Little Match Girl Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Little Match Girl

Little Match Girl

-Click on snowman so he goes by girl and drops his arms on
 the ground. 
-Go to kitchen table scene. 
-Click on left chair so cat moves to it and pick up matchbox.
-Click on the mouse hole and the mouse will give you a match. 
-Select the matchbox, click the ? then select the match and strike
 it on the matchbox. 
-Use the lit match to light the snowman’s arms. 
-The girl will get up and go inside. Pick up the red ball. 
-Go to the last scene and click on the Christmas tree. 
-The star goes into the sky and the red ball drops - pick up the ball. 
-Go to the scene with the kitchen table and click on the window. 
-A bird will come in and drop a blue ball - pick it up. 
-Go to the scene with the fireplace and girl. 
-Place the 3 balls in that cement thing in the left corner. 
-Back away and a flame will form. 
-Click on the flame and place it in the fireplace. 
-You will jump to the outside scene and a sack will pop out of the 
-Click on the sack to collect it then click on it again with the ?. 
-Click on it one more time to get a piece of uncooked meat. 
-Go to the kitchen table scene, and cook it in the oven by opening the 
 oven and placing the meat in it. 
-Give the meat to the cat in the fireplace scene, and he will hop on 
 the fireplace leaving behind a hammer - pick it up. 
-Click on the girl and she will go to the kitchen table. 
-Place the meat on the kitchen table’s plate and she will eat it 
 leaving behind a bone. 
-Take the bone to the dog in the last scene and place it in his bowl.
-He will move so you can pick up the piggy bank. 
-Smash it with the hammer (via selecting the bank then the ?) and get
 a gold coin. 
-Go to the first scene and use the coin to buy the matches from the 
 girl (who has now set up a store). 
-Use the matches on the lit fire of the fireplace. 
-A flame will shoot out the chimney and cause a star to fall and break. 
-Take the piece of the star. 
-Go to the last scene and a girl will have another match sale. 
-Give her the piece of star and wait for the ending.

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