Hidden Numbers - Mickey Mouse Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Hidden Numbers - Mickey Mouse

Hidden Numbers - Mickey Mouse

-=Level 1=-
1 on the shaft of Donald’s oar in the water 
  (even with the top of the boat)
2 on the back of the pink butterfly over Donald’s oar
3 on the willow branches between the butterfly and Daisy’s bow
4 in the willow branches to the right of the butterfly 
  (about in line with the bottom tip of its wing)
5 on the right cattail that is left of Minnie Mouse
6 hanging under the willow branches on the left
7 on Daisy’s purple sleeve
8 back of the left duck
9 on Donald’s shoulder by his bow tie
10 side of the boat under Mickey
11 in the water left of the three cattails that are on the right side of the pond 
   (between the 2 ducks)
12 left tree where the second branch from the right splits from the trunk
13 on Donald’s oar in the water
14 in the pink part of the boat under Donald (at the corner)
15 on top of the grass next to the blue butterfly and under Donald’s oar
16 on the rock that Donald’s boat hit
17 on the water lily flower under the fish
18 on the grass under the frog
19 left tree in the leaves where the 2 left branches spit off from the trunk
20 inside the back of the boat under Mickey’s tail

-=Level 2=-
1 on the straw of the green milkshake at the bottom right of the screen
2 between the I and D in the sign on the building
3 over the red building on the right
4 on Pluto’s leg in the bottom left corner of the screen
5 on the table next to the coins in the bottom right corner of the screen
6 tip of the red and white umbrella
7 side of the left skyscraper
8 on the bush in the bottom middle of the screen
9 white stripe left of center on the umbrella
10 on the ground under Donald’s trays
11 on the glass of the green milkshake at the bottom right of the screen
12 on the wall under Donald’s top tray (by the boys)
13 on the pink drink that Donald is spilling (his lower tray)
14 red stripe on the underside of the red and white umbrella
15 top of the left skyscraper
16 on Donald’s foot in the air
17 on the left milkshake on Donald’s top tray
18 cloud in the upper left corner
19 over Daisy’s window
20 above Minnie Mouse’s shoe

-=Level 3=-
1 the rope with hook on the beam
2 top of the tower by the barn
3 in the sky by the Games 2 Rule logo
4 on the bottom of Donald’s shirt
5 left edge of the top of the barn 
  (where the roof bends down)
6 in the smoke from the tractor pipe
7 on the tower by the barn -- on the post near the machine part
8 pig’s tail
9 on the underside of the wooden top of the tower
  (over the X crossbeams)
10 inside the hayloft window
11 rear leg of pig
12 on top the beam with rope from the hayloft
13 on the fence post by the right edge of the screen
14 the bottom hay bale behind Goofy (inside the barn)
15 wooden top of the tower by the barn
16 inside the bottom barn door over the hay bales
17 on the side of the picnic basket
18 cloud against the left edge of the screen
19 in the hay pile by the white fence
20 on the cover over the tractor tire.

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