Hugo 2 - Whodunnid Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Hugo 2 - Whodunnid

Hugo 2 - Whodunnid


Q:  I'm in the living room with Penelope, but the maid won't let me by.
A:  Go up the stairs and into your room (last room on right).

Q:  I'm in the room, what do I do?
A:  As Hugo, get the yellow book from the shelf.  Don't worry when 
    he disappears because you're actually Penelope for most of the game.

Q:  I'm Penelope, what do I do?
A:  Look through the keyhole.

Q:  I've looked through the keyhole and am stuck in the bedroom.
A:  Pull the yellow book.

Q:  I'm in the study.  Now what?
A:  Get the matches from the desk.  Talk to the bird.

Q:  Anything to do in the baby's room?
A:  Get the balloon for points, but nothing useful.

Q:  How do I get out of the study?
A:  Climb in the dumbwaiter.

Q:  I'm in the kitchen.  What do I do?
A:  Open the cabinet.  Pick up the garlic.  Head outside.


Q:  The venus flytraps keep killing me!  Can I kill them back?
A:  No.  You can only get through them by taking tiny baby steps, as far as
    I could tell.  Get the magnifier.

Q:  I'm in the shed, but the gardener won't leave me alone/get out.
A:  Eat the garlic.

Q:  What should I do with the buttons?
A:  Read under the buttons.  

Q:  How do I open the black gate?
A:  Go back to the shed.  Press the blue button to open the gate.

Q:  What do I do in the maze?
A:  Just keep wandering around.  You need to find three things in there.
    I couldn't find an "exit", and just came out the entrance.

Q:  I dropped the matches into the river.  Does it matter?
A:  Yes.  This is another trial-and-error part, and you just have to keep
    trying until you make it across the bridge without hitting the side.
    Take quick stops/starts with the cursor key.  Save when you cross.

Q:  The bees keep killing me.  I hate them. 
A:  While it is possible to sneak by the bees without their stinging you, 
    an easier way to pass them is to go back to the shed and press the green
    "bug zapper" key.  DROP THE MATCHES BEFORE YOU CROSS THE BRIDGE; you can
    pick them up on your way back.

Q:  What do I do with the old man?
A:  Nothing.  Just let him talk, then walk to the right.

Q:  The snake bit me.  What do I do?
A:  You can't (I couldn't, anyway) avoid this.  Drink the serum from the bottle
    you found in the maze.

Q:  The dog attacks me.  How can I get by him?
A:  Get one of the sticks from in front of the doghouse, then throw it.

Q:  I'm at the phone booth.  What do I do?
A:  After you call the police (the program does this for you), walk around the
    street.  Look at the graffiti, and remember the number.  Go back to the 
    phone booth and "dial" the number.

Q:  The mechanized monster kills me.  Do I need to be here?
A:  Yes.  Restart, and shoot the monster with the gun you found in the maze.  
    Then talk to the Doctor, and take what he gives you.  Go back into the

Q:  What do I do at the well?
A:  Climb down the rope.  Stand on the far side of the well to do this.


Q:  How do I get through the passageway in the well?
A:  Drop the dynamite (you should have looked in the doghouse!) near the 
    rocks.  Light the fuse, sprint back to the rope and climb it before the
    dynamite blows up.  Then climb back down.

Q:  I'm facing three tunnels.  Which do I take?
A:  Go to all of them, but go from left to right.  So go to the left first, 
    and get the lamp.  Go to the middle next, and get the banana.

Q:  How do I get across the chasm?
A:  Come to the very front of the screen, and walk across.  

Q:  I'm in the far right passage.  How do I open the trap door?
A:  Rub the lamp.  Give the genie the banana.  He'll help you out.


Q:  I looked in the mousehole and the mouse bit me.  
A:  So?

Q:  What's the combination to the safe?
A:  I never found out -- the screwdriver from the Doctor opens the safe.

Q:  How do you get whatever Fifi put in the cabinet?
A:  Go into the catroom on the right.  Rub the catnip (you should have gotten
    this on nearly any outdoor screen -- it's the little green sprigs) on the
    bell (from the maze).  Give the cat the bell, and return to the parlor.
    The cat will ring the bell, and the maid will go into the catroom.  Look
    in the cabinet then, and get the album.  Look at it.

Q:  What do I do in the kitchen?
A:  Let the cook do her thing.  Leave.

Q:  What do I do with Harry?
A:  Let Harry do his thing.  Leave.

Q:  Should I take the wine from Hester?
A:  Yes.  You can only do this the first time you talk to her, so if you've
    passed that, restore.  

Q:  How do I get the letter?
A:  You need to read it while Hester's getting the wine.

Q:  What do I do in the livingroom (when everyone's there)?
A:  Play along -- tell the cop who you think did it.


Q:  What's the fish from the family Clupidae?
A:  A red herring -- yuck, yuck.

Q:  How do I get out of there?
A:  Get the paper and pencil.  Push the paper under the door, and then SLIDE
    the pencil through the keyhole.  The key, in the other side of the lock,
    will fall onto the paper.

Q:  So, whodunnit?
A:  Exactly.


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