Hegemonia - Legions of Iron Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Hegemonia - Legions of Iron

Hegemonia - Legions of Iron

Submitted by Hegemonia3000

First off:

First off, the official Hegemonia website offers a pretty useful, free,
walkthrough guide in PDF format. This will allow you to overcome the games
many "aquard moments." For example, with your first encounter with the
Kariak, they enter your system through active jumpnodes, and attack you,
but, after you destroy all the ships of radar, the game doesn't progress.
The walkthrough manual tells us to "search the jumpnodes for idle Kariak
ships if the mission fails to progress." Tidbits such as these can be the
diffrence between enjoying the game and tossing it out the window in

I came, I saw, and it's all mine!:

In the single player missions, the first thing you'll want to do is control
planets. When you first start a mission (or enter a system) pause the game,
and count the number of inhabitable planets (Once you have researched the
nessary invention {Improved Colonization}). Then build the according number
of colonization ships, colonizing planets outward from your starting colony.

Doing this will give you the overall advantage within the game.

War on the homefront:

Its not really nessary to build military bases. Those of you who masterd the
game know this. The best way to use military installations is to guard
active jumpnodes; this way, if any unwanted guests come knockin' they;ll
have to answer to your big guard dog.

Just build a large number of corvettes & cruisers (fighters eventually get
fazed out and replaced by corvetts) and place them in strategic positions
within each system.

Say Hello to My Little Friend!:

Within the game, the most powerfull weapon class are missiles. They have a
slow rate of fire, but they pack a big punch! Once you've advanced far
enough within the weapon class, ECM pods won't have an effect on missiles.

The Silent Killer:

The most useful ship class within the game are spies, they can wreak chaos
within your enemies empire! Depending on your empires tech-level,
they can blow up military installations & battleships. Personally, I like to
insite riots and have my enemies planets go independent, that way, they have
someone else besides me to worry about.

Run Your Pockets:

Spies can bring in a heafty income! Have them steal money from other
empires, so, not only do you have another source if income rolling in, but
you'll also slow down your enemies operation.


Knowledge Is Power:

This game was designed in a really strange way. The games manual will
explain alot about the game that the game itself won't. For example, besides
guarding stuff, did you know that military bases will automatically repair
any friendly ships nearby? And any prototypes that you've aquired (from
another empire), but were never researched, don't get carried over into
other mission? If you didn't, then I guess someone needs to read their game


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