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 Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

Extra Life in the Park:

In the park level, follow the road from the start. Walk up 
to the second fountain you come to. Go left and follow the 
road come to until you see a statue on the right that looks 
like a woman holding a long piece of paper. Tail whip it 3 
times. Each time you hit it it should go a little off balance.
After 3 hits, it should fall over and a life will pop out. 

Mini FAQ:
1. In the underground caves level, the 2nd hostage is near the 
   end after the letter f, on the left.  There's a grating there
   that needs to be hit.

2. In the crypt, the first hostage is in Sebastos room, when you 
   enter, you have to stay on the outer boards and fall straight
   down to land on platforms. The second hostage is in Obert's 
   room and is in the first destroyable wall, where there are 2 
   crates of dynamite. If you hit the wall it will try to break
   but can only be done with dynamite. Once inside, the only way 
   I was able to free the hostage was to hit the attack button
   and jump button at about the same time so that he's spinning 
   on the way up, it may take a while to get it. 

3. In the first toxic dump level, the best way to do it is jump 
   from the pipes to the first moving platform, then to the pipes, 
   then fly to the next pipes, then wait for the platform to come 
   back and jump on it and then the platform moving up and down, 
   and then to the higher pipes. Best way to hitmoving platforms 
   is to time them and then count it off and jump.

4. When in doubt as to weather to jump or fly, jump. Flying usually
   isn't neccessary, though at times it definitely is.

5.  Trick to getting all the boxes in the haunted house is when it
    sends you outside again at the back door, go in the front door
    without saving andall the boxes will be reset but your count 
    will be the same (requires gameshark code for getting all the 
    Note: The game shark code for allboxes does not allow you to 
    count down so if you use it you won't be able to destroy the 

Secret Levels:
Go outside the museum level to the big statue. Walk behind it and 
it says " 02P " That means when you get your power level at 02, 
push the statue and you should fall into the secret level.

Go to the tree level in the park. When you get to the bottom of 
the slide on the floor there will be a "p08" sign on the floor 
(your as to be at 8 for this to work). And just jump on it.

Next, in the graveyard level go to the water and jump on the 
platform. When you get across there's a block with "p05" just 
push it and walk in the cave.

Then, in the factory level go straight when you get in the level.
There's a pipe with "p07" on it. Hit it and go in.

Lastly, go to the sea port level and go to the lifeboat and when
the lifeboat goes down turn the camera in towards the wall and on
the wall is "p09" whip it and you're in.
 Unlimited Extra Lives:
In the beginning of the game, get the extra life on top of the
fountain. Then, pause the game and check your status. Unpause 
the game and there will be another extra life on top of the 
fountain. Keep on doing this for unlimited extra lives!


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