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 Heart of China

Heart of China

In the beginning you are in the dock. First go to town and pick
up the leaflet. Use the leaflet to make an arrow-plane. Go to
bar. Talk to Ho. Choose options 3, 1, 1 and 1. Then you will
talk to Goon. Now choose 1 and 2. Now Chi will show up. Talk to
Chi: 1, 2 and 3. Then use arrow-plane on Chi. After that Chi
will come with you.

Go to herbalist's shop and talk to Master Wu. Then use Chi to
talk to Wu. Then use Lucky again and talk to Wu. Wu will tell
you that she needs sea gull droppings. Go back to dock. Give
prune to bird and pick up droppings. Go back to Wu's. Talk to Wu
and do what she says. Give herbs to Chi. Take the passport and
the map.

Go to airport and enter plane. Do NOT give your passport to
Official. After a short debate he will let you enter the plane.
Pick up crowbar, rope and hook. Then fly. Chi will tell you
where to land. Leave the plane and you will meet a peasant. Talk
to him; choose 1, 2 and 1 and you will get his clothes. Put
clothes on Chi. Give rope and hook to Chi. Let Chi use rope on
cow. Go to the fortress. Wait till the peasent has gone in. Use
Chi and enter the fortress. Take off and drop peasant clothes
and wear ninja clothes. Enter Gatehouse and pick up the key. Go
to the wall, use rope on hook and use the thing you get on the

Go to palace. Wait till there are no guards in sight. Then go to
dining hall. Take the bottle and fell the oil lamp. Go to
kitchen and give the bottle to dog. Go to cook's bedroom, open
the door and enter the great hall. Miss Lomax is there. Bar the
door. Shoot the snakes (hold down the right button and crosshair
will appear if Lucky is using the gun, press the left button
while holding down the right button to fire). Take Miss Lomax
and go to balcony. Take curtain rope and use it on balcony. Go
to tank and enter tank. Use the key to start the tank. Now you
can play the arcade sequence or skip it. Then fly.

Then your plane will crash and Lucky must go to seek help. Go
into the plane and pick up blanket and tarp, then use them to
protect Miss Lomax from cold. Then give herbs to Miss Lomax (in
right order).

You will arrive at Ama's hut. Talk to Ama but don't insult her.
Leave Ama's hut. Go to Lama's Sanctuary. Tell disciple that you
are an envoy from federation... and you will get in. Talk to
Lama and choose 3 and 1. Then leave the Sanctuary and go to the
local tavern. Talk to Bijaya and buy a drink for everyone. Talk
to Sardar, choose 2 and go back to Lama's Sanctuary. Talk to
Lama and leave the Sanctuary. Go to junkyard and talk to boy,
choose 3 and 1 to get siphon hose. Go to the local tavern, talk
to Sardar, choose 2 and 3 and give the gun to Sardar.

After a while you will arrive at Istanbul. Leave the plane and
go to the city gates, city center, side street and officer's
club. Talk to bartender and ask him about the phone. Now you
will talk to Mr Lomax. Leave the club and the palace guard will
capture you. You will start playing as Miss Lomax. Go to the
shop and sell locket and then go to the street gambler and play
the game. By playing the game you will get enough money you need
later. Play as long as the gambler is willing to play. Go back
to the shop and buy a hack saw. Go to the railway station and
buy a ticket. Go back to the city gates, buy a camel and try to
take an orange. Choose 1 when talking to boy. You will get a
flower from him. Go to city center, Nabob's palace and to the
side of palace. Talk to old woman and give a flower to her.
After a rather long sequence you will be at the city gates, talk
to boy. Go to the railway station and enter train.

You may play the following sequence as Lucky or as Kate, we
played as Lucky. Depending on how you talk to Kate (and if you
visited her in the village and how you talked to her there) you
can end up getting married to her or you can end up in a ditch
(There are at least these two alternate ends, there may be
more). During the way to Paris there is an arcade sequence, you
can play it or skip it.

Now you have played the game through, hope you enjoyed it!


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