Hapland 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Hapland 3

Hapland 3


Goal 1: Get Rid Of That Pesky Mine:
-Click on the carrot to eat it. 
-Click on the guy who ate the carrot and he'll move to the right. 
-Click the bottom lever guy 3 times. 
-Click on the carrot and then click on top of box below him. Two flys 
 come out. You need to click on both of them before they get to the carrot. 
-Click both "launch pad" switches so the UFO floats up. 
-Click the bottom lever guy 3 times so a right red arrow appears. 
-Click the other arrow so it turns to the right. 
-Click on the right side of the box so the right flap comes down. 
-Click on the red arrow directly above the guy on the platform, and he 
 will move down. 
-Click on the UFO and then very quickly click the yellow button below the 
 box on the right. Several things happen here. The UFO tries to abduct the
 guy, but gets the boulder instead. It drops the boulder on that mine which
 explodes and turns the red arrow up. The guy runs into the bathroom and 
 flushes which causes pipes underneith to fall away exposing a red blob 
 that we'll use later. 

Goal 2: Drain The Pond:
-Click the doorbell on the bathroom. 
-Click the guy that comes out of the bathroom. 
-Click on the same guy again so he moves left. 
-Click the bottom lever guy three times so you see a shield. 
-Click the switch to the left of green arrow. 
-Click the bottom lever once. 
-Click on the tube above the door on the far left, so it will bend upwards. 

This requires some timing. click on the UFO and it will fly up and to the right.
Just before the UFO leaves the screen, click on the shield and then click on the
bottom left guy who will pull a lever. This will fire a rock that destroys the 
UFO and freezes the pond. 

-Click on the shield then click the left lever guy. This will fire another rock
 that will bounce off the shield into the yellow basket. 
-Click on the shield then click the left lever guy. This will fire a water 
 activated bomb that will bounce off the shield into the yellow basket. 
-Click the light directly above the door on the far left. The guy will move 
 back to his original position. 
-Click the small gear in the middle of the wood box, it should start to spin. 
-Click the left yellow button under that box which will shoot out another boulder. 
-Click the switch to the left of the green arrow. 
-Click the lever guy 3 times16 - Click the red bomb. The top guy will throw it 
 over the pond, which will cause it to melt. 
-Click the window in the top left in the tree. This will drop a carrot. 
-Click the spider web in the top left in the tree. A spider will come down. 
-Click the spider and then quickly click the bird. This will cause the bird to 
 get pissed off and shoot a laser out of its head (???) which releases a ladder
 on the second tree. This will also overload the yellow basket, causing it to 
 fall on the boulder below. It then gets kicked into the pond and the water bomb
 sinks and blows a hole in the wall, which drains the pond. Whew. 
-Click the switch to the left of the green arrow. 
-Click the lever guy once. You should now have the bottom guy waiting at the 
 lever at the bottom of the pond. Leave him for now. 

Goal 3: Burn The Vine:
-Click the right leaves on the second tree. A yellow fruit will fall and damage
 up the second landing pad. 
-Click the bell on the building to the right. The last guy (a mechanic?) will 
 climb down and repair the landing pad. When he goes outside, close the door 
 bending him by clicking on the door. He will repair the landing pad and 
 eventually end up by the red up arrow. 
-Click on him and he'll climb the ladder. 
-Click him again and he'll burn the vine. 
-Click him again and he'll climb down. 
-Click the red arrow twice so it points right. 
-Click the small bridge just between the bathroom window and the landing pad 
 that got repaired. This will open up an entry to the cave below. 
-Click the left edge of the crate in the cave below, which will open it. 
-Click the mechanic and he'll fall into the cave. 

Ending: Make The Soup:
There is one last sequence, and you have to get the timing right. You must click 
on the mechanic so he goes into the crate. He will ride out on a cart with a large
bowl and arms. Click on the red blob on the ceiling so it drops an orange donut in
the cart as it drives by. Click on the guy by the lever in the pond which will 
release a green donut, too. Both donuts need to land in the cart, which will stop
under the light. For the timing on the red blob, click just as the cart is reaches
the edge of the side of the crate that we opened. For the timing on the lever, 
click the lever guy just as the cart reaches the first bump it goes over. 
See that button that says "Do not push"? 
Don't push it. It will blow up the guy in the cave. You can still finish even if 
you do, but if you let him live, you can see some concept art for all 3 Hapland 
games at the end. 
Click the gear at the bottom right to turn that button sign around. 
Now you can push the button.

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