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Author: Charles-Etienne Raynault
completion date: 30-11-2007
Version: 0.5


First, I would like to say that it is my first faq, despite my extended 
experience on rpgs. Personnally, I do NOT consider this game good 
and it was rather hard to find(it was never released in north America).
I had trouble completing everything so I decided to write this faq about
this game since none existed. Please feel free to contact me if you have

The monsters names I placed in the faq are from me and are used only
in reference in this walkthrough. I separated the game is chapters around the
different town you will visit.

chapter 1 : Katman village

Monsters in this section: 
green orc, brown orc, red orc, centipede, red skeleton(mage)

background, RicK find Armi and  we learn that Rick's Father named Noah is dead

starting group : Rick, Armi

you start in Rick's house and you must go to Katman village
The path is fairly straight forward, just go south then west , Rick will tell
you where to go. In Katman village you must talk with the mayor he will tell
to go to the Cavern and will give you a key. But First it is better to make 
some gold/experience by killing monsters outside the village, I recommend 
you gain at least 1 level for both your caracter and buy a piece of armor for
both of them (selling your potion of Kabarin will help).

***remember to open the seller inventory several times in order to make sure 
you get the best piece of equipment possible
(for this time, armor/bracer of 10 def max, the min/max should be the highest

When you are ready go to the area south west of the village
(take the chests on the way, there are a few of them containing random things)
the path is again straight forward, when you see the cavern, enter it

Fire cave:
new npc: Balon

soon you will see Balon, your 3rd character that will join your team.
In order to go further in the cave you must localize 2 switches  and place 1
character on both switch and pass by the "bridge", now on the other side just
leave the 3rd character on the next switch. Keep on exploring the cavern
note that there are 2 doors you can't open 
(you need to come back later for that)
make sure you get to level 4, at least before the boss... you are close to him
when the red "orcs"monsters begin to appear.

boss: Demicis, priest of fire

This boss is fairly easy, justy make sure you can use the camu leaves and 
healing magic from Armi. When you come out of the cave, a guy will tell you to
go speak with the mayor, do so and leave by the north of the village, pass by 
the "tree" to reach the Overworld.

Chapter 2: Lamit

monsters in this section: centipede, brown orc, red orc, brown wyvern, 
red skeleton, green long arms, brown long arms, red long arms,  big long arms,
brown ogre

Now you are on the Overworld, you just have to go north to the village of Lamit
(all the others places are closed anyway)

*notice the new monster, I will call them wyvern ,remember them, they make easy 
experience when you want to lvl up as they have more hp than most creatures.

When you enter the village, talk with the mayor and make sure you pay a visit 
in the Tavern to meet Meil.

new npc: Meil

Nice, but he wont join you just yet, now you must go right(east) of the village
Now you can go either up or right. Go up first, explore the whole area and make
sure you go to the area with two houses, enter the lower one to meet the 
magician and he will give you some basic spells. Then you can return to the 
entrance and go right, there you must talk with the guy on the ground
he is wounded but, he will tell you to find his students before he die.
When you come back to the village, go speak with Meil and he will join your 
group. Now, you must go free Aris in the Tower of Quebec
(???... I am from Québec)
Go west(left of the village) you will reach the tower .

Tower of Québec:
The tower is a tad bit more complicated than what you have seen earlier
it mainly consist of 4 towers, you must go through all 3 towers to activate 3
switches guarded by big orange "long arms" monsters before you can go into the
last one(the "central" tower). The ground floor is quite large with lots of 
monsters to kill. So once you cleared the 3 towers go in the central one.
*there is a guy that will let you save your progress for 500 golds,
make sure you don't pay a dime to this bastard and go to the village to save 
your progress if you want* Now, go up and in the next room go right, this will
lead to another switch to activate. Once it is done return to the room and the 
path will be open, you can take the left for an other switch that lead to some 
treasure goodies but the stair that lead up is the way.
After that, the path is linear just go up, grab the treasures and when you see
a save point, the boss is near.  I recommend to be at least lvl 12 to beat him,
he should be easy.

boss: Callas priest of lightning

once he is beaten, go in the back room and free the villagers, make sure you 
speak to Aris with anyone but Meil.

new npc: Aris

A warp will lead you out of the tower, just return to Lamit and speak with
everyone, the peoples will offer you rebate in stores and free inn.
Before you leave the village, return to the house were the guy died 
earlier(east of the village)an outlaw will be there, after he spoke to you a
battle will begin and once he is defeated you must pick up the "prize ad" and
return it to the hunter guild for some money.
***bug alert this battle is sometime buggy and the outlaw may start copying 
himself so you cannot defeat him, the only thing to do is reload,***
now return to the Overworld the SAME way you came in this village.

Chapter 3: Aslan, castle, Women village

when you are on the Overworld, new areas become available: woods for examples,
there are 4, you can visit them for treasures(rarely important) and for killing
bandits to get more "prize ads" for money. Some areas are linked together with
caverns but I won't list those optionals area unless they have something 

When you have done this, go to the north in the village of Aslan, 
explore the whole town. When you go into the inn pay, for the night and go
talk with Enlike the thief on the second floor and he will then disappear with
all your money.(Don't worry, you will get it back)
In order to get it back, go to the north of the village,
pass the forest and you will reach the secret tavern. In the there you can talk
with Shasha (the green sorceress) and she will tell you that she had her money 
stolen by Enlike and she will join you if you find him. 
*notice: behind the bar on the outside you can find a merchant that will sell 
you very good equipments, you might as well buy some pairs of gloves for your 
main character(+40 defence is helpful). Now you can return to Aslan and go into
the inn, pay for a room and now search the 2nd floor and you will meet Enlike 
again, he will then join your party(and give back your money).
new npc: Enlike
Enlike is an useful ally in your party as he will be able to unlock doors 
without the Keys and there are a few place that you need him to do so. On the 
other hand he can't use any spell at all. You can return to the tavern and talk
to Shasha and she will join your team as well.
new npc: Shasha

Once you have both npc in your party come back to the forest
(between the town and the tavern) and go right until you find the castle, in 
this castle you can explore a bit make sure you talk to the king with Armi in 
your party and you will have the castle dungeon open for you.
Castle dungeon:
This dungeon constist of severals large levels going deeper and deeper and at 
the end there is a mage you must defeat.
boss: ??? mage(forgot his name but it is not important)
Once it's defeated you can come back to talk with the king.

Before continuing on. I advise to come back to the first village with Enlike 
and Shasha in your party. In the first cave there were locked rooms you 
couldn't open before(it's near the end of it) and you can use Enlike to open
them. One of the door lead you to an exit that lead to Women village.
'notice everyone are womens with green skin'
With Shasha you can unlock several discussion with peoples in the village but 
the most important is with the village elder. Leave the village by the south 
exit and you can explore the southern areas and finds spells and other useful 

That's all for now, There is still the other half of the game to cover but you 
should not have much problems in completing it. 


This document is Copyright 2007 by Charles-Etienne Raynault
Hazard is Copyright 1999 by SKS Distributed by Virgin Interactive

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