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Myste Exile

Myste Exile

Title: Myst Exile
For: PC
MS Word Currier New
Original Created: 9/05/09
By: Ghidrah


If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I 
don't have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or 
being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site 
though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
send me your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit 
for it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the X Box version of 
the game.





Myst Exile, the third game in the series, and like all of Myst's stories is 
full of killer puzzles, puzzles requiring deductive reasoning. The thing is, 
for some (like me), some puzzles can freak you out because they appear so 
obscure. As difficult as this may be to believe, even the meanest puzzle in 
Exile requires only basic reasoning. However for this to be true one must 
explore everything and keep (VERY GOOD NOTES) of all oddities and points of 
interest. Even items one might consider insignificant. You never know what's 
going to be important later in the game. The better your notes the easier the 
puzzles will be to solve.

I've played through Exile too many times over the last 5 plus years to 
reliably count. However I still recall the route I took and believe it or not 
I still have the notes taken from the 1st time through.

It's the game's job to hide info and confuse the player. They do this with 
color or lack there of by hiding targets in monochromatic backgrounds or by 
placing so much junk in front of and around the target that it becomes 
invisible, especially if you're zooming through the age. So it pays to keep 
notes of where you've been, what you've seen and done while there. This may 
seem like over kill but the time saved not freaking out, (as much); back 
tracking or restarting will be worth it. 

Regarding leading with the hand, it may seem boring, (ok it is boring) moving 
slowly and exploring everything with the hand to expose interactive objects 
takes time. But the rewards are worth it, especially when it comes to the 
puzzle solutions in Saavy's pages.


Each world has one main puzzle to solve, but, said puzzle may have multiple 
mini puzzles to solve so that you can get to it. Some puzzles require you to 
perform a number of tasks in a particular order to succeed, one item out of 
order and the puzzle fails, so, it pays to keep track of the task sequence so 
you can change/move or eliminate an aspect of it without useless repetition. 
Some puzzles may require you to move from one end of the age to the other and 
back to complete one task in a series so keep track of your locations.


I'm not thrilled with the game engine, (I wish there were more options) but 
its simplicity works. Basically you need to look for the, (Acrobat reader PDF 
hand icon thing) which tells you that there's something you can interact 
with. Because you can interact with it, it may be a target item and part of a 
puzzle solution. Find out what it can do and write it down for future 


I always feel best when I'm able to solve a puzzle on my own. If I'm stumped 
and need help, I feel better if the help comes as a well placed hint. Leading 
to a self discovered solve instead of handing me the answer is my preference. 
So for the majority of the puzzles in Exile the help will come in the form of 
observable clues and how to use them to solve a puzzle instead of having the 
answers handed out. For those not wanting to work on the puzzles the answers 
will be given for each age in the order of appearance at the end of the 


Big Bird= "BB"
Mad Brad= "MB"
My Friend= "MF"
Orange Magnifying Flower= "OMF"
Pink Telescope Flower= "PTF"
Rabbit/Rat Thing= "RRT"
Saavedro= "Saavy"
White Amplifier Flower= "WAF"
White Reflector Flower= "WRF"


1. Tomahna
2. Jnanin
3. Voltaic 
4. Jnanin, (ret)
5. Amateria
6. Jnanin, (ret)
7. Edanna
8. Jnanin, (ret)

"Follow the hand and investigate everything"

1. Tomahna

You begin at and outside the home of Atrus, Catherine and their baby girl; 
Catherine comes outside to greet you and suggests waiting for Atrus in the 
study. Explore the study; Atrus will enter the room when you move from the 
desk area to the Releeshahn book on the pedestal and click it. After Atrus 
hands you his journal, (notes taken when writing Releeshahn) some wacko, 
(played by Brad Dourif, who has made a career portraying psycho puppy 
characters) links into the room. 

He chucks a fire bomb steals the Releeshahn book and drops a different 
linking book as he vanishes. The game has MF grab the linking book so that 
you may follow Whacka-mole to wherever it is he fled off to.

"Follow the hand and investigate everything"

2. Jnanin

As you link into this age and 4 the others you get a circling bird's eye view 
of the goodies you'll encounter as you trek about correcting all the snags MB 
created in an attempt to strand Atrus in one of the 4 worlds. So pay 
attention to what circles below, you'll be moving through eventually.

Beat feet after MB; follow him to an island with three huge ivory tusks 
around the perimeter and one big honkin, (tower) tusk in the center topped 
with a roundish purple building. When you land on Jnanin you'll snatch a 
glimpse of MB tearing off up and over a boulder and disappear behind an 
outcrop of stone. 

If you immediately follow him you'll see MB enter the roundish purple 
building at the top of the tower tusk. You can't get in from here, but you 
can look around and size up a big chunk of the island. From the walkway 2 of 
the perimeter tusks can be seen. As you move away from the building toward 
the boulders a portion of the 3rd tusk can be seen to the right of the 
central tusk. 

There are also a number of mini bridges spanning ledges and many areas with 
steps cut into the cliff face leading down to water, there's a pool or pond 
in the center of the island which pretty much rounds up all the major points 
of interest. 

So while you have a minute open up the journal Atrus gave you and read it. If 
you're anything like me you nearly fall asleep, it's pretty boring. Atrus 
gets all bound up trying to figure out how to go about writing Releeshahn. 
The only thing of note is a few groups of highlighted words in bold font.
For me, aside from getting into the tower and strangling MB, the 3 perimeter 
tusks seem to be the most interesting attractions on the island, so I'm 
heading for the closest tusk for a look see. Down the rungs and left past a 
red pedestal lens is a bridge to the 1st tusk.

Tusk #1

The tusk sits on the edge of a huge rock outcrop and it has a black plaque 
with a decal in it, (it looks like a thick circle/ring thing). Explore and 
discover all items of interest. Odds are you'll likely find a hole in the 
rock 1st so climb down and explore. You'll be standing on a platform/walkway 
and there's a huge barrel blocking your way to a door. Look around, there are 
boulders breaking the surface of the water, a vertical object and with a 
closer look a series of rungs imbedded into the rock wall across the cavern. 
Climb out, locate the rungs and climb down. It's a pedestal with 2 levers. 
With a little experimentation you can figure out how to maneuver the barrel. 
I figured smashing the barrel through the door would do the trick but it just 
bounced off the door, "tough door". So spend a minute figuring out how to get 
the barrel out of the way clearing access to the door. 

Once done return to the door and enter. Discover the floor to the tusk is 
missing. The solution should be obvious, big barrel, open door and a little 
lever pulling. Once you're able to walk into the tusk you'll find a pedestal 
with a round flat top and 4 concentric rings, each ring has one bead that can 
be moved around the ring. There are 8 marks fixed to the pedestal face like 
the cardinal points of a compass. You can mess with the beads but there's no 
way to know what positions to move them to, so exit the tusk and return to 
the starting point.

Tusk #2

As you head back to where you entered Jnanin take note of what appears to be 
the next closest tusk, climb down the rock rungs to the sand and go left. 
Cross over the rocks and water and go up slope past the purple lens. Take 
note of all the pedestal lenses surrounding the island. Between the purple 
lens and a yellow lens ahead is a series of steps leading down slope and left 
to a bridge leading to the 2nd tusk. When you get to the far side of the 
bridge there's no access to the tusk door, take note of the melon things 
growing from the side of the ledge. 

Examine the area, another bridge continues to your left leading to steps cut 
into and up the rock wall. To your right there are rungs leading down 
possibly to the pond level. Look down past the rungs there's another ledge 
below, so take the ladder down. There's a big plant with a big honkin yellow 
tipped stamen in front, explore for grab icons and do so. You can grab the 
plant from behind and point it at stuff; the plant captures and magnifies 
sound. You can hear the bridge creak, the water in the pond and if you hold 
it up high you can hear waves splashing against the island. The plant's 
function means it is likely to be a target item for a puzzle. There's a glass 
globe fixed to the cliff face but you can't interact with it. It seems out of 

Climb back to the bridge and continue on to the 3rd Tusk. In a moment you'll 
discover that the path is a dead end leading to 2 lens pedestals. Return to 
the stone pillar between bridges and the rungs leading to the pond. As you 
move back and forth over the bridge, look down to see a small building at 
water level attached to the base of the Central Tusk. Climb down to the water 
level and explore. Take note of the little teepee thing on the boulder 
against the cliff and the small water plant next to it, both have squeezable 
interactive bulbs at their tops. 

The teepee has a rabbit/rat thing, (RRT) in it but it won't come out. I can't 
tell whether it doesn't like the water, me, the plant or all 3. If you 
squeeze the bulbs in the proper order you'll discover how much it lurves the 
melon things just past it. Take note of what happens when the RRT squeaks.

What do we want to do?
1. Get into all the tusks

What do we know so far?
1. There are 3 satellite Tusks, 2 least 2 of them have doors and emblems on 
2. Access to the Tusks requires solving a puzzle.
3. Tusk #1 already accessed has a bead or marble device and a cage suspended 
above it.
4. We found a big flower that magnifies ambient sounds like water, wind and 
creaking objects.
5. We found an RRT; the RRT has a squeak that excites clumps of melon things 
causing them to swell up. The RRT then feeds on the swollen melons.
6. There is a tract of melons on a ledge leading to Tusk #2.

What do we need to do?
1. Gain access to Tusk #2.

Take note, there's another black plaque thing on tusk#2; this one has a bird 
like image. Once you access the 2nd tusk you discover that it also has a 
bead/ring pedestal and like the first tusk, you have no idea what positions 
the beads must occupy to be useful. From this point you can safely assume 
that the 3rd tusk will also have an access puzzle and a bead/ring pedestal 
inside. So for me I'm heading back down to the water and exploring the little 
building at the base of the tower tusk.

Tower Tusk

Once in the building you're channeled right, pull the lever to lower the gate 
and enter. There's a little ornamental pond to the right and there's a 
pedestal with a button. To the left a gated door and ahead another room like 
the 1st including a lever and exit door. Push the pedestal button, enter the 
room, explore and take notes on all interesting things within. There's plenty 
of junk to play with, eventually you should find a book, read it and discover 
MB is someone named Saavedro and this is his diary, read all of what little 
there is. Some pages are blank and some seem to be missing. Stupid fly never 
learns! There's 3 scales in the room 2 of them balance black, white and brown 

Saavedro's diary is missing some pages and entries. There are symbols on the 
upper right corner of the right side page. Take note of the symbol/s and draw 
them out in the order from 1st to last. With a little study you'll see the 
pattern and discover that the diary has at least 17 entries 11 are missing 
and 6 of them are still in the book.

When you're done move to the elevator and play with it. Examine everything 
you can about it and take notes. There's a grab-able lever to the right of 
the elevator that can be accessed from inside it or out. Enter and locate the 
lever, pull it and go for a ride. Carefully observe your ride up and down. 
Once you come to a stop you'll see that Saavedro is indeed coo-coo for coco 
puffs and with much hate for Atrus' family and surely seeking revenge for his 

The exit outside is locked, the lock is blocked by the elevator and there 
isn't access to the room Saavy is in. Tap the green button and watch your 
descent through the floor grate, notice the recess below the sitting position 
of the elevator in the lower level, you can also make out a ladder. Exit the 
elevator and try the lever from outside of it and then watch the elevator 
return to the upper level, when free from the FMV look down.

Hey Moe! There're bright blue lights in a hole below the elevator pad and you 
did see a ladder so climb down for a Boo. You have discovered the 3rd puzzle 
on this route. Once you look at the bright blue items in the hole their 
images should be familiar.

What do we want to do?
1. Access the upper central tusk area and the 3rd satellite tusk.
2. Get the elevator properly oriented so that we can either exit the upper 
level of the tusk and or enter the Tusk.

What do we know?
1. Saavedro is in the upper central tusk.
2. Something is preventing the elevator from orienting to the upper room and 
the exit door.
3. There are 4 interactive devices below the elevator pad that can and or 
must be manipulated.
4. We have Saavy's diary and it has pictures!!!

What do we need to do?
1. Carefully study the pics in the diary and then alter the devices below the 
elevator pad.
2. Try the elevator again.

Once you're up into the tower tusk explore.

Tower Room

I'd save here, this could take a while and odds are your up coming solutions 
with the wall balls may differ somewhat from what the game requires. 

Explore the room, pick up and read JE#4 (Journal Entry #4), on the floor. 3 
balls on the circular wall and a grab-able blue button, push the blue button, 
watch the ceiling video and when done go to one of the balls. I went to the 
"SNAIL" ball, (what the image on the ball lens and corresponding tusk looks 
like to me). All balls have 2 levers, and a series of concentric rings just 
like the ones seen so far in the tusks. You must grab the screen to move it 
left, right, up or down, when moving the screen notice the beads moving 
around their own rings. The left lever is the lens zoom and moves the 3rd 
bead in the 3rd ring. The right lever focuses the scope and moves the 4th 

Play with the snail lens long enough and you'll locate the snail tusk and 
find a plaque or window on it with the same snail image as the one on the 
lens. Take note of the bead ring's positions on the ball.

What do we want to do?
1. Acquire the correct bead settings from each ball to use on the pedestals 
in each tusk.

What do we know?
1. The wall balls have concentric rings with beads just like in the tusks.
2. The rings have markers that resemble cardinal points on a compass.
3. The ball has 2 levers, one zooms and one focuses, 
4. Each lever moves a bead 
5. You must grab the screen to move it up, down, left or right and this 
action moves 2 beads.
6. Each wall ball lens has a symbol etched on it that matches the symbol of 
the tusk it can focus on.

What do we need to do?
1. Move the screen and levers of the wall balls to orient their beads on the 
co-ordinate rings and write them down. 

Tusk #3

Once done exit the tusk, I was very tempted to access the closest tusk, but 
decided to explore the 3rd and final tusk. In retrospect I would have had 
more fun going for Tusk #1. On my way to the 3rd tusk I find a couple of odd 
devices on the dunes, as I approach the devices I see another device off 
island. Of the 3 pedestals one has a wheel on it the other a purple disk and 
the thing on the water has a dome on it. Turn the wheel and see the dome 
turn, keep turning it and see a beam of light emanate from the dome to the 
purple disk and from the disk to a pedestal with a Yellow colored gem further 

Go to the Yellow pedestal, notice a beam of light emanating to the left and 
then look into the lens. You see the damaged top of a pedestal missing its 
lens. You can turn the lens by grabbing the low metal ring, do this and see 
that the beam of light that pointed at the missing lens now points to the 
right, look into the lens and see that it now lined up with a Blue gemmed 
pedestal close to where you landed on the island.

If you follow the beam of light to the next pedestal and orient its lens to 
the next colored pedestal you'll travel to all the lenses positioned over the 
island. When you approach the last lens and direct it you'll see it points to 
a device positioned in front of the last Tusk. Make your way to the 3rd tusk 
examine the device in front of the tusk and then approach the door to open 
it. Discover the door will not open; see that there is a round thing on the 
door above the latch lever that has colored buttons on it. You can push all 
the buttons but nothing happens.

What do we want to do?
1. Figure out what the combination of the color lock on Tusk #3.
2. Gain access to tusk #3.

What do we know?
1. Tusk #3 has a lock on the door.
2. The lock has 5 buttons and the buttons are color coded Red, Green, Yellow, 
Blue and Purple.
3. There are 7 pedestals with colored gems spread out over the island, 2 of 
the colors, red and yellow repeat.
4. The door lock combination is likely made up of a sequence of colors 
represented by the colored pedestal lenses. 

What do we need to do?
1. Press the correct sequence into the door lock

Once inside the Tusk it's confirmed, all tusks have same set up. So we're in 
#3 and have the co-ordinates for it let's see where it takes us. Enter the 
co-ordinates onto the pedestal and then link out to.

This is where I discovered the importance of accuracy regarding the zoom and 
focus levers for the wall balls and that each ball is slightly different in 
its requirements for focus and zoom positions. Where one ball requires zoom 
to have a perfectly matching overlay and focus to be crisp another does not. 

In all instances the positions required to lower a book cage in a tusk are 
absolute, there are the 4 cardinal and 4 intermediate points marked but there 
are actually 16 points available. The co-ordinate must be as close to perfect 
as possible. So, for example if you stop a bead in the 2nd ring half way 
between E and ENE the solution will be wrong and fail. The correct position 
will be at E or ENE, so whenever you end up with situations like this keep a 
note so you can try either position for the solve.

"Follow the hand and investigate everything"


There's lots of rocks in this place, small ones, big ones and really, really 
big ones. Explore the outside, there's a cobble stone tower with a big locked 
metal door, a space aged looking thing with a Jnanin linking book inside it 
and the metal walkway MF is walking on. Close by and over the water another 
cobblestone tower with a platform on top and further away what looks like a 
dam, sluice gate or maybe a river lock.

Follow the walkway into the cliff face, 4 clicks in you arrive at a side 
tunnel on your right. Look further along the main tunnel and see how it opens 
up into a huge cavernous hole in the ground. There're lots of big time metal 

I head right into the side tunnel for a quick like reconnoiter. You'll find 
some Saavy pages, JE#1 pick'em up and read. Deeper into the tunnel you come 
to a locked door and a blue lit tunnel dog legged to the right. Take the dog 
leg; shortly you come to a ladder on your left and a dark screen to the 
right. Climb up and see the dam/sluice gate, (not a lock) thing from the 
opposite side and a red valve wheel. Try it one time to see what it does then 
climb down and continue along the tunnel. There's a broken porthole on the 
left just past the ladder with an interactive object within. Further along 
the tunnel it opens up, there's a locked door and a flooded manhole to the 

What do we want to do?
1. Open 2 locked doors.
2. Climb down the manhole to see what's there.

What do we know?
1. There's a ladder that leads to a valve wheel, probably operates the flood 
2. A darkened screen to right of ladder has 5 interconnected icons.
3. A broken porthole that allows access to water wheel fins.
4. A flooded manhole opening
5. 3 large round and locked doors

What do we need to do?
1. Try each item one at a time observe and reevaluate.

Once you complete the 3 parts of the puzzle take a look at the dark screen, 
it's lit up now and you can make out what looks like the water wheel and a 
pentagonal object. It doesn't look like the big door near the manhole but, 
said door now has a pale green light glowing above its handle and can now be 
opened. Once opened climb down and locate the viewer, learn more about the 
exploits of Sirrus and Achenar. Follow the narrow corridor to a huge room 
with a big round tank thing at its center. The tank has 5 panels attached to 
its side they're numbered 1-5 and rise above the tank. Hmm, 5 panel, 
pentagon, maybe this is the icon on the screen. 

Move to panel #1 in front of you, you can interact with the panels, when you 
do you see what looks like 3 circuit breaker chains. Move around the tank and 
check the panels as you go, they're all the same. Locate JE#11 at panel #3 
and read it. So, I'm going to interact with panel #3's circuit chain thing. 
It has 6 large buttons set vertically 3 per side. The circuit grid is made up 
of 3 horizontal chains; the top left and right buttons operate the top 
circuit and so on with the remaining buttons and chains. 

Without much consideration it appears obvious that the chains need to be 
connected by the vertical links, (nodes that point up and down) so it seems 
to be a matter of using the buttons to move the chains left and right to find 
the correct connections. 

Where one may get confused and maybe give up is that as far as I can tell 
there isn't a repeatable solution to this puzzle that I can find, it changes 
every game. The only assistance I can impart is to move the 3 chains back and 
forth make all the connections and then move onto the next panel. Eventually 
all panels lock up.

The thing is you could solve the puzzle in just a couple moves or it could 
take a couple minutes solving one panel before moving to the next. Eventually 
the tank locks down and makes another set of connections at the screen near 
the ladder leading to the water wheel. Be patient and plod along till the 
game takes over and locks the tank down.

Head back to the side tunnel and check out the screen beside the ladder there 
are now 4 icons lit up. So far I can't make out what the 2 new icons 
represent; one of them looks like a coil spring the other flat black thing. 
From there head back to the main tunnel turn right and head out into the big 
honkin hollowed out cavernous area with all the big metal things. Explore the 
area; discover that the big tower is an elevator, (a metal band spirals from 
top to bottom) and that you may safely assume the coil thing on the screen is 
the elevator. Continue along the lower level to the stand alone lever and 
pull it. 

Watch the big half round dome thingy open up and then close. Even though 
there isn't much to do it will make sense a bit later in the game. When done 
get back to the elevator, find JE#8 at the back of the elevator, read it and 
then head back up to upper walkway. Continue to the end of the room and to 
the ladder and have a look about. A thing, sort of suspended looks like it 
might be a dirigible with a deflated balloon. Make your way down the ladder 
and into the next area; examine everything, close up and far away.

You'll come across a manifold with relief valves, a pressure gauge and close 
by a lever. Around the corner there's a ladder and another valve, nothing 
works at this point, so climb up to the platform above. Pick up JE#14 read it 
and have another look about before you roll the ball and enter the tube. When 
you exit take a gander, even though you're pretty much at the same height as 
the walkway it feels like MF is much higher. There's only one way forward 
take it to the other side of the cavern and enter the next area of the age.

Once in the tube locate the exit and drop down into the small room. 
Thoroughly examine the room and its contents, unlock the door to see that 
it's the locked door at the red and blue walkway intersection. Move over to 
the round thing near the window. Learn how it moves and what actions it 
provides. When done climb down into the lower room, and exit via the secure 
door. If the door is locked return to the level above and move the RK. Enter 
the lava room and examine all there is to see; move to the round thing with 
red knob and take a look at the mural on the wall, the scene is of fire and 
brutal conflict.


What do we want to do?
1. Figure out how to provide water pressure or steam to the valves.
2. Discover whether these devices provide the resource.

What do we know?
1. Valves may operate dirigible but require water or steam to function.
2. Devices in current room may provide water or steam.

What do we need to do?
1. Trial and error, keep track of the item used and the action taken so that 
you can reverse it or restart from the previous save.
2. The puzzle isn't difficult at all and the procedure is repeatable as far 
as the mechanics of solving the puzzle goes. 

It's possible the big flat black thing may be the lava room. I now think the 
last unlit icon may be the cobblestone tower at the beginning of the age's 
link in site. 

Once you complete the lava steam generator thingy return to the valve panel 
and discover it is now activated and it is indeed a steam valve manifold. 
Step back and look up; there are 2 more manifolds above. Take note of the 
gauge, it has a red marker which might be important. Take note of the system 
as is so that you can return all items to their original positions. Test a 
valve or 2 and discover what the 1st level valves produce, (degree or pounds 
of pressure) rise or fall.

What do we want to do?
1. Activate the dirigible. 
2. Get to the 3 levels of valves and manipulate them to get steam into the 

What do we know?
1. The valves manipulate the steam pressure.
2. The pressure gauge has a red line in the blue zone.
3. There are 3 levels of valves to operate.
4. There is a pipe from the valves that leads to the airship.
5. There is an elevator that allows one to reach the upper manifolds when the 
correct pressure is applied to the gauge.

What do we need to do?
1. Discover what action each set of valves provides
2. Once done decide what action to take regarding the dirigible.

Once you have reached each level on the tower and discovered what each
Manifold provides decide how it can help in relation to the airship. Once the 
ship is moving it will stop at the big round dome thing. Remember how the 
dome thing works? Beat feet back to the stand alone lever and give it a yank. 
Watch the airship move through the room and come to a stop.

Enter the ship and ride it to the next stop, yeah you betcha it's another 
lever. You're back outside and you're at the one of the towers. Pull this one 
watch all the cool stuff and discover the final screen icon is indeed the 
cobblestone tower. Ride the ship for one last time to the floating tower and 
enter. Follow your nose to the goodies, once MF completes the drawing locate 
the linking book and return to Jnanin. 


You link into the central tusk tower on Jnanin, move over to the blue thing 
and play with the high tech vacu-form kit. Remember what Saavy did while you 
were watching through the window? Place the image from Voltaic onto the 
thingy and watch the little show. When Saavy is done ranting exit the tower. 
So, you have the co-ordinates to access the linking books in the 2 other 
tusks and you've already opened up the Circle Tusk which is the closest, so 
book to the rock, drop down and enter the Circle Tusk. Set the co-ordinates 
and link out.

"Follow the hand and investigate everything"


After circling Amateria you link into a sort of Gazebo as your starting point 
it's connected to another gazebo by a foot bridge. The 2nd gazebo has a 
Jnanin linking book in it and a bridge leading to a monolithic structure made 
up of long hexagonal stones. You're standing over water; to one side there's 
a rollercoaster like rail coming from a big bell shaped roof structure 
cutting through the gazebo and leading to a pier or dock. While facing the 
bell house you can see 3 pedestals on the left, examine the closest one 
taking note of the hexagonal grid on top. Another side of the gazebo has a 
ladder leading down to the water and a series of floating platforms.

I'm taking the floats route; continue on to solid or hexagonal green moss 
covered ground and take note of the big honkin building with the bell shaped 
roof and rails to and or from it. Does the symbol on the big door look 
familiar? Continue forward to find a gated passageway on the right, enter and 
pick up JE#6 and read it. There is a platform with a console at its center, a 
small sliding lever on the console and a big lever to the left of the 

Green Carousel 

Play with the levers, ooh look we're up high, the console has changed a 
smidge, there are now red pegs in a little tray. Examine the console and the 
carousel ahead and below. Take note of the rail system leading to and from 
the carousel, also the carousel rings on both sides. Each side has 6 rings, 
which closely resemble the 2 circles on the console, although the console 
circles have 5 holes each with 1 blanked out. Lastly, the left console circle 
has 1 hole plugged permanently with a peg. 

The Bell roof building appears top be at the center of the world and it looks 
like the puzzles are around the perimeter. The puzzles appear to be color 
coded and the starting point is red. We're currently at the green puzzle and 
can see the blue puzzle ahead and to the left.

Pull the small horizontal lever on the console one time and pay attention to 
the event. Now put a peg in one of the holes on the left, pull the lever 
again and pay attention to the event.

What do we want to do?
1. Complete the circuit from the floating cupola to the twin carousels and 

What do we know?
1. The 2 circles on the console look and act like the 2 carousels
2. Pegs can be inserted into the holes within the 2 console circles.
3. Each hole in each circle flashes bright white as it passes the 6:00 
4. An inserted peg falls through the hole when it passes the 6:00 position.
5. The carousel stops and sends the ball to the opposite side of the carousel 
when a peg falls through.
6. The ball must land in a ring with a bottom to be carried to the next 

What do we need to do?
1. Find out what positions the pegs must be placed to get the ball from the 
in feed rail to the carousel to the out feed rail from the carousel.

This puzzle isn't difficult but will take a little deductive reasoning and 
some trial and error to solve. The carousel setup is a bit deceiving due to 
the games 2 dimensional rendering, however if you pay attention to the 
mechanics of the ball, rings, their rotation and the cross over rails. You 
can solve within 6 tries.

When the puzzle is solved the console will partially close up and show a clip 
of 1 of 3 bridges rising up from the water and then dropping back. Then the 
console closes up completely to reveal a pattern of clustered hexagons. Look 
familiar? Copy the pattern, lower the platform and exit the green area for 
the blue roller coaster area ahead and to the left.

BLUE, Roller Coaster

The Blue roller coaster Puzzle has 5 structures in a semicircle with a gazebo 
at the center which connects all 5 structures by rail. As you approach the 
rail from the carousel, climb up and walk to the 1st available structure. 
Each structure has a large vibrating ring and a platform to the side. The 
platform has a hexagonal panel on the end post, inside the panel there are 5 
odd shaped blue objects, (maybe crystals, I don't know) and at the center of 
the panel is a red pointer. You can change the position of the pointer to any 
of the blue objects by grabbing a blue object. Note the frequency at which 
each ring vibrates will change when a different blue object is chosen. All 5 
structures have blue crystal objects on their roofs; the central gazebo has 
one hanging from its ceiling. 

Once you have inspected the structures walk toward the big red Bell house. 
Look to the right when you come to a stop, ahead and to the right you can see 
another platform console, but you can't get there from here. Look up; it 
seems clear that the ball rolls from the bell house and into the roller 
coaster from here. Turn around; follow what seems like the natural flow of 
the ball from the bell house through the central gazebo and through all 5 
vibrating rings. See that you end up heading back toward a door on the side 
of the big red bell house at a point close to where you 1st stepped onto the 
rails. Draw out the path of the ball from the floating cupola to the bell 

Return to the position where the ball rolls from the bell house and into the 
roller coaster. Face the central gazebo and locate the huge black rib like 
structure to the left of the rail set. You can climb off the rail and down 
into the ribs and then walk across a series of stepping stones. Take your 
time and examine everything as you go, you'll pass by a mural just before 
entering the large cave area. The cave structure looks like it's made up of 
tall hexagonal tubes. 

Be on alert, shortly after entering the cave you'll find a set of steps cut 
into the wall on the left, climb up. Once up locate the platform console and 
move to it, find JE#3 and read it. Pull the large lever on the left and ride 
up for a look see. The 5 roller coaster ring structures before you are laid 
out in a 12:00, 2, 4, 8 and 10:00 fashion. 

Like the Carousel console the Roller Coaster console has a sort of "example" 
representation of the layout below, give the console lever a pull and watch 
what happens. The ball rolls through the Gazebo to the 12:00 ring and bursts. 
Take note of the tall poll like crystals above the ring structures, they 
blink, out of order from the route you estimate the ball should take. If you 
missed it send another ball through the puzzle and take note of the blinking 

So what do we want to do?
1. We want to have the ball successfully maneuver through the roller coaster 
and reenter the bell house.

What do we know?
1. The route begins and ends from the bell house.
2. Each ring structure in the roller coaster vibrates; an improper vibration 
will destroy a ball.
3. Each ring structure has a panel with 5 settings, (suspect relate to route 
4. On ball test, ring structure crystals blink out of sync to estimated route
5. The platform console display matches the displays on the ring structures 
panels not the conformation of the roller coaster.

What do we need to do?
1. Adjust ring structure #1 at its panel and verify with a test run.

What did we learn?
1. The 12:00 panel was set at position #5 which matched the blink pattern of 
the 1st unadjusted test run. 
2. After setting the 12:00 ring structures panel from #5 to #1 the ball made 
it through 12:00 and was destroyed at 8:00.
3. Our estimated path of the ball follows the route it took through rings #12 
and 8.
4. The blinking sequence of the ring structures is caused by the ring 
structure panel setting.

What do we need to do?
1. Reset the remaining 4 ring structure panels to follow the route estimated 
during the earlier walkthrough.

Once the panels have been reset and a successful run has been made the 
console will begin to close, stop and show a different bridge rise out of the 
water then drop back into it. The console will close completely and reveal 
another hexagonal pattern. See a pattern emerging? Draw the hexagonal pattern 
for future use, lower the platform and exit the area to the cave.

Thoroughly explore the cave area, as you move through the cave you'll come 
upon a lift on the right. Ride the lift up, see the long trough or half tube, 
it sits on a balance beam. A harness hangs below the near end of the beam. To 
the left is an orange ball, do a close up on it and see that at least a 1/8 
of a section of white ball is incorporated into it.

As you exit the area pick up JE#12, read it and ride the elevator down to the 
lower level. Continue a bit further along the cave to an opening in the wall 
on the right that leads outside. Take the walkway and discover another 
control panel, ahead and above is the half tube. You're in a yellowish area.

Yellow Balance Beam

Look to the left, there's a little shack; you pretty much know what the 
console does so move to and explore the shack. As you approach the shack 
notice that the cable suspended from the beam is hanging inside the shack. 
Once in the shack note that the cable is actually a counter weight, there are 
1/8 sections of black, white and brown balls lying on benches.

Return to the control panel, rise up, pull the lever and watch the event. The 
panel has 3 small levers that alter the position of the fulcrum, (axle) back 
and forth along balance beam, try the 3 and take note of each result.

All attempts will fail but each event highlights a different approach and 
failure sequence. 

What do we want to do?
1. Set the balance beam and counter balance so that the white ball will 
complete a circuit from and to the bell house.

What do we know?
1. Balance beam has adjustable fulcrum
2. Leading end of beam has harness with fixed counter balance weight
3. Trailing end of beam has counter balance cable with adjustable weights
4. The base of the counter balance in the shack is made up of 1/2 a brown 

What do we need to do?
1. Discover number and color of ball segments required to balance the beam.
2. Make a chart with color and combination possibilities and check them off 
as each fails.

As for the different colored balls, you have some info from Saavy's bedroom 
below the tusk tower in Jnanin. Recall the scales highlighting the weight 
differences between the 3 colored balls, however the game throws a wrench 
into the mix with the balance beam, shack counter balance and orange ball and 
harness. I can't see a clear relation that I can calculate when the orange 
ball and fulcrum are added. I can't find any data on the orange ball 
material. For me, this turns the puzzle into a common trial and error. The 
only thing I have to offer is that I was convinced one of the 1/8" sections 
is black. There are over 60 possibilities. I suggest saving before adding 
segments to the counter balance in the shack.


Once you have completed the balance beam puzzle the console will half close 
and show the 3rd and final bridge rise up from the water and lower back down 
to it. Then the console will close completely and as in the 2 previous 
Amateria puzzles a hexagonal pattern appears on the cover.

Return to the gazebo, (link in point to Amateria) and locate the 1st of 3 
pedestals. Pick one of the hexagonal diagrams, replicate it on the grid and 
click away from the pedestal. Once you have all 3 patterns correctly placed 
in each of the 3 pedestals you'll gain access to the bell house. Enter the 
house, climb the steps to the seat spin it and sit. Push the button and 
listen to Saavy rant, when he's done locate the lever above and pull it.

You're in the Floating Cupola, ahead and below you is the link in point to 
Amateria. A device opens a book like thing with the final puzzle in Amateria. 
With a little imagination you may see the puzzle as a jumbled color coded 
road map. 

What do we want to do?
1. Access the only place on Amateria we haven't been to.
2. Complete Amateria to access the diagram.
3. Return to Jnanin.

What do we know?
1. Amateria is color coded by area and puzzle; there are 4 areas in Amateria.
2. The colored areas are Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.
3. The puzzles rely on and are connected by a rail system.
4. The rail system interconnects within the Bell house.
5. One section of the Red area hasn't been explored; it may be the exit 
6. The color coded puzzle matches the areas of Amateria and the 3 main 
7. We want to enter Red so there're 3 possible starting points, yellow, green 
and blue.

What do we want to do?
1. Align a route through the color coded puzzle out to the Red area just off 
the main island.

With little experimentation you'll quickly eliminate 2 of the colored 
starting points.

Once you have the route lined up properly look up there are 4 colors to 
choose from, pick the starting color and prepare for a tres cool roller 
coaster ride. When you come to a stop on the little transfer station like 
place the game takes over and MF draws up the bright white image. Once 
complete move down to the Jnanin linking book and link back to Jnanin.

6. Jnanin (rev)

You land yet again within the tower tusk. Move to the blue vacu-form thingy 
and place the car image on it. When done Mad Brad appears overhead and taunts 
MF thinking you're Atrus, stupid hologram. So OK, exit the tusk and head over 
to the Bird/melon tusk.

The quickest way is to go left once you hit the beach. Set the correct co-
ordinates into the pedestal and link out when the book is exposed.

"Follow the hand and investigate everything"


As you circle Edanna it looks like a giant ugly potato that kind of got 
slightly blown up inside a microwave oven. You land inside and not quite near 
the top but close, there's a sort of huge pink flower, (pink on my monitor) 
move to it and discover MF can interact with it. It's a pink telescope 
flower, (PTF) look into it and see a linking book inside a knotted mass of 
roots or something ... I don't know. As you look about the area you can see 
some tall thin plants with umbrella looking things spiraling up them.

Slowly make your way out of the area and over to the tall thin plant thing, 
discover it's a sort of elevator plant (EP). Get off the EP at the top; 
you're even closer to the top of the potato. Explore all, locate and move to 
the next PTF. You'll see and hear the big honkin bird, (BB) as it flies about 
and then lands at its nest. Now, look into the PTF and see that BB has a wee 

When you've had your fill of maternal avian gawking locate the only exit from 
the area and do so. You climb up to the tippity top of Mount Potato and 
discover more fauna, a palm plant and big orange flower. The palm has a 
button at its base, push it and watch the palm branches readjust. Now notice 
most of the area, including the orange flower is now in the sun. 

Move to the flower and discover it is like a Magnifying glass, an Orange 
Magnifying Flower (OMF), look into the OMF, explore and discover the power of 
the flower. When done move to the 3rd and now opened EP and ride it down into 
ugly, ugly Mr. Potato. The route through the upper areas of the potato are 
very linear, it's either move forward or go back to where you were, there are 
no cleverly hidden paths.

A few clicks from the EP you come to, for the lack of a more precise 
reference a Plant Pool. Inside the pool is a kind of neon colored electrified 
cuttlefish thing, (ECF) the little sadist occasionally jolts the plant for 
whatever reason. As you explore a little further down the path you'll 
discover, (I don't know) a big translucent and veiny melon thing. Look 
familiar? A considerably smaller version of the one you hit with the OMF up 
stairs. Learn that you can interact with it and when you do it will swell 
with fluid; (shudder) and the ECF from the pool above will follow the vine 
down to the melon and take up residence.

The swollen melon now provides light to the area. As you proceed locate 
Saavy's JE#10 read it and move on. Soon you'll come to a fork in the path, 
the left route is a dead end, as you head right you come up to a plant bridge 
that has melons growing from it like the type on Jnanin. As you move over the 
bridge you can hear Big Bird shriek. Continue along the path to a rolled palm 
and an acorn light. You can interact with the acorn, do so, bring light to 
the area and watch the palm unfurl.

Examine everything as you move over the palm leaf. To the right there's a 
small ledge with a couple things on it, locate and interact with the coat 
hanger like vine at the tip of the palm. Don't be surprised, if you try 
moving into what you believe to be the next area and it springs you back to 
the palm. Look back to the small ledge and swing over to it. There's a crank 
connected to a cage crank it and the cage rises. Must be a trap, move to the 
cage and take note of the berries. Look familiar? 

What do we want to do?
1. Locate the path into the next area.
What do we know?
1. Light affects palm leafs
2. There's a hanger vine at the end of the palm.
3. There's a rope pull at the right side of the palm leading to the cage 
4. There's a crank on the small ledge that raises the cage.
5. There are berries on a bush thing that resemble the berries on Jnanin.

What do we want to do?
1. Set the trap and test it.
2. Make any adjustments and run it again.

Once you have access to the next area do so, use the acorn and light the area 
up. Continue along the path to the pitcher plant, notice Big Bird is stuck 
inside and you can't get her out. Continue on the path, exit the potato for a 
few steps and re-enter. Another melon pops up along with a big mural on the 
wall. "SQUEEZE THE MELON"! Bring light to the area and observe the mural. 
Move to the fork in the path, it may be difficult to make out at 1st, even 
when the melon is lit it's kind of murky and if you're moving too fast you 
can miss the fact that there is a fork.

So, let's go right, take your time, look deep and see what there is to see. 
You can make out 4 big white flowers and an OMF, number the white flowers 1, 
2 and 3 as you pass them. Examine the flowers and discover they're mirrors or 
reflectors, White Reflector Flowers (WRFs). Point at another WRF and see it 
glow bright white. You can only get to WRFs #2 and 3 on this side of the 
potato. Return to the fork and take the left path.

Move carefully, locate and "SQUEEZE THE MELON ... SQUEEZE IT!" Below the 
melon is a plant basin, just like the one seen earlier higher up in Mr. 
Potato, I called it the plant pool. Continue carefully to the viewer and 
listen to MB rant then move on. A couple of clicks later you come to a dead 
end, a rolled up palm/fern leaf thing. Hmm! return to the fork for 

What do we want to do?
1. Not sure yet but to get past the rolled plant seems reasonable

What do we know?
1. There are at least 4 WRFs and 1 OMF, 2 of the WRFs can be accessed.
2. There is a rolled plant blocking progress.
3. Rolled plants respond to light.
4. The WRFs reflect light.

What do we need to do? 
1. Find a way to use WRFs to unfurl plant.

Once you unfurl the plant return to it and discover a huge dark hollowed out 
husk of a plant big enough to crawl through. The husk has a bioluminescent 
fungus that provides a dim light kinda looks like fluorescing jewels kinda. 
When you make it up to the top spot the OMF, take a peak and see that it 
points at the swollen melon with the ECF. Look about and see WRF#4 above, 
follow the path to it and take a peak. You can see pretty much everything 
from this vantage point.

What do we want to do?
1. The only thing that comes to mind is the swollen melon.
2. Burst the melon and see what happens.

What do we know?
1. Melons can be burst with the concentrated light from an OMF.
2. We have 4 WRFs spread out over the area.

What do we want to do?
1. Adjust the WRFs to guide sunlight to the OMF.

While you're still in the husk and as you make your way back to the fork to 
solve the melon puzzle take note of the dark hollow node leading off to the 
right from the main husk. 

Once the melon bursts watch Big Bird escape from the big bad pitcher plant. 
Fly BB, fly and be free! Now that she's able to get back to baby, move WRF#3 
back to WRF#2 to unfurl the plant again.

Return to the husk climb up to the hollow node, (now on your left) and follow 
it to the end. Shortly after entering the node you come across more pages to 
the diary, pick up and read JE#2. When you exit the node you're very close to 
the edge of the potato. Follow the path to the hanger vine and drop to the 
level below. Proceed slowly, there's a short fork on the right leading to a 
cool lift leaf.

JE#2 is very easy to miss if you're moving too fast and not carefully 
examining your surroundings.
The lift plant is for a return to the upper levels incase you forget 
something, go for a ride for the heck of it.

It gets a bit darker still as you move over the path and deeper into the 
potato. Shortly on the right a humongous bulbous plant appears down and to 
the right, a few clicks later a path forking off on the left, there are 
little white flowers growing in the moss. Continue along the original path 
and you'll eventually come to another WRF, access it, look about and take 
note to the effect the light has on the stamen things at the top of the big 
bulbous plant. For the moment I'm going to keep the light trained on the 
plant because it seems like the right thing to do.

Head back to the fork and bear right over the white flowers into another 
area. You come to another intersection, branching off left and right, there's 
another BBP to the left, although it has unfurled and has a big honkin berry 
hanging from its vine. Close and to the right of the BBP there's a mob of 
moth things flittering about. Continue along the path to the floor of the 
potato, there's a huge purplish hollowed out vine/root thing to your left and 
a plant pod near a hole dug into the vine.

I'd hate to meet up with the caterpillar that made the opening

Smack the pod and watch the results, move to the BBP to find more and bigger 
pods. Smack a big one and watch the results then move back to the hollow 
vine. Enter the vine and follow the hollowed out path. Take and read JE#16 
then continue up to the top of the BBP. Once at the top discover you can 
interact with the plant's stamen, watch the results. One of the leaves is 
blocking the spores from floating up and away.

If you've been diligent you've picked up the last of the Saavy journal 
entries, all together there are 17 entries in his diary and it is now 

Head back to the floor and take the path back to the intersection. Pass the 
intersection, ahead and to the right there are 2 white flowering hanging 
vines, continue past them till you come to a palm plant with the pod button 
at its base just like the one at the top of the potato. Push the button and 
watch the results. Begin moving back along the path and take a gander at the 
BBP, it has closed up. So now what?

What do we want to do?
1. Frankly I don't have any solid direction, but whatever it is it should be 
toward completing this age.

What do we know?
1. BBPs react to light; they open up and close up.
2. The moth things don't like the spore things from the pods.
3. MF can interact with the berry vines at the top of the BBPs.
4. When you eject spores into the air and the moths move away the plant 
reacts physically.

What do we need to do?
1. Try messing with the moths?
2. See what happens after messing with the moths.

Once the moths move away from the BBP, there's nothing left to do in this 
area, maybe they went over to the other BBP, let's have a look eh. Climb 
through the hollow vine and up into the top of the other BBP. The moths are 
there and the top of the BBP is open a bit. Yank on the stamen or sterile 
berry twigs whatever the heck they are and let the game take over. BB flies 
in, snatches the big ripe berries and drags you along with her because you're 
kind of stuck in the berry bunch lattice.

Once you land in the nest beat feet out of there in the only route available. 
Lo and behold you're inside the vine/root mesh thing located at the beginning 
of the age. Right below you is the 3rd and final image required to access the 
book in the tusk tower of Jnanin. Use the book and link back to Jnanin.


Once you land within the tower move to the device and use the image, use all 
of them if you haven't each time you've linked back. Once you install the 
last image Atrus will appear above in the viewer, speak to his sons and blink 
Access the book and link out to NARAYAN.

"Follow the hand and investigate everything"


After semi circling the structure you end up inside a circular building. Take 
a good moment and take in the room, there isn't a lot of room but what there 
is of it has much to be digested. Look closely at the symbols on the walls 
then move to the upper level take note of the interesting stuff there. When 
you have all the notes you think you can use find the stairs up and climb to 
the roof. Once MF reaches the top of the stairs Saavy pops in from the 
penthouse door and then pitches another fit when he realizes MF isn't Atrus. 
But ... (... = silent pause) what are ya gonna do?

Before returning to the penthouse Saavy imparts some advice to MF, with a 
warning about linking books; some destinations aren't as desirable as others. 
I know the odds weren't good but I had to try the door after the game 
released MF. Explore the roof, locate the lever and turn it. Listen closely 
for a near imperceptible background hum. I'm thinking power source. Why on 
the roof? ... I got nuthin!

Make your way back to the 1st level to begin assessing your seemingly dismal 
situation. Grab something to drink on the way, this stew meat's dry, not 
tasty at all and will be hard to swallow. It's definitely the most difficult 
puzzle in the entire game without question.

What do we want to do?
1. Remove the shield blocking access to the lower level and air ship
2. Access to the penthouse.
3. Figure out how to get the orb things to work and figure out what they do.
4. Get the Releeshahn book back.

What do we know?
1. Lever on roof may be breaker for power source.
2. 6 drape symbols match the 3 age images and may be important.
3. Saavedro still has the Releeshahn book.
4. Can see distant objects past shield, likely accessible via air ship.

What do we need to do?
1. Figure out how to operate the orbs and lower shields.

In less than a minute with the 2 orbs it's obvious they're now powered and 
that the roof lever was a breaker/switch thing. The lever between the orbs is 
a shunt. What isn't blatantly obvious is what's inside the orbs and what 
they're for. After some contemplation I'm thinking each of the 4 
conglomerations is an interconnecting circuit. 

Take note of the hot, (red) lead wire connected to each grouping from the 
insulator between the inner and outer sections of the orb and the trailing 
cold, (white) line exiting through the center of the orb, anyway, that's my 
take on it. My guess is once the correct connections are made the circuit 
will light up, which correct connection is now the issue.

This is where the puzzle gets mean, I only have one thing to go on, one 
common thread after going through my notes and that's the 3 Age images at the 
bottom of monitor. The images from Amateria, Edanna and Voltaic have matches 
on the drapes. Each image is made up of 2 parts; each part equals one of the 
symbols on one of the 10 drapes. Apparently Saavy is wearing 2 of the drapes 
as a robe to cover his nasty bits. 

Each of the symbols has a name, (maybe a descriptive equivalent of the 
symbol) in any case the game places the images in the following order at the 
bottom of your screen, Amateria, Voltaic and then Edanna. I don't know, I 
think the game maybe prefers one to play ages in this order also.

Anyway, the Amateria image is a combination of the 2 symbols "Change and 
Force". The Voltaic image is made up from "Motion and Future" and Edanna is 
made up from the symbols "Nature and Encourage".

This is encouraging but, here's the problem, broken down the 3 Age images 
make up 6 symbols and I'm guessing the way the circuits are oriented in the 
orbs it's going to take more than 6 symbols to complete the 1st orb let alone 
both. If I have it right it's going to take 16 symbols placed in the correct 
positions in both orbs to make something happen.

Up to now whatever clues there may have been came from the pages of 
Saavedro's diary. However, after listening to Saavy rant on the roof, it's 
pretty obvious he doesn't have a clue on how to get out of here. After going 
through his diary yet again I'm convinced of it.

I got one thing left and that's my notes, it's a pain to have to go through 
them from the beginning but that's all I got, and as it happens, the answer 
was in my notes, (well my notes lead to the answer). I dread going back to it 
since the 1st reading; frankly Atrus' journal is boring. You should have read 
it but if you haven't yet do it now read Atrus' journal. 

The diary is related to the writing of Releeshahn and pretty much Atrus' 
mother, but there are very important items to locate. The items do stand out 
in a subtle fashion, but if you're paying attention you'll catch them.

What do we want to do?
1. Solve the orb puzzle to acquire access to the lower level, air boat and 

What do we know?
1. Orbs are groupings of interconnecting circuits.
2. Atrus journal has important data regarding orbs and drape symbols

What do we need to do?
1. Organize the journal data and match up drape symbols.
2. Correctly activate symbols in orbs.

I suggest you duplicate each of the required symbols on the drape for a quick 

Once you have the solution, set each symbol in its proper position within the 
interconnecting circuits in the 1st orb. When all symbols are set correctly 
the shield blocking the lower level drops. Head down to the lower level to 
see what there is to see. Locate the remaining 3 words and copy their symbols 
onto some notepaper. Return to the main level, shunt power to the 2nd orb and 
copy the remaining symbols into the orb. When complete the shields to the 
lower level will return but the outer shield will drop.

Saavy will pop in and do a minor freak out, (too many years stuck on 
something MF solved in little time. Saavy promises to give Releeshahn back to 
Atrus if MF does what he asks. Remember all the videos and pages Saavy left 
in the ages visited? Take all you've learned about Saavedro and use it 

This is where the learning curve ends; there are 3 possible endings, 2 not so 
good. I'll leave you to them.



1. 1st Tusk, the door must be open before the barrel can roll through, so to 
access the door the barrel must be to the right of the ladder. If you don't 
mess with the levers then this is the sequence of moves. Left up, Right down, 
L d, R up, barrel is right of ladder, move to the door, open it and return to 
pedestal. Move L up, L d, R d, and the barrel is now in the tusk. Move R up, 
ladder now ready to use. 
2. 2nd Tusk, to access the 2nd tusk, you must free the RRT from the teepee by 
squeezing the top of the plant and then the teepee. The RRT runs to the 
melons, squeaks and the melons swell up big time. Climb back up to the WAF, 
aim it at the RRT's position and release the WAF. When done the melons above 
you swell up and create a bridge to the 2nd tusk.

3. Pay close attention to the picture of the 3 pendulum mechanical puzzle. 
Each pendulum can be set in a top, middle and bottom position. Look closely 
at the 3 horizontal lines in the pic, they show which position each pendulum 
should be in. From left to right is "Bottom", "Mid" and "Mid".

4. Solutions for bead positions Circle, Bird and Snail. For ease of use, the 
rings are designated as #1 outer most ring through #4 the inner most ring and 
the positions given in the order 1 through 4


5. Tusk #3 color lock combination, starting from the wheel pedestal, turn 
wheel till water dome shines on purple disk near wheel. The beam of light 
from disk shines on the Yellow gemmed lens, stand between incoming light and 
lens to orient. Keep turning lens till next colored lens appears, (faint beam 
of light points to next lens) and repeat instructions. Keep track and order 
of lenses, last lens points at 3rd tusk. Not sure if order is same all games, 
here's mine, (Y, B, G, R, Y, P, R). 


1. Drain Manhole,
Turning red wheel at top of ladder drains manhole, enter manhole, open door, 
operate crank. Exit, move to broken porthole activate water wheel fins. This 
generates the power required to activate and unlock the door near the manhole 

2. Lava Room,
Rotate red knob one time to lower platform and remove lava from gear room. 
Enter gear room via security door in lower level and locate another round 
thing with a red knob. 
1. Rotate RK CW.
2. Pull RK through middle slot
3. Rotate RK CCW.
4. Locate and activate button, rotate once.
5. Reverse procedure so platform is on floor.
6. Pull RK through middle slot.

Return to view room and rotate RK once to raise platform and flood room with 

3. Valve puzzle,
The valves are a math puzzle; manipulating them correctly allows you to 
attain the red line on the gauge which allows the big red valve near the 
ladder to transfer steam to the dirigible. 
The 1st level valves provide 10 pounds of pressure or degrees of heat each of 
steam, the 2nd level 4 each and the 3rd level 1 each.

1. Level 1 - 3 valves up, level 2 - 3 valves up, level 3 - 1 valve down 1 
2. Level 2 - 1 valve down, level 1 - 3 valves marker on red line.
3. Turn big red valve, inflate balloon.


Green Puzzle #1
Left circle, pegs inserted at 12:00 and 2:00, right circle, peg inserted at 

Blue Puzzle #2
As viewed from floating platform, 5 Ring structures, #1 through #5 from left 
to right. This is the order the ball rolls through rings, 3, 1, 4, 2 and 5. 
Starting from ring #3 go to its hex panel and move the pointer to blue object 
#1, (upper left, 10:00). 
From the bell roof building stay on the rail and you can easily follow the 
ball's route through all 5 ring structures, stop at each ring and move the 
red pointer to the next blue object. The ring order and the pointer order is 
as follows, (Ring#3 Blue Object #1) (R#1, BO#2) (R#4 BO#3) (R#2 BO#4) (R#5 

Yellow Puzzle #3
The counter weight in the shack requires 1 black segment and 2 brown 
The balance beam fulcrum must be set to far left.

Color Coded Map #4 Puzzle
There are 9 segments to the color coded map, 3 rows with 3 segments per row, 
(think tic-tac-toe grid). -0- equals no turn of the particular segment, the 
numbers 1 or 2 equal the number of turns required to orient the particular 
segment correctly.

Row #1, 0/1/1.   Row #2, 0/2/0.   Row #3, 1/1/1.


RRT Puzzle
Crank the trap up, shake a berry loose from the bush, push it past the trap 
and return to the unrolled palm. Once the RRT begins eating the berry spring 
the trap and watch the results.

Unfurling the Palm/Fern Puzzle
Return to WRF#3, access it, locate WRF#2 and aim WRF#3 at it. Move to WRF#2 
to ensure it's pointed at the rolled fern. Once the WRF#2 is adjusted to the 
fern it will unroll.

Bursting the Swollen Melon puzzle
The OMF points at the swollen melon; move around and up to WRF#4, swing it 
over to and point it at the OMF.
Return to the 3 WRFs, move to WRF#3 and swing it right to WRF#1. WRF#1 is 
fixed on WRF#4; once the alignment is made the game takes over, bursts the 
melon and frees BB.


Orb/Symbol Puzzle

Read Atrus' journal, locate the 4 groups of highlighted, (bold font) words 
and the dates they were written. Their order and dates relate to their 
positions in the 1st and 2nd orbs. Move over to the drapes, locate and 
accurately copy the symbols onto some notepaper. It's "VERY" important to 
correctly recreate the symbols in the correct circuit, when you do the 
circuit will light up bright white.

1. Good ending, 

Once Saavy is out on the veranda run up to the roof and kill the power to the 
orbs. Count how many times Brad screams "NO". When he's done ranting return 
to the main level and take the book from him, he'll go through another "NO" 
session and then crumble, (don't forget to keep a NO count). Move to the 
shunt and switch it then return to the roof return power to the orbs and let 
MB scoot off to his floating home.

2. Bad ending,

Once Saavy is out on the veranda shunt power to the other orb and Saavy will 
show you his appreciation by chucking Releeshahn out into whatever. Return to 
Tomahna and pass the bad news to Atrus and Catherine, all those poor people 
on Releeshahn will never have the ability to link out or have someone to link 
in forever.

3. Really bad ending,

Run up to the roof and kill power to the orbs, Saavy will do the no, no thing 
and promise to be good if you do him solid. Switch power back on and in a 
rage Saavy runs up to the roof and clubs you to death, thereby trapped for 
who knows how long. There's no going back to Tomahna this time.
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