Haunted Halls - Green Hills Sanitarium Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Haunted Halls - Green Hills Sanitarium

Haunted Halls - Green Hills Sanitarium

Version 1.2 9/30/13
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Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Chapter 1
  004b. Chapter 2
  004c. Chapter 3
  004d. Chapter 4
  004e. Chapter 5
  004f. Ending
005.  Credits

001.  General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "Haunted Halls: 
Green Hills Sanitarium". This is the first game in the 
Haunted Halls series. To contact me about this guide, use 
my email address,

The ASCII Art at the top of the guide was made by Spurious 
Logik (Sir).

002.  Video Walkthrough

Do you want to see a video of how to beat the game, rather 
than read how to do it? You're in luck! I made a video 
walkthrough for this game, which can be found here:

The videos come complete with my live commentary.

003.  Characters

Tim: The main character's beloved, who is being held 
captive at the abandoned Green Hills Sanitarium.

Dr. Blackmore: The man who runs Green Hills Sanitarium.

John Ocean: A patient who is afraid of water.

Sander Rivera: A patient who is afraid of bugs, worms and 

Merry Chain: A patient who is afraid of her childhood 

Katherine Lane: A patient who is afraid of how she looks.

Jane Lane: Katherine's deceased mother.

Reinold Crass: A patient who is afraid of losing his stamp 

Anthony Miller: A patient who is afraid of heights.

Richard Spike: A patient who is afraid of closed spaces.

Saimon Saimons: A patient who is afraid of being horribly 

John Smith: A patient who is afraid of nuclear war.

James Patrick Goldpatrick: Someone who helped set up the 
lab, who is being held captive along with the patients.

004.  Walkthrough

The game menu is pretty easy to navigate. Click on start to 
start the game. 

004a.  Chapter 1

The game begins with our unnamed character arriving at 
Green Hills Sanitarium. She is looking for Tim, who came 
here a month ago to investigate strange events. He has not 
been seen since, and judging from the condition of his car 
(on the right), he did not drive away.

At the start of the game, there is an optional tutorial 
which teaches you how to do things in this game. For 
example, if your cursor turns into a hand, you can interact 
with an object. Try this out, by clicking on the trunk of 
your car (on the left).

Hey, there's an area with red sparkles! That means it is a 
hidden objects challenge. Click on it, and you have sixteen 
items listed at the bottom of the screen. Find all the 
items in the picture, and click on them. The hint button 
will automatically find an item for you, which is helpful! 
You have to wait thirty seconds between consecutive uses of 
the hint button, however.

The items you have to find are randomly picked, from a list 
of 32 items. The one item that will always be here are the 
matches, hidden behind (and to the right of) the green 
gasoline can. When you finish the hidden objects challenge, 
the matches are added to your inventory, which is at the 
bottom of the screen.

Let's learn more about the inventory. You can pick up items 
to add them to your inventory. Try this out, by clicking 
the umbrella between the two cars. The cursor turns into a 
hand when you move it over the umbrella, which is how you 
know you can pick it up.

Now, click on the area underneath the bumper of Tim's car. 
The cursor turns into an eyeball here, which indicates you 
can zoom in on that spot for a closer look. Do you see the 
valve? Click on the umbrella in your inventory, then drag 
the mouse to the valve. Click here, and the character uses 
the umbrella to reach the valve.

That's about it for the tutorial! The only other thing you 
need to learn about is moving places. See the sanitarium in 
the distance? Move the cursor above it, and the cursor 
turns into an arrow. Click and the character walks in the 
direction of the arrow.

There are other things you, suc

When you go forward to the sanitarium, you'll notice 
newspaper on the ground. Pick it up. If you look at the 
door, you'll see that it's locked, and someone is watching 

Go to the right. Augh! There's a snake on the ground here! 
Click on it to throw it away, and...wait. That's not a 
snake! That's just a hose. Whoops!

The hose will be useful, so pick it up. Also take the 
wooden board in the lower/right and the eyeball in the 
tree. Why is there an eyeball in the tree? That's odd.

Go back left and forward. A person is here, but the person 
runs away once he sees you. Take a second wooden board 
here, then look at the right side of the screen, which is 
the building. At the bottom of the building's side is a 
small alcove with a pump. Use the hose and the valve on the 
pump to get another eyeball.

There are clippers on the wall. Take the clippers, and a 
red substance like blood oozes out. Ew! Go backwards and 
right. Use the clippers on the plants by the building on 
the right, and you get some dry branches.

Okay, so you should have matches, newspaper, dry branches, 
two eyeballs and two wooden boards now, just from visiting 
the first four screens. Go back to the screen which is left 
of the main doors of the sanitarium. The area to the left 
is locked with an electrical fence. You can either go 
forward or right.

Go right to find a building which is mostly underground, 
near scentless flowers. That's odd. Zoom in on the area 
near the front of the building. You can find a rock and an 
eyeball here.

Click on the roof of the submerged building, and--OH MY 
GOODNESS! Tim is being held hostage! We need to find a way 
to free Tim! For now, all we can do is take the wooden 
board here.

There is a fire pit on this screen, below the tree with a 
beehive. Put the newspaper in the pit, then cover it with 
the three boards. Use the matches here to start the fire. 
There's a little smoke coming out of the fire, but not 
enough. Use the dry branches on the fire to make more 
smoke. The bees then leave the beehive, which allows you to 
zoom in on the beehive and take the key to the front door 
of Green Hills Sanitarium.

Go back a screen. Instead of going directly to the 
sanitarium, go forward to the graveyard for two puzzles. In 
the first puzzle, you have to use the stone on the bird to 
get an eyeball. In the second puzzle, you have to press the 
mole on the nose of the bust, which gets you another 

You should now have five eyeballs and a key. Go to the 
front door of the sanitarium and use the key to unlock it. 
The door falls open. You can now look at the trashcan by 
the door to find a sixth eyeball.

Look at the door for a multi-part puzzle. The first part is 
simple. Match the color of the eyeballs, to the colors of 
the indentations. The gray eyeball goes in the gray spot, 
the blue one in the blue spot, the brown one in the brown 
spot, and so on.

Then you get a dropping puzzle. You can move the five rows 
left or right, by clicking on the arrows. Move the rows, in 
order to get the eyeball to drop to the bottom of the 
screen. If you ever get stuck, you can use the reset button 
to restart the puzzle.

You solve this puzzle three times. The first time, there is 
one eyeball. The second time, there are two eyeballs, and 
the third time, there are three. I recommend focusing on 
one eyeball at a time. If it turns out the puzzle is too 
difficult for you to solve, don't worry! Wait for two 
minutes, and the skip button in the lower/right will 
activate. Click on the skip button to skip the puzzle.

When you're done with the eyeball puzzles, you can go 
inside the Green Hills Sanitarium.

004b.  Chapter 2

You can't go very far in the Green Hills Sanitarium. The 
first room is the front desk, and the room after that is a 
hallway. The hallway is blocked by tentacles. This chapter 
ends, when you destroy the tentacles and gain access to the 
rest of the sanitarium.

Blackmore's Office

On the right side of the front desk room is a hidden 
objects challenge. Go through it to get Medical Chart 1. 
Also inside the front desk room, you can get a net (from 
the left), a book (on a table with the pitcher) and a 
cactus (between two computer screens).

Go to the hallway. A second book is on the floor. There are 
four rooms here. The two on the right are patients' rooms, 
while the two on the left are for the employees. The door 
on the far left is locked, while the door in the 
left/middle leads to the director's office.

Dr. Blackmore is the director of Green Hills Sanitarium. In 
his office, you can get some sugar from the lower left. His 
desk has a third book, and the drawer of the desk has a 
clue: "per aspera ad astra". The final thing in the office 
is a hidden objects challenge on the right, which gives you 
a knife.

Go back to the front desk room. Zoom in on the sandbags and 
use the knife on the "X" for a fourth book. Return to Dr. 
Blackmore's office and look at the bookcase. Put the four 
books on their respective shelves, then rearrange the books 
to spell out "per adversa ad astra". This opens up a hidden 
passageway behind the bookcase!

Go through the hidden passageway to a hidden room. The 
tentacle monster is here, too! Take the brush by the drain 
in the center of the room, then look in the drawer of the 
desk in the upper/right. You get a switch, above a drawing 
a sea monster.

Look at the door here for a puzzle. You want to recreate 
the image of the sea monster. Click on two tiles to swap 
them; you can only swap tiles if they are in the same ring. 
Once all the tiles in a ring are in place, you can rotate 
the ring to get it in place. Get all the rings in place to 
solve the puzzle.

Go through the door. Hey, this is the place where Tim is! 
Click on Tim to see the locking mechanism restraining him. 
There are ten tiles here, one for each patient in the 

You can look in Tim's pocket to find his car keys. Left of 
Tim is a hidden objects challenge, containing medical chart 

Go backwards two screens, to Dr. Blackmore's office. There 
is a second hidden objects challenge here. In this game, 
you have to visit every hidden objects screen twice, 
getting sixteen objects each time. The item you get from 
the screen this time around is a corkscrew.

Patient 1

Go to the hallway. Use Medical Chart 1 on Door 1. The 
medical chart, which you can read in the notes section, 
says that this inmate has a fear of water. The room is 
filled with water! You need to empty all the water from the 
room, to help the patient.

First, let's get items. On the far shelf, below the window, 
there is flypaper. Pick it up, and also pick up the trident 
on the wall. Underneath John's platform, you can find a 
helmet. Open it to find the code 2943.

The room has three water sources, which you must fix.

1. Take the three starfish in the lower/right and use them 
on the three waterspout faces on the walls to cover them 

2. Leave the sanitarium. Use the corkscrew (from the hidden 
objects challenge in Blackmore's office) on the pump plug, 
which is to the right of the door. Use this pump plug on 
the pipe in the upper/left.

3. There is a fishbowl in the lower/right. Use the net on 
the fish to get it. use the fish on the lower/left part of 
the screen, below the anchor. This gets rid of the eel near 
the pump in the center of the room. Use the brush (from the 
room behind Blackmore's) to clean the pump. Then, use the 
pump to drain the room of water.

The patient thanks you, by giving you a token. He says that 
the helmets that patients are wearing help with a device 
that is powered by fear.

Patient 2

Return to Dr. Blackmore's office. Use the trident on the 
statue to reveal a hidden safe. Use the code 2943 to open 
it. Inside, you find Medical Charts 2 and 7.

Go to the hallway again. Use Medical Chart 2 on Door 2 to 
reach a room with a patient, who is afraid of bugs. You 
need to kill all three groups of bugs.

1. To kill the ants, you need to put poisoned sugar by the 
ant hill. The sugar is from Dr. Blackmore's office, while 
the poison is in the room past Blackmore's office. It's the 
green bottle on a desk; use the sugar on the poison to get 
the poisoned sugar.

2. To get rid of the spiders, look at the ceiling. Put all 
the pieces into place to form a picture of a spider. If you 
right-click on a piece, it will move to another open spot 
on the board. Solving the puzzle gets rid of spiders. 

3. Take a worm from the center of the room. Leave the 
sanitarium and go to the graveyard. Use the worm on the 
ground, and the bird comes to eat the worm. Use the net on 
the bird to capture it. Take the bird to the bug room and 
use it on the worms to kill them.

4. To kill the flies, use the flypaper from the shelf of 
the water room on the flypaper hanger. This gets you a fly.

When you get rid of all the bugs, the patient thanks you 
and gives you a token.

Clearing the Hallway

There are more things for you to do. Go to the front desk 
area, where you can get a key from the hidden objects 
scene. This opens the door, in the area which is to the 
right of the sanitarium. This room looks like it powers 

Solve the hidden objects challenge on the right for a fuse. 
Put it on the fusebox to the left. You can now put the 
switch on the switch box to the right, and flip the switch. 
This powers the dark room in the hallway, and it triggers 
another hidden objects scene. Solve it to get some rubber 

Pick up the dynamo from the lower/left and go back to the 
hallway of the sanitarium. You can now enter the formerly 
dark room on the left. Put the dynamo in the holder on the 
left to unlock a cabinet. Use the rubber gloves on the 
cabinet to open it and get some electrical equipment.

Now go all the way to the room with Tim. Solve the hidden 
objects challenge here for a mallet. Return the hallway. 
Use the mallet on the ceiling light here, then use the 
electrical equipment on the light. Your character connects 
the light to the electrical equipment, shocking the 
tentacles and getting rid of them.

004c.  Chapter 3

In Chapter 3, you help patients 3, 4 and 5, which gives you 
access to a new area.

If you haven't done so already, go outside to Tim's car. 
Use the car keys (from Tim's pocket) on the door of his 
car, in order to get Medical Chart 4. At this point, there 
is a new hidden objects scene in your car trunk. Solve it 
in order to get a weight.

Go back inside the Green Hills Sanitarium. Get the red 
carpet from the hallway, then go forward. This room has 
water and animals inside. Use the fly on the frog, which 
makes an octopus appear. Use the weight on the octopus to 
destroy it, then use the red carpet on the water here to 
make a pathway. Grab Medical Chart 5 from the wall, before 
going to the next room.

You have a hallway, with various Doors. Place Medical Chart 
3 on Door 3, Medical Chart 4 on Door 4 and Medical Chart 5 
on Door 5. Your main challenge here is to go through all 
the rooms and help the patients.

Patient 3

This patient is tortured by fearsome childhood memories. 
There are several things you must do to make the room 
nicer, with the fourth thing being the most complicated.

1. Zoom in on the train and remove the battery. Go to the 
power room (left of the main hallway) and use it to charge 
the battery. Return to this room and put the battery in the 
train to get it going.

2. Examine the jack-in-the-box. Shove it down to find a 
lever. Use the lever on the junction of the train tracks. 
This causes the train to reach a stop.

3. When the train has stopped, open it to find a carrot. 
Use the carrot on the rabbit to fix it.

4. The doll needs flowers! To get them, you must go into 
Room 5 and solve the hidden objects challenge for a brass 
lobster. You must also enter Room 4 and get the medallion. 
Travel to the graveyard, outside the sanitarium, and use 
the lobster on the door of the left building to enter it. 
Zoom in on the lower/right grave which is a unique color. 
Put the medallion here to open the grave and find flowers. 
Go to Room 5 and use the flowers on the paint cans to color 
them brightly. You can now give the flowers to the doll in 
Room 3.

Once you fix all the items in the room, you get a red dress 
and a medallion.

Patient 4

This patient has body issues; she believes that she is 
ugly. You'll have to do multiple things to help her.

1. The mirrors here are protected by a force field. Examine 
the device on the left side of the room for a wire puzzle. 
Click on a tile to rotate it. Rotate the tiles, so all the 
wires are connecting. This deactivates the force fields, 
which lets you smash all the mirrors with the mallet.

2. When you solve the hidden objects scene in Room 5, you 
get a brass lobster. You can use it on a door in the 
graveyard to enter a new area. In this area, you can use 
the medallion on the lower/right grave, the one that is a 
unique color. Inside are flowers and paper scraps. Pick up 
the paper scraps and put them together to form pictures of 
the patient and her mother. This completes the medallion. 
You can give it to the woman to convince her she is not 

3. When you solve the hidden objects scene in Room 5, you 
get a brass lobster. You can use it on a door in the 
graveyard to enter a new area. In this area, you can pick 
up a magnet. Return to the watery room, in between the two 
hallways. Look in the circular hole on the left wall and 
use the magnet on the tray to get it. Hang the tray on the 
wall hook in Room 4, and use polish (from the ground of 
Room 5) to clean it. 

4. You get a dress when you finish with Room 3. Give the 
dress to the woman here.

Once you're finished with this room, you get a medallion.

Patient 5

This patient has lost three stamps, and he needs them to be 
returned. In this room, you can get polish (which is used 
to clean the tray in Room 4), and you can solve the hidden 
objects screen for a brass lobster, which opens a door in 
the graveyard.

1. The left stamp book needs a child's stamp. Step outside 
the room and give the cactus (from the front desk area) to 
the camel. This opens the mailbox. Take the letter from the 
mailbox and return to the front desk area. Use the letter 
on the coffee pot to steam the stamp.

2. Solve the ship puzzle on the right wall. In this four-
part puzzle, you move stamps around, so the ship stamp can 
go to the right edge. Solve the puzzle for the ship stamp, 
which goes in the middle book.

3. The right stamp book needs a butterfly stamp. Go to Room 
4 and take the rose oil from the small desk table by the 
bed. Now, leave the sanitarium and go to the screen with 
the house buried underground. Use the rose oil on the roses 
here, and a butterfly appears. Use the net to get the 
butterfly. Return to Room 5 and solve the hidden objects 
challenge for a blank stamp. Put the blank stamp in the 
book, then use the butterfly on the stamp.

When you're done with Room 5, you get a medallion. When you 
have all five medallions, from all five patients, return to 
Tim. Zoom in on the device holding him captive, and put the 
medallions in the device. This opens up the cabinet on the 
right, giving you two thumbs.

Take the thumbs and leave the sanitarium. Go right and use 
the thumbs on the hands of the doorway here. This opens a 
new area.

004d.  Chapter 4

There are three more people for us to help in this chapter! 
Helping them will open up a new area.

Work Rooms

Step through the door with hands on it. This is an upside-
down room, leading to two patients and a hallway. Examine 
the lamp in the lower/left, in order to get a lightbulb. 
Then, do the hidden objects screen in the upper/right for 
Medical Chart 8.

We'll visit the patient rooms later. Go right to the 
hallway. Pick up the engine part in the lower/right, then 
go into the operation room. Pinocchio is here, and his nose 
needs to grow. Take the engine part and the syringe, then 
zoom in on the tray to get a saw and a chisel. Open the red 
cabinet in the upper/right for a hidden objects screen. 
This gets you an elevator button.

Leave the operating room and go into the relax room. 
There's a lot of junk here. Examine it to get a hidden 
objects screen. Solving the screen gets you a rifle.

Examine the tree roots on the left. Use the chisel on all 
three roots to find a bark beetle. Pick it up. See the hole 
in the tree trunk? A woodpecker is inside. Use the bark 
beetle on the trunk to lure the woodpecker out, then use 
the net to capture it.

Leave this room, and you're back in the hallway. Examine 
the small dresser between the two doors. The green mucus 
makes things grow. Use the syringe here to get a full 
syringe of the mucus.

Enter the operating room. Use the rifle on the target to 
get a manhole handle. Use the syringe on Pinocchio to grow 
his nose. Then, use the woodpecker on the nose, followed by 
the saw. You get a flute, and the hidden objects screen 
here refills. Solve it to get to get a funnel.

Leave the sanitarium now, and go into the small building on 
the right. Use the manhole handle on the manhole here. You 
can go down now, to the furnace room. Take the engine part, 
then open the cabinet for another engine part. Use the 
syringe on the plant to make it grow.

Return to the relax room for another hidden objects 
challenge. This one gives you a jukebox token. Return to 
the room with the plant. Use the jukebox token on the 
jukebox to freeze the plant. Use the mallet on the plant 
for a valve handle.

Now we have everything we need to tackle the rooms with the 

Patient 7

This room is an elevator shaft. Pick up the two engine 
parts, and use the valve handle on the top of the elevator 
to open it. Go inside, where you can get another engine 
part and a brush.

Return to Room 5, with the stamp collector. Use the brush 
on the paints here to get a brush with paint. Return to 
Room 7 and give the man the brush.

You can now examine the box on the left. Place the 
lightbulb and the elevator button into their respective 
places. Then, follow the instructions on the right. That 
is, press the button by the right lightbulb three times, 
the button by the left lightbulb four times, and the button 
by the middle lightbulb once. Press elevator button 2 
twice, and pull the lever.

The man leaves, giving you a medallion.

Patient 8

This patient is afraid of heights. On the right here, you 
have a puzzle. Place all the engine pieces into their 
respective outlines. Then place them onto the screen, in 
the proper order. You have a paper you can consult, but it 
doesn't tell you what the order is.

Once the engine is fixed, pick up Medical Chart 6. Go back 
a screen. Getting the medical chart triggered the hidden 
objects screen here. Go through the hidden objects for 

Return to Room 8. Use the funnel, then the gasoline, on the 
engine. Use the flute on the air tank, and the ropes are 
fixed. Press the button on the machine to save the man and 
get a medallion.

Patient 6

This patient is in the same hallway as Patients 3-5. While 
you go there, if you haven't already, take the snail from 
the watery room between the two hallways.

This patient is afraid of being killed. Click on the door 
at the far end of the room for a puzzle. With this puzzle, 
put all the pieces on the board, leaving no empty spots. 
There are multiple solutions.

This gives you access to the room with the patient. A 
hidden objects challenge is here. Solve it to get a 
crowbar. Now go back a screen. You need to find a way to 
disable all three things here.

1. The duck is casting frightening shadows. Simply use the 
snail on the duck to change the shadow.

2. The leg is in a bear trap. Use the crowbar on the trap 
to save the legs.

3. Horrifying sounds are being heard. Go into the room with 
the patient and do the hidden objects challenge for wire 
cutters. Use them on the wires in the top/left to cut off 
the sound to the earphones.

When you do all these things, the patient gives you a 
medallion. You should have three medallions, from the three 
patients in this chapter. Go to Tim and put the medallions 
on the lock that his holding him. This disables the 
electrical field on the building left of the sanitarium.

004e.  Chapter 5

Leave the sanitarium and go left. Go into the building on 
the left, which is no longer being protected by an 
electrical fence.

The door here is locked by a keycard reader. Solve the 
hidden objects challenge on this screen for a bat, then go 
to the graveyard. Use the bat on the right door to gain 
entrance. The spaceman here has the keycard you need, so 
return to the space station building and use the keycard on 
the reader to enter.

Solve the hidden objects challenge here for soap. There are 
two doors here, but the one on the right is locked. Go 
through the left door. See the figure trapped in the wall? 
Use the soap on the figure's hand to get the ring.

Use the ring on the pen (which is on the chair on the left) 
to get a glass cutter. Use the glass cutter on the glass 
case, then push the button. This opens up the closed door 
in the previous room.

Go through the right door. Take the number seven from the 
desk. Then leave the space station for another hidden 
objects challenge, one that gives you a valve. Enter the 
building and go through the right door. Use the valve on 
the piping to the right to start a puzzle on the water 

With this puzzle, there is a thing in the ceiling which 
moves from tile to tile. You want to click on tiles to turn 
them black. Your goal is to surround the creature, so it 
has nowhere to go. If the creature touches one of the edges 
of the board, you have to restart the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle gives you a medallion. If you haven't 
already, get the number seven from the desk here, then 
leave. The medallion and the number seven are both puzzles.

Go to the furnace room (right of the sanitarium). Open up 
the furnace and put the medallion inside for a key. Use the 
crowbar on the key in order to get it.

Go to the graveyard. Go inside the right room, where you 
can use the key on a chest to get a medical chart. Then, go 
inside the other room of the graveyard. Zoom in on the 
tombstone and place the number seven on it.

The date on the paper (in the location where you got the 
number seven) was 1952-2007. Move the tiles around to spell 
out those dates. This gives you another medical chart!

Enter the space station and go through the right door. The 
two patients are here.

Patient 9

To help this man, you must do three things.

1. Give him his glasses. Do the hidden objects challenge in 
the space station to get them.

2. Uncover his notes. Do the hidden objects challenge in 
the left room of the space station to get a flask. In the 
main room of the space station, use the flask on the water 
cooler. Take a lemon from the left and use it on the flask 
to get lemonade. Use the lemonade on Patient 9's notes.

3. Give him a keyboard. Do the hidden objects challenge in 
the left room of the space station to get the keyboard.

Patient 10

This man is afraid of atomic war. Examine the dynamite box 
on the left and use the crowbar to open it. Take the 
dynamite. Look at the back wall. See the small indentation 
at the bottom? Put the dynamite there to blow up the wall.

Out of all the patients, that was the easiest one to help! 
I guess they saved the easy one for last!

004f.  Ending

When you have all ten medallions, from all ten patients, go 
to Tim and place them on the device restraining him. He 
will get up and go through the door on the right.

Follow Tim through the door. Oh no! The machinery fails, 
making it impossible for you to follow Tim into the room 
with Dr. Blackmore!

Go through the hidden objects challenge here for a chip. 
Put it on the machine in the upper/left. Then do the hidden 
objects challenge again, for a lightbulb. Place it on the 
machine in the lower/left to fix the door.

Go forward to the next room, where Tim is fighting with Dr. 
Blackmore. While Dr. Blackmore is distracted, use the 
machine on the left. This is the final puzzle of the game.

A series of lights will flash. Reproduce the series, by 
pressing the buttons under the lights. You have to do this 
challenge ten times in a row to beat the game. If you make 
three mistakes, you have to start the challenge over again 
from the beginning.

005.  Credits

This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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