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    _   _   _____   _       _____   _____   _____   _____   _____   _   _
   | | | | |     | | |     |     | |     | |     | |     | |     | | | | |
   | | | | |  ___| | |     |  [] | |  [] | |  ___| |  [] | |_   _| | | | |
   | |_| | | |__   | |     |     / |     / | |__   |     |   | |   | |_| |
   |  _  | |  __|  | |     |    <  |    <  |  __|  |  _  |   | |   |  _  |
   | | | | | |___  | |___  |  [] \ |  _  \ | |___  | | | |   | |   | | | |
   | | | | |     | |     | |     | | | | | |     | | | | |   | |   | | | |
   |_| |_| |_____| |_____| |_____| |_| |_| |_____| |_| |_|   |_|   |_| |_|


  /                         FAQ VERSION 1.0                               \
  \           CREATED ON 1/5/03 BY ZACH "SPUNKSTER" DURHAM                /

I.    Version History
II.   Legend of Helbreath
III.  Interface of Helbreath
IV.   Hotkeys
V.    Chating
VI.   Skills
VII.  Classes
VIII. Stats
IX.   Spells
X.    Player vs. Player
XI.   Dieing
XII.  Questions
XIII. Legal
XIV.  Credit
XV.   Contact

I. Version History
Version 1.0 - Put together the whole FAQ. This is the base I have started
with. I will improve this FAQ for later Game Updates and such.

II. Legend of Helbreath
Once upon a time in the depths of HELBREATH, there were two Absolute Gods:
Eldiniel and Aresien. These two Gods had contact with humankind through the
Erisnommire Temple at Mt. Asgarde, located in the western region of HELBREATH.
Eldiniel and Aresien ruled the world of 12 primary Gods. When the 'Descent of
Gods' occurred, the Gods came down and lived in harmony with humankind, making
the land fertile and productive. There they released the 'Divine Power' among
all people . . .
In HELBREATH, during the year of 2192 the 'Prime Event' took place. The world
of HELBREATH fell into deep confusion due to strife between the two Absolute
Gods. This event caused a rift between the Gods and humanity. As time passed,
the story of the Descent of Gods faded away as legend . . .

Equilibrium - the center of HELBREATH - is a peaceful area with the protection
and blessing of the Gods. After the detachment of Divine Power, humankind
became spiteful of the nature of HELBREATH. Animals became cruel and attacked
humans indiscriminately; the abundant landscape became desolate; man's spirit
transformed into something too ruthless to uphold. As the people longed once
more for the aid of the Absolute Ones, Equilibrium divided into two sects:
those who worshiped Eldiniel and those who worshiped Aresien. As a result,
two regions - Elvine and Aresden - emerged, polarizing the landscape . . .
Without the guidance of the Gods, the absolute evil - Abaddon - once
restricted to the eastern region of HELBREATH, started to recover it's power.
By this process, the forces of evil grew. The deceitful creatures that once
lived in the darkness of hell emerged and assailed the villages of HELBREATH.
Some say that Abaddon, the land of destruction, is the source of the monsters.
Stories arose of missing warriors and magicians who went to Abaddon, not
returning. Abaddon became a place feared by the people of HELBREATH . . .
As legend of Abaddon is myth, no one knows of the true state of darkness.
The one truth is that the forces of evil rise day by day, while humanity
busies itself over petty conflict. These chaotic days require real heroes.
Heroes who will unite the separated people of HELBREATH and contain the dark

Perhaps you are one of these heroes.

III. Interface of Helbreath
You will see seven buttons at the bottom of your screen. Each one has their
own hotkey, which will be discussed later. I will describe each one of them
from left to right.

The first button is your "Attack Mode." It looks like a sword with a metal
background behind it. When there is no colored background other than the
grayish color, you are in peace mode. When the background changes to red,
you are in attack mode. When in attack mode, you may attack monsters and other
enemy players. These two can be toggled by the "Tab" key or by clicking
on the button. To activate "Safe" Mode, press the "Home" key. This mode lets
you attack enemies, but if you slip and accidently cast on a allied player,
you will not hurt them.

The second button is the Status or Character Screen button. Here you can see
your stats, equipped items, life, mana, current weight, and stamina points.
At the bottom of this screen you will be able to set your level settings, view
current quest, or access the party screen.

The third button is your Inventory. Here you can see all the items you are
currently carrying. Double click a weapon or armor to equip it. Drag and drop
items to dispose of them on the ground.

The fourth button is the Spellbook. Here you can view your current spells and
their casting probability. The pages are toggled with the Roman Numerals at
the bottom. The cast percentage goes down the higher numbers you go into.

The fifth button is your Skills. Here you can see your skills. Each skills can
only reach to a maximum of 100%. If all your skills combined reach over 700%,
the skills with the down arrow will begin to decrease each new skill % you
gain in another skill.

The sixth button is the Message Log. Here you can review text that has been

The seventh button is the Options button. You can toggle detail level, logout,
view what server you are on, and so on.

-Colored Bars-
To the left of all those buttons are three bars. The Red bar is your current
life. Do not let it drop below 0 or you will die. The Blue bar is your
current mana points. When this bar reaches low enough, you cannot cast anymore
spells until it has refilled some. The green bar is your Stamina. As you run
this bar will begin to decrease until you cannot run anymore. You will have to
wait till it refills again.

IV. Hotkeys
There are many hotkeys in this game.
F1                  Help Menu
F2                  Quick Slot
F3                  Quick Slot
F4                  Cast Most Recent Spell
F5                  Character Screen
F6                  Inventory Screen
F7                  Spellbook
F8                  Skills Screen
F9                  Message Log
F10                 None
F11                 Toggles Transparency of Windows
F12                 Options Screen
Tab                 Toggles Attack/Peace Modes
Insert              Uses a health potion
Delete              Uses a mana potion
Home                Toggles Safe mode
End                 Repeat last message (only works for some chats)
Print Scrn          Take a Screenshot (saves to Helbreath Folder)
Ctrl+1-7            Toggles pages of Spellbook
Ctrl+F2             Assign a spell/items to F2 Quickslot
Ctrl+F3             Assign a spell/items to F3 Quickslot
Ctrl+Lclick         Forced Attack
Ctrl+Shift+LClick   Dash Attack (100% weapon skill needed)
Ctrl+R              Activates Run Mode
Ctrl+T              Sets whisper to name/person you have pointer over
Ctrl+A              AutoAttack (only used on Enemies Townsmen)
Ctrl+D              Toggles Game Detail
Ctrl+S              Toggles Sound
Ctrl+M              Toggles Map
+                   Zooms in on map
-                   Zooms out on map
Alt+Lclick          Critical attack (100% weapon skill needed)

V. Chating
There are different colors of chats. The different colors represent what kind
of chat you are using. Different types of chat can be seen by different kinds
of people. Sometimes you may have to be a certain level before you can use
a type of chat.

Normal Chat (white) - Only people on your screen can see this. It does not
appear on the top left of your screen, but it does show up in Message History.
It is shown above the speakers head.

Global Chat (red) - Anyone on the same sub-server as you can see what you say.
This chat is activated by using the ! key before the sentence. You must be
over level 10 to use this chat. This chat is shown above you head, in the top
left hand corner of the screen, and in the Message History.

Whisper Chat (gray) - Only you and whoever you are whispering can see this
kind of chat. This is activated by adding /to [username] [text] and is shown
above your head, at the top left hand corner, and in Message History.

Town/Ally Chat (blue) - Anyone on the same sub-server as you can see what you
say. This chat is activated by using the ~ key before the sentence. You can use
this chat from level 1. This chat is shown above you head, in the top left hand
corner of the screen, and in the Message History.

Guild Chat (green) - You can speak to your guild from anywhere. Add a ^ before
the text to use this chat. You must be in a guild to use this chat (duh). This
chat is shown above you head, in the top left hand corner of the screen, and in
the Message History.

GameMaster Chat (light green) - Only a GM can use this type of chat. It is
shown to all server. Not used very much by GMs...they are so unsocial. This
chat is shown above you head, in the top left hand corner of the screen, and in
the Message History.

VI. Skills
-Skill-                          Formula To Max
Hand Attack                          Str*2
Short Sword                          Dex*2
Long Sword                           Dex*2
Fencing                              Dex*2
Arrow Attack                         Dex*2
Axe                                  Dex*2
Shield                               Dex*2
Magic                                Mag*2
Magic Resistance                     Lvl*2
Staff Attack                         Mag*2
Pretend Corpse                       Int*2
Poison Resistance                    Vit*2
Mining                               Str*2
Alchemy                              Int*2
Manufacturing                        Str*2
Fishing                              Dex*2
Hammer                               Dex*2

VII. Classes
There are three classes in this game.

A warrior relys on the power of his sword and the quickness of his movements.
He overpowers the opposition with brute force. He excels in weapon use and
wears heavy armor to make up for putting himself in danger. He should
concentrate on raising Strength, Dexerity, and Vitality.

A mage summons the powers lost in the brain. His brain spans further than most
people. He uses the arts of magic and mysticism to overwhelm and confuse the
oppnent. The mage concentrates on his Vitality, Magic, and Intelligence to
guide him to victory.

The master has the best of both world. As a young child the master wished to
be as rock hard as the warrior but deadly as the mage. Following this dream
the Master rushes into battle with a sword and unleashes unexpected magic.
A master's stats are mainly Strength, Dexerity, and Vitality with a decent
amount of Intelligence and Magic. This rare soldier is commonly know as the

VIII. Stats
Strength - Increases how fast you swing, how much you can carry, and adds a
bonus to your damage.

Dexerity - Increases your defence slightly and increases your "to hit"

Vitality - Increases your HP and your HP regeneration.

Intelligence - Increases your Magic hit probability, required for magics,
increases casting probability.

Magic - Increases spell damage, MP, and MP regeneration.

Charisma - Lowers prices in shops. Required to make a guild.

IX. Spells
Name/Int Required

-Circle One-

Magic Missile/18int

Create Food/18int


-Circle Two-


Stamina Drain/22int

Energy Bolt/24int

Celebrating Light/25int

Defense Shield/26int

-Circle Three-
Stamina Recovery/20int

Protection from Arrows/20int


Hold Person/26int


Great Heal/28int


Greater Stamina Recovery/30int

-Circle For-

Detect Invisibility/30int

Protection from Magic/32int


Fire Strike/34int



Summon Creature/38int

Lightning Arrow/38int

-Circle Five-
Confuse Language/42int


Triple Energy Bolt/45int

Great Defense Shield/46int


Fire Field/48int

Poison Cloud/49int

Chill Wind/50int

-Circle Six-
Mass Poison/52int

Mass Lightning Arrow/53int

Spike Field/56int

Ice Storm/59int

Lightning Bolt/58int


Ice Strike/60int

-Circle Seven-
Energy Strike/67int

Mass Fire Strike/85int


Mass Chill Wind/93int

Earthworm Strike/97int

Absolute Magic Protection/112int

Armor Break/97int

-Circle Eight-
Bloody Shock Wave/105int

Cloud Kill/120int

Lightning Strike/123int

Mass Confusion/130int

Mass Ice Strike/133int

-Circle Nine-

Meteor Strike/169int

-Circle Ten-
Mass Illusion/180int


X. Player vs. Player
This game is built around player vs. player, also known as pvp. You pick
one of two sides in this game, Elvine or Aresden. When you become a citizen,
the opposing town becomes your naturally and all-time enemy. To attack an
opposing player you must be in an attackable zone. Hold ctrl to attack the
enemy while pressing left click. Spells will automatically hit the enemy
without holding anything. Only combatants may take place in pvp.

XI. Dieing
When you die you loss exp and some items, unless you are a traveller. It is
NOT clear weather you will drop items according to your reputation. When
you die hit F12 then click either restart or logout. You will then begin
in your farm.

XII. Questions
This section will be dedicated to your most asked questions. Ask away!

Q: What is rep?
A: Well it depends...There is a system in the game that you can give someone
a good or bad reputation (rep). This is activated by typing /rep+ or /rep-.
The other kind of "rep" people talk about is on items. If someone says
"Axe rep+4" that means that the item has consecutive attack +4. I guess in
that case "rep" means repeat.

Q: How do I make money?
A: Mining, Alchemy, Manufacturing, Fishing, or making newbie characters.
Making new characters and leveling them up gets you money for each level.
Then you just find a "out-of-the-way" place and you just drop the money and
switch to your other character and pick up the money.

Q: Should I be a Civilian or a Combantant?
A: Play the mode with your type of play. If you like to just level, go for
Civilian. If you like the rush of pvp, go with Combantant. Its your choice in
the end.

Q: I am hungry?
A: When you do not eat food you get hungry in the game just like in real life.
To prevent this eat food from the store, fishing, enemy drops, or that a mage
can make.

Q: What does hungar do to me?
A: In the end, hungar can eventually kill you. It slows down you hp, sp, and
mp recovery. I also hear it lowers your casting probability.

Q: Does rain actually lower casting percentage?
A: Yes. Two types of rain, light and heavy. As the rain gets worse so does
your casting percentage. I do not know if it affects you cp inside while it
is raining outside.

Q: What does ____ mean?
A: I will add a terminology "in-game sayings" in my next updated FAQ.

XIII. Legal
Copyright 2003 Zach Durham

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

XIV. Credit
Thanks to The Helbreath Portal at

Thanks to The Helbreath Guru at

XV. Contact
If you wish to contact me about errors, ideas, or thoughts, I would gladly
appreciate an email from you to the address of

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