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                              JETS'N'GUNS GOLD
                              (Version 1.222)

Written by Chen Guojun / Cyber Akuma / Mech Gouki / God of Truth /
           Ultimate Reality

Version 1.1  20-12-07
Added gameplay tips. Modified certain sections.



Jets'N'Guns game is a 2D scrolling airplane game developed by Rake In Grass

Jets'N'Guns Gold is an improved version of the game.



Everytime you complete the game on one Difficulty level, you automatically go
to the next Difficulty level.

It is recommended that you start all the way from Difficulty "Too fat to die".
This will ensure that you are 1 playthrough ahead, compared to if you simply
started on Normal.

Level 1

Description: Your Basic objective is to destroy 50 of the Containment Cells.
Depending on how well you do, you may finish this well before you reach the

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Near 20%. Lies near the beginning of the stage on a ledge abov. 

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Near 55%. In the middle of the stage, on a ledge, shielded by a dome. 

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Near 75%. In the middle of the ledge near the end of the Stage. 
Make sure you do not destroy every sing containment unit, otherwise you
will not even reach here.

Level 2 lvl.crates

Description: A fairly standard stage. There are many checkpoints in between,
so you shouldn't have to worry. The Boss at the end has 3 parts. Make sure
you destroy the bottom 2 parts before you fight the top, as it will not take
damage until it is alone.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Near 9%. This is hidden by trees in an alcove below.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Near 20%. This is hidden in a small alcove by some blocks. 

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Near 35%. In between crates below. 

Secret 4: Lame SSMDI
Near 52%. On the ground below the ledge. 

Level 3 lvl.vamps

Description: A large stage. The most difficult part is that fast enemies will 
come in from fast speed all over the place, making it very likely to crash into
enemies and take heavy damage. You may have to memorize enemy formations to
avoid crashing into them. When you see the red Macho ships, try to destroy
as much of them as you can, as they offer very high points now.

Secret 1: Secret Level
Stay at the top, when you see the 2 pink rockets. One of the green ships will
drift across. Shoot it down, and take the Secret Level. Near 63%.

Secret Level 4 lvl.spam

Description: Not much. An obvious poking fun of internet spammers. Not that
they don't deserve it of course.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Hidden behind the sign below that says subjects are armed and dangerous.

Level 5 lvl.cloaca

Description: A space stage, within enclosed areas. Bombs are essential, but
not necessary

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
This is hidden in the sign beside the Under Construction sign. Near 24%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
In plain view, topside of area, slightly covered. Near 62%.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Hidden on the upperside of the wall blocking your path. Near 83%

Level 6 lvl.comfort

Description: The most difficult part of this may be the Boss. It will be
a good idea to avoid getting directly in front from far away, as he will use
his powerful gatling gun. Stay close, but not too close. He always moves in
a specific pattern.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Hidden in the statue. Near 28%

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Within the upper wall left of the flashing lights. Near 40%

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Lower side, within one of the building walls. Near 75%

Secret 4: Secret Level
When you defeat the Boss, a red card will fly out. Quickly catch it.

Miss Cosmos:
In plain sight, covered by walls. Near 60%.

Secret Level 7 lvl.wardrobe

Description: Get some homing weapons. Frontal firepower is not as important

Level 8 lvl.ussi

Description: You have to hold out on the Boss, if you cannot defeat him. He
will be destroyed all the same, so take him out if you think you are up to it.
His firepower is amazing, so be warned.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
This is in the second set of lightning conductors, the one at the top. 
Near 50%.

Level 9 lvl.zoo

Description: Make sure you get the Carnage TV Setup. You can easily earn much
cash here. Simply wait for a lot of Zombies to show up, then go down and blast
them with a VX laser. You can easily earn 7500 this way. The Boss in this stage
is one of the easiest. If you are very strong, you can earn much cash with
this technique. Simply wait for the Boss to produce a lot of Zombies. When 
there are many Zombies, go down and blast them with a laser. You can keep
doing this until you have lots of cash.

Secret 1:
Near 8%. There is a signboard, and a large skull on the signboard. You have
to destroy the Skull before you destroy the signboard, otherwise it will be
a failure. Make sure not to have too much firepower. If successful, you will
see a Hull Integrity Bonus released.

Secret 2: Necrofilia
Destroy the red hill in the middle. Takes up much firepower. The Book is 
inside. Near 80%

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
At 99%. This is located all the way at the end, when the boss shows up.

Level 10 lvl.concert

Description: An easy and short stage. Make sure you have the Remcon.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
This is hidden in the gate. Near 32%

Secret 2: Tomator Deluxe
Near 48%. Hack the Zeppelin to make it reveal the Secret Weapon. Make sure
you don't simply destroy everything in sight.

Secret 3:
All the way at the end. This is hidden in the second set of speakers. Near 97%.

Level 11 lvl.lemon1

Description: If you have the firepower, you should destroy more asteroids to
get more points.
 A number of the secrets require that you blast your way to
get them as well. Focus on getting the gold rather than destroying enemies.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
At the upper side. Near 15%

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
At the lower side. Near 45%

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
At the upper side. Near 65%

Blackfist Mortar (Trial):
At the beginning in plain sight.

Level 12 lvl.race

Description: A race stage. There is not much I can say, except that this can
be really brutal at high difficulty levels. Start praying.

Level 13 lvl.LEMON2

Description: A Boss fight. Avoid his missiles, and destroy them with your own
Homing Missiles if possible. They home in fast, and alter position quickly, 
making it very difficult to dodge. When you have reduced him to 50% HP, he
will start his next attack pattern. He will fly around, releasing large mines
while continuing to attack. The mines take too much hit to destroy, and they
keep coming, so do not bother to destroy them. Fly around, avoiding the mines
that keep flying towards you, and find chances to attack the Boss. His missiles
cannot pass through the mines, so use that to your advantage.

Level 14 lvl.einhoff

Description: Most of the enemies here have really high endurance. If you find
that you cannot defeat them, try to avoid them instead.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
After the Checkpoint, at the top. Near 50%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Hidden behind the banner. Near 80%.

Level 15 lvl.einhoff 2

Description: Your first spacesuit mission. Focus everything on front firepower.
The Boss requires you to constantly destroy his hat first before you are able
to damage him.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
This is in the top side, near the start of the game.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Near the middle of the stage, you see an opening upwards. There contains the
Secret and a Hull Integrity bonus.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Shortly after the 2nd secret, at the upper path, you see a narrow tunnel 
leading down. Quickly follow it down, take the gold and the Secret, than
make your way back out quickly.

Level 16 lvl.einhoff 3

Description: Be sure not to crash into the Lager yourself. It will be a good
idea to get some homing Weapons here. DO NOT USE WEAPONS THAT ATTACK BEHIND!!
You are required to defeat the Sphere Boss at the end, so make sure you are 

Level 17 lvl.IGSC

Description: You might want to consider getting at least one homing Weapon
like the Swarm. Small feet may attack you from all directions, causing much 
damage. You also need full frontal firepower plus some bombs to break through
slime. If all else fails, eqiup the trial weapon for a while to get extra 

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
All the way at the bottom, left side of wall, hidden in a box. Near 38%.

Secret 2: Secret Level
All the way at the top of the ledge, hidden by lamposts. Near 80%.

SunTEQ Sunray Bozotron (Trial):
In plain sight at the start.

Secret Level 18 lvl.IGSC2

Description: Hope you've got some serious firepower. Otherwise you're gonna
regret getting this secret.

Level 19 lvl.jetpack

Description: This used to be a difficult stage back in old Jets and Guns.
But now you have firepower, despite being in a Jetpack. After this stage,
you will be able to purchase a powerful ship.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Near the beginning in the destroyed pillar above, near the sign.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Lower right corner of the large area, below the cannon.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Located near the bottom shield generator.

Level 20 lvl.grass

Description: Another ground mission. Make sure you have the Bounty Hunter
License here.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Hidden in trees near the Missile Truck. Near 37%

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Hidden in trees near the Missile Truck. Near 43%

Secret 3: Plop Fragmentation Gun
Destroy the Hangars below, and you will see the Weapon.

Level 21 lvl.slime

Description: A space mission. Most irritating things here are probably the 
laser dinos. The laser is instant death, and they can take a great deal of 

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
In plain sight, in an alcove above. Near 75%

Secret 2: Atomic Bonbon
Near the end of the stage, you see a pillar. You have to quickly get there
from the right, and destroy the pillar and take the item. Near 98%.

Level 22 lvl.castle

Description: Another ground based mission. For the Boss, make sure you attack
the rest of the body before going for the head. Watch out for its eratic and
fast movements.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
On the hill slope. Near 40%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
At the bottom, hidden in the building. Near 66%.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
In the grass, just before the Boss. Near 97%

Level 23 lvl.minefield

Description: All mines. Get some good homing weapons, so not only will you
be safe, but you can blast most of them, and get much cash as well.

Level 24 lvl.lava

Description: Another ground stage. Make sure you have bombs and the
Bounty Hunter License. Somewhere after the checkpoint, there is a dangerous
part where 6 enemy ships appear slowly from behind. Be careful of that.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
This is hidden near the spire in front of the volcano. Near 25%.

Secret 2: Secret Level
After the Checkpoint, at the bottom of the building labeled Treasure Island,
near green rocket. Destroy the building to get it to appear. Near 51%.

Secret Level 25 lvl.lavamoon

Description: A fairly easy stage. Make sure you control your firepower here.

Secret 1: L.E.D. Zeppelin
Near 35%. You see a Zeppelin on the ground. Damage it, but do not destroy it.
Use only weak attacks. After damaged, you will be able to use the Remcon to
hack it. Hack it to release the Ship. Then take it.

Level 26 lvl.zog

Description: There are many narrow spots. Watch out for enemies that rush at
you, and turrets. Note: If you managed to destroy Casanova before you hit the
checkpoint, you can choose to restart, and you will get the opportunity to
catch him again, making it 2 bounties.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
In sight. At the lower side of the alcove. Near 28%.

Secret 2: Zion Wave Emitter
Near 48%. To the right of the sign that says Gate A, there is an Arrow sign.
Destroy it to reveal the Weapon.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
In plain sight at the bottom. Near 62%.

Level 27 lvl.insect

Description: One of the more dangerous enemies here are the centipedes. The 
move in erratic patterns, and shoot multiple attacks, and they have much 
endurance as well. Do not collide with them. Another dangerous enemy is the
web spider. If you do not have enough firepower to destroy the webs, you're
toast. There is no need for the bounty hunter license here.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
In plain sight, after the wreckage notice. Near 40%.

Level 28 lvl.bigship

Description: There are many very fast ships. Be sure not to collide with
them. Be very careful when you see centipede ships.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
In front of hanging wall, above the turret. Near 39%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
In plain sight, near checkpoint. Near 57%.

Level 29 lvl.ctv

Description: This stage is fairly easy.

Level 30

Description: Make sure you have some bombs. One of the lasers will be difficult
to destroy. Do not let the HP of the Boss fool you. You simply have to destroy
all the parts in front.

Vulcan Dizintegrator (Trial):
In plain sight at the start.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Lower side, in front of bridge, at missile truck. Near 34%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
Very close to checkpoint, in tree. Near 48%.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
After the final checkpoint, in snowman. Near 93%.

Level 31 lvl.water

Description: You may need some low angle weapons, considering that you do not
have any bombs for this stage. Try to destroy as many of the large mines as you 
can, as they offer much rewards.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
Destroy the building directly behind the first mine launcher.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI
After the checkpoint, destroy the building directly behind of 3 large mines.

Secret 3: Kraken 2000 Harpooner
When you see the first Sunflare ship, take note of a building below with a
trident sign. Destroy the trident part of the building, and the weapon will
appear. Because this is situated below you, it may be difficult to destroy.

Secret 4: Lame SSMDI
When a minefield appears after a centipede, destroy the mines. One of the mines
hide this.

Level 32 lvl.water_udg

Description: A diver mission. VX laser is recommended here.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI
At the end of the first large area, above 2 mines.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI MKII
Immediately after the first secret, look out for an opening below. It leads
to the secret as well as some gold.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI
Somewhere after the checkpoint, look out for a sign on top. Destroy the sign
to reveal the item.

Level 33 lvl.jungle2

Description: A ground stage.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
In grass, just before Checkpoint. Near 22%.

Secret 2: Omnigun NT-2
When you see a valley with 2 missile pods in it, look out for the idol to
the right. Destroy the idol and tree for the weapon to appear. Near 38%.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Immediately after the 2nd secret, look out for a cargo ship. The secret is 
below it. Near 42%.

Level 34 lvl.jungle

Description: Another ground stage just like the last. For the Boss, it may
seem like a good idea to keep attacking enemies, and damage the Boss as little
as possible, making enemies spawn to get more cash. But it's not a good idea.
Why? Because if you wait too long, it throws out "The Long Kiss Goodnight",
which will totally annihilate you. I have not found away to avoid the
devastating effects. Destroy it as fast as you can. The Hypercopter secret
you find will prove to be useful here.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
In between trees. Near 40%.

Secret 2: Airworm Hypercopter
Near 49%. You see a low pyramid. Go close and attack it. It will release the

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 52%. On the slope beside the laser.

Secret 4: Lame SSMDI MKII
In between pillars below. Near 67%.

Level 35 lvl.fex

Description: You have to activate the Dictator in order to continue once you
are at a certain part. When you do, stay at the topside, otherwise you will
be blasted dead in one hit.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
All the way up the spiked wall. Near 28%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI MKII
Above the checkpoint. Near 66%.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Destroy the pillar upper left of the Dictator. The secret is there. Near 74%.

Level 36 lvl.desert

Description: Your objective is to collect the data for the Chroniton Riffle.
In the old game, it is given free. Now, you have to buy it!

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
Hidden in the welcome sign. Near 3%.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI MKII
Above the water, where the Beamer is. Near 32%.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Below one of the large islands. Getting there is difficult. Near 89%.

Level 37 lvl.redsun

Description: A Boss battle. Get rid of his annoying claw, then pound him.
It is a good idea to get some homing weapons here, as he will not stay in the
same position.

Level 38 lvl.comp

Description: You do not need the Bounty Hunter License here. Watch out for
those lasers right at the start, as they kill you instantly. You have to
destroy the laser generators while watching out for enemies. The Boss at the
end is arguably one of the hardest. It comes in 3 stages, and the first is the 
most dangerous. It has 3 laser cannons that will constantly shoot lasers at
you, while 2 cannons behind shoot destructable energy beams from time to time.
The lasers are fast and damaging, and if you are not fully protected, you will
be dead in a few hits. To top it off, almost all the secrets of this stage is
invisible. This is truly one of the most irritating stages.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 21%. At the top, in front of mines. 

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 46%. In the alcove below, invisible from view.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 53%. It's located in a pit, almost hidden from view, second pit left of

Secret 4: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 85%. Lower side of the diagonal. Again, totally invisible.

Level 39 lvl.ast

Description: As the stage itself recommends, you need some bombs to complete
the mission. You may also need some strong weapons to pierce through the
buildings. All the secrets are below, so keep your eyes peeled on the bottom.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 28%. Below the land.

Secret 2: Punisher
Near 35%. You see a wooden shack below. Destroy it to release the weapon.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 44%. In the tower in front of the turret.

Secret 4: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 78%. Below the land.

Level 40 lvl.ast2

Description: You are in the cargo ship. Get lots of homing weapons. This stage
is wide. Focus on avoiding attacks, not destroying enemies. You cannot take
too much damage here.

Level 41 lvl.train

Description: A number of fast enemies here. Difficulty is fairly standard.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 28%. Destroy the red water tank. The secret is inside.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 46%. Located where the turret robot is.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 56%. After the checkpoint, you see this on a ledge above. Quickly fly
around to take it.

Level 42 lvl.cannon

Description: Make sure you have sufficient homing weapons to take on the boss.
You need your own homing weapons to destroy his missiles. he has 2 seperate
forms, but they should not be too difficult.

Secret 1: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 26%. On the ledge behind the building.

Secret 2: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 73%. In the middle path.

Secret 3: Lame SSMDI MKII
Near 83%. Destroy the Buildings. The secret is inside one of them.

Depending on your current Difficulty, there will be cargo to collect after the
last Checkpoint here. This doesn't contain the normal cargo, instead, it
contains a Hero's Notes.

Level 43

This is one hell of the Boss. There are 2 forms here, each with 2 stages.
For his first form, he will attack you with 6 seperate cannons. The most
dangerous pair are the purple ray cannons. Destroy all of these cannons,
and then you will go to the next part. The far top and bottom wings will
constantly send out obstructions, and small mines. The middle portion will
constantly attack with moon rays, split missiles, or a large mine. Destroy
the wings, and he will seperate. Get away from the middle, as he will shoot
out particle beams as he break away. Now you face his second form. In this 
form, he will move up or down until he is at the same height as you. The middle
section will again, attack with moon rays, missiles, or a large mine as he
follows you. He will at times, stop chasing, and fire particle beams, either in
the outer set, or inner set, and sometimes both, 2 times or 1 time. It is
very difficult to predict, and usually too late once you see it coming. It is
too fast, and too devastating. Keep your movements to a minimum, otherwise,
you will end up within his laser range. You first have to destroy the 4 sets
of cannons he has. After you do so, the next part requires you to destroy his
wings. It will be difficult to do so if you do not have a weapon that allows
you to hit upper and lower without moving there. If you move up or down, he
will follow, and if he does not do that, you are likely to be hit by a
devastating particle blast. Homing weapons will not be of much use here, as
they will always target the middle, which does not deal damage to him.
A fully upgraded Sunteq Sunray Bozotron can be quite effective here, as it
can hit in the required directions without needing to move. Once you have
defeated him, shoot the head, and you win.


Gameplay Tips

-Do not hold down on the attack button. When you do, heat keeps building up.
 The moment you let go of the attack button, it starts to cool down. The
 most effective way is to keep tapping the attack button repeatedly, frequency
 depending on the firing rate of your weapons.

-Most valuable items from the crates are the Gold Hyper Shopping Card and 
 Secret Data, worth 7000, and 6000 respectively. You should always save and
 load when you use the Atarix to hack open the crates, and get a higher
 value item.

-The Carnage TV Broadcast System and Bounty Hunter License will help you to
 get more cash. Do take note of the stage, though, and see if you actually
 can use these 2 to earn more cash for the stage.

-Be wary of instant deaths. No matter how upgraded your ship is, it cannot
 handle instant death. You will instantly die if you get pushed out of
 screen from the solid wall. Despite appearences, touching certain hackables
 like the Gun Robot or Robo Truck, will result in instant death. Don't ask me 

-Test and choose your weapons wisely. Although more expensive weapons are
 generally more powerful, it's wrong to assume that a higher price means 
 more firepower.

-Upgrade the Shielding of your Ship as soon as you can. Upgrade the Heat Sink
 before focussing on the Hull Integrity. For more powerful ships, you don't
 have to worry about the heating. Eventually, upgrade the Nanomachines, and
 the Magneto Repeller as well. Other ship upgrades will not be as useful. The
 Tronium is best used for bullets blocking, but it only blocks around 1/3,
 and the damage is ignorable. The Jetpack is useless as well. If you're dead,
 you're dead, the Jetpack only makes you die again.
 Despite the Coffinator and Space Hog, the TMiG Atomic Emu is still the best

-Hero's Guides

 Vol. 1.

 Secret Weapon Tomator Deluxe is hidden
 on Machinae Prime. Find a Zepplin which
 can be opened with the Rem-Con.

 Vol. 2.

 Secret Weapon Plop Gun is hidden on Plop
 Alpha. Look in the hangars.

 Vol. 3.

 Secret Weapon Omnigun NT-2 is somewhere
 in the Great Western Jungle on
 Mnabutombakhumbalumbutumac I. The key is
 one stony idol looking west while all
 other look east.

 Vol. 4.

 There is a Zion Wave Emitter in the
 Cathedral of Barf - Star City A. Check
 the arrow sign near Gate A.

 Vol. 5.

 Secret Weapon the Punisher is hidden in
 a flying latrine in Klaxxon's Research

 Vol. 6.

 Secret Weapon Kraken Harpooner 2000 can
 be found on the bottom of the frozen ocean.
 Look for the sign of the Trident.

 Vol. 7.

 Secret Spammer Containment Area is near
 the Sexy-Vamp asteroid field. Destroy
 the green turning Ship.

 Justin Perfect's Secret Planetary
 Wardrobe can be accessed with Justin's
 id card. Get it from his wreck.

 Secret Erebus-Alpha Moon Outpost is
 revealed through a building on Erebus
 666, the one marked with the "TREASURE 
 ISLAND" sign.

 Secret part of the Intergalactic
 Scientific Complex is accessible, if you
 destroy the one special lamp in the
 level. It's located on a very high

 Vol. 8.

 Secret ship "Airworm Hypercopter" is
 hidden near the Glutosian capital in a
 marked pyramid.

 Secret ship "L.E.D. Zeppelin" can be
 captured of the Erebus-Alpha Moon
 Outpost. Be careful with the harmless
 landed zeppelin. Damage it but do not
 destroy it. Then use your RemCon device
 to capture the ship.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other differences exists between Jets and Guns, and Jets and Guns

A: You can check out all these differences in the Documentation of your game.

   One of the differences not stated will be getting crushed, and touching the
   RoboTrucks. In the old version, you will simply be damaged when you touch
   a RoboTruck. If a wall is in front of you, and it pushes you all the way to
   the back of the screen, what will happen is that you will automatically be
   pushed up front. (You will still receive damage, so unless you have a lot
   of protection, you will die anyway.) In this gaming, having such situations 
   will immediately result in instant death. Very unfair.

Q: Arrghh! I had to many previous games! Now I can't set new records! What
   should I do?

A: Look in your Program folder. Under the saves folder, open the Best.txt.
   Delete the contents written inside and save. Now all records are 0.

Q: For those Dragonbots, should I focus of hacking them or destroying them?

A: You should focus on Jesterizing them first. It will make them drop gold,
   at the same time making them vulnerable, and not let them escape.

Q: How can I get the Armargeddonator and Coffinator?

A: These will appear after your 2nd Completion. Some weapons will also appear
   after your first play. You will get the Space Hog after your 3rd completion.

Q: What are the Hitchhikers for?

A: I have absolutely no clue.

Q: Should I use the TMiG or the Coffinator?

A: They both have the same weapon slots, except that Coffinator has one less
   Weapon in front, and one more behind.

   Their stats are similar overall, but the Coffinator has much better Hull
   after full upgrades.

   The disadvantage of the Coffinator, however, is its size. Because of its
   huge size, it cannot dodge attacks that well, and it will not go through
   enclosed areas well.

Q: Should I get the patch for this game?

A: You should if possible. The patch is at

Q: What are the contents of the Hero's Guides?


Q: If I uninstall the game, will the Saves be automatically erased?

A: From what I know, yes, but you can back them up before hand. Go to the
   Program Folder, and backup the Saves folder.

Q: I have the old Jets'N'Guns. If I install Gold, can I still play the old
   one? Will I be able to transfer Saves?

A: Depending on your installation, the Gold should totally replace the old
   one. The saves for the old will not work for the Gold edition.

Q: What are some of the changes the patch.

   These are some of the changes I know.

   -Number of secrets in levels fixed.
   -Some medal bugs fixed.
   -Spacehog description fixed.
   -Indestructible Krutor fixed.
   -Hexagun power -30%.
   -New level with the final showdown and death of the Enemy.
   -New boss in the final level.
   -Twin Xoxx on "nightmare".
   -Bigger difficulty rise after finishing the campaing.
   -"Race" level adjusted to curent difficulty level.
   -Fixed English (in the most cases ;) - big thanks goes to eddy!)
   -"Cheater bug" fixed.
   -Time limit for destroying the stargate in a "jungle" level.
   -New superior ship.
   -New camouflages for the Hypercopter.
   -Fixed Hypercopter slots (they shoot forward).
   -Superior ships' cooling downgraded.
   -New weak heat sink item added.
   -Fixed Autotron Air.
   -Fixed Black Friday.
   -Some weapons' powers adjusted.
   -Many more minor glitches fixed. 

   Anyway, basically, if you don't patch your games, you will get some secrets
   discrepencies. You will not get the true final stage. You will not get a
   medal even if you complete the game on normal. Worse of all, you will be
   labelled as a cheater even if you have never cheated!!

   Some disadvantages will be like how weapons like the Autotron Air now 
   becomes crap! :(



While playing, press the "~" key to access a command list. 
Enter these commands:

richman *insert integer here*
- This sets the money to the amount you state.

arnold_for_president 1
- Receives no damage. You can still be killed by instant deaths.

keep_cool 1
- No heating.

power_to_the_people 1 
- Firepower multiplied by 4. 

- Immediately complete the stage.

Some of the codes require you to use them repeatedly.

WARNING! Use of any of these codes will cause you to be forever labelled as a 



Many thanks to das_kroetli for all the secret listings.

Thanks to 2baksa for some of the differences in the patch.

Thanks to various game sites for 5 codes. None of them provided all 5 though.

Lastly, many thanks to Rakeingrass for the great game.
Despite the fact that you guys didn't have any 3d graphics or anything too
flashy, like the ones done by big time game companies like Square Enix or Thq,
who can easily chew you up and spit you out, I think you guys did a great


End of Document

Done by Chen Guojun

All rights reserved

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