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 HS detective

HS detective

-Head over to see nurse Robinson
-Click on the football player
-You still look good
-Do you know anyone who would want to do this to you?
-Click on the honey
-Ask the nurse, is that the honey you used to poison rip?
-Go to clear leading practice to find bunny
-Are you and rip still together?
-Six months ago, you punched out the girl he broke up with you for.
-If you didnít do it, do you know who did?
-Are you sure you didnít do it?
-Do you think Baxter poisoned Rip?
-Go to the locker room to look for Baxter St Baxter
-Principal has me looking into Ripís poisoning. Any ideas?
-So, your glad Rip canít play?
-It looks like you had the most to gain from Rips poisoning
-Coach Jackson Randallís office
-People are saying you hate rip
-I need to search the lockers. Can I have your keys?
-Hey what are you playing?
-I saw a warm, unopened beer under the bleachers in the gym
-Click the top drawer and take the key
-Open up Baxterís locker
-Take the coat. 
-Then take the head of the school mascot. in it, you will find honey.
-Go to find marvin melvin the school mascot
-Take marvin off the hook
-Where were you this morning when Rip was poisoned?
-Go to the security office and check out Marvinís alibi
-Do you know where Marvin was this morning?
-To marvin, if it wasnít you who could have taken the mascot costume?
-To Krimes: Lets see what the security tapes tell us
-Take out a $5 bill
-I think the 5 is counterfeit
-How would you know for sure if it was counterfeit?
-Watch the tape for the mens locker room
-Console marvin
-Put your hands in your pockets and eavesdrop
-Kneel next to Coach to feel his stubble
-Give me that rabbitís foot
-The rabbitís foot tells me everything . I need to know. 
-This case is closed. 
-Bunny Lottachest, your under arrest

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