Jack French Webisode 3 - Jack French and the Seven Dwarfs Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Jack French Webisode 3 - Jack French and the Seven Dwarfs

Jack French Webisode 3 - Jack French and the Seven Dwarfs

1.Click the postcard on the ground, then click right arrow.
2.Watch title sequence
3.Click on white box next to body
4.Click on arm to see tattoo
5.Click on pants pocket to get wallet, click to open and click 
  on each card to see it, you will automatically send the credit 
  card and hotel card to lab.
6.Close wallet and click left arrow to see the train tracks.
7.Click on the sparkle on the ground to get keys, click arrow to 
  go forward and then click arrow to turn around, click on briefcase 
  papers to view train ticket, then exit to map
8.Click on Sam Black to go to his house.
9.Click on arm to see tattoo, click on game system to see it, you 
  will use the system later, there's nothing to do with it now.
10.Click left arrow to see the rest of the apartment, click on phone 
   and click play to hear first message, click play again to hear second 
11.Click on Yuki to talk to her, then click on the green box beside pizza 
   box to see cigarettes.
12.Click on black book on the bottom of the book case to look through it, 
   then exit to map.
13.Click to go to Will White's house. talk to him then exit to map.
14.Click to go to Michel Lebrun's apartment, use keys in inventory to 
   unlock door.
15.Click newspaper on coffee table to look at, and the click on the black 
   square next to it to see plane ticket, now click on the cabinet in back.
16.Click on the cards to get a new location, exit to map.
17.Click to go to JohnnyBDesigns.
18.Click on the ladder of the fire escape to shift the scene up, use the 
   plunger in inventory on the dark window.
19.Click on the beer bottle in the corner to pick one up. Click on the cards 
   to pick up an ace. Click the ashtray on the table to see cigarettes.
20.Click the arrowto shift the scene right, click on the picture to get a 
   close look, move your mouse along the figures in the picture to identify 
21.Click left arrow twice to end up back outside the building. Give beer 
   bottle to drunk guy, click on the white oval he throws out and get a poker
   chip worth a $100. You'll need $300 in chips later in the game, so you can 
   either get more beer for the drunk guy, (you'll have to give him two more) 
   or you can play the slot machines at the casino. I recommend giving the 
   drunk guy more beer, you can get into the office through the door now.
   Click to go to Will White's house
23.Click the To Casino Map button. Enter the Casino.
24.Click to go to the Lobby, talk to the manager then go left and talk to 
   the waitress, exit to casino map
25.Click to go to the theatre, then backstage, talk to cabaret girl, you'll 
   automatically end up back at the casino map, go back to the theatre but 
   this time go to the balcony. Talk to Fair Fred. exit to casino map
26.Go to Casino Floor, You must have at least $300 in chips to enter the 
   VIP tables. If you didn't get it all from the drunk guy, use the $100 
   you got to play the slot machines and hope for the best.
26.Once your in the VIP tables, look at your cards and when you get the 
   option to go all in with a queen high, drag the ace in you inventory to 
   your cards, then click go all in with suited ace/queen. Now you can talk 
   to Fair Fred. 
27.Eventually you end up back at the casino map, go to the rooms.
28.Look at the cigarette butt and the phone cord used to strangle the girl, 
   click the girl's purse and get gold key. talk to the manager and the other
29.Go to Michel Lebrun's place and use key on locked box in cabinet, get 
   memory card.
30.Exit to map and go to Sam Black's place, Click on game system and then 
   high scores. Watch Ending.

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