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 Half-Life - They Hunger

Half-Life - They Hunger

--Half-Life: They Hunger--


Posted By: UnSub (
Version 1.0 (2 June 2002)

Written By:

They Hunger 1: Andrew "Fisich" Dowellin (
They Hunger 2: Massif
They Hunger 3: Jerry Lee a.k.a. Molded Guppy (

Original location:

My Defense:
Before you go "Hey, you got this from somewhere else, this isn't your own
work!", you're right. I've taken it from the url listed above (see original
location). Why did I do it?

Firstly, I was never given a puppy as a child... no wait... I decided to put
the complete They Hunger walk-through on GameFAQs because I was suprised to see
a request for it in the Requested file. Then I remember the frustration I had
in both playing They Hunger and then in trying to find a faq to finish it.
Because the faq was hard to find, I thought I would shuffle the three different
guides into one easy location. I have added a few notes, but the credit for the
solutions belong to the three mentioned above. So thank you Fisich, Massif and
Molded Guppy! And thanks to the mod creators! Thank you Black Widow Games and
Neil Manke  for yet again extending the Half-Life's engine

You can download all three episodes of They Hunger off the original location
url above (or you could... I haven't tried recently).

Copyright Note: All copyright is attributable to the author mentioned. This FAQ
should only be found at as I'm not going to give permission to
place it elsewhere. I will be contacting the email addresses I have and telling
them what I've done. For the record, I have made slight changes to the text
below, but mainly to clean up spelling mistakes and remove references to
pictures that can be found on the original site (so if you want the pictures,
go look!).

I emailed the people I could find... Neil Manke   was the
only one who replied. He asked me to make an addition to the end battle, which
I did.

Final note - don't email me to be a git. Email if you need help, rather than to
do something to fill your social calender.

They Hunger 1: (by Fisich) (

UnSub's Notes - They Hunger is more of a survival horror game than a shooter,
so save your ammo. You never get enough of it, so don't expect to shoot your
way out. The crowbar is a weapon you will have to learn to use effectively, so
get used to dodging in, hitting a couple of times, then dodging out while the
zombie swings. Repeat a couple of times for each zombie and they go down. Don't
expect to take on numerous zombies at once, and since you can outrun them, you
don't have to. Except for headcrabs. Shoot the headcrabs! Health is spread a
bit thinly, and there are enough opportunities to get hurt, so don't take any
chances. Save frequently. Who are you trying to impress, huh? :-)

In brief - when shooting, aim for the head. I think it does a bit more damage.
Zombies take two shotgun shells to fall over, so I just used the alternate fire
for the shotgun at close range (when you get it). The sniper rifle is great,
but you never get enough ammo to use it freely. I mainly use it to snipe cops
who can shoot back. Apart from that... you'll get the hang of it.

- After the introductory camera scenes you will start in the water slightly
hurt from your car crash. You need to go up to the surface for air before you
continue otherwise you won't make it and it would be a silly place to die when
you've only just started.

- Now, you need to swim back down towards the bottom of the water and on the
far end from your car you will see a drainage tunnel, swim all the way down to
the end of this and then go up the shaft at the end where you will emerge into
a new area. Go up the stone stairs to the top.

- You will see two grate-type doors there, you need to go through the one on
the right - the one on the left will come into play later because you need to
find something to smash the padlock off it.

- Going through the door you will enter the catacombs which has a maze-like
layout, just do the following and you will get through with no problem assuming
you are always facing fowards that is! Through the door, go right, down some
steps and then left. Then at the first or second, it doesn't matter which,
right turning go down one them and turn left at the end. You should be facing a
wooden barrel, at this go left again, then right, then left and you will come
to some wooden crates, go left at these down a small corridor, then turn right
and right again down another similar corridor then turn left and then left
again, then right and go up some steps - you should see a fire burning here, at
the end of this small room turn left and go up some steps then follow the
corridor round and you will will come to a door with a cross carved in it, go
through it.

- Follow the brown path into another tunnel - you'll need your flashlight for
this one. Go to the end of the tunnel by simply following the wall and you will
come to a bridge. Cross it and then follow the brown path into the next tunnel,
follow the wall round again and you should come to a mausoleum and graveyard:

- Go into the mausoleum through the wooden door. You will start to hear the
radio playing the tune you heard at the start from the radio station. Follow
the sound into a room where the radio is situated and there are coffins broken
up. Listen to the special announcement and then pick up the medkit that is
hidden under a small table next to the wall. A door will open elsewhere in the
mausoleum just across from the room you are in, go through the door where the
coffin-maker will be uttering (not quite!) his last words and then pick up the

- Warning! When you have picked up the crowbar, all sorts of things will start
to happen as though it is cursed with entirety of hell! Go back into the radio
room, a zombie will burst out of the coffin propped up against the wall, beat
his brains out and then continue.

- Go back towards the front of the mausoleum and you will hear a commotion in
the bell-tower, find the ladder and climb it. The door will smash open, go
through it but watch out for the headcrab that will be lurking there, oh yeah,
and the one which drops down behind you when you pick up the handgun which is
now silenced. Press your [use] key near the rope to pull it and ring the bell,
a secret area will open up but hurry, it does not stay open for long and is
situated here after you have pulled the rope: Inside there are some hand

- Now leave the mausoleum and go back outside, you will need to fight off a
few, scratch, hordes of zombies with just a crowbar - get to work! Don't be too
scared though at the cries of 'HUNGER'! You need to fight your way back to the
bridge to continue.

- The bridge will brake up as some zombies fall through it so after you have
fought off some more zombie hordes you can claim another secret area by braking
the padlock on the small building on the hill and claiming the handgun. Then
follow the path up and around the building going round a rather large rock. The
path is obscured by some trees so it may be not so easy to find - just look
hard enough and you will see it. When on the upper ledge you need to brake down
the crypt walls behind which there are 2 zombies. The one to the right is a
dead end with some inside it and straight on is the way to continue, brake the
crate though first or you won't get far. Go through the small opening and round
to the top overlooking the bridge but don't jump down completely all the way
otherwise you'll die. Instead jump down on to the protruding ledge of the
tunnel and then on to the bridge.

- Now go back to the two grate-style doors that we saw at the start but watch
out for the zombies in the catacombs. Also look out for walls that don't brake
down when you walk past - many of them conceal ammo and health, which you'll
need badly in the later levels so get it by braking down walls with the
crowbar, you can hear a wall that can be broken by it's 'dimmed' sound and then
will have cracks in them, walls that can't be broken will sound like as if you
were hitting any other wall that can't be broken. Also don't forget to smash
any crates that are lying around - in fact smash up any that you see.

- go through the now openable door and continue to the next section.

- Through the door, you go down some steps and then turning left you are
immediately confronted by a chamber type room with a metal walkway going across
it. The metal walkway will collapse when you are about halfway across and you
will plunge into the area below. Dispose of the zombie lurking there and smash
all the crates. Then go to the other side of the area and [use] the valve

UnSub's Notes: Or... you can shoot the zombie from the above platform, or jump
just as the walkway collapses and ignore the zombie completely. This means you
don't have to worry about the water. Go for the crates though.

- This will flood the lower area and will allow you to swim up to the upper
door, the lower one if locked of course, and exit through that. When in the new
room, if you swim left you will find a lift button, press it and the lift will
come up to your level. Kill the zombie inside and then ride the lift (rather
swim the lift shaft) yourself, but be quick because your aim is to smash all
the crates for ammo in this bottom room. Then return to the upper room quickly
before you run out of air.

- Next, go up the stairs and down a new corridor, fending off the zombies and
headcrabs as you go, and you will enter a new room where a flashing red light
is er, flashing! Brake the cracked grate in the corner and then drop down into
a cistern. In this area look around and you will see a two bars, one is bent -
smash that one open with your crowbar and then swim down the tunnel.

- You will emerge into a deep pool, swim to the other side of this, remembering
to surface for air, and go through a hole in the wall to the next pool. Take a
sharp left and find your way through the zombie hordes to the landing area...
enter the tunnel. You are now entering the basement area of the mausoleum.

- Follow the tunnel all the way round until you come to a door which will be
half smashed open by a zombie who then goes on a rampage in the room. Leave him
to it for now and carry on down the tunnel felling zombies as you go. You will
enter the furnace room, clear it of zombies and go through the opening on the
other side - you will come to a room with a radio in it.

- Go past the radio and past the stairs just round the corner is a zombie
and... a electricity switch box. Flick the switch that is there and the zombie
and then go back to the room where the zombie was on a rampage.

- Kill all the zombies inside and collect all the goodies that are in there
including the extremely useful and almost essential sniper's rifle and ammo.
Smash the boxes too. Then go back to the stairs that you passed to get to the
electrical switch box. At the top smash the boxes and you will enter the upper
floor of the mausoleum yet again.

- Find the civilian and stand beside him but jump out of the way before the
truck comes crashing through the wall, there's nothing you can do for the poor
guy though :) You can watch the zombie burn horribly though:

- You should now go to the mausoleum's bathroom to relieve your character and
to jump out of its window. Use the toilet to jump up there and then smash the
window with your crowbar or whatever. Go outside and smash the truck open,
inside... a pump-action shotgun! Nice. Smash the padlock off the door to exit
this area. Also, there is a way back to the part of the mausoleum where you
were previously in Part 1 by blowing up an explosive crate. Just a point. There
is also another shotgun on the roof of the mausoleum which can be access by
climbing up a drainpipe, it's located near the vehicle parked outside.

UnSub's Notes: Look for drainpipes. They are climbable and often hide some
stuff to pick up. And usually something comes flying at your head as you get to
the top, which is also nice... not really.

- You can exit this area by following the road that the crazed pick-up truck
came from and its on to the next section.

- Carry on moving through the tunnel which the pick-up truck came from, fending
off zombies on the way. Follow the brown path round to the right, it will
eventually split into two paths. Straight on is a dead end with an overturned
car. There are 2 zombies guarding this area so dispose of them and find the two
boxes of shotgun shells that are hidden on the right side of the car. Now go
back and up to the abandoned police car.

- Listen to the radio and then smash open the broken door with your crowbar to
get the med kit on the driver's seat if you need it. Now head down the tunnel
where the police car's lights are shining into. You should come to a small
cabin after herding the zombies into the ground :)

- There's a sniper's rifle on the roof of the small cabin so for some extra
ammo or if you missed the previous one then you'll have to find a way up on the
roof. This is not an easy task by any means and you will have to use all the
props that are lying around. You need to jump onto the axe and then onto the
barrel and then on to the top of the outhouse and from there, then jump on to
the roof. Now go to the tunnel where a scientist is feeling rather sorry for

- Listen to what he has to say and then carry on through the tunnel. You will
emerge in some swampland where you will see a friendly Barney being attacked
from all sides by the tide of hell. He doesn't stand a chance but you'll have
to in order to continue. You need to find your way to yet another tunnel and
progress into the 2nd swamp area but watch out for the barnacles! Find your way
through this swamp and you will enter a shorter tunnel into a section of dry

UnSub's Notes: You can outrun the zombies, and to avoid suprises crouch while
walking to see underwater.

- Kill all the zombies and then go down the next tunnel and into the 3rd swamp
area. You need to find an underwater passage which leads to the next area where
a chopper will be waiting for your arrival. You need to kill the cop-zombie and
then kill the zombie operating the machine gun turret. The best way to do this
is get really close so he doesn't see you anymore next to the gun and then open
fire. Kill the zombie at the controls and the chopper will blow up. Go inside
the chopper. Inside will be a new weapon... the remodeled MP5! Just watch the
ammo though!

UnSub's Notes: Kill the cop on the platform first using the "bob'n'shoot
method". That machine gun turret can cut you down really quickly, so save and
be careful (but fast). I sniped the turret user, but took a bit of damage doing

- Leave the chopper and head down the new path behind it. After a while you
will come to Devil's Rift. Follow the cliff path down and walk on to the wooden
bridge. Through the opening at the end of it is a dead end and if you need a
med kit or some ammo then clear it of zombies and get what you need (there's
not much though). Then brake the wooden rail at the end of the bridge.

- You must now jump off the end of the wooden bridge and conduct a series of
very careful jumps along the ridges that extend down below. If you miss one
then its all over. At the bottom jump over the lava streams and enter the cave
on the other side. A section of the floor will collapse and you will fall
downwards... just make sure you don't fall into the lava pool!

- Keep moving forwards along the cave path until it starts to slope upwards and
exits to a large lava pool. If you wait a bit here a piece of rock will rise
out of the lava and will allow you access to the other side. You'll have to be
quick though because you can sustain minor damage if you stay on it and the
other lava paths for too long. Now get movin!

- Pick your way across the rest of the lava pool, and into the cave entrance on
the far side. Fend off the zombies and pick up the health and ammo that are
there for your callous use. Carry on through another tunnel that leads off to
the side of this cave and you will come to a new area with an angry looking
lava pool and a steam vent. If you look above you'll see some ledges, enter the
steam vent by moving forwards and jumping at the same time. You should land
safely on the upper ledge.

UnSub's Notes: UH! Be prepared to pull your hair out in frustration as the
steam vent blows you all around the shop. That headcrab I remember attacking me
didn't help either. Again, save to be safe. I just ran past the zombies here.

- Carry on up the cliff path, there's an opportunity to use the sniper's rifle
here as well because there is a policeman armed with a gun that can pick you
off from quite a distance. When at the top do a careful jump over to the
policeman's rock and pick the items that are there. Then jump back over and
continue down a path and through a cave. On the other side you should be
overlooking the large lump of rock that rose out of the red hot lava.

- Now make your way through another cave on the right and you will come to a
small lake. Kill all the enemies and fish (yes that's the massive ones from HL)
that are about and then jump in. There are a few crates lying around so brake
them open and get the items but position yourself underneath so the items do
not become embedded in the mud below. If you find the zombie fish den then you
can claim a few items of importance for yourself. Then leave this area by
taking the underwater tunnel opposite the fishes den.

UnSub's Notes: I didn't think the fish were worth the effort. Save and decide
for yourself.

- On the other side you will emerge into another lake. When you get close to
the back ahead a load of cops will start firing. First they will kill the
friendly variety so you can have no dealings with them and then they will open
fire on you. Dispose of them the best you can and then get on to the banking.
Then head down the train tunnel and a speeder car driven by a couple of zombies
will emerge and try to run you down. At the same time a steam train will emerge
at the other side so make sure you get out of the way of the impending crash -
the zombies driving the trains are too damn stupid to understand the concept of

- Now get in the train and keep going until it stops by itself at a junction.

- To change the track you'll need to dismount the train and walk over to the
track direction changer. This may sound easy but there a quite a few enemies to
deal with in this area. Once you have dealt with them you can collect some
items from the speeder shed and then change the track, you'll this has happened
when the 'rail switch' light turns from red to green presumably meaning go!
Once you have done this get back in the train and continue your long journey.

UnSub's Notes: Crouch when driving the train. This stops you getting shot.
Reload and prepare your weapons for a fight when the train stops - there are
usually some zombies waiting for you.

- The train will next stop at a barrier. Usually this barrier would just open
after permission is granted but as life if never easy you will have to open it
yourself. Get off the train but watch out for the helicopter which fires some
quite powerful rounds at you. They are usually quite inaccurate though due to
the distance they are being fired so its probably time to get the sniper's
rifle out. There are also some policemen around where the train stops, deal
with them in the appropriate manner. When the area is cleared, dive into the
water on the left of the train and make your way to the window of the power
station. The window will crack after a short while which is your cue to smash
it open. Enter through this and swim fast to the room beyond this one because
you will be running out of air fast!

- Then find some spiral stairs and swim all the way to the top floor, it will
be a dry area. Then press the track control switch to open the barrier so you
can continue your train journey. The open way out though is back the way you
came but be warned, fish now inhabit the waters by which you entered and
they're not nice either!

- Around where you killed the helicopter and the policemen there are some
crates and ammo. Smash and collect appropriately. Now get back on the train and
you will begin the 3rd and final part of the journey. The next time you stop be
on the lookout for yet more policemen, zombies and headcrabs in the immediate

- Once the area is cleared, you need to push the crate to the smashable window
in the train shed but watch out because a window to the right side of you will
be smashed open and a policeman will open fire. Return the complement and then
get inside the train shed through the window.

- The way forwards in achieved by smashing a box in front of a small opening.
Crawl through the opening and you will enter a small office. A zombie-rat will
attack but should not pose too much of a problem. When this is over a zombie
will smash the bars on the office window and will allow you to get out of it.
The area round to the left is full of enemies so it needs clearing of course!

- When it is cleared, there are a number of items in the room - collect them if
you need them and then exit through a door at the far side of the room into the
next area of the train shed. Smash the crates in this area for some items but
watch out for the headcrab and his amazing exploding barrel trick.

- Go up the stairs at the end of this area and continue along the passageway.
You will fall through the floor which appears to be unable to support your
weight any longer!

- You will then drop down into a basement and will be set upon by a horde of
zombies. Destroy the threat that they pose and then continue by going up some
stairs at the far end of the basement.

- Damn. Dead End. OK then, go to the other side of the basement and look for a
small grate. Swing your crowbar around a bit and bits of wall will go flying
off. Climb up the rubble, smash the grate and enter the town.

- Go round to the left to the radio station but look out for the hostile
welcome that you'll get. Once, inside the radio station you can do a number of
things. First you can smash the record player if you didn't like it, simply
swing crowbar, then you can smash down the door at one end of the room that you
are in to gain access to the storage round - a zombie will be feeding up on the
remains of the DJ. Smash the shelf unit up to get some ammo. Then, most
importantly, you need to contact the police HQ on the emergency band, do this
by pressing your [use] key on the microphone (it works up to five times after
which the guy on the other end gets fed up with you and stops receiving.)

- Now, leave the radio station and enter the building directly opposite the
church, clear it of zombies but watch that you don't fall back into the
basement again otherwise you'll have to walk round again - this is just for
completeness. To continue enter the church but don't get too scared when all
the zombies inside look and sound delighted to see you. Clear the church and
then go upstairs. There is some sniper's ammo on the fire but be quick
otherwise you'll be burnt badly. Go to the far end of the church and into a
room where there are 3 windows and a trapdoor. Smash the crate to get some ammo
and then smash the right-most window. Use the sniper's rifle on the two
policemen on the pawn shop roof, this is important to make the part easier.
Then leave that room and then go up the corridor to the left up some stairs -
watch out for the flying headcrab behind the picture maneuver though.

- Follow the corridor round to the left and you will come to a window. Smash
this and drop down, deal with the policeman on the roof behind you and then
enter the pawn shop. Smash the bars on the wall and go through the new opening
into the back of the shop. Collect all the items that are littered around in
this area and then leave and go outside again.

- Smash the broken door of the police car and get in. Press your [use] key on
the wheel and yes! you can actually drive the police car so get moving, you
will plow through zombies and some burning rubble - YOU MUST GET OUT OF THE CAR
BEFORE IT HITS THE PETROL STATION, press your [use] key again when you are just
past the rubble to let the car continue forwards without your control and then
rush out of the open door - fast!

UnSUb's Notes: I set the car up to go and just got out. It follows a
pre-determined path, so let it go and just mop up any remaining zombies.

- Nowhere is open so you will need to go into the area where the police car
just smashed into and look for a crack in the wall, use your crowbar on this
crack and a hole will be thus produced. Go through the hole.

- You are now in the outer courtyard of the police station. Dispose of the
zombies and infested policemen then enter through the door. You will emerge
into the jail area. Shoot the orange lit-up button on the wall behind the bars
in the office, this will allow you access to the office.

- Then shoot the orange lit-up button under the front desk. This will allow you
access to the main jail area. Enter this area and then go upstairs. You will be
captured by the whole police force and the infested sheriff.

- That's it: the end. When you get bored of just sitting in your cell flush the
toilet and things will happen. Your shutter's will be flung open shortly and
its time to sit back and watch the final sequence. You are last!

UnSub's Notes: I went "That's it? Nice twist, but a bit of a weak ending," but


UnSub's Notes: I'm not sure if all of these are in the first game. It was on
the site, so here it is.

1. The Umbrella - A hefty brass-handled umbrella usefull for other things
besides keeping the rain off:]

2. The Spanner - Good for tightening bolts or bonking monsters on the head.

3. The Shovel - Yeah baby! Put 'em 6 feet under!

4. Berreta Pistol w/ Silencer- Press the secondary attack button to remove the
silencer for a faster but less accurate fire rate.

5. Sniper Rifle - Offering full night-vision zoom lens this is one for picking
off those difficult targets from a distance so that they're not difficult
anymore, yes? Use with your flashlight for best effect. Sniper ammo is stored
in big orange cases, so look for the very few scattered around.

6. Over-Under Shotgun - Fully pump-action and you can shoot one barrel or both
at the same time for a greater crimson effect.

7. Browning .303 Machine Gun - Like the MP5 in Half-Life the Browning provides
you with impact grenades for mowing down the zombie hordes. Not a realistic
feature of the Browning ...but who the hell cares when it's so much fun?

8. Hand Grenade - Don't forget to throw after pulling the pin!

9. AP9 - An automatic pistol created just for us by our good buddy Gooseman of
Counter-Strike fame.


They Hunger 2: (by Massif)

After watching the intro a new level will load and the wall to your cell will
be blown open. Jump out immediately and hop onto the truck. Get into position
to use the rocket launcher attached. It will be your only weapon for now. Shoot
up into the hole where your cell used to be. After killing the zombie cops up
there, take out the two zombie cops to the left fighting with the barney. When
you've cleared out this area proceed through the tunnel to the right and take
out the two zombie cops at the end. Pick up all of the pistols that they drop.
The gate here will not open until you have unlocked it from inside the station.

UnSub's Notes: Use the Barney as much as possible - if he stays alive, he
shoots stuff, and stuff he shoots you don't waste ammo on.

Go back into the station and kill the two zombies right inside. If you go
upstairs you will only find a single zombie in the back right cell. Go back
downstairs and open the door to the far left. Before you rush into the office
at the end of this hallway, look in the storage room for a health pack. The
office at the end contains two zombies and a headcrab. The sheriff also makes a
short appearance here but you won't catch him. After clearing out the office
you will find an umbrella sitting on a bench as well as a sniper rifle and a
pistol on the other side of the big window. Inside the broken wall of the
office, you will find the controls for the gate outside. Unlock the gate and go
back to the parking lot. There will be three fresh new zombies waiting for you
as well as another one in front of the gate. Kill them and open the gate.

Here you will find some condemned buildings and garages. Follow the road and
enter the archway to the left. There are a couple zombies here and two zombie
cops directly above the other end of this small passage. In the room right
after this passage there is a single box with a health pack in it. There is
also a garage in this area. You can enter through the small door on the left
side. Here you will find a civilian running around. There are two headcrabs in
the rafters waiting to jump down and one hidden behind a box in the far corner.
There is also a zombie inside the trunk of the car here. Finally there is a
backpack sitting here containing a wrench and a pistol clip on the shelf.

Move back to the boarded up door by the entrance tunnel. It will break open and
three zombies will burst out. After killing them, go through the door and
follow this hallway to a destroyed room with a fire. There is a headcrab
lurking in the darkness above the fire. Keep moving through the rubble to the
third room where you will encounter another zombie. If you stay here a bit
longer a couple more zombies may come from behind you so get moving. Turn left
and open this door into an alley. There is a door to the right and a large wood
gate here. Since the gate is unopenable, break the sign on the door and open
it. It is dark here so you might want to turn on your trusty flashlight. Watch
out for snarks. They will jump at you out of the darkness. There is also a box
here in the back right corner. If you need the ammo you can break it open for a
pistol. Proceed upstairs to the next area.

UnSub's Notes: I learned to hate the snarks. Every time I saw one (after I
reloaded having taken massive damage) I would spare nothing in killing them.
Limited ammo be damned!

This area is very dark but there aren't any baddies here so you can rest easy.
Look around up here for a partially broken window. Use the umbrella to break it
open even more and climb out. You will have to jump across a large gap here or
else you'll have to do the whole last paragraph again. I would suggest
quicksaving if you don't like redoing things. If you make it across there are
two pistols waiting for you. Scale along the wall until you come to a board
connecting the two buildings. Walk across the board. Don't worry, it won't
break. After you make it across watch out for a headcrab sitting to the left
hidden behind a corner. Break the window at the end of this ledge and enter it.
Jump over the fallen chair and walk down the hallway.

At the end of the hallway you will hear a commotion. There is nothing you can
do to stop this. Just wait here for a couple seconds until the floor falls
away. After it does, quickly jump up to the circular tunnel before the
headcrabs start to fall from above. You must break the metal gate here with
your umbrella.

UnSub's Notes: I managed to jump over the grate. It kept the headcrabs
contained and saved me ammo. Took a bit of effort though.

At the end of this tunnel, turn right. Once you reach a junction, stay hidden
and when your ready slowly move forward looking to the left tunnel. There are
several zombies here and a few more come from in front after you've killed
them. After bashing all of them, point your gun to the right. On the floor
above there is a zombie cop waiting to shoot you. Take him out quickly before
he does too much damage. Look around this area and down some of the tunnels for
a shotgun and a few other goodies but don't go upstairs yet.

After you're finished downstairs, go up the stairway and carefully walk
backwards to the left. The reason for this is because two zombie cops will open
a door on the right when you move left. By walking backwards you will be able
to shoot them before they can do too much damage to you. After finishing them
off, jump through the window since the door is blocked. There are two health
packs, grenades and a pistol from the zombie cop's corpse. There is also a
lever here. You must pull it, quicky jump out the window and make your way to
the tunnel on the opposite side of the room before the gate closes. The tunnel
that you must go down is highlighted in orange in the paragraph above.

At the end of this tunnel you will come to a T-junction. Turn left here. Near
the end of the tunnel a headcrab will drop down in front of you. After killing
it proceed to the end of the tunnel and if you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse
of the elusive bullsquid. There is a box here with a pistol in it. Also if
you're feeling kind of dangerous you can smash open the skull lying infront of
the small hole in the wall and a headcrab will fall down. Go left here and
follow that rascly bullsquid. Who knows, if you catch him maybe you can shove
your thumb right up the creatures bumhole. Now at the end of this hallway you
will come to a door which leads back to the area mentioned above. All that work
for nothing, right? Wrong. Go back through the tunnel and this time turn right
because the gate blocking that way has mysteriously been broken.

At the end of this tunnel is a larger open area. If you continue along through
the water a rock on the wall in front of you will break and there will be a
zombie cop behind it. To the right is a platform. On the right side of the
platform is a small alcove covered by a cracked brick wall. If you break it
there are some MP5 Grenades there. On the left side of the platform is a locked
door so you'll have to take the tunnel in the middle. The tunnel turns left and
then two side tunnels branch off from it. The first side tunnel leads to a dead
end with some shotgun shells at the end. The second leads to a barred window.
Break the bars and jump through it. This area contains a couple boxes as well
as doors leading back to previous tunnels. When you enter this room, it starts
to shake. This will only last a few seconds and it won't do any damage to you.

To the left there is a flight of stairs. Go up them to get to the next area.
You will enter a large room with some boxes to the right. Inside one of the
boxes is a health pack. As soon as you break the boxes, the wall to the right
of the boxes will break open and zombies will come out of it. There is also
another health pack behind the broken wall. To the left of the boxes is a
opening to another hallway behind this room. In that hallway there are four
rabid dogs. After killing them proceed past them to the end of the hallway.
There are two doors, one on the left and one on the right. The left door is
locked so you will have to go through the right one. There is a spiral
staircase heading downward behind this door. In the room at the bottom of this
staircase there is a headcrab waiting for you. After killing it, jump over the
pipe beside it then under the next pipe and break the grate in the floor. Jump
through it into the water.

UnSUb's Notes: SAVE! You are about to meet... a puzzle! Or maybe save after you
kill everything. Your call.

Let the water carry you down, down, down into the bowels of the sewers. Once
the ride is over, swim until you get to a T-junction. To the right is a
bullsquid and there are zombie cops above you and to the very far right above
the water. After killing them, move to the left and you will see some stairs
underwater leading to a bridge which enters the large cylinder in the middle of
this area. Follow this path and once you reach the T-junction inside the
cylinder, go left to get a health pack if you need it and then proceed forward.
Follow this path which turns right and then right again. There is a bullsquid
around the second right turn so be prepared for it. Keep going until you hit a
set of stairs on the right and go up them. At the top there is a right turn
which leads onto a bridge on the second level of the large cylinder.

There is a bullsquid on this level which will charge at you when it sees you.
Kill it and then proceed to the middle of the cylinder. Go left at this
T-junction to get a Magnum 357, a shotgun and a health pack. There is also a
large metal box here. Push it to the right into the water below.

UnSub's Notes: Here goes! You can save here, but make sure both large metal
boxes are accessible. Is everything dead yet?

After you've done all this go back to the T-junction and go forward. There will
be a box hanging from the ceiling to the right. Shoot the rope holding it so it
will also fall into the water. Jump down into the water after them. Push the
two boxes down the underwater tunnel on the right (that is, the right side when
you enter this area). There is a bullsquid here as well.

UnSub's Notes: Jumping puzzles. I HATE jumping puzzles!

Push one box up the ramp leading to the gate and onto the highest platform.
Make sure it is around the middle of the platform so you can jump to it easily.
Push the second box onto the lower flat surface so that you can jump onto it
from the water. Jump from the lower box onto the higher one and finally jump
over the gate.(You may have to readjust the boxes a bit) You will come to a
crossroad. There are two zombies, one on the left and one on the right. If you
go forward you will come to a broken wall which leads out of the sewers.

To the left is a fire with two zombies in front of it. Above the broken wall is
a health pack which you can get by climbing the rocks to the right. Finally,
there is a shovel near the fire that you can pick up. Proceed toward the fire
and around the corner where you will encounter one more zombie. After killing
it you can crawl into the air vent to get to the next area.

The air vent leads to a place which alarmingly resembles a scene from Black
Mesa. After entering the air vent you will be in a larger vent with a ladder
leading upwards to a fan. Climb the ladder and wait below the fan until four
headcrabs fall from the hole above. If any of them survive the spinning fan,
just shoot it quickly. Shoot the button above the fan to turn it off. It may
take a couple tries to actually hit the button and not the fan. Once it has
stopped spinning, climb the ladder and jump on top of the fan. Climb to the
other side of the fan and break open the grate here.

Proceed through the vent until you get to another grate which opens up into a
large tunnel. Turn right here but be sure to keep checking behind you. Once you
hit a certain point, the opposite end of the tunnel will blow open and a truck
will be charging towards you. I suggest running towards the truck, jumping onto
the hood and then jumping over it. It is probably a lot easier than trying to
outrun it. There are two zombie cops in the truck. One is in the drivers seat
and the other is in the back. After you've jumped over the truck, kill the one
in the back and if you want, jump into the back of the truck yourself. This
isn't necessary but it's fun.

After the truck has crashed into the wall kill the zombie cop in the drivers
seat if you haven't already. There are two health packs to the left of the
truck in some boxes here but you might want to wait until later to use them.
There is also a locked door here which will do you no good right now. Go back
down the tunnel that you came out of and go all the way to the other end. There
are four rabid dogs in this area. They're quick so kill them off fast. There is
also a small building here. Inside it there is one zombie. You will also find
the ap9 here and the button to open the locked door from before.

UnSub's Notes: Dogs can be killed by a close range shotgun blast. Since they
stop to attack you, you can back away a bit so you don't take any damage and
kill them easily. Takes a bit of practise.

Go back to the locked door and there will be one more rabid dog here. Use the
button beside the door to open it. Follow the metal platform around the
corners. There is a zombie around the second right turn. There are also three
more zombies in an alcove beneath the locked door. Finally there are three
zombies coming out of two doors behind the large turbine. There is a health
pack in a small box near the human grunt corpse. After you've done all this, go
through one of the doors behind the turbine. There is a button here which is
used to turn off the turbine for a short period of time. There is also a box
with grenades in it. You might want to quicksave here.

Push the button and jump into the water. Watch out for the icthyosaur. Swim as
fast as you can out of here and down a long tunnel. As you're swimming a new
level will load. Right after the level loading there is a small square hole in
the lower left wall. Enter it to get away from the icthyosaur as well as to go
up for air. You will emerge in a small room. There are two health packs and a
pack of shotgun shells in the boxes here. Go back into the water and keep
swimming. There is another small hole on the left which you can go in for more
air. Go back underwater one more time and swim until the end of the tunnel. You
will come out into a lake. Get out of the water as quick as you can. There are
two icthyosaurs swimming around in here. Once you're on land you'll find a
health pack in the tent and a shovel in the middle of the bridge.

Climb up the path along the edge of the cliff. About halfway up there is a
small cave containing two zombies and a pack of shotgun shells. At the top of
the path you have the option of going left or right. To the left is a burning
truck which has been flipped over. There are three zombies feasting on the
trucks inhabitants and one zombie cop standing around too. After killing them
you can pick up the shotgun sitting there. Don't try to get any of the other
things you see or else you'll get badly burned. If you go right on the road
you'll come across a headcrab jumping around a fallen barney. Shoot the
headcrab but be careful not to hit barney. You know how tempermental he gets
when you harm him. If you keep going down this path you'll find yourself at a
dead end with two zombies. It's basically useless so I would advise against it.

UnSub's Notes: You can save the Barney to help you kill a couple of zombies on
the road. Go on. Save him from a grisly death.

Go back to the top of the cliff and look over the edge. Look straight down
until you start to see a small ledge jutting out from the cliff face. You might
want to quicksave before you do this. Jump down onto the ledge.

UnSub's Notes: Crouch and move slowly. Definitely save before attempting.

If you make it, you will be standing at the entrance to a brick tunnel. Walk
down the tunnel until you come to a fork. Go right and look out the window that
is there. Watch the small scene that goes on outside. After it's over an evil
cop will say he hears something and will come to get you. He is evil so shoot
him right away. Go up to the parking lot and past all the doors. Turn right and
go up the ramp to outside. Follow the road until you get to the asylum.
(Optional: Continue to follow the road until you get to the other side of the
overturned burning truck. It will explode when you get close to it but it won't
do too much damage. Here you will find a health pack, an ap9, some machine gun
ammo and a box of sniper rifle ammo. After getting this go back to the asylum.
There will be three rabid dogs right around the first corner.)

There are three ways to get into the asylum that I know of. Two of them aren't
the ways you're supposed to go but they are quicker. The first way is to go to
the second gate into the asylum. There is a picnic table here. Push it over to
the gate and use it to jump over the gate. The second way (which is quicker) is
to walk up to that same gate and stand right against it. Look to the left about
45 degrees and hit the use key. If you're in the right position, the gate
should open for you. If you choose either of these ways, after you enter this
gate just go through the tunnel ahead and you'll be in the front yard. The
third and final way is to open the gate that leads directly to the front yard.
This is the gate right beside the sign that says "Asylum for the Criminally
Insane". You can open this gate by standing right up against the left side of
the gate, looking about 45 degreees to the left, jumping and then while in the
air pressing the use key. After you've done this you should move back or else
the gate will bounce off you and close again.

No matter what way you go, you'll end up in the front yard. Move to the front
door and ring the doorbell. The door will unlock and you will be free to
explore the house without any interruptions. Walk through the front hall to the
entrance room. There is a staircase here to the right. Climb up the stairs to
the second floor and follow the second floor hallway until you reach the end.
To the right is a staircase going down to the dining room. To the left is the
hallway to the library. You will want to go left here. Continue past the
library since there is really nothing of interest there.

After the library there is a door to the right leading to the bathroom. In here
there is a health pack. Continue on past the bathroom where you will find two
staircases, one up and one down. Go downstairs first. This is the bedroom of
Alfred the assistant. Here you will find a health pack and an ap9. There is
also a tape recorder here which will give you useful information about the
storyline. When you're done down here go back up and proceed upstairs to the
doctor's bedroom. There is a chest on the far wall. If you break it open you'll
find some sniper rifle ammo. There is also a health pack in the closet in case
you're injured. The important thing in this room is a button on the wall of the
closet. Push this button to unlock the door to the doctor's office.

Go back downstairs to the entrance room and open the door to the doctor's
office. There is another tape recorder here which will play automatically as
you enter. While you're listening to the recording you can try jumping onto the
bookshelf and then to the filing cabinet to get into the small alcove above.
There is a box here containing some magnum bullets. Now leave the office and
Alfred will be standing there waiting for you. Don't shoot, he's friendly.
Listen to him and follow him to the restricted area.

After Alfred stops, go on ahead. There is a security office to the left with a
zombie cop waiting in it. After killing him, jump onto the stop sign and then
onto the small cement piece of floor to the right of the electrified floor.
Once you've landed safely on the cement, shoot the button inside the office to
turn off the electrified floor.

UnSub's Notes: Try to get the zombies to walk on the electrified floor to save

Now enter the office and you'll find two boxes of shotgun ammo. Go down the
ladder here and you'll be in the parking lot from a while back. However, you
are in an area which was not accessible before. There are two evil cops waiting
to the left. After you kill them you can get the box of sniper rifle ammo and
health pack sitting on the shelf. The last thing that you must do here is turn
Off the security door using the control panel on the wall. After you've done
all this, go back up the ladder. Proceed past the office where you'll find a
zombie cop standing near a box of explosives. Kill him carefully without
blowing yourself up.

Stand on the railing and jump down onto the pipe below. You might want to
quicksave before you do this because you might plummit to your death. Once on
the pipe, crawl the the small hole and into the fenced in area. Turn of the
large machine here. Use the gate to unlock it and then just walk out. There is
a box here with a health pack in it if you need it. Call the elevator but be
careful because there are two zombie cops waiting on the elevator. Ride the
elevator to the bottom floor and proceed down the path. There is a zombie cop
around the corner on the far wall. He is hidden in the shadows so you'll
probably have to use your flashlight to see him. Continue along this path to
get to the secret underground laboratory.

Step up to the door and it will mysteriously open for you. Enter the building
and go up the stairs to the left. (Optional: Jump out the first window on the
right and onto a small ledge. Scale this ledge to the other side to get a box
of sniper ammo and a health pack.) Continue along this path until you see two
windows overlooking an eerie lab. Jump down into this lab and enjoy the talking
heads for a while. When you've finished laughing your ass off, go through the
door that leads to the freezer. There is a small box on the floor in here. Push
that box out into the lab. Open the gate to the small fenced in area. Push the
box in there and use it to climb up to the vent. At the end of the vent there
are three boxes containing grenades, shotgun shells and a health pack.

Continue down this path to a test chamber. The scientist and the sheriff will
trap you in here and let loose a giant zombie. Kill it with the machine gun or
you could try whacking it with the shovel a few times. After you've killed him
two more giant zombies will come out of the door opposite the one you entered
this room from. Finally, one more giant zombie will come from the door you
entered from. There is a health pack in the room where the two giant zombies
came out of in case you need it. Go back out the way you came. The door to the
eerie lab will be broken open and you can easily find your way back to the
entrance. While you're in the eerie lab you'll be able to enjoy a small
cutscene which is rather cool.

Continue the the front door of this lab where one more giant zombie is waiting.
After killing him, go back upstairs and this time continue along this hallway
to the very end. Keep going until you pass the room that the scientist and the
sheriff were in. After this area is a room with two small hand creatures and a
giant zombie which appears to be dead but will get up when you get too close.
After killing all of these, break open the air vent and climb up the ladders
until you reach a small trap door. Shoot the lock on the door and open it.

UnSub's Notes: The hand. THE HAND!!! Again, a small agile enemy who can beat
you down quickly. Shoot at a distance, preferably with the sniper rifle.

You will emerge in Alfred's room. Go back upstairs to the hallway. There is a
giant zombie waiting in the hallway to the left. Kill it and proceed to the
library. There is a single solitary zombie in the library. Seems kind of
pathetic after the hordes of giant zombies you've just faced. Continue past the
library to the hall above the dining room. There is one giant zombie patrolling
the dining room. I suggest sniping him if you've got the ammo to spare. After
killing him you can go down into the dining room and enter the archway to the
right of the fireplace. At this T-junction, go left to the locked door. Just
touch the door and then step back. A giant zombie will break through the door
and attack. Albert will be standing here like a moron with his thumb up his

After killing the giant zombie, proceed past him to the outside. There is a
rabid dog chasing a civilian in the yard. There is also a tunnel on the back
right hand side of this yard. A giant zombie will come running out of here.
Open the door to the morgue. To the left is a coffin with a zombie inside it.
You can kill it if you wish. Turn right and follow the hallway to an elevator.
There is another coffin on top of the elevator. Kill the zombie that comes out
of it and go down the elevator.

Once you're down the elevator, go straight down the hallway ahead. You should
come across a door which leads to a room with a scientist in it. There are two
health packs here as well as another tape recording that you can listen to.
After you're done in here, go on to the next room where you will see a button
on a large machine. Push the button and the tank beside you will spring to
life. Watch this tank closely. The skeleton inside will get up and break out of
the tank. Kill it quickly then go back to the other room. There will be a few
explosions and then the door that you came through will open. There is another
skeleton right outside the door and a third skeleton to the far right. Follow
this hallway to a blown up room that leads to the outside.

UnSUb's Notes: Skeletons are easy - burst fire at close range. Avoid staying in
their sight for a long time. Obviously.

There is another skeleton outside and two more that will attack once you get
outside. Finally, there are two zombies which will crawl out of the ground when
you apprach the far left side of this area. To the right there is a brick wall
with a drainage pipe against it. Climb up the pipe and you'll find some sniper
rifle ammo and a health pack. There is also a zombie cop standing up here.
After you're done up there, climb down and go to the left of the morgue. There
is a path that is partially hidden by a tree. It shouldn't be too hard to find.
Follow this path to a ladder and climb up it. Open the door at the top and go
straight forward down this path. Climb the short ladder to the right and onto
the platform above. There are two boxes here containing a machine gun clip and
some sniper rifle ammo. Try not to touch the lightbulbs or else they will
explode. Break one of the grates along the wall and jump onto the roof.

Walk along the roof and jump over the wall to the other side of the yard. Watch
out for a hand creature on top of the last roof. After you jump over the wall,
go right and break the wood blocking the door. Walk down this hall until you
get to a second door. Break the metal mesh on the window of the door and then
shoot the piece of wood on the other side of the door that's blocking it. Keep
walking down this hallway until you come to an opening with doors and hallways.
A zombie will break out of the ground in the middle of this place.

The two rooms here are empty and useless. Walk down the hallway on the right.
You will see a door ahead of you. Turn to the right before you get to the door.
After turning right, look to the left and you'll see a vending machine. There
is a zombie here and three skeletons in this area. There is also a long window
into another office in this area. This office contains a health pack and
another one of those tape recordings. After clearing out this area go back to
the vending machine and climb up into the ceiling using the objects here as
stairs. (Optional: When in the ceiling, go towards the red light. There is a
room below which contains a shotgun, some shotgun shells and a tape recording
to listen to.) Right after you climb up into the ceiling go forward and drop
down into a room below.

Open the door to get out of this room and turn right. There are a few skeletons
along this path. At the end of this hall there are some stairs. Halfway up the
stairs there is another skeleton. Continue to the top. There is an office here
labeled Dr. Saukas. Inside there is a 357 Magnum and another tape recording.

UnSub's Notes: There is never enough Magnum ammo. Keep in case of emergencies.

Keep walking down the hall and enjoy the scripted sequence below from the
observation window. Continue to the end of this hall, go down the stairs and
turn right. You will be in the doctor's residence. This area is monster free
although it is still rather spooky. The two doors in this hall are locked. Go
left to the adjoining hallway. There are two doors on the left. The first
contains another lovely tape recording. There is also a health pack in the
closet of this room. The second room is empty except for a pistol clip in the

Follow this hallway to the end and you'll wind up in an open area with some
bookcases and a stairway going up. There is a health pack on top of the highest
bookcase. Use the couch to jump to the small bookcase and then to the higher
one. After you're done, go up the stairs to the second floor. Walk past the
television and you'll come to a T-junction. The room right in front of you is
empty and the one to the left of it is locked. The door at the far left will
slowly creak open if you approach it. The only thing you will find in here is a
pistol in the bathtub along with the dead body.

Exit the bathroom and go to the opposite end of the hallway. Here you'll find a
kitchen area. There is a box of shotgun shells on top of the vending machine.
Continue down the stairs here and follow this hall to the end. Open the door at
the end and turn right. Follow this brick hallway to a gate which leads you all
the way back to the front entrance of the asylum. Three rabid dogs will run at
you from the left when you walk through the gate. Open the large gate in front
of you and turn left on the road. There are two giant zombies and three rabid
dogs to the right so I doubt you'll want to go there. Follow the road back down
into the parking lot where you'll meet three more fiesty little rabid dogs.

The gate to the right should be open if you followed my instructions and opened
it a long time ago. There is a machine gun and a clip for it lying here with a
dead security guard. Pick them up and continue. This area is heavily guarded by
evil cops and rabid dogs. There is one evil cop walking away from you when you
enter. Snipe him if you have the ammo. There is also another evil cop to the
left in a tower. Finally there are two rabid dogs directly to the left of you.

Continue down this road to the end. There is a broken truck here with some
machine gun grenades and a pistol clip in front of it. Climb up the ladder to
the left. At the top there are two evil cops. There is also a health pack in
each of the towers. There are three buttons up here, one on the close tower and
two on the far tower. Only push the one on the right side of the far tower. It
will open the gate below. After you've pushed it go back down the ladders and
enter the newly opened gate. Open the door to the far right. Go inside and
climb the stairs to the next floor. Open the door here and you'll find a health
pack and a tape recording. There is also a button here which will release a
rabid dog onto the scientists below.

Go to the next floor and open the door. There should be an evil cop standing
right outside the door. There will also be some rabid dogs beneath you in the
yard. Kill them and then make your way back down to the yard. Break open the
grate in the ground that has already been partially broken and then jump down
into it. Make your way through the torture chambers until you reach a
staircase. (Optional: In the room with the stretching device, there is a small
opening in one of the walls which contains a health pack.)

Turn right at the top of the staircase. Go down the stairs to the room below.
There are boxes here which contain a health pack and a pistol. Ring the bell
and a giant zombie will come bursting through the wall. Kill it and enter the
hole that it has made. Directly inside the hole there is a box with a machine
gun clip in it. Take it and continue to the next room. An evil cop will be
waiting above the entrance with his gun. Be careful not to let him catch you
off guard. There is also a health pack in this room. Exit through the opposite
door in this room. You will enter another yard. An evil cop above will pull the
alarm when he sees you. Two more rabid dogs are also waiting here.

After clearing out this area, find the cellar door which is hidden behind a
tree. Break it open and jump down into it. There is a large heater here. Turn
the red valve on it and it will blow up, knocking out a wall. Go through the
wall and into the next area. Thee are two zombies waiting for youin this room.
Enter the green door on the right. Walk down this hallway. The first room on
the right contains another tape recording to listen to. Exit this room and
continue down the hallway. Enter the room which is marked quarantine. There are
two evil cops here as well as a rabid dog. In the office above, there is a
blank tape recorder, a 357 Magnum and the button to open all of the cells in
the quarantine room. There are two skeletons in the top left cell and a zombie
in the bottom right one. After killing them all, enter the bottom left cell and
break the grate inside. Enter the vent and crawl through it.

Break the grate at the other end and exit the vent. Crawl along the ledge to
the right and make your way to the rafters on the other side. There is a hand
creature there. After killing it, move to the other side of the rafters. The
wood will burst open in front of you. Jump over the hole and onto the stairway
on the other side of the wall. At the bottom of the stairway, there are two
boxes containing some machine gun grenades and a health pack. After collecting
these, go up the stairs. At the top, turn left and go to the end of the
hallway. Enter the door on the right. The floor in front of you will explode
and two zombies will come at you. Jump over the hole in the ground and kill
them. Ther room to the right contains a machine gun, a health pack and another
tape recording. If you don't need any of these then just go up the stairs to
continue. At the top of the stairs there is a locked door. To the right is a
VERY HOT pipe. Quickly jump onto it and up to the next floor.

There is a door to the left. Open it and go through. Jump down to the room
below where there are three patients. A giant zombie will break through the
door. Kill it and continue through the door. There is a zombie waiting in this
room. After killing it, go left to the next area. A skeleton will break through
the ground as you walk to the next room. There are also two skeletons in the
next room and two more in the room after that. Finally, there is an evil cop
above this last room shooting at you.

Climb up to where the evil cop was using the bed and the locker. Go left here
and continue to the next room. This room is very dangerous! If you stay in here
too long you'll die instantly do do it very quickly! Kill the two zombies in
here, one on the left and one on the right. There are boxes to the left
containing shotgun ammo and sniper rifle ammo and there is also a health pack
to the right. After collecting these you can listen to the tape recording if
you wish but don't take too long. Once you're done in here, open the elevator
and climb down the metal rope.

The elevator door that is one floor below you will open once you reach it.
There are two evil cops and one zombie in the room it opens into. Once you've
killed them all, collect the two health packs in the boxes behind the truck.
Now save your game! The next part is very hard.

Shoot the can beside the truck to blow up the door to the truck. Get in and
start it up by using the steering wheel. Now turn the truck onto full and jump
out as fast as you can. Wait for it to break through the wall and then kill any
enemies you can see outside. There are two evil cops, three rabid dogs and a
zombie up above with a turret. The cops and dogs may enter the room once the
truck has crashed through the door. Carefully snipe the zombie with the turret
and then go outside. There is a large tank of gasoline on the right side of
this area. Turn the valve on the tank and then stand back and enjoy!

UnSub's Notes: Nice ending! My favourite in this series. Run away from the
explosion - it killed me, then when They Hunger 3 loaded up, I was still dead!


They Hunger 3: (by Molded Guppy) (

They Hunger 3 Quick Questions:

UnSub's Notes: These are some problem areas people obviously asked about a lot.
Walk-through is after this bit.


I'm stuck early in TH 3; I'm in the hospital's basement room with the water
pump. I think I need to go though the water intake, but I can't figure out how
to shut the darn pump off. I've shot at it and everything and I don't have
anything (I think) to shut it down otherwise.

Shoot the water pump's radiator. It will blow some steam and eventually the
motor will seize-up and the steam will stop. Then jump into the water tunnel
and continue on your way.


I am having a great deal of trouble getting past the hospital in They Hunger 3.
I read on the help page about a water pump being in the basement. Well, I went
into the basement and I could not find a waterpump. The only objects that were
down there were: The Elevator, a "workbench" with a saw on it, a fusebox, some
crates, a radio, and a little crawlspace next to the elevator. I even made it
outside the hospital, but could not open the gate. The ambulance was
undriveable and even the gate to the nature trail was locked too. I have tried
everything that I could think of.What do I do?

Good point, there is more than one part to the hospital basement. The basement
area I reference in above answer is accessed by going in the emergency doors by
the ambulance. There is a remote switch in the ambulance that unlocks the
emergency door. Then go straight in the door and you will come to a stairway
going down to a different basement area where you will find the water pump.


The place I'm stuck is where the train hits the helicopter. I blew up the TNT
and it blew open a hole where a GOOD helicopter was killing the zombies. Then a
train came and blew the bridge and the crossed bars blocking my path broke. I
went through and into the water I swam until I got back to the previous area.
Anyway, I walked back to where the accident was and there is a gap there now
where I can't get across. Could help me on where to go next. Thanks.

1] try and walk across the remaining bridge pieces on the re-bar
2] when bridge pieces break some rubble falls and creates a step on the far
side and you will fall into water
3] circle back through the water [turn wheel handle at waterline to get through
underwater tunnel] and return to the bridge
4] jump off the bridge [to the right] and circle around on the path until you
come to far side of bridge
5] climb the rubble steps and continue on your way up a path

Special NOTE: A couple of people have wrote me saying the crossed bars in the
small tunnel do not break when the train hits the helicopter. If that is so it
is indicative of a larger problem. This would mean TH3 was installed wrong,
likely you already had an old episode of They Hunger installed and then you
'unselected' winzip's 'overwrite files' option when unzipping They Hunger 3.
Delete the entire contents of your valve/hunger folder and reinstall TH3. Using
a cheat to move though the bars will not help because this problem must be
fixed or you will miss many of the new monsters in TH3.

------ HOW DO I GET INTO THE BARN? ------

I came upon a "barn" in the woods and there is a crate dangling from a rope. I
can hear zombies, but don't know what to do next. I tried climbing the rope,
that isn't an option and the doors are all locked. Did I miss something?

Break the crate [on the end of the rope] and then climb the rope and go into
the barn's loft door. It can be a bit tricky jumping off the rope into the loft
door opening so it may take a few tries.


After the farmhouse and barn I followed the path to the lake where there was 2
zombie bulls ...but where do I go now?

Go to the top floor of the largest ruined building overlooking the lake. There
is a door in the back, upper corner ...go through it.


I can't figure out what to do after returning to the ruined buildings
overlooking the small lake, when the military chopper is flying overhead
shooting zombies. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to go, and I can't shoot
the chopper down, even with the mounted machine gun. What am I supposed to do?
Thanks for your help.

You MUST shoot the helicopter down. When it crashes the shock wave breaks more
rocks on the left side of the lake and you can then jump up and continue back
to the farm/ranch. It isn't really that hard to shoot down but may take a bit
of practise ...use the mounted turret and just aim anywhere on the body of the

If you still have problems dealing with this chopper go to the last line on
this page. The special file to make the final helicopter fight easier will also
affect this helicopter and also make it easier to kill.


I am a little stuck - on map 40. I've swum through the lake, avoided the giant
bullsquid, and found the entrance to the underwater tunnel. That took me into a
room, where I dispatched the electrified-skeletons. The only door is locked,
and the vent leads me to a ladder, but the opening at the top is barred with
debris (I can hear zombie talk all around, though). I've tried going back to
the lake, but can't get back up onto the ledge, so am as stuck there as I am in
the room.

Near the top of the ladder route which is blocked with debris there is a vent
grate, break it and enter the basement of the burned-out asylum. Then find and
open the elevator door and you can climb up inside there and then climb up the
cable attached to top of elevator.


What do I do when I reach the movie theater? All of the doors are locked and I
have no clue what to do. I've tried shooting the light next to the Projection
Room Window, breaking the doors down, and shooting the switch in the ticket
booth. Plz help.

Look inside the ticket booth and you will see a padlock on the ticket booth
door. Shoot it off and the door will open, then go in the booth and use the
switch which will then open a door in the theatre that leads to the
projectionist's room.


I'm having a little problem near the end of the game. After the zombies shut
the helipad doors and I get back out of the helicopter and re-open them, I jump
on a pipe near the door where I entered the helicopter hangar, then I jump back
to the partially-raised platform and get back in the helicopter, which makes
the platform start to rise again. However, after it has risen a short distance
(before it even reaches ground level), I suddenly get gibbed and die for no
reason that I can determine. I've tried crouching, but I still die. Am I
missing something?

You are doing what you should do and you should NOT get gibbed:[ The only cause
I can think of is that HL has dropped a trigger that should have disabled the
trigger_hurt that gibs you ...HL sometimes drops triggers if you have done a
quicksave at a time when there is lots happening and triggers are being
executed. If you did such a quicksave you should you go back to the most recent
autosave and play through the scene again and avoid quicksaving and it should
work OK for you. HL can also drop triggers if your f.p.s. drops too low. If
that is the case, lowering your screen resolution signifigantly should speed
things up enough to make a difference.

A couple people reported to me that jumping up and down a few times as the
helicopter/lift rises helped them avoid being gibbed.

If all this fails then your only alternative is to implement a GOD cheat just
to get you through the area that gibs you. To learn how to implement cheats in
HL go to Adrenaline Vault's HL Cheat Page.

------ FINAL FIGHT SCENES ------

I am having real problems completing the final fight scenes in TH3 ...please
help me:[

The final boss fighting is intentionally really tough, but here are a few tips
on how to finish the game:

- Make sure you take off with your helicopter carrying full ammo and health.
There's plenty of ammo and medkits inside the helicopter hangar, so this should
not be a problem.

- As soon as you take off, kill the zombie on the turret using your sniper
rifle. You can do this with a single headshot, even on skill Hard.

- Use your sniper rifle to kill Dr. Franklin. It will take about 10 bullets on
skill Medium, or almost 20 bullets on skill Hard (there was 20 sniper bullets
in the hangar, so this should not be a problem). Don't waste bullets and don't
bother with the other zombie guards that will appear in this area, they are not
important anyway.

- For the final battle scene, the chaingun is the most powerfull weapon you
have. But you must only use it when the sheriff's chopper is very close,
otherwise you will waste too much ammo. The best time to use the chaingun when
the sheriff's chopper is turning around behind your helicopter, because at this
time the sheriff can't shoot back at you. For the rest of the time, use other
weapons that work better on average distances, like the secondary fire mode of
the Tec Ap-9 (that you can find also at the hangar). And if you still have any
grenades left from the previous levels, they work very well against choppers.

NOTE: Do not miss the fact that a new item, a reuseable health kit is in the
helicopter. Simply select it from your weapons menu and 'fire' key it to give
yourself health.

If you still have problems download this small file which will make the end
fight much easier.


------ Waking Up At Hospital ------

When you first wake up, you are in a hospital on the Medical Surgical Unit.
Feel free to take a look around this area before you continue on. When you are
ready to move on, return back to the reception desk. To the right of the desk
is a short hallway with 2 doors (a door to the left and a door straight ahead).
Take the door at the end of the hall which will lead you to the Administration
Area. There will be an elevator to your right. Continue past elevator and you
will see the Admitting Window. Take the door across from the Admitting window
which opens up to a set of stairs. Continue Downstairs.

------ Map Change [Hospital] ------

The stairs will lead down to the basement. There is an electrical box in the
far corner of the basement. Use the switch you see there. Next, enter the
elevator and climb up the elevator shaft to the level above. You are now at the
maternity ward. The phone will ring, you don't have to answer it, but it won't
quit ringing until you do. Next use the "Call Nurse" button on the wall
opposite the telephone booth. A zombie nurse will come and open the viewing
window curtain for the nursery. Lead the zombie nurse outside the nursery and
be sure to avoid her long arms. Dodge past her and run into the nursery. Just
inside the doorway to the right on the floor, you will find an umbrella. Use
this to kill the first zombie nurse, then use it on the nurse inside the
nursery. There is a medikit in the nursery if you need it.

Leave the nursery and the Lounge door to the left of the elevator is now open.
As you enter, there will be a skeleton zombie fall out of the skylight. Kill
this one first. Grab the gun on the floor and use it on the 2nd skeleton zombie
waiting in the skylight area. Then use it on the hand zombie that was beside
the soda machine. Finally, use your umbrella to kill the eating zombie next to
the turned up table. Use the soda machine to get cans of soda. Each can of soda
counts as 1 health point. There are 2 cans available. Leave the Lounge through
the opposite door.

Enter the Chapel. Break the left stained glass window and there will be a gun
(if you don't have one yet) or ammo (if you do have a gun). Next, you will see
a priest sitting on the floor infront of the right stained glass window. Talk
to the priest, and get him to follow you, just so that you can move him out of
the way of the window. Break the right stained glass window and a hand zombie
will come out. Kill him then walk into the window area. Break the grate on the
floor and jump down. Break the second grate and you will then be in radiology.

In this room, you will release 2 Large zombies. There are 2 ways you can kill
these guys. #1) they way it was meant to be done.... #2) the cheap, but safe

#1) The zombies will be behind the door to your right as you enter radiology
from the vent. But leave them there for a sec. Go behind the wall panel with
window that is to your left. You will see a series of buttons. The right set of
buttons will move the radiation machine so that it is over the large X on the
floor. The left set of buttons will turn on the radiation. Once you think
you're ready, use the button beside the door to release him. As he runs in, you
run back to the radiation controls and as soon as he steps on the large X, hit
the radiation button. It will kill him instantly. You will repeat the process
for the 2nd zombie. To release him, walk into the room where the first one was
at, and as soon as the 2nd zombie sees you, run back to the controls and kill

If after a number of tries and you still can't get the timing down, there is
another way to kill them.

#2) All you will have to do, is release the first zombie and run back to the
vent and crawl in. The zombie can still see you and will follow you, but if you
are crouched inside the vent, he can't reach you. From here, you can pound on
him with your umbrella (to save ammo). It takes a little longer, but you don't
have to worry about him hitting you. You can repeat this process with the
second zombie.

After these 2 are dead, you may continue on where the 2nd zombie was hiding.
Just around the corner, there will be a doctor zombie standing in the open and
another zombie behind the curtain to your left. Kill these 2 with your umbrella
to save on ammo. Just make sure to avoid their long arms. Continue around the
corner and you will find a live doctor. Don't worry about making him follow
you. He's not that important. Around the next corner, you will find a live
scientist and a zombie headed for him. Kill the xombie with your gun to save
the scientist. If you go behind the desk, you will find 2 guns. Then listen to
the radio broadcast. Continue on past the desk to the next hallway.

------ Map Change [Hospital] ------

You have now come to the upper balcony just over the admitting office you were
at previously. Walk past the balcony to the end of the hall and you will see an
EXIT door and across from the exit door will be a storage room full of crates.
Walk into the storage room and there will be a scientist zombie and a nurse
zombie to the left of entrance. Beside the nurse zombie on the floor will be a
hand zombie. Kill these and then break the 2 small crates in the corner where
the nurse zombie previously stood. Inside these crates you will find soe ammo
and a medikit. You can now leave the storage area, and go through the EXIT.
This leads you to a set of stairs.

Continue upstairs as far as you can go. You will now be on the roof of the
hospital. As you exit the door, walk straight ahead and look over the edge of
the balcony. You will be able to see a lower roof that you may jump to. From
there jump to the grass. From the grass, down to the pavement below. The
pavement is actually a driveway that enters into the Emergency Room entrance.
Don't head that way just yet. Continue outside around the end of the hospital
building and you will see 2 skeleton zombies and 1 more will appear in a few
seconds. Kill all of these and be sure to avoid their bolts of electricity.
After they are dead, you may continue into the Emergency Entrance.

As you walk around the corner in the ER drive way, you will see an ambulance
with a cop zombie inside and another zombie beside it. Lead the walking zombie
away from the ambulance so that you may kill him with your umbrella now worry
about losing ammo. Next, use your handgun to kill the cop zombie. After he is
dead, go around the back of the ambulance and open the ambulance door. Inside
you will find a shotgun and ammo. You may turn off the siren and lights by
using the buttons in the drivers area of the ambulance.

Enter the Emergency Room. Kill the zombie that is behind the first left
curtain. There will be another zombie to kill at the far end of the room
infront of the Mainentance Door. After you kill these 2, there is a medikit
behind the first curtain, if you need it. Now enter the Maintenance Access

------ Leaving the Hospital ------

You will come to the Water Pump room. 2 head crabs will appear out of 2 of the
crates. Kill them, then break open all the other small crates in the room. You
will find medikits and ammo. Next, walk over to the water pump. Shoot the
engine until it starts smoking, then stand back. The pump will slow down and
stop. Now you may jump into the water and swim out to the river. Once you are
at the river, swim to the left to the end of the river. You will see a place
where you may exit the water. Continue and then you will see a cave entrance.
Exit the cave and you will now be on the upper level, above the place where you
first exited the water. Continue to your left around the end of the river. Keep
walking till you come to a gravel slope to your left.

At the top of this is a train track. The left of the track runs into a dark
cave. The right runs into a campsite with a box of TNT. Walk to the left into
the cave. 3 zombie dogs will attack. Kill them, then exit the cave. Walk a few
steps toward the campsite, but not too close. Shoot the box of TNT. After the
explosion, there will be a small hole for you to crawl into. You will see a
bunch of zombies through the hole. Don't worry about killing them. Just wait
and watch the short cut scene. After the helicopter and train crash, crawl
forward and out. You then HAVE to walk out onto what's left of the bridge in
order to make it fall and create a rock climb on the opposite side. When bridge
breaks you will fall into the water.

Once in the water kill the zombie train engineer, then look around for goodies.
You will find 2 medikits, a sniper rifle, shotgun, and ammo. Swim to the right
(away from train) and you will see a grate, some weeds, and a skeleton.
Although the skeleton appears to be a prop, shoot it anyway. It's really a
skeleton zombie. Next, swim over to the grate. Come up for air and just above
the water line you will see a valve. Use the valve and it will open the grate.
Swim through, and you are now at the first river. Keep swimming back to where
you may exit the water.

Enter the cave, as you did previously, except this time, there is a skeleton
zombie in there waiting for you. As you exit the cave, there will be another
skeleton zombie waiting just to the right of the cave exit. This time as you
approach the gravel slope, there will be another skeleton zombie on the rock
cliff side. Approach the gravel slope and in the dark cave there will be 1
skeleton zombie and 3 dog zombies. After doing away with them, crawl back
through the hole in the campsite. Instead of jumping in the water this time,
jump down to the ground to the right of you. Continue around the wall, and
there will be 3 skeleton zombies. Walk around the end of the river and stop.
There will be another zombie on the far side of the river waiting. Use your
sniper rifle to take him out. Continue around the river and up the short climp.
You will find 1 more zombie.

------ Map Change ------

You are now looking over a high cliff. Jump down into the water, start looking
for an exit quickly. There will be a zombie fish in the water with you.
Continue around and you will see an area with a water fall, a cave in the cliff
and a log bobbing in the water. Climp up the slope. Keep a watch on the cave, a
zombie cop will appear trying to shoot you down. Jump across the waterfall, and
head to the cave. Walk through it, and exit. Keep close to the right side of
the wall and keep walking. As you look around the bend, you will see a flaming
helicopter and a whole group of zombies. Stay right here, and pull out your
sniper rifle. Look beside the kneeling zombie and you will see a small gascan.
One shot to the gas can will cause a major explosion which will take out the
helicopter, and all but 1 of the zombies. This one is an easy kill. Head to the
site and take a look around. Pick up the medikit and all the ammo. Now walk
throught the crevice in the rock. You will find a shovel to pick up.

------ Map Change ------

Continue around and kill the engineer zombie. You will then continue on untill
you come to a place where the path devides. 1 way will head through a break in
the bushes, the other way is a dead end which contains 4 zombie dogs. After you
kill the dogs, walk back through the bushes. Continue until you see another
Large zombie. Kill him quickly with the shotgun.

------ Arriving at the Farm ------

Keep going until the path splits again. Head to the left and 5 zombie dogs will
come out to meet you. There will be another break in the bushes. Walk to the
left. You will come to a cabin with a rope hanging from a support by the upper
loft door. Break the crate at the end of the rope and climb up the rope and
jump into the loft door. You will see a loft with many bales of hay, a doorway
at the back, and a walkway to your left. Be sure to kill the zombie chicken.
You will find a small crate as well, which you can break and recieve ammo.

You can walk around the partial wall, to the left of the window you came in,
and you'll see a place where you can jump down into some stables. Be sure to
kill the 2 zombie chickens in this room. Jump down into the stables and walk to
the next room. There will be 1 zombie chicken in this room. Jump up onto the
wagon and pick up the gun. You can then break the small crate on the floor next
to the fireplace for ammo. You can also pick up a wrench off of the fireplace.
Walk back to the stable room and there will be 2 doors. One is a single and the
other is a double. Exit the room through the single door and you will come

As you exit there will be a large zombie attack you from the left side of the
door. Kill him then walk back towards the other cabin to the right as you
exited the door. As you walk toward the 2nd cabin you will see a door and a
flame thrower next to it on the ground.

UnSub's Notes: The flamethrower is a great weapon. Use careful bursts as it can
eat up ammo quickly.

Pick up the flamethrower and as you do, 1 zombie will break open the door
beside you and a large zombie will break out of the outhouse. Use the flame
thrower on these two. Next, walk inside the cabin and you will find 2 more
zombies. The flame thrower works great on them. You can pick up some ammo next
to the dresser on the floor. By the dining table is a grate with a shotgun and
some items behind it. To open the grate, break the painting over the fireplace
and 'use' key the secret switch that is behind the painting. Now exit the cabin
and walk around.

You will now come to a trailer with 4 zombies behind it and a zombie chicken in
a crate on the truck. There will also be a shooting zombie cop inside the
stable beside the truck/trailer. Shoot down the cop first then use either the
wrench or the shovel on the walking zombies. These are an easy kill. Next kill
the zombie chicken, but be careful of the gas can inside his crate. Now walk
into the stable. You will find a kneeling zombie on the other side of the truck
feeding. Use your wrench on him for an easy kill. Now walk around and get the
ammo from the bale of hay that the shooting cop was standing on. You will also
find another flamethrower and a medikit in the stable as well. Go past the
stable and you will find another kneeling zombie. Around the next bend you will
find 4 more zombies.

------ Arriving at the Lake ------

Now kill the 4 zombies and continue on. Around the next corner, find a shooting
cop the right. Shoot him, then look to your left and you will find 2 shooting
cops. Once these are dead, go around and gather up their ammo, and walk over to
the short cave and crushed cop car. Here you will find a medikit and more ammo.
Now continue on towards the area where the 2 shooting cops were standing.

As you continue on, you will meet a zombie bull. This will take approximately 5
or 6 close range shotgun blasts to kill these monsters. Around a couple more
bends, you will meet another bull at the bottom of the hill to the right, by
the water. Deal with him, the walk back up the hill.

UnSub's Notes: Zombie bulls take a lot of damage and can kill you quickly.

Use your sniper rifle and look at the building on the right. You will see a
shooting cop in the upper level of the building. Now walk around the left side
of the water and enter into the left building. Have your shotgun out. You will
kill 3 zombies in this room. Walk around the corner and kill 2 more. Now return
to the first room and there will be a shooting cop on the upper level of this
area. Shoot him down and then walk up to the level that he was on and take his
ammo. In the next room you will find a small wooden chest, break it and find a
medikit. Look through the window with your sniper rifle and shoot the waiting
cop on the upper level of the next building. Now walk through the door to your
left. Walk downstairs and break open the chest to find some ammo. Walk into the
next room with your flashlight and shoot the box next to the furnace to find
another gun. Use this gun as you walk around to the hallway and find a skeleton

------ Map Change ------

Walk to the end of the hallway and up the ladder that you will find there. You
are now in a room with a fireplace, a room just ahead and a room to your left.
Walk to your left and kill the 2 zombie chickens. One of these will appear in
the right doorway in this room, the other will come from the top of the wall.
Next enter through the doorway that the chicken on the ground came from. Climb
up the stairs you will see there. You will now see a doorway to your left. As
you enter the doorway, there will be a cop zombie standing on the top of the
wall opposite you and he will try his best to shoot you down. There will also
be 1 zombie chicken on the top right wall. It will take quite a few shots to
kill the cop due to the ammount of armor that he is wearing. Once these 2 are
dead, grab the shotgun/ammo and break open the chest for a medikit. You may
then climb up the wall and take the cop zombie's ammo.

Once you've collected, jump down to the ground and continue on down the path.
You will come to an area with a cave to your right and a mine entrance to your
left. Enter the mine and continue on.

------ Stonehenge ------

Around the last corner you will see the cave exit, but don't walk out yet. You
will see a yard with an arragement of stone pillars with a skeleton on the far
side of the yard. 1 head shot with the sniper rifle will take him easily. Now
using the sniper rifle, look around to one of the tops of the stone pillars,
there will be a shooting cop that you can snipe down. Now you may enter the
yard and you will find approximately 6 skeletons in various places around the
yard behind the stone pillars. Once there are dead, you may go back and collect
ammo from the previous cop. Do get to it, the pillar to the right of where the
cop stood will have a rope hanging down the back of it. Climb up this rope then
jump to the next pillar top. Collect the ammo there then jump down. You may now
exit the yard through a path in the bushes.

Keep going and get a shotgun/ammo as you leave the bushy path. A bull will run
out from your left to attack you just as your path widens. Kill him then keep
going. As path narrows again, another bull will attack.

------ Map Change ------

Continue on until you come to a small cemetary with a white picket fence around
it. You will find and need to kill 2 skeletons here. Now enter the cave to the
right of the cemetary. In this cave you will find a total of 3 mini-skeletons.
2 will be in the cave path, 1 will be at the cave exit to the right. You are
now over looking a high cliff. Jump into the water and swim until you find a
bricked tunnel underwater. Keep swimming till you get to the end.

------ Burned Out Asylum ------

Climb up the ladder at the end of the tunnel to get out of the water. 3
skeletons will immediately attack you as you get off the ladder into this room.
After you do away with the skeletons, walk over to the shelf with boxes on it
and break all the boxes. You will find ammo and 2 medikits. Next climb up and
break the grate so that you may climb in. As soon as you are in the tunnel a
hand zombie will attack you from the opposite end of the tunnel. At the end of
the tunnel you will find a ladder. Climb the ladder and you will come to 2
grates. 1 on the left and 1 on the right. Break the one on the right and climb
through it. You are now facing a burned out elevator. Use the button beside the
elevator to open the door. Climb in and up into the elevator shaft. Now climb
up the elevator cables to the level above.

When you get to this room, 1 skeleton will be waiting for you. Kill him then
walk outside. As you walk outside, there will be 3 cops shooting you. 1 on the
left, 1 on the right and 1 on the roof above you. There will also be 2
skeletons on the path for you as you walk outside. Kill the skeletons first
then the 2 cops on the ground. Lastly, snipe down the cop on the roof by
standing underneath him.

Next, walk to the small building to the right as you entered the field. Enter
this building through the large crack in the wall. You will find yourself on a
staircase. Walk upstairs to the next room. Don't just rush into the room since
there is a rather large hole in the floor. Walk upstairs and into the next
room. Here you will need to kill 2 skeletons before proceeding. Now, to get to
the upper level, jump onto the bed beside the file cabinet, then jump to the
file cabinet, then to the upper level. Now enter into the door just to your

Walk to the next room and you will see a medikit on the floor next to a burned
out desk. There will be a radio on this desk that you may activate and listen
to the brief message. Use the medikit if needed, then walk around then end of
the room to a hallway. There will be a skeleton in this hallway waiting for
you. Continue on, and you will pass 1 window but keep going to the 2nd one and
at then end of the passage. Jump down into the room below and be ready to blast
the skeleton that will appear in the doorway behind you. Now walk through the
door and around the corner you will find a zombie nurse. Beat her with a wrench
or umbrella to save on ammo. Now continue on.

------ Trapped ------

Walk downstairs and come to a room with 2 garage doors and a crate. There will
be a button on the wall behind the crate. Activate the button and one of the
doors will open. Exit to the yard through this door and to the left of the yard
you will find a large open crate with a flamethrower inside. Walk in and get
the flamethrower.

Now you've been caught!

Pick up the medikits that appear and enjoy the ride.

UnSub's Notes: Be careful where you save in this situation - it can screw up
the scripting. Save before the trap falls, or after you get free.

------ Back at Stonehenge ------

As soon as you're free, run around and grab guns and ammo and the shovel by the
fire. Be sure to shoot down the marine from the top of one of the rock pillars,
then climp up the same rope as before. From here you can shoot down the rest of
the zombies without much worry about health damage. Since zombies can't climb
ropes. There is a cop on top of one of the pillars also. Take him out next.
Once you clear out all the zombies, head towards the cave entrance, but have
gun ready. There will be a few zombies and a bull waiting in the cave entrance.
Once these are dead, enter the cave and collect some ammo. Now continue on.

UnSub's Notes: Why is everyone out to kill you?

------ Map Change ------

As you come to the cave exit, you will see another cave opposite you and a bill
will charge you from this other cave. Step out of cave quickly and grab the
shotgun on the ground. Use this to take out the bull with. Once bull is dead,
you will see a few items laying between you and the opposite cave. Pick them
up. You get 2 medikits and a sniper rifle. Use the scope on the sniper rifle
(alternate fire key) and look around the bend. You will see a building with a
marine on top shooting at some zombies. There are a few marines on the ground
firing as well. Don't kill them just yet. Let them use their own ammo to kill
the zombies. Once the marines are through with the zombies they will turn on
you. Now you may kill them. Head towards building killing any and all marines
and/or zombies that you may see. Be sure to collect the ammo from the dead
marines as you kill them. No enter the building and head upstairs. In the upper
room, you will find more ammo. You may also climb up to the roof edge by way of
the window and collect the last dead marine's ammo. Be sure to break open the
small crate and collect the medikit there. Now go back downstairs and head to
the back of the house. You will see a female zombie kneeling over a dead
marine. Kill her and pick up the shovel (if you dont have one already) and take
it with you as you climb down the ladder here. At the bottom of the ladder
simply continue down the hallway.

------ Back at the Lake Ruins ------

Keep going. You will come to a room with stairs leading upward. Follow these
and the rooms will darken and you will come the furnace. In the room beside the
furnace, you will see a table with a candle burning and stairs leading up.
Follow these stairs. As you exit, kill the marine that appears to your right.
Look through the window to the left and snipe the marine in the next building
and 2 skeletons on the ground. Walk back to the other side of the room and
around the wall you will see a medikit and a turret gun. Look across the river
in the direction the gun is pointing. You will see dozens of zombies appearing.
There is also a helicopter that arrives and is busy trying to kill each of
these zombies. You may use the turret gun to help kill the zombies. More and
more will appear. This will take a while to kill them all. But when the zombies
are finally dead, you may then turn on the helicopter and take it out using the
turret gun.

UnSub's Notes: Yeah, like it's easy to just "take it out" with the turret gun.
But you have to do it to save ammo. When the helicopter is otherwise killing
zombies, put a couple of rounds into it with the turret gun. When it turns to
fire at you, hide. Repeat a lot and save when you have done some damage without
taking any. Eventually the chopper will start to smoke, then (after being shot
some more) it will blow up.

Now head over to the next building, top floor and get the ammo and health that
are there. Break open the crate to get a new gun. Now a rock crash will happen
at the far end of the river. This will allow you to cross the river. For the
moment, jump into the water and collect the ammo that is there by the wreckage.
Now you may exit the water on the opposite side of the river by jumping up the
the small rock and from the rock to the riverbank. Now head over towards the
area where the zombies were appearing. Continue on around and you will see a
marine shooting a bull and a zombie. Help him with the bull. If he doesn't get
killed by the bull, then you take him out after the bull is dead. Now go for
the zombie. Be watchful for more zombies that will appear from the opposite
side of this area. Approximately 3 more zombies. These, you may beat to death,
just avoid their long arms. Now pick up the flame thrower and break the crate
for a medikit. Now head into the corridor.

------ Back to the Farm ------

Keep going till you come to the stables. Beat the kneeling zombie to death. You
may now walk into the stables and kill the marine waiting there. Now walk back
outside and break the crates so that you can pick up the flame thrower fluid.
Break open the other 2 crates and recieve gernades and a medikit. Now shoot
down the marine that is just inside the wooden fence. Now continue on around
the bend. There will be a whole pack of sleeping dogs. Throw one gernade in the
mist of them. This should pretty well take care of all of them. If not use your
auto-shotgun to finish them off. Now keep going.

Now you're at the cabins again. Continue around the end of the building and
towards the outhouse. There will be a zombie come from behind the clothes line.
You can use your shovel to save on ammo. Opposite of the zombie past the 2nd
zombie will be a marine zombie and a bull. Gun these down then return to the
cabin beside the outhouse with the open door. Walk in, pick up the umbrella on
the floor and use it to kill the zombie infront of you. Now walk to the
fireplace. There will be a button over the fireplace that needs to be
activated. To do this, stand infront, JUMP, and hit USE key while in the air to
activate the button. This will open the grate over the table. Now you may leave
the cabin through the door that you entered through. Walk towards the area
where the zombie and bull had been previously standing. Use the door to your
left on this cabin. Walk straight ahead into the room with the fire place and
kill the zombie chicken that comes from the hay trailer. Now use your umbrella
or shovel to break the crate in the corner for ammo. At this point, you can
exit the same way you came in and walk around the building through the break in
the fence to the left of the door you exited through. You will see a tunnel
across the field. Enter the tunnel and continue down the tunnel.

------ The Farm's Train Cattleyard ------

At the end of the tunnel you will come to two gates. Break the lock on the left
gate and enter through it. To the right of this hallway, there will be a large
pin with zombie bulls in it. To the left, there will be a series of small
cells. The first cell will be empty. The second cell will appear empty. Break
it's lock and enter the cells. As you enter, a zombie chicken will fall out of
the ceiling for you to kill. The third cell has a zombie and a medikit inside.
It's easier to shoot this one then try to use a shovel do to the small amount
of space to move around here. The fourth cell, is really unimportant, but you
may walk in and look around and the decapitated body and such. After the 4th
cell, continue on around the corner and you will see a body being pulled into a
small hole in the floor. Wait for a few seconds and watch. Gibs will fly out of
the hole, then a large hole will be blown into the wall next to the small hole.
Now approach the large hole and there will be a marine zombie standing in the
large hold. Shoot him and take his ammo. Then walk into the room, through the
hole, and kill the engineer zombie waiting inside. Once dead, exit this room
and you will see to your left a set of double gates. These are locked for the

Head back up towards the bull pin and watch the action for a few seconds. Once
over, walk back to the double gates. This time, there will be a marine waiting
there. Shoot him 1 time. This will not be enough to kill him, but will be
enough to make him turn and run. He will run to the end of the hall and start
shooting at another zombie around the far corner sitting on a turret gun. Wait
a minute and let him. 1 of 2 things will happen. (1) The marine successfully
kills the other zombie and then turns on you; or (2) The zombie successfully
kills the marine and then you have to finish the zombie off. If #1 happens,
then killing the marine is easy due to his lack of health. If #2 happens, then
it will be a little more difficult. It will be easiest if you crouch and use a
sniper rifle on the zombie on the turret. He is sitting on top of one of the
cars of the train that is stationed there. After both the zombie and the marine
are dead, head toward the train. Pick up the flamer fluid and break the crate
for a medikit. Walk to the other side of the train and shotgun the bull that
charges at you here. Now you can break the crates for a medikit and another
gun. Now walk down the platform to the opposite end. There is a marine over
there in the far corner near the crates. Once he is dead, you may head back to
the other side of the train. Walk through one of the arched hallways in the
wall and gun down the bull in the pin which you had seen previously from the
celled area. Once bull is dead, walk around and pick up all the ammo from the
marines that died there previously. Now head back to the train through either
exit. As you approach the train, there will be a small door to your right with
a barred window in it. Enter here and continue on. Walk upstairs then down the
next set of stairs. You are now in a dark hallway with more cells. In the first
cell, kill the tattered woman zombie. In the second cell, all you can do is
watch a man die without being able to help him. Exit the cell and continue on.
A zombie will appear for you to destroy. You will now see a window with a
conveyor belt that leads to a large furnace. There is a button beside the
window. Push this button and you will watch some live men being conveyed into
the furnace. The button is not reversable, so once it's pushed, all you can do
it watch the men die.

UnSUb's Notes: When the heck did the zombies have time to knock this together?

Now continue down the hallway and another zombie will attack you. After killing
him, keep going and walk upstairs. Wrench the kneeling engineer zombie that you
find in this room. There will be some crates to your left. Break these to find
a medikit and some ammo. Walk up to the walkie-talkie on the floor and listen
to the message that is issued. Now walk over to the table and use the radio
there and listen for another brief message. Now there will be 2 windows in this
room. Break the window on the right and jump through and onto the pipe there.
Walk down the pipe to the train and jump to the hole in the top of the train
and climb down. There are a few crates in this cattlecar.

------ Asylum Train Station ------

Be sure to stand at the opposite end of the train car to the 1 remaining crate.
The reason being is that after a few seconds a head crab will burst out of it
and attack you. After killing him, wait for a brief train ride. Soon, the doors
will open and you are now readily attacked by a cop and a dog. Kill them from
inside the train car if possible. The reason being is that there is a nearby
tower with a spotlight on you and a cop using a turret. Once you kill the first
cop and the dog, crouch and snipe down the cop on the turret. Now you may exit
the car and be ready to take out another dog to the left of the train. Return
to the front of the train car. Break the small box at the end of the platform
and find a medikit. Now walk to the tower and climb the ladder on the backside
of the tower. As you get to the top, several marines will drop down suddenly
from a flying helicopter. Use the turret to kill the marines. This way you can
save your own ammo. Once all are dead, use the button to the right of the
turret to turn off the spotlight. Now turn around and break the small crate
behind you for another medikit.

Return to the ground and enter the building to your right by way of the door
with the light on over it. Walk down the stairs here and to the right a man
through a window will talk to you. Pick up the automatic chaingun next to the
window and break the crate for more health. Walk back towards tthe stairs and
to the hallway on the other side. A little ways ahead, kill the kneeling zombie
with shovel to save ammo. Then continue down the hallway.

------ Map Change ------

You will now come to a long corridor. Contine on till path divides and there
will be a pack of dogs to the right. Toss in a grenade to get rid of them. Now
continue on in the direction of the dogs and walk outside. As you walk into the
open, there will be a marine above you shooting. Now continue around the corner
and kill any and all marines here. Pick up all their ammo and continue on into
the covered drive way. Around the first corner there will be another pack of
dogs. One good grenade should take them out. Continue on and you will see debri
fall from the ceiling above. Use the falled rock to stand on and jump into the
window of the office. There will be 2 crates in this office. Break them and you
will recieve ammo and 2 medikits. Now, exit the office through the door. In the
back right corner, there will be a small dark hall and a zombie in waiting in
the shadows. After killing him, walk back to the office through the door and
just to the left as you enter, there will be a small passage with a ladder
leading up. Climb this ladder and kill the waiting skeleton at the top. Pick up
the briefcase/ammo and the medikit. Exit this room and walk to the right. After
passing 2 corners, kill the marine zombie waiting there. Continue to a charred
portion of the asylum. Walk down the hall to a room with stairs and you'll find
a shooting marine. Gun him down then walk up the stairs and kill 2 more
marines. There is a medikit in the corner behind the place where the last
marine previously stood. At this point, walk back to the left side of the
balcony and Continue around and down some more stairs. Directly infront of you
across the room there is some dirt pushed through the floor. 2 zombies will
climb up from here. As you move to attack them, 1 more zombie will rush you
from behind. Take care of them, then enter Dr. Franklin's office (the room with
the busted radiator).

Just around the corner in Dr.Franklin's office there will be some filing
cabinets and a headcrab will attack you from one of these cabinets. Once dead,
you will need to jump through the small hole above the file cabinet so that you
can continue on. In order to do this, you must first jump onto Dr.Franklin's
desk, then jump to the filecabinet, then onto the door of the open wall safe,
then crouch jump into the break in the wall. Crawl through then jump to the
floor. Continue down the hall and around 2 corners which will lead you outside.
Across the patio, there is a small tented military station with a marine there
shooting at you. Stand in the hallway, and snipe him down to make it easy on
you. One shot to the head will do it. Now walk into the open and 2 more marines
will attack you. One from the right and one from a ledge above the hallway
exit. Deal with these then continue on to the hallway behind the military

------ Map Change ------

Walk through the door and around the corner to the 1st window. Crouch jump
through the window and use the radio. Listen to the brief message then walk
through the next door and use the soda machine to gain health. -- Each time you
use the machine, you recieve a soda can....Each soda can = 1 health point
(Maximum of 6 cans/health points).

Now enter through the door and beside the soda machine there are 2 crates. One
on the floor and one on the counter. The one on the floor contains a medikit,
but the box will explode upon breaking use your own discretion when
breaking or leaving this box. The box on the counter, however, is perfectly
safe. It contains ammo. Now exit this room and walk towards the snack machine.
Jump onto the back of the couch and then to the top of the snack machine. From
there, jump into the ceiling tiles. Crawl over and down into the next room and
exit through the door. You will see a cross shaped headstone coming up out of
the floor. Walk towards it and you will find 2 doors. 1 leads to a set of
stairs and 1 does not. Use the door that does not lead upstairs. Continue on
and in the first dark hallway to your right there will be a large zombie to
attack you. This door is locked, so continue down the hallway. Enter the
cafeteria and be ready to gun down some marines. There will be a marine
shooting you from the opposide side of the cafeteria as you enter. There is
another marine in the far left side of the cafeteria, and 2 marines in the top
left balcony overlooking the cafeteria. Kill all of these in that order. Walk
up the 2 short stairs and kill the attacking dog. Continue on in this direction
and to the right is some stairs leading downward. Walk downstairs and keep

------ Asylum Movie Theatre ------

At the bottom of the stairs there is a theater and a phone will ring. You may
answer the phone if it annoys you enough. Or you can just wait it out. It won't
ring forever. Now walk up to the ticket booth and look the window on the right
side. From here you can see there is a lock on the inside of the door to this
booth. You can shoot the lock and it will unlock the door. Now, enter the
ticket booth and activate the panel you will find in there. After this is done,
exit the ticket booth and enter the theater. Once you get in there, you will
see that there are 3 doors inside. The door closest to you on the left will be
open and you may walk through and climb the ladder there to get to the
projector room. As soon as you enter this room, be sure to take out the waiting
skeleton. Break the crates in this room and find 2 medikits. Now, play the
movie (walk upto the movie projector and USE). Once the movie is over, Leave
the room by the same ladder and this time there is a skeleton waiting at the
bottom of the ladder.

As you enter the theater again, 2 skeletons will appear. One will be on the far
side of the theater and one will be to your left. Hurry and take care of the
skeletons. Soon a large hole will be blown into the movie screen and a marine
will appear in the hole. This marine will call 2 more marines that will appear
through the door on the far side of the theater. After taking care of all of
these, walk through the now open door and up to the stage. There will be a vent
in the corner. Break the grate and crawl in.

------ Asylum Helicopter Hanger ------

Crawl on the and down to the next grate. Break the grate and you will fall and
land on a large crate. Be careful as you walk into this room. There are 3 dogs
hiding behind a few of the other crates. After killing the dogs, break all the
small crates and you will find a control panel on the wall. Access the panel
and the door will open. Walk into the next room and keep walking. You will come
to a door with 2 sets of control panels. The closest one will open/close the
door you just walked through. The left set will open the door infont of you.
Open this door and throw a gernade around the corner. There is a pack of
sleeping dogs there. Walk into the passage and look through the window on the
left, you will see Dr.Franklin talking to the sherrif. The alarm will sound.
The door opposite the window will open reveal a cop zombie. Now walk through
the door and down the hall.

Continue on down the halls, killing 2 more cops in the process. Now you will
come to a large open room with a helicopter pad and helicopter at the bottom.
As you enter this room, a cop will start blasting you from the right. Walk to
the station where the cop had been stainding. Kill the zombie around the corner
waiting. This the hatch control station. Keep gonig and come to a ladder. Climb
down ao the next level and keep walking till you come to a room with a POWER
button on the wall. You may also break the crate in the corner for ammo and
mdeikit. Head back to the hatch control station and this time there is a cop
shooting you from there and a dog is waiting no you to show up, so he can
attack. Walk up to the hatch control which will be automactially activated.
This causes the hatch doors above the helicopter to be opened.

Now run back to the where the POWER button was at and opposite of this area
there is a short hallway. Kill the cop in the doorway and continue on. Now
climb down the ladder. In the next room, pick up any and all the ammo that you
can carry. Make sure you reload all your guns that way, you can carry maximum
ammo. Now you walk toward the helicopter and jump aboard. Inside the chopper
ther is a reusable medikit. This kit is kept in your weapons selection, so that
it maybe used more than once, but on a limited basis.

The helicopter platform will now raise a short ways and then stop. The hatch
doors have been re-closed so you must kill the one that closed them, then
reopen them. As you exit the chopper, shoot down the 3 zombies that are firing
on you from their grated walkways. Now, jump to the nearby grate ledge and clmb
up the ladder back to the hatch control to activate the doors again.

------ Final Battle with Dr. Franklin ------

You are now flying over the asylum and a train area. You're present job is to
take out Dr.Franklin and his cop buddies. Now you don't have to do the jobs in
this order, but I found this order to be the easiest:: (1) Use your sniper
rifle to take out the cop in the tower on the turret gun. One shot should do
him in. (2) Take out the 2 cops on the helping Dr.Franklin get rid of you. (3)
Snipe Dr. Franklin. It will take a few good sniper shots to take him out.
=Note= This particular area is time delayed so you must hurry about killing Dr.

After so much time has pasted, you will be dropped to the ground if you haven't
already finished off the Doc. Once Dr.Franklin is dead, however, it's back to
the chopper.

UnSub's Notes: I dropped bombs on him from above. This works too, but you have
to judge it to hit him head on.

------ Final Battle with Sheriff Rockwell ------

Now for the final scene. Use the re-useable medikit for health while you can.
Because from the side of the helicopter you will see another helicopter fly
past and some marines will be parachuting out and shooting at you. Use your
automatic shotgun on these marines. Finally the sherrif himself will come to
you in the helicopter. He will be sitting on a turret gun trying to take you
out. The easiest way to finish him off is to snipe him down from his gun. A few
good shots to the head (if possible) should take care of him. Once he is dead,
pull out automatic chaingun and unload on the helicopter itself. It will
finally start smoking and then blow up.

UnSub's Notes: I couldn't do it. I pumped about 15 sniper rounds into the
sherriff, emptied my chain gun and every other weapon I had. Eventually I
jumped and tried hitting the helicopter with the shovel. I did this several
times. Could have just been that playing on the "hard" difficulty level makes
this last bit really, really hard, but I couldn't get past him. So I cheated -
the codes are already out there for Half-Life, so I won't repeat them. Using
god mode and no clips, I flew out to the helicopter and hit with everything at
close range. Eventually it started smoking and blew up shortly after.

And that's it.

Mr Manke asked me to add in:

------ FINAL FIGHT SCENES ------
I am having real problems completing the final fight scenes in TH3 ...please
help me:[
The final boss fighting is intentionally really tough, but here are a few tips
on how to finish the game:
- Make sure you take off with your helicopter carrying full ammo and health.
There's plenty of ammo and medkits inside the helicopter hangar, so this should
not be a problem.
- As soon as you take off, kill the zombie on the turret using your sniper
rifle. You can do this with a single headshot, even on skill Hard.
- Use your sniper rifle to kill Dr. Franklin. It will take about 10 bullets on
skill Medium, or almost 20 bullets on skill Hard (there was 20 sniper bullets
in the hangar, so this should not be a problem). Don't waste bullets and don't
bother with the other zombie guards that will appear in this area, they are not
important anyway.
- For the final battle scene, the chaingun is the most powerfull weapon you
have. But you must only use it when the sheriff's chopper is very close,
otherwise you will waste too much ammo. The best time to use the chaingun when
the sheriff's chopper is turning around behind your helicopter, because at this
time the sheriff can't shoot back at you. For the rest of the time, use other
weapons that work better on average distances, like the secondary fire mode of
the Tec Ap-9 (that you can find also at the hangar). And if you still have any
grenades left from the previous levels, they work very well against choppers.
NOTE: Do not miss the fact that a new item, a reuseable health kit is in the
helicopter. Simply select it from your weapons menu and 'fire' key it to give
yourself health.
If you still have problems download
which will make the end fight much easier.

UnSub's Notes: I haven't tried to download this file, so I can't verify its

------ The END [enjoy the music] ------

Version 1.0 - Finished June 2 2002.

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