Hewsons Quest Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Hewsons Quest

Hewsons Quest

Hints by W. Pooley.              

To get to the end game you must have scored 580 points. There are 15 treasures 
to collect and a good place to store them is the hut where you start.

Treasures and their locations:

Copper Key:  Located in Castle Oops, the Medusa has it. 
Clay Vase:  Located at the entrance to curved space.
Mirror:  In the forest by the Burrow.
Silver Goblet:  In the corridor in Castle Oops.    
Book:  In the curving corridor in Castle Oops.
Scroll:  (False one) In a safe in Castle Oops. 
Scroll:  (Real one) In a box found in the room with glittering walls, (down the 
Golden Grail:  In the well lit room in Castle Oops. 
Silver Chalice:  In the cave in the foothills, the unicorn has it.
Jewel:  In the cave with the skull.
Phrase Book:  In the rough cave under the barrow.
Ring:  At the dead end, roughly south of the rat location.
Golden Chalice:  In the forest, again roughly south of the rat location.
Large Bracelet:  In the parcel found in the small room south of Wizards Study. 
Small lamp: (Not the one you find at the start) In the room with a safe in 
Castle Oops.

To get in Castle Oops you need the long key. It is located in the foothills 
guarded by the Mindflayer, you must kill him to get it, once you have the key go 

The Copper Key is in Castle Oops and is guarded by the Medusa. (Carry the mirror 
to be safe). The copper key opens the door to the safe in the castle and the 
door to the pirates room, so at the door in the castle UNLOCK DOCK WITH COPPER 
KEY then OPEN EAST. At the door to the Pirates room UNLOCK WEST WITH COPPER KEY 

Don't carry gold around too long or a pirate will steal it. If he does you can 
get it back from the Pirates room, but if you have not got a gold piece you 
can't cross the bridge, so store your gold in the hut.

Carrying the ring lets you cross the river, SWIM SOUTH to cross.

Once you have scored 580 points make your way to the room under the forest (down 
the burrow), the one with the glittering walls, you will now find a room 
containing a Balrog, Four Dwarfs, Bread, Gold Pieces, Short Shield, and a Dusty 
Picture, if you are lucky you can simply GET PICTURE, CLEAN PICTURE.

If you need to kill the Balrog carry the great sword and shield, KILL BALROG 
WITH GREAT SWORD. To dispose of the Dwarfs you need the Wizards wand from the 
hut in the small forest, WAVE WAND AT DWARF, then WAVE WAND AT SMALL DWARF. 
Watch your status and eat bread between fights.


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