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First of all you do the tutorial which will tell you what to do so that is easy then the
game starts.

Okay you start in a room with your gun and 2 bullets, go to the left and you will see
papers on the table pick them up (Q) then head to the bottom left door there is a locker
next to it which has 1 bullet.

Go in the door and there is a camera on the right wall head straight to the wall and walk
to the other side and walk close to the wall and open the locker to get IR goggles the
exit the same way you came in.

Go to the next door you see and press Q next to the panel by the door you have 25 seconds
to figure it out (answer: prison) once you win open the door next to you.

Put on you IR goggles (IRG now) there are 2 lasers in front of you that fade in and out,
if you time it right you can walk past them without getting caught. Open the door on the
other side and head in, in this room there is another camera sneak past is the same way as
last time also there is 1 bullet in the locker closest to you. Grab the papers on the desk
and check the other locker for bombs then head back out to the main room.

There is another bullet in the locker next to you, then head in the door to the right of

You should see 3 fading lasers and 3 doors one of which is on the other side. Make sure
you equip your gun then head in the room below you there is a guard here who will follow
you so itís tricky but you should be able to shoot him before he sees you. Once heís dead
check the lockers for 1 bullet then leave donít worry about blue door. (equip IRG)

Go in the door straight ahead of you.

Get the papers then head out.

Now we cross the lasers once the outside ones are gone go in the close ones spot then the
middle one will disappear where you cross and head in the door on your left.

In here head to the desk then grab the papers push the upper chair on the floor part that
sticks out above the desk. Then push the other chair to the bottom left small table then
up on the other floor tile thatís different. Head over to the 2 remaining lasers on the
left then walk across them on the different floor tiles that are under the lasers donít
worry it works head up look in the locker and get the blue key card equip it and leave the
same way.

Now head back across the lasers and in the room where you killed the guard. (Bottom room)

Head to the door on the right with the blue on it and open it then go to the panel and do
what it says I found it not that difficult but others say it is hard so whatever. Once you
win it will say lift is operational or something likes that. Head out.

Go past the lasers then here is where it gets tricky, go to the wall on the right and
press your body against it then while against the wall go across to the other side and
underneath the camera to the boxes blow them up until you get the different box on the
wall corners. Then head under the camera again and head in that door on the right that you

In the lift go to the panel and click on the 02 button then leave once it stops.

In this room itís a hall and there is a guard patrolling the area so be ready to kill him
plus stick to the left wall because of cameras also check the lockers for bullets. At the
end of the hall there is a blue door use your blue card and go in.

Go to the opposite wall and hug the wall to the camera wall then open the locker for a red
key. Head out the same way.

Go past the cameras and back to the lift and head to floor 00.

Go to the left wall past the lasers and enter that door.

Pull out your gun and kill the guard grab the papers then leave.

Go to the upper door and head in.

Get past the camera and get to the door via wall hug. Once you open the door head back to
the chair and push it towards the open door. Once in next room push farthest chair up the
right to the other chair after opening the door push it in the next room then to left then
head back and push the chair with legs to the other side of the door. Then push that chair
with wheels up and towards the CWL (chair with legs) then up, left, up, right then go to
the panel on the right and answer the question (answer: f). pull out your gun open the
door and shoot the guard. Grab the paper on the right of the comp and search the locker
for the yellow key card. Head out.

Get out your yellow key card and go into the yellow door.

Be careful there is a guard in here, the end locker has a bullet then leave.

Go into the lift and head to floor1.

Once there head all the way back to the starting room and go in the door on the far left
get past the camera and use the red keycard on the door, kill the guard, get the paper
head back to the lift and go to floor 02.

Go into the first yellow door
There is a guard in front of you so shoot him then go to the panel on your right (answer
heist) go in the door notice where the laser is then push the box to your right all the
way to the wall, place a bomb next to the box and a new laser will appear make sure you
get in between the 2 lasers then blow up the bomb. Get the papers, then push the chair
down and to the left while following it so youíre in between the lasers when they switch.
Then leave.

Go to the blue door at the end of the hall.

Now get past the camera and open the yellow door with the keycard, now grab the papers
then leave.

Go back to the lift.

Go to floor 00 open the red door on the left.

Go to the yellow door and open it, grab the papers on the desk then shoot the guard and
push the chair between the two lockers on the right side of the screen the laser should
disappear then go to the other side and do the panel, (I forgot how I did it so good luck
sorry) then go in the door blow up some boxes and the three lockers have money then head
back to the lift and go to floor 02.

Go to the second yellow door down the hall

In here there is a camera which you have to dodge open the door on the left head back and
push the chair so it goes through the door then go in. Push the CWL to the left then up on
the tile that sticks out then go to the panel and do what it says (answer is random so no
answer sorry ?) then open the door and push the chair with wheels through the door and go
into the other door and to the next room.

Finally the vault room, you should have 11 of the 12 papers that you need but one is in
this room. This room is tricky because there are a lot of lasers. Try to stay with me here
push the chair with wheels toward the lasers and the CWL onto that chairs tile then blow
that chair up after you get past the laser blocking you. Follow the odd tiles through the
lasers. At the end there is a big box thing go to the panel on the far left it turns of
the lasers yay but still more to do. There is a lift next to the box so go in it. Of
course go to floor 00.

Kill the guard then blow up the boxes to your exit but donít do it yet. Continue down the
hall open the door and kill the other guard. Grab the final security code head back to the

Go to floor 02.

Make sure you equip the codes open the vault (box) head back to floor 00 and exit.
Congratulations you just beat heist.

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