead. Depending on the gamemode is how you'll
respawn. All characters have a default 100 HP. AP (Armor Points) is additional
soak life gained from your armor and additional equipment. WT (Weight) is how
much your character can carry.

Your character has specific slots for specific equipment. All of your
equipment's combined weight must be 100 or less, or you will be unable to


 * Head: Hats
 * Body: Shirts, jackets
 * Legs: Pants
 * Hands: Gloves
 * Feet: Shoes, boots
 * Melee: Sword, dagger, kodachi
 * Gun 1: Pistols, revolvers, smgs, etc.
 * Gun 2: Pistols, revolvers, smgs, etc.
 * Item 1: Kits, grenades, enchantments
 * Item 2: Kits, grenades, enchantments
 * Finger 1: Rings
 * Finger 2: Rings

        IIC. The Lobby

The Lobby is a general hub area from which you can chat, select your game, or
change your equipment or options. Chat and games are divided into channels. You
can select new channels on the top bar of the screen. All in all, it's quite
similar to Battlenet. Under General channels, there are:


 * Three Free channels           (lvl. 1+)
 * Two Entry Level channels      (lvl. 1~5)
 * Two Beginner channels         (lvl. 6~10)
 * Two Veteran channels          (lvl. 11~20)
 * Two Expert channels           (lvl. 21-34)
 * Two Elite channels            (lvl. 35+)

When you first join, you will be placed in one of the Entry Level channels, and
as you level up, you'll be placed in the others accordingly. You cannot go into
a different level channel (ex. a lvl 9 cannot join the Entry Level channel).
HOWEVER, if a person continually stays in that specific channel, they can
continue to level past that channel's level limit. People with Elite channel
levels can join Expert channel games, however, but not visa versa.

There are two other main channels; Private and Clan. Private is a personal
channel you can create, and Clan channels are for, of course, clans. If your
character reaches expert level, you will no longer be able to join Entry-Level
channels with new characters, and will have to join Free Channels. Free
channels are for any level to play. If you are new and low leveled, I
suggest not playing in Free channels, as anyone would be able to come in and
slaughter you unless you specifically limit the game to a certain level.

Games are channel specific as well. For example, if you are lvl. 3 and made a
game in the Entry Level channel, someone from Beginner wouldn't be able to find
it on his/her channel.

On the lower right-hand side of the screen, there is a box that lists who is
currently in your channel, in your friends group, or in your clan. A green 'L'
indicates that they are in the Lobby. A blue 'G' means that they have joined a
game, but haven't started playing. A red 'P' means they are currently in-game
and are playing.

In the lower left-hand side of the screen, it lists stats about your character:


 * Name: Character's name.
 * Clan: The clan you are in, if any.
 * Level: Your character's current level.
 * Experience: How much experience your character has.
 * Bounty: How much cash your character has.
 * HP: The maximum amount of HP you have.
 * AP: The maximum amount of AP you have
 * WT: Expressed at #/100.

Most of the screen is dominated by the game selector. Under that are three
buttons: Join, Create and Play Now! Clicking 'Join' will send you to the game
you've chosen, clicking 'Join Now!' will instantly find you a game to play, and
'Create' will let you create your own game. There are a few kinds of Gunz

        IID. Match types

Match refers to what game mode you'll be playing in. Matches have different
general rules and formats. From the Wikipedia page.

 * Deathmatch - The standard game type found in many shooters. All players
fend for themselves. The first person to reach a specified number of kills
wins. The game ends when a player reaches the number of kills equal to the
number of rounds. The symbol of Deathmatch is a skull.

 * Deathmatch + Berserker - The first person who gets a kill at the start of
the game is selected as the Berserker. The Berserker can be easily identified
by him or her glowing blue. This player's guns will be more powerful during
this mode, but their health will slowly drain during the match. The Berserker
must defeat other players to regain health. Any player that defeats the
Berserker will in turn become Berserker and regain full health. The previous
Berserker will become a normal player upon respawning. The symbol of Berserker
is a skull with flames in the eye sockets.

 * Team Deathmatch - Players are divided into two teams in which they work
together to defeat the opposing team. Each round, both teams fight each other
- if a player dies, they can not respawn until the round is over, where their
team or the opposing team is defeated. There is no specified kill limit. The
symbol of Team Deathmatch is two skulls.

 * Team Deathmatch + Extreme - Players are divided into two teams in which they
work together to defeat the opposing team. Victory is obtained by the team who
reaches the objective number of kills (which can be set at the beginning of the
 game) first. Unlike Team Deathmatch, players do not have to wait until the
round is over to respawn. The symbol of Team Deathmatch Extreme is a single
skull, followed by a pile of skulls behind it.

 * Assassination - Similar to Team Deathmatch, however, one person on each team
is randomly selected as a target. A team must defeat the targeted player on the
other team to win. The symbol of Assassination is a purple circle with two
orange borders, resemblant of an aiming reticle.

 * Gladiator - Same as Deathmatch, except players are only allowed to use melee
weapons. The symbol of Gladiator is a vertical and diagonal sword clashing

 * Team Gladiator - Team Deathmatch with Gladiator rules. The symbol of Team
Gladiator is a vertical and two diagonal swords clashing together.

 * Training - Similar to Deathmatch, but no experience or bounty is gained from
kills, and experience is not lost through suicides or from level difference.
The symbol of Training is an arm.

 * Duel Mode - Players are involved in a tournament setting, where players
actively fight 1 vs 1 (one-on-one) battles, and move up the ranks until the
objective amount of kills is obtained. The symbol for Duel Mode is a pistol
pointed to the right. Observers cannot talk to the current duelists.

 * Quest - A gameplay mode available only on Quest Mode servers. It is not
fully available in any GunZ version yet. It pits players in a team of up to
four against NPC monsters which get harder as players level up. Currently there
are around 23 monster types; the only ones currently being tested, however, are
five types of Goblin. The progression of standard scenarios is very
straight-forward; destroy every NPC in a room to advance to the next room.
After all rooms have been cleared, items gained throughout the mission are
distributed to each participant remaining. In addition to standard scenarios,
there are more difficult special scenarios, gained through the sacrifice of
quest items in different combinations in the waiting room. Special scenarios
involve fighting bosses and much harder enemies. NPC attacks in any scenario
can be physical or magical depending on the monster, with magic abilities
having various effects, from healing NPCs, to slowing down players. Currently,
from stage 4 and onward (regardless of quest level), the team can acquire
pieces of meat (raw meat, seasoned meat, and steak) in Quest Mode. Items that
may drop later range from quest items, to Monster Bible information, to event
items, to equipment.

 * Clan War - A gameplay type available only to specific Clan War servers. This
pits clans against equally numbered and similarly leveled clans for ranking.
There are seven rounds of three minute games in a Clan War. When playing a
Clan War game, players do not lose experience from being beaten by those that
are much lower level than them; they also get 1.5 times the experience as
normal. When starting a Clan War, the map is selected at random.

        IIE. Game Intrusion

The intrusion screen is where you join the game you selected, or to set the
options of a game you are creating. Creating your own game is rather simple.
Click create while on the lobby screen. Select your game's name and password,
if you'd like to have a passworded game.


 * Match: What kind of game it will be; deathmatch, team deathmatch,
 * Map: Where you want your game to be held.
 * Players: How many people you want in your game.
 * Rounds: The max kills a single person can get until the game you made
resets. If playing a TDM, this will be how many matches you will play.


 * Time Limit: How long your game will run for.
 * Intrusion: Toggles the option of people being able to intrude in your game
once you've started it.
 * Friendly Damage: Like the name implies, toggles whether people on your team
can damage you or not.
 * Level Restrictions: This tweeks the level gap between people who can join
your game. You might want this in the Expert and Elite channels.

        IIF. Experience and Bounty

1     |0---------
2     |200       |
3     |800        > Entry
4     |1800      |
5     |3200------
6     |5000------
7     |7200      |
8     |9800       > Beginner
9     |12800     |
10    |16200-----
11    |20000-----
12    |24200     |
13    |28800     |
14    |33800     |
15    |39200      > Veteran
16    |45000     |
17    |51200     |
18    |57800     |
19    |64800     |
20    |72200-----
21    |80000-----
22    |88200     |
23    |96800     |
24    |105800    |
25    |115200    |
26    |125000    |
27    |135200     > Expert
28    |145800    |
29    |156800    |
30    |168200    |
31    |180000    |
32    |192200    |
33    |204800    |
34    |217800----
35    |231200----
36    |245000    |
37    |259200    |
38    |273800    |
39    |288800    |
40    |304200    |
41    |320000    |
42    |336200     > Elite
43    |352800    |
44    |369800    |
45    |387200    |
46    |405000    |
47    |423200    |
48    |441800    |
49    |460800    |
50    |580200    |

Once you've reached level 50, you've gone about as far as anyone needs to go,
at least for the time being. You no longer receive new items past level 50.

Bounty is measured as 1.2X your opponent's level per kill, with a maximum of
twice your level. Specific maps also alter how much experience you get.

III. The Basics

        IIIA: Keyboard Layout

The basic default set-up of Gunz uses the WASD keyboard layout found in many

 Default keys

 * Forward:             W
 * Backward:            S
 * Strafe Left:         A
 * Strafe Right:        D
 * Jump:                Spacebar
 * Shoot/slash:         Left-mouse click, left ctrl
 * Second Slash:        Right-mouse click
 * Guard:               Shift, L+R mouse click
 * Reload:              R
 * Melee:               1
 * Primary Gun:         2
 * Secondary Gun:       3
 * Item #1:             4
 * Item #2:             5
 * /Bow                 6
 * /Wave                7
 * /Laugh               8
 * /Cry                 9
 * /Dance               0
 * Taunt:               `
 * Prev. Weapon:        Q, Wheel Up
 * Next Weapon:         E, Wheel Down
 * Chat:                Return
 * Team Chat:           '
 * Main Menu:           ESC
 * Game Status:         Tab
 * Toggle msgs:         V
 * F1-F8:               Macros
 * Screenshot:          F11
 * Record game:         F12

Your character's aim and orientation is also controlled by the mouse. For mouse
control, mouse sensitivity is entirely up to you, however, you will want to
have it at least a moderate level. Many players, after playing Gunz for a
period of time, will tweak their sensitivity even higher. It's not uncommon for
vets and pros to have their mouse sensitivity tweeked to the max.

As for keyboard, most people use default controls. HOWEVER, if this if this is
uncomfortable to you and you can't adapt to them, feel free to change the
set-up to whatever feels most comfortable to you. A common alternative is to
switch Melee, Primary Gun, and Secondary Gun from 123 to QEF. This helps if you
have smaller hands and can't reach 123 without much difficulty. QEF is a
popular alternative to 123, as is 1QE. Ultimately, it's all about how
comfortable you feel when you play, so customability is up to you.

I personally suggest against using the scrollwheel as your main means of
switching. Later in the game, when your survival depends on how quickly you can
swap between weapons, scrollwheeling may hamper your performance. Using it for
certain moves is fine, but using it for all your switching will leave you
searching for a weapon as you are pelted with bullets.

        IIIB. Basic Movement

This part assumes that you've taken time to look at the WASD layout mentioned
above. I'm not going to waste time or space with a part on how to walk left,
right, backwards, forwards, diagonally or jumping, etc.

This section is about, of course, basic movement, the moves you will learn
before all others. Some of these will be later replaced by more efficient
moves, but until then, this is what you should know to get you started.

                IIIB1. Tumble

To tumble, double-tap the direction you would like to go. You must be equipped
with a gun, grenade, or medpack to tumble. Tumbling is the most basic of
movements, asides from walking. You will find dashing (IIB2. Dash) with a
melee will be much more useful.

                IIIB2. Dash

To dash, double-tap the direction you would like to go while equipped with a
melee weapon (sword, kodachi, or knife). Dashing is a better way of moving than
tumbling; you move faster and the movements are shorter. You are highly
maneuverable while dashing, and you can switch directions quickly. The dash is
the basis of the Korean-Style (K-Style) movements, which we'll discuss later in
this guide.

                IIIB3. Air Tumble

To air tumble, jump and then double tap the direction you would like to go. It
goes without saying, there are two ways to air tumble: while moving or from a
stationary position. You must be equipped with a gun or grenade to tumble.

                IIIB4. Air Dash

To air dash, you must have a melee weapon equipped. Jump and then double-tap
the direction you would like to go. This will cause you to burst in the
direction you press. If you are high enough in the air, you can dash multiple
times, if not many times.

                IIIB5. Guard

Pressing SHIFT while equipped with a sword or kodachi (not a dagger!) you can
block blade attacks and bullets aimed at the upper part of your body. You will
raise your blade for a few moments and deflect bullets, or block a blade. If
you block another sword attack while guarding, you can instantly perform a
massive strike (IIB6. Massive Strike)! While the guard is useful for frontal
attacks, you can still be attacked from any other direction. You also cannot
block any shots to your legs while you block, so be warned. If you turtle
(constantly holding block), expect people to nail you in the legs.

You cannot perform any other special action while guarding, such as dashing. A
quick note: sometimes the block tends to stick for some reason or another, so
if you are still blocking even though you let go of the key, just wait a few
seconds for it to let go.

                IIIB6. Massive Strike

While equipped with a Melee weapon, press and hold attack (left-click). Your
character will perform a charging animation and your blade will begin to glow.
Once your weapon is fully charged, unleash a massive strike by pressing attack
again. This attack will deal more damage than a regular Melee strike, and will
also stun your opponent momentarily. Later in the game, you will find there to
be many complexities to massives strikes, their uses, and how they are used on

                IIIB7. Stun

While equipped with a sword or dagger, right-mouse click at your opponent. This
will make you perform an attack which can be used to stun your opponent. With a
sword or kodachi, it will cause you to bat your opponent up into the air, fall
and hit the ground (uppercut). If using a dagger, your character will rush
forward in a straight line and knock down your opponent (dagger thrust). These
moves go by many names. Additionally: dagger thrusts do damage, while uppercuts
do not.

                IIIB8. Safe Fall

If you happened to be stunned by an opponent, quickly press jump (space)! If
knocked into the air by a sword, you will backflip and land on your feet. If
knocked down by a dagger, this will allow you to recover from being pushed
over. This is crucial to know if you're up against someone who likes to use
Stun n' Gun tactics. Whiling safe falling will allow you to recover from the
attack, you will be unable to control your fall until you touch ground. If
someone uppercuts you into a pit, even safe falling will not save you from
dying, though should you momentarily touch ground, you will be able to

                IIIB9. Wall Jump

Jump towards a wall and press jump again once you're against the wall. This
will cause you to backflip off the wall. By holding a direction as you flip
off, you can move slightly in that direction. You can cancel the jump by
slashing with a melee weapon. You can wall jump any direction.

                IIIB10. Wall Run (Vertical)

Run towards a wall and press jump once you're against the wall. This will
cause you to run straight up the wall and flip off. You can jump off earlier
by pressing jump. By holding a direction as you flip off, you can move
slightly in that direction. Again, slashing with melee will cancel the jump.

                IIIB11. Wall Run (Horizontal)

While running diagonally at a wall, press jump. The angle should be
approximately 45 degrees, or else you'll just bounce off the wall. This should
make your character run up the wall and across it. You will run a certain
amount of time before flipping off of it. To cancel the wall run early, press
jump to jump off, or slash to drop off the wall. If you have difficulty doing
it with melee weapons, try using a gun while attempting it. It's much easier
to perform while having a gun in-hand.

                IIIB12. Wall Hanging

If you are equipped with a melee weapon, jump at a wall and press second attack
(right click). Your character will stick their weapon into the wall and hang
there. This is perfect for saving yourself from a fall into Hell. Once you've
stuck your sword into the wall, you can press jump and your character will jump
straight up from their hanging position. Once you've jumped, press secondary
attack again, which will make your character once again stab the wall. You can
do this repeatedly do climb up a wall or pull yourself out from a pit. I
wouldn't suggest "hanging around" for a long time, as it makes you a very easy

IV. Chat Commands

        IVA. Slash Commands

Enter into the chatbox while in the lobby, or while in-game while playing.

/help                           Show a list of chatting commands (broken).
/whisper         Whisper that message to a specific person.
/r                     Reply to the last whisper you received.
/report (or /112)               Report details of the chatting (broken).
/qj (or /go)                    Start a game right away in any room.
/chatmake                 Makes a chatroom.
/chatjoin                 Joins the mentioned chatroom.
/chatleave                      Leaves the mentioned chatroom.
/chatinvite               Invites that person to your chatroom
#                               Use in chatbar to talk in clan chat.
@                               Use in chatbar to talk in chatroom.
/follow                   Join 's game, if in the same lobby.

The following can be used only in-game, while playing.

/kick                           Opens up the kick menu, then select a name.
/kick                     Start a vote to kick 
/taunt                          Makes a taunting motion.
/salute                         Character bows to salute.
/wave                           Character waves hands.
/laugh                          Character laughs.
/cry                            Character cries.
/dance                          Character dances.
/suicide                        You kill yourself. You will lose XP.
!                               Use in chatbar to talk in teamchat.
'                               Opens teamchat bar.

        IVB. Clan Commands

A clan is a group that share a similar purpose. Using this function, you can
chat with your clan members where ever you are. You can also join a "Clan-War"
with clan members.


 * The clan master needs 1000 BP to organize a clan.
 * The clan master is required to acquire four members in order to form a clan.
 * Both the clan master or promoter should be at the level of 10 or above.
 * The maximum number of clan members is 64.

Once all the conditions above are met, the clan master and the promoter can
create a clan gathered around the same server and channel. Upon activating the
"Clan List" you would see a menu, "Create a Clan" on the screen as you have
not joined a clan yet. Press the menu to activate the dialogue channel for
clan creation.

With the exception of /clan leave and /clan msg, clan commands are only usable
by the clan master or an admin.

/clan open                   Start a new clan.
/clan close                  Close the clan currently open.
/clan invite                      Invite the person to your clan.
/clan leave                             Voluntarily withdraw from the clan.
/clan dismiss                     Force that person to leave the clan.
/clan promote          Promotes  to admin.
/clan msg                      Send a message to your clan. Same as #.

        IVC. Color Commands

You can used colored font in any chat in the game. Type ^#, the # being the
color of what you want your font to be. Do not use a space after the number. As
one might think, there are people with elaborately colored macros, and some
specifically made to distract you.


 * ^0: Dark Gray
 * ^1: Red
 * ^2: Green
 * ^3: Blue
 * ^4: Yellow
 * ^5: Dark red
 * ^6: Dark green
 * ^6: Dark blue
 * ^7: Dark yellow
 * ^8: Brown
 * ^9: White

There are no (known) color commands for orange (admin/chatroom) or light blue
(clanchat). The regular font color is also a different shade of white than ^9.

        IVD. Miscellaneous


V. Playing the Game

I shouldn't even have to put this in here, but since some people obviously need
to be reminded, I put this here.

        VA. General Gameplay Etiquette

 * THE GOLDEN RULE: Do not act towards people in a way you wouldn't want them
to act towards you. I cannot repeat this enough. Do not be an ass. You may be a
15 year old, but try not to act like one.


   * Namecalling
   * Complaining
   * Corpseshooting
   * Harassment
   * Spamming
   * Cheating

 * If spamming requests in the lobby for killswapping didn't work the first
times, what makes you think spamming it another 15 times will work?

 * Stop complaining, nobody wants to hear it. As Nothingxs said on the
GunzOnline forum:

"I'm just going to close any threads that argue if we should have slashshooting
or not. I'm also going to close any threads where all you do is whine about how
people spray and how little skill it takes to do such.

If they're killing you, THEY'RE not doing something wrong. YOU ARE. Learn, get
better and adapt. Complain here and you'll watch me lock your thread.
Neither are going away, they're going to stay forever. If you have ideas on how
to EXPAND on the game, then you can make a thread about that in the SUGGESTIONS
SECTION. If you're just going to condemn how people play and the people who try
to learn or play in that style, then please go whine about it to your friends
on AIM instead.

Noone (sic) cares how unbalanced you think it is if all you're going to do is
whine at the top of your lungs. We've had a few big threads and countless
smaller ones about it, already. Enough is enough."

 * Nobody likes drama. Do not get ticked off because someone killed you. Chill
out, go make a sandwich. Do not be a vindictive punk and try to get someone
kicked because they're better than you. Follow the Golden Rule and you'll be

 * Some people will hate you for typekilling, or 'tking,' which is killing
someone while they\u2019re typing. It's generally frowned upon to kill someone
they're typing, but then again it's the typer's fault for standing there. The
solution? Type when you're dead or don't complain when someone kills you. You
can tell someone is typing if a speech bubble appears over their head, but
it's not always visible.

If someone sees you typing and decides to pass you by instead of killing you,
return the favor and don't shoot them in the back. I usually won't kill someone
who's typing, but don't put it past other people. Most of the time, the same
people who TK complain when they get TK'd themselves.

 * Do not complain about what weapons an opponent is using. If you died, you
died, and should move on. Instead of complaining that you got daggershanked in
a corner, you should instead try to avoid getting yourself shanked. Likewise,
this can be said of all weapons: quit bellyaching and adapt.

                VA1. Game Rules

These are self-imposed rules set by the room creator. They are not reinforced
by MAIET, ijji, or the Gunz program itself.

                        VA1a. Rejoin Games

"# rejoin," is a game when the time is set to infinite and the kill limit is
set to whatever number suits the game (usually the highest).

Everybody plays normally until a person gets 5 kills before the limit, at
which the person will exit the game into the intrusion screen, and then rejoin.
This will reset their kill count and they will join the game with 0 kills,
0 deaths. The purpose of this is to continually keep the game going with
everybody getting as much experience as possible.

If someone doesn't seem to be paying attention or is ignoring the rules, kick
them. As a player in the game, it is your responsibility to help keeping the
game going and voting 'y.' If you see people saying that they can't start the
vote, do it yourself.

Before, people would DM until the game ended, but recently, rejoin games have
become the norm.

                        VA1b. Bowing

Bow rules are the rules applied inside most informal duels and sometimes in
Duel mode. "Bow rules" are straight forward: all duels are 1 versus 1 and you
must bow to a person before you engage them. The other person must acknowledge
your bow by bowing back. Wait a moment after your opponent bows and then fight.
Bow rules are usually done in gladiator games, team games, or in 1vs1

                        VA1c. Killswapping

Killswapping, also called 'swapping,' is what the name implies: you and
another player take turns killing each other for experience. This works well
at lower levels, since the gap between levels is small. At higher levels,
there are much better ways to get experience than by trading kills.

                        VA1d. Lineswapping

The same thing as killswapping, but instead of using only two people,
lineswapping is done with multiple people. Most of the time, lineswapping is
done as a Town deathmatch. People get into a line in front of the clocktower
and take their turns killing the person in front of them. The first person
gets killed by the second. The second stands where the first person was, and
then the third person kills them. Order isn't usually stressed too much while
doing this, because people respawn at different locations and it may take
them longer to get back into the line. You are expected to wait your turn,
however. People killing out of turn, or randomly shooting others, is
prohibited. Lineswaps tend to become chaotic quickly if a person disrupts it.

                        VA1e. Naked Games

Simply put, you join the game naked. NO SHIRT, NO PANTS, NO GLOVES, NO BOOTS.
Joining a game with shoes and boots on is NOT naked. Nobody particularly
cares whether or not you have rings on, because you can't actually see the
rings on the person and the gains by rings is small compared to most other
equipment. Kills and experience come pretty fast. I suggest using high ammo
spray weapons, or low ammo power weapons. Machineguns and rockets rule these

Naked games also tend to be Berserk to make kills even easier and are
usually # rejoin games.

                        VA1f. Regional Games

In an effort to keep pings low, there are regional games. Most list countries,
such as "USA/Canada" or they may even go as far as to list their time zone. If
making your own regional game is problematic, you can make one in a private
channel. This will hopefully reduce the number of people outside your region.

                        VA1g. Attack and Defense

Attack and Defense is a game mode unto itself and my personal favorite rules.
Attack and Defense is when a person makes a MANSION team deathmatch and take
turns each round, attacking each other's bases. The defending team may only
stay in the area from the spawn point to the ledge of that level at the end of
the hallway, and no further. The attacking team has free range of the whole

 About ATT and DEF

 * USE 5 MINUTE TIME LIMITS ONLY! I cannot stress this enough! 5 minutes is
more than enough time for either team to wipe each other out. Anything more
than 5 minutes increases the chance of the attacking team camping and

 * Red team always goes first.

 * Do NOT turn off team balance! 'Nuff said.

 * Discourage cheaters: Kick them immediately, regardless of which team they're
on at the time. Cheating encourages more cheating, which may cause the
non-attacking team to leave the base in revenge. At this point, all chaos
breaks loose until people stay in the base again.

 * If a long period of time has gone by without the attacking team committing
to attacking the defending team, the defending team can warn the attackers by
starting a countdown from 10. If the attackers have not initiated an invasion
by 0, the defending team can leave the base to attack.

 * Despite what some people say, the defending party CANNOT wallslash beyond
the ledge. It's not wholly uncommon for defending people to bounce in between
the walls. You cannot pass the ledge. Period. Falling down occasionally
happens and that's an understandable accident, but bouncing off the walls is
not legal. Kick 'em.

        VB. General Gameplay Tips


 One cannot play Gunz itself without knowing about ping! Unfortunate, but
 inevitable. In Gunz, how damage is dealt is by "packets," meaning while you
 are technically shooting bullets at people, those bullets are packets of data.
 How long it takes for data from one computer to be sent to another computer is
 ping. Ping works both ways, like a P2P program. If your opponent's ping to you
 is 100, then your ping to them is also 100.

 Ping is measured in milliseconds, meaning 100 ping is equal to 1ms. That being
 said, the lower the ping, the better. The closer someone lives to you, the
 better your ping will be to each other, and visa versa, the farther you live
 from each other, the higher ping will be. Obviously then, someone who lives
 next door to you will have significantly lower ping to you than someone who
 lives on an entirely different continent.

 How does this effect you? This will effect how you play and how you deal
 damage. Since ping is the delay between packets you send (damage), you will
 have to adjust your aim accordingly. If your opponent has 100 ping, there will
 be a 1ms delay between where you shoot and where your opponent will be.
 Shooting where your opponent will be, instead of where you actually see them,
 is called Lead Shooting.

 I'll expand upon this at a later date.

 * If you're an AP freak and don't care about weight, the best non-premium
setup you can use for a male character is:

   * Miz Leather Coat             (WT: 20 AP: 28)
   * Miz Leather Trousers         (WT: 15 AP: 25)
   * Ares Iron Shoes              (WT: 8  AP: 20)
   * Ares Iron Gloves             (WT: 8  AP: 15)
   * Altema's Ring                (WT: 2  AP: 10)
   * Altema's Ring                (WT: 2  AP: 10)

 * Equip different weapons for different situations.

    VB1. Deathmatch Tips

 * When playing a gladiator game in a map with pits, i.e. Dungeon, Island,
dagger users will try to use the thrust attack to their advantage. They'll
repeatedly try to thrust you into a pit. A good, but slightly risky way to deal
with them is to wait at the edge of a pit and wait until they try to thrust
you, and jump over them. Hopefully they'll go sailing into the abyss. If not,
turn around and attack them while they stand at the edge. The most important
thing to remember is that you have to preemptively predict when they'll START
to do the pullback animation for the push; by the time you see them pulling
back to thrust you won't have the time to jump over them and they'll hit your
legs. Another tactic is to stand so that you're parallel with the walkway you
fall onto. People will repeatedly try to thrust or juggle you over the edge,
but so long as you have plenty of room to recover from the fall, you'll be
fine. Since they'll be trying to juggle you, you can get right up in their
faces and slash them.

It is also common to have people with swords who will do nothing but spam the
uppercut as well. Unfortunately, the uppercut has a wide berth, so you have a
large chance of being hit into the air unless you attack them from behind. The
best way to deal with these kinds of people is to simply leave them alone and
attack them when they're not around a pit. Not surprisingly, people who tend
to spam the uppercut attack will still try to repeatedly uppercut you even
when they're not around a pit! Waiting on the beach portion of the Island is a
good place to attack these people; without their pits, they're usually very
easy to kill.

If you're in a deathmatch against people who use these tactics, shoot them
from a distance. They'll usually stop uppercutting after you've pelted them
with a hail of bullets.

 * Always be aware of enemies. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean
they aren't there. Be sure to check that people aren't following you.

 * Don't underestimate the power of controlled spraying. Taking your time, aim
correctly, and only fire when you're sure you'll get a shot. Wildly blasting
into a room will get you owned by someone who is more agile. I predict where
someone is going to be and fire for that spot. This works great for shotguns
and rocketlaunchers.

 * I've talked with a few people who say that level means nothing. I feel
this is incorrect. While level is not always a good indication of skill,
there is a difference between levels. For example, my character was
level 25 and I was in a dungeon. A level 36 came up behind me and popped
me twice with a pair of Minic 567 MK.IIs, and I dropped. The instant I
turned level 18, I bought a Maxwell LX30 and went into a game. I've
never killed so many people so fast before, with so little effort. These
people were all in the same level range as I was. "Yes, yes, that doesn't
mean blah-blah-blah," no, levels can make a difference if you know how to
equip yourself for victory.

 * You should equip yourself differently for different kinds of games, or
even different maps. k-Style in a DM usually won't do too well, while
spraying works wonders. In a TDM or 1vs1, k-Style is the best route.

 * Avoid getting in between opponents like the plague! Getting in between
enemies means you're going to get pelted with a hail of bullets and
chances are both opponents will attempt to kill you instead of each other!

 * Predict when your enemy is going to reload and rush them! This provides a
 great opportunity to get a few shots in.

 * I've started using this tactic, with varying degrees of success in 1vs1:
forcing your enemy to play your game. One of the more common ways to do this is
to back up quickly while facing your enemy. This gap will force your enemy to
follow you, and usually in a straight line. This makes it very easy to fire a
few shots with a higher degree of success than if done from close range.

                VB2. Team Deathmatch Tips

 * The best way to fight is in a pack, assuming your rival team splits up like
most do, your whole team should be able to take out multiple single people
fairly quickly.

 * Falling back and spraying or camping when your teammates are fighting
THE OTHER TEAM FIGHTS AS A PACK. Mediocre players can overcome players of
better caliber if they know how to work well as a team.

 * Baiting the enemy is a tactic that every team should learn. Having one
player distract the enemy while a fellow teammate comes up from behind, or
attacks from around a corner, will quickly help to dismember the enemy. For
example, person #1 will lure an enemy towards them, but person #2 is waiting
around the corner with a massive attack ready. Person #2 hits the enemy and
then both persons #1 and #2 riddle the enemy with bullets.

 * If someone is chasing an enemy and they go into a confined space like a
hallway, try to get to the other side of the hallway and come in from the other

                VB3. Map-specific Tips

There's something to be said about knowing your battlefield. Knowing maps like
the back of your hand gives you a keen advantage over those who don't. Learn
all the angles, shortcuts and ways to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

                        VB3a. Arena

 * The majority of gladiator games take place here. It's rare that people fight
in gladiator anywhere but here.

 * There is an experience cap, so you won't earn as much as you might in other
levels. If you're planning on leveling, you'll have to go elsewhere.

 * Knowing how to wallclimb or wallrun is essential, because you will
eventually find yourself respawning between two pits. You'll know who fell
into the pit you see people suiciding.

 * This is an excellent place to learn to do multiple wallruns, because of the
large wall that surrounds the arena. Practice by running around the entire map.

 * Fighting here is much different than any other map: most of the level is
open space, so there's no where to hide. You'd better be agile, or learn how
to use what little cover there is.

                        VB3b. Castle

 * The raised hallway is easily the best killspot in the whole level. With such
a confined space and considering how long it is, it's the best place in the
whole level to spray. Machinegun/rifle/rockets recommended.

 * Under the raised hallway is a nook in the wall. People like to hide in the
nook and lob grenades up through the half-circle opening into the hallway.
I've been repeatedly killed by some people just because they always hit me
with a grenade.

 * People like to camp the nooks in the end of the hallway, usually with a
massive strike, since it juts out just enough to cover you. Everytime I run
into the hallway, I shoot a rocket at both sides as I approach. I'll hit
someone every 1 out of 4 times

                        VB3c. Dungeon

 * The dungeon stage is an excellent place to see who really has skills with
wallclimbing. People will intentionally jump over the edge and will wallslash
(fly) on the wall they dropped over until someone gets near them. The person
wallslashing will then pop up over the edge, shoot the person and drop back
down over the edge. Since this can be done infinitely, it's a great guerilla
tactic. The dungeon stage is an excellent place to learn how to fly and

 * Since you'll most likely come across a few people who use the previous
mentioned tactic, there are a few ways to kill them.


   * Get their rhythm down, then launch a rocket at the edge of the cliff when
they're going to pop up. If you're lucky and you timed correctly, you'll hit
them. You can also do this with grenades, but this requires better timing.

   * Take the fight to them; jump over the edge and fly on the wall. Since
slashing the wall, you can also hit them. In between slashing up the wall, turn
and slash them if they are next to you, while you jump. If they happen to be
far below you or above you, slash the wall, dash backwards and fire a shot at
them, then dash forward and slash up the wall again. This move requires good
timing and aim, or else you'll fall into the pit.

   * Spam the sword or kodachi's right-click uppercut right at the edge, to bat
the person off the wall when they pop up. You can also wait at the edge and
hold block. Should they happen to wallslash in front of you, you will deflect
their blade and they'll drop. Deflecting their sword will also stun them. You
might also get a chance to massive from them hitting your sword. Immediately
hit them with it.

 * You can make a quick escape by causing yourself to wallrun into the pit and
safely landing on a crystal. Go to the largest wall in the level (it's the one
with the double staircase), and wallrun on that walkway's wall. Wallrun until
you're halfway up the lower staircase and then flip off. You'll land safely on
a crystal that's jutting out low on the wall. The * isyou and the # is the
crystal on which you should hopefully be landing. It's crucial that you launch
off the very end of the stairs, or you'll fallshort and into the pit. If you
don't time it correctly and realize you're going to miss the wall, slash to
cancel your fall and dash towards the crystal.

  _____________| |__
  | ||||            |
  | -----------------
  | |||| <---*      |
  ----------------| |
#         PIT     | |

 * Of course, since this stage has one gigantic pit, everyone will be
attempting to knock you off. Again, avoid that by attacking directly from
behind or by shooting from afar.

 * The pillar room is of course, a room with rows of large pillars reaching
from the ground to the ceiling. There are a few things about this room that
make it interesting.


   * It's one of the better places for 1vs1 on this map.

   * It's not infrequent in TDMs that the fight will break out here as opposed
to the pit room.

   * The huge walls on either sides of the pillars provide great practice for
multiple wallruns.

   * You can get the drop on people, literally. Climb up the pillars and hang
the top of the pillar with your melee. The pillar should conceal your whole
body and allow you to see far. Drop death on them from above, or wait until
they pass and shoot them in the back!

                        VB3d. Factory

 * It looks more like an industrial complex than a factory. This is a pretty
open space, since it's all one "room." There are cramped places, like near the
truck and under the building.

 * The heal points respawn relatively fast, so hit them as often as you can to
keep your health high. I once went into a veteran channel deathmatch and
finished the game with a 30/0 score because I was constantly running between
health spawns.

 * Since everything is square and box-shaped, try to wallrun as often as you
can to get away from people.

                        VB3e. Garden

 * Again, another small map.

      VB3f. Island

 * If you go into either the Island or the Dungeon, be wary that people will
just spam the secondary attacks, even if they aren't over the pit areas. Use
this to your advantage: recover quickly and hit them back! Back yourself into a
nook in a wall if you're in the Island, especially on the lower ledges in the
pit area. The only place you'll be uppercutted is into the wall, where you can
recover from the fall and start again.

 * In the area with the pits, there are high ledges around the perimeter on the
walls. This is a great spot for sniping, and it also gives you access to the
whole pit area. You can leap from the ledge and airdash all the way to the
bottom of the other side to pick up health or armor. I like to single a person
out and drop from above on top of them.

 *  The beach area is basically the only other 'area' on this map. If you can't
handle being slapped into the pit, then attack people here. The people who
knock you into pits, for some reason or another, will still uppercut you even
though there is no place for you to fall.

      VB3g. Mansion

 * The Mansion stage's lower level is a good place to rack up quick kills.

____              _____
___                ____
   |              |
   |^ #        # ^|
   ||            ||
   || #        # ||
   ||            ||
   || #        # ||
   |  *        *  |
   |_____________ |


   * On the bottom level there are the walls and the pillars (#s) that run
parallel to them. People will generally cluster up between the walls and the
pillars, forming a nice straight line for a burst of fire from a rifle or
rocket salvo. The problem with this is where you stand. If you stand to the
north where the hallways lead off to the rooms and the basement, people will
sneak up behind you from the upper level or the basement. I have invariably
been killed whenever standing there. The best place to stand is on the south
side next to the very last pillar. Stand facing the pillar, so you can see if
anybody is coming down the hall, or is jumping off the staircase. If you stand
back in the nook only facing the hallway, you will be killed very easily since
you won't see people jumping off the staircase. When you turn lvl 18,
immediately buy the Maxwell LX30. Assuming you're in a game with no other
lvl 18s, and you try this tactic, you will mow everyone else down.

 * There are two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling which are great sniping
spots, provided that everyone is too dumb to look up. I wouldn't suggest
hanging around too long from these spots.

To get on the chandelier directly above the angel statue, simply stand on the
head, jump, and wallhang onto it. You can jump up from there. The second
chandelier above the stairs is much harder to reach. To reach the other, you
have to wallslash up the nearest pillar and airdash out to it. I find it
easiest to wallslash up the pillar by facing towards the direction of the room
with the angel statue. You can also jump from the third floor balcony, but this
is usually a little trickier.

                        VB3h. Port

 * A very claustrophobic map, modeled on a European port town. With a series of
alleys taking up most of the level, there aren't a lot of areas to get into a
full fight. Watch your back, because people tend to run up behind you.

 * The best places to get into a full out fight is at the creek, since it's
open enough to allow for free movement.

                        VB3i. Prison

 * Comprised mostly of hallways.

                        VB3j. Prison II

 * Comprised mostly of hallways.

                        VB3j. Ruin

 * This map is similar to the Arena, but with one key difference: the lower
part is disected with a series of walls like a small labarynth.

                        VB3l. Station

 * Divided into two very large rooms with a wall bisecting them from top to

                        VB3m. Town

 * This map is perfect for clanwars, because it's open and both sides have a
common meet-point near the corner near the clock. It's perfect for multiple
wallrun practice.

 * This map will be, in fact, the one you are in the most. Whether it's due
to 1vs1s, clan wars, or general fighting, you will most likely be in this map
more times than not.

                VB4. Weapon-specific Tips

 * I label certain guns as automatics, despite that all guns repeatedly fire if
you hold down left-click. This just makes them easier to categorize for
specific situations. All guns I label as automatics have less than a 130 rate
of fire, meaning SMGs, rifles and machineguns. Swapping and reloadshot have no
bearing on this analysis.

 * There are two kinds of every gun: a gun with more ammo, but less power, and
a gun with less ammo, but more power.

 * If someone knocks you down or juggles you, immediately press the spacebar
(jump). You will flip out of it and land on your feet. You cannot control the
fall unfortunately, and while this won't save you from falling into pits, it
will save you from being daggered repeatedly. This is great against people who
make daggering their style, because they will still aim for the place on the
ground where they expected you to fall. Landing and unleashing a pointblank
 blast from a shotty or a staccato from a rifle will do wonders.

 * If being repeatedly daggered by someone, start attempting to dash while
still on the ground. Dash so that you will not be in his dagger's path.
Hopefully when you begin to get up, you'll slide away from him before he can
get the stab in. Even if he/she manages to hit you when you slide out, you'll
have more time to recover. If you're hitting space (jump) when you attempt to
slide out, there's a good chance you'll recover right away even if you get hit
again. Always remember that pressing space will save you from being daggered.

 * Frag Grenades are usually a waste unless you throw them into a crowd, or
you've managed to become a good grenadier. 1vs1, their effect depends on how
good you are at deceiving your enemy. In other words, if you are pro with
grenades, they are excellent at damage and pressuring the enemy. If you're not
good with grenades, they're a waste of weight and you probably won't be able to
use them to their full potential.

 * Flashbangs (flash grenade) are nuisances, not deadly, inefficient, and don't
particularly help. While they may serve as a good distraction for you to escape
if you're low on health, using them offensively is a waste of weight. Most
people when hit with a flashbang will randomly dash and jump everywhere to
avoid getting hit until the effects wear off. I've even managed to kill 2
people while blinded by flashbangs.

 * Smoke grenades, along with being not deadly, are utterly useless and cause
the game to lag. People can just rush through the smoke and continue fighting,
or they can just watch their crosshairs until it turns red, indicating they're
aimed at an enemy, and shoot through the smoke. If you must use them, toss
three instead of one, because it covers a much larger area.

                        VB4a. Guns

 * If you're one-on-one with someone and use some sort of automatic, don't just
hold down on the trigger and hope you'll hit them. You'll waste ammo quickly,
and your accuracy will be way off. Instead, fire short bursts and fire only
when you're sure you'll hit. Likewise, reload whenever possible, as you may
need all your shots.

 * The key to using heavy weapons like the machinegun and rocketlauncher is to
swap them in and out quicky for melee, so you can keep moving at a fast pace.
You can't wallrun with them in use, but you can initiate a wallrun with a melee
and then pull out your weapon.

 * If debating over which shotgun maker to go with, go with Breaker. Avengers
notoriously low ammo clip will leave you out to hang in a clinch. Use Avenger
as a backup weapon in the Weapon 2 slot.

 * Once you turn lvl 18, the Maxwell LX30 is a must. With a 40 round clip, 160
bullet cache, and fastest rate of fire of any gun up to that point, it is the
best automatic you'll get until later, the Maxwell LX44.

 * You cannot equip two of the same weapon in both slots, i.e. you can't equip
two Breaker 7s, so don't buying two of them. You can equip two of the same kits
or grenades however.

 * If you're using an official crosshair, notice how it gets larger when you
fire? This is recoil. All guns in the game recoil, and this affects aim,
especially on SMGs. A good way to increase your chances of hitting your
opponent is to do short bursts if your gun has automatic fire (SMGs, assault
rifles machineguns), or pausing in between single shots (pistols, revolvers).

 * Pistols and revolvers are basically the same kind of weapon with two
different specialties; pistols have a larger clip, shoot/reload faster, but
have less power than revolvers. Revolvers have a smaller clip, take a
relatively long time to reload, but have the strongest single shot of any
bullet-using weapon. Revolvers are also heavier. I personally recommend
revolvers, because the damage they do more than makes up for their weight and

 *  Many people say that rocketlaunchers are only mid-range weapons but I
disagree. They can be used at mid-range or long-range, provided you like
sniping, or have
very good timing. The problem with rockets is that they travel at a set speed,
while bullets hit instantly.

      VB4b. Gun Combinations

Inevitably someone will ask me what weapon combination is best. No particular
combination is best; it really depends on your personal playing style. If
you're a pro, chances are you can make almost any weapon combination work for
you. Some people can just pick up weapons easily and adapt. This is a list of
more common weapon combinations.

Please note, some weapons ARE innately more effective than others. SMGs are
nearly non-existant in expert channels, and pistols almost always take a back
seat to revolvers.

  Weapon effectiveness chart

               | P | R | S | S | R | R | M |
               | i | e | h | M | i | o | a |
               | s | v | o | G | f | c | c |
               | t | o | t |   | l | k | h |
               | o | l | g |   | e | e | i |
               | l | v | u |   |   | t | n |
               |   | e | n |   |   |   | e |
               |   | r |   |   |   |   |   |
|    Pistol    | U | U | O | N | O | E | O |
|   Revolver   | U | X | X | N | E | X | O |
|    Shotgun   | O | X | X | O | X | X | E |
|     SMG      | N | N | O | N | O | U | O |
|    Rifle     | O | E | X | O | E | E | E |
|Rocketlauncher| E | X | X | U | E | X | E |
|  Machinegun  | O | O | E | O | E | E | E |

 Graph key

   * U: Useless
   * N: Not effective
   * O: Okay
   * E: Effective
   * X: Extremely effective

 * Rifle, shotgun    (close/far)
   Example: Maxwell LX30, Breaker 6

This is an a set up that is becoming more popular for obvious reasons: it
provides close-range and long-range firepower. It works very well in large
areas like Dungeon, where you might have to fire upon someone from a distance,
but be extremely close to someone on stairs.

 * SMG, rifle    (spray combination)
   Example: Renard V x2, Maxwell LX30

These are great to spray with, but tend to waste ammo very quickly and it's
horrible to do slashshot with, as both tend to chip away damage instead of
dealing large chunks. This combination also provides close/far firepower, but
not a whole lot of power per bullet. Expect extended gunfights.

 * Revolver, shotgun    (slashshot combination)
   Example: Phantom Cruise N x2, Avenger

This is a popular combination for experts and pros. It's great to slashshot
with, since you can use both weapons to do so. Both weapons have the ability to
dish out huge chunks of damage, especially when you get into the later levels.
This combination works even better once you get Minic 567 mk. IIs and an
Avenger mk. II This combination combines the power and ammo of revolvers with
the power and spread and power of a shotgun. Since this is a relatively
light-weight combination, people also like to add recovery items and grenades
onto this.

 * Shotgun, rocketlauncher    (Slashshot combination II)
   Example: Breaker 7, Maxwell RW-77

Both weapons rely on large spread damage to make up for inaccuracy, but still
produce copious amounts of damage. While rocketlaunchers aren't good to use in
melee-range, it's not often that you'll hit yourself if you're doing it right.
You'll tear through ammo very fast on this combo, so I suggest you know how to
reload in a tactical manner.

 +----+ To use this setup effectively, equip the rocket as your primary weapon
 |HINT| and your shotgun as your secondary weapon. You switch from rocket to
 +----+ shotgun faster than you switch to shotgun to rocket because of the
 difference in switch delays. Fire the rocket at them first and pop them with
 your shotgun.

 * Shotgun, shotgun    (shotgun combat)
   Example: Breaker 8, Breaker 7

By far the most commonplace combination, and also extremely deadly. Shotguns
are the most powerful single-shot weapon in the game, the latter Breakers and
both Avengers being able to dish out over 100 damage at pointblank range. Along
with being able to dole out critical damage at close range, the spread makes
them hard weapons to dodge at midrange because of the 12 pellet spread. As if
they weren't powerful enough, the in/famous reloadshot reduces their delay to
roughly the speed of a revolver. Shotgun? ShotFUN!

 * Revolver, revolver   (revolver-specific)
   Example: Zaurus B, Minic 567 mk II

This weapon combo is used occasionally. While not as powerful as using two
shotguns, it packs a definite punch. This setup is not for everyone, however.
Because you have to learn how to lead, you may not make every shot you think
you did. The upside to this however, is that you have a lot of ammo.

 +----+ Of course, switching between revolvers lowers the delay between shots
 |HINT| but you can decrease the delay even further by constantly moving while
 +----+ you swapshot with revolvers. Try it, you'll see a definite difference.

 * Machinegun, rocketlauncher   (power-house)
   Example: Nico MG-K8, Maxwell RW-77

This combination is almost exclusively used in naked games, with a few
exceptions. This is a very heavy combination and you'll have to make up for it
with wearing light armor, or no armor, depending on accessories. Your most
effective attack range will be mid to long range.

 * Rocketlauncher, rocketlauncher   (explosive)
 * Example: Maxwell RW-77, Maxwell RW-66

Some people prefer this over shotgun/shotgun for a few reasons. One is the
single-hit splash damage, as opposed to a spreadshot like a shotgun. Rockets
also make it easier to hit lagging targets. Finally, the sound of someone
swapshotting rockets is intimidating. The problem is that this is very heavy. I
don't suggest using this if you are new to rockets, or else you might end up
killing yourself often. Then people will laugh. And call you a noob. N' stuff.

 +----+ Rocketeering is very different from other weapon styles. If you plan on
 |HINT| becoming a good rocket user, you should learn about their uses and what
 +----+ you have to do to avoid noobing it up. Read sections VIB10. Swapshot
 and VB4c. Bullets VS Rockets.

 Other weapon combos

 * Pistol, pistol: No. Most damage goes to AP.
 * Pistol, revolver: Better than above, but not great. Use revolver as weapon
 * Pistol, SMG: Do revolver, SMG instead.
 * Revolver, SMG: Interesting combination, but not very popular.
 * SMG, SMG: All spray, only good in close, not a lot of power.
 * Rifle, rifle: Not a lot of power per bullet, but very good for hallway
Shoot from one rifle until you run out, then switch to the other.
 * Machinegun, machinegun: Incredibly heavy, all spray. To use this combo
you'll have to wear very light armor. It does however, do one thing very well:
drops mofos at mid-range. You'll only have to reload twice for 480 shots. Two
people walking side-by-side with dual MGs produce a veritable wall of bullets.

      VB4c. Melee

You can't talk about Gunz if you don't talk about melee weapons. K-style and
d-style dominate bladed weapon combat, so you'd better learn how to become
proficient with one fast.

 * Daggers, swords, and kodachi balance out power and speed.
 * Daggers are the quickest melee and can stab very quickly, but are weak
weapons. The secondary attack is a push-thrust. This can be used to knock
people over.
 * Kodachi are a pair of swords and are slower than daggers, but stronger. The
secondary attack is a spinning slash that launches the enemy into the air.
Kodachi are the heaviest class of melee weapons.
 * Swords are stronger than kodachi, but are slower with regular slashes. The
secondary slash is faster The secondary attack is an upward slash that launches
an enemy into the hair.

  Balance of speed and power

      VB4c. Bullets VS Rockets

Before deciding to use rockets, you must know certain things about rockets
which makes them much different from any other weapon in the game.
Rocketlaunchers are a unique gun in Gunz, in that they do not fire bullets. It
obviously fires (launches) rockets. Most of you probably already knew this, but
some people need to have these things explained to them. To see more data
specifically on rocketlaunchers themselves, go to VIIA6. Rocketlauncher.

When someone fires a gun, the bullet hits are instant. Left-click, and the
bullets are where you pointed your crosshair. Rockets are not instant, however;
rockets fire in a straight line at a set speed, and so they take time to hit a
target.  All rockets travel the same speed, whether they were fired from the
level 10 Maxwell RW-66, or the level 50 Walcom L2. On contact with any surface,
they explode like any good rocket should. If a fired rocket does not come into
contact with anything, it self-detonates after about 10 full seconds.

The splash damage that rocketlaunchers do is unique within itself, since it's
the only weapon besides (obviously) grenades that explode. Along with this,
rockets have VERY little ammo, second to shotguns. These two factors, along
with lag, will effect how you fight with rockets.

When fighting with rockets, the best way to assure hitting your target is to
use the splash damage the explosion does to hit your target. Instead of firing
the rockets at the person (or aiming ahead in case of lag), you should aim for
 the ground of where they will be next or possibly whatever object is nearest
to them, i.e. walls, pillars, etc. This takes less prediction skill than
one might think, since the splash makes up for slight inaccuracies. Shooting
rockets directly at someone should be only when you are absolutely sure they
will hit. As mentioned, they have very little ammo and a long reload time, so
every shot must count. Since your opponent will almost always be moving, they
can very easily avoid your rockets, should you fire them straight at the

What one must account for when firing rockets is the angle of the shot and the
timing of the hit. It's much harder to put an accurate rocket on a specific
spot from across the map. The farther you are from your target, the more
shallow the angle of the shot is, and the longer the rocket takes to get there
 as well. This makes it incredibly difficult to do long-range shots without
having to climb to higher ground or tweek your shot timing. Likewise, uneven
ground is bad for you fire on, like stairs, since the angle of the stairs is
sometimes parallel to where you need to shoot.

 |45 degree angle|

/T-r= -
 ^      -
/ \       -*HIT*

 |22 degree angle|

/T-r= -
 ^       ¯  -
/ \            ¯  -*HIT*

 |11 degree angle|

/T-r= -
 ^        ¯   -
/ \               ¯   -   _*HIT*

The longer the shot, the harder it is to judge timing and accuracy. The only
way to compensate for distance is to climb higher (or sometimes drop lower),
thus making the angle steeper.

While having a lot of distance between you and your enemies makes it harder
to time the shot, you shouldn't dismiss the idea of rocket sniping. Places like
Stairway, Dungeon, and Island make great places to snipe people with rockets.
Climb to the highest point you can find, wait until the person gets into a
fight with another player, and rain rockets onto them.

Since rockets have a slower firing rate, you should learn how to swapshot them
if you're dual wielding them. Rockets also have a special kind of swapshot
specific to that weapon because of the delay. Check out VIB10. Swapshot for
information on rocket swapshots.

When it's all said and done, rockets can be an excellent weapon choice, so long
as you know how to use it properly, and know how to work around the drawbacks.

      VB4d. The Art of Grenading

Using grenades is something that was frowned upon up until recently, because of
how bad people were with them. Now it's starting to become much more common
that enemies you might face will not only have grenades, but also use them

Unfortunately for any aspiring grenadiers, the art of grenading, like k-style,
is something that's hard to teach.

There are two very important things to know about grenadiering:

 * You must have a rudimentary idea of geometry and how angles work.
 * A throw should only be done when you are sure you can throw without being

That being said, there are only two kinds of throws for grenades: direct and
indirect. A direct throw is when you lob a grenade DIRECTLY at an opponent.
This kind of throw should rarely be done, and ONLY when an opponent is not
directly focused on you. An indirect throw is when you do not directly throw a
grenade at an opponent, but instead ricochet it off other surfaces.

    VB5. Tactics

In this section, I will give you general tips towards defeating several
different kinds of opponents, who will be known mostly by the tactics or matter
of fighting they use. Though most opponents are not nearly as one-dimensional
as this section would make it seem, these help for you to improvise your
attacks and give you an edge rather than just blindly fighting. You can easily
get an advantage on your opponents if you learn how to read their attacks and
patterns. Use these tactics yourself, or learn how to fight against them.

  You should investigate this thoroughly.

      VB5a. Spray N' Pray

This is by far the most common "tactic," if it could be called one. This is
what is generally meant by 'sprayer.' It pretty much rules the lower-leveled
channels and doesn't stay effective for long, but you might still be surprised
occasionally by someone doing it in higher level channels. It goes without
saying that having this person on your team in a team deathmatch is more bane
than boon.

It's not much of a tactic, so much as just shooting wildly with a fast weapon.
For the most part, this tactic is a waste of time, because the shot-to-kill
ratio is so high. It's best used by shooting into a crowd of people, or people
who have lined up nicely. You might get lucky and manage to kill a few people,
but that's the extent of it. One of the best places to do this are hallways and

 How to spot
 * May tumble directions, or even just walk.
 * Usually not very agile, might not even jump.
 * May or may not lag.
 * Tends to use rapidfire weapons, i.e. rifles or SMGs.
 * Liberal with the trigger, tends to waste ammo quickly.
 * Somehow manages to usually kill you through sheer luck.
 * Usually not much skill, if any.
 * Generally noob.

 How to beat

People who usually use this method of combat are nothing if not sluggishly
slow. Some may have learned to dash with melee, at which point their moving
ability increases, but not their firing mobility. Though they may be slow, at
all costs, avoid getting into their range of fire. They tend to continuously
shoot, making anything within their range and damage cone pretty much Swiss

Their usual weakness revolves around two points: what weapons they are using
and how mobile they are, and any combination of these two points. Should they
use SMGs, you are usually safe from a far distance, since SMGs really do spray
bullets all over the place. Should they use rifles, long range will not be a
good idea, since rifles tend to be superbly accurate. In either case, the real
secret to beating these kinds of players is that you should remain extremely
close to them and always out of their line of fire. Since they're usually not
very mobile, a quick Butterfly, Flashstep and a powerful weapon will usually
fell them fast. Try closing in from the side, rapidly Butterfly and then
finish them off with a shot or two from revolvers or shotguns. If they are
agile, the same tips apply, but instead of being constantly slow, they'll be
slow when firing their weapon since they tend to stay on the ground when

When all else fails, a surprise reloadshot will always put the hurt on.

      VB5b. Stun N' Gun

This is a fairly easy tactic to use. While equipped with melee, charge up for
a massive strike. Dash up to your opponent and hit them with the massive
strike, then immediately switch to your gun and shoot them from point-blank
range while they're stunned. A shotgun or rifle usually does well, because
they can do significant damage in a short period of time. If your enemy is
also using a sword, block their slash to use the massive strike.

 How to spot

 * Only attacks when they have a massive.
 * Usually hides behind objects while they charge.
 * Tends to use rapidfire weapons, i.e. rifles or SMGs.
 * Usually not much skill, if any.
 * Tends to Spray n' Pray if this tactic fails.

 How to beat

The key to beating these kinds of players is rather simple, but depends mostly
on how observant you are. They usually won't appear until they have a massive
ready and glowing, so catching them requires that you see them while they start
charging their massive, or before they massive you. Should you see them while
charging, simply riddle them with bullets. If they are going to massive you,
move away quickly, or hope you can block their massive. Once they've attacked
and (hopefully) missed you, they'll be unable to attack for approximately 1.5
seconds while they recover from the strike. At this point, strike them back
with a weapon like a shotgun or revolvers, or even spike them since you'll
have an easy target.

      VB5c. Lunge N' Gun

This is very similar to the above method, but it exclusively revolves around a
dagger's right-click attack: the dagger thrust (or dagger lunge). Just as
annoying as the previous two kinds of people, sometimes moreso because of their
persistance. Doing this will definitely land you in the "dagger noob" category.

 How to spot

  * May be mobile, depending on if they dash.
  * Almost always has their dagger out.
  * Doesn't usually hide, tends to run right up to you.
  * Tends to use rapidfire weapons, i.e. rifles or SMGs.
  * Usually not much skill, if any.
  * Tends to Spray n' Pray if this tactic fails.

 How to beat

This person's method of combat hinges solely on one thing: the chance that when
they lunge at you, you will fall down and not get up, so they can shoot you on
the ground. They may just run right up to you and attempt the lunge, or may
try to soften you up with shanking you a few times first. In either case, as
long as you see them coming, you have a good chance of avoiding it. If you see
them coming, wait until they thrust and then shoot them, or constantly move
backwards so you can shoot them while they come at you.

Should you happen to get hit by the lunge, spam the jump key (spacebar) and
you'll flip out of it. If they do hit you and you recover, they might even
shoot the ground where they thought where you'd land. Shoot them as soon as
you recover. Again, just like massives, knowing where they are is key in
beating them.

      VB5d. Camping and Sniping

Since both camping and sniping involve the same basic kind of attack pattern, I
will simply combine these two. Camping is a word used quite a bit in PC gaming
and if you aren't familiar with it by now, you must be living under a rock.

Camping is defined as: " gaming jargon for the practice of a player
staying in one area of the game world waiting for enemies or useful objects to
appear or to come to the player rather than actively seeking them out. Players
camp in order to gain an advantage over their opponents."

This applies to Gunz in that, your opponent is going to pick a spot to sit
that will most likely give them a tactical advantage over you, whether it be
from height or initiative. It may simply be quicker to jump into the fray to
get faster kills, at the expense of more deaths, rather than to take long
periods to time to get a single effective kill.

 Camping spots

 * The stairwells in the Mansion basement. It's popular to sit waiting with a
dagger, so they can lunge you from around the corner. They can still lunge you
because their angle of sight allows them to stay hidden.

 *  The general area behind the Mansion's stairs. A lot of combat goes on in
this part of the mansion, so staying there may simply be easier and allow the
enemies to come to you

 * The ledges in Island makes perfect places to snipe from, whether with rifle,
revolvers, or rockets.

 * The elevated corridor in the Castle. Either side of the corridor presents a
great place to camp, since you're enclosed on two sides, but you can look
either direction. People frequently run down the corridor.

 * Around corners of unpopulated areas.

 How to spot

 * Will tend to stay in the same spot, will leave if damaged.
 * Melee attacks: sword/kodachi flip, dagger lunge, or massive.
 * Gun attacks: Spray, spam, pointblank shotgun blasts.
 * Uses the surrounding environment to conceal him/herself.

 How to beat

Beating someone that's camping is difficult to be precise about, simply because
of how versatile camping is, and how organic Gunz itself is. Killing someone
that's camping requires you to be faster than your opponent, sneakier than your
opponent, or simply know where they are. People tend to give themselves away,
either because of clothing like long coats, or motions like switching between
weapons. If you see something around a corner, chances are they're waiting for

If your opponent is on a high ledge, it may be near impossible to sneak up on
them. In this case, the only way to flush them from their spot is to damage
them with long-range fire. A long-range weapon or a well-placed nade may do
the trick. If they happen to see you before you get a chance to damage them, it
may be best to take cover and come back. So long as they have the advantage of
the ledge, they'll be gone before you can reach them.

If your opponent is camping a hallway or stairwell, it's much easier to flush
them out. Throwing a grenade off the wall into the stairwell or down the
corridor will almost always move them out of their spot long enough for you to
get close and finish them off. Sneaking up on them is easy as well. Confined
spaces restrict their movement as well as yours, so getting close to them will
be very easy. Once you've infiltrated their personal space, you're on even
ground with them and from that point it's simply a matter of skill and luck.

If you don't have grenades or any explosive weapons, you'll have to use what
you have. Charge your enemy from the opposite side of where he/she's standing
and come in at an angle so you face your opponent. If you're fast, RS them in
the legs with a shotgun.

VI. Korean Style (k-Style)

It won't be long into your Gunz career until you come across 'k-Style.' What is
k-Style? k-Style is a style of play that came from Korean gamers in Gunz; it is
highly agile, relies on rapid attacks, and quickly switching in between melee
and firearms.

At first, k-Style was an oversight in the game's code, which allowed players to
cancel attacks by slashing, switching weapons, or blocking. This expanded from
a few simple tricks into a whole playing style, and eventually became a part of
the game itself.

Now you might be saying to yourself, "OMG KSTYLE IZ DA GLITCH I NO KSTYLE CUZ
ITS CHEAP!!!11/one." Well, that's all fine and dandy, but the problem with that
ill-wrought theory is this: k-Style is now an integral part of Gunz. In fact,
it is now programmed AROUND by MAIET, leaving it intact.

While it's always up to individual skill, knowing at least some parts of
k-Style will provide you an advantage over those who do not. Merely knowing how
to do advanced technique will not make you pro however, as the application of
these techniques are as important as knowing how to do them. The difference
between a newbie k-Styler and a pro k-Style is staggering.

The following is a list of the most common k-Style techniques. I am not going
to list "combo" moves, or list different names for the same technique (i.e.
calling Slashshot 'Fullstep') or adding a single keystroke onto a technique.
You and your friends can make up all the fake -step names you want, but they
won't be added. For this reason, moves like "Million Step" will be nothing but
a footnote (Million Step is simply an HHS with a rifle).

Unfortunately, many of these moves cannot be really "taught," so much as
"learned," since you will have to take into account speed and timing: something
which cannot be easy conveyed via text. Finding a good teacher will help you,
finding a good clan is even better.

Note: All k-Style moves assume you have a melee equipped unless stated.

  VIA. Movement

      VIA1. Jump-Dashing

Same thing as noted in 'IIB4. Air Dash,' but I felt it had to be added again to
highlight the relevence to k-Style. For the beginning to intermediate k-Styler,
jump-dashing is the best way to get around.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash (any direction)

Difficulty: *

Notes: If you happen to do this very quickly, to others (and in replays) it
will appear that you will be sliding along the ground.

Practice: Go find an open space and drill yourself in dashing different ways.
I suggest left/right, forwards/backwards, and then clockwise/counterclockwise.

      VIA2. Pogo

Pogo-ing is a variation of jump-dashing that allows you to maintain dashing
speed via momentum, even with your gun out.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash (hold direction)
  3: Jump (each time you hit the ground)

Difficulty: *

Notes: Not hard to do by any standard, but it has some use. This move uses the
momentum from the dash to maintain speed when you jump, therefore you can still
keep moving at a quick pace in a given direction, even with your gun out. You
will immediately lose all momentum if you change directions.

      VIA3. Canceling

Canceling is stopping a particular movement by canceling it using another move
with a higher priority. By canceling, it allows you to tack on more to an
otherwise regular move. Most canceling involves either slashing, blocking, or

For example: slashshot allows you to slash with a sword/kodachi, switch your
melee out for a gun and shoot when you land. The block in Butterfly cancels
the slash animation, but
still allows the slash to go through. This is the basic component of k-Style
and advanced moves.

This all depends on what particular movement you're doing.

  ...IF wallrunning: Jump or slash or block
  ...IF jumping: Slash
  ...IF slashing: Block

For example, a wallrun canceled into a slashshot:

  1: Start the wallrun
  2: Press jump to cancel the wallrun. You'll flip off the wall.
  3: While flipping, slash to cancel the flip and hold the slash.
  4: While canceling the flip, switch to a gun and the gun will fire.

That's three cancels in a row.

Difficulty: Varies

Notes: As I've said, canceling is the basic component of k-Style attacks and
movement. Learning this is essential. Some k-Style attacks combine multiple
cancels in a row, like a flashstep. The secondary attack (right-click) can
also be used for SOME cancels.

      VIA4. Multiple Wall Jumping

I call this "wallslashing." This move basically allows you to fly, and scale
walls more efficiently than a vertical wallrun would. Those who are great at
this move won't touch the ground unless they want to.

  1: Jump (towards a wall)
  2: Slash
  3: Dash (towards the wall)
  4: Repeat


  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash
  4: Switch (to gun)
  5: Switch (to melee)

Difficulty: **

Notes: To optimize this, slashing and jumping must be done near
simultaneously. If done too slowly, you will wall flip instead of climb up the

What most people neglect to recognize is that this move can be done facing
parallel to the wall, or even facing away from the wall. This makes it easier
to return fire on an opponent who may be below you or behind you. A caveat: if
your camera is facing DOWN or UP, you will not be able to catch the wall and
you will fall.

Some multiple walljumps actually involve full flips instead of just
wallslashing. There are a few instances when it's more helpful to flip off a
wall. For instance, horizontally wallrunning down a wall in the alley, then
flipping off the wall at the end of the alley.

This also is doable with a dagger, but more difficult since the stab will cause
you to bounce off the wall instead of climb straight up it.

Practice: Go find some walls and practice climbing up one, then climbing up
one and jump over to another. If you're really serious, practice not touching
the ground. Town and Arena are good playgrounds, since they offer plenty of
even, flat walls for you to use.

      VIA5. Multiple Wall Running

Exactly like the name implies: running on multiple walls consecutively. Very
Matrix. This is helpful for positioning yourself for aerial attacks, especially
rockets from above.

  1: Start normal wallrun
  2: Jump (off the wall)
  3: Slash (to cancel the jump)
  4: Dash (towards the wall at ~23-45 degrees)
  5: Jump, jump (tap twice quickly when on the wall to start new run)

Difficulty: ****

Notes: This move, while easy in concept, is incredibly hard to master. The
hardest part of this whole move is learning exactly what angle to approach
the wall at, then being able to grab the wall. This will most likely take days
for you to become slightly proficient at. Just like multiple wall jumping, if
you are looking up or down, this will not work.

Strangely, some walls are much easier to wallrun off than others. If you're
having trouble, sometimes quickly turning away and back towards the wall as you
jump off it will help you angle yourself better for the next run. Pressing
space more than once may also help if your timing is off.

Surprisingly, using a dagger makes it much easier to do multiple runs. As with
regular wallruns, attempting to do multiple wallruns with a gun is incredibly
easy to do as well. Try dashing at the wall with your sword, but switching to
your gun so you can double-tap jump and grip the wall.

Practice: Go to the Town or Arena and practice multiple wallruns on the same
wall. Practicing going the same direction on a single long wall, like in the
Arena, is easier to start with. Then you can go into Town and practice
wallrunning back and forth on the same wall. Once you've gotten that down,
practice wallrunning around the entire Arena or off multiple walls in town.

      VIA6. Propel

This move is to get you off the ground very quickly, and "propel" you into the
air, with just a single slash.

  1: Approach wall at ~23-45 degree angle.
  2: Jump (towards the wall, you can either dash or just forward jump)
  3: Slash (the wall as soon as you touch it)

Difficulty: **

Notes: This isn't a particularly hard move to do, but it's effective for
getting you airborn fast. The hardest part of this move is gauging your
distance to the wall and timing the slash, and that's about it.

In reality, propel is a canceling move that happens fast enough that it
appears to be one move. What propel really is, is a wallrun that gets almost
instantly cancelled with a jump slash.

Practice: Any wall will do fine, but Town is usually the best.

  VIB. Attacks

      VIB1. Void Step

A dashing block-slash. The main purpose to use this is if you're new to
k-Style, and need to learn how the mechanics of butterfly works.

  1: Dash
  2: Slash
  3: Block (at the end of the slash)

Difficulty: *

Notes: This is basically a canceling-dash. By repeatedly using this move, you
do a quick burst forward followed by a block-slash. The timing in this move
needs to be a bit slower than normal canceling, since the blocking animation
will override the slash very quickly. Despite being a stepping stone for
another move, it actually has its uses. Depending on your skills, this can used
in melee combat, and to counter Butterfly if they happen to come straight at

      VIB2. Light Step

This is an advanced jump-slash, or perhaps an easier Flashstep.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash
  4: Dash

Difficulty: **

Notes: A simple move to do, but it has its uses. First of all, this move is
very similar to Flashstep, in that it allows you to dash twice in succession
but also attacking in between. It is best used by dashing one direction, but
using the second dash another direction.

      VIB3. Slashshot

The single most recognized move of k-Style. It's designed to slash a person
with a sword while almost simultaneously blasting them with your weapon of
choice. At long range, it's used to confuse movement.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash (and hold)
  4: Switch (to gun)
  5: Gun fires

Difficulty: ***

Notes: While this is technically a melee-to-close-range move for offensive
attacks, it's not uncommon to have people who do it at mid-range and
long-range as evasive maneuvers. Generally, the best weapons to use for
slashshot are shotguns and rocketlaunchers, since they have a large damage
radius, but occasionally you'll see people do it with revolvers, pistols,
or automatics. People who use automatics will usually use them to chip life
away, as opposed to powerful single shots. Revolvers and pistols are
popular with some people, but accuracy is a must.

Once you've mastered doing this forwards, it is imperative that you learn how
to do it sideways, and then learn how to jump to one side then slashshot the
other way. It's far more common and also more effective if it's used sideways
rather than forwards. There are many ways to use this move besides just
sideways: you can do it off walls and use it to climb up them.

It's not uncommon to break this move up as well. An application to learn is how
to jump in and slash with your sword, but then to dash backwards and shoot
before people can react.

Once you've learned how this works, you can pretty much understand how
other techniques work from here on.

      VIB4. Butterfly

Another well-known move of k-style, it practically dominates melee combat and
is one of the few melee-only k-style moves that don't involve switching
weapons to cancel. In gladiator matches, you're guaranteed to see players
butterflying around each other like a dance, trying to chip off their
opponent's HP.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash
  4: Block
Difficulty: ***

Notes: Butterfly is technically an easy move to do, it's just very difficult
to master. You're doing a light step that gets canceled with a block

Practice: The best way to know you're butterflying right is to do it against
a wall and watch your slashes appear. Any large wall will do.

      VIB5. JSD

An alternative to Slashshot, but involves no actual canceling. It's a bit
slower because of that fact, but because it's also useable by dagger, it
has its redeeming qualities.

  1: Jump
  2: Switch (to gun)
  3: Shoot
  4: Switch (to melee)
  5: Dash
  6: Gun fires

Difficulty: ***

Notes: I find this move actually harder to perform and utilize than slashshot.

      VIB6. Half Step

A Half Step is an evolved form of Slashshot, using an extra streakless dash
after the shot as an evasive maneuver.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash
  4: Switch (to gun)
  5: Dash

Difficulty: ***

Notes: The difficulty with this move besides performing it, is trying to make
sure your shots land where you want them to. The shot will fire as soon as you
land, right before the second dash comes out, but depending on how you perform
this technique, it may fire during the second dash. I feel this is one of the
moves that it's okay to use scrollwheel on.

      VIB7. Half-Half Step

As if Half Step wasn't good enough, there's Half-Half Step. This move not only
uses a streakless dash, but a jump right before, causing a sort of bouncing

  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash
  4: Switch (to gun)
  5: Jump
  6: Dash

Difficulty: ****

Notes: The most difficult part about this move is getting the extra jump into

      VIB8. Flashstep

This happens to be my favorite attack. This doubles as an attack and also a
movement technique, so it's incredibly useful. Because it slashes, you can use
it for an alternative aerial melee attack (like butterfly), because of the dash
you can use it as an alternative to dashing altogether, and you can also scale
walls with it faster than normal wall climbing.

  1: Jump
  2: Dash
  3: Slash
  4: Switch (to gun)
  5: Switch (to melee)


  6: Dash

Difficulty: ***

Notes: If you happen to do this very quickly, to others (and in replays) it
will appear that you will be sliding along the ground.

Practice: Go find an open space and drill yourself in dashing different ways.
I suggest left/right, forwards/backwards, and then clockwise/counterclockwise.

      VIB9. Swapshot

Using a non-automatic weapon, this technique produces faster fire in slower
weapons. Revolvers, rockets, and especially shotguns benefit well from this.
It's easy to do, and that makes it efficient for dishing out damage faster.
  1: Pull out weapon 1
  2: Hold left-click (gun fires)
  3: Switch to weapon 2 (gun fires)
  4: Switch to weapon 1 (gun fires), etc.

Difficulty: **

Notes: This move is actually different depending on what weapon you're using
at the time. Shotguns are easy to swapshot, since their switching time leaves
enough delay that you don't have to worry timing it - hold left click and swap
like hell!

 +--------------+ Nothing's scarier than the sound of a 10 shot rocket salvo.
 |ROCKETLAUNCHER| Rockets are very easy to swapshot, but they do require a
 +--------------+ slower switch. Once the first rocket fires, switch to the
 second. If you do it too fast, you might end up canceling the shot.

 One of the unique things about rockets is that you can spam a 1-2 combo of
 rockets if you time it just right. While holding the first rocketlauncher
 left-click and hold. As soon as the rocket fires, press weapon 2. If you time
 it just right, you'll fire two rockets faster than you normally could if you
 just swapshotted them. This only works for the first two rockets, and
 continuing to swapshot will only send them at their normal rate of fire.

 +--------+ Again, revolvers are different than shotguns when swapshotting. 
 |REVOLVER| Switching between weapons too quickly will cancel the shots very
 +--------+ easily, so you have to take your time while doing it. You can
 speed up the shots however: constantly moving while you swapshot produces
 faster firing rates than when you stand still. Rock your character backwards
 and forwards while you fire. Swapshotting revolver shots can drop enemies
 very fast, provided you can aim.

      VIB10. Reloadshot
If swapshot didn't do it for you, there's reloadshot (RS). Reloadshot is an
advanced swapshot, in that it allows you to fire your gun even faster than
it would normally. Once you've gotten to expert channel, many people know
this. While it is possible to RS with weapons other than shotguns, the timing
is much different and much harder to perfect. A direct RS is enough to either
critically damage a full-health player, and outright kill most people who are
already wounded.
  1: Pull out shotgun 1
  2: Hold left-click (gun fires)
  3: Tap reload immediately
  4: Switch to shotgun 2 (gun fires)
  5: Tap reload immediately
  6: Switch to shotgun 1 (gun fires), etc
Difficulty: ****

Notes: Initially, very hard to learn, but it becomes second nature quickly.
The reason why it's ranked as **** difficult is that it takes the average
person a few days to actually pick it up to a functional level.

What is going on in this technique is that you're firing your shotgun, and
the reload cancels the delay on switching. Once you switch, you're firing
again and canceling the post-shot delay with another reload.

Practice: To simplify the explanation for this, do the following:

  1: Pull out shotgun 1
  2: Left click and press R simultaneously, hold left click
  3: Press weapon 2 and R simultaneously
  4: Press weapon 1 and R simultaneously

While this is a much-simplified explanation of how to do it, you'll learn
it quicker than just following the step directions. The real key taps for
this technique is more precise. The rhythm for this move is like a gallop.
When you can continuously do this, then you've learned it correctly.

  VIC. Instant Kills

Instant Kills, also known as Insta-kills, are a series of techniques and
combos that, if performed correctly, can critically injure or outright kill
an opponent.


  VID. Miscellaneous

      VID1. Quickmedding
While not complex by any means, this technique drastically decreases the time
it takes you to drop medkits and therefore keeps you alive longer.

  1: Hold W (forward) and run straight into a wall. 
  2: Take out medkit #1, left-click simultaneously
  3: Take out medkit #2, left-click simultaneously

Difficulty: *

Practice: The only thing you really need to know about this technique is that
you can only med stream different kinds of meds, not the same kind. Basically
switch between different kits while pressing left-click at the same time you
press whichever key you use meds for. This also works for grenades to a small

      VID2. Superdash

Useless Move #1. It's an air dash, but with no dashing animation.

  1: Fall for 3 seconds
  2: Dash repeatedly

Difficulty: *

Notes: The most interesting thing about this move is that it can be done with
a gun in hand, but you'll still dash. This is applicable in that you can reload
while in the air and moving very fast.

This is a glitch of course, but some people use it to great effect. There is
actually different timing for the fall between male and female characters;
females are able to dash a few fractions of a second earlier than males can.

Practice: There are only three areas where you can do this without having to
use collision glitches: Island, Stairway, and Dungeon. All three of these areas
have pits, which make them vertically large levels.

      VID3. Slide Dance

Useless Move #2. It locks your character animation while you slide.

  1: Slash
  2: Block (at the end of the slashing animation)
  3: Jump (your character shouldn't show it jumping)
  4: Tap any direction
  5: Any emote


  4: Dash any direction
  5: Any emote


  6: Right-click (uppercut)
  7: Cancel the right-click with a block.
  8: Continue sliding.

Difficulty: ****

Notes: This has no applicable use besides being amusing. It's also very hard
to pull off because of the very exact timing. You must slash, then block at the
end of the slashing animation, then press jump. Your character should not jump,
but should just stand there. When you press a direction, your character should
slide that direction, not run. If you just tap a direction, you'll slide in
that direction slowly, and you can change directions by just taping another

You can also double-tap a direction to dash in a direction, and you'll slide
very quickly. The difference is that you can't change directions like you can
with a single tap of a direction.

Optionally, you can use an emote while you're doing this and they should
continue sliding while emoting. The longer the emote animation, the longer you
will slide for.

To cancel the slide, press secondary attack (uppercut). Likewise, you can keep
sliding by canceling the uppercut with a block, and then pressing whatever
direction you want to go.

      VID4. Hangjump

Useless Move #3. Jumping multiple times in a row with your sword above your

  1: Hold right-click (melee equipped)
  2: Hold any direction
  3: Jump

Difficulty: *

Notes: I'm sure this goes by other names, but it's nothing to debate over,
since this move is practically worthless beyond entertaining. You're
wallhanging, but with no wall, so you continually jump with your melee held
above your head.

VII. Equipment

I never realized how much a pain making an items section was until I made one
myself. Anyway, items marked with a * means they're items worth taking a look
at, because they're either very powerful or unique.

  VIIA. Guns

    VIIA1. Pistols

A fair-damage weapon with decent repeat rate; often a starting weapon. They
are fairly accurate, more accurate than revolvers but not as threatening on
the damage scale. They have a decent critical rate. The weapon's greatest
strength is that it is adequate in close, mid and long ranges.

 * The Good: Larger clip than revolvers, quicker fire.
 * The Bad: Does less damage than revolvers. Highest level revolver has only 6
more bullets and the same power as the level 26.

| Raptor 50     |  0  |  20   |   7    | 10/60 |   7    |  250  |
| Raptor 50 X2  |  0  |  40   |   14   | 10/60 |   14   |  250  |
| Raptor 80     |  5  |  200  |   7    | 12/72 |   8    |  200  |
| Raptor 80 X2  |  7  |  360  |   14   | 12/72 |   16   |  200  |
| Raven 5       |  6  |  300  |   8    | 10/60 |   10   |  250  |
| Raven 5 X2    |  8  |  540  |   16   | 10/60 |   20   |  250  |
| Raptor 120    | 10  |  500  |   7    | 12/72 |   9    |  200  |
| Raptor 120 X2 | 12  |  900  |   14   | 12/72 |   18   |  200  |
| Raven 6       | 14  |  800  |   8    | 14/84 |   12   |  220  |
| Raven 6 X2    | 16  |  1440 |   16   | 14/84 |   24   |  220  |
| Raptor 160    | 24  |  2500 |   8    | 13/78 |   11   |  180  |
| Raptor 160 X2 | 26  |  4500 |   16   | 13/78 |   22   |  180  |
| Raven 7       | 32  |  5000 |   9    | 15/90 |   13   |  210  |
|*Raven 7 X2    | 34  |  9000 |   18   | 15/90 |   26   |  210  |
| Raptor 200    | 40  |  8000 |   8    | 14/84 |   11   |  160  |
|*Raptor 200 X2 | 42  | 14400 |   16   | 14/84 |   22   |  160  |

    VIIA2. Revolvers

A high-damage weapon with few rounds. They have an incredibly good critical
rate, often ignoring AP entirely. Can be dual wielded. An alternative series of
Revolvers, the Dynax series, offers higher clip size and refire rate at the
cost of some damage. They are somewhat accurate and thus can be used fairly
well at close and long range, but their real strength lies in mid range combat.

 * The Good: Large damage per bullet, fairly accurate.
 * The Bad: Heavier than pistols, slower.

| Minic 567             |  0  |  20   |   8    | 6/48  |  16    |  400  |
| Minic 567 X2          |  0  |  40   |   16   | 6/48  |  32    |  400  |
| Dynax 7000            |  5  |  220  |   7    | 8/64  |  14    |  300  |
| Dynax 7000 X2         |  7  |  396  |   14   | 8/64  |  28    |  300  |
| Minic 567 Limited     |  7  |  340  |   8    | 6/48  |  18    |  400  |
| Minic 567 Limited X2  |  9  |  612  |   16   | 6/48  |  36    |  400  |
| Zaurus A              |  10 |  550  |   7    | 6/48  |  20    |  400  |
| Zaurus A X2           |  12 |  990  |   14   | 6/48  |  40    |  400  |
| Phantom Cruise        |  16 |  1200 |   9    | 6/48  |  22    |  400  |
| Phantom Cruise X2     |  18 |  2160 |   18   | 6/48  |  44    |  400  |
| Phantom Cruise N      |  21 |  2500 |   8    | 6/48  |  23    |  400  |
| Phantom Cruise N X2   |  23 |  4500 |   16   | 6/48  |  46    |  400  |
| Dynax 8000            |  26 |  4000 |   7   | 8/64   |  18    |  300  |
| Dynax 8000 X2         |  28 |  7200 |   14  | 8/64   |  36    |  300  |
| Minic 567 Mk. II      |  34 |  7000 |   8   | 6/48   |  25    |  400  |
|*Minic 567 Mk. II X2   |  36 | 12600 |   16  | 6/48   |  50    |  400  |
| Zaurus B              |  42 | 12000 |   8   | 6/48   |  25    |  360  |
|*Zaurus B X2           |  46 | 21600 |   16  | 6/48   |  50    |  360  |

    VIIA3. Shotguns

This weapon blasts out 12 low-damage pellets at a slow refire rate. The
standard shotgun is called the "Breaker". The advanced version, the "Avenger",
displays much higher firepower at the expense of reduced ammo. The weapon is
very inaccurate. Shotgun blasts are soaked up easily by AP due to the low
critical rate on the pellets. Its potential and damage are highest in close
range combat.

The Good: Very powerful in close range combat, good for k-Style.
The Bad: Low ammo capacity, range-limited.

| Breaker 3       |   5   |  200  |  15   | 3/15  |  6    | 1100  |
| Breaker 5       |   10  |  800  |  18   | 5/25  |  6    | 1000  |
| Breaker 6       |   15  |  1600 |  20   | 5/25  |  7    | 1000  |
| Breaker 7       |   30  |  8000 |  20   | 5/25  |  8    | 1000  |
|*Avenger         |   30  |  9000 |  15   | 2/10  |  10   | 1200  |
|*Breaker 8       |   45  | 20000 |  20   | 5/25  |  9    | 1000  |
|*Avenger Mk. II  |   45  | 24000 |  16   | 2/10  |  11   | 1200  |

    VIIA4. SMGs

Sprays out bullets at low accuracy at a 80 to 120ms delay. The dual wield
versions are very powerful during the first 10 levels or so. Multiple different
models offer different fire rates, weapon damage, accuracy, weight and clip
size. They are close to mid range weapons, as they are hard to dodge at
mid-range due to the "damage cone". It's often used in deathmatches.

The Good: Fast spray, good damage.
The Bad: Heavy, horribly inaccurate.

| Renard          |   0   |  30   |  15   |32/160 |   7   |  90   |
| Renard X2       |   0   |  60   |  30   |32/160 |  14   |  90   |
| Walcom S5       |   10  |  750  |  15   |36/180 |   8   |  90   |
| Walcom S5 X2    |   13  |  1350 |  30   |36/180 |  16   |  90   |
| Ellan           |   10  |  700  |  12   |60/300 |   5   |  90   |
| Ellan X2        |   12  |  1260 |  24   |60/300 |  10   |  90   |
| Renard V        |   24  |  2800 |  15   |32/160 |   7   |  85   |
| Renard V X2     |   27  |  5040 |  30   |32/160 |  14   |  85   |
| Walcom S6       |   24  |  2800 |  16   |36/180 |   9   |  95   |
| Walcom S6 X2    |   27  |  5040 |  32   |36/180 |  18   |  95   |
| New Renard V    |   36  |  5600 |  15   |40/200 |   8   |  80   |
| New Renard V X2 |   39  | 10080 |  30   |40/200 |  16   |  80   |
| Walcom XL       |   36  |  5800 |  14   |32/160 |   9   |  95   |
| Walcom XL X2    |   39  | 10440 |  28   |32/160 |  18   |  95   |
| Renard VI       |   45  | 12000 |  14   |40/200 |   8   |  80   |
|*Renard VI X2    |   48  | 21600 |  28   |40/200 |  16   |  80   |
| Walcom XLS      |   45  | 12000 |  14   |32/160 |  11   |  95   |
|*Walcom XLS X2   |   48  | 21600 |  28   |32/160 |  22   |  95   |

    VIIA5. Rifles

The most accurate weapon also has the pleasure of having the gun with the best
fire rate. The most accurate and quick to fire model, the Maxwell, is also the
most popular, although other models offer more damage per bullet and varying
clip sizes. It does decent damage and is suitable at close and mid range,
although it is most useful at long range.

The Good: Good fire rates, good for putting a bullet *THERE*
The Bad: Eats ammo quickly.

| Nico R2           |   5   |  400  |  15   |32/160|  11  | 120 |
| Nico R5           |  10   |  1500 |  18   |32/160|  12  | 110 |
| walcom Warrior 77 |  15   |  2800 |  20   |34/120|  15  | 100 |
|*Maxwell LX30      |  18   |  3000 |  20   |40/200|  13  |  80 |
| Nico R6           |  26   |  6000 |  18   |36/160|  15  |  90 |
| Maxwell LX40      |  34   | 12000 |  20   |40/200|  14  |  80 |
| Nico R7           |  42   | 24000 |  18   |40/200|  16  |  90 |
|*Walcom Warrior 88 |  50   | 28000 |  20   |32/160|  19  | 100 |

    VIIA6. Rocketlauncher

Shoots high damaging rockets that do splash damage with a low critical rate,
and thus soaked up easily by AP. There are two versions, a high-ammo,
mid-damage lighter model set with a decent fire rate, and a low-ammo,
high-damage heavier model set with a slower fire rate. The user cannot run up
walls and recieves a movement speed penalty of -10%. Strictly a mid range
weapon, as being too close may result in damaging oneself and being too far
makes it very predictable. It's often used in deathmatches.

The Good: Large area of splash damage, largest damage in game.
The Bad: Slow rate of fire, heavy. No wall runs, -10% speed.

|Maxwell RW-66   |   10  | 2000  |  30   | 4/16  |  30   | 1000  |
|Walcom L1       |   15  | 3200  |  30   | 3/12  |  50   | 1200  |
|Maxwell RW-77   |   20  | 5200  |  28   | 5/20  |  35   |  900  |
|Walcom L1 mk. II|   30  | 12000 |  30   | 3/12  |  55   | 1200  |
|Maxwell RW-88   |   40  | 24000 |  28   | 5/20  |  36   |  800  |
|*Walcom L2      |   50  | 50000 |  25   | 4/16  |  55   | 1200  |

    VIIA7. Machinegun

The biggest automatic weapon is available only to characters who have achieved
levels 25 and higher. The user cannot run up walls and recieves a movement
speed penalty of -10%. This gun is the most inaccurate machine gun, shooting at
medium delay, but the biggest advantage is its huge clip size it rarely, if
ever, needs to reload, and thus can be held down and fired for a very long
time before needing to reload. There is only one model, and each new
machinegun simply increases the damage dealt per bullet by 1. Close to mid
range weapon, particularly because they are hard to dodge at mid-range due to
the "damage cone". It's often used in deathmatches.

The Good: Decent fire rate, rarely needs to be reloaded. Produces a veritable
 wall of bullets.
The Bad: Heavy; no wallruns, -10% speed. Long reload time. For every 10 levels,
 you only gain 1+ to damage.

|*Nico MG-K8  |   25  | 8000  |  28   |120/240|  16   |  100  |
| Nico MG-K9  |   35  | 16000 |  28   |120/240|  17   |  100  |
| Nico MG-KX  |   45  | 32000 |  28   |120/240|  18   |  100  |

  VIIB. Melee

    VIIB1. Dagger

Dagger: Stabs opponents. The primary attack is a stab and can has uses from
stopping enemies from attacking, persuading enemies to draw their melee weapon
or infinitely stabbing enemies in a corner. The alternate attack is a lunge
that knocks your opponent back severely and leaves him open for enemy fire,
although this attack has terrible recovery and can easily be safe-falled. You
can use it to climb walls by jumping at a wall and right clicking.
Close range. Daggers cannot block.

The Good: VERY fast, easy to repeatedly shank people.
The Bad: Can't block, everybody will hate you. Secondary attack leaves you wide

|   NAME                | LEVEL | PRICE |WEIGHT |DAMAGE |DELAY  |
| Rusty Dagger          |   0   |    20 |   5   |   8   |  366  |
| Iron Dagger           |   5   |   200 |   5   |   9   |  356  |
| Military Dagger       |   9   |   400 |   6   |  11   |  356  |
| Light-weight Dagger   |  18   |  1000 |   4   |  10   |  346  |
| High-end Dagger       |  27   |  2500 |   6   |  12   |  351  |
| Phantom Slaying Dagger|  36   |  5000 |   4   |  13   |  356  |
| Warlord's Gutripper   |  45   | 10000 |   6   |  14   |  346  |

    VIIB2. Sword
Sword: Slashes at opponents. The primary attack is a normal slash which can be
done three times for an attack string. The alternate attack is an uppercut that
sends your opponent flying into the air (they cannot move even if they
safe-fall in mid-air, and thus uppercutting people off into pits is a popular
tactic, particularly in Dungeon where there are many suitable spots where the
player is nearly invincible as long as he/she is uppercuting), which leaves
your enemies prone mid air or on the floor if they did not safe fall, where
they can be shot or followed up with a mid-air attack. You can use it to climb
walls by jumping at a wall and right-clicking. Close range.

The Good: Most single powerful melee strike, lighter than kodachi.
The Bad: Slower than kodachi, has a only three hit combo.

|   NAME              | LEVEL | PRICE |WEIGHT |DAMAGE | DELAY |
| Rusty Sword         |   0   |  20   |  10   |   15  |  359  |
| Iron Sword          |   5   |  300  |  10   |   16  |  359  |
| Military Sword      |  10   |  600  |  12   |   18  |  349  |
| Light-Weight Sword  |  20   |  1500 |   9   |   15  |  339  |
| High-Class Sword    |  30   |  3600 |  13   |   20  |  339  |
| Devil Slayer        |  40   |  7200 |  11   |   22  |  339  |
| YONG-WOL-RANG       |  50   | 15000 |  12   |   24  |  329  |

    VIIB3. Kodachi

Kodachi: Two swords instead of one. The primary attack consists of a very
quick slash with very low delay that can be repeated often if timed
correctly, or can be done five times as an attack string. The alternate
attack is a quick cross-slash that knocks your enemies into the air much
like a sword uppercut. It has shorter range than normal swords.

The Good: Faster than swords, has a five hit combo.
The Bad: Heaviest of all melee and yet still inferior to swords

|Iron Kodachi           |   10  |   850 |  18   |  14   |  290  |
|Light-Weight Kodachi   |   21  |  2000 |  14   |  15   |  280  |
|High-End Kodachi       |   32  |  5000 |  18   |  16   |  280  |
|Red Blood              |   43  | 10000 |  20   |  18   |  260  |

  VIIC. Tossables

    VIIC1. Frag Grenades

Frag Grenade: Thrown and after a set amount of time blows up, dealing damage to
anyone in the vicinity of the explosion. At full health it is almost impossible
to be killed by a single grenade unless you are standing on the grenade with
100 HP and 0 AP.

The Good: Great for flushing people out.
The Bad: These should only be added if you have spare weight.

|Canox FG1    |  0  |  200  |   2    |   2  |  100   |  1500 |
|Canox FG2    | 11  |  500  |   3    |   3  |  100   |  1500 |
|Canox FG3    | 22  |  1000 |   4    |   4  |  100   |  1500 |
|Canox FG4    | 33  |  2000 |   5    |   5  |  100   |  1500 |
|Canox FG5    | 44  |  4000 |   6    |   6  |  100   |  1500 |

    VIIC2. Flash Grenade

Flash Grenade: Bursts into a flash of light, blinding and deafening anyone in
the vicinity.

The Good: Good to lob into a crowd of noobs or people with sensitive hearing.
The Bad: Utterly useless otherwise.

|Canox FB1    |  0  |  200  |   2    |   2  |  1500 |
|Canox FB2    | 10  |  400  |   3    |   3  |  1500 |
|Canox FB3    | 20  |  1000 |   4    |   4  |  1500 |
|Canox FB4    | 30  |  2000 |   5    |   5  |  1500 |
|Canox FB5    | 40  |  4000 |   6    |   6  |  1500 |

    VIIC3. Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade: Releases a cloud of smoke, blurring the vision of that area. It
also has the effect of making the area "laggy", and if someone were to
wallclimb near the area, they would lose control and fall if not careful.

The Good: ???
The Bad: Completely useless unless used en masse. Also causes lag.

|Canox SG1    |  0  |  200  |   2    |   2  |  1500 |
|Canox SG2    | 10  |  400  |   3    |   3  |  1500 |
|Canox SG3    | 20  |  1000 |   4    |   4  |  1500 |
|Canox SG4    | 30  |  2000 |   5    |   5  |  1500 |
|Canox SG5    | 40  |  4000 |   6    |   6  |  1500 |

    VIIC4. Medical Kit

Medical Kit: Tosses a red med kit onto the ground. Running over it restores a
minimal amount of HP.

The Good: Heals HP.
The Bad: Heals nowhere near enough HP, best used with Repair Kits.

|Medical Kit MK-1  |  0  |  400  |   5    |   2  | 1000  |
|Medical Kit MK-2  |  20 |  5000 |   6    |   3  | 1000  |
|Medical Kit MK-3  |  40 | 20000 |   7    |   4  | 1000  |

    VIIC5. Repair Kit

Medical Kit: Tosses a green repair kit onto the ground. Running over it
restores a minimal amount of AP.

The Good: Heals AP.
The Bad: Heals nowhere near enough AP, best used with Medical Kits.

|Repair Kit MK-1   |  0  |  400  |   5    |   2  | 1000  |
|Repair Kit MK-2   |  20 |  5000 |   6    |   3  | 1000  |
|Repair Kit MK-3   |  40 | 20000 |   7    |   4  | 1000  |

VIII. Glitches

 * The Island is full of invisible floors, especially on ledges.

 * One of the small wooden bridges on the Island map has an invisible floor
right under the edge of the hole.

 * When you uppercut someone on the ground, it makes the "connect" noise but
 no damage.

 * Many small alleys, especially in the Town map, are full of zero-g spots. You
can cartwheel between the walls repeatedly and never touch ground. You'll float
in between the two walls, flipping over and over. You can also wallslash
between them repeatedly.

 * Wallrun Pause: Charge up a massive strike, and wallrun up the wall on a
flight of stairs. Unleash the massive strike once your character is touching
the stairs when they run. Your character should freeze in place for about 2-3
seconds but their legs will still be running. For an added glitch,when you
freeze, continue holding left-click and swap out your sword for a gun. When you
eventually jump off the wall, your gun will swap out and fire. If you continue
slashing with your sword, you should cancel the direction and be able to land
on another surface.

 * If you wallrun on the Dungeon's stairs, you'll run across the doorway like
it was a wall! You can even pause on the doorway too, just like it was a wall.

 * By standing directly on top of and looking at a flashbang, you can nullify
it blinding you. The only thing you'll get is the annoying ringing-ear sound.

IX. Quest Mode


X. General Philosophy

In this part of the FAQ, I'm going to expound on some of my opinions about Gunz
and about the general Gunz community.

  XA. On 'Style'

Playing style is something that gets discussed quite often in the Gunz
community, with the popularity of k-style, and more recently d-style. It's
getting to the point where people know how to k-style fairly well just as they
get in to Expert Channel. It's very common, by the mid-20s, that nearly
you will see uses k-style. Everyone puts their own spin and variety into their
own particular style of play, but in the strictest sense, it still falls under
the broad term of k-style. Whether you are slashshotting on the ground,
slashshotting to the sides, or jumping off the wall while slashshotting an an
opponent below, you are still in fact, k-styling. Giving names to particular
branches of style is extraneous and unnessecary: you are simply a k-styler who
uses a certain pattern as a method of attack.

But what is a 'style?' The dictionary defines style as: "The way in which
something is said, done, expressed, or performed: a style of speech and
writing." This pertains to Gunz in that, you must learn this particular style
of play. You do not automatically learn how to slashshot, as you would in other
games. You learn to do this.

People will say, 'What of e-style?" To be quite blunt, e-style is a misnomer,
and in fact should not even exist, nor should anyone refer to themselves as an
e-styler. If you are a k-styler and are reading this, what were you before you
started to k-style? You did not butterfly, you did not use slashshot. You most
probably used automatics and tumbled. You might have been advanced enough that
you switched to melee to run. You were what some people refer to as an
e-styler. Did you think you had a style back then? Most likely no, you were
just shooting to survive and using whatever came to mind to get your kill. You
did not learn anything, because there was nothing to learn; no moves, no
complicated sequence of keys to tap, no timing. Would it not be fair to say,
since you had nothing to learn, that there simply was no style?

Calling e-style a style would be very much like calling 'bald' a haircolor.
A more appropriate comparison would be like martial art styles. If you did not
do Tae Kwon Do, or had never practiced in a dojo in any particular style, what
would you call yourself? The lack of style does not make it another style.

So what is a 'style' in terms of Gunz? The most general definition of style in
this context, is that you have a model of fighting with a general moveset of
techniques based around your melee weapon, since it affects how you move.
Notice, I do not mention tactics or firearms. You can k-style with a rifle,
rockets, or even SMGs if you want, though their effectiveness varies depending
upon the situationn. Likewise, tactics also change depending on the situation,
and will tend to change very quickly.

The thing about k-style that most critics do not see is k-style's adaptability.
They see it as just people jumping around while slashing, blocking, or firing.
People who say such things don't seem to realize that k-style is versatile and
can be used in any environment in the game. It's much easier to see the power
of k-style when the practicioner knows full well the inherent weaknesses of
k-style. Knowing your weaknesses makes you stronger than being ignorant of

Tactics, of course, are entirely situational, and therefore saying that, "If
so-and-so does X, I will do Y," will more likely than not fail in the long-run.
Remember, you are playing against other people, who may or may not be as
clever as you. This is not an AI. "If X, then Y" is too rigid a thought-process
in the fast-paced, action that is Gunz the Duel. The best "tactic" is total
adaptability, not holding strictly to any particular method of combat. Do not
misunderstand me, learning many tactics are a good thing, but do not expect to
utilize them in every situation. Your "hide behind the wall and take potshots"
tactic works great until you get a pointblank shot with an Avenger. Be organic!

Knowing the traps of your own methods of combat, as well as your enemy's, is as
important as knowing the drawbacks of their weapons. Every weapon in the game
has a weakness that is inherent to them, and you should learn to use this to
your advantage. Shotguns of course, are not particularly effective at long
range. The same can be said of SMGs. Rifles do not do large portions of damage
per shot, so their power relies solely on being able to connect many weak
bullets to you in a short amount of time. Since how a person fights is mostly
based around what weapons they use, overcoming their weapons is a good first
step to defeating your opponent.

Your combat effectiveness relies on realizing your opponent's weaknesses,
whether inherent to weapons or tactics, and then exploiting them aggressively.
Be like water.

XI. Contact Information

  If there's any information that needs to be corrected, you have
any questions, or would like to add to the FAQ, feel free to e-mail me. Be
sure to put Gunz in the subject line! Do not e-mail me questions that have
already been asked in the FAQ, because I won't reply.

    E-mail: Kistrael at gmail dot com
    AIM: Kistrael
    Gunz: Kistrael
    Server: Match West
    Clan: [GameFAQs]

XII. Disclaimer

Gunz the Duel is trademark and copyright their respective owners, ijji,
NHN, and MAIET entertainment inc. Feel free to save or print this for your
own personal use. This FAQ is not to be reposted or rehosted without my

  Places hosting this FAQ as of 3/1/07
 * GameFAQs
 * CheatCC

XIII. Credit

I'd like to thank Dino for letting me use his Advanced Techniques Guide to
supplement mine. I'd like to thank Heocon for helping with the glitches. I'd
like to thank my friends on Gunz, the Gunz Forums, and GameFAQs Gunz forum.
I'd also like to thank my cats for keeping my lap warm while I typed this up,
and Digitally Imported ( for entertaining my ears.

Gunz Wikipedia


GameFAQs Gunz board

Dallas Scott and AstroBlue's FAQ-writing Guide for the layout.

Players: Heocon, Cowfix, Czechy, CheezeWhiz, and all my friends on the
GameFAQs Gunz board.

XIV. The Ishlist

 * The assholes at for stealing my
guide. At least the guy left my name in it. I can't even contact them, because
I don't speak Slavic.

 ^ ^
{o,o} +----------------------+
-"-"- +----------------------+

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