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 Mean Streets

Mean Streets

Submitted by; DJ Simo

Although at first you are investigating into Carl Linsky's
murder, things get deeper and eventually you find yourself on a
mad plot to save everyone's brains (you'll understand as you play
the game).  Your primary objective then, is to gather up all
eight passcards and passwords from eight scientists and use them
to activate the destruct sequence on the "central" computer.
Here are the locations of all the cards and any special things
required to get them.

ORANGE (Cal Davis).  Password: CHECKMATE
This is found in the box found in the ape's cage in Cal
Davis' lab at NC 3720.  To get it, you will need the pole found
in Greg Call's lab (NC 8911).
SECURITY:  Move Rat Cages.  Open Control Box.  Turn Off

PURPLE (Greg Call).  Password: KNIGHT
This is found on the shelf behind the vines on the large
stalagtite in his lab at NC 8911.  You will need the leather
gloves found in Cal Davis' Lab (NC 3720).
SECURITY:  Move small Stalagtite.  On/Off Button.

BLUE (Carl Linsky).  Password: BISHOP
This is found in Carl Linsky's Lab/Warehouse at NC 4675.  It
is found in the Band Aids can inside the wall-mounted Cabinet.
SECURITY:  Open Bar.  Move Shoebox.  Turn Off Switch.

RED (Ron Morgan).  Password: STALEMATE
This is found in Ron Morgan's Beach House at NC 6470.  It is
inside the fish tank containing the killer fish.  You will
require the fish food (to occupy them) which is found behind the
plant in the upper left corner of the room.
SECURITY:  On/Off Button 3 on Coffee Table.

GREEN (John Klause).  Password: PAWN
Find John at NC 7012 and ask for it.

YELLOW (Sam Jones).  Password: QUEEN
Find Sam at NC 0021 and ask for it (you may have to beat or
bribe it out of him).

GREY (Larry Hammond).  Password: KING
Enter the Law and Order's Head Office at NC 5037.  It should
be in the safe (whose combination is in the closet inside the
SECURITY: On/Off Button at Desk.  Open Closet. (It's in
there somewhere! - Can't remember right now.)

BLACK (Bosworth Clark).  Password: ROOK
This can be found in the Bus Station at NC 5194.  You will
require the key found in Frank Schimming's/Lola Lovetoy's
Apartment (NC 4605)
SECURITY: Move Art.  On/Off Button.

NOTE:  Some of the security systems are only activated if you try
to steal something valuable.


That's all it takes to solve it.  But there is a lot of running
around and a lot of interaction between characters in order to
find the locations for most of these places and people (along
with getting roughed up a little, getting sprayed with mace, and
getting a whopping kick to the groin).

Though the company must have over estimated the difficulty of
their game.  What they judged as taking 20-40 hours, I completed
in about 10 to 10 1/2.  Though, the game wasn't easy... just
didn't take THAT long.

I've also included the "Mean Streets Yellow Pages: Everyone
you'll ever wanna meat in Mean Streets."

Syliva Linsky                 4421
Delores Lightbody             4920
Steve Clements                4680
Sandra Larsen                 4599
Sonny Fletcher                5170
John Klaus                    7012
Maurice Gribble               8231
David Pope                    6211
Bash Dagot                    4657
John Richards                 4670
Aaron Sternwood               0439
Robert Knott                  0132
Frank Schimming               4650
Wanda Peck                    4621
Larry Hammond                 4935
Ron Meat                      4525
Tom Griffith                  4590
Jerome Milbourne              4623
Ed Bradley                    7312
Arnold Dweeb                  4610
Peter Dull                    4674
Lola Lovetoy                  4603
Bazil Mallory                 2713
Melba Wiedbush                4122
Standford Demille             3199


Ron Morgan                    1998
Jorge Valdez                  4931
Carl Linsky                   4660
Brenda Perry                  4577
Greg Call                     4753
Big Jim Slade                 4921
Bosworth Clark                9932
Sam Jones                     0021
Della Lang                    2111
Tom Griffith                  4590
John Klaus                    7012
Sandra Larsen                 4599


San Francisco Police H.Q.     4680
University of San Francisco   4663
Warehouse (Carl Linsky's Lab) 4675
Santa Barbara Police H.Q.     3614
Gideon Enterprises/MTC Corp   4650
Greg Call's Laboratory        8911
Carl Linsky's Apartment       4660
Cal Davis' Laboratory         3720
Ron Morgan's Beach House      1998
Ron Morgan's Acre of Land     1710
Big Surf Hotel                5162
Diamond Mine                  1700
F. Schimming/L. Lovetoy Apt.  4605
Bus Station                   5194
Law and Order Head Office     5037
MTC Secret Lab                4550  (Not so Secret Anymore)


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