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 Homeworld: Cataclysm

Homeworld: Cataclysm

2017 Raiden 


With the renaming of the game to Homeworld: Emergence (screw you Blizzard for 
filing copyright issues) and modifications in compatibility consistency to 
make it run on modern PCs, the game has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Unlike Homeworld, whose campaign simply requires conserving resources and 
slowly building up fleet strength as the missions progress, Cataclysm gives 
the player more options to diversify, in both fleet strength and strategy. It 
will be surprising to most players how much freedom they have in the campaign, 
especially first timers.

The walkthrough makes minimal comment on the single player storyline, since 
that is covered extensively in other guides, and completing objectives 
requires little more than basic listening and reading skills.

Time will be taken at the end of each mission to harvest, rebuild, and finish 
upgrades. When thereís a break during a section of a mission, such as Mission 
11 before you repair the Faal Corum, donít feel guilty to deplete the map of 
resources. If doing so gives you a strategic advantage or makes life easier, 
it is worth doing. Time compression makes grinding less time consuming.

This guide is written for experienced players, so if you are new to the game, 
Seb Haque's walkthrough is probably preferable if this is your first time 
playing the campaign. Additionally, it contains a section that discusses ships 
and technologies which is helpful for multiplayer games. All these guides can 
be found on 

Homeworld Shipyards <> is the main 
resource for additional information.


Missions and Objectives:

1.1 Destroy Taiidan Bombers
    Provide fighter support for hapless frigates
1.2 Destroy Resourcing Convoy
    Blast a Taiidan carrier while doing so
1.3 Defend proximity sensors
    Fight a wing of strike craft as soon as they appear
1.4 Destroy crippled heavy cruiser
    Finish off all Taiidan forces on the map.

2.1 Find the Bushan-Re
    Repair a lost destroyer and defend it from pirates. 
2.2 Salvage the derelict vessel. 
    Bring the beacon pod to the command ship for further investigation. 
2.3 Destroy Turanic Raiders
    Destroy a carrier before it hyperspaces away.

3.1 Locate the Clee San
    Clear a path of mines and pirates to reach a research vessel in need.
3.2 Send Mimic to Clee San
    Slip a mimic past the remaining mines.
3.3 Clear path for Clee San
    Clear all mines left in the vicinity and defeat a large pirate fleet.

4.1 Replace Hangar Module
    Rebuild the most important component on the Command Ship
4.2 Escort Clee-San
    Find out what happened to the lower deck, at your peril.
4.3 Research Infection
4.4 Protect the Kuun-Lan
    Kill some unwary pirates to spare them a more dismal fate. 

5.1 Intercept the Bentusi Trading Station
    Seek help from an older, wiser race. 
5.2 Protect the Bentusi Trading Station
    Blast a carrier to prevent it from building reinforcements to battle.
5.3 Protect Caal-Shto
    Work with an allied fleet to fight off the Beast.
5.4 Destroy the Beast fleet
    Finish off the crippled Beast cruiser. 
5.5 Build Advanced Engineering Module
    Build the research module that gives access to micro ships. 

6.1 Explore the Taiidan Base
    Kill both ambushers before Dexter Hovis reaches the finish line.
6.2 Scout Nav Points
    Use a recon as a guide for the blind Caal-Shto.
6.3 Escort the Caal-Shto
    Keep the Command Ship guarding the Caal-Shto at all times. 
6.4 Destroy Taiidan Minelayers
    Clear the navigation route from all hazards, especially mines. 
6.5 Destroy Heavy Cruiser and Escort
    Salvage your first Super Capital Ship and retake the Nebula. 

7.1 Investigate Mayday Signal
    Find out whatís attacking the Republican colony ships.
7.2 Protect Convoy from Beast 
    Save as many colony ships as you can. 

8.1 Collect Resources and Build
    Introduce yourself to the first crystalline reserves in the campaign.
8.2 Protect Taiidan Rebel Spy
    Destroy the Taiidan ships in pursuit.
8.31 Capture 1 Taiidan Frigate
8.32 Capture 3 Taiidan Resource Collectors
     Steal Advanced Ion Cannon and Energy Cannon technology. 

9.1 Move Transports to Location
    Move the Resource Collectors to the waypoint for infiltration.
9.2 Destroy a Proximity Sensor
    Attack the Proximity Sensor grid to create a diversion. 
9.3 Wait for Transports
    Keep distracting the Taiidan guard until the Collectors land on planet. 
9.4 Engage Taiidan Planetary Guard
    Fight endless waves of Taiidan attack groups and capture some Destroyers.
9.5 Protect the Transports
    Defend the Resource collectors until they dock in your Command Ship

10.1 Salvage Siege Cannon
     Nab the derelict cannon before the Turanic Raiders can do the same.
10.2 Research Siege Cannon
     The longest technology to research in the game. 
10.3 Build Siege Cannon
     Nab your 2nd Heavy Cruiser. 
10.4 Fire Siege Cannon
     Test the new superweapon on various enemies 

11.1 Destroy Beast Ships
     Save a sister mining ship from the Beast
11.2 Repair Faal-Corum
     Replace losses incurred from the skirmish. 
11.3 Destroy Beast Fleet
     Blast your 2nd Beast carrier and its escort

12.1 Attack Turanic Outpost
     Use force to teach these pirates a lesson for not choosing the easy way.

13.1 Destroy Enemy Fleet
     Capture 4 more Heavy Cruisers for the road
13.2 Support the Faal-Corum
     Destroy the enemy Carrier before it retreats

14.1 Get Sample
     Subdue and subvert the Naggarokís guards and take out the sensor grid. 
14.2 Salvage Taiidan Ship
     Capture a surviving vessel for interrogation. 

15.1 Destroy slipgate nodes. 
     Prevent as many Bentusi Exchanges from escaping as possible.
15.2 Block slipgate entrance. 
     Force the Bentusi to help instead of pleading with them. 

16.1 Locate Clee-Sanís Position
     Fire the Siege Cannon outside the fleetís line of sight. 
16.2 Dock Worker with Clee-San
     Lay a trap for Kiith Somtaawís arch-nemesis
16.3 Harvest
     Move towards the Beast Command Shipís predicted hyperspace location.
16.4 Destroy the Beast Command Ship Fleet
     Wipe out the Beast Command Ship with a single siege shot.  

17.1 Destroy the Naggarok
     Save a fellow Carrier before locating the Beast flagship.
17.2 Destroy Moon Repulse Emitters
     Slip a covert ops wing past the battle stationís defenses. 
17.3 Recon Hyperspace Signatures
     Destroy the reinforcement fleets before they defect. 
17.4 Disable and Destroy the Naggarok
     Destroy the Beast flagship before Inertialess Drive research finishes.
Epilogue: Other Challenges


Get your workers to start harvesting immediately, and build another worker and 
processor to speed up the resourcing operation.

When your resources are flowing nicely, build as many acolytes as you can, and 
intercept any interceptors sent to your position.


The Hiigarans will pinpoint a location where 5 ion cannon frigates are being 
attacked by attack bombers. Send all acolytes there to eliminate the bombers. 
The command ship and processor can take care of interceptors that attack while 
your acolytes are away. Once the objective is complete, the 5 ion cannon 
frigates go off to attack a nearby carrier. You could assist them, but you are 
better off following directions from tactical. 

Send your acolytes to the unexplored region the Hiigarans pinpoint to find a 
resourcing operation. There are several resource collectors and defenders in 
the asteroid field.


You get linking technology which unlocks the ACV. ACVs have over triple the 
health as regular acolytes and are much better at soaking damage. Place your 
acolytes into claw formation and focus fire each Defender. When the Defenders 
are down, you are free to attack the resource collectors with impunity. 

There is a carrier nearby guarded by a couple defenders that you will be 
taking out. This is difficult because itís hard to lay down enough firepower 
to destroy a Super Capital ship with only strike craft, especially if you want 
minimal losses. Itís best to approach with ACVs, take out the defenders first, 
then focus the carrier. The command ship can be sent first to absorb the 
carrierís hits. Do this either at the end of the mission or with only 1 
resource collector left. 

Once all the resource collectors are eliminated, a Taiidan strike group 
appears at the proximity sensor grid. Donít forget to harvest the remaining 


When the Taiidan strike craft first appear, they will be dogfighting a weaker 
Hiigaran strike group. If you send some strike craft to guard the Hiigarans 
before the previous objective is completed, you can work with them to destroy 
the Taiidan strike craft before they do any real damage. 

The enemy squadron contains several interceptors and 3 multigun corvettes 
which will make mincemeat out of Acolytes. Link all Acolytes into ACVs to 
battle them. 


A heavily damaged heavy cruiser will start to retreat from the main battle 
group with a few interceptors. You have unlimited time to destroy it, so you 
may want to clean up the other Taiidan ships before tackling the Heavy 
Cruiser. This farming strategy ranks up your strike craft fast too. When the 
strike craft arrive at the Heavy Cruiserís position, take out the interceptors 
and surround the Cruiser in sphere formation for a quick death.

Harvest all resources on the map, then end the mission.


Level 1 Build Options:

Ramming Frigate

Level 1 Research Options:

Fighter Drive
Linking Technology




Construct an engineering module and order your workers to start harvesting 
what little resources there are on this map. The engineering modules gives you 
the ability to research repair systems and salvage ability for your workers. 
Once they are complete, upgrade your workers. 

You will be attacked by Turanic Raider fighters and corvettes periodically. 
Use ACVs to fend them off. There are also moving asteroid fields that will 
deal moderate damage to your ships if they hit. A few hits will destroy a 
ramming frigate. These asteroids cannot be harvested. 

Fleet intelligence will pinpoint three locations where the Bushan-Re may be 
residing. Send a recon to scout these zones. 

Once you find the destroyer, send all your workers to repair it. When its 
health climbs up to 40%, standard corvettes disguised as support frigates fly 
towards it, followed by a missile corvette squad. They are invulnerable until 
they deactivate their holographic emitters, so donít bother force attacking 

You will be attacked by numerous Turanic Raider squadrons after the standard 
corvettes reveal themselves, so keep your fleet in a tight group around the 
Bushan-Re and destroy any enemies that come close. Order a worker to repair 
your ACVs during battle to minimize losses. 

When the destroyerís health hits 90%, it reports another distress signal from 
a Beacon Pod.


It only takes one worker to salvage the derelict, but you will need to protect 
it. A Turanic Battle Carrier hyperspaces in and begins launching strike craft. 
Thus, it is recommended to wait until the raiders have been defeated before 
hauling the derelict home. 

The Bushan-Re will hyperspace away when the new objective becomes clear. 


You get to research Holographic Emitters which enables you to build mimics. 
They wonít be helpful on this mission, but are mandatory for next mission, so 
research it ASAP. Put your ACVs into X formation and move your command ship 
and processor up to the Turanic carrier to take it out. 

This is a difficult challenge because you need to lay down enough firepower to 
decimate it, and you donít have missiles or quantum explosive charge yet. 
Furthermore, this carrierís weapons are not the peashooters the Taiidan 
carriersí turrets are. Its 2 ion cannons can deal devastating damage. 

Your best bet is to have the Command Ship soak up the carrierís attacks, but 
the carrier behaves such that it often changes targets. Kill all but one 
strike craft, including any that launch from the carrierís hangar bays, then 
surround it in sphere formation. Try to anticipate which ship the carrier is 
trying to shoot, as its ion cannons are forward facing, and dance that ship 
away from its front. The carrier will not hyperspace out until all other 
pirates are destroyed. Keep pounding on the carrier, and it will fall.  

Salvage the derelict, rebuild and harvest resources before leaving.


Level 2 New Builds:

Engineering Module

Level 2 New Research:

Repair Systems
Salvaging Ability
Holographic Emitter



This mission starts off with Afterburner technology available. It gives recons 
the ability to speed burst. 


Move your fleet towards the mission waypoint and send off your workers and 
processor to the resource fields.  

Numerous mines are littered on the path, so use Wall or X formation to clear 
them. Focus fire on the closest mine before shooting other mines. There will 
also be enemy ships that show up occasionally, including Minelayer Corvettes 
themselves. If you want to avoid losing any ACVs, move your command ship in 
front to take the mines. The processor can also withstand a few mines, just 
donít let too may hit. Repair the command ship if necessary, as the last enemy 
group has several corvettes and many fighters.  

The Clee-San is stranded in the middle of a mine field, prompting the demand 
to send a ship past them to communicate with the research vessel. 


Even though proper navigation will get a fighter past all the mines, the 
objective will not complete unless a mimic is specifically sent. You have no 
choice but to build one and mimic an enemy ship. Make sure you move the Mimic 
close enough to trigger the next objective. 


Sensors will ping all the mines on the map. Destroy the ones between the Clee-
San and the Command Ship using the same tactics described earlier, then 
destroy all other mines. 

You may now build a weapons module so begin construction immediately. 
Completion of the modules unlocks Missile Launcher technology, which equips 
each acolyte with two missiles that deal 420 damage apiece. 

If you gathered resources from the start, you should easily clean up the map 
before the main Turanic Raider fleet arrives. The fleet arrives at the 50-
minute mark. 

If you are feeling ambitious, you may stay and fight them. The fleet comprises 
6 Ion Array Frigates, 8 Missile Corvettes, and over 50 Fighters. To prepare 
for this fight, build 2 ramming frigates and 6 MCVs prior to the battle. 
Retire some ships to make room for them. 

When the fleet arrives, move your command ship away from it and send each MCV 
to take out a Missile Corvette. Make sure you come in at a proper angle or 
else they might crash into fighters in the way. Build another 6 MCVs and take 
out the 2 remaining missile corvettes, then attack the ion array frigates. 
Bring one down to critical health to slow down the fleetís advance. 

Use the command ship as bait for the fighters, and order your ramming frigates 
to push away 2 undamaged ion array frigates. Once the fighters are nearly 
dead, you can either destroy or salvage the ion array frigates. If you choose 
to destroy them, it takes 5 unupgraded MCVs to destroy an ion array frigate. 
Alternatively, you can use the acolyte missiles to soften them up. Be sure to 
have 6 workers if you go the salvaging route.   


Level 3 New Builds:

Weapons Module

Level 3 New Research:

Missile Launcher



The lower deck section that the Command Ship jettisons off becomes the 
Infected Module, and the Command Ship looks, well, disassembled without a 
hangar module. 


The command ship starts without a hangar module, so rebuild it immediately. 
Meanwhile, send workers to harvest the resource patch closest to your starting 
position, then harvest the patch closer to the Infected Module. Suck the map 
dry of resources before completing the next objective.

The Infected Module is inactive at this point, and is invulnerable, so trying 
to destroy it to prevent the events to come is futile. 


Order ten lowest ranked acolytes to guard the Clee-San so it starts moving 
to the Infected Moduleís location. Build a recon too, it will become useful 
later in the mission. 

Once the Clee-San gets close enough to the Module and stops, you may be 
tempted to order your escorts to dock to spare them from infection. However, 
the newest update included a script that is triggered by doing this. If your 
escorts donít become infected, the Infected module will build an even larger 
strike force including a ramming frigate. Even with a worker supported ACV 
squadron, I still lost a few ACVs trying to fight it. 

Alternatively, you can distract the strike force with a recon by positioning 
it closest to the Infected Module. The enemy fleet targets whichever ship is 
closest to them, so moving a recon near the ships but out of engagement range 
will cause them to chase the recon until it dies. If it moves close enough, 
the Infected Module will give chase too. This luring tactic is necessary for 
completion of the upcoming challenge. 


The Infection Organism research appears under the Engineering Module. When it 
is finished, the next event will trigger. As the Infected Module and other 
ships are still chasing the recon, move your fleet along the edge of the map, 
then move to where the Infected Module once was.


A Turanic Raider fleet of 5 Missile Corvettes, 8 Ion Array Frigates, and a 
heavy cruiser appears a good distance behind the Infected Moduleís starting 
position. If you successfully used the Recon to draw the enemy fleet away, you 
are in position to intercept this fleet. 

When the fleet approaches you, focus fire the Missile Corvettes, then unlink 
and fire missiles at the Ion Array Frigates. Follow that up by surrounding 
them in sphere formation and either salvage or blast them at your discretion.

NOTE: There is this false rumor floating around that it is possible to destroy 
the Heavy Cruiser before it becomes infected. This is definitely incorrect; 
you can hammer on the big boat all you like, but you cannot dent it. 

After the Heavy Cruiser gets infected, you may take it out with Ion Array 
Frigates. The rest of the mission will only leave you under attack by ships 
the Infected Module builds. 


Level 4 New Builds:

Hangar Module

Level 4 New Research:

Infection Organism




Simply move any ship near the mission waypoint and the Bentusi show up, under 
attack by Beast ships. Keep your workers near your Command Ship as you wonít 
have time to harvest yet.


The attack waves can be softened up earlier by taking care of the Beast 
carrier. It seems like after a few seconds of bombardment, the carrier 
hyperspaces away and escapes no matter what. Well, it is in fact possible to 
destroy it. The Carrier launches several corvettes before it hyperspaces, 
giving a short window of opportunity. You need to send at least 35 acolytes 
towards the Carrier and unleash missiles at it. This will deal enough burst 
damage to bring its health low enough to finish it off before it can escape. 
Hereís the approach. 

First, put 2 acolytes in front of your main strike group and send them to the 
Carrier. This will cause it to fire its Infection Beam at them. Scuttle both 
as soon as the beam hits. Then order your remaining acolytes into wall 
formation and fire missiles. Surround the Carrier in sphere formation until it 
dies. With the Carrier gone, the Bentusi can survive the remaining enemy 
vessels long enough. 

Donít dock your Acolytes yet. Focus fire on each corvette to destroy them, or 
else they will do a good number on your fighters. Meanwhile, your command ship 
will be attacked by Ion Array Frigates and their fighter escorts. Hurry back 
with your Acolytes and finish them off. 


When the Bentusiís health drops to 60%, the Caal-Shto will jump in with a 
small fleet and lend its aid. Link the Acolytes into ACVs and continue to 
attack Beast ships until the Heavy Cruiser closes in. Move all your ships away 
from the Bentusi.

The Heavy Cruiser will fire its infection beam at the Bentusi, giving them no 
choice to self-destruct. The blast radius will wipe out all ships that were 
nearby except the Caal-Shto and the Heavy Cruiser. 


If you took care of the Carrier previously, the only ship that threatens you 
is the Heavy Cruiser. Move in with Acolytes and fire missiles at it before its 
infection beam recharges. 


You will eventually have the chance to research support systems, which allows 
support modules to be built on the Command Ship. Max out support modules ASAP 
to push your Support Unit capacity to 220. 

You are also required to build an Advanced Engineering Module. This gives you 
access to Microship Construction research. Microships include the sentinel, 
which is available immediately, and the Leech, which will be available next 

Collect any remaining resources and build workers until you have 6 before 
ending the mission.


Level 5 New Builds:

Advanced Engineering Module
Support Module

Level 5 New Research:

Support Systems
Microship Construction



The goal of this mission is to escort the Caal-Shto through the nebula until 
it reaches a slip gate on the far side. Unfortunately, the Taiidan 
Imperialists are running amuck at the nebula too. 


Build a Recon and a Mimic. Send the latter to the Imperialist base in disguise 
to trigger the next objective. Meanwhile, build an Armor 
Module as well. Harvest the nearby asteroids and dust clouds. 

Your mimic will find several frigates and a Carrier stationed at the Research 
Station, and 2 large frigate groups behind it. This leads to the next 


Send the recon to the first of the yellow waypoints in the sensors 
Manager, then do the same for the other ones. Research Force Field Level 1 
after the Armor Module is completed.


When the first of the nav points has been explored the Caal-Shto will begin 
to move towards it. For it to keep moving, the Command Ship must be escorting 
it and the path must be clear of mines, but weíll get to that part later. 
Interceptor wings from the Carrier are constantly on patrol. If they spot any 
of your ships they will attack, so keep ACVs or acolytes near your resourcing 
operation. If they spot the Caal-Shto they will fly back to base to alert it 
to your presence. ACVs are too slow to chase them down; unlink all ACVs to 
chase them down in this scenario.  

Move the recon on to the second nav point. 
The Caal-Shto will stop because there are mines scattered in the vicinity, 
along with fighters and minelayer corvettes. Clear the mines first, then 
dispatch all strike craft with ACVs. 

You will eventually be given the option to research Frigate Drive, leading to 
the Hive Frigate. Hive Frigates require a lot of micromanagement to be 
effective, but are good against all ship types. Build 2 of them and assign a 
separate group number to them. 

Keep an eye out on your workers. If they harvest a nebula ribbon, they will 
follow it until it ends. The farther a worker deviates from your main fleet, 
the more likely it will run into company and the harder it is to save it. If 
you have managed your fleet properly up to this point, you should have plenty 
of resources that you donít need to harvest. 

A Heavy Cruiser and about 20 defenders guard the last point. 


Here is where the challenges begin for this mission. You get Phased Telemetry 
research available, and that unlocks Leeches. Tactical suggests using them to 
destroy the Heavy Cruiser, but there are other ways to defeat it. 

Who needs to blow up a battleship when he can board it? The first challenge is 
to salvage the heavy cruiser without using Leeches. Not only is this a fun 
challenge, but it also saves time from waiting for the Leeches to drain their 
targetís hull. Hereís how to do it. 

First, order your hive frigates to swarm the Defenders closest to you. As long 
as you have a ship within scanning range of them, the Hive Frigates can 
release their drones. Divide 45+ acolytes into two groups, each in Wall 
formation. Order both groups to fire missiles at the Heavy Cruiser. Follow 
that up with a ramming frigate attack, pushing it away from the Defender 
escort. While the hive frigates are engaged with the Defenders, order your 
workers to capture the Cruiser. You need 30 spare Support Units. If you 
decided to keep some Ion Array Frigates, you can use them instead. 

The heavy cruiser will alert the Taiidan base to your presence when it sees 
the Caal-Shto. When that happens, both the frigate groups behind the base and 
two well supported Destroyers converge on your position. Repelling this 
onslaught is the second challenge, and perhaps the toughest challenge yet. 
Start repairing the heavy cruiser immediately.

Move your fleet away from the base. Build until you have 2 ramming frigates, 2 
hive frigates, 7 workers, a processor, a heavy cruiser, and as many acolytes 
as possible. Send acolytes in wall formation towards the frigate groups and 
fire missiles at the defense field frigates. Immediately dock them to 
replenish, then send them on another hit and run mission. Eventually, the 
frigates will arrive and start pounding on your command ship. Use ramming 
frigates to push away any support frigates and acolytes to fire missiles on 
frigates. Kill the defenders first, then the support frigates, and then the 
attack frigates. Try to use the Heavy Cruiser and Command Ship to tank most of 
the damage. 

When the Destroyers arrive, order one ramming frigate to push each Destroyer 
away. Keep replacing any destroyed acolytes and frigates, and keep repairs up. 
When the Taiidan forces have been softened, attack the Destroyers until they 
are at 50% health or less. Make sure you have 48 free Support Units, then 
salvage both Destroyers.

Once the attack has ceased, you are free to send your Super Capital ships 
assisted by workers to the Imperial base and take it out. You can also harvest 
the abundance of resources in the Nebula. Prepare for the next mission by 
maxing out on acolytes. Have no more than 4 workers and no frigates. 


Level 6 New Builds:

Armor Module
Hive Frigate

Level 6 New Research:

Force Field Level 1
Phased Telemetry



This mission will keep you on your toes for its entire duration, so be 
prepared. You immediately hear a distress call from some Republican Taiidan 
ships in the middle of the map. Send acolytes to investigate.


Move all your other ships to the middle of the course the colony ships are 
taking, including your processor and workers.

Your recon will reach that flaming ship to discover that it was making a big 
fuss about nothing, and that it's not under attack at all. Moron.

Begin researching two new technologies, Armor Level 2 and Quantum Explosive 
Charge. Research Armor Level 2 first since it benefits all your ships. 

The first wave of Beast cruise missiles spawn and are on an intercept course 
to the several colony ships. You must intercept and destroy them before they 
reach their destinations. Acolytes have the best combination of speed and 
firepower to waste them before they reach the colony ships. Split your 
acolytes into four groups and place each in a formation so they donít get 
damaged via friendly fire. 

NOTE: The Republican ships are tough MOFOs, each being able to resist a few 
missile strikes before they get subverted. If one cruise missile hits, the 
ship can still carry on. Four or more hits however will surely infect the 
ship. Thus, it is best to prioritize destroying cruise missiles ASAP as they 
have low armor and must hit their targets to deal any damage. Keep this in 
mind in future missions against the Beast. Republican ships also strangely 
gain rank when they survive missile strikes, although it is meaningless since 
they have no weapons and their speed remains constant. 


The missiles seem to spawn at random locations a good distance from the route 
the ships are taking, so be alert. When you are moving your acolyte squadrons 
towards them, move them in front of the signals instead of directly at them. 
This is the easiest of the four waves.

The second wave of missiles is the same as the first, except there are more. 
Still, with your fast Acolytes constantly on the hunt for bio-warheads, there 
should be no casualties. The Armor and Quantum Explosive Charge upgrades will 
be finished by now, so dock your acolytes immediately after the last missile 
has been dispatched. 
The third wave is different; the cruise missiles are being escorted by 
interceptors. Take some acolytes from each group, preferably the highest 
ranked ones, and link them to form an ACV squadron. These will be your 
countermeasure against strike craft. The cruise missiles should still be 
prioritized, since they are more fragile than the interceptors. 

You get another research option halfway through third wave, the E.M.P. weapon. 
Wait until this wave is over before upgrading your ACVs. Replace any losses as 
soon as all enemies have been wiped out. 

The last wave is the biggest handful. Many waves of cruise missiles and their 
escorts appear, and in random directions. Some even spawn right next to a 
colony ship. It is possible to save all colony ships, and the cutscene that 
reveals that infected colony ships can produce Cruise Missiles will not occur 
if you do. Infected colony ships will periodically produce cruise missiles in 
pairs. If a ship gets infected, use your Super Capital Ships and Acolyte 
missiles to take it out ASAP.

NOTE: It is possible to get the Heavy Cruiser captured in the previous mission 
to turn against you. If this happens, I suggest reloading from an earlier 
save. An infected heavy cruiser is not only extremely tough and dishes out 
loads of damage, but is also equipped with the infection beam. If you decide 
to deal with a Cruiser struck by a missile, scuttle it immediately. Otherwise, 
you will have to dispatch it. Hive frigates, acolyte missiles, and MCVs are 
the most effective weapons in your arsenal. Donít use ramming frigates, they 
will get infected upon contact. 

Heavy Cruisers, although extremely powerful for a 30 SU unit, are a liability 
against the Beast. Place them behind non-infectible ships when engaging Beast 
Super Capital ships to avoid unnecessary risks.

When all Beast ships have been eliminated, you can finally harvest the meager 
resources on this map.


Level 7 New Builds:


Level 7 New Research:

Armor Level 2
Quantum Explosive Charge
E.M.P. Weapon



Those refugees seemed to think that the Beast has something to do with an 
Imperialist Taiidan research project, and we're off to rendezvous with their 
spy who might have more information.



Start harvesting and wait for the spy to appear. Move your fleet to the dust 
cloud behind the starting point as you will go there eventually.

While you're waiting for the rendezvous to happen, send a fighter over to 
the two purple dots in the sensors manager. These are a small crystal and a 
large crystal, and discovering them unlocks Crystal Processing. However, the 
spy will arrive with his Multigun Corvette before you can salvage these 


Move ships in the direction the spy came from, preferably Capital Ships as 
Multigun Corvettes are among the enemy squadrons. Alternatively, use ACVs with 
EMP burst. 

Once they're all dead the spy informs the Somtaaw that their fleet is too weak 
and the sensor grid guarding the research base is equipped with Advanced 
Sensors, obviating Mimic usage. The only way to slip past is to capture
at least one Taiidan frigate and 3 Resource Collectors nearby to obtain the 
recognition codes. The spy is then picked up by a Carrier (which btw is 
invulnerable). This resource operation will not appear until the dialogue 
between the Spy and the Kuun-Lan finishes. 

Move all ships towards the asteroid field. Youíll discover 6 Resource 
Collectors guarded by 4 Assault Frigates, 2 Ion Cannon Frigates, 2 Support 
Frigates, and a Gravwell Generator.


That Gravwell generator normally requires a Ramming Frigate to push away, but 
Destroyers, the Cruiser, and Hive Frigates make this mission easy as pie. 
There is no actual danger of the resourcing fleet recharging their hyperdrives 
and leaving, but the longer you dawdle, the fewer resources left to harvest. 
You need 10 SU per frigate and 2 SU per Resource Collector. 

The Gravwell cannot be salvaged and should be blasted first. Next are the 
Support Frigates, since they cannot repair under your possession. You ideally 
want to capture 1 Assault and 1 Ion Frigate to unlock both Energy Cannon and 
Advanced Ion Cannon respectively. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the 
next mission. The latter technology unlocks Multibeam Frigates, anti-strike 
craft frigates. 

Salvage and retire the frigates, then salvage 3 Collectors at your leisure. 
Unfortunately, they cannot collect resources after being salvaged. Oh well. 

Once mission objectives are complete, scour the map for remaining resources.


Level 8 New Builds:

Multi-Beam Frigate

Level 8 New Researc:

Crystal Processing
Energy Cannon
Advanced Ion Cannon



Ah, the first very difficult mission in the campaign. What starts off as a 
nice, simple infiltration ends up becoming an intense battle for survival as 
the Somtaaw hold their ground. 



Command wants you to move the Resourcers (you should now have control of any 
frigates you nicked from the previous level) to the waypoint in the sensors 
manager. Research Force Field Level 2 while youíre at it. Interceptor 
squadrons will be on patrol throughout this sector, so guard your workers at 
all times. 
Once the transports arrive at the spot, you no longer control them and they 
fly towards the planet.


The sensor grid is heavily defended, and you will have to fight your way 
through at least one Taiidan group before reaching the nearest Proximity 
Sensor. Keep your workers on auto-repair and make good use out of EMP and 
missiles. Once you destroy a Proximity Sensor, a new objective appears.


The fleet must defend itself until the Resource Collectors send in their 
recognition codes to dock on the planet. There is no way to end this segment 
earlier, youíll have to endure wave after wave of Taiidan ships. Keep all 
ships outside the Proximity Sensor grid to minimize the number of enemies you 
must battle. Most enemy groups consist of several frigates and a Multi-gun 
escort, or a large squadron of Attack Bombers, Interceptors, and/or Multi-gun 
corvettes. Enemies will keep respawning after being dispatched, so thereís no 
way to empty the map of Taiidan ships. 

When the Resource Collectors reach the boundary of the map and are granted 
permission to dock by the Destroyer they pass, the objective will change.


Now itís time to fly past the sensor grid, because that will put less distance 
between your Command Ship and the Collectors once they destroy the lab and 
make a run for your Command Ship. Around this time, the enemies will get 
tougher. Destroyers and Missile Destroyers accompanied by Frigates, a 
Gravwell, and strike craft will engage your fleet. Take care of each group by 
eliminating the strike craft first, then the Gravwell, then Support Frigates, 
and then the other Frigates. A good time to capture ships is after an enemy 
wave is nearly finished. Destroyers are the best salvage targets; Missile 
Destroyers donít deal enough damage once their missile bays bank out. 

You can also use a fast ship to distract many attack groups by ordering it to 
fly in circles. This relieves some pressure off your main force.


The Resource Collectors will appear on the map again, and a dialogue will 
trigger after they fly a certain distance past the mapís boundaries. Their 
cover is blown and enemy ships are drawn to them. When this cutscene happens, 
order your fleet to make a beeline towards the Collectors. At least 1 
Collector must dock, but a competent fleet commander will protect all 3. Use a 
fighter to distract the Taiidan forces if things go south.  

When your Command Ship closes on the Collectors, tell it to stop moving or 
else the Collectors will have issues docking. Once they are safe inside the 
hangar, either hyperspace out or capture some more Destroyers. 


Level 9 New Builds:


Level 9 New Researc:

Force Field Level 2



So the Taiidan scientists thought they could manipulate the Beast towards 
their own end? 


This is a large map. As long as you donít approach the debris field, you will 
not be attacked. Thus, you can now harvest resources on this map without 
repercussion. There are small asteroid fields scattered around the debris 
field, and a large asteroid field in front and far to the left where the Beast 
will hyperspace in later. The asteroid field directly past the debris field 
contains a Turanic Raider carrier, which unfortunately is invulnerable until 
you reach the Siege Cannon derelict. Harvest whatever you can because enemies 
are still rampant when the mission ends. 


Move all ships to the debris field, not only workers. When your ships close 
in, Turanic Raider strike craft will attack. Some of these ships are Standard 
Corvettes attempting to steal the Siege Cannon, and more Standard Corvettes 
disguised as debris will pop up near it. 

When all Raider ships in the vicinity are vanquished, salvage the Siege 


The Siege Cannon Weapon takes 10 minutes to research, and whilst its happening 
4 Ion Array Frigates will decloak next to the Command Ship. They could have 
decloaked before you successfully salvaged the Siege Cannon though. Either 
way, destroy them fast. 

Another technology becomes available, Advanced Sensors. Researching this 
technology reveals disguised vessels and allows the player to see enemy shipsí 
health bars. 


Build the Siege Cannon for 10000 RU, and keep fighting off the Raider strike 
wings that approach. 

After the Siege Cannon is finished more Raiders will attack. Additionally, a 
Taiidan fleet will emerge from hyperspace and send several strike craft 
squadrons, followed by a Heavy Cruiser, 3 Destroyers, and several frigates. 
Destroy some ships, then focus on the Heavy Cruiser until itís at half health.  

After a while the Caal-Shto will appear with reinforcements and asks the Kuun-
Lan to come to them. This causes the Turanic Raiders to break off and attack 
them instead. Keep slugging it out against the Taiidan fleet, but leave the 
Heavy Cruiser alive. 

When the Raiders arrive at the Caal-Shto, a cutscene will play, revealing that 
the Caal-Shto has been infected by the Beast and brought the Infected Module 
here, redesigned to a Command Ship. Now the Taiidan break off to engage the 
Beast. The ships will completely ignore you, so nowís a perfect time to 
salvage some Super Capitals. Destroy whatever ships you decide not to salvage. 

Although it is optional whether to leave the Taiidan ships to their fate or 
put them out of their misery now, it is imperative to destroy the Heavy 
Cruiser before it reaches the Beast. If you donít, and consequently decide to 
face it with its new paint job, you will have to deal with its heavy guns and 
the dreaded infection beam, making it a tougher opponent. 


You will now be constantly harassed by Beast ships ranging from Acolytes to 
Multibeam Frigates. The mission ends when the Command Ship fires its Siege 
Cannon at the Beast mothership, but you can use the cannon as many times as 
you want before that. Take the time to dispatch all other hostile ships on 
this map before engaging the Beast.

Note: If you salvaged any Defense Field Frigates from Mission 6, move them 
away from the Command Ship before using the Cannon. If a Siege shot is 
discharged into a defense field, the shot will detonate prematurely, causing 
damage to your ships. Tell your DFG Frigates to steer clear until their 
defense field radius no longer encompasses your Command Ship. 

Move your fleet towards where the Taiidan strike craft are launching from. You 
will find a Carrier; take it out and any ships that retaliate. When thatís 
done, the Turanic Raider Carrier will be your next target. Destroying it is 
difficult as it not only has Advanced Sensors, but also because 24 Missile 
Corvettes are defending it. To make matters worse, it instantly replaces any 
Missile Corvettes that blow up, so you may want to target it with the Siege 
Cannon. If the shot is a direct hit at maximum power, the Carrier will get 

When it is gone, you may destroy the resource collectors patrolling the 
asteroid field and harvest the asteroids. 

Inch your Command Ship towards the Beast Mothership and fire the Siege Cannon 
at it. The shot does not have to be 100% power, so donít bother getting close 
and personal. Regardless of the range the cannon was fired at, the outcome is 
the same; minimal damage to the Beast. When Tactical tells you to hyperspace, 
do so. The Beast Mothership and Caal-Shto are both immune to damage and will 
move towards you. 


Level 10 Build Options:

Siege Cannon

Level 10 Research Options:

Siege Cannon Weapon
Advanced Sensors



You would think a powerful weapon like the Siege Cannon is too advanced for a 
mining fleet to achieve mastery on the first day of testing. And you were 
right, the cannon malfunctioned and dealt insufficient damage to their arch 
nemesis. The latter issue can be solved by seeking out the Faal-Corum, who 
might pinpoint the sector where the Naggarok resides.


The Faal-Corum starts off under attack by a small Beast contingent and accuse 
Kiith Somtaaw to be the perpetrator. Prove them wrong by blasting those Beast 
ships. While youíre at it, you may attack Allied vessels during the 
engagement. Naturally, you cannot destroy the Faal-Corum itself, as that will 
fail the mission. 


Although the Faal-Corum and its entourage mistakenly believe you to be the 
attackers, they strangely wonít fire on your ships. Get rid of all the Beast 
ships to complete this objective.


As is the case for several other objectives, starting this one acts as a 
trigger for a future event. A Beast fleet will appear if the Faal-Corumís 
health reaches 70%, so now is an ideal time to strip this system of its rich 
resources. There are 3 Crystals and tons of asteroids to be had. This probably 
deprives the Beast of resources to build ships, although there is no solid 
evidence supporting this theory. 

When the Faal-Corum has approximately 2/3 health, two new technologies become 
available. Destroyer Drive unlocks Carriers and Destroyers while Repair Bots 
makes all Somtaaw ships larger than a Corvette self-repair. Queue up max (2) 
Carriers and immediately build Support Modules on them. You may also build 

The Beast fleet will appear where the large asteroid field in the distance 
once was, led by a Carrier and a few frigates. The Carrier will launch strike 
craft, including Cruise Missiles which will do a good number on the Allied 
fleet. You can opt to park your fleet there to ambush the Beast as soon as 
they hyperspace in. Just keep Heavy Cruisers and such away from the Carrier 
until its discharged its infection beam.


The Defense Field Frigates should be taken out first. Next comes the Carrier 
which if you positioned your ships close to where it jumps in, can be 
destroyed before the Sentinels even form a force field around it. Once the 
Carrier is gone, finish off all remaining ships. 

The Faal-Corum sends over its astrogation team before returning to Hiigara. 
They unfortunately do not know the Naggarokís whereabouts. 


Level 11 New Builds:


Level 11 New Research:

Destroyer Drive
Repair Bots



The Turanic Raiders own star charts that pinpoint the beaconís original 
source, the Naggarok. Plan A is to request the information nicely, but will it 


Command tries to enlist the help of the Turanic Raiders by explaining the 
severity of their common foe. The Outpost responds by enveloping the sector 
with a hyperspace inhibitor field, leaving them no choice but to use force.


The Raider base will send strike craft periodically. Deal with them and 
approach the base slowly but surely. If you look at your Sensors Manager, you 
will see friendly acolytes roaming around the map. There are in fact no allies 
in this mission, and as soon as these squadrons come within a shipís sensors 
range, Advanced Sensor tech will reveal them to be the Standard Corvettes they 

En route to the Turanic base, 8 Ion Array Frigates will decloak nearby. They 
will likely focus attack the Command Ship, so send Workers for repair duty and 
quickly dispatch the frigates with Capital Ships. You will likely lose some 
modules, rebuild them after the battle. 

Wait outside the base and kill the Ion Array Frigate groups patrolling around 
the Outpost, as well as all mines that come towards your ships. As soon as the 
last strike craft wings have been dispatched, close in on the Carrier with 
your Super Capital Ships. Order a few of them to target strike craft launching 
from the Carrier. 

Attack the Turanic Outpost when the Carrier is destroyed. It has no weapons, 
and when its health goes down to critical (red) condition, it becomes 
invulnerable and a Taiidan fleet consisting of 1 Carrier, 2 Destroyers, and 3 
Assault Frigates will hyperspace 40 kilometers Northwest from the Outpost. A 
challenge for overachievers is to destroy this reinforcement fleet before it 
retreats. In attempting to do so however, youíll find out that the Carrier is 
invulnerable. Build 20 MCVs before the Taiidan show up, and kamikaze 9 MCVs to 
each Destroyer to take them out. Make sure no enemy ships lie between the MCVs 
and their quarry. Throw everything else at the Assault Frigates and ignore the 

When the Taiidan Carrier hyperspaces, the Turanic Outpost will surrender and 
become an ally. If the Battle Carrier is still alive, it will also hyperspace. 
The Outpost remains invulnerable indefinitely. 

Clear all mines scattered around the map before harvesting. Dock all strike 
craft inside the Carriers, not the Command Ship. This will help for the next 


Level 12 New Builds:


Level 12 New Research:




An EMP bomb planted by a Turanic Raider prisoner interrupts the hyperspace 
jump. The Kuun Lan and the fleet wind up inside none other than a dense 
nebula. To compound that, they did not wind up there alone and are about to 
get a not so friendly greetingÖ 


The trap left the Command Ship heavily damaged. Most of its modules are 
venting flames while the Engineering Module and a Support Module are gone. All 
ships docked in the Command Shipís hangar bays cannot launch until the initial 
onslaught is fended off. Fortunately, all your ships are docked inside the 
Carriers, right?


Immediately rebuild the modules and defend against the Taiidan ships that 
approach. Launch everything from the carriers and repair the Kuun-Lan. You 
will be met with fighters at first, then 3 groups, each with a Destroyer and a 
Heavy Cruiser will converge from all sides. 

Move towards one of the groups, be sure to have at least 9 workers. Open fire 
on the Destroyer and Cruiser, and when they are damaged sufficiently, capture 
them. Feel free to do the same to the other 2 groups. All this time fighter 
wings will periodically attack, so be sure to shoot them down before they 
swarm over your fleet. When all 3 Super Capital ship groups are gone, launch 
bays can launch, but this is irrelevant if your craft were docked inside the 
Carriers. Try to fill up your SU limit, because Allies will hyperspace in and 
grant you ships, so if you have a full-sized fleet, the Allied ships you gain 
will push you past the SU limit. Exceeding the limit prevents you from 
acquiring more ships, and the next mission requires you to salvage a ship so 
the oversized fleet will be short lived. But hey, thereís nothing wrong with a 
temporary firepower boost. 

Trace the direction the fighters are coming from. A Carrier is spawning them 
so it is in your best interest to wax it. Around this time, the Faal-Corum 
will hyperspace in and transfer control of 2 Ramming Frigates, 4 Kushan Ion 
Cannon Frigates, and 2 Kushan Destroyers. Retire the Ramming Frigates, but 
keep the others. In case you were wondering, it is impossible to eliminate the 
Taiidan presence in the nebula before your Allies show up because some Taiidan 
ships hyperspace in after they appear.  


As with Mission 11, destroying the Faal-Corum results in Game Over, but the 
other Allied ships are fair game for some Allied aggression. 

There are a few more Capital Ship groups scattered around the map, and a Heavy 
Cruiser is among one of these groups. Keep moving towards the Carrier and you 
will take it out before it retreats. When it blows, you may capture the Heavy 
Cruiser and wipe out everything else hostile. 

Fill up your SUs with Super Capital Ships for the next mission. If you were 
aggressive with salvaging, you can have up to 6 Heavy Cruisers and 7 Taiidan 
Destroyers in addition to the Kushan ships. If you plan on building 
Dreadnoughts, leave 80 SU free. 

Level 13 New Builds:


Level 13 New Research:




Kiith Somtaaw finally locates Patient Zero, but the Imperialist Taiidan 
arrived there first. Even worse, they allied themselves with the Beast and are 
repairing the Naggarokís drives. Understandable, given the unfair treatment 
they received when the Homeworld war ended, but still insane. 



Tactical announces that the Dreadnought is available for construction soon 
after the mission starts. You are given Advanced Destroyer Drive for free, so 
upgrade all Super Capital Ships to make them move faster. Also, replace all 
Deacon Destroyers with Dreadnoughts. A Dreadnought is more than a match for 2 
Destroyers and can receive an additional upgrade, but thatís not until the 
last mission. Youíll find that their much higher health (90000) makes them 
much easier to rank up, as they are less likely to die.  

The Beast Command Ship will hyperspace in shortly afterwards and send ships 
ranging from Acolytes to Frigates. They will also send Cruise Missiles in some 
waves, so target them first before they hit their targets. A Taiidan Heavy 
Cruiser, a couple Destroyers, and several Assault Frigates will attack you 
early on. Feel free to capture the Heavy Cruiser and some Destroyers, but you 
should already have enough Destroyers. Subsequent Taiidan waves are all strike 

The Beast Command Ship is guarded by 3 Heavy Cruisers and an assortment of 
smaller craft, all of which will be replaced if blown up, so donít bother 
attacking. Donít take too long to complete this mission either, as the Beast 
moves at a snailís pace towards your Command Ship. 

Move your entire fleet towards the Naggarokís location and stop at the rim of 
the Proximity Sensor ring. Attack the nearest proximity sensor, and work your 
way around the ring away from the Command Ship. Blast any mines, Gravwell 
Generators, and Capital Ship groups patrolling the area. Keep your fleet close 

The next task is taking out the Carrier so it stops producing ships to 
constantly attack you. You have no choice but to battle it out with the 
Taiidan ships nearby. While youíre at it, you may salvage the Heavy Cruiser. 
Leave at least one Support Frigate alive for now. Donít destroy it yet, or 
else you will preemptively trigger a reinforcement fleet of 5 Heavy Cruisers, 
6 Destroyers/Missile Destroyers, and lots of frigates. 

Note that a Destroyer, a Missile Destroyer, and several Assault Frigates will 
remain after the Mimic successfully collects the Beast sample regardless of 
whether you attack the Naggarokís elite guard or not. Only 3 Assault Frigates 
from the elite guard are among the remaining ships; the rest will bugger off 
into hyperspace. 

If you choose to fight the reinforcement fleet head on, you will suffer heavy 
losses, so we will be working around that. All the ships (except the Support 
Frigates, they will go to repair the Naggarok) are scripted to pursue the 
closest ship to their hyperspace location, which is South of the Naggarok, 
opposite from the Beast Command Ship. They also will not change targets until 
said ship is gone. Park a recon there, then destroy the last Support Frigate. 
When the Taiidan fleet appears, order the Recon to fly in long circles, but 
make sure it doesnít go anywhere near any Beast ships, which are still 
harassing you. 

While they give chase, destroy all the frigates, Destroyers, and Missile 
Destroyers. Then nab or blast each Heavy Cruiser one by one. With this tactic, 
and assuming you captured every Heavy Cruiser possible before, you can end up 
with 13 Heavy Cruisers. Another fleet will hyperspace in each time all Taiidan 
ships near the Naggarok are destroyed, and it is pointless to carry on. On 
second thought, grinding these reinforcement fleets can rank up your ships. 

Send a Mimic to complete the mission objective, not an MCV. There is a Support 
Unit bug that adds SUs equal to ships that dock with an enemy vessel in 
cutscenes. So after the Mimic enters the Naggarok, 3 SUs will be eaten up for 
no reason. This bug also occurs in Mission 16, when a Worker docks with the 
Clee-San. Order the Mimic to imitate an enemy ship and move it near the 
Naggarok. Make sure there are no mines nearby, they can detect Mimics. 


The Naggarok mentions some Republican weapon before departing. All Beast ships 
and most Taiidan ships (except strike craft) will also depart. Tactical 
decides to find out more about the weapon, which will be answered by capturing 
a Taiidan ship. If you have 13 Heavy Cruisers and the Kushan ships, you will 
not have enough SUs to capture a Destroyer. An Assault Frigate only needs 10 
spare SUs though.

NOTE: The 13 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Kushan Destroyers, and 4 Ion Cannon Frigates 
constitute the most powerful fleet possible. However, it is extremely 
vulnerable to infection. A mix of Heavy Cruisers and Taiidan Destroyers is 
better against the Beast because the Destroyers serve as buffers to bait out 
infection beams. The Kushan ships often donít cut it. But maxing out Heavy 
Cruisers helps in the following mission, so adjust as necessary. 

If you stick with a generic Somtaaw fleet, you only need Super Capital Ships 
and workers, as everything else dies quickly. 5 Dreadnoughts + the Kushan 
ships are statistically the strongest, but Destroyers can be substituted for 
Dreadnoughts for added mobility. 

Alternatively, you can choose to incorporate Ion Beam exclusive combat ships 
and use Defense Field Frigates to protect them without reducing their 
firepower. Multibeam Frigates make an excellent strike craft screen while Ion 
Array or Ion Cannon Frigates are your Capital Ship killers. But this fleet is 
fragile and susceptible to infection.  

As usual, clean up all resources before leaving. 


Level 14 New Builds:


Level 14 New Research:

Advanced Destroyer Drive



Although the Siege Cannon has been modified to cause maximum damage to Beast 
cells, the plasma conduits overheating remains a problem. Kiith Somtaaw seeks 
the aid of the Bentusi as the Siege Cannon matches Bentusi designs. 


When the mission begins, 3 Bentusi Exchanges are about to pass through the 
slipgate. It is impossible to reach them before they escape. Although Tactical 
does not inform you, 4 new technologies are available at the start of this 
mission. Research them immediately, starting with Armor Level 3 first. 


Simply move your fleet towards the slipgate so they can destroy the nodes 
around it. The Bentusi will only launch Super Acolytes when your ships 
encroach near the gate, so you can take time to plan your attack. Bentusi 
Exchanges will appear periodically and head for the slipgate. If 4 more pass 
through after the 3 Exchanges seen in the beginning, the mission will fail. 

If you decide to fire on the Bentusi Exchanges, take note that each one is 
invulnerable until it moves close enough to the gate. Basically, the last 
Bentusi Exchange in line for the slipgate is always invulnerable. 

The challenge here is to block the slipgate without any more Bentusi Exchanges 
escaping. Order your Command Ship, Carriers, Kushan Destroyers, and Ion Cannon 
Frigates to move as far past the slipgate as possible. That will spare them 
from the Bentusiís wrath after the slipgate blows. Direct your other Super 
Capital Ships to focus fire on the nodes, supported by Workers. When you see 
Super Acolytes close in on your position, direct a few ships to preemptively 
attack them. The ACVís EMP ability is effective against Super Acolytes, if you 
still have any ACVs. 


When the slipgate blows, a heated conversation breaks out between Kiith 
Somtaaw and the Bentusi, and 3 more Bentusi Exchanges hyperspace in and 
converge on your fleet. If you moved the listed ships beyond the slipgate, the 
Bentusi wonít even go after them. 

The Bentusi Exchanges can in fact be destroyed. But this is difficult due to 
their high health (400000) and triple repeating Ion Cannons. Conventional 
fleets cannot stand up to them. To battle the Bentusi, you must max out your 
SU with Heavy Cruisers, preferably already ranked up, and focus fire each 
Bentusi Exchange. The Tradeship closest to the slipgate in line will still 
launch Super Acolytes constantly at you, so order 2 or 3 Heavy Cruisers to 
turn towards them and shoot them down before they reap havoc. If any Heavy 
Cruiser is sustaining heavy damage, back it off. 

With proper fleet control, you can emerge from the battle with all 13 Heavy 
Cruisers left, but of course, the last Bentusi Exchange headed for the 
slipgate is still invulnerable. Now the options to trigger the closing 
dialogue is to either lose any ship larger than a Frigate, get your Command 
Ship down to critical health, or wait until the ~28 minute mark. This dialogue 
is probably my favorite moment in the entire campaign, btw.  


Level 15 New Builds:


Level 15 New Research:

Advanced Fighter Drive
Advanced Frigate Drive
Armor Level 3
Force Field Level 3



The Siege Cannon is now fully functional, ready to be brought to bear against 
the Beast.



Although Tactical says to send a Recon to the waypoint, itís a lot safer to 
fire the Siege Cannon there as soon as the Command Ship waltzes into range. If 
the Clee-Sanís escorts are sighted, they will attack with a Heavy Cruiser and 
multiple smaller vessels, and another Heavy Cruiser will hyperspace in to 
replace the first.  

But if a Siege Cannon blast detonates near the waypoint, any ships remaining 
will stay put and not close on you. Move the Command Ship and fire when it is 
in the 70% range, any higher and youíll risk destroying the Clee-San, failing 
the mission. If youíre lucky enough to hit the Heavy Cruiser directly, all 
ships beside the Clee-San will be destroyed. If not, approach the Capital 
Ships with infection-immune vessels. 


Note: Now is the appropriate time to prepare your fleet composition for the 
final mission. If you wait until the beginning of the last mission, you will 
have to build ships in a scramble. The beginning features fierce Beast battle 
groups that quickly converge on your position, followed by relentless waves 
that bite you in the ass. Plus, redesigning your fleet now gives them a window 
of opportunity to rank up. 

A huge chunk of SUs should be occupied by Super Capital ships. Ships smaller 
than a Destroyer die much faster and are replaced more often. This is an 
unnecessary hassle thatís easily circumvented. Also note that all Somtaaw 
ships weaker than a Destroyer, Defense Field Frigates, Ion Array Frigates, and 
Heavy Cruisers are susceptible to infection. Leeches and Mimics are not.

You can harvest all asteroids and dust clouds before boarding the Clee-San to 
deny the Beast from doing the same. However, a Worker that strays too close to 
the Clee-San will automatically dock. If you donít want the Beast to gather 
resources, harvest the resource patches near the Clee-San last. 


If you know where the Beast Command Ship will spawn, this phase becomes much 
easier. Look for the large dust band at one side of the sensors manager and 
fly everything to the apex of the curve. Take note that you must shift 
downwards too. 

Shortly after your Workers start harvesting, the Beast will emerge near that 


Proper Command Ship positioning prior to this event puts it within 100% Siege 
Cannon power. The Beast will send a Heavy Cruiser and numerous other craft 
towards you, and will replace losses, so it is imperative to wipe out the 
Beast Command Ship quickly. During the ensuing chaos, target the Beast Command 
Ship with the Siege Cannon; you will need a direct hit to destroy it. 
Finish the Beast Mothership with Super Capitals if it withstood the blast, and 
clear out all remaining Beast vessels. 


Level 16 New Builds:


Level 16 New Research:



                        MISSION 17: NAVAL BASE ALPHA

This is it, the final showdown with the Beast. Everything picked up from 
previous missions, be it new ships technology or battle strategies, will be 
put to the penultimate test. 



When the mission commences, there are 2 battles going on between the Taiidan 
Republicans and the Beast. A cutscene plays and a Republican Carrier and Heavy 
Cruiser in the nearby battle self-destruct to spare infection from Cruise 
Missiles. They cannot be saved. 

The most economical strategy (and temptation) is to help the Republican ships 
in the nearer battle. However, a closer inspection reveals that the battle 
group farther from your starting location contains a Carrier. If this Carrier 
survives the initial onslaught, it will keep building Interceptors, Bombers, 
and Ion Cannon Frigates against the enemy. 

The difficulty matches the reward for saving that Carrier. To arrive in time 
to spare it death in the hands of the Beast, you must send fully ranked up 
Dreadnoughts or faster ships. Heavy Cruisers are too slow even at 4 stars. 
Focus down the Ion Array Frigates first, then all strike craft, and lastly the 
Beast Heavy Cruiser. Pull your fleet together when youíre done. 

The next thing on the agenda is to be on the lookout for 3 Carriers and 3 
Processors. With them gone the enemy will no longer keep biting you in the ass 
with constant attacks. The Processors are typically situated in asteroid 
fields, and the Carriers can be tracked down by tracing the direction Beast 
waves come from. There are also loads of Missile Corvette batches in sphere 
formation around Defense Field Frigates. 

You will inevitably catch sight of the Nomad Moon and the Emitters that 
discharge the dreaded repulsor wave.


Research Repulsor Weapon for your Dreadnoughts ASAP. 

Once the Beast Carriers are destroyed, you can tackle the Moonís guard fleet. 
There are 5 Heavy Cruisers and many Multibeam Frigates and Missile Corvettes 
guarding the Moon. Try not to lure more than 2 Heavy Cruisers at a time, and 
beware their infection beams. If a Cruiser turns to head back to the Moon, 
attack it as shipsí engines take 170% damage. 

Destroy the Proximity Sensor ring around the defense station, then prepare to 
destroy the Nomad Moon Emitters. Leeches and MCVs are the only ships that can 
slip by undetected. MCVs will accomplish the job faster, it takes 10 MCVs to 
destroy each Emitter. 

NOTE: If the Moon keeps emitting repulsor waves even though you are only 
sending undetectable ships, your ships are either a hairpin away from the 
repulsor waveís maximum radius of effect or the Republican Carrier is sending 
ships at it, which will cause the Moon to trigger. If the Carrier does not 
learn from its mistakes, it is still possible to time Mimics correctly to 
kamikaze the Emitters while they are recharging. 


Once the Emitters are no more, park a Destroyer at the outermost crystal in 
the crystal field (its ďtailĒ). Then order your other ships to attack the 
Nomad Moon. When it drops down to 50% health an Imperial fleet comprising 2 
Heavy Cruisers, 2 Destroyers, 2 Carriers, 6 Support Frigates, several Ion 
Frigates, and many Multigun Corvettes hyperspace on the opposite side of the 
crystal field. Another fleet hyperspaces behind the crystal field. If the 
mission is dragging out for too long (~2 hours and the Moon has not been 
damaged), these fleets will hyperspace in anyway. 

There are also reinforcement fleets that spawn outside the mapís boundaries if 
the mission is taking too long. The first consists of a couple Hive Frigates 
with strike craft escort. The next one is 3 Heavy Cruisers protected by 


At this point, you can either choose to finish off the Nomad Moon now or wait 
until you wax both the Imperial fleet and the Beast fleet. The latter can be 
easily done by attacking the nearest crystal with the Destroyer as soon as the 
first frigates show up on your sensors manager. If the Destroyer is far enough 
away from the crystal, it will survive the blast. 

It is probably in your best interest to wipe out the Imperial fleet before 
finishing the Moon, as well as all Beast fleets that spawn. While they will 
sever all ties with the Beast a while after the Moon is gone, they are still 
hostile to you and the Carriers and Heavy Cruisers can be infected, making 
them more difficult to put down. 

When the Nomad Moon is destroyed, the Bentusi will appear briefly and grant 
you access to the Super Acolyte. Start building these from all production 
facilities immediately. The Naggarok will become vulnerable after the Bentusi 
leave, and it will reveal its overpowered abilities. 


The first is its ability to move at 5000 m/s, faster than any other ship 
encountered in the campaign. Fleet Intelligence recommends commencing research 
on this Inertialess Drive. Do so immediately, as the Naggarok is immune to EMP 
blasts until it is completed. 

In terms of offensive abilities, the Naggarok can disassemble any ship 
Frigate-sized or larger except Command Ships. It takes its victim apart as if 
it is processing a crystal and manufactures Cruise Missiles out of it. 
Captured ships are disassembled much faster than Somtaaw ships for some 
reason. It also sports 8 Ion Beams, which have good tracking but are extremely 

Build as many Acolytes, ACVs, and Super Acolytes as possible. Capital Ships 
are too slow and vulnerable for Naggarok hunting. However, have at least 1 
Capital Ship around always. If you do not have any, the Naggarok will target 
your Carriers, which sets you back in Support Units. The Naggarok retreats 
after disassembling a ship to be repaired briefly by Beast workers, so if you 
find where they reside you can deny any repairs to the Beast flagship. 

Researching Inertialess Drive reveals that it is vulnerable to the ACVís EMP 
blasts. However, this is easier said than done. It takes several successive 
EMP blasts before the Naggarokís drives are disabled. Also note that the 
Naggarok is invulnerable to the Siege Cannon until ACVs successfully disable 
its drives. 

After a certain time has elapsed, the Naggarok will call in a reinforcement 
fleet. It consists of 5 Heavy Cruisers each guarded by 2-4 Frigates. If and 
when this happens, order your fighters to intercept each Heavy Cruiser before 
they converge on your position. 

NOTE: This reinforcement fleet can also appear before you finish the Nomad 
Moon, if you are taking too long. 

There are several other strategies to destroy the Naggarok other than 
ACV/Super Acolyte spam. If you are feeling super risky, you can max out MCVs 
and destroy the Naggarok via kamikaze, but this is difficult because MCVs have 
tissue paper armor and will be mowed down by the Naggarokís ion cannons. 

The most entertaining way to finish the Naggarok is by luring it into the 
crystal field. Order your workers to salvage each crystal and cancel before 
they reach your Command Ship/Carrier/Processor. Rinse and repeat until all the 
crystals are bunched up in a huge cluster. Park all your Capital Ships at the 
cluster after the Nomad Moon is destroyed and attack a crystal at the right 
time. The Naggarok is a tough customer, with 500000 HP, but even it cannot 
survive 10+ crystal blasts. 



Now that you have a taste of the full experience the campaign provides, you 
may enjoy playing skirmish games against the AI. Unlike the storyline, 
succeeding in this mode demands proper build order and economy management. If 
you feel the need to prove your worth, perhaps play some multiplayer matches 
against other Cataclysm fanatics. 

If you are feeling ambitious, you can try to beat the campaign on Very Hard 
without any Capital Ships except the Command Ship and Carriers. 

An interesting experiment is to finish the campaign in the shortest amount of 
in-game time. This is fascinating because it is like a long drawn out 
logistics problem. It requires changing up your fleet composition constantly 
to optimize fast completion of each mission, proper micromanagement of ships 
both in traveling and combat, and deciding whether to skip harvesting and risk 
a resource shortage in exchange for less time elapsed. 


Luigi and Tails, for his fabulous walkthrough

Orgulo, also for his fantastic walkthrough

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