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Submitted by: DJ Simo

go behind pirate square.
get line pole.
get anchor.
go to dead mans pier.
get rope.
use rope with achor.
go to the crossed swords.
get two empty mugs.
go to bait and tackle.
get empty mug and go up to open door.
use anchor with rope three times on top ot croc to get to other side.
u should get a hat now, if u dont just keep on going back and forth until u do.
know on door. u will get a wait a minute and im comming responde and then
ull be able to run away back before she opens door.
now u should go back to behind pirate quare and use pole on blue jacket.
look at jacket to find gold coin.
now go to muggers alley.
go to dr chop.
take roller blind from window.
ask how to earn money twice and give two tetth to get two coins.
go out to alley and get into jolliiest rogers place.
give 3 mugs and then 3 coing (one at a time, first all mugs).
give full mugs to fake jake(sitting near bar).
get pants.
go back to behind pirate square.
use roller blind.
now go to good form pier.
get on hooks ship and go right and get gold from near bars.
go to ye pirates tailors ang buy from him the magnet(talk to him and ask him
about magnet).
go to good form beach .
use magnet on x spot.
go back to ship.
go left.

now u will find yourself talking to hook and finaly ull be in the ocean.

use pole on pulley system.
look at clam.
use clam.

now u get up.
ure now in the observation point where u can look at neverlands.
go right until u come to start of forest.
now go up,right,up,left,up,right,right.
u will be caught in a trap and tink will appear. now go into tree.

ure now in the camp.

go to workshop.
get arrow.
go to jogging area.
use both toos there.
go to the avanger and take net.
look at net.
go to four seasons and get big yellow flower for tink.
get eggs by using shell.
go to workshop.
give eggs.
to to round pong.
give flower.
get branch from good tree.
(there is also a dead branch in four seasons but i havent found good use
for it).
use branch with string to get a bow.
go to workshop.
use bow on pan pipe.
get pipe.
go to slingshot.
fix it with elastics from workshop(u got the for getting the eggs).
go to cliff and jump(u jump by going to end of cliff and using yourself).
do it three times and after each time ask the boy how was it
when he sais u should try the slingshot now go and use the slingshot.
then talk to him again. ask him about his happy thought and ull get marbles.
go to dining area.
talk to rufio.
insult him(u can do it the hard way by choosing all of the insults one at
a time) (or by just going to the oh rufio! option).
go to round pong again.
go to middle of screen and something throws u over to the other side.
look at all things(fire place beds etc..).
talk to tink.
she will give u your teddy and ull remember your mother and all of the story
then u find yourself flying.

Now there is a little animation scene and when it finishes u find yourself with
hook on his ship fight him and push him to the left by choosing the right talk
option (dont worry, if u choose the wrong one u get back but can fix it by the
right option) finaly hooks falls down and thats the end.

congratulations. You have just finished hook (with a little help from your


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