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Click the door on the right. Drag the cheese in the small upper black 
hole. The snake will eat the mouse and you will be able to go right. 

Once hanged in a tree with your parachute, run your mouse over the 
bird to fall down. Click the small lever to your left and hang the 
noose on your ship. 

Click the elevator next to the tree and climb to the top of the tree. 
Click the spinning thing and a strange alien appears. Wait a few seconds
until he goes to the bathroom and then click again the spinning thing. 
After you felt down, drag the spinning thing to the rear of the ship. 
Click the engine of the elevator and drag it on the front part of the 

Click the snail with a tuba to get eaten. Switch the red and green cables
and then click the little character. Click the tape player and then click
the switch on the right. Grab the piece of tape that pops out and attach 
it to the center of the right circle. Grab the feather in the basket and 
drag it to the top of the nail. Drag the nail on the head of the snake 
and then click the switch of the tape recorder. Once back outside, drag 
the feather in the fire. 

Click the right flower and then click on the tuba snail. Drag the fishing
pole towards the character and then drag the light bulb to the end of the
fishing pole. 

Click the right bottom hole and then click the top right one. Click the 
spoon from the nest. Drag the two razor blades on the left part of the 
handle of the spoon. Drag the dish antenna in the spoon. Drag the ruler 
right just left to the dish antenna. Drag the nail/screw on the ruler 
to attach it. You made a sort of airplane. Click the little character 
to use it and go back home.

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