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 Hitman - Blood Money Guide

Hitman - Blood Money Guide

{                                                                              }
{                              HITMAN BLOOD MONEY                              }
{                                                                              }
{                          Walkthrough By Mark Davies                          }
{                                                                              }
{                               (c) June 2006                                  }
{                                                                              }
{                                  Version 1                                   }
{                                                                              }

{                                                                              }
{                                Introduction                                  }
{                                                                              }

This is a guide to the Himan Blood Money game.  It is a work in progress and 
will be updated as I work through the game.  I do not intend on rehashing the 
manual so you should refer to it if you are unsure of controls etc.  

This guide has been written by me after some long painstaking effort so please 
do not rip my walkthrough off.  Finally it will contain spoilers so only read 
if you are really stuck.  

I will work on revising the layout once I have the walkthrough complete.  

{                                                                              }
{                                 Missions                                     }
{                                                                              }

This section will detail 1 way of doing the mission and the rating you can 
achieve.  There are many ways of doing levels, I try and achieve the best 
(silent assassin) when possible.  

	Mission 1  - Death Of A Showman
	Mission 2  - A Vintage Year
	Mission 3  - Curtains Down
	Mission 4  - Flatline
	Mission 5  - A New Life
	Mission 6  - The Murder Of Crows
	Mission 7  - You Better Watch Out ...
	Mission 8  - Death On The Mississippi
	Mission 9  - Til Death Us Do Part
	Mission 10 - A House Of Cards
	Mission 11 - A Dance With The Devil
	Mission 12 - Amendment XXV
	Mission 13 - Requiem

{                                  Notoriety                                   }

After each mission depending on how well you do you get notoriety rating out of 
a 100 for how well you did during a mission.  Silent assassin gets 0 notoriety 
so it is always best to aim for this rating.  To achieve this you need to only 
kill the targets and avoid any other unnecessary killing.  See mission 
statistics later in this walkthrough.  

{                                   Upgrades                                   }

At the start of all missions, after the training mission, you can buy upgrades 
to various weapons this section will detail these upgrades.  You cannot by all 
these updates at the start of the game and they appear after each mission.  The 
table below shows what upgrades are available at the start of each mission.
		SilverB      Shotgun      SMG      M4      Sniper      Equip
Mission 1	1-2          1-2          1-3      1-3     1-2         1-3
Mission 2	1-5          1-5          1-6      1-7     1-5         1-5
Mission 3	1-5          1-5          1-6      1-7     1-5         1-5
Mission 4	1-8          1-7          1-9      1-9     1-7         1-8
Mission 5	1-8          1-7          1-9      1-9     1-7         1-8
Mission 6	1-8          1-7          1-9      1-9     1-7         1-8
Mission 7	1-8          1-7          1-9      1-9     1-7         1-8
Mission 8	1-10         1-9          1-11     1-11    1-10        1-10
Mission 9	ALL          ALL          ALL      ALL     ALL         ALL
Mission 10	ALL          ALL          ALL      ALL     ALL         ALL
Mission 11	ALL          ALL          ALL      ALL     ALL         ALL
Mission 12	ALL          ALL          ALL      ALL     ALL         ALL

*                               Silverbaillers                                 *

1)  Low Velocity Ammo		 50,000		More silent, 
						Less recoil, 
						Excludes other ammo

2)  Silencer Type 1		 50,000		Medium silenced, 
						Excludes silencer type 2, 
                                		Excludes long slide

3)  Extra Ammo			 75,000		2 extra clips, 
						Expands all clips

4)  Laser Site			 75,000		Laser aim, 
						Medium precise

5)  Rail Mount			 75,000		For scopes

6)  Magnum Ammo			100,000 	Penetrates doors, 
						More recoil, 
						Excludes other ammo

7)  Dual Action			100,000		Two guns, 
						Twice the fun, 
						More recoil

8)  Long Slide			100,000		Better precision, 
						Less recoil, 
						Excludes silencer

9)  Red Dot Sight		150,000		Small zoom
						High Precision
						Requires Rail Mount
						Excludes Scope

10) Large Clip			150,000		More bullets
						Double Capacity

11) Silencer Type 2		200,000		Max silenced
						Excludes silencer type 1
						Excludes long slide

12) Full Auto Fire		200,000		High rate of fire
						Requires large clip
						More recoil

13) Scope type 1		200,000		Medium Zoom
						Extreme precision
						Requires rail mount

*                                 Shotgun                                      *

1)  Flechette Ammo		 50,000		18 dart slugs, 
						Less damage, 
						More precise, 
						Excludes other ammo

2)  Butt Stock			 50,000		More precise, 
						Less recoil

3)  Extra Ammo			 75,000		2 extra rounds, 
						Expands all rounds

4)  Reload Boost		 75,000		Mounted shells, 
						Fast reload time

5)  12 Gauge Slugs		 75,000		12 gauge slugs, 
						Maximum damage, 
						Excludes other ammo

6)  Rail Mount			100,000		For red dot sight

7)  Short Barrel		100,000		More damage, 
						Less precise, 
						Excludes silencer

8)  Laser Sight			150,000		Laser aim
						Medium Precise

9)  Magazine			150,000		4 extra slugs
						High rate of fire

10) Red Dot Sight		200,000		Max precision
						Requires rail mount

11) Silencer Type 1		200,000		Medium silenced
						Excludes short barrel

*                                      SMG                                     *

1)  Butt Stock			 50,000		Less recoil, 
						More precise

2)  Low Velocity Ammo		 50,000		Less sound, 
						Less recoil, 
						Excludes other ammo

3)  Butt Stock			 50,000		Less recoil, 
						More precise

4)  Extra Ammo			 75,000		2 extra clips, 
						Expands all clips

5)  Rail Mount			 75,000		For red dot sight

6)  Magnum Ammo			 75,000		Penetrates doors, 
						More recoil, 
						Excludes other ammo

7)  Rapid Fire			100,000		Extreme rate of fire, 
						More recoil

8)  Short Barrel		100,000		More damage, 
						Less precise

9)  Silencer Type 1		100,000		Medium silent, 
						Less damage, 
						Excludes silencer type 2

10) Laser sight			150,000		Laser aim
						Medium precise

11) Double clip			150,000		Fast reload

12) Silence Type 2		200,000		Max silenced
						Less Damage
						Excludes silencer type 1

13) Red Dot Sight		200,000		Small zoom
						High precision
						Requires rail mount

*                                        M4                                    *

1)  R.I.S Handguard		 50,000		Special handguard, 
						Required for upgrades

2)  Low Velocity Ammo		 50,000		Less recoil, 
						More silent, 
						Excludes other ammo

3)  Butt Stock			 50,000		Lightweight buttstock, 
						Less recoil, 
						More precise

4)  Extra Ammo			 75,000		2 extra clips, 
						Expands all clips

5)  Laser Sight			 75,000		Laser aim, 
						Medium precise

6)  Rail Mount			 75,000		To mount scopes

7)  Amour Piercing Ammo		 75,000		Penetrates doors, 
						More damage, 
						Excludes other ammo

8)  Silencer type 1		100,000		Medium silenced, 
						Excludes silencer type 2

9)  Pistol Grip			100,000		Extra support, 
						More steady, 
						Requires RIS handguard

10) Double Clip			150,000		Two clips
						Less reload time
						Excludes drum magazine

11) Red Dot Sight		150,000		Small zoom
						High Precision
						Requires rail mount
						Excludes scope

12) Silencer Type 2		200,000		Max silenced
						Excludes type 1

13) Dum Magazine		200,000		100 rounds
						Large recoil
						Excludes double clip

14) Scope Type 1		200,000		Standard scope
						Extreme precision
						Require rail mount
						Excludes red dot sight

*                                     WD 2000                                  *

1)  Low Velocity Ammo	 	 50,000		Less sound, 
						Less recoil, 
						Excludes other ammo

2)  Double Capacity Clip	 50,000		High rate of fire, 
						Excludes other ammo

3)  Extra Ammo			 75,000		1 extra clip, 
						Expands all clips

4)  Scope Type 1		 75,000		Medium zoom, 
						High precision, 
						Excludes other scopes

5)  Lightweight Frame		 75,000		lightweight parts

6)  Silencer Type 1		100,000		Medium silenced, 
						Less damage, 
						Excludes silencer type 2

7)  Amour Piercing Ammo		100,000		Penetrates doors, 
						More recoil, 
						Excludes other ammo

8)  Extra Ammo			150,000		2 extra clips
						Expands all clips

9)  Carbon Fibre Barrel		150,000		Less recoil
						High precision

10) Bolt Action			150,000		High precision
						Requires light frame
						Excludes clip
11) Silencer Type 2		200,000		Max Silenced
						Less Damage
						Excludes silencer type 1
12) Scope Type 2		200,000		Maximum zoom
						Extreme precise
						Excludes other scopes

*                                 Equipment                                    *

1)  Pain Killers		 50,000		Small health boost

2)  7 x 50 Zoom Binoculars	 50,000		Incremental zoom, 
						Better vision, 
						Distance counter

3)  Improved Lockpick		 50,000		25% faster lockpicking

4)  Kevlar Vest			 75,000		Absorbs 15% damage, 
						Lost on new outfit

5)  Enhanced Detonator		 75,000		Long range detonator

6)  Adrenaline			100,000		A health boost

7)  Flak Vest			100,000		Absorbs 35% damage, 
						Lost at new outfit

8)  Extra Mine			100,000		One extra RU-AP mine

9)  Cratt Shultz Lockpick	150,000		50% faster lockpicking

10) Foil padded suitcase	150,000		None detectable
						For custom sniper rifle

11) Flexible Flak Vest		200,000		Absorbs 35% damage
						Fits all outfits

*                             Mission Summary                                  *

At the end of each mission you get a 4 page summary telling you how well you did

1) Mission Stats

	Total Kills
	Shots Fired
	Shots Hit
	Close Combat Kills
	Bodies Found
	Covers Blown
	Caught On Camera

2) Notoriety Rating

	Balance $
	Mission Time
	Your Rating
	Your Notoriety

3) Money Earned

	Balance $
	Mission Rating
	Rating Bonus
	Damage Control
	Suit Retrieval
	Custom Weapon Retrieval
	Total Money Earned

4) Bribes

	Bribe Civilians			 50,000		- 15 points to notoriety
	Bribe Chief Of Police		100,000		- 40 points to notoriety
	Acquire A New Identity		200,000		-100 points to notoriety

*                      Mission 1  - Death Of A Showman                         *
Starting Equipment:
	Fibre Wire
	8 x 45 Binoculars

	Joseph Clarence


This is basically the training level and is quite easy.  It doesn't seem to 
matter how many people you kill on this level because you donít get a rating.  

- Head south east and climb onto the pier.
- Run west down the pier.  
- After the info finishes you'll have a cutscene with the guy on the door.  
- After this head through the gate.   
- Examine the photo in your inventory if you want, you don't need to.
- Head in the gift shop to the left.  
- Go up to the window on the west wall, the guards can't see you so no need to 
- Face north to the broken window and wait for the men to stop talking.  
- Throw a coin out the window and wait for them to investigate.  
- Now go through the door on the west wall.  
- Run west to the next building and go through the doors.  
- Put the fibre wire on and sneak up to the men talking.  
- One is a blind folded lawyer so he can't see you.  
- Kill the man and take the gun, don't worry about the body.  
- Climb the red trellis to the north.  
- Walk along the balcony and jump the gap.  
- Grab the shotgun by the door if you want.  
- Pick the lock but be careful because as soon as the door opens the gangsters 
  will see you.  
- Open the door and quickly hide behind the wall.  
- When the two guards come to investigate shoot them quickly.  
- Run in the room and grab the bodies.  
- Drag them to one of the two containers by the walls to hide the bodies.  
- Now hide in the cabinet until a man enters the room.  
- When the man enters the room wait until he goes up to the table and kill him.
- Take the mans clothes and the card he dropped on the way in.  
- Exit through the door and use the keycard on the other door.  
- Follow the walkway until you come to a room on your left. 
- Pick up the basket and put your gun in it.  
- Exit this room and continue following the walkway around.  
- Let the man check you and then enter the room.  
- Drop the crate and get you gun back. 
- Go up to the elevator and drop onto the roof.  
- Use your fibre wire to stealth kill the guy below (I love this cutscence).  
- Next break the box on the wall to turn off the power.  
- Now SNEAK through the next room and into the toilets.  
- Sneak up behind the man taking a leak and grab him as a human shield 
  "e" on the keyboard when close enough.  
- Now slowly move into the next room where 3 other guys are playing cards.  
- Take them all out and turn around to face the bathroom.  
- A guard will come to investigate if he spots you kill him to. 
- Now knock this guy unconscious or kill him if you like.  
- Go back into the bathroom and get the sub machine gun on the sink.  
- Go back into the room with the dead poker players and climb the ladder.  
- Go forward and get the case with the sniper rifle in.  
- Open the case and get the rifle now look out the window.  
- You need to take out the three guards (I would kill them in this order): 

	one on the ground in front of the hut, 
	one on top of the building behind
	the third on the Ferris wheel to his right.  

- Pack the rifle away and carry it outside to where you just killed the men.  
- Climb down the pipe and run to the next doorway.  
- Drop your case here, get the syringe from the box and SNEAK up the stairs. 
- Wait until the women has spoken to the man and goes back into the office.  
- SNEAK up behind him and push him out the window.  
- Then get the syringe out sneak over to the desk.  
- When the cross hair goes red over the drink use the syringe.  
- Now hide in the cabinet at the back and watch the girl pop her clogs.  
- Now go into the office and a cutscene will show. 
- He will beg for his life but you'll kill him anyway.  
- Get the photo and go back and get your rifle case (no evidence remember!)  
- Climb out the window and get the remote bomb and detonator.  
- Now follow the path to the window and drop the case. 
- Climb in and sneak over to the winch.  
- Place the bomb and move back to the window.  
- When the Snoop Dog look-a-like kills the guy and the others are standing 
- over the body detonate the bomb which should take out two of them.  
- Then shoot any remaining witnesses, usually the Snoop Dog look-a-like and 
  his bitch.  
- Now head to the corner of the room downstairs to exit the building.  

Upon completion you will not get a summary but just the newspaper clipping 
telling you how you did.  I've ranged from 17-24 killed.  My 24 rating 
called me a terrorist.  Your money drops the more people you kill and the 
number of times you are injured.  You can get anything from 600 to 700 thousand 
dollars for this job.  

Mission 2  - A Vintage Year
Starting Equipment:
	Just take the standard equipment

	Don Fernando Delgado
	Manuel Delgado

	(1) A guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful 
	    especially when looking for deathtraps. 

	(2) You've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends 
	    and enjoy the merchandise in the wine cellar. 

	(3) The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere 
	    in the wine cellar.  

	(4) The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.  

* Kill Don Fernando Delgado *

- From the start go through the door with the guard outside into the main 
- From here turn left and enter the building closing the door after you.  
- Now break the box immediately inside the door.  
- Either hide in the cabinet or follow the L-Shaped corridor to the end and 
  wait by the left of the door for the guard to come past.  
- Now SNEAK into the room and turn left through the door.  
- Change into the guard uniform on the chair and exit through the door to 
  the east.  
- Walk southeast across the courtyard and find a drain pipe in the corner 
  near the door.  
- Climb this pipe onto the roof carefully avoiding the patrolling guard to 
  the east.  
- Go through the window near to the pipe.  
- Sneak up to the old man and strangle him.  
- Get the SNUB NOSE gun if you want (you can then use this in subsequent 
- Drag the body to the balcony and throw the body over the balcony.  


- Drag it back to the room opposite the window where you came in.  
- Now climb back onto the roof the way you came in and down to the 
  courtyard (avoiding the guard again).  
- Head back to the main courtyard where you entered the complex.  

* Kill Manuel Delgado *

- Once in the main complex courtyard you may notice a man in a pink shirt 
  entering the cellars to the east.  
- If he is with another bloke at this point you may have to wait a while 
  down stairs to get him on his own.  
- Follow him down stairs and go through the first doorway at the bottom.  
- You should be in a small room with some barrels and container for hiding 
- Wait crouched behind the barrels facing the door for him to leave this room.
- When he does follow him back to the stairs and strangle him. 
- Drag the body back to the room with the container and hide the body.  
- Now go back up to the main  courtyard.  


- Before escaping go back to retrieve your suit breaking the fuse box again.  
- Remember to SNEAK until your out of the building so the guards do not 
  become too suspicious.  
- Now exit back to the entrance where you started the game.  
- Run east then south past the patrolling guard to a waterfall in the distance.
- Follow the edge of the compound north down a ramp past the dead body you 
  threw over the balcony earlier.  
- When you get to the bottom SNEAK to the left until you get behind a guard.  
- Throw a coin to his right and move left following the path around to the 
  plane to escape.  

This should give you the SILENT ASSASIN rating.  

Mission 3  - Curtains Down
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment
	Buy long range detonator

	Alvardo D'Alvarde
	Richard Delahunt

Intel:	(1) The contents of toolboxes will not be searched if you are frisked.

	(2) There is a shaft from the backstage area to the stage.  It is 
	    closely observed and only actors are permitted

	(3) Lead actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks

	(4) The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the 

	(5) Only actors are allowed on stage

	(6) Light technicians have a key card to the light control room

	(7) There is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful

	(8) The prop gun used for the execution of the opera is an exact replica 
	    of a real world war 1 pistol.  

* Alvardo D'Alvarde *

- Talk to the man in the room to the left of the main entrance.  
- You will get a real version of the prop gun being used in the play.  
- When the guards are not looking sneak down the stairs to the left.  
- At the bottom of the stairs is a toilet hide here until a worker arrives.  
- Use the syringe to knock him out.  
- Borrow his clothes and put the body in the container.  
- Exit through the door to the south, turn right and go to the end of the room.
- Pick the lock and be careful not to be seen.  
- Go down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. 
- Continue along the corridor and take the first door on the right wall.  
- Follow the stairs up and exit on the first floor.  
- Walk north past the bodyguard on the chair and go through the first double 
  doors on the right.  
- Take the stairs all the way to the top and go through the door on the far 
- When the worker is not looking plant the bomb on the chandelier.  
- Return to the corridor with the bodyguard on the chair.
- Wait for him to go into the toilets
- Make sure no one is around then go into the second dressing room furthest 
  from the guard.  It is marked with a star outside the door.  
- Hide in the cabinet and wait for the actor (this can take a while).  
- Watch him and wait for him to leave.  
- When he does exit the cabinet and replace the prop gun for the real gun.  
- Check the door and exit when the bodyguard has gone to the toilet.  
- Follow the corridor south towards the toilet and turn left.  
- Follow the corridor to the end and go through the last door on the right.  
- Take the stairs down and exit through the door.  
- Turn left and go through the door at the end.  
- Climb the stairs and through the door into the large room.  
- Take the last door on the left and you should be back to where you changed 
  into the workers uniform.  
- Change back into your normal clothes avoiding the guards who patrols.  
- Now take the stairs back to the main entrance.  
- From the main entrance make your way to where the actors are performing
- Eventually the actor will kill your first target when this happens get the 
  detonator ready. 

* Richard Delahunt *

- When Richard runs from his box down stairs into the area below he will trip 
  under the chandelier.  
- When he does use the detonator and the chandelier will drop and kill him.  

* Escape *
- Now pocket the detonator and make your way to the main entrance and leave.  

This should give you the SILENT ASSASIN rating.  
However on a couple of occasions it said I was spotted by 1 witness.  Repeating 
this gave me the silent assassin rating.  

Mission 4  - Flatline
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Agent Smith (although we don't kill him)
	Carmine Desalvo
	Las Vegas Mobster
	Human Trafficker

	(1) Admission papers are required to check in.  Future patients often 
	    wait in the park outside.  

	(2) Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.  

	(3) The brochure list some interesting facilities such as a library a 
	    gymnasium and a large spa centre.  

	(4) Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.  

	(5) Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quite places.  Lets hope 
	    they don't get alcohol poising.  

	(6) Weightlifting can be fatal

	(7) Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camp stoves 
	    in their rooms.  Sounds dangerous!

	(8) Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the 

* Agent Smith *

- From the start head up the hill following the path and you'll see a man 
  waiting near some concrete benches.  
- Get the admission papers from the bench near him and continue up to the 
- Talk to the receptionist and you'll have to get changed into patients 
  clothes.  Follow her behind the reception area to find them.  
- Before entering the guard will search you for weapons before letting you in.
- Once inside turn right and right again then climb the stairs.  
- At the top the room in the far north east has therapist's clothes inside 
  so go and get changed.  
- The landing on the north side of the middle of this floor 
  (overlooking the study) has a chandelier that is held up by a winch.  
  You can place the remote bomb here you'll need it to kill someone later.  
- The western side of this floor is rooms A, B, C and D.  
  Room B next to yours in the far north west allows you to sabotage a gas 
  stove.  You'll also need to do that later.  
- One more place of interest in the gym on the ground floor.  You'll need to 
  come back and kill a guy using the weights later.  
- Go back to the ground floor and make your way to the medical block.  
- Take the stairs down.
- Follow the corridor and exit up the steps at the far end.  You'll need to
  avoid the guard spotting you going up these stairs.  
- At the top walk up to the locked room on the left hiding behind the wall.
- Wait for the orderly to leave (not the one sitting down).  
- Climb through the window get the key and the card from the desk
- Use the syringe to knock out the orderly sitting down.  
- Hide his body behind you in the container in the room.  Avoid being spotted
  by the other orderlies patrolling the cells.  
- Go into the cells and find Agent smith in a cell along the eastern wall.
- Use the syringe to "kill" him (it will be an action not need to select it
  as an item).  Again avoid being spotted by the orderlies.  
- Now leave and go back to the place upstairs where you left the therapists 
  clothes and get changed back.  
- Head back to the main building and get your patients clothes back.  
- Now kill each of the three targets (in any order)

* Carmine *
- Wait in the gym and he'll start to use the weight bench.
- At the end of his session you can kill him with the weights.  

* Los Angeles Mobster *
- Go upstairs into your room and onto the balcony.
- Enter the room next door when it is empty and switch on the gas.
- Eventually the target will return to the room and kill himself

* Human Trafficker *
- Stand opposite the study in the stairway and wait for the target to go to the
  globe for a drink.  
- Use the detonator to kill him

* Escape *
- Go back to reception and get your clothes
- Head back down the hill, Agent Smith will now be in the morgue
- Enter the morgue through the doors - won't raise any suspicion
- Use the syringe to revive Agent Smith
- Exit is in this room.  

This should give you the SILENT ASSASIN rating.  

Mission 5  - A New Life
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Vinnie Sinistra			

	(1) Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste

	(2) Surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts

	(3) Vinnie has complained about the neighbourís son taking pot shots 
	    into the garden with an air gun

	(4) Vinnie lives near a veterinary surgeon.  Sometimes a vet needs to 
	    tranquilise wild animals

	(5) Rumour has it that Vinnies wife likes to flirt with hired staff.  
	    But Vinnie trusts her completely.  

	(6) Some field agents are too noisy in teenage girlís rooms

	(7) A barbeque is being prepared for the party.  Be careful with 
	    flammable liquids.  

	(8) Vinnie has just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his

* Vinnie Sinistra *
- From the start make your way to the catering truck nearest the house
- When no one is looking use the sedative syringe on the donuts
- Wait for the caterer to take the donuts to the truck opposite, this is where
  the surveillance tapes and 2 agents are.  
- When the agents fall unconscious go inside and get a uniform.  
- Get the surveillance tape before leaving.  
- Go to the front of the house and break the electrical box
- Enter the house disguised
- Go into the room immediately to the left of the main entrance (with the TV)
- Vinnie and a body guard will enter, the bodyguard will then leave to fix the 
  box you broke outside.  Kill Vinnie and hide his body in the small room at 
  the back of this one.  

* Microfilm *
- Go through to the garden and find the shed in the corner.  
- Pick the lock and get the lighter fluid
- Go across to the barbeque and sabotage it.  
- Drop into the pool and get the microfilm from the necklace
- Leave the house and go back to the surveillance van to get your suit
- Go back to the start and finish the mission

This should give you the SILENT ASSASIN rating. 

Mission 6  - The Murder Of Crows
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Mark Purayah Jr
	Raymond Kulinsky
	Angelina Mason
	Protect the politician
	Retrieve the diamond case

	(1) Walkie talkies transmit everything - even background sound and 
	    music, which could reveal someoneís location.  

	(2) Clubs usually have a back entrance for staff.  

	(3) Book store walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on 
	    next door.  

	(4) Clubs in this area are known for having hat dress codes and music 

	(5) Some private apartments have a useful view.  

	(6) Pianos can kill - especially when dropped from the sky.  

	(7) A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple 
	    of hours ago.  

The guy with the suitcase can go 2 different ways from the start.  
Also, the shooter (Raymond) can be in one of three different locations.

* Suitcase *
- From the start follow the guy in the red suit with the suitcase.  
- Eventually he will go into one of two alleyways.
- SNEAK up behind him and use the syringe to knock him unconscious.  
- Grab his costume.
- Use a dumpster to hide the body and grab the case.  
- You want to hide the case because if the police find it they will pick it up.
- If you are in the alleyway with two exits climb the pipe and drop the case on 
  the walkway.  


- If you are in the alleyway with 4 exits then hide it in the building with the 
  blue door directly opposite the dumpster where you hid the body.

- If you are in the alleyway with two pipes then SNEAK into the room with 
  sleeping man and get the waiterís uniform.  

* Angelina Mason *
- She moves around the map talking to Raymond on her walkie talkie.  
- The best place to kill her is the large square alley in the centre of the map.

Note: If the guy in the red suit heads to the large square at the start then 
you can hide his body in the dumpster and hide her body in the doorway directly 
opposite.  This is also a good place to leave the suitcase until the end of 
the mission.  

- Use the wire or poison to kill her.
- Take the walkie talkie (this will show the bad guys on the map)
- Hide the body.

* Raymond Kulinsky *

- If you don't have the waiterís uniform already you can run to the alleyway 
   behind the hotel where you started.  
- Climb up the pipe to the walkway. 
- SNEAK into the room and get the waiterís uniform.  

- Now you need to go to the bar that Raymond is in.  

Note: The Salsa Bar is the easiest place to get into. You will need a waiters 
      uniform to not be spotted.

Salsa Bar

- Enter through the back entrance and turn left.
- Go up the stairs then open the door
- SNEAK into the room and kill the target. 

Blues Bar

- Use the back entrance.
- From there follow it around to the next door.  
- From the main entrance follow it around to another door.
- Switch off the light and hide in the cabinet.
- When the waiter has gone out go up the stairs.
- Pick the lock and go into the room.
- Kill the target once inside.

Rock Bar

- Enter through the front door and turn left. 
- Follow this until you find a door and got through it.  
- The door opposite is locked and needs picking.  Make sure know one sees you 
  picking the lock.
- Go up the stairs at the top and through a door.
- Pick another locked door and go inside.  
- SNEAK into the room and kill the target.  

* Mark Purayah *
Two ways of killing him:

- Now head to the book store in the corner of the map.  
- Sneak past the guy inside and up stairs.  
- Walk up to a sealed hole in the wall and spot Mark through the wall.  
- Wait and you can overhear which bar the assassin is in.  
- Take out a mine and put the crosshair on the planks blocking the door.  
- Exit to the alleyway opposite the house guarded by the chicken man.
- If you are on "expert level" use your map and when you see Mark go back to 
  his desk detonate the bomb laid earlier.  


- Get the delivery boy suit and the suitcase.
- Go to the building with the yellow chicken outside.
- Enter and climb stairs to the left. 
- Drop the case outside the room.  
- Wait for the chicken to leave the upstairs room and sedate him.
- Hide the body by the wall so Mark cannot see it when you open the door.
- Go in and kill Mark.  

* Escape *
- Go back and retrieve your suit.
- Head towards the exit with the case and finish the level.

This should give you the SILENT ASSASIN rating. 

Mission 7  - You Better Watch Out ...
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Chad Bingham
	Lorne De Havilland
	Video Tape

	(1) Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
	(2) The bartender knows how to improve your performance in the grotto.
	(3) Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.  
	(4) Even small annoying dogs eat sausages.  
	(5) The glass bottomed out door jacuzzi looks down on the pier 70 feet 
	(6) Amongst the high society spiked drinks are all the rage.  
	(7) Heavy lights are installed in the photo studio.  
	(8) Lorne recently hired a former US Airforce helicopter pilot.

* Lorne De Havilland *
- From the start head along the pier to the lift
- Stay close to the lift doors and you'll not be caught on CCTV
- Go up to the 1st floor
- Exit the lift run straight forward and jump the balcony.
- Open the door to your right (ignore Santa he won't raise the alarm)
- Exit by the door straight in front to the kitchen
- Poison the sausage near the bin or on the work surface then pick it up.
- Exit through the door on the east wall.  
- Follow the L-Shaped corridor and exit through the door being sure not to be 
  spotted by any guards.  
- Go south, then east, then north and run to the bar
- Talk to the barman and get the aphrodisiac
- Use the aphrodisiac on the drink to your right (the waiter will collect this 
  and give it to Chad)
- Now head outside turning left and running past the first pool to the second.
- If there is no one on the door run through and turn right you'll see a water 
  feature directly ahead
- Go into the water feature and be in a passageway that leads to the grotto.
- SNEAK up behind the man sitting at one end and use the syringe to sedate him.
- Hide the body behind the waterfall then take the photographers clothes.
- Enter the grotto, turn right and go through the door guarded by two men.
- Go to the lift and go up to the studio.

NOTE: Check your map and make sure that the target is in the southern most room 
      If he spots you your cover will be blown.  

- Exit the lift and run to the double doors.
- Stand to the right and open the doors.  
- Wait for the guard to come past then sedate him.
- Drag him towards the room with the target in and drop the body
- Go to the balcony and throw the sausage.
- SNEAK up behind the target and push him over the edge.  
- Go back and get the suit from the guard.  

* Video Tape *
- Exit the room and go into the first room on the right.
- When the guard isnít looking get the videotape off the desk.  
- Return to the waterfall where the photographer is.  

* Chad *
- By now Chad will have made his way into a bedroom to have his way with a girl.
- Exit the waterfall and turn left.
- Go through the double doors and run past the women (who is an assassin) 
  turning right then going through the doors.
- Run to the bottom of the stairs and open the door and wait on the balcony.
- When Chad arrives SNEAK up behind him, look over the edge and make sure no 
  one below is watching then push him over the edge.

* Escape *
- Run back up the stairs and around to the waterfall.
- Get your suit back and run back around the way you came in from the first 
- Go back to the pier and exit lift (staying close to the wall to avoid the 
  CCTV again)
- Run up the pier to the boat and escape.  

NOTE: You can also use the helicopter if you want but you have to leave behind 
      your suit and you cannot be carrying any weapons because they search you 
      before you can get to the helicopter.  

Summary - 2 Accidents $650,000

This will give you a SILENT ASSASSIN rating.  

Mission 8  - Death On The Mississippi
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Captain Muldoon
	6 Gator Boys

	(1) The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a 
	    dangerous workplace
	(2) Man overboard - the wild waters of the river will cause certain 
	(3) The captainís cake is being prepared in the galley in the rear of 
	    the 4th deck
	(4) Only the 1st class passengers are allowed in the Gators private 
	(5) The lower class kitchen prepares food for both tourists on board as 
	    well as the gators on the top deck - extra flavour could be added
	(6) The boss has received some heavy duty hunting gear from the 
	    business alliance.  The present is kept secure at the staff quarters

* Gator Boys *
- From the start run left on the same deck then right under a gangway you'll 
  see a locked door to the furnace.  Pick this lock.
- Now run back to the start and go up the stairs then through either double 
  doors to the passenger deck.
- Go through the double doors again and run down the corridor past a drunk old 
  guy and one of the gator boys with his women.
- turn right and exit the side of the ship.
- Jump over the railing and make your way along the side of the ship doing 
  another jump.
- Turn left and partially climb the trellis and wait for the gator guard to 
  enter the door on the deck above.  
- Climb and wait by the door and SNEAK follow the Gator guy along the deck.  He 
  will eventually stop by the rail and you can push him over the edge.  
- Go back along the deck and into the door where the gator guy went.  
- Sedate the purser and get the uniform to gain access to the Gator boys 
  private area.
- Poison the cake and pick it up then exit the way you came in.
- Run to where you knocked the gator guy off the ship and up the stairs.  
- Go up to the main entrance guarded by a bloke with a shotgun.
- Let him search you for weapons then go through the door and immediately left 
  into the toilets.
- Drop the cake and get the fibre wire ready then put it away.  
- A guard will enter the toilet, use the fibre wire to kill him. 

NOTE: Once this guard is dead the purser in the main room will never leave that 
      room.  Thatís useful for killing the remaining guards.

- leave the toilet and wait for the patrolling guard from outside to pass into 
  the main room.  
- Turn the lights out by the entrance and wait at the opposite end of the 
  small hallway.
- When the guy comes back in SNEAK behind him and fibre wire him.
- Hide the body in the toilet with the other

NOTE: This guard can take a different path if so kill the bloke outside and he 
      should be the only one left other than the captain to kill here.  It is 
      possible to lure him to places by dropping a weapon.  

- Exit outside and stand around the corner from guard.  When he loses interest 
  SNEAK up on him and use the fibre wire to kill him.
- 4 down and 2 to go, we'll get them on the way to the exit.

* Captain Muldoon *
- Get the cake and head to the captainís quarters and put the cake on the table 
  and leave.
- Wait for the poison to do its work then go back in and drag the body into the 
  bedroom on the left.
- When youíre in there open the safe and take the parcel documents.
- exit and head back to the kitchen and retrieve your suit.

* Gator Boys *
- Exit the kitchen and climb back down the trellis avoiding the guard on the 
  deck below.
- Make your way back along the outside rail towards where you started.
- Wait by the first door on the right and the guy from the hallway earlier will 
  eventually come to the deck.  When no one is looking push him over the side.  
- Now for the final target, head back to the start where you picked the lock.  
- Stay to the left and check your map.  You need to SNEAK down to the far end 
  following the target then push him into the machinery (ouch!)

* Escape *
- Open the door near to where you are and go into the next room then take the 
  left exit.  You may get caught by the guard if so just run to the exit and 
  you should still get the Silent Assassin rating.
- Follow the path round to the boat and exit.

Summary   - 5 Kills, 3 Close Combat, 2 Accidents $620,000
Best Time - 13:09

This will give you a SILENT ASSASSIN rating.  

Mission 9  - Til Death Us Do Part
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Buddy Muldoon
	John "Pappy" Leblanc
	Protect - Margaux Leblanc

	(1) Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make rednecks panic.
	(2) The water is home to Alligators.
	(3) The priest rings the wedding bell to announce the ceremony.
	(4) The fathers recently deceased brother is buried in the family 
	(5) The groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the 
	    wedding cake

- Follow the path form the start, left then right then left again into a small 
  broken outhouse.  
- Wait for the drunk to arrive and fall unconscious.  
- Take his clothes and party invite (he also has a six shooter).
- Make your way to the house in the middle of the map.
- Go through the front door and talk to Margaux if you want then head to the 
  kitchen (second door on the right).
- You might see the priest enter the kitchen if so follow him.
- If not then take first right on entering the kitchen, right, left and through 
  the door straight ahead.
- Sedate the priest, take his clothes and hide the body in the closet.
- Go back to the kitchen.

Note: You can do either of these hits in any order.  The nearest kill is Buddy 
      but you'll find you have to wait an awful long time for Pappy to get to 
      the graveyard where he'll meet his end.

* Pappy Leblanc *
- Climb out the window in the kitchen and head west through the outhouse to the 
  family graveyard.
- When Pappy looks over the grave push him in making sure no-one sees you.
- Head back to the kitchen.

* Buddy Muldoon *
- Poison the cake in the kitchen when no-one is looking.
- Wait for Buddy to collapse then quickly drag his body and put it into the 
  chest in the north east corner of the room.

- Make your way out of the house and get your suit back from the drunk.
- Head back to the exit (you can grab the shotgun on the way back if you want).

Summary   - 2 Kills, $670,000
Best Time - 6:20

This will give you a SILENT ASSASSIN rating. 

Mission 10 - A House Of Cards
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment
	Sniper Riffle, if you want an easier level

	Sheikh Al-Khalifa
	Hendrik Schmutz

	(1) It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first 
	    things you do at the casino.
	(2) Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have key 
	    cards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
	(3) As request we have left an agency pickup in your hotel room, #701
	(4) The casinos strict fire safety procedures.  Easily accessible fire 
	    alarms are located on the top floor.
	(5) It is important to find good vantage points.  Room balconies may 
	    provide this.
	(6) The VIP area has been reserved all day by the Sheikh only waiters 
	    are allowed in this area.
	(7) There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent 
	    cheating.  Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
	(8) The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary 
	    looking suitcase so they don't attract much attention.

* Scientist *
- Run into the casino, turn left right and right to the reception.
- Talk to the receptionist and then get the key to your room.
- Go up the stairs in the lobby and call the lift on the left.
- When inside and the doors have closed climb up into the hatch.
- Wait for the scientist to arrive and enter lift.
- Strangle victim then grab his case and card to his room on the eight floor.
- Head back to the lobby and look for the exit down the stairs and left.
- Drop the case here for later and return to the lobby

* Hendrik Schmutz *
- Go into the lift on the right (not the one with the body)
- Climb into the hatch and wait for Hendrick (he heads towards the lift when 
  the Sheikh arrives).
- When he enters the lift strangle him and get his key.

* Sheikh Al-Khalifa *

Note: There are two methods of killing the Sheikh detailed below:

Sniper Riffle Method
- Drop your sniper rifle case in your room and head up to the 8th floor.
- Pull one of the alarms and wait for the guards in the north west to leave 
  then enter the room.
- Enter the room turn left and left to enter the bedroom.
- Use the phone (only seems to work when the sheikh is seated).
- Run back to your room take your riffle and go onto the balcony.
- You can jump over the right side of the balcony to get a better shot.
- Wait for the Sheikh to come outside into the car park and shoot him. 
- Drop the riffle.

- Get Hendrik's clothes and head up to the fourth floor. 
- Go to the room in the north east and grab the suitcase.
- Go down to the lobby and to the north east where the sheikh is.
- Let bodyguards search you and then enter private area.
- Turn left and talk to sheikh.
- Use the poison to kill him (best to face away whilst you get the poison out).
- Leave the body where it is.

- Head down to the exit where you left the case, grab it and exit.

Summary:	3 Kills, 2 Close, 1 Accident $820,000
		(-$5000 for leaving gun)

		3 Kills, 3 Close, 1 Accident $825,000

Best Time:	10:10

Both will give you a SILENT ASSASSIN rating. 

Mission 11 - A Dance With The Devil
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment

	Anthony Martinez
	Vanna Ketlyn
	Get Information

	(1) Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the painters
	(2) Information about who is trying to kill you might be found in a 
	    laptop on the top floor.
	(3) Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at hells party.
	(4) Be careful when playing with pyrotechnics they could kill someone.
	(5) Bar tenders are usually well informed.
	(6) Look out for the singer at the heaven party.  Looks can be 
	(7) The devil is never to be trusted.
	(8) There is a food elevator which might be used to transfer more than 
	    just food.

- From the start run into the double doors and talk to the guard.

Note: You will be caught on CCTV which ever way you enter but you can retrieve 
      the tape which is found to the east of the start of the level.

- When he walks away grab all the ammunition from the desk.
- Exit through the north east door (the one the guard doesn't go through).
- Head down the stairs and hide in the closet and wait.
- Eventually a guard will come in and head up the stairs.
- Wait and then head through the double doors.  
- Head east staying near to the north wall, follow it around to another guard.
- SNEAK up behind the guard and sedate him.
- Take his clothes and weapon then drag and hide his body in the box.
- Run west then south back to the start and wait for the guard inside the 
  security room to leave and SNEAK in.  
- Grab the tape by the door and exit back into the lower garage.
- There is a van in the north east with a Heaven Suit by its doors.  When the 
  guard patrolling this area is not looking change into the clothes.
- Run back to the door where you sedated the guard and pick the lock.
- Climb the ladder inside and drop into the first elevator and go to the top 

* Anthony Martinez*
- Your target will be on the top floor.  He will follow a pattern of doing 
  three laps of the level then he will head to the lift down to the lower floor.
- Run into the main room to the north of the lift and head into the toilets in 
  the north.
- Wait for the target and fibre wire him in the toilets.  
- Take his clothes, case and weapon.  

* Get Information *
- Head to the room in the south east and find a laptop with the information on 
  two assassins after you.  There is one on this floor and one in the basement.

* Eve *
- She is the singer singing rather badly in the main room.  Walk up to her and 
  she will talk to you.  Then follow her to the room where you got your 
- She will try and kill you so you need to push her to the ground and poison 

Note: You could take the silenced pistol and shoot her in the head from the 
      doorway making sure she doesn't see you.  If she does kill you see a 
      nice cut scene.

* Vanna Ketlyn *
- Head back to the lift and go down to the garage.
- Climb onto the room of the elevator and walk across to the next elevator.
- Drop in and take the lift down to the basement.
- Exit the lift and follow the hallway west, north and then east through a door.
- Head south to the doorway where Vanna is on the other side.
- Rig the pyrotechnics machine and head back into the main area.
- The fire should eventually cook Vanna and she'll fall into the shark tank.

* ????????? *
- Go up to the man dressed as the devil and follow him into the torture chamber.
- After the cutscence grab some weapons then hide behind shelves to avoid being 
- The best way to kill him is to try and get the opposite side of the room 
  through the steel door.  There is a concrete pillar you can hide behind 
  shooting the target whist he reloads.
- Grab the gun and key off the body and drag the body out of view of the doors.

- Head back to the elevator and back up to the garage.  
- Climb back onto the room and head back across the top of the elevators, down 
  the ladder and through the door.
- Get your suit and head to the exit point (you will need to head left and 
  around to avoid being detected by the guards)

Summary:	3 Kills, 2 Close, 1 Accident $720,000

Best Time:	22:13

This will give you a SILENT ASSASSIN rating.

Mission 12 - Amendment XXV
Starting Equipment:
	Take the standard equipment
	Take the sniper rifle (silenced) + foil padded case

	Mark Parchezzi III
	Vice President			

	(1) The guards will open fire if weapons are detected by the metal 
	(2) Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away 
	(3) The white house is surrounded by an iron gate which varies in 
	(4) Guards will respond if the laser alarm in the museum is triggered.
	(5) The first lady has a dog that is regularly taken out for a walk in 
	    the back garden.
	(6) The oval office has been the seting for many historical meetings.
	(7) Carpenters working in the main building have put up some 
	    scafforlding for renovation purposes.

* Vice President *
- From the start drop your case near the wall where the patrolling guards are 
  by the window.
- Wait for all but the women going for a smoke to go into the building then 
  throw a coin to attract the attention of the guard nearest the case.
- When he comes get behind him and sedate him.
- Drag the body and hide it behind the bus along with the gun.
- Get the marines uniform and retrieve your case.
- Head into the main entrance and put the case through the detector and 
  retrieve it.
- Head through the door opposite guarded by a marine.
- Go through the first door on the left.
- Grab the key card and security tape from the window.
- Exit through the same door you entered.
- Turn left through the door.
- Exit through the door opposite.
- Follow the hallway and use the key card on the door.
- Follow the L-Shaped hallayway and go through the door at the end.
- Immediatley turn right and go through the door.

Note: Depending on how quickly you do this will depend on the guards position 
      in this hallway.  

- Head to the doorway on your left at the far right of the hallway.
- Run across and open the chest to drop a body in.
- Drop the suitcase and get the poison ready.  
- The vice president is in the room to the ???? of here, kill him and hide the 
  body in the chest as soon as possible.  Try and collect the key card he is 
  carrying to save time.  Beware though that his wife will come looking for him 
  from the room next door so you need to be quick.

* Mark PArchezzi III *
- Grab the suitcase and exit the room.
- Turn ledt and through the doors.
- Climb to the top of the stairs and exit the first door on the right.
- If the marine is not here trun right and go through the window.
- Climb down the scaffolding onto the roof.
- Run across the roof and drop the case on the other side by the dome out of 
  sight of the door.

Note: If you do not have a key card you will need to wait for the secret 
      service man to come out for a smoke and get his card.

- Use the keycard and go through the door.
- Follow the room and exit in the far right down some stairs.
- Go through the door.
- Head towards the oval office, quickest way is left then right then left again.
- Watch the cutscene and run after Mark.
- Follow the path back up to the roof where you left the sniper rifle.
- Get the rifle and use the scope to edge slowly across the roof.
- When you can just see his head past the railings shoot him dead.

- Put the rifle back in the case and get the marine uniform back.
- Proceed all the way back to the start.
- Get your suit back and run to the exit, the gate between the 2 coaches.

Summary:	2 Kills, 1 Close $550,000

Best Time:	11:29

This will give you a SILENT ASSASSIN rating.

Mission 13 - Requiem
Starting Equipment:
	You only have your silverbaillers



After watching a cutscene you will see the creaits rolling, you'll notice you 
can move the camera.  Keep pressing any one of the arrow keys and after a short 
while 47 will get up and go into slow motion for a short time.  The aimis to 
kill all the guards if you can.  This is luck more than anything else because 
you are heavily outnumbered.

- Shoot the guy to the left then the three to your right.
- Avoid getting caught on the flowers by the altar and head out the back of the 
- There is a wall in a hollow to the north I waited here and shot the guards 
  as they approached.
- Collect the guns that they drop if you are low on ammo.
- You will also need to kill the reporter and priest who are not armed and 
  generally are found banging on the gate at the opposite end of the map.
- Kill them all and watch the cutscene with 47 and some oriental guy.

Well done you have beaten the game !!!!

{                                                                              }
{                                 Best Scores                                  }
{                                                                              }

Check out my scores online under the profile Marky_D

****************************** END OF WALKTHROUGH ******************************

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