Heroes of Might and Magic II - Necromancer guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Heroes of Might and Magic II - Necromancer guide

Heroes of Might and Magic II - Necromancer guide

			             By Lord Zero
                               Version 1.7

1.- File history.
2.- Intro.
3.- The Necromancer:Highs,Lows and Bottom line.
4.- The Necromancer Units.
5.- Strategies against certain enemies 
6.- Skills that need to be learned.
7.- Magics that need to be casted.
8.- Worst enemy.
9.- Credits.
10.- Legal Stuff.


1.-File History:

-1.0 start of the file.Everything I expected is up.

-1.1 lots of mistakes arranged.

-1.2 Added stats, speed, defensive and offensive uses,more tips...

-1.3 added the strategies against certain enemies.

-1.4 (MEGA UPDATE TO ALL MY FAQS) Fixed severeal spelling, grammar and 
stupidity errors. Changed the intro slightly.

-1.5 Fixed another "severeal"(Yeah, I DID noticed that. I won't change so you
all can know what am I talking about when I said "Stupidity Errors") spelling
errors and something I forgot, to number the sections...

-1.6 Found out the map dwelling for the Liches.

-1.7 Copyright changed (10/29/2002, 21:12) Email Changed.



So, Heroes of Might and Magic is one of the best games out there and no one 
is bored enough to make a faq just for the Kingdom they prefer?
I am. I chose Necromancer, and i 've done another one for the Knights. I
like evil ones. Ok, Barbarians units suck a big time but Necromacers and 
Warlocks are cool. I'm making Faqs for every game I like, cause I don't have
anything else to do in my free time(besides Playing Pokemon)and I feel like
I'm actually helping someone when I write a Faq.
Thsi Guide had a lot of mistakes before, so I decided to write it again a bit.
I received a lot of help from readers, I hope you understand my problem^_^.
Whatever, I proudly Present to you my latest Faq yet:


3.-The Necromancers:

Highs:No Morale problems, strong and cheap units, quite powerful in magic,
Vampires give a great advantage in med Game, Fast units. Almost invincible
in the long game if not Warlocks are around :) Third best defense rating for
a creature(Power liches), second most Destructive Unit(Bone Dragons)third
best attack rating(Bone dragons)and third best HPs(Bone Dragons)

Lows: No morale help, no a ultra great ultimate unit, kinda weak at defense,
you can't build a tavern, so you are going to lose some comments. 
Somehow expensives in the early game. With the sole exception of the Royal 
Mummies, they are very slow in the beggining.

Bottom Line: Powerful, they can stand against whatever it takes. They are 
specially good in medium maps, to get without too much effort Widzard or
Warlock castles.


4.-The Necromancer Units:
All these units are undead, so Morale can't affect them. Plus, Besides the 
differents alignements penalty for other units, there's another-1 penalty
"Some undead in the group". As you see, they are not much lovable.

Skeletons: Attack-4-Defense-3-Hit Points-4-Damage-2/3-Speed Average-cost 75 
Dwelling: excavation.
Map Dwelling: Execution site. This one is only encountered in Deserts.
Growth: 8 per week.
Unit type: Horde Stack.
Unit Rank: 1
On the long game these units are wonderful. They are quite strong,
and if they strike first, they can make your army the winner. It's not 
strange to see more than 400 skeletons, cause Necromancy will give you 
Necromancy can give you even 30 % of the killed enemies into Skeletons-This
means that if swarms of Peasants come later in the game, be prepare to 
receive lots of Skeletons.
Never let armies escape from your skeletons. In the long game, 1400 Skeletons
are enough to kill anything, and the Necromancy is needed to achieve such
number. In my opinion, the best of the first rank creatures.
Defensive uses: Almost non-existant ;). Skeletons are really weak, and slow
unless you are facing Gargoyles or Rocs you will have a tough time defending
a castle with these.
Offensive uses: Teleport them right on Magi, and watch the sparks fly!. The
Skeletons have a very good attack rating(4)-for a first rank unit.
Attribute: Necromancy.
Ranking: ****

Zombies: Attack-5-Defense-2-Hit Points-15-damage-2/3-Speed-Slow-Cost 150 gold.
Mutant Zombies: Attack-5-Defense-2-Hit Points-20-Damage-2/3-Speed Average-
Cost 200 gold.
Dwelling: Graveyard. Can be Upgraded.
Map dwelling: Can be fought in Graveyards for money, Artifacts or others.
Growth: 6 per week.
Unit Type: Damage taker Stack.
Unit Rank: 2
These are good units, but you must upgrade them as fast as you can.However,
they never do the exagerated damage the Skeletons can, but are far more 
resistant. It's one of the more useful units, but not the best.
Keep it with your Liches to defend them. The Upgrade is one of the most
needed, in my opinion, because this guys are so freaking slow, that using 
them as one of your basic units, is simply annoying. The Mutant zombies are a
unit that you should ussually leave in your castles for defense, very 
frustrating even in high numbers, because of it's lousy attack.
Defensive uses: Protecting Liches, Protecting any Ranged unit, getting in the
way- any use that you should think could annoy the opponent.
Ofensive Uses: none, really. Skeletons are way better, but they simply get 
big by themselves. The Zombies are just a defensive unit.

Mummies: Attack-6-Defense-6-Hit Points-25-Damage-3/4-Speed-Average-cost 250 
Royal Mummies: Attack-6-Defense-6-Hit Points-30-Damage-3/4-Speed-Fast-Cost 
300 gold.
Dwelling: Piramid.Can be upgraded.
Map Dwelling: Can be fought in Piramids for a high level spell along with
Vampire Lords.
Growth: 4 per week.
Unit Type: Standard Fighter.
Unit Rank: 3
Like Zombies, they will never do such an exagerated damages, but are really 
fast and Royal mummies can inflict Curse. Really good unit. They can give you 
the first strike, but remember you should be defensive. The Mummies are not 
really needed later in the game, though Curse can really help you sometimes, 
they have too little damage available like to stand against Magi, or 
Defensive Uses: Just like the Zombies, with more ofensive power, and minor
numbers. Ussually, these guys are just a very average fighter.
Ofenssive Uses: Very limited. Even Being a Fast unit capable of Cursing 
enemies, they are quite weak. 3/4 Damage is very pitiful in the long run.
Attribute: Curse
Ranking: ***

Vampires: Attack-8-Defense-6-Hitpoints-35-Damage-5/7-Speed average-Cost 500 
Vampires lords: Attack-8-Defense-6-Hitpoints-40-Damage-5/7-Speed Fast-cost 
650 Gold.
Dwelling: Mansion. Can be upgraded.
Map Dwelling: Can fought in Piramids alongside with Mummies.
Growth: 3 per week.
Unit Type: Power strike Stack.
Unit Rank: 4
These are GREAT units! Quite expensives, but is worth the money. Vampire 
lords can even suck life from enemies! However,you can never get more 
vampires, so if you  start the battle with 90 Vampires, you can suck life 
till  90, so If your vampires aren't killed, this doesn't work.
Defensive Uses: The Vampires make excelent castle Defenders, since they can
fly, and being fast(When upgraded), they can get early in the round against
ranged units.
Offenseive Uses: almost the same as defense. The Vampires, when in high 
numbers, are very dangerous. 120 Vampires are a very fearsome stack, sucking 
life until the battle is over.
Attribute: Flying, Suck Life, Enemies can't counter.
Ranking: *****

Liches: Attack-7-Defense-12(!)-Hit Points-25-Damage-8/10/Speed-Fast-Cost-750 
Power Liches: Attack-7-Defense-13(ˇ!)-Hitpoints-35-Damage-8/10-Speed Very 
Fast, Cost 900 gold.
Dwelling: Mausoleum. Can Be Upgraded (and you should).
Map Dwelling: City of the Death..
Growth: 2 per week.
Unit type: Ranged Power Stack.
Unit Rank: 5
Another good unit. They are really weak, even if they have such a high 
defense rating, but they are destructive and can hurt more than one unit at 
time. Protect them with zombies. They have the third best defensive rating of
the game, and may provided extra firepower to your armies, and being the only
ranged unit of the Necromancer, this is almost a must. They are better than
they seem.
Defensive Uses: As any other ranged unit, a Lich Stack behind the Castle
Walls, is a killer weapon. With the proper planning, the Liches are the most
important weapon when defending Castles.
Offensive Units: They are very vulnerable, but still a powerful unit. Try to
keep them protected against Sorceress, and always try to get the first 
strike. Put them in the Top Stack.
Attribute: Splash damage.
Ranking: ****.

Bone Dragon: Attack-11-Defense-9-Hitpoints-150-Damage-25/45(ˇ!ˇ)-Speed 
Average-Cost 1500 gold.
Dwelling: Laboratory.
Map Dwelling: none.
Growth: 1 per week.
Unit Type: Flying death Stack ;)
Unit Ranking: 6 
The Bone Dragons are quite powerful, more than you could think. They have the
advantage of the relative good cost, they don't need any special Mineral,
and can be built without an excess of money. They are a match for almost
any unit in the game, with the sole exception of Crusaders, even can stand
against Black Dragons (Well...that's very hard to do, but it can be done). 
The Perfect Titan Killers :).
Defensive Uses: the same as the Vampires, but to a lesser extent. Bone 
Dragons are weak against massive Crusaders, so they are not very recommended 
to go against them.
Offensive Uses: Countless! They can break thru any defenses and easily 
dispatch most opponents. Cyclops and Titans are dead meat against these 
Attribute: lowers enemy Morale by 1, Flying.
Ranking: ****


5.-Strategies against certain enemies:

-Knights: Well...good luck :). The Power Liches can prove to be useful here,
to get the first, or at least second strike. use it casting mass haste or
something like that. The Knight's units are very fast, and with the 
Crusader's 2x bonus against undead... well, you have the odds against you. 
Keep bashing the Crusaders, use lighitng against them.

-Barbarians: This is very easy, since their best unit, the War Trolls, are 
dead meat against Bone Dragons and Vampire lords. The Ogre Lords are a very
dangerous enemies, try to blind them, or at least cast slow on them. The rest
of the Barbarian's army sucks compared to yours.

-Sorceress:Again, another easy strike! Phoenixes and Unicorns are the only 
real threats here, say good bye to yer liches, the phoenixes are the fastests
creatures in the game. Basically, keep going for them. Vampire Lords are a 
good unit to waste them, since they can't retailate against them. Also useful
against Sprites, to get back lost Vampires. The Mummies also are extremely 
useful here, since curse wipes on half of the Phoenix damage.

-Widzards: the only real threat are the Titans, since you already have plenty
of counters against the other units, Rocs vs Skeletons, Vampires against
Archmagi, the other armies are no danger. The Titans should be the target for
everything here, get you bone dragon's asses to kill them, use Bloodlust,
steelskin and curse the enemy.
-Warlocks: Basically, too hard in the late game. Dragons = Power Liches dying
again. Use your Bone Dragons and Vampires with Dragon Slayer to beat them.
The other armies are crap.


6.-Skills that need to be learned:

Necromancy: Well,duh... The more skeletons you have,the more chances you have 
to win... Actually the Necromancers learn Necromancy very often, and it's a
chance you are not supposed to miss.

Wisdom: Well,duh again... Necromancers tend to have a little problem in 
learning this skill, so pick it whenever you can. This should be your second

Luck: Because the undead can't be affected by morale, so you're going to need 
another asset to help you. Luck is really effective with Liches and Vampires,
and a good luck will always help you.

Estates: Liches and Vampires are quite expensives, and any extra boost can't 
hurt you. Get this one as soon as you can.


7.-Magic that need to be casted:

Bloodlust: Use this to make your Liches and Vampires killing machines. This 
should be casted as fast as you can-This spell is often neglected because of
it's low cost ,but it's VERY useful.

Haste and Mass haste: If you wanna drive anyone mad, these spells will give
Liches an Ultra-fast stat, so you can wipe out those Phoenix before they can
make a dent on your units.

Death wave: Well, Duh... It's not very useful at the end of the game, but 
during early game it will help you a lot. Since your units are all undead, 
you will receive no damage.

Animate Dead: This is so frustrating :) use this to keep your Bone Dragons
in the fight.


8.-Worst enemy:
DRAGONS: Red, green, black or whatever, they are inmune to magic, and though 
Vampires can actually kill 'em, they leave you on your own, cause 
Necromancers are quite dependant in magic. Warlocks are their worst enemy.



-Me... I wrote it!
-Vincent Telamon. Sort of inspiration.
-New world Computing for making this game and not a RTS one like C&C.
-Skie Priestly for giving me a lot of info.


10.-Legal Stuff:

This file is owned by Lord Zero (

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2000-2002 By Lord Zero (

The last version can always be found in
                                           /  \
                        ______   ______    ||||         
                       <_____ \ <_____ \   ||||        ____
   __________________________\ \______\ \__||||______ / \  \
  /   Lord Zero (      / |||| / / /|   \ /\
 <      --------------------------------<  ||||/ / / |    < @
  \__________________________   ______   \_||||_/_/__|   / \/
                        _____/ / _____/ /  ||||       \_/__/     
                       <______/ <______/   ||||        

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