James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod

James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod

Going into Map Select mode allows you to leap to various points in the game. 
These are accessed by using the following numbers: 

01 Level 1-1 ------ | 19 Bonus Level 6 | 37 Level 5-1
02 Level 1-2 ------ | 20 Level 4-1 --- | 38 Bonus Level 10
03 Level 1-3 ------ | 21 Level 4-2 --- | 39 Level 8
04 Bonus Level 1 -- | 22 Bonus Level 7 | 40 Bonus Level 11
05 Level 6-1 ------ | 23 Bonus Level 8 | 41 Level 9-1
06 Bonus Level 2 -- | 24 Level 4-3 --- | 42 Bonus Level 12
07 Bonus Level 3 -- | 25 Level 7-1 --- | 43 Bonus Level 13
08 Level 6-2 ------ | 26 Level 7-2 --- | 44 Bonus Level 14
09 Level 6-3 ------ | 27 Level 7-3 --- | 45 Bonus Level 15
10 Level 1 & 2 Boss | 28 Level 7-4 --- | 46 Bonus Level 16
11 Level 5 & 6 Boss | 29 Level 7-5 --- | 47 Bonus Level 17
12 Level 7 & 8 Boss | 30 Level 5-1 --- | 48 Hard Level!
13 Level 3-1 ------ | 31 Level 5-2 --- | 49 Level 9-2
14 Bonus Level 4 -- | 32 Level 5-3 --- | 50 End Animation
15 Level 3-2 ------ | 33 Level 5-4
16 Bonus Level 5 -- | 34 Level 5-5
17 Level 3-3 ------ | 35 Level 5-6
18 Level 3-4 ------ | 36 Bonus Level 9 

There are two hidden worlds behind the main tower, another sweets level 
(including a Liquorice Allsorts World, the infamous Bouncing Jelly World, 
another Cake World and an upside down Jelly World) and an extra scrolling 
section. To reach them, run along the ground floor - avoiding the doors -
then go up and over the first flight of stairs. From the bottom of the second 
(smaller) tower, make your way up to the landing above Dr. Maybe's final door 
and run left into the wall. You'll disappear behind the screen and arrive in 
the Secret Tower room. But who is Katie? 

Once you've finished the bath level, drop down to the bottom of the castle, 
and walk left until you get to the small snowman statues. Jump on these and 
they'll turn into a moving platform. Once you get to the top of the screen, 
walk left into thin air and jump. By now you should be next to some doors. Go 
through them for bonus city!! 

Go to the same place after finishing the circus room (the last room before the 
end of game baddy) and stand on the golden snowmen again. A platform made of 
two bonud blocks should float upwards, revealing a secret tunnel. At the end 
of this are even more extra lives and stars. 

Do as above after the sweets level, but go to the left of the castle. Go on 
the snowmen once more, and at the top of the screen grab the umbrella and 
collect all the goodies while you're floating down. 

On the second teddy bear level, keep jumping over the spikes until you see a 
hole above you. Jump through this and catapult yourself off the bus there. 
Once you've done this, get on the higher level and keep walking left, bounce 
on the trampoline and collect the wings. Now fly along the top of the screen 
to the right and you should find a different exit. Go through this for a 
special bonus level. 

Complete a level with does not feature a guardian and you will always find 
something new when you return to the castle "selection" screen. In one case 
you will find a whole sequence of lifts and things (see above) that lead to a 
door that you cannot normally get to. If you go to the very right of the 
factory screen and look down you will see a load of crowns, which you can 
access after coming back from other levels. 

It is possible to finish Robocod by only doing half the levels. A choice of 
two new doors to enter is given when the correct level is completed. Start by 
completing the Fluffy Toys one and then by doing the Cars one. 

Finish the bath levels and as soon as you come out of the door run straight to 
the golden snowmen in the bottom far left outside the castle. Jump into these 
snowmen and you'll float upwards to the top of the screen where you'll be met 
by a door. Getting through this door is tricky but worth it. Inside are loads 
of extra lives and energy stars. Go to the same place after finishing the 
circus room (the last room before the end of game baddy) and stand on the 
golden snowmen again. A platform made of two bonus blocks ahould float upwards 
revealing a secret tunnel. At the end of this are even more extra lives and 

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