Hugo's House of Honnors 3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Hugo's House of Honnors 3

Hugo's House of Honnors 3

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Hugo's House of Honnors 3 - Walkthrough

After Penelope is bitten by spider and native girl says her piece,
go to plane and get clay, flask, sandwich, pins, and bouillon cubes
(notice that "bouillon" is misspelled..."cubes" will do).  At
bridge, "tie" vines to bridge.  Take upper path, take and read
scroll.  Take bell in next screen.  Check out waterfall.  Go right,
notice you can't get in spirit cave yet.  Go right, look behind
boulder and get crystal ball (you can rub it now and then to get
clue for a future action).  Go back to lower path.  "Swing" on
vines to cross river.  Look around on river bank and you'll find
spell book.  Go to village.  Talk to natives and give them bouillon
cubes.  Look behind huts for witchdoctor's ad, notice mention of
voodoo.  Go into witchdoctor's hut.  In the cell, make image from
clay ("make effigy" or "make voodoo".  Stick pins in clay.  You can
open door when witchdoctor becomes unglued.  Put sandwich in small
cage to trap mouse (you can do this from cell also, but in either
case you'll have to mover to the right of the screen for the mouse
to get in cage).  When mouse is trapped, take small cage and take
candlestick.  You can now go to spirit cave and enter ("read spell"
did it for me).  Answering the old man's questions, you can see you
need the magic water to pass (and, of course, to save Penelope).
Go to elephant (in South America?).  Timing is critical here.  You
must drop cage, open cage, and shoot elephant just as he is leaving
the screen.  When you get it right, he will fall into stream and
block it.  Go to waterfall and find magic pool (elephant is gonna
wake up soon, so hurry).  Get water in flask and get back to other
side of waterfall.  Go to cave, "read spell" again.  When old man
asks "magic water?" say yes.  Give magic water to Penelope.  Finish.


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