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-=First scene=.
1. Click the snouts of all the seals to wake them up and you're done.

-=Second scene=.
1. Click the tap on the left.
2. When the water stops click at the little black cave to the right 
   of the tap and you're done.

-=Third scene=.
1. Click on the the bushes at the bottom right of the big tree on the 
   left. Take the SEED and plant it on the bottom of the tree on the far 
   right (at the tip of the bottom leaf of the bush in front). If it's 
   right a plant grows round that tree. If not try again, you can take 
   as many as you like.
2. Click the trunk of that tree on the left so a branch of the new plant 
3. Keep on clicking on the trunk of the second big tree from the left 
   (not the one in the back). A box with nuts comes down and you're done.

-=Fourth scene=.
1. Click on the arrow pointing up.
2. Click on every birdhouse from (bottom) left to right and after that 
   the left one again. A blue bird appears.
3. Click the (bottom) left birdhouse.
4. Click the blue bird to hear the tune.
5. Replay that tune by clicking on the levers. If done wrong click the bird 
   again before you start over. For the ones who are tonedeaf; 
   Right, Middle, Left, Right, Middle and you're done.

-=Fifth scene=.
1. Click every windmill a few times (untill it's full speed). You hear a 
   sound and see an electrical charge if done right. If all are at max. 
   speed the hills light up.
2. Click your man and you're done.

-=Sixth scene=.
1. Click on the tree on the left. A BIG KEY falls down.
2. Take the KEY and use it on the centre of the big manhole (bottom left).
3. Take the KEY again and use it on the little manhole on the right. 
   A BIG POLE falls out.
4. Take the POLE and use it on the tube.
5. Keep clicking on the tree on the left and you're done.

-=Seventh scene=.
1. Click on the tap on the left (your man comes out in a bubble) and right 
   after that you have to clcik the tap again for a second bubble.
2. Click the tap on the right untill it's broken and drops down.
3. Click on the piece that has dropped and you're done.

-=Eighth scene=.
1. Click on the door.
2. Click on the lamp between the left and middle window.
3. Click on the lamp between the right and middle window.
4. Keep clicking on the two pipes on the top left untill the hatch opens.
5. When the scientist is gone, click on your man and you're done.

Although I didn't manage to write Bold and Italic I tried to copy Prid the 
best I could in this walkthrough (just for fun, not to make fun of him!), 
so please let me know if you think it was a little bit funny.

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