Star Wars - Jedi Outcast Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Star Wars - Jedi Outcast

Star Wars - Jedi Outcast

                       a walkthrough by BHS

  __    __                      ___          __
 /  / _|  |_    ____     _____  \  \   __   /  / _____     _____  __
 \  \|_    _|  /  _  \  /   __|  \  \/    \/  / /  _  \   /  ___|/  /
  \  \ |  |_  /  / \  \ |  |      \    /\    / /  / \  \ |  |    \  \
  /__/ |____|/__/   \__\|__|       \__/  \__/ /__/   \__\|__|    /__/

            J   E   D   I     O   U   T   C   A   S   T

                              For PC

                        ESRB - T(violence)
                Last Update: September 22nd 2002
                          version final

This document is Copyright 2002 Paul 'black hole sun' Lauria. It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.  It may
not be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs.  It may not be distributed
electronically or physically outside of the GameFAQs' web site, and it may not
be distributed otherwise at all.  Any person who infringes these rules violates
various copyright laws and will be punished to the full extent of the law. 
This document is for private use only.

  0.  Table of Contents

  i.  Version History
1.  Intro
2.  Weapons and Inventory
3.  Enemy FAQ
4.  Walkthrough
5.  Secret Area's
6.  Using the Force
7.  Cheats
8.  The final Word

  i.  Version history

v. Final - I'm Back. Changed the format around, and I changed the sentence
structure so it was more readable. The bonehead TOC error was fixed too.  This
is the FINAL update, unless I spot some unwitting text corruption errors.

                          [PREVIOUS UPDATES DELETED]

         ()====  1.  Intro_________________________________________|

"Black hole sun, won't you come...and wash away the hole sun,
won't you come, won't you come"  -  Soundgarden

Welcome to the next edition in the Star Wars Jedi Knight series, and welcome to
my walkthrough.  This was a hard game and a hard FAQ to write, and it didn't
help help that my vid card was only 8MB (=P), but that's a tale for another
time.  What made this game and FAQ so hard is JK2 isn't your typical first
person shooter.  It has so many puzzle elements added to it, which some are
harder then the AI itself.  Some vary from something a 6 year old can to do
something that an expert like myself took actual thought to figure out ;) So
don't be ashamed to come here.  I must admit though, you'll ruin the game if
you use a FAQ the whole way through; only use it when your stuck to get the
full experience.

In this game you'll be basically playing as mercenary and ex-Jedi Kyle Katarn,
who is operating recon missions for the "New Republic," the new government
since the Imperial fall.  But, of course, the Imperials are back, this time
under the name of "Remnant," and soon the games story, without spoiling too
much, is about classic deceit, revenge, and surprise.  Vague enough for you? 
Anyways the gameplay is where this game shines, not the story.

Unfortunately, as you will learn when you begin, that you'll not be able to use
your lightsaber or the Force for the first few levels.  This respects Jedi
Knight, in which Kyle renounces the 'saber and Force, and won't go back to it
until he decides it absolutely necessary.  So this leaves you with the puny
blaster guns and rifles for a while.  You will find this annoying, but keep on
playing, 'cause when you get the saber and Force you'll never turn back.

This FAQ was written mainly for the Medium(Jedi) and Hard(Jedi Knight)
difficulties.  I played a bit of Jedi Master then cowered away in fear of the
immense skill its took to play successfully, so very little info will be
written for Jedi Master, although the game doesn't differ a lot from difficulty
to difficulty.

So with the intro out of the way, read on and find out how to beat that level
that's been stumping you for days, or how to beat that ever annoying Tavion.
Whatever you want to find out, chances are its here in this guide.

        ()====  2.  Weapons and Inventory_________________________|
                             === Weapons ===

    Stun Baton

Primary Fire: Stun
Secondary Fire: N/A

Absolutely worthless unless your completely out of ammo.  What makes it so bad
is not that its weak; one 'pinch' will do the job, its just the getting close
enough to an enemy so you can pinch him; that's a problem.  By the time you get
anywhere whithin blasting range, the enemy is pumping you full of holes.


Primary: Attack

Secondary: Lightsaber throw

The primary weapon of all Jedi, the lightsaber is a deadly force that can be
used against many enemies at once.  It can deflect blaster fire, which is just
one of the reasons its the best weapon in the game.  It can be thrown to cut
distant chords or kill faraway enemies.  It is very powerful; against
stormtroopers or other normal enemies one hack is enough to bring them down. 
Once you attain the lightsaber, you might as well all but abandon your gun

Fast Style

The worst saber style in the game, IMO.  Yes its fast and you can block much
better, but it has such limited range and is SO weak, that I found no point in
the game where this style was necessary to use.  The only exclusive move it has
is the Forward Lunge, which isn't all that impressive.

Medium Style

What most all Jedi and their enemies use, and what you should too.  Medium is
the best balance between power and speed, range and damage.  It packs enough
punch to defeat hard enemies such as Tavion or even Desann, yet has the agility
to battle the aptness of the stormtroopers and trandoshan.  This should be your
default setting.

Strong Style

As the name suggests this style makes your saber very strong with incredible
range.  However, with these traits come the characteristic of the saber being
very slow, leaving you open to counter attack.  It is very frustrating because
it seems it also has a lot of weight on it; it takes almost 3 seconds for Kyle
to get both hands up to do a downward hack and even longer to recover from a
missed slash.  Only use this against enemies like Desann or Tavion where
quickness is not the essential.

The Throw Attack, and How to Defend Against It

When you have your lightsaber you can right click (MOUSE 2) to throw it at an
enemy.  This comes in useful to kill targets rather quickly whom are too far
away to run to.  Such a case would be pushing a shadowtrooper over and wanting
to hit him before he gets up.

Most of the time your 'saber carrying enemies(while standing of course) will
deflect the Throw, so try and throw it behind them and make its course come
through the enemie's back side.  To deflect it simply stand in front of it
while not attacking.  If it gets behind you, TURN TOWARDS IT, otherwise it will
go through you on its way back to its master.

    Bryar Blaster Pistol

Primary Fire: Slow firing single shot

Alternative Fire: Charged blast that uses at max 5 lasers

This is Kyle's weapon of choice, for some odd reason.  A very weak, but
accurate, laser blaster that's best used in killing an enemy from short
distances.  It isn't to be used on many enemies at once, since it has only
single shot capabilities.  It has good range and, again, very good accuracy, so
feel free to use it from further distances.  I usually use this gun against
mounted drones.

     E-11 Blaster Rifle

Primary Fire: Single Shot

Alternative Fire: Rapid fire

Weapon of choice for nearly all stormtroopers.  This isn't very accurate, and I
would recommend using rapid fire at all times.  Its lasers have a slow time
reaching their targets, and only for minimal damage.  Though its the most
plentiful weapon in the game, its also the least useful.

     Wookie Bowcaster

Primary Fire: Single shot, or charged blast worth several shots.

Alternative Fire: A charged shot that reflects off surfaces.

A powerful, metal, bow-and-arrow type weapon.  Good firing rates, excellent
damage rates, and the ability to charge up and fire several at once.  Problems
is it takes a seemingly long time for the green stuff it shoots to reach its
target; its no good against flying droids or other fast moving opponents.  Its
best used against imperial officers, who have much better health then their

     Tenloss Disrupter

Primary Fire: Single shot

Alternative Fire: Zoom in shot(zoom farther by pressing MOUSE 2).

Not as powerful as it was in 'Shadows of the Empire'(N64), but with a fully
charged shot it can literally disintegrate someone.  Its basically a sniper
rifle, the only of which in the game.  It isn't very powerful unless charged(if
you have the patience for that), and its firing rates are very slow, but the
lasers reach their targets almost instantaneously.

     DEMP 2 (Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2)

Primary Fire: EMP pulse

Alternative Fire: Charged EMP attack

The DEMP 2 is the only weapon in the game (besides stationary laser cannons)
that can destroy the almighty AT-STs.  It emits a small EMP wave when fired
that stuns people and destroys droids, AT-STs, and drone guns.  Charge it up
for a small nuclear-like explosion for a diameter of about 10 feet.

     Golan Arms FC-1 Flachette Weapon

Primary Fire: Shotgun-like fire

Alternative Fire: Mine launch

Ever wonder where these dev's come up with the names?  Bah...  Its very much
like a shotgun; its absolutely worthless from long ranges because of the large
amounts of pellets it shoots out, but the problem is unlike a shotgun its
inefficient even from closer ranges.  It does has a unique secondary attack
that bounces mines off walls.  Stay away from anyone with one of these as most
often they will use its mine launch.

     Imperial Heavy Repeater

Primary Fire: Rapid shots if MOUSE 1 is held

Alternative Fire: Energy based explosion

Unavailing, save the secondary fire, because the primary is so unpowerful and
inaccurate, even with the large amounts of bolts it spits out.  If you must use
it, again, use it only for its explosive capabilities, which can take out large
clusters of enemies with one shot.

     Thermal Detonator

Primary Fire: Timed detonation

Alternative Fire: Impact detonation

A small metal hand grenade that produces a man-sized blast radius.  I would
highly recommend using it against strong enemies in a small room or other close
quarter but be sure to get clear of the blast range.

                          == Inventory Items ==

Neuro Saav Model TD.2 Electrobinoculars

These are always available.  It can magnify objects a LOT.  Click primary fire
to zoom in(MOUSE 1), secondary to zoom out(MOUSE 2).

Biotech Bacta Canister

Found throughout the game, this portable health kit when used recovers 25
health points.

Light Amp Goggles (LAG)

Night vision goggles that allows the user to see in the darkest of areas. 
You'll need a battery for this, though.  Only thing is it makes your vision an
ugly orange-ish color :P

Assault Sentry

Throw it anywhere to act as a drone gun on any unsuspecting enemies.  It
remains active until destroyed or pushed over by a force using enemy.  It can
be a great life saver if your enemies decide to flank you or if they chase you

                        == Power-ups and Shields ==

Ammo Power Converter

This is orange and it gives you around 60 lasers(or metallic bolts) per gun
burns out.

Shield Power converter

In green this has the same affect as the above but this one gives you shield
power, of which about 25, 50, 75, or even 100 points of shield.

Personal Shield Generator(small)

A shield good for 25 shield points.  It is found throughout levels.

Personal Shield generator(large)

Looking like a backpack, it gives you 50 shield points.

Battery Pack

Used to power your light amp goggles(LAG) and binoculars.

          ()====  3.  Enemy FAQ_____________________________________|

In this section you'll learn about the different enemies you'll encounter,
along with some tactics to use against them.

 Imperial Officers

These guys usually command the stormtroopers.  They are much harder to kill
then their minions though.  They are smarter, quicker, more powerful, and have
a larger shield.  They usually carry keys or other important things, so make
sure to search their bodies after you dispose of them.


These are the Remnants that do the dirty work for the Emperor, but alas for
they are incredibly stupid and slow.  They have terrible accuracy, slow firing
rates, and are an all-around big waste of time.  The best way to defeat them is
to first kill their leader, the Imperial Officer(he'll be dressed in a gray
uniform).  This will send the troops in a short interval of disarray.  Some
will run away for reinforcements, others will just run.  If you have the Force,
Pull them to your feet and cut them up with the saber to make them even easier.

 Swamp Troopers

The same thing as stormtroopers, only these things navigate much better in
swampy area's.  You can't use Force powers Push or Pull on them while they are
in the muck, which they most often will be.  They do have better armor then the
stormtoopers, and usually stand guard alone, so try and choke them with Force


These are SOOO annoying.  All they do is carry thermal detonators and throw
them at you.  What makes them hard is they are sooo stupid, and sooo kamikaze. 
You can't get close to them; they'll drop an impact-detonation thermal
detonator right in front of you, even if it means killing themselves.  They can
throw those thermal detonators remarkably long ways also.  They usually stand
in place and toss their weapon, so try when possible to take them out from a


Weird looking things that usually always come armed with a wookie bowcaster.
They are slow, almost always use single shot fire, and like to feint at you
then run away, then come back again, so this can make these things rather
annoying to chase down.


This is one of the most plentiful enemies in the game.  They have a strong
shield; they usually carry disrupters, or more rarely the E-11.  When they have
a disrupter, they usually like to charge up to max before they fire, and
usually like to snipe you.  With the E-11 they always use the rapid fire.  As
for aggression, unless they're on an unreachable ledge, don't expect them to
back off.  They will come at you until you or it dies.


These little guys will remind many Half-Life vets of "headcrabs".  They are
found on the planet Artus in the mining tunnels, and on Yavin at pubs where
smugglers play them against each other.  Similar in style to the headcrabs,
they attack by running up to you and biting, though they actually chew on you
until you destroy them.  They rarely jump to attack unless your above them.  I
would usually let them come up to me and once they open their mouths blast them
with the E-11.


Called "reborn" because they are those who drank from the wealth of the Valley
of the Jedi and were "reborn".  A rather tough enemy to be defeated, you must
use your lightsaber; blasters will not work.  The best move to use on them is
the downward hack.  Despite their intimidating features and taunts, they really
become quite simple once you get the hang of them.

If you are really poor with lightsabers, then I would suggest using Force Speed
to make them easier, though in the some encounters with these guys this Force
power may not be available to you...also, try and knock them over with Force
Push or Pull and pounce on them with the downward hack.  Though many times they
will "block" your Force by sticking up a hand(for some reason Kyle cannot do
that), sometimes they will be caught off guard, such as when they are in the
middle of an attack or not paying attention.

A neat trick to these guys is to choke them when up close. Get near them, then
lay your Force Grip on him. The Reborn WILL Push you back after a second or
two, but before he does Throw your ligthsaber at him. He cannot block it while
being choked and most of the time its an easy kill! W00t!

 Shadow Troopers

Basically a machine like thing that is almost identical to the Reborn, only
this one uses the Force far more often and is much better at it.  However,
since they use the Force a lot, they are much more susceptible to Force-based
counter attacks.  Try and use Force Push to knock them over, like say, when
they fire and miss a bolt of lightning, and while they're on the ground roll
over them or do a downward hack.

 Interrogation Droid

Used in, eh...well, lets just say "less then legal" means of getting
information, these floating black sphere's can make your head spin.  If you get
shot with their darts, your vision is blurred and slanted (if any of you  have
played Perfect Dark, this will seem suspiciously similar to what happened when
you got punched by a foe...).  Your best bet is to take them out from afar
using your lightsaber throw.

 Drone Guns

They come perched on the wall or on a rail and are activated by motion.  Once
they "see" you, you will have several seconds to run for cover as it clicks and
beeps and does whatever it does before firing a short burst fire at your
direction.  Destroy this easily from crouching from cover and using two fully
charged shots from Kyle's Bryar Blaster.

 Probe Droids

Ah-h-h yes.  Here is the famous talking droid you see in every Star Wars game
and movie.  I can almost swear they are saying "reels of assistance".  That
makes no sense, but hey, it may not suppose to.  It avoids blaster fire very
well, making it so unless its right on top of you, its near useless to try and
bring down.  Use the lightsaber throw, as that's your best strategy.  It isn't
very dangerous; it fires only single shots which only count for about 6 points
of your health, and if you have any shield it absorbs it.


One of the hardest droids to defeat in the game.  What makes it so hard is it
uses rapid fire weaponry that is very powerful, and it can only be damaged
while it is powering up for and attack or firing.  Not only that, but the thing
FOLLOWS you, even through doors.  It never stops until you or it is destroyed. 
Try a lightsaber throw at it; it will destroy it instantly even if its not
powering up for a shot.


Meh...these are so much easier when you face them from an X-Wing.  The only way
to destroy them, other then using a laser cannon, is by using the DEMP 2 or the
Heavy Repeaters secondary fire and about 30 direct hits on it.  If you get too
close they'll step on you, which is only one of their deadly weapons.  Their
primary attack is laser blasting, secondary missile launching, though they use
the latter far more often.  Just try and avoid them unless you absolutely


These are smaller versions of the AT-STs.  They usually fire lethal blasts of
green crap that looks like Wookie bowcaster fire...only 30Xs more powerful.  If
you get openly hit you'll lose around 90 f'ing health :O so watch out.  Use
your saber when close to them, not only to deflect their shots but to throw at
to destroy them.  The DEMP 2 will also work.

          ()====  4.  Walkthrough___________________________________|

Level 1.1 Kejim Post (kejim_post)

- Investigate Kejim Post
- Engage local Remnant forces

Heh, this first level is rather boring.  Don't worry though, it will pick up
and get better.

Head to the left and enter the automatic grey door in the wall. There you'll
find some ammunition, and if you feel like jumping up the shelves you'll find a
secret area. Afterwards, go back to the Imperial cargo ship that stood in front
of you when the missions began. Go to the north of it. As you approach the
corner, listen to the FX for a "What was that"?  Afterwards, several
stormtroopers will rush around the corner.  Kill off the officer first, as it
will put the group into confusion.  Finish the rest off and turn right.  Snipe
what you can from here, make sure you kill the stormtrooper's atop the catwalk.

Once you clear this area, Jan will inform you that a certain door is locked and
blasters have no affect.  Once the conversation ends, three stormtroopers will
rush out of a corner of the platform to the east.  Take cover behind a crate
and snipe some off, letting Jan do the main work.  Now, try and operate the
laser cannon in the center of the platform.  It won't work: it's not powered. 
Go to the eastern edge of the platform, where the trio of stormtroopers
attempted and assault from, and turn right.  You'll notice a dark passage, with
rock overhanging.  Proceed there and enter the doorway.  Take the shield from
the green converter and then charge up your Blaster.  Approach the door, and
when it opens fire at the head of the Imperial officer; that should do it. 
Search his body for the keycard.

Take the elevator up and flip the switch by pressing the 'use' key (E),
activating the mission-critical cannon.  IN doing so however, a group of
imperials will be alerted and rush out to greet you.  They are on the parapet
below; kill them and descend to the cannon.  Since its operable, use it to
blast the door open.


Walk onto the elevator with Jan; it will automatically descend.  Once at the
bottom DO NOT open the door.  Too many enemies, and really you can't do
anything but explore just yet.  Instead, wait for the elevator to rise, then
hop into the pit it sat in.  Open the door, look left, then shoot the machine
across the hall until it explodes.  Make sure you avoid the fireball it will

Advance to the destroyed machine and go around it.  Get on the lift and to the
corner of the small storage sector and shoot out the grate.  You'll fall into
the control room for this section of the base.  Take out the completely
oblivious officer and then activate all available switches.

Jan will now come into the control room.  Ignore her and leave and enter the
door straight across the hall.  Enter the door at right and clear out this
storage area.  Notice the funny sounding robot called a 'gonk'.  Remember it as
a landmark for when I tell you to return to this room.

There's a special storage box in here; you should know it when you see it; it
will have a console on its side.  Press 'use' to open it.  It will reveal your
light amp goggles (LAG).  Take them and move to the lift at the corner of the
room.  Take it down to a dark area, and press either the [ key  or ] key.  Make
the light amp goggles the target with <-- or --> and press 'Enter' to activate
them.  You use "Enter" to turn the LAG off as well.  The goggles will help you
across the blackened room.  Make your way around the storage boxes to the back
right hand corner.  There's a door there; enter it and turn off your goggles. 
Approach the cleaning bot passage, and when it opens use it as a vantage point
for you to kill the imperials in the adjoining room.  Once the room is clear,
enter it and activate all of the switches, then scan the wall to find an
unusual marking.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Enter blue passcode into main array

That passcode you just received will be stored in the datapad.  You won't need
to look at it yet, but remember how to find it.

Deactivate the force field, head up the stairs and notice the heavily guarded
corridor.   No strategy required here; just plow your way through them all and
turn left at the northernmost doorway.  You'll find a large egg-shaped chamber
and a floor that's several hundred feet below you.  There are three catwalks
here protruding out to a center platform; that platform has on it a machine
with which you must enter there particular passcodes.  You cannot yet enter
your blue passcode you recently discovered, and for good reason too: the thing
isn't turned on.

Enter the doorway with the green imperial insignia over it.  Don't quite enter
it because several drone guns are inside. The drones are (1) facing the door,
and (2) directly above the door.  Destroy them and enter the chamber, where
you'll find a door to the right of a small observatory.  Upon entering the
door, turn right and enter the door to the observatoy to find some supplies on
the roack. Go back to the corridor and kill form a distance the stormtroopers
in your line of sight.  Afterwards, head to the left and descend the steps
indenting the floor by a foot or so.  Be careful in the following room: the
machines deflect blaster fire, back at you.  Kill the stormtroopers _carefully_
with some lasers in their heads, then continue on 'till you reach a flashing
computer console surrounded by dormant consoles.  Kyle will then radio Jan for
help; he's no good with this techno-crap.  Ensuing the initial contact with
Jan, Kyle will learn that Jan is has been caught in a crossfire with some
imperial henchman.

Speedily make your way back to the room with the gonk.  There will be Jan,
fighting a losing battle with stormtroopers.  Kill all your enemies with her,
then lead her back to the computer Kyle radioed from.  With her technical
prowess, Jan will open a mission-critical door using the computer.  Enter that
door from the preceding corridor.  Kill the guards(there are several health's
and ammo to the left of the door).  Walk up to the red shape near the

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Enter green passcode into main array

Go back to the large pit-chamber.  Now you have to infiltrate the area of the
base with the purple imperial insignia over the door.  Destroy the drones that
face the door, the one that's across from it, the drone to the left of the
entrance.  Enter the door to the right of the observatory.  There is
health/ammo in the observatory, like the previous one.  Clear the hall, then
head up the steps.  There are two stormtroopers around the corner, but they are
slow to recognize you.  Turn left and ascend up with the lift.  Shoot in the
head the first stormtrooper you encounter, then turn right and kill the next
poor fool you stumble across.  Deactivate a force field with the switch in here
then proceed to move out onto the ledge.  Make your way to the switch then
activate it; that's the switch that turns on the machine that you need to enter
those codes with.

Run back to the lift as 4 stormtroopers and an officer are going to use it. 
Use a thermal detonator to blow them all to hell.  Descend the lift and down
the stairs again.  This time proceed to the door across the room.  Open the
supply crates for! then continue on until you reach a large
bridge.  RUN across it before it topples down with you on it.  Climb the stairs
to a room with several probe droids.  Destroy them with charged blaster shots,
then take the lift up.  Hop outside for some fresh air, destroy the next droid
using the satellite as cover.  Run across the top of the bridge and drop down
through the hole.  Destroy the stormtroopers that were foolish enough to enter
your path, then head into the next room.  Kill the Remnant officers first,
strafing around and firing to 'remove' the rest of the stormtroopers.  Pick up
the ammo and health from the rack then exit into the next door.  After a few
meaningless fire fights you'll come to a room where the last code is.  Search
the walls to find it.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Enter the red passcode into main array

This level should be quite familiar by now, so I'll trust you to get yourself
back to the machine in the egg-shaped chamber.  Its kind of complicated to the
newb, but not to an expert like me ;).  For each color, there are four pads. 
The one on top of them all is the master combination-thingy; that's what you
enter into the computer.  The other three make the symbols and pictures change
on the master pad, dubbed 'minor pads'.  Match each minor pad with something
similar to the below drawings.

Note: Picture sizes do not necessarily reflect what sizes they actually are in
the game; I just had to accommodate the sizes to fit the shapes.

Green Minor Pads:

    LEFT          CENTER        RIGHT
 ___________    __________    __________
|           |  |          |  |          |
|           |  |     O    |  |          |
| |\     /| |  |        O |  |  O    O  |
| | \   / | |  |          |  |          |
| |  \ /  | |  |          |  |          |
| ---- ---  |  |          |  |          |
|___________|  |__________|  |__________|


   LEFT           CENTER       RIGHT
 ___________    __________   ___________
|           |  |  ____    | |           |
|       |\  |  | |   /    | |       ___ |
|       | \ |  | |  /     | |       \  ||
|       | | |  | | /      | |        \ ||
|       | | |  | |/       | |         \||
|       | | |  |  ____    | |           |
|       | | |  | |   /    | |         /||
|       | / |  | |  /     | |        / ||
|       |/  |  | | /      | |       /__||
|___________|  |__________| |___________|


    LEFT          CENTER         RIGHT
 ___________    ___________    __________
|           |  |  __  ___  |  |          |
|           |  | |  / \  | |  |          |
|           |  | | /   \ | |  |          |
|           |  | |/     \| |  |          |
|           |  |           |  |          |
|           |  |           |  | O        |
|  _______  |  |           |  |          |
| \_______/ |  |           |  |   O      |
|___________|  |___________|  |__________|

Once those are entered into all the pads, press 'use' to the master pads until
they match the shapes in your mission objectives list(press TAB to review
them).  Then go to the computer and press 'use' on all the switches.  The
bridge will the extend, the force-field will disable.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Objective 3 completed
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Objective 4 completed
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Objective 5 completed

Cross the new bridge and enter the door to complete the level.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Objective 1 completed
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Objective 2 completed

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 1.2 Kejim Base (kejim_base)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Investigate the hidden section of the outpost
- Engage Remnant forces
- Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw

Approach the corner, then STOP when you here someone yell "FIRE!".  About 10
imperial henchman will fire at...well, the wall about a foot ahead of you. 
Wait for them to finish, then shoot the oxygen tank to your left to blow some
stormtroopers over.  Peep around the corner and snipe off the enemies one by
one.  Once done, pick up the security key from one of the dead imperials and
take the health in the storage rooms to the left and right.  Charge up your
blaster, unlock the door using the imperials' key, and destroy the drone gun in
the following room.

There was only one drone in there, so proceed - carefree - to the next corridor
to the west.  Kill the stormtroopers and then notice that a force field is
blocking your way.  Bypass it by pressing the switch to the right, opening an
alternate route.  Kill the Remnant near some switches.  Press all three
switches the remnant guarded to make the cryogenic machine in he center of the
room start up.  Break the glass to enter it, then RUN to the door that leads
out, as its really f'in cold in there.  Turn right, press the switch to open
the door.  Press the switch the door reveals to lower the temperature in the
cryo room, making it livable at the very least.

Since you cannot go back through the door to the cyrogenic chamber, your going
to have to find another way there.  Press the next switch to open the following
door, and groan because a couple of sentries are behind it.  Here's a cool
strategy I learned: draw a single sentry towards you; run back to the steps a
few feet behind, then stop (while on the steps) and face the wall which is
partially obscuring your view of the oncoming sentry.  Hopefully, the sentry
will get stuck there in the wall.  If it does get stuck, it will have less
accuracy then my 10 year old brother has with a spelling test, so it will be
easy for you to destroy.  Do the same to the next one.

After both are turned to dust, proceed through the door.  Since the door to the
left is locked, you cannot progress.  However, notice the catwalk above you
leading to another door.  That door leads to the same place the locked door
does, so you can use that to bypass the locked door.  How to get to the walkway
though?  Well first, dodge the laser fire from the stormtroopers above and head
back inside the cyrogenic chamber encountered near the beginning of the level. 
This time get on the ledge inside of it and follow it right.  Navigate up to
the walkway to bypass the locked door.

Eliminate the next round of sentries(for some reason there is only 2 sentries
on Jedi Master, yet 8 on Jedi Knight =\).  Get onto the ledge and follow it to
some office windows.  There will be some gas containers: shoot them to make
them explode, blowing up the nearby door switch.  This will extend a bridge to
the office _and_ open its door.  If only everything in life were that easy.

Use the bridge and press the switch in the office.  This will extend a walkway
on the below floor, near the electrified water.  Cross it and enter the
doorway, then drop down into the shaft.  Crawl into the pipe and follow where
it leads to another room with another cryogenic-like machine.  Jump onto the
bluish cylinder canister on your right and enter the door.  Kill the commanding
imperials and all of the stormtroopers, as usual.  You may have noticed there's
a drone gun protecting this hallway, but you can turn it off with its switch on
the console ahead of you.  Turn left and you'll find another imperial
commander.  Kill him and take his key for the upcoming door.  Use it.

Note: Here in this control room you can open up the shield converter you see
through the glass.  To do so, overload the cryogenic machine using the
controls.  This will cause the glass to break.

Go through the corridor and destroy the drone guns, then shoot at the gas
container on the crates to reveal a shaft.  Enter into it to get around the
locked door.  You'll find a small anteroom-hallway in which all its doors are
locked.  Stand around a bit and contemplate the mysteries of the universe. 
After a while a door will finally open.  When it does, stand back and watch
some idiotic stormtroopers blow themselves up from their own set tripmines.

In this area, ignore the machines and continue into the anteroom.  On the right
is a force-field blocking your passage.  Ignore it and continue out the door. 
The stormtrooper-littered storage area you'll find is watched closely by an
imperial manning a laser cannon, much like that one in Kejim Post.  A good
strategy is to show yourself to the gunner once, then take cover.  Trying for
you, the fool will shoot many of his own men.  Keep standing up then ducking
back down to get him to keep firing, and keep him killing his own
stormtroopers.  After he does much of your work for you, take him out then
traverse to the cannon.  Turn to the left of it and press the switch on the
wall.  A force-field will deactivate and several troopers will come charging
in.  Get on the cannons seat and make 'em all fall to the ground.

Past the now-open force-field is a dangerous looking machine.  Note the locked
door, the one that's not covered with tripmines.  You need to get through
there.  How?  Go to the machines control console in the north end of the room
and press both switches.  It will overload and consequently send out 20 beams
of deadly lasers, and one of them will blow open a portion of the locked door. 
Navigate around the lasers into the opening.  Right when you enter, the machine
behind you will conveniently and silently explode.

Look out the windows at all the pretty crystals then go to the next door.  Open
it but BEFORE YOU ENTER, look around at the rooms atmosphere.  If you have
anything resembling 20/20 vision you'll notice green gas floating around, then
you'll notice the dead bodies.  Need I explain?  QUICKLY run in and take the
imperials keycard, then get out of the toxic area.  That key will unlock a
droid control console behind you.  Press 'use' on the console to become the
local cleaning bot.  Use the little droid to get into the poisonous room.  In
there, enter the ventilation shaft to the right of the door and proceed to the
poison's control room.  Use the droid to turn it off by pressing 'use' on the
droid key hole.  With the cleaning bots job finished, return to Kyle's view
using the 'Jump' key.

Enter the once poisonous room and out at the left door.  This area is full of
stormtroopers, so tread carefully.  At the end you'll come to a place with a
shield generator and a large tunnel.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Imperial forces engaged and defeated
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Base investigated

Ignore the converters and enter the tunnel, because next level you'll have a
full set of health and shield.  At the tunnels end this level will terminate.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 2.1 Artus Mine (artus_mine)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Infiltrate mining facility
- Cripple Mining operation

The framerate in this level is totally appalling...especially for the 8MB vid
card that's on my PC.  It was hell navigating the outdoors areas, so you best
appreciate the amount of patience I had to have for completing this level.

After the opening cinema (no, I'm not a Brit, thank you) trek the canyon to the
end to a cliff overlooking the mining facility.  Kyle will point out that he
should not try and attract too much attention.  Before jumping down, scan the
walls of the mining facility a ways ahead of you with your targeting recital. 
When the recital turns red, that will indicate its a drone.  There are two of
them so destroy both before going any further.

After the drones are demolished, skid down the slide of the cliff.  Proceed to
the searchlight-patrolled platform.  An alarm should go off...its inevitable. 
The only thing that will happen though is two probe droids will come and
attack, so it's no big deal.  Notice the pipe-work acting as a bridge to the
building.  Use those pipes to make your way to it, but be careful though; many
pipes break apart upon contact.  Maneuver through the traps and enter the
building.  Fell its occupants and take the lift up to the walkway/attack and
kill the Remnant officer / take his key.  Go back down and unlock the door. 
Take much needed shield and ammo from the two converters.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Mining facility infiltrated

Enter the door, kill the Remnants in the area and take the security card from
the officer.  Get on the lift and enter the secret area in this elevator
shaft(see the Secret Area's section if you can't find it).  From here you can
snipe some stormtroopers from above.  Kill who you can see from the alcove then
get to the bottom of the shaft.  Through the double door is an area full of
stormtroopers.  Open it and fire at any one of the countless enemies unhurt
from your sniping, then stand back and let the door close.  Open the door again
and fire a round at any enemy, then move back and let the door again close.  Do
this until none remain standing.

Through the next set of doors is a lift.  Wait about 5 seconds and the lift
will ascend by itself.  When it comes down, it will with 5 stormtroopers, so be
on the ready.  Take the lift up to the third level and turn left in the rock
made hallway.  At the intersection ignore all passages but the one ahead of
you.  You'll come to a stone corridor.  Kill the two stormtroopers and turn
right.  Enter the door and kill all the guards, grab the bacta canisters, then
enter the one door to your right, with a gonk inside.

Do NOT enter the doorway beyond the gonk.  Stay back at your current position
and observe a process that's to take place for about 10 seconds, its occurrence
being about every 8 seconds.  The process is a floating bin will come in, and
when it does the doorway beyond the gonk will close and the room will flash
red.  Inside that closed doorway some intense radiation is being given off. 
You need to stop that.  Head back to the previous room and out the door which
leads to the outside.  You'll come to be on a catwalk.  Stand in the middle of
it and wait a few seconds.  A large pump will extend from under the catwalk;
get on it and crouch, and let it take you to where it came from.  You'll come
to be on a small ledge with a tunnel in the middle.  QUICKLY enter the tunnel,
get to the end of it.  You'll have to move fast here if you want your health
where it is.  Notice the red piping to your
left and right.  Shoot at it all to destroy it.  This will bring down the
shields for the main machine.  Shoot at its red pipes to destroy it.  This will
stop all that nasty little ole radiation.

Backtrack all the way to the chamber with the gonk.  Enter the doorway before
it closes.  When one of those floating bins comes in, jump onto the top of it. 
Let it take you to a tunnel high above ground.  Kyle will mention a bad feeling
upon entering...he's right.  This tunnel is completely overran with crabs.  You
really don't need the LAG; its bright enough and the crabs are easily spotted. 
As for finding your way, you also don't need my help in; the tunnels may seem
like a maze but they aren't, all passages lead to the same place.  A mining
machine with a dead body near it signal you are where you need to be.  Kyle
will say something to verify this.  Press 'use' on the mining machine to make
it dig into the wall.  Follow it as it creates a new tunnel.  You'll come to a
small...ventilation grate?  overlooking a man made cavern.  From the grates,
snipe off anyone you should see, then fall through.  Kill the guards and take
the ammo and health from the should need it; I had 10 lasers left
in my E-11 at this point.  After you do that, follow the lava vats out to the
next room.  Kill the stormtroopers above you on the catwalks then use the
machine that's going up and down to get up to the catwalk.  Go through the door
and drop the stormtroopers, then head over to the machine and press then press

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Mining operation crippled
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Proceed to the detention facility

After the cutscene, make sure to pick up the bacta canisters before exiting
through the newly unlocked door.  Head through and make your way back to the
stone corridor on the 3F.  Scout around a bit and you'll find a catwalk
overlooking the cavern where you fought the mass amounts of stormtrooopers.
Follow it to its end and then enter the door.  Walk slowly towards the
computers then look at the walls to the left and to the right.  Notice they are
slanted and look like doors...maybe, just maybe, because they are!  If you pass
them each door will open revealing about 15 total stormtroopers.  Set two
tripmines each in front of the doors.  Next, set two tripmines in front of the
door near the supply rack.  Now walk past the doors and they should open.  The
trip mines will take care of some, but not all.  Time to flee.  Run back to the
beginning of the catwalk and let the stormtroopers come to you one by one,
making the problem of killing them so much easier.

Go back to the room where the secret stormtroopers sprang and go through the
door to the east.  It will be an anteroom, of which there are WAY to many in
this game.  Pass it to find a tram.  Ignoring the drones, get on it and press

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 2.2 Artus Detention (artus_detention)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Rescue the miners from prison and release them

Crouch below the cover of the tram's seat to avoid the laser fire from the
stormtroopers.  After you get your bearings, stand up and kill the two
attackers, then notice that your tram car is not docked where it should be.  So
jump down, on your left, to a dirt hill and make your way up.  Another
explosion will rock the detention facility, this one causing a pillar to come
crashing down from an upper level.  Use it as a means to get to the upper
level, and atop use the switch to unlock the below door.

Go through the door to find another remnant ambush.  The stormtroopers are
behind a wall, firing out of slits in the center of it.  Not much I can help
you with; just practice until you get it.  After all _visible_ remnant troops
are destroyed, head to the door to the north, if you consider straight ahead
from your starting point north.  When you approach it, a door behind you will
open, and several more men in white will emerge.  Drop them and enter the door
they came from.  Take the spare weapons from the ammo racks, take what the
converters will give, then press the switch to unlock the door to the north.

Through the door you'll find a large circular chamber, and in the center a
high, thick tower.  The miners are prisoners, and their cells are located
inside the tower.  You must make your way to the top, find the switch to open
the cells, and report to the freed miners.  First things first though. 
Ascending to the top won't be easy.  Each floor contains dozens of lurking
stormtroopers and their commanders.  Most will be on the actual floors, though
some will be located on the stairs ascending to them.  When you open the door
that allows access to the floor's platform, give the enemy a look of you then
retreat back down the steps, firing backwards on the run, occasionally setting
tripmines to help lighten the load.  Stormtroopers are quite inaccurate when
firing on the run, making this the best tactic.  If you should need ammo,
health, or shield, remember that there are several stores of supplies on racks
in the chambers with the ascending stairs.

At the top level, you'll encounter a complete nightmare: 6 sentries, you
lightsaber-less.  There is no real strategy I can offer to counter; your just
going to have to run away and fire on the run, descending floor by floor to
limit the attackers accuracy.  This is MUCH easier said then done, but have
patience and you'll get it.  Remember when you destroy one sentry to save, so
when you die (trust me, you will) you don't have to face the mass amounts you
did before.  With the sentries defeated, enter the next door and climb the
steps to the landing, taking out the omnipresent stormtroopers along your way. 
Past the entrance you'll face several evasive remnant officers running back and
forth, strafing while firing.  They guard the cell-block's controls, so they
must be put away.  Kill them, then press both switches in there; one for a
fan(you'll need that later) and another to release the prisoners.

Head back down the steps to and through an unlocked door to the right.  Round
the corner and you'll face another drone.  It should be no prob' by now, my
training should have set in nicely ;).  Enter the door past the drone and use
up the converters.  Next you'll hear gunfire and notice a dead stormtroopers
and a destroyed drone gun.  You'll come face-to-face with one of the prisoners
you let loose.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Capture the base commander and force him to open the

Follow the prisoners and help them out with the stormtroopers they are
battling.  Afterwards, take the lift up that's nearest the door you entered the
hold with.  Kill the three stormtroopers in the anteroom and proceed to a
catwalk.  Stop in the middle of it, then jump across to the grate on the right.
 Break it and enter the shaft.  Take the lift up (wtf?  a lift in a ventilation
shaft?) and you'll come to a deep metal chasm.  Since you turned on the fan,
the powerful wind will help you safely float down, but make sure you don't make
your landing on the blades.

Crouch under and out to the very bottom of the detention facility.  Enter the
shaft that the crabs entered (watch out for them...) and at the end you'll find
them feeding on some stormtroopers.  Nice to know at least one enemy has no
particular political affiliation, eh?  Help them out then kill them when they
have outlived their usefulness, and pass the door.  Turn right and continue on
until you find the warden, or more commonly known as the base commander.  When
you find him, get behind the stingy bastard and push at him (ha-ha :|) with a
stun baton.  Make him open the door at the top of the steps, but when he does
10 crabs will come flying out, most attacking the warden.  You can't let him
die yet, so do your best to destroy the crabs.  After that's, done push him on
(he knows where to go) to a computer mainframe.  When he says "Enough of this
charade" that means he
has fulfilled his purpose in life, so kill him.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Warden captured and used

Several stormtroopers will approach out of the door, so dispose of them.  In
the next room simply run past the imperial patrols to the vent; break it and
turn right.  Drop down the pipe and your off to Artus Topside.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 2.3 Artus Topside (artus_topside)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |


- Disable Artus' external defense systems to allow prisoner evacuation
- Rendezvous with Jan and the Raven's Claw

Right when the level finishes loading, an AT-ST will be approaching.  You can't
destroy it yet, so turn to your left and RUN through the door.  Kill the
stormtrooper and officer, take the officers key, then flip the switch to
activate the lift outside.  Take it up, then use your accurate Bryar Blaster
and shoot off the stormtroopers on the roof.  Eventually another AT-ST will
arrive out of some bay doors.  QUICKLY head left to find a laser cannon.  Use
all its got against this new AT-ST, otherwise in about 10 seconds all the
prisoners will be dead, your mission failed.  If it has any ammunition left,
turn it around and destroy the AT-ST below, whom you first encountered.  Once
the skirmish is finished, take out the stormtroopers below you from this
vantage point; they are such terrible shots at this distance.

Charge up your blaster to max, then open the door to the control center, left
of the cannon, then blast the head off (well...not quite) the imperial officer.
 Take the ammo and health, then press the button to reactivate the lift.  On
ground floor, up-holster your E-11, then RUN, RUN, RUN!  all the way to the end
of the canyon, not stopping once.  Fire on the run if you must fire at all. 
You have no time to dawdle; another AT-ST will appear at the opposite end, so
hurry and go through the door in the AT-ST docking bay.  This will take some
patience but you'll get it.  Head on up and grab the ammo from the rack.  Exit
to the outside to a ledge and delete the stormtroopers from your computer's RAM
;).  Get some shield from the converter, then man the laser cannon and take out
all that's below you, AT-ST(s) and the stormtrooper(s).  If any of the cannons
run out of ammo/are disabled, which shouldn't happen, there are several more in
the area.

Pass all the ion cannons, helpless to destroy them yet.  Proceed inside to a
room with two stormtoopers and an ammo/health rack.  Clear it out and go on to
a large hold housing several unmanned AT-STs.  If you look to the bottom,
you'll see about 10 stormtroopers.  Take them all out from above.

There's a trip mine in the small cubicle room ahead of you, so you may not want
to venture inside to get the supplies off the ammo rack.  Whatever you decide, 
remember the location of the door across from the cubicle.  It's locked now,
but later on in the level it will open and you'll have to enter it.

Get to ground level using the multiple lifts and take the dead remnant's
security card.  Open the supply crates and take their contents.  Enter the next
room, kill the guards with thermal detonators.  Do the same in the adjoining
anteroom.  In the last room, activate the switch.  This will lower the shields
on the ion cannons.  Jan will give you some message saying she can't land yet,
because the Ion Cannons are still active.  Now that you have brought down the
Ion cannon's shields though, you can use the laser cannons overlooking the
canyon to destroy them.

For now though, about 10 stormtroopers and their commanding officers have
appeared.  Set some tripmines and explosive charges to do away with them.  Go
all the way back up top to the outside and where the ion cannons are.  Use the
nearby laser cannons to destroy them.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: External defenses disabled

Head back to the large garage area.  Go to the cubicle anteroom on the top
floor; watch the tripmine, like I warned you earlier about. Proceed out the
room to the door; it was locked, but now its open. Open it and destroy the
drone facing you.  Soon you'll find yourself in a corridor covered with 10 trip
mines.  Shoot at them from a safe distance, and then enter the door.  Outside,
after some cutscene, you'll learn that Jan has been taken hostage by a
mysterious Dark Jedi Desann.  You'll have to fight this thing, whom possesses a
lightsaber and the Force, while you have neither.  So, basically, you =
helpless and he = invincible.  Let him take you down, and he'll execute via
lightsaber Jan.

Sad really, but it should fuel your anger now and make you want to play more.
After some more cutscene, the level will end.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Rendezvoused with Jan and Raven's Claw

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  4.1 Yavin Temple (yavin_temple)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Find Luke Skywalker

As you start off, Kyle will stupidly reject the help of a droid in finding
Luke, making your life harder.  Ignore the passage at right and take the
elevator up.  Keep on heading up, ignoring all but the elevators.  When you get
to it, note the locked door with the Jedi symbol above it.  When you find Luke
a cutscene will take over.


Afterwards head through that door I told you to note; its now unlocked.  Pass
by the gardens and everything, bypass it all and you'll find at the end some
steps leading up to a dark hole in the wall.  Go through it and your off to the

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 3.2 Yavin Trial (yavin_trial)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Find the Lightsaber
- Complete each trial to regain your Force powers

Head through the left door and you will receive the power of the Force, this
type in Pushing.  It will be a levitating box with a strange symbol on it (I
wonder if ol' Obi Wan got his Force powers this way...).  F1 will be its
command, but set it to the F key by pressing X.  In the next room you'll
encounter your first of many puzzles.

You have to make the door at the other end of this corridor unlock itself. 
There are movable blocks on the floor with strange markings on them, whom
appear to be movable.  Before you do anything else, look at the brown
discolorations in some parts of the wall.  Use the Force Push on all of the six
to reveal some answers.  OK, now you have all the data needed to exit this
room...What's that?  You still can't figure it out?  My goodness...  Well
allright I'll spill the beans...but only because I have to.  If you look at
both ends of the room, you will notice two arrows in the middle of the floor. 
You have to line up the correct symbol with these arrows to make the door open.
 So all you have now to do is Push the block with the correct symbol in line
with those arrows; the correct symbol will be on the walls to the left or right
of the current block.  Afterwards, the door will unlock.  It took me less then
a minute to discover the logic of that ;)

In the next room, you'll be able to pick up the next force power: Force Pull.
For your trial testing this ability, you'll have to pull out shelves along the
wall, ascending them as stepping stones to the high-above-ground exit.  Jump on
one, pull out the next, jump on one, pull out the next, etc.  You'll acquire
Force Speed.

To your right is a hole.  Drop in it.  In here go down the corridor at right
then step on the small switch to open the first door, then stand on the large
switch.  This will open all the barriers, but only for a limited time.  So use
Force Speed to run past them all before they close.  You'll now acquire Force

Now your going to have to leap up from ledge to ledge.  E-Zee.

Continue to the next trial.  It'll be a room with a bridge floating over some
muck.  Notice the three stone gargoyles with their mouths open.  Use Force Pull
on all of them to have water come out, making the bridge rise.  Now go back to
the door.  Stand close to it to make it open.  When it opens, notice that the
bars are removed from across the bridge.  So, use Force Speed to get across to
the door before the bars close.

For the next trial you'll have to step on a switch to make a bridge move
horizontally across an unreachable entrance.  Step on the switch then use Force
Speed to get on the bridge then across it to the alcove.  At the of the rock
corridor it will seem to be a dead end, but look right to find a crack in the
wall.  Use Force Push on it to open it.  Drop down the hole.

Alright, you'll come to the last puzzle area in a large square chamber with no
roof.  Here you'll acquire your lightsaber.  Go to the large pillar in the
center of the arena.  Look on the bottom of it to find some poles sticking out;
they are keeping the pillar high up beyond reach.  Use Force Push on all of
these to make the pillar come to ground level.  Now you can see your
lightsaber, but its in a barred cage.  No prob.  Head left and find a small
single step.  Stand on it; it will be a switch that, upon activation, will act
as a lift and take you downwards.  This will open the cage surrounding your
lightsaber, but when you step off of it, the cage will once again close.  So
use Force Speed to get to the cage fast, but that won't be enough; you'll have
to make the lightsaber come to you by Force Pull.

To get out you'll need to use your lightsaber.  Notice the four rocks hanging
from ropes.  Use the lightsaber throw (MOUSE 2) on all of the ropes to make the
rocks fall into the small set crevices.  After all four are cut, a new door
will open.  Enter it to pass your trial and meet up with Luke.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 4.1 Nar Shaddaa Streets (ns_streets)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Track down gangster Reelo Baruk

You'll start off weapon-less, save your lightsaber, and you won't even be able
to use that yet.  Find a door entrance to a large bar.  You'll encounter many
shady looking characters called gran, weequay, and rodian, all of which will be
our forthcoming enemies.  But, for the time being, enjoy the popular tune of a
certain Mos Eiesley pub where Luke and Obi Wan found Han and Chewbacca.  After
a brief confrontation with security, go to the bartender.  After his talk an
alarm will go off and everyone in here will be gunning for you.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Get out of the bar alive

Press '1' to quickly take out your lightsaber.  This will deflect attacks. 
When you do get a weapon, don't use it.  These enemies have very large shields;
anything but the lightsaber is pointless.  The strategy I use for this part is
to run into SECRET AREA 1 (SEE BELOW SECTION) then stay there, letting my
enemies comes to me.  This works quite well.  Once everybody's dead, enter the
backstage area to the right of where some crabs fought in a small pit.  Kill
the guard and ascend the slanted incline to a private lounge.  Press the switch
by the desk to make the downstairs bar open back up.  Interrogate the bartender
there, threatening to kill him.  After he talks, kill him anyway ;).  Watch
out; a rodian with his deadly Disrupter has spawned upstairs.  Take care not to
get hit then head back up to the lounge.  Go past that into the upstairs area
of the bar, and proceed to the other side.  Exit out through the door near the

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Made it alive, out of the bar
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Find Reelo's hideaway

There are several snipers across the street that will fire at you from
windows.  Dispose of them with your newly acquired Disrupter's scope, turn
left on the ledge.  Take care of the Rodian and cross the bridge then get
behind the jutting-out-of-the-building pillars.  Take out your lightsaber.  Two
weequay will come towards you and fire on the run as they receive cover fire
from a distant sniper.  Use the lightsaber throw to chop the weequay down, or
Push them off the ledge.  Turning left, avoiding the sniper fire, enter the
door.  Here you'll find a lift and two large holes in the ceiling.  At each
hole there is a gran standing above it, with its thermal detonators ready to be
dropped.  Take them out from below.  Next, press the switch for the lift, but
instead of coming down it will ascend, then come back down with a pair of
weequay on it.  Dispose of them then take the lift up.  DON'T get off it yet. 
Instead, throw TWO tripmines to your right on the floor where there is a false
wall (you can see some dark lines carving it out).  There are some gran and
weequay behind it, ready to break open the wall and attack as soon as your off
the lift.  Once the tripmines are in place, exit off the lift and let them have
their faces blown in.  If they don't fall for the bait, find a good spot where
you can see them but they can't see you, and pick them off one by one.

Turn to your right to see a doorway leading to another ledge, with a box
blocking it and an enemy behind it.  Use Force Push to shove them both off the
ledge, plunging them into Eternal Darkness (I want that game!).  On the ledge,
you'll realize you'll have to jump across the chasm to reach another building. 
Do so and enter the door to your left.  Destroy the explosive crates and RUN
past the opening they made as a rodian and gran are sniping from above.  Go up
the incline then get on the lift.  At the bottom notice that an explosive
charge sits in the middle of a bridge.  Shoot at it to set it off early, but it
will obliterate part of the bridge.  Hop across the gap, walk around to the
other side.  Notice the inaccessible corridor, and the locked control center. 
A bridge needs to be extended to the corridor, and the control center is the
place to do it.  Problem: The control center's door is locked.

Go all the way back up the lift.  Get rid of the guards up on the walkways.  On
the second level from top you'll find a balcony.  Hop onto the rail of it, and
from there drop onto the control center's roof glass.  I hope you have good
health; the fall will hurt.  Inside the control center, activate the switch; a
bridge will now extend to reach the mission-critical corridor.

Cross the bridge and kill the two weequay.  Walk towards the lift and note that
there isn't any controls.  Enter into the first door.  There are two critical
crates you need to manipulate.  The crate's I am talking about are the one's
that make your crosshair swim blue (this DOES NOT happen when your on Jedi
Knight or Jedi Master difficulty).  One crate controls the lift, another a
small slit in the glass.  First, move the crate with Force Push that controls
the slit so it opens.  The crate that controls the lift is the one on the
square, marked on the floor.  Pull it.  The lift will come down.  Problem is,
the lift won't go up when your on it; it will just sit there until you move the
crate again.  Another problem: Force powers don't work through glass.  That
where the other crate came in, opening the slit in the glass allowing Force
powers to seep through.  So, still standing on the lift, aim your force
cross-hairs through the window at the lift-operating crate, and push it.  This
will take you up.

Move on through the corridors and guards, avoiding the snipers, until you find
yourself on top of a roof with some sky windows.  Don't drop through the sky
windows, unless you just want to find some Secret Area's.  There's a lift on
the other end of the roof; take it down.  Move towards the edge until you can
see a floating...uhh...whatever with three enemies on it.  Kill them all to
make the...floating thing...move towards the platform your on.  Jump on it,
then use that to jump to the next platform.  Take the elevator up; atop you'll
find yourself in a glass bridge.  Kill the lone guard and cross the bridge. 
You'll come to a small area with electrified water running through it.  Throw
your lightsaber at the explosive pack near the wall.  This will blow open a
portion of it.  Enter and slash with your lightsaber the power-chords that are
electrifying the water.

Jump into the now-safe water stream.  You need to get onto the roof of this
area, but there appears to be no conventional means of doing so.  Wade under
the ledge by the door and use Force Pull on it.  This will extend a bridge. 
The door it extends from will be locked, so jump onto the roof above.

Kill the weequay and proceed over to the droid.  Push it aside and activate the
switch to make some crane-like things below you move.  Drop down to the closest
one.  Use Force Pull to make the next one move closer to you.  Jump on that
one, then drop into the garbage bin.  When it stops moving, quickly use Force
Push on an unreachable switch.  This will alter the garbage bin's course.  Do
the same with the next one, and it will take you to Reelo's garbage processing

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Reeno's hideout found

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 4.2 Nar Shaddaa Hideout (ns_hideout)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Force Jump level 2 attained

- Track gangster Reelo Baruk

The garbage bin moving along its set path will soon enter a force-field
protected tube, which means you cannot travel with it any further.  Drop onto
the conveyor belt below.  If you stay on the conveyor belt to long you be
incinerated by the machine.  Avoid this unhealthy situation by throwing your
lightsaber at the barred door above you.  They will shatter, so jump up and
through the doorway.  Slash the robot in half and enter the door.  Your in one
BIG garbage processing facility.

Notice that each and every one of the garbage mashers has a garbage shoot with
a bin under it.  Notice that only one has there no bin.  In these types of
gaems, its critical that you spot differences and patterns to capitalize on. 
Go over to that garbage mashers shoot and look up.  Sure enough, its wide
enough to allow access.  Jump into it.  Take a moment to memorize the pattern
of the crusher, then make a dash for the door.  If your daring, you might want
to risk getting the bacta canister to the right of the shoot.

Enter the door to the right to find yourself in a seemingly bottomless storage
area.  Hop across the crates to the other side where a door is.  Head up the
corridors to find yourself on a walkway above the storage area.  Kill the gran
then enter the hall.  You'll come to a dead end with a garbage bin blocking
your way.  Though its a dead end, there is one thing to do here.  PULL the bin
towards you.  Now you may backtrack to the beginning of the level.

This is easier to explain if you go all the way back to the door where you
entered this facility.  Once their, turn right and hug the wall.  Pass the
first two doors, one locked, entering the third.  It'll be another storage room
that looks as if there is no way out.  Turn left and find a crate against the
wall.  Pull it to reveal a passageway.  Crouch under it and enter a hidden
corridor.  Follow where the corridor leads and you'll find another garbage bin.
 Since you pulled the one in front of it, you have room to push the one in
front of you.  Do so to reveal a secret incinerator.  Walk on its very hot
treadmill and look in the window next to the locked door.  You can see a
switch, but you can't reach it; that's when your handy Force prowess comes in. 
Use Push to unlock the door.  Kill the rodian at left the proceed down the

Very soon will you reach a high-roof chmaber will holes in the ceiling; like
the previous level, gran stand at the holes and will drop thermal detonators. 
You don't have a good enough angle to see them with, so ignore them and run to
the next corridor.  Go up the slope of cement, kill the next two gran then
enter the ventilation shaft.  In here, you will get an overhead view of a
secret room.  Kill the rodian below you, then notcie the explosive crate
against the wall.  What do you think might happen if you shot it...? The wall
next to it will blow open, that's what.  Find that spot in a storage area and
enter through.  Continue on to a detention facility (a detention facility in a
garbage processing building?) where you will find Lando.  Talk to him.


Exit the detention area and head back to where you found the ventilation shaft.
 This time pass it and turn right.  Enter the door and you'll be above the
garbage mashers on an elevated catwalk.  Follow the catwalks to the office on
the opposite end.  Stand in front of the locked door and a robot will confront
you, demanding a password.  Kyle will say what Lando told him, "Smoky Bliels",
and the door will open.

Get on the lift, take it to a small anteroom.  Use the next lift down.  You'll
find you can't progress because of the bars.  Slash the bars with your
lightsaber to open a way to go.  Kill the weequay confronting you then approach
the corridor, peeking around to view its contents.  Three moving drone guns are
patrol the corridor.  Its simple enough; just fire at them from cover with a
charged blaster and they should be no problem.  In the next corridor you'll
encounter some more drones, but another obstacle as well: there are slats in
the walls that will open when you pass, and when they open some rodian will
fire Disrupter lasers at you, which the lightsaber cannot block.  Your best bet
is to use Force Speed and run past them.

Approach the door and find it locked.  Look left to see a weequay behind the
glass.  Its cracked, making it so you can destroy it with a 'saber throw.  The
opening won';t be big enough for Kyle to use, but its wide enough so that you
can use Force Push on the switch, opening the door.  Enter it, approach the
next door and a checkpoint will execute itself.


In this large, circular chamber, Reelo Baruk himself will go on the intercom
and you'll engage in a not-so-friendly chat.  After your brief and curt
greeting 6 overhead drones will activate.  Don't worry that much as they have
horrendous accuracy.  However, when your running around avoiding their fire,
notice all of the other doors.  You can only guess what will come out of those
when the drones are destroyed, so place tripmines and explosive charges near
them.  Once the drones are destroyed, take out your lightsaber and, as
expected, out of the square door a squad of weequay will emerge.  Hopefully you
set enough explosives to take them all out, but if not run into their hiding
place and let them come to you.  After the weequay are taken care of, the next
set of doors will unlock, but not open.  Open them yourself to find some 3
rodian facing the door, lying in wait.  They aren't much trouble, except that
one in each group has a deadly Disrupter.  Make sure those are your first
target.  After they're all dead enter either of the doors the rodian were in
and head up to Reelo's office.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Reelo has been tracked and found

Press the switch where Reelo was standing in your chat to release Lando.


Press the switch on Reelo's desk to reveal a Secret Area.  Enter it and go down
the pulsating pipe.  Go through the door to meet back up with Lando.  Now all
you have to do is follow him up the next lift, and this complicated level will

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 4.3 Nar Shaddaa Starport (ns_starport)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Jedi Mind Trick Level 1 now available
- Level 2 Force Speed attained


- Find Lando's ship, Lady Luck

You'll start the level ascending on a lift.  DO NOT THROW YOUR LIGHTSABER.
Trust me, you'll never get it back.  I foolishly did this once in my idleness,
so I thought it my duty to warn you.  Atop, just follow Lando until you find
his ship.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Lando's ship found

Take the bacta canisters and descend using the lift.  Run across a small cement
bridge to a locked door.  Use the lightsaber and hack the lock off.  Turn left,
kill the guard.  Keep following your little trail, proceeding to a large oval
room with a large pit in its center.  Take the batteries and enter the block,
lightless adjoining room.  Turn your LAG on and navigate your way to the other
side, hoping you don't run out of batteries.  Kill the weequay and run past the
cement blocks.  Follow the ledge until you hear Lando radio you about
destroying some drones and guards.  You'll see them soon enough.  Use your
Disrupter for the drones and aliens, but make sure you're out of their sight
range before attacking.

NOTHING is currently on your objective list, making deciding what to do here
rather mind-bending.  But whether you know it or not, you now need to open the
bay doors to the hangar in order for Lando to reach his ship, the Lady Luck. 
Enter the door to the northeast, several hundred feet in front of you.  Kill
the guards, pass the corridor, to another door allowing access to a catwalk
under the platform where the snipers and drones were.  Move out onto the
protruding walkway, then focus the camera upwards.  You'll find a platform;
jump onto it.  Head down the proceeding corridor, killing guards as is
required.  You'll eventually come to an anteroom to the bay doors' control
room.  Exit this anteroom to the control room.  Press the switch in there to
open the bay doors, as Lando needed.

Head into the hangar through the newly-opened bay doors.  You'll find the Lady
Luck and Lando's smiling face next it, refueling.  After the greeting, Kyle
will point out several enemies entering the vicinity from the north.  Most will
attack Lando, so follow him and protect him with the lightsaber as he is VERY
weak.  Remember; there are many bacta canisters if you run low on health, and
you should have some now.  Halfway through the fight Lando will break for his
ship.  Follow him into it and cover his back with the 'saber.  Finish off the
troops and go into the cockpit with Lando.  A problem; the pumps weren't
actually pumping.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Activate the fuel pumps

You really didn't think it was over yet, did you?  Exit the ship and proceed to
the red pump connected to the ship.  Notice the symbol on it, and memorize it,
if that's not too much to ask.  Now go to the other side to the gray pump, and
memorize that symbol.  Exit the loading bay to the area where a lot of noise is
being made.  You will see two large pipes; a red one and gray one.  Dispose of
the guards and jump onto the pipes.  Go to the symbol inserter and enter the
symbols you learned a little earlier, matching the color.


Go back to the hangar, then to the cockpit of the Lady Luck.  Now Lando will
report that he needs the roof doors opened.


Exit out of the ship, and wonder to yourself when, exactly, you become Lando's
errand boy.  In the hangar, go to a certain out-of-place red crate.  Push it
aside with the Force and break the drain it sat on.  Enter it and follow the
shaft to reach one of two room control centers.  Kill the guards with your
lightsaber, then activate all the switches on the engine.  Note that the one
switch that isn't on the engine is the switch that can _only_ be activated when
all the others switches are activated.

Exit out the door and get back into the hangar.  Now head to the opposite
side.  Follow the wall to find a not-so-hidden drain.  Enter it, kill
the guards, activate the switches in there.


Now go to the cockpit and Lando will report yet ANOTHER problem.  Many, many
weequay and other creatures have appeared in front of the Lady Luck, and
supposedly Lando can't run them over (???).  Press the switch left of Lando's
seat the use the ships turret.  Kill everyone.  Once done, the level will end,
without further incident.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 5.1 Bespin Undercity (bespin_undercity)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Force Push Level 2 attained
- Force Pull level 2 attained
- Force Heal level 1 now available

- Infiltrate Bespin City through lower levels
- Find Lando's R5 unit near carbonite chamber #17

You'll start out on the very bottom of Bespin on a small ledge.  Don't look
down.  Walk around the ledge until you come to a grate.  Break it open with the
lightsaber, then MOVE AWAY from the brown part of the ledge.  A platform will
rush straight down inside, causing an enormous amount of wind to come through
the grate.  If your on that gray part when the platform comes down, you'll
literally be blown away.  So, stay in third person mode and make the camera
view the inside.  When you see the platform come down and stop, crouch through
the grate and get on it, and let it take you up.

Take out your lightsaber.  When it reaches a ledge, get on it and run around it
in circles, because several weequay, gran and rodian guard the area.  This will
make enemy fire very inaccurate.  While your running, use the lightsaber to
kill the guys you come across.  You should lose no health this way.  Pick up
their weapons and go to the door.

The door will be locked until the platform comes level with the ledge your on. 
So enter, when its unlocked, and dash behind the pipes ahead of you and to your
right, and use this vantage point to take out the weequay and rodian.

Turn right, pass the computer, and stop in front of the door.  Take out your
explosive charges.  Open the door, throw one, and stand back.  When the enemies
are practically right on top of the charge, detonate it.  Nice ;).  In there,
notice the old alien.  He won't notice you, no matter how much ruckus you
(will) make.  He operates the flame-throwers in the empty incinerator.  Use the
Jedi Mind Trick to get the old guy to open the doors, then enter the
incinerator, slash off the lock, and enter the small room (if you killed him,
your going to have to press the switch he was operating by yourself to make the
door open).  Take the elevator up.

In here, suck up all the shield from the converter.  Open the door and kill the
two rodian.  Well now, we can do things the easy way or we can do things the
hard way.  Our objective is to keep taking those lifts, that are across the
gap, up.  So, here's the hard way to get them.  You can run across the pipes,
avoiding them when lit (they burn you...very, very, very badly), using Force
Speed and Jump to get past them.  Now for us lazy, unskilled, yet efficiently
quick lazy-ass bums, here's the easy way.  Look at the lifts.  Notice that
whenever they go down and get in line with the pipes, they create a temporary
force-field which blankets the black abyss.  So, when it does this to your
level, use Force Speed and run across the force-field then jump on the lift. 
Continue to do that until you reach the third and final level.  Run across the
force-field for the last time to reach the door.

Enter the door, kill the weequay and rodian with your lightsaber.  Take the
lift up and enter the pipe on the left, because the other two reject you and it
will blow you up to a new level of the city.  Here you'll have to use the wind
blowing up from the abyss to get you to the top.  Find the wind by looking for
white streaks and by listening for its roar.  Its active for about 5 seconds
then shuts off, so hurry and jump into it and let it carry you up to the next
platform.  Do this until you reach the top.

When you reach the top, you will have your first battle with a fellow
lightsaber wielder.  It is with an enemy called a Reborn.  I truly do hope you
practiced.  He has his lightsaber on Medium style.  Don't get to close to him;
attack him from above and try and land on him; this will knock him over leaving
himself open to downward hacks.  He's very aggressive; try and run away from
him with him following, then use your backwards 180.  After a few direct hits,
he will die.

Once he dies, four rodian will emerge from the other side.  Let them come to
you then strike them down.  Don't worry about the jump between platforms; for
some reason gravity between the gaps is turned down a lot.  In the next room,
carbonite chamber #14, you'll have to face another Reborn with a lightsaber. 
He's the same as the last.  After your done turn right and enter the doorway. 
There are three rodian standing right in front of you; execute them all with
one quick horizontal slash.  Press the switch in here to activate the R5 unit,
and after he initiates the lift, get on it and take it up.


|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 5.2 Bespin Streets (bespin_streets)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Force Grip level 1 now available

- Search for Desann
- Engage hostile forces in the area

Enter the controls room (watch the two mines...) and kill the guard to pick up
a new gun, the Imperial Heavy Repeater.  Flip the switch to activate the lift
for your little droid friend who lacks the jumping prowess you exercise.  The
R5 unit will unlock the door.  Allright, here's where things get tricky.  The
R5 unit will enter a long corridor, whose windows are open, letting snipers
pick you both off. Not only that but the R unit will be completely oblivious to
about 15 set tripmines in front of him (it is a him, right?).  You have to blow
those up so he doesn't blow up.  Not only that, but the droid will be going
pretty damn fast, so you have to hurry.

The best way to do this is use the Force [Push or Pull] to stop the droid and
get him behind you.  Once he's behind you, stand in front of him, forcing the
hasty little fellow to stop, giving you time to defeat the enemies and blow up
the tripmines.  It took me 5 tries to do this, I expect no more from you ;). 
Once your clear of this corridor, the R5 unit is of no mission importance.

In the next area you'll encounter several gran's, weequay, and rodian.  Well,
this should be very easy with your newly acquired force status.  Use Force Pull
to pull them to your feet, and while they're there chop 'em up.  Exit this TIE
fighter storage area (wow--look at those TIEs...I never realized how huge they
were!) and into a room full of large crates.  Jump up top of one to let some
rodian and weequay in a lounge see you.  Once the doors open, Push them all
over, and with your lightsaber, well, you know.

Next you will come to a large open parking-lot type area.  Kill your enemies
then head to the down the opposite end to a locked door.  You'll now engage in
lightsaber duel with a Reborn.  After you defeat him, the door will
unlock...surprise surprise.

You'll find one of Bespin cities security officers, and he will tell you he
will follow you and help where he can.  Err, you don't need any help, but,


Out the door is one of Bespin's streets.  There are a lot of enemies here; all
of them though are pushovers to your force-wielding abilities.  Proceed to the
corner.  Take out your Disrupter, and zoom in around it.  Snipe off the weequay
in a laser cannon's seat, then snipe everyone around it.  Turn the corner and
walk forward a bit, then crouch behind the star fighter because several snipers
have appeared on the parapets and catwalks behind you.  Use the Disrupter to
take them all out.

Trek on over to the cannon, turn right at it, unless you want to play around
with it, and enter the large cement entrance.  Watch the snipers above you. 
Your friendly security guard(s) will announce they will stay there.  Yeah, okay

Take the lift up, grab the bacta canister, and take out your lightsaber.  Two
rodian will come out firing; simply push them off the ledge.  Follow where the
rodian came from.

Walk on the ledge, pass some rooms with guards, as far as the ledges and
catwalks lead and you'll arrive at an enclosed area with a large pit in the
center.  Get to ground level and take the next lift, across from the chasm, up.
 Enter the door, kill the weequay and press the switch.  This will open the
large door where you were outside.  Enter it and you'll have to battle two
Reborn :O.  Hah, even four, five or six Reborn would be too easy :P.

Following the reborn's death, take the lift up and follow the ledge.  When you
come to a bridge, S-T-O-P.  Let me explain the hidden hazards of this bridge,
before you go any further.  Once you are halfway across the bridge, about 10
tripmines will appear out of nowhere, blocking you from moving.  Not only that,
but an ever-annoying gran and two rodian will attack, and if the gran throws
just one thermal detonator ALL of the tripmines on this bridge will blow up. 
So, take out your Bryar, charge it up max, then carefully walk towards the
center.  When you here the tripmines get set in place, hop up on the railing to
avoid them, then aim your charged shot at the gran first and foremost, as he's
the real back-breaker.  Secondly aim for the rodian's head.  After they're all
dead, carefully tread the bridge.

Drop down from above into the water; don't worry, you won't lose any health,
though the fall is tremendous and the water level shallow.  Kill the rodian
then enter the door.  Pass the corridor, taking care to avoid the sniper fire
coming from outside of the windows.  Proceed through the next door, kill the
stormtroopers, weequay, and rodian and take the power from the converters. 
Proceed on to a lift: take it up.  Drop the ensuing stormtroopers then enter
the only unlocked door (there are two bacta canisters to the left of it). 
You'll battle a Reborn.  Push him over and slash him twice to kill him, then do
the same with the imperial officers.  One has a key, use it in the previous
room to unlock the door.  Enter it and the level will close.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 5.3 Bespin Platform (bespin_platform)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Lightning level 1 now available
- Lightsaber defense level 2 attained

- Find Desann
- Engage Remnant forces in the area

Right when the level finishes loading you'll battle a reborn.  He's
should be well adept with the 'saber by now.  In the next door draw some
Remnants towards you then let them blow their face in via the tripmines.  Blah
blah kill all the remnant forces in the vicinity, marked special by some kind
of statue in the center, then approach the hallway at left.  You'll encounter
some sentries, destroy them with the lightsaber toss.  You will soon clash with
a pair of set drone guns; use the E-11 on them but watch out; Kyle can't block
what they fire at him with the 'saber because apparently the shots are 'too
low'.  Remember the locked double door to your left for future reference. 
Enter the door to the north, kill the guards and the R2-D2 and C-3PO
imitations, take the bacta canisters, and then enter the room adjoining this
one via the door to the west.  Kill the officer and take his key.

Backtrack to the room with the statue then take the lift up.  You'll encounter
one crap load of stormtroopers, but they are really easy, as usual.  Just make
sure you drop the guys that are using the Flachette's secondary fire.  Run down
the hallway and you'll face some more sentries.  Too easy.  Use the key on the
switch to open the locked door.  A Reborn will come leaping out; show him who's
boss.  After the reborns death, enter the room he leaped from and dispose of
the guards.  While your in there, press the switch to unlock a certain door I
told you to remember.

Backtrack again to the room with the statue, but this time you'll find it
knocked over.  Damn rowdy stormtroopers.  Kill all the guards this room has to
offer and take the imperials' key.  Use it to open the doors near where you
entered this mess.  In one of them is a ammo converter but the other a Reborn,
a bacta canister, and a shield converter that will give you 100 points! 
Wo-dipity-doo-daw-damn!  Kill the Wanna-be Jedi, take what you want from the
converters.  Backtrack to the hall you destroyed the sentries with and turn to
the west left to a pair for double doors whom you recently unlocked.  Enter it.

Your in a battle with a female Reborn.  This one is pretty hard, harder then
any of the ones you previously faced.  She uses almost all of the Force powers:
Lightning, Grip, Push, and Jump of course.  The easiest way to her defeat is
through Force Push.  When she jumps or is in the midst of an attack, use the
Force to catch her off guard and she'll fall to the ground for a few seconds. 
That's your chance to use your downward hacks.  Save the game EVERY time you
hit her cleanly and take little to no damage to yourself.  Towards the end of
the fight things will get easier; she gets wildly aggressive, always charging
at you and not backing off.  Use this to your advantage, Force Push especially.
 She will be much more susceptible to it and will fall far more often. 
Continue to do this until she is defeated, and you'll get a confession from her
involving the once-thought-dead Jan.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 6.1 Cairn Bay (cairn_bay)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Lightsaber throw level 2 attained
- Fast lightsaber style now available

- Search for Galak's ship, Doomgiver
- Find a way out of the hangar bay

Use Heal to help you out with your wounds and listen to those dumb
stormtroopers remark about every sound you make.  Once you're at 100 health,
kill everyone in the hangar and enter either open door.  In one of the short
corridors, there will be a locked switch-activated door.  Remember that door,
for it will soon open.  Open the next door and you'll find an stormtrooper
infested docking bay with a pair of laser cannons surveying.  Kill most
everyone in here, including the gunners.  Now, go back to the door I told you
to remember.  It will now be unlocked, so open it to find a single stormtrooper
facing the you.  Surprisingly, he will be slain by a green lightsaber...who
could have killed him?   None other then our favorite hero (other than Katarn),
Luke Skywalker!   After the cutscene about 10
stormtrooper's will appear.  Dispose of them all, then be on the ready because
seven or eight Reborn will take you and Luke on.  These guys are no toughie;
the real hard part is Luke getting in your way.  I accidentally killed him
about 4 times, because the idiot walks right in front of you as your engaged in
fierce combat.  I would suggest that right when the battle starts, go to a
corner away from Luke, drawing a single Reborn with you.  Slay him, then draw
another.  Do this until all four are dead.  Don't worry about Luke; he can
handle himself, but don't let him get overwhelmed.  Watch the cutscene...and
hear of an interesting development in the plot (yes, this game does have a plot

Luke will leave presently.  After he does, proceed to the large docking area
where the gunners were.  There's a lift to the far right, so take it up.  Enter
the control centers, kill the guards.  There are two consoles that need to be
used in here; one highlights the bay door you wish opened and the other switch
will actaully execute the command.  Use them both to open the right hand bay
door.  Once done, quickly get down off the control tower and to the ground.  If
you opened the correct one, an imperial cargo ship will be the contents. 
Eliminate the stormtrooper's, jump on top of the cargo ship, and then jump on
the catwalk above you.  Once on the catwalk, look up to see a small yet not
impenetrable ventilation grate in the wall: jump inside of it.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Way out of hangar found

Your now in what looks like a maze.  Its rather simple, though.  Just make your
way down.  Every chance to drop down onto a lower level of the maze, do so,
deactivating force fields as needed with their nearby switches.  You will
encounter a Reborn in here, watch out.  You will know when you are on the
bottommost section of the maze of vents when you find a force-field on the
floor, separating you and a control center below.  Deactivate that and drop

Use Force Push to destroy the stormtrooper's and imperial officers.  There
are some switches on the consoles in here; press to activate all of them,
executing various helpful functions.  One of the consoles will open a large
door at the other end of the room.  Enter it to find some elevator shafts with
many drone guns, but hopefully you pressed BOTH consoles to turn them off.

Enter the only empty elevator shaft.  This part is very easy; all you have to
do is jump from shaft to shaft.  The hardest part of this is making sure you
don't accidentally get turned around, which is very easy to do.  I did that
many times; I thought I reached the end of the shaft-hopping only to find
myself back where I started.  Mark some bullet holes in the walls you came from
if needed.  You'll reach the end via the top of a moving elevator.  Drop into
it and when it reaches the bottom the level will come to a close.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 6.2 Cairn Assembly (cairn_assembly)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Grip level 2 attained

- Search for Galak's ship, the Doomgiver

Exit the elevator and kill the guards and drones in the area.  The door in here
will be locked, but the imperial behind the glass is a weak minded
use the Mind Trick to get him to unwittingly unlock the door.  Enter it to an
anteroom, then "put to rest" the officers in here.  Get on the lift to the
right and take the imperials supply keycard, then press the switch.  Go back
down the lift and go to the other lift on the left in the anteroom.

At the bottom and through the door you'll find a large machine in the center of
the chamber, guarded by a couple of trandoshan (a variation of stormtroopers). 
Notice that on every level of the machine, there's a platform within reach. 
Use the crates to get on the first level, then keep jumping all the way to the
top.  At the top level (I don't mean the roof), look for a man-sized grate near
a ledge.  Jump on a rail, then use it to jump to the ledge with the grate. 
Break it and enter.  Take out your lightsaber, then slash all the electrical
stuff in here until the machine in the previous chamber goes berserk.  Wait for
it to explode, breaking open a part of the wall as one of its pieces goes
soaring into it.  Enter that hole.

Kill the stormtroopers and enter the next automatic doors.  Kill the
stormtroopers in here and move on.  Continue on, mauling imperials along the
way, until you reach a checkpoint.


Through the door, you'll find the chambers floor will be covered with
electricity.  Obviously it would not do to get caught in it.  So, use the
crates as islands for you to traverse, pushing enemies you find into the
electrical melee.  Enter the cylinder looking thing in the rooms center when
you get the opportunity then ride the lift up.  Ignore the controls and head
out the window to the cylinder's roof.  From here drop down to the catwalk.  Go
the controls at right and press the switches.  The electricity will now stop. 
Since you can now safely trek the floor, do so to enter the next door.  KO the
imperials, progressing to a battle with a pair of Reborn.  Slay them then move
to the next room.

There will be about 6 crates in the center (notice the lack of guard detail in
the area...).  Three will burst open, and give you a heart attack.  What comes
out will be some scary-ass AT-PTs.  Once they show themselves you may notice a
crate that has been split open.  Its contents is the weapon needed to defeat
these droids: the Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2.  To safely use the
weapon without them firing at you get in the small area between the crates. 
This will narrow your enemies view of you and greatly decrease their accuracy. 
Charge up your DEMP 2 then blast away.  Once they are destroyed, you'll have to
face a Reborn.  Jeez, gimme a break!  Destroy him then enter the next door.

Take the lift up to the top.  As its ascending, take out your E-11 Blaster. 
When its at top blast the first visible drone gun you see, and after its
destroyed take out your saber then get off the lift.  Slay the guards in here,
as well as the next less-dangerous drone.  As usual, proceed through the next
door (I am getting SOOO tired of typing 'door') and kill all the officers and
the other figures who dare patronize you.  Press the switch in here and you'll
now have to backtrack nearly the entirety of the level, encountering newly
arrived Reborn along the way.  At one of these battles another checkpoint will


These skirmishes are nothing new...however, after you engage in a battle with a
pair  of Reborn an AT-ST will come to your attention as a most-pressing matter.
 Right when it appears run to the crates at the left and get behind them.  If
you went fast enough and ran behind the correct crate, the AT-ST will stop in
front of the wall, not attacking, with half of its bulk in your view.  This is
simple DEMP 2 time, though you probably will run out of ammo for it.  If this
happens don't yet panic; you can use your Heavy Repeaters secondary fire
(Energy Blast) on it.  If you run out of ammo for that, you can use the mine
blast from your Flachette.  If you run out of that, well, then you can panic. 
Proceed to the next area where you'll find two parallel set drones.  After you
destroy them approach the grate in the floor and STOP.  Once you pass grate,
10-15 Flachette wielding stormtroopers will emerge.  The Flachette sucks as a
weapon, yes, but these guys use its secondary attack, mine fire, a LOT.  So,
once your at the grates set ALL OF YOUR PORTABLE SENTRIES.  Once you pass the
grates, your sentries will fire at the stormtoopers and the stormtroopers will
fire back.  Your sentries will not kill all the stormtroopers, but it will
provide a distraction for you to slip by unnoticed.  So, while the stormtoopers
are occupied, fall into the corridor below the stairs and pass the tripmines. 
Fall into the hole mid-way.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 6.3 Cairn Reactor (cairn_reactor)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Speed level 3 attained
- Heal level 2 attained

- Search for Galak's ship, the Doomgiver
- Make your way through the Hazards of the core

With level 3 Force Speed, Reborn are even more easy.  So, use Speed to get
quickly across the deadly lasers and slay the Reborn.  After that, there's
nothing for you to do but use Force Speed and get passed all the laser occupied
corridors, and fight a few Reborn along the way.  At the end of this seemingly
never ending process you'll come to some switches placed on a stone cylinder. 
Press them to turn off all lasers.  Go back to where you started the level to
find a crack and a hole in the ceiling.  Another Reborn will jump from it.  Use
Force Speed to quickly slay him, then jump into the hole he was in.

In here, you'll have to jump up a series of platforms.  Hurry because on each
platform there is a laser timed to go off at about every 5 seconds.  At the top
you'll come to the main reactor core.  Simply continue on going straight and
pass it.  At the first break you'll come to find about three stormtrooper's. 
Once of'll see there's no direct way north.  So improvise
by hoping up on the pipes to your right and find a shaft leading to the next
break.  Do the same in the next area.

You'll come to an area where you must reach an control room that's above you
with no apparent lift or elevator to help you reach it.  Use your brain to find
two holes to either side of the floor of the control room; jump up into them to
find yourself where you need to be.

Next you'll come to a very large pipe acting as a bridge to a deep pit.  There
are some things that revolve around the pipe that flash in red, and if you
touch them Kyle will immediately be disintegrated :o.  Its very annoying trying
to jump over them; getting past this pipe was heck for me.  At about mid-way
you'll face a Reborn.  You can't use Force Speed here(well technically you CAN,
but there's a 99.99% chance your going to fall off with the pipes limited
surface area and you moving so fast).  The Reborn will probably fall off the
pipe and into the abyss by himself, but don't rely on that; try and Push him. 
Once he's dead, take out your Disrupter and zoom in on the three sentries at
the end of the pipe and destroy them all.  At the end of the pipe enter the
door and kill the stormtrooper's.  Head to that door, and the level will fade

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 6.4 Cairn Docking Bay 1 (carin_dock1)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Push level 3 attained
- Pull level 3 attained

- Search for Galak's ship, the Doomgiver

Go through the door, and find a large hallway containing 6 more doors.  Four
have nothing but supplies, so stock up before you enter the only operable door
that doesn't lead to more supplies.  You'll find yourself in a storage room of
some kind, the storage being what looks like black robots.  Through the next
you'll yourself in what appears to be an arena.  Your challengers will appear
out of the center of the room, the black robots you saw in the previous hall. 
These are the shadowtroopers.  They be pretty hard; two of them at once does
not help.  Well, be sure to have your lightsaber combat style on medium, and
try and get them behind you for you to do your backwards 180.  I defeated them
on my second try, but it may take awhile for you mere mortals.  Remember to use
the Force often; and watch out for their annoying lightning strikes.  DON'T
STAND STILL in other words.  After you defeat them, be sure and pick up the
Force Crystal they will drop.  Enter the newly unlocked door, kill the imperial
and grab his security card.

Backtrack the way to the beginning and unlock the door with the new key you
Flip the switch, and it's time to play: Metal Gear Kyle.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Sneak undetected past the Remnants

You have to NOT let any enemies turn an alarm on, which would lead to your
capture.  Basically you do not want to be seen at all, but if so Mind Trick
the imperial into thinking it was just an afteraffect of his hangover ;). Don't
bother killing them, as someone will surely hear. So as you start hug the wall
right of the alarm console, use your Jedi Mind Trick on any stormtrooper's, and
enter the grate.  Take it all the way to the end and out.  Go to the left of
the door that leads into the control center.  Look up and you'll spot a small
passage acting as an alternate route into the control center.  Jump to it and
crouch below the pipes for cover, and then go to the switch and press it. 
Pressing the switch will turn off some electrical stuff for a limited time. 
Run back out the square duct and get onto the lift.  Get passed the electrical
generators, then push the imperials into that electrical crap when it turns on
for a stylish execution.

Don't worry about an alarm for this section; a friendly R5 is at work on it in
the back of the platform.  Just use Force Speed to get to the center of the
stormtrooper's, pick up the keycard, use it on the door, and take the elevator
up.  Press the switch and watch the stormtrooper's go bye-bye.  Enter the next
door, press the switch again.

Exit out into the large perimeter, entering the next door to the northeast,
past some electric pipe work.  Some more electric pipes will form a deadly
useless bride (on an average day at work, just HOW are those chunky
stormtoopers supposed to get across?).  Run across to the right and hop up the
pipes.  At the other end, drop down to the platform, then use Force Speed and
run to the alarm.  Get in front of it, which would block anyone who would
activate it.  Hold that spot and destroy the nearby opponents.  Enter the next
room, pass the pipe work and into a new area.  Look for the street lamp at the
left.  Jump on that, use that to jump onto the ledge.

Run across the ledge to find an alternative path to the following room.  Once
your in the room, crouch, hug the wall, and turn left.  You'll see a console
that can be a switch.  First look down and notice all the guards in here.  If
any of them see you or fire at you someone will press an alarm.  So, you've
gotta turn out the lights by pressing the switch.  Put on your LAG, then hop
down.  Move towards the door, but not quite in front of it.  Use the Mind Trick
on the three imperials ahead of you standing in a semi circle(they are the only
obstacles here).  Open the door, then use the mind trick on them again, because
the last one wore off because of the damn racket that door makes.  This is VERY
HARD to do; everything you do must be PERFECT; there's no way to cheat around
this.  It will be very frustrating for a long time, but keep at it and
eventually you'll get it.  Once entered the door behind you will lock, thank

Exit the anteroom to a storage area where two imperials and two Reborn will
attack.  First off, though, note one imperial will run for an alarm.  Run the
rougue down, then face the enemies with the sabers.  Kill the reborn then grab
the supplies in the area, get on the lift.

Now your on a walkway overlooking all of what you went through.  Needless to
say, don't fall down.  The initial door will be locked, so use the ledge and go
around back.  The next door will be open.  Enter it.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Galak's ship found
OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Remnants troops avoided

After you watch the scuttle between Skywalker and Desann, the level will close.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 7.1 The Doomgiver's communication array (doom_comm)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Lightsaber style: Strong now available
- Mind Trick level 3 attained
- Lightning level 2 attained
- Jump level 3 attained
- Defense level 3 attained

- Search for Jan
- Find the Doomgiver's communication array
- Set Doomgivers communication array to Rogue Squadron frequency
- Contact Rogue Squadron

Walk forward and kill the lurking stormtroopers.  Get on the lift and press the
switch to activate it.  Atop, another lot of stormtroopers will form an
assault, so take them out.  Watch out for the two drone guns in this area also.

Press the switch to open the door and kill off the next onslaught.  There are
three enterable doors in here, but the ones left and right only contain
supplies.  Enter the one in the center.  A Reborn will jump from above; defeat
him and get on the lift; take it down.  Knock off the imperial, and note the
force-fielded droid passages to the left and right sides of the room.  Enter
the left door.  Take the supplies then scan the ceiling; you will find a
ventilation grate.  Smash it then jump up there.  In this little shaft you'll
find a _lot_ of interrogation droids, so have your lightsaber ready to throw. 
When you find the grate at the end of this shaft, smash it and drop down to
face a surprised imperial.  Fell him then operate the droid controls; you will
become an R5 unit for this excursion.

Unlock the door, then enter one of the force-fielded droid shafts; either one
will do.  Using the droid, press the switch that unlocks the doors flanked by a
pair of stormtroopers.  Once you do so your R5 friend will probably be
destroyed, recognized as a traitor among the imperials.  Press 'jump' to exit
back to Kyle's perspective.

Go through the door you unlocked with the droid, kill the stormtoopers, then
get on the lift.  Enter the unlocked door and you will here the sound of a trio
of AT-PTs and a pair of drone guns.  Use the DEMP2 for the AT-PTs, then the
charged blaster for the drones.  Once the room is clear, go to the platform
overlooking the abyss.  Smash the glass and drop in.  Destroy the interrogation
droids and get on the lift, then kill the trandoshan and take the guns from the
supply racks.  In the following room several R5 units will be beeping around,
doing nothing in particular.  Ignore them and press all four switches on the
console.  Unlock either one of the doors and another wave of stormtroopers will
be upon you.  Push them all over the ledge then backtrack to the room previous
to where you destroyed the AT-PTs.  In there, go down the steps, enter the
doorway and onto a tram.  Press the forward key.  At the stop of the tram,
depart from it.  You'll be in a hall full of guards and sentry drones.  Destroy
them all and take the imperials key, and use it on the door where required.


There are some more sentry drones in here, destroy them then go to the main
console.  It will not be activated, consequently you cannot enter Rougue
Leaders frequency.  Enter either door, kill the opponents, and go to the arrays
that activate the main console.  Unfortunately those aren't activated either. 
We're going to have to activate them manually.  Take the lift down to several
tree-house like rooms overlooking a bottomless pit.  On every level of the
treehouse-like arrangement, there is ONE room with the correct symbol for the
corresponding color (the rooms will be in green, blue or red).  You must find
the symbol that matches the symbol in your objective pad and activate the
console it is on. i.e. Red is an arrow, you must find the _red arrow_ and press
the arrow symbol's console to activate it.  Then you must do the same for
green.  The only hard part of this is timing those jumps...they can be deadly.

Once the correct symbols are entered, the arrays in the previous area will be
activated with the symbols you set.  You must go there are press the switches
for all three.  Do this and the main array will activate.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Communications set to Rogue Squadron frequency

Now go back to the main array and press 'use'.  After the cutscene, return to
the area with the three sub-arrays and find the only open doorway.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 7.2  Doomgiver Detention (doom_detention)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Heal level 3 attained

- Find Jan
- Disable the Doomgivers shields

You really don't need my help for your first few encounters.  Just progress on,
killing as needed, until you reach a large hold with a viewing window, giving
you a glimpse of the Rogue Squadron battle.  Push the guards over, then while
they're on the ground kill them.  Take the Imperials key and then use it on the
locked lift tube in the center of the hold.  While descending, make your
lightsaber type Strong and ready the F key to Force Speed.  At bottom, use
Force Speed to counter the shadowtrooper.  With you going a bazillion times
faster then him with a strong lightsaber, he should be no trouble.  Kill the
Imperial to get the key, then press the switch for the JK2's only mini-game. 
You get to man a gun on the ship and shoot at passing TIE's.  Wow!  Boring!

After you finish up, take the lift back up and enter the next corridor to the
north.  Kill the stormtroopers in there, enter the docking bay.  Use Force
Speed now.  Run past all the guards to the door north of you, and through a
series of other doors to find some switches.  When both are activated, the
force-field and bay doors will open and all enemies will go flying in space. 
Do the same thing in the room next to you.  This will save you quite a bit of

Go back to the docking bay.  In the center there is a loading platform that
will descend, and it will descend to the lower levels of the ship when you step
on it.  Destroy the AT-PTs with either Force Speed, det packs, thermal dets, or
a combination of them.  Cross the hallway until you see another docking bay. 
STOP RIGHT THERE.  Take out your Disrupter, and zoom in on the on the 6 drone
guns awaiting you to step in their range.  Destroy them, note the three massive
doors for suture reference, and take the lift up.

Kill the local stormtrooper's then go over to the console and press at it until
the middle one of the doors opens.  Destroy the oncoming AT-PT, then continue
into the corridor.  You'll reach an end where a loading platform will come down
to you.  Take it up.  Use Force Speed to run into the unlocked door at left. 
Enter the next and flip the switches to send the stormtrooper's flying into
space.  Do the same to the next loading bay.  Trek the TIE holding area, enter
the next door, continue on until you reach a hallway with above pipes running
parallel to it.  Dispose the two stormtrooper's, then jump on top of the pipes.
 Run across them to reach a ventilation grate.  Destroy that and enter.  Listen
to the conversations below if you want, then get down there through any one of
the grates.  You are now in a control center with about 20 stormtrooper's and
imperial officers.  Make sure you have Force Speed on your Force Use key.  Use
the Speed to kill everyone in the room, then grab the keycard from one of the
dead imperial officers.

Take the lift down, kill the imperial, then enter the next hallway to your
right.  In here you'll have to battle with yet another shadowtrooper.  Don't
get close to the door, as if you do 5 stormtroopers will emerge, and they won't
exactly spectate the 'saber duel.  Once you defeat him, go the other corridor. 
Another shadowtrooper awaits.  Kill him and pick up the crystal.  Enter either
of the two halls' doors, and they will lead you to another docking bay, with a
cargo ship sitting in the middle.  Kill the tormtrooper's and two Reborn, suck
up the shield and ammo from the converters.  Note the locked door to the right
of the converters, and head through the only open door.  In there, use the Jedi
Mind Trick on the imperial to get him to open all of the doors.  Go through
them and look in all the prison cells to find Jan.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Jan has been found

Notice that the doors have been closed and locked once again. The switches will
work only for one door, and once you let go of that switch the door closes.  So
with Jan at your side, help her open the doors.  She will hold the switch for
one door, you enter through and hold the next switch open, and so on and so
forth until your back at the docking bay.  Go to the now unlocked in the
northwest corner of the room.  A cutscene will take over, and the level will

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 7.3 Doomgiver Shield (doom_shields)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Grip level 3 attained

- Find and destroy the Doomgivers shield generators

Grab the supplies in this room, and then exit.  On the catwalk, go through the
first door to your left.  Follow the corridor until you find the first of 5
AT-PTs.  My strategy works well with these things: lure them towards you, then
run out the door back to the catwalk.  The stupid droid will clomp to you,
trying in vain to go up the steps, as it'll get stuck there.  From the doorway
you can throw your lightsaber at it or blast it with your DEMP2 or Heavy
Repeaters secondary fire to destroy it.  Do the same to all the rest of the
AT-PTs in the area.  Once they are all destroyed, continue on to the end of the

You'll find a drone overlooking the last section of the hall, guarding a
command center to the northeast of it.  Destroy it, go up the steps to find the
command center.  Clean out the Remnant slime, activate the switch to extend a
pipe you'll need to use later.  Afterwards, take the security keycard from the
dead officer.

Exit the command center and out the corridor, back to the main catwalk.  Get on
the pipe that you just extended and hop up to the locked door.  How to unlock
it?  Try pressing the nearby switch.  Inside, jump to the upper platform.  Kill
the imperial and take his security card.  Now go back to the main catwalk and
open every one of the doors.  What your looking for is a door to the right of
the one you're opening.  When you find that door, enter it.  Proceed into the
room, kill the stormtrooper's then use your security card on the switch to open
the glass barrier.  Press the

Trek back to the pipe, get on it and jump into the doorway.  In here you'll
find several pipes that are now opened and drained.  Go to the back end of this
room and face the door.  You want to enter PIPE 4 on the below drawing.
                             |        |
                             |        |
                             |  Door  |
                             |        |
                             |        |

            PIPE 1                              PIPE 3

            PIPE 2                             |PIPE 4|
Follow that pipe to its end.  You'll eventually arrive at a battle with a
shadowtrooper.  Kill him then the stromtroopers in the next rooms.  On the
series of walkways simply keep heading upwards.  You'll battle with two more
Reborn, which should be no trick.  The only strategy you may need from here to
the boss battle will how to beat those pesky AT-PT in that tiny corridor. 
Hopefully you have ammo in your DEMP 2.  Here's how they can best be defeated:
draw a single AT-PT towards the elevator shaft then drop down into it. 
Hopefully the AT-PT will be stuck in the doorway above you, letting you simply
whip out and blast it with your DEMP, without worrying about counter attacks. 
Do this with the next AT-PT.  Take the shield from the converter, and enter the
door to the northwest to face Galak Fyyar himself.

Galak, being the self quoted "genius" he is, is in some kind of force field
that makes him nearly invulnerable.  He uses an Imperial Heavy Repeater, but
uses its primary alot more often then the secondary energy blast, thank
goodness.  However, it seems to me that when you don't use your lightsaber and
have another weapon out, he uses that secondary fire more often.  This is
unproven, but when I battle him it seems to be true.  Anyway, to bring his
shields down, fire at them enough and make enough direct hits and it will
deactivate for about 10 seconds.  That's your chance to get in some damage. 
Use Force Speed to get behind and him use your E-11, rapid fire, to his head to
bring him down, once and for all.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: The Doomgivers shields are down


Now you've defeated him, gravity will be REALLY messed up, because Rogue
Squadron is really messing up this ship.  To maneuver the null gravity
atmosphere, use CROUCH to go down, FORWARD to go up.  You have to navigate your
way all the way back to the hallway where you fought the AT-PT's, avoiding
flaming pipes and electrical currents.  So, go do that.  When you reach the
hallway where you fought those 5 AT-PTs, walk to the end of it to find that one
part of it caved in.  So, go out that door, then enter the next to go into the
hall that partially caved.  Walk in the newly unlocked door and the level will

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 8.1 Yavin Swamp (yavin_swamp)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Lightning level 3 attained

- Find your way to the Jedi Academy
- Engage Remnant forces

After you watch Kyle in his make-out session with Jan (you go Kyle! ;), head
straight forward to encounter a new enemy, the swamptrooper.  Choke him and
continue on until you reach some rocks forming out-of-shape stepping stones
that lead up into a into a valley.  Up on the top step you'll find, looking up
at you, three shadowtroopers.  Draw ONE (even with your lightsaber prowess,
three shadowtroopers at once is a bit overwhelming) of them towards you, kill
him.  Then draw the next one and kill it.  Do the same for the last.  So after
that simply continue on, pass the next valley until you reach the wreckage of
an unusually large imperial lander.  Kill the stormtroopers in the area then
head to the dead end.  Is it really a dead end?  Scan the rock walls closely. 
Find a small amount of water running over a small rock.  Go to that, then
crouch to find an under-water passage into another valley.  Boy, how tedious
was that search for me.  What was Raven Software thinking?   It took me hours
to find that damnable passage.  I coudn't begin to guess how many unhelped
people threw away this game in frustration and disgust.

Destroy the droids, dispose of the stormtroopers, then approach the center of
the next pair of valleys.  One valley to the east has only a single
shadowtrooper and a dead end.  Battle him if you want, then get back on your
mission and enter the other valley to the west.  There you'll find a brick wall
and a hole for an opening.  Ignore the enemies and enter the hole.  You'll come
into a darkly lit cave, but not black enough so that you must use your LAG. 
Fight the shadowtrooper in here; with the relatively
simple battle arena layout he should be no trouble.  Take the shields and ammo
then head up the incline to the last section of the cave.  You'll battle
another shadowtrooper.  Need I tell you what must be done?

In the next area you'll encounter some ancient ruins...ruins from what I
couldn't tell you, but don't read to much up on it.  Just kill the
stormtroopers then move on.  You'll soon find an ally standing on top of a
lander.  Where the ally is turn left into a new canyon.  Kill the swamptroopers
and proceed on until you reach an AT-ST.  This AT-ST will be particularly tough
as there isn't much cover to destroy it from.  You can however stand near the
entrance to this clearing, hugging the wall so that you can see the AT-ST but
it doesn't see you. Just hope it doesn't use its missile.  After you defeat it,
approach the crashed lander in the following clearing.

OBJECTIVE PAD UPDATED: Remnant forces engaged and defeated

Enter the lander and the level will close.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 8.2 Yavin Canyon (yavin_canyon)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Engage Remnant forces
- Find way to Jedi academy

As you start out, hop into the open-hatched AT-ST.  Woo-hoo!  This will be your
vehicle throughout the level.  Notice it has much more shield capabilities then
other AT-STs.  Well then, start out by switching to the AT-STs side cannons,
letting you use its secondary fire: missile launch.  Run over the stormtroopers
in front of you.  Soon you'll come to a watery flatland heavily guarded by
laser cannons and someone with a rocket launcher.  Park your AT-ST behind the
wall, while you go out and destroy the cannons.  After you do so, don't get
into your, ahhh, car yet.  Instead, jump up onto the platform where the cannons
are.  Head to the second of the two, and a shadowtrooper will materialize. 
Kill him and pick up his Force Crystal.  Now go back to your AT-ST and get in.

Walk out of this canyon and into the next.  In this one, your going to have to
fire on the run, cause there ain't no way in hell you can take out all the
cannons in here or the next preemptive strikes in the following canyons.  Note
that there is another stray AT-ST you can use if the one you have runs low on
shields.  So simply run, run, run!  until your poor abused AT-ST can make it no
farther.  Take out your 'saber and continue along to a lander with some
unmanned AT-STs in it.  Pass that, jump on the boulders to a dark cave and
you'll encounter another shadowtrooper.  Destroy him and enter the cave.  Turn
right and drop down the seemingly bottomless chasm and the level will end.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 8.3 Yavin Courtyard (yavin_courtyard)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Lightsaber throw level 3 attained

Ed. Note: All Force powers now acquired and at max levels!

- Clear the Academy grounds of Remnant forces

As you start out, look straight up to where your fell in the previous level.
How exactly did Kyle survive that fall?  Anyway, kill the two imperials in here
and proceed to the next fight.  Here several of your allies will be battling
tons of imperials.  First up your target should be with the stormtroopers who
have the rocket launchers.  Pull them and their weapons to you and kill them
with your trusty 'saber.  Push over all the rest of the imperials and kill
them.  After the first wave is over, a second will approach from the north. 
Again, kill the guys with the rocket launchers first.  The rest of them should
be no trouble.  Proceed to where the second wave of Remnants came from.  Its a
small cave like chamber with rock as walls and three stormtroopers on a ledge
above it.  Jump up to the top and Pull them off the ledge, then climb up the

In the next room, ignore the seeker drone a press the switch to open the door. 
You'll find several Jedi's in a losing fight with several Reborn and
shadowtroopers on--how ironic--a Jedi training platform.  Go on into the melee
and help your fella's out.  Draw whoever is two on one towards you.  Use Force
Speed (or not) to kill them.  Once your allies are battling one-on-one again
sit back and watch, but if they look like they're about ready to die help 'em

Jump up to the glass catwalk above you from the shattered section to the west. 
As you leap up, a stomtrooper will send out an unavoidable rocket to you:
simply Push the rocket back at him.  Enter the only open door in the glass
passage.  In there you'll encounter another 'saber fight.  Help the allies out
by dropping through the hole in the glass.  Destroy the enemies and keep the
allies alive and they will actually follow you to help.  This will prove to be
VERY useful.  I had two allies following for this part, but if you only have
one that's better then going it alone.  Ignore the passage that has rubble in
front of it and take the other one.  You'll fight another Reborn, so kill it. 
Since the elevators aren't working, jump up to the higher platform and make
your way to Luke's chambers.  You'll fight five Reborn and shadowtroopers in
there.  Take the crystals after the fight.

Go back down to the lower level where the inoperable elevators were.  Take the
passage you ignored.  You'll come outside to a garden (look familiar?).  You'll
battle another 10 Reborn and shadowtroopers.  All of your friends will most
likely die here.  The best strategy for this part is to set your saber to
Strong and run away from the charging enemies and do downward hacks.  This
should take care of all of them.  Afterwards continue to the next corridor. 
Pick up the shields and health and proceed on to yet another shadowtrooper
fight.  This is the last one in the game, so enjoy it.  Afterwards approach the
steps Desann pushed away.  Cutscene will take over and Kyle will automatically
push the steps aside.  Drop into the hole to be on your way to the final level.

|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |
  Level 8.4 Yavin Finale (yavin_final)
|+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+ |

- Find and destroy the Reborn Desann

This level, being the last, will be full of puzzles, just so you know.

Enter the door then next to a room where rocks fall from overhead.  Pass them,
go to the entrance to find two dead ends.  I was stumped on this for about 5
minutes before I discovered the corridors' secret.  Turn right to go to that
dead end.  Look carefully at the wall.  Looks like a normal wall, right?  Turn
around and go to the next dead end, the one left of the entrance.  This one is seems like its moving horizontally!  That's because its only an
illusion, and a badly drawn one at
that.  Simply walk right through it.

Use Force Speed to pass the flame-throwers and you'll find Desann going through
one of three entrances.  The one at right contains another illusion wall, but
past it is a bottomless pit.  The one directly in front of you has only a
mirror with Desanns reflection taunting you.  So, the left one is the only
option.  Only thing is, there's fire blocking it.  You cannot jump over or go
through it without being killed.  Think, think, think...what's used to put out
fire?   Water of course.  But, where are you going to get that?   As you pace
back and forth along the corridor, you may notice some drops of liquid falling
to the floor.  Ah-ha.  Use the lightsaber throw to sever the pipe to let out a
flow of water to put out that troublesome fire.

Drop down the hole.  In here, push on all the walls to make them recede, then
enter the new left corridor.  Turn right then notice a symbol pad on the wall;
push it.  It will open a dead end.  Enter through that, use Force Speed to pass
the things that want to squish you, and at the end you'll find Desann.

ARGH!  This fight is SO INCREDIBLY EASY!  Man, final bosses are supposed to be
HARD!  I finished Desann off on my second try.  Jeez...he's almost as easy as
Nihilanth from Half-Life.  His main attacks are usual for shadowtroopers, but
his Force Push and Pull powers are ridiculously strong.  There are health's all
along the above ledges just so you know.  To defeat him, set your lightsaber
style to Strong, then set your Force quick key to Speed.  Use Force Speed and
slash him with your powerful lightsaber until he dies.  However, while in
between using Force Speed, Desann may grab hold of you and throw you around the
chamber, not letting go.  What he's doing is he's using Force Grip and banging
you against walls, much like you do to stormtroopers ;).  Use Push or Pull to
stop this, and he'll fall down.  Other then that he's no toughie.

Watch all the cutscene and congratulate yourself for beating the second edition
in the Jedi Knight series.  I would say something really inspiration right
here, but, well, I can't think of anything...look over there!  An...armadillo! 
...Seriously!  Ah whatever now you just go and play through this fun game
again, ya hear?

          ()====  5.  Secret Area's_________________________________|

These secret area's you'll find through only careful observation and lots of
patience.  There are a few for every level.  But, frustrating as it is when you
look for them, these are fun to find(when you finally do) and always contain
useful items and power-ups.  This part of the FAQ will tell you where to find
them, though there are some I haven't found.

Kejim Post

1.  This SA is near the area where you start the level, by the Imperial cargo
ship.  Turn left and enter the door where the tripmines are located.  Hop up
the shelves to the bacta canister.

2.  Take the lift, in the room with the gonk(the funny looking robot that makes
a stupid noise), down.  In this dark area, just turn right past the first set
of crates.

Kejim Base

1.  On the outside ledge of the first cyro chamber, walk along them to a small
bridge.  Enter the small area to find a supply crate and the SA.

2.  On the first catwalk overlooking a locked door, the secret area is directly
parallel in a tangled mess of pipes.  Hop across to the ammo converter.

3.  ?

Artus Mine

1.  This can be found while your on the elevator heading down into the large
chamber (the place below the catwalk leading to the tram line is located).
Halfway down, a small alcove will abruptly come to view.  Hurry and step on the
ledge near it; the elevator will not stop.  Crouch to enter the alcove
overlooking the large chamber.  You can pick up some thermal detonators here as
well as have an overhead view of some stormtroopers.

Artus Detention

1.  In the small circular place with that you come to right after you descend
from the large fan, there are several grates.  The one with the lightest color
is breakable.  Crouch down in there to find some ammo and health.

Artus Topside

1.  At the end of the canyon, head all the way up t the walkways that contain
the laser cannons.  Turn away from your objectives to a ledge where some
stormtroopers are.  On that ledge is a grate.  Shoot it out and crouch to enter
and find the secret area and bacta canister.

Yavin Temple


Yavin Trial

1.  In the water-filled room where the Trials test your Force Pull skills(where
you must pull out ledges from the wall to move upwards), make your way up to
the door.  Once your there you can keep going with the Force Pull and pull out
more ledges to the Trial's only secret area.

Nar Shaddaa Streets

1.  In the bar, head to the room right of where the crabs were fighting(the
backstage area).  In here look at the middle or three large computer-walls. 
Use Force Push on it.  It will reveal the secret area with some weapons and

2.  Still in the bar, on the bottom floor, go to either of the two black tables
and press 'use'.  Either table will fold into the wall revealing a secret

3.  This one is hard to explain...On the roof where your can enter a building
from its glass sky windows, do so.  Take the elevator in there up top and onto
the platform.  Follow the ledge left, then left again at the end, ignoring the
bridge.  You'll encounter a Rodian.  Kill him then look down to find several
bridges below you.  Jump down on all of them, using the light panels to break
your falls.  On the last bridge, jump on the square block.  You'll see another
walkway leading to a pair of converters.  Jump to them to find it.

4.  On the same ledge described in number 3., this time take the bridge to the
right with a single weequay and an explosive charge in the center.  Jump across
the gap the charge makes then turn left.  You'll notice a walkway directly
above you, but out of reach.  Well, the wall to your right is slanted enough
for you to jump on, so do so then jump to the walkway.

5.  Get on top of the glass bridge.  From there you should see a small platform
with some bacta canisters, among other things.  Its a long and tricky jump,

6.  Right when you jump onto the garbage bin, jump up into its shoot above it. 
Follow that left to find the SA.  You can get out using the ventilation shaft
leading back to the R5 unit.

Nar Shaddaa Hideout

1.  While your still on the garbage bin, hop up on the pipe above you.  From
here, jump across to the top of the incinerator.  Two converters are there as

2.  When your in the large garbage-processing area near the beginning, move
towards the locked door to the right of the door that enters the facility. 
From there follow the wall to reach another door.  Open it.  Avoid the laser
fire by the guards and shoot at the explosive packs near the wall.  This will
open a part of the wall.  Enter the hole.

3.  In the same room as number 2.  was, go to the crates and jump on top of
them.  They form a crack against the wall with just barely enough room for you
to squeeze into.  Do so, and press 'use' on the wall and it will recede.

4.  In the short corridor where you must push a large bin to reveal an
incinerator room with a conveyor belt, backtrack a few steps to the locked
cement door.  Look up to find an accessible area through a jump.

5.  In Reeno's office, press the switch on his desk using the Force Push.  It
will open a secret wall behind it.

6.  When in the secret wall described in number 5., go down the pulsating pipe
to the bottom to find stairs.  Kill the guard under them, and use Force Push on
the switch to open the stairwell.  Enter their to find lots of goodies.

7.  ?

Nar Shaddaa Starport

1.  Jump up top onto the gas valves.  Opposite the switches you'll use later in
the mission, there's the main pumping mechanism.  Get atop there and follow its
pipes to the platform carrying some health's.

2.  In the controls center where you open the bay doors, hop onto the ledge
outlining the doorway.  From there, shoot out the glass above you, then jump up
and onto the roof.  Left of the roof you'll see the secret area containing some
health canisters and ammo.

3.  To the left of the control room, while on the walkway leading to a door,
there is a slanted platform on the wall.  You can jump to it.  Do so.

Bespin Undercity

1.  Get on the large metal pump that goes upwards.  When it reaches the top,
look up.  You will see, if your in the right position, a small alcove reachable
by your Force Jump.  So Jump to it to find the secret area.

2.  You know the large area where your have to use Force Speed on the force
field that blankets the pit?  Well at the very top, and through the door, is a
lift.  The secret area is under the lift.  Press the switch to make the lift go
up but don't be on it when it does.  Drop into it to find the SA.

3.  In  Carbonite Chamber #14, after you defeat the Reborn, there will be a set
of stairs to the left of an old alien.  Under the stairs is an area you can
reach by crouching, containing shields and bacta canisters.

Bespin Streets

1.  Protect the R5 so it will open its 'home' in the TIE storage bay.  In it is
a ammo converter.

2.  On the platform overlooking the laser cannon, go towards the platform to
the right where some supplies are.  Notice the dark crack near them.  Turn your
LAG on and look up.  Its a small dark ledge, so jump up to it.

3.  This is in the corridor you go through right after you make the long drop
into the water.  At the corridors end, is, duh, a door.  Don't go through it.
Look right and get on the ledge.  Look down and you'll see a small platform.
Drop down to it to find the secret area.

Bespin Platform

1.  In the room with where the C-3PO and R2-D2 look-alikes are, move towards
the stairs.  There's a small crack that leads under where the stairs overlap,
so enter it to find the secret area and some shield and supplies.

Cairn Assembly

1.  Press the switch to open the bay door that contains an imperial cargo ship.
 Go to the lift you would use to go to the bottom level.  Instead of getting on
it jump to the dark platform across from it, then jump to the one across from
that.  Smash the wall with your lightsaber and it will break apart leaving the
secret area open to you.

Cairn Reactor

1.  After you defeat the AT-PT and take the floater across the pit to the lift,
turn left before getting on it and walk onto the ledge.  Follow it to the grate
that is the secret area.

Cairn Docking Bay 1

1.  In the room previous to the one where you turn out the lights and have to
sneak by the Remnants, notice a pair of small platforms to the right of the
door.  Jump on them to the grate.

Doomgiver Communications Array

1.  The first secret area is under the large docking platform that you can take
down as an elevator.  The secret area is a grate behind it.

2.  ?

Doomgiver detention

1.  This I found by complete accident: In the detention facility where Jan is,
in one of the prison cells there is a false wall.  You could see the crack if
you look closely.  Slash it open with the lightsaber.

Doomgiver Shields

1.  After you defeat Galak Fyyar and gravity becomes all screwed up, float up
to the roof and look around on the walls.  You should see a small alcove. 
Enter it to find the SA.

Yavin Swamp

1.  ?

2.  After you battle the two shadowtroopers in the near complete blackness of
the tunnel, exit out.  You have two ways to go, left towards your mission and
right towards the SA.  So head right and float to the end of what looks like a
dead end.  Switch to first person if your not and submerge yourself.  There are
some supplies under the muck which mark the location of the SA.

Yavin Canyon

1.  Right when the level starts turn around and go back into the lander.  Go to
the lift, it won't work, so jump up there.  There are a lot of supplies here,
and at the very top you'll get the SA message.

2.  This SA is near the first time you encounter laser cannons and the first
opposing AT-ST you face.  Once the cannons and AT-ST are destroyed, jump up to
where the cannons were.  Follow it to the end then look up.  Up there is a
platform where a stormtrooper with a rocket launcher was.  Jump up there and
enter the cavern.  You'll find the SA guarded by a sentry.

Yavin Courtyard


Yavin Finale


          ()====  6.  Using the Force_______________________________|

With the Force, if you've ever seen any Star Wars movies, you will be able to
deceive opponents, pull/push far away objects towards/away from you, activate
unreachable levers, heal yourself, slow down time, and fire lighting bolts at
opponents.  The force will be absolutely necessary to your missions, and this
section will explain its powers and uses.

Basic Information

The Force is a special ability acquired over the game that allows you to
manipulate things, such as your health, other people, or far away objects
without actually touching them.  The force is acquired in three levels, 3 being
the strongest.  Force power-ups are found and earned through various parts of
the game.  You need to use the Force quite often to complete your missions; its
not some nice extra you can use when you want.

How do I get higher levels/new powers of the force?

You get them by one of two ways: you find Push, Pull, Jump, and Speed all at
Yavin, Level 1.  The rest, you gain as you progress through the game.  i.e. 
you have Level 1 Push in one level, then the next level when you start you
discover you have level 2.  It will usually happen like this, unless you use
some dirty rotten cheats ;)

The Force Meter

The force meter tells you of your current force strength.  When a force is
used, its level will decrease.  Different force powers and different levels of
force powers take a varying amount of points away from the force meter.  On
defeating a shadowtrooper in lightsaber combat, they drop things called "Force
Crystals," which instantly replenishes your Force meter, no matter how low. 
There is no way to increase your Force meter's capabilities, however.

On the Quick Keys

You don't have time to stop moving in the middle of battle and look at the
keyboard to find F5 or F2, the quick keys.  I would recommend having a certain
force power on the F key, which executes a Force power immediately.  Me, I
usually have F on Pull, because that is the most useful.  Though there will
come times when you will need other powers, such as Push or Mind Trick.  Use
discretion; know your situation and know what power you'll need to counter an
enemy or situation.


Quick Key: Hold the SPACEBAR button

 This enhances your normal jump.  You can now reach higher platforms and jump
farther.  In the third person perspective you can see Kyle do a mid a
air-curled flip.  Jump is a great move for avoiding large amounts of enemy
fire.  When your in a sticky situation, simply act the coward(there's nothing
wrong with that...) by jumping out of the middle and running.

Level One: Jump twice as hard as a normal jump.
Level Two: Jump four times as high as normal.
Level Three: Jump a whopping EIGHT times as high as normal.


Quick Key: F1

 Allows you to push objects and enemies.  It actually damages enemies, but only
on Level 3.  This is the best Force power in the game, because it makes it so
easy to kill stormtroopers and other non-Force wielding enemies because you can
push them down, and while they're on the ground you can slash them with your
saber.  An interesting use for Force Push in this game is pushing enemy fire,
such as a rocket or a laser beam, back towards the sender.  For example a
stormtrooper fires a deadly rocket at you.  Simply Push it and it will blow up
in the stormtroopers face.

Level One: Push on enemy or object.
Level Two: Pushes targets back.
Level Three: Push many targets at once.


Quick Key: F2

 This pulls objects or enemies towards you, if the name didn't tip you off ;)
Use it to get unreachable items or weapons.  A fun trick is to Force Jump and
press Pull at the highest point, sending your enemies high into the air then
down to their deaths.  Other then that only on level 2 and 3 is this Force
power worth anything, but when you get it all other Force's become obsolete. 
This has the same action as Push, but, in accordance with its name, it pulls
enemies to your feet, and their weapons, and while they're on the ground you
can slash them.  But unlike Push, here you don't have to run a distance to get
to your fallen enemy; he's already right there.  My Force of choice.

Level One: Pull certain objects like weapons towards yourself.
Level Two: Pull the weapons out of your opponents hands.
Level Three: Pulls many enemies, or all their weapons.


Quick Key: F3

 This slows the world around you.  Very useful Force power, especially to
bypass dense amounts of enemies, and useful in battling shadow troopers and
Reborn.  This Force power borders cheating, as it makes enemies SO easy to
defeat with Reborn and shadowtroopers going so slow.  If your having trouble
with an enemy or need to get by a large group of grans, use Speed.

Level One: World is slowed by 25% for 5 seconds, and you are sped up 25%.
Level Two: World is slowed about 50%.
Level Three: World is slowed about 70%.

 Jedi Mind Trick

Quick key: F4

 Punk walks up to Obi Wan and says "Hey mister!  Wanna buy some death sticks?"
Obi Wan: "I don't want to sell you any death sticks." Punk repeats Obi Wans'
sentence.  "I think I will go home and re-think my life." Punk repeats.

 If you've seen Episode II, you know this quote.  You can cause a distraction,
have the enemy ignore you, or have him become your ally.  I only use the Jedi
Mind Trick when its required; I usually don't like making allies for 15 seconds
because I almost always forget about them, and then when I least expect it they
come charging in and shoot me in the ass.  Only use this when there are
overwhelming forces against you, and once the enemies are dead slay the pawns
so what I said doesn't happen.

Level One: You can create a distraction or make a single enemy ignore you for a
cheesy 5 seconds.
Level Two: Do the same as above to a number of enemies for 10 seconds.
Level Three: Same again, or target and enemy to become your friendly for 15


Quick key: F5

 With this power you can heal yourself, pending the limits of your Force meter.
 Kyle will recover lost health until the force is depleted.  On the lowest
level, you can't move while he's doing this, so find a safe spot to recover. 
Once you have this power bacta canisters are needless, except when your in the
midst of battle and need health immediately.

Level One: Kyle must stop and...what looks like sit like he's constipated...and
heal.  Any movement/action will stop it.
Level Two: Kyle can run and heal, but not attack.
Level Three: Kyle can now attack and heal, and the healing process becomes more
efficient, though the Force meter is rapidly drained.


Quick key: F6

 Yea!  Now you can lift enemies up in the air and choke them, just like in the
movies!  But that's not until levels 2-3.  What's really cool is on level three
you can MOVE enemies, like say, over a ledge.  The best and most under-rated
tactic for Grip is on level 3, you can, while your choking enemies, THROW them
against a wall or repeatedly bang them against the ground, which results in
immediate death.  I love that tactic; if you get really frustrated with an
enemy for a while and when you finally do get him in your grasp you can Grip
him and repeatedly bang him into a wall to take out your anger ;).  Or you can
gain momentum by making him go in circles, then let him go and send him flying,
which is also cool.

Level One: You can hold someone stationary, and you must remain stationary.
Level Two: While stationary, you can grip someone's throat and kill them.
Level Three: Move AND look around with your enemy being choked.  You can also
move your enemy, such as over a cliff or pit


Quick key: F7

 Self explanatory, the lightning bolts are usually deadly to all non-Jedi.  It
fires a short, quick burst of lightning which is very powerful.  Hold the quick
key to extend the lightning's use.  I recommend using it, but only against
enemies such as stormtroopers, because one quick burst of lightning would kill
a stormtrooper nearly instantaneously.  Against a Reborn or Shadowtroopers
however, Lightning becomes nulled to the point of uselessness.

Level One: A short burst of lightning comes from Kyle's fingers.
Level Two: As long as you hold the button, lightning will spew out until your
force power is gone.
Level Three: Your lightning now shoots out in an arc.

          ()====  7.  Cheats________________________________________|
Cheat mode:

Press [Shift] and ~ during game play to display the console window.  Type
helpusobi 1 or devmapall to enable cheat mode.  Then, enter one of the
following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat

Note: If the console window does not appear, edit the "jk2config.cfg" file in
the "\gamedata\base\" folder and add the line: bind ~ "toggleconsole

Effect                                             Code

God mode                                                    god
No clipping mode                                         noclip
Disable enemy AI                                       notarget
Suicide                                                    kill
All weapons, maximum health, and armor                 give all
Full health                                         give health
Full armor                                           give armor
Full ammunition                                       give ammo
All weapons                                        give weapons
Spawn indicated weapon give weapon          num 
Spawn indicated NPC                  npc spawn 
Level select                                   map 
Spawn indicated item                          spawn 
Drive AT-ST in third person view                     drive_atst
Destroy all AT-STs                             1 use atst_death

Set game speed; 1 is default, 0.5 is half speed, 2 is
double speed - timescale 

Crash game ("This program caused an illegal operation and will be shut down"
system messege) - fly_xwing

999 health                                               undying
Mutilation/gore effects            /g_saberrealisticcombat <1-9>
Screenshot, without console window                     levelshot
Screenshot, including console window                  screenshot
Wireframe display                                   r_showtris !

Place camera at indicated coordinates - setviewpos    

Use Force Heal ability                                force_heal
Fourth lightsaber move; Dessan's stance             setforce 500

Tavion's lightsaber moves; change lightsaber style to
blue and choose the first one - setforceall 600

Desann's strong red lightsaber style            setsaberoffense 4
Tavion's fast yellow lightsaber style           setsaberoffense 5
Set all lightsaber abilities                    setsaberall <1-3>
Set Force Jump level                           setforcejump <1-3>
Set Force Heal level                           setforceheal <1-3>
Set Force Push level                           setforcepush <1-3>
Set Force Pull level                           setforcepull <1-3>
Set Force Speed level                         setforcespeed <1-3>
Set Force Grip level                           setforcegrip <1-3>
Set Force Lightning level                 setforcelightning <1-3>
Set Jedi Mindtrick level                   setforcemindtrick<1-3>
Set Force level for all abilities               setforceall <1-3>
Set lightsaber throw level                    setsaberthrow <1-3>
Set lightsaber offensive level              setsaberoffense <1-3>
Set lightsaber defensive level              setsaberdefense <1-3>
Set lightsaber color                      sabercolor 
Matrix style bullettime                            thereisnospoon
Kill all NPCs                                        npc kill all
Kyle taunts2                                                taunt
Reveal where indicated entity is located        where 
Full force bar                                         give force
Full inventory                                     give inventory
Full battery bar                                   give batteries
All weapons                                          give weapons
No noticeable effect                                  give eweaps
Control any ally that is following         you control 
Display level objective          viewobjective 


Level names:

Use one of the following entries with the map code.


Item names:

Use one of the following entries with the spawn code.


Character names:

Use one of the following entries with the npc spawn code.


Hint: Double-bladed lightsaber:

Press [Shift] + ~ during game play in multi-player mode to display the console
window.  Type devmap  to enable cheat mode.  When the map loads,
select your lightsaber, then holster it and type /thedestroyer in the console

Hint: Control enemy NPCs

You can control enemy NPCs in single player mode for a limited amount of time. 
Enable the setforceall 9 code.  You can now set the Force to anything above 3. 
Your Force Mind Trick is now at level 4.  Use the Force Mind Trick on any
enemy.  It will get slightly dark and "Press jump to exit" will appear.  If you
press [Jump], it will not exit -- ignore the message.  When playing Jedi (like
Desann), they have infinite Force and you can use Force Push and Force Pull
very fast.

When "Press jump to exit" appears during the jedi mind trick, you can actually
hit the Jedi Mind Trick again -- it releases him instead of waiting for it to
wear off.  The setforceall 9 code is one of many you can do.  Enable the
setforceall 4 code and it also works.  This code also improves saber offense
(now at 4) and you will also have four fighting styles.  Enable the setforceall
5 code to have five fighting styles.  The two extra saber fighting styles are
Desann's red strong style and Tavion's blue fast style.  Enable the setforceall
6 code and you will still have the mind trick at 4 and saber offense at 5.  Any
number higher than 6 after setforceall has the same effect.

Enable the setforceall 5 (or a higher) code.  Exit the console press [F4] to
use the Mind Trick on an enemy.  Instead of making them not see you, you can
control them.  This is very useful, as you can make them kill themselves by
jumping off a cliff or having them shoot their friends.  To exit this, press
[F4] again.

Credit: for these cheats

          ()====  8.  The Final Word________________________________|
Well, so concludes yet another guide by me, black hole sun.  Look for my next
guide, one for Star Fox Adventures, which will be up in about early October. 
For now though, go on and play this marvelous game again.  You owe to yourself
and me.  So, until next time, this is black hole sun logging off.

 Copyright 2002 (c) Paul 'black hole sun' Lauria


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